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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 2, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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next local update is at 7-26. ♪ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: welcome back to "cbs is morning." syria remains defiant this morning. our elizabeth palmer has just returned from interviewing one of the country's top officials. she's in damascus. olympic swimmer diana nyad is close to her dream. will the 64-year-old finish her swim from cuba to florida? and hollywood building on a strong summer at the box office. this fall's coming attractions. first, here's a look at this hour's eye opener. >> a number of members who say they're either on the fence or leaning no. >> the president requested a vote in congress. for now at least any attack is
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on hold. >> if he does not get the authorization in congress and he goes ahead and acts anyway, he's even more isolated. >> diana nyad is trying to become the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. >> you shoot for the stars. you don't give up. you do tap your potential. >> sir david frost, famed british broadcaster, died over the weekend. >> so that is obstruction of justice -- >> no, just a moment, that's your conclusion. >> a controversial new theory says life on earth actually began on mars. >> for that matter, when we look at all these studies. >> we put a date of 2015 that this white house -- by that year. >> or what? >> or it would tumble into the sea. >> look out below. one very lucky driver in taiwan barely avoided getting crushed by a giant boulder. the rock is the size of a truck. >> i always wonder who has the wherewithal to record. >> i think it's just good luck. >> yeah, really.
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i'm anthony mason. charlie rose, gayle and norah are off. syria says president obama is could be fu confused and lacks evidence it used chemical weapons. >> elizabeth palmer is the only western correspondent inside the political damascus. she just spoke with the country's foreign minister. what was his reaction to the decision to go to congress? >> he told me the decision to seek approval for the strike, he knows it's a dangerous responsibility. syria ephhopes congress won't b the white house so some other response to chemical weapons will have to be found.
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>> the middle east is already on fire now. and we think any wisdom in the united states, and we hope the congress will sxexercise this wisd wisdom, will not allow the united states to tarnish its image once again in wars in the middle east. >> i also asked the deputy foreign minister how syria would respond. he said, i can't tell you exactly but all options are on the table and pointed out syria had still an intact and strong military. i asked, would you attack israel and predictably he refused to be drawn on that. ? elizabeth palmer in dam mass cautious that is corrects. the obama administration briefed members of congress last night as it attempts to build support for military action in syria. a vote is not expected until at least next week. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning anthony. the white house is going to need
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that week to win over skeptical members of congress. nearly a quarter of congress came back to washington, back ton the capitol yesterday, for a closed door meeting, on evidence that assad used chemical weapons. most members said they were glad the president decided over the weekend to formally ask congress for authorization to strike syria, but that doesn't mean that he has their vote. the skeptics include both democrats and republicans. some of them still regret their votes to go to war in iraq. others worry about a lack of international support. even the international's supporters argued the resolution proposed by the white house this weekend granting president obama authorization to use force, quote, as he determines to be necessary and appropriate, is just written too broadly and is going to have to be narrowed before any vote can take place. the president has been doing his own sales job. he reached out to some members
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by phone yesterday. he's meeting with key senators today and tomorrow before he leaves on an international trip. and, anthony, that is really key here, because there are a lot of members who might be willing to vote yet but they're not going to do so until the white house shows them it has a clear strategy and a clear end game if it does get involved in this conflict. >> nancy cordes at the capital, thanks. an american based in eastern afghanistan came under attack this morning. the taliban is claiming responsibility. the assault lasted over three hours and included several bombs. u.s. vehicles were set on fire. a key supply route was shut down. at least three attackers were killed. no u.s. soldiers were hurt. diana nyad is closing in on her goal to become the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. she hopes to arrive in the florida keys later today. the 64-year-old set out on saturday from havana. this is her fifth and final
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attempt at the 103 mile open water swim. new york city pulled the plug on a popular dance music festival yesterday after two people died and four others were hospitalized. officials suspect they overdosed on the drug called molly as we reported just two weeks ago, the drug's popularity has skyrocketed. michelle williams is where the event taking place. >> reporter: the festival is an annual labor day weekend dance party that attracted more than 100,000 people last year. in fact, that's the stage where a musical act was supposed to play their final night sunday. until new york mayor bloomberg shut it down. for thousands of young people saturday, it had been a night of partying set to thumping dance beats and flashing lights. but the party turned fatal for two of them. 23-year-old jeffrey russ of rochester, new york, and
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20-year-old olivia rotundo of providen providence, rhode island, died. four others ended up in intensive care in area hospitals. city officials said the deaths appear to have involved mdma or molly, a more potent form of ecstasy, a club drug that's made its way back into popularity. kanye west rapped about it. while miley cyrus alluded to it. for many users, the drug is seen as harmless. addiction specialist dr. damon raskin. >> we can't have people kids look up to saying these type s drugs are okay because they really aren't. >> reporter: electronic super stars cruella had been scheduled to perform. fans overdosed at a concert in boston just last week,
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reportedly one of them, 19-year-old brittany flanagan of derry, new hampshire, died. >> they will often mix ecstasy with other drugs. i think the combination of these drugs makes them all more toxic. >> reporter: electric zoo organizers posted a statement yesterday sending their condolences to the families of the victims. and declaring that nothing is more important to them than the safety of their patrons. anthony, venita. >> michelle miller, thank you. that wildfire burning around yosemite national park is now the fourth largest in california history. the two-week-old rim fire scorched at least 351 square miles and it is still growing. that's an area larger than san francisco, oakland and san jose combined. the fire is 45% contained.
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all that mattered 50 years ago today. the cbs evening news became the first news broadcast to expand its program from 15 minutes to a half hour. on september 2, 1963, walter cronkite anchored the inaugural show. >> good evening on this, the first broadcast of network television's first daily half hour news program. >> the broadcast featured a prerecorded labor day interview
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with president john f. kennedy at his summer home in hyannisport. >> mr. president this, after all, is labor day and there are almost 5 million americans who don't have very much to celebrate this labor day. it's another day of unemployment for them. do you see any real hope in a booming economy where we still have to have this many unemployed? >> we have to move very fast. we have 2.5 million more people working than when i came to office and yet 1 million more people have come into the labor market. >> the cbs evening news is the longest running evening news program. >> this has been the cbs evening news. >> from all of us at cbs this morning, we'd like to congratulaticongra congratulate our colleagues. tonight, you can see a history of the program. that's on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. >> robert redford, tom hanks, sandra bullock and george
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clooney are all starring in new dramas coming to the big screen. michael hogan is in the green room. he's got your film preview. that's ahead on cbs this morning. " >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by flex path from capella university. the most direct path to your mba. ba. but going back to school is hard... because you work. now, capella university offers a revolutionary new way to get your degree. it's called flexpath and it's the most direct path, leveraging what you've learned on the job and focusing on what you need to know so you can get a degree at your pace. and graduate at the speed of you. flexpath from capella university learn more at
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a baby panda is ready for its close-up in china. the cub met the media for the first time over the weekend. officials think it's a female. she was born in a zoo in southern china a month ago. the baby panda is being taken care of by its mother and appears to be thriving. well, sea lions are among the biggest online video stars. one clip featuring a japanese
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cat brought in more than 200 million views. john blackstone shows us how some humans are cashing in on cat fever. >> reporter: the cat's real name is henry but on the internet he's become famous as henri, the exotential cat. but his breeder, will braden is profiting. >> henri would describe me as the filmmaker who feels torment for my own game. >> reporter: the videos have been viewed more than 15 million times on youtube, creating a demand for henri products. >> it's the real thing to say but i'm 100% in the henri business. it's my living now. >> reporter: braden made his first henri video as a film school project. back then he was a struggling artist. but not anymore. >> interesting world now. you don't need to have a studio. >> no. >> to become an internationally known filmmaker. >> yes.
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i am an internationally known filmmaker. it's a good time to be any kind of an artist. >> reporter: his fascination with cats began long ago in the 1890s. thomas edison captured this on his new invention. the newest internet sensation is grumpy cat. her scowl is actually the result of an underbite. she's got a manager and a calendar. a japanese kitty who loves diving into boxes remains the most viewed with more than 224 million hits. friskies said 15% of all internet traffic is connected to cats. advertisers are paying attention. >> cats can be searched, watched and shared faster than ever. >> businesses see these cat videos that have 10, 20, 60 million views on youtube and they basically say give me something like that. >> good catch. >> cat videos are incredibly
7:21 am
addictive. >> reporter: stephen jurisc is the creative director of a small digital ad agency that announced tongue in cheek it was moving exclusively into catvertising. >> our goal is integrate cat videos into every stage of the customer experience. >> reporter: it was a joke, but it proved cat videos sell. >> we actually won three accounts because of the catvertising video. >> reporter: over the weekend, the walker art museum in minneapolis held its second annual cat video festival. more than 10,000 people came to see videos they could have watched online. >> so instead of just you watching it, you are with a bunch of friends, or maybe new friends. i think there's something about the social nature of this that makes it special. >> reporter: last year will braden took home the golden kitty, roughly equivalent to a people's choice award. this year, he presented it to the owner of grumpy cat. >> you worry that the cat video
7:22 am
fad will suddenly disappear? >> maybe it will disappear, but, you know, i'm just going to ride that wave until it hits the shore. >> reporter: cat videos may go on forever. after all, there are 86 million pet cats in america. a number that impresses the mortals on madison avenue, but just means more misery for the exotentialist henri. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, seattle. >> i like henri. i can't believe that 15% of the videos on th et are cat-related, but unbelievable. >> they say that of the people, that 10,000 in that stadium, a lot of people are bringing older relatives who have never seen these videos online who are now getting to experience what the younger generation is watching online. >> i have to admit i've seen a few, but my daughter showed them to me. a boy gets a once in a while swim with a dolphin.
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countdown to t e. this is a kpix 5 news update. >> good morning everyone. final countdown to the new bay bridge. crews are put the final touches on the span. mark kelly is live by the bridge with how much it cost. >> reporter: we've been talking about it nearly 2 decades. it will cost nearly $6.4 billion but will be open in a few hours. we spent a great deal of money. it doesn't solve the congestion problem but it is surely an architectural state many on the bay, one that soon the public will be able toe enjoy for
7:26 am
themselves. >> can't wait. traffic and weather coming op on this labor day right after the break. ,,,,,,
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possibly blocking one lane. san mateo bridge moving well on this holiday and so is the golden gate. bart is on a typical scheduled saturday. that is traffic for your latest forecast here is lawrence. >> mild and muggy. headed out the door, check that out. plenty of clouds out over the bay bridge. we're tracking tropical moisture. we're going to keep an eye on that throughout the day. otherwise a descent day. 60s right now but by the afternoon up into the 80s. 6 0e toward the coast. cooler through wednesday and warming up big time next weekend. ,,,,
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sloan stevens has been called the future of american tennis but serena williams is not quite ready to pass the torch. the 31-year-old williams overpowder the 20-year-old stevens in the fout round of the u.s. open yesterday. williams won 6-4, 6-1 and moves on to the quarterfinals. you can catch this morning's action right here on cbs. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, he's the guitarist and songwriter behind this summer's blockbuster "get lucky." nile rodgers shows us how music got him through some pretty tough battles. and rapper jay z made a public housing project famous after growing up there. now it's serving a new role, giving kids a better future through tennis. you'll meet the man who found a court of opportunity. that's ahead. first it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines
7:31 am
from around the globe. the "times" of london says european men are four inches taller on average than they were 100 years ago. the study says cleaner cities and smaller families are the most likely reason. they now average 5'10" in height. "the washington post" says the number of drivers who feel road rage has doubled. 12% of those surveyed say they feel uncontrollable anger toward another driver. that is twice as many as as in 2005. britain's "guardian" looks at rapper kanye west. he was paid $3 million to perform at the wedding of the grandson of kazakhstan's president. this video appeared on instagram. most guests do not appear to be paying much attention to west's performance. west apparently agreed to perform despite international protests over the president's human rights record. britain's "daily mail" says the captain of a massive ship that ran aground claims he forgot england was in the way. he was sailing from scotland to belgium when he hit an island off northeast england.
7:32 am
he used an unapproved navigation system. the ship's lookout was asleep when the vessel hit land. london's "telegraph" says listening to music is good for the heart. a study of cardiac patients said they improved their exercise capacity by 39%. the group which only took aerobic exercise improved their capacity by 29%. and the "tampa bay times" says a boy from england bonded with a dolphin at an aquarium in florida. the 8-year-old was surprised for the chance to swim with winner. he is a double amputee who swims with prosthetic flippers. winter lost her tail in a crab trap and also has a prosthetic. kieran says he is winter's biggest fan. he could have swum with winter for a million hours. it is a very good summer for hollywood. film ticket sales in north america are expected to top $4.7
7:33 am
billion. that is up more than 10% from the same time last year. attendance jumped nearly 7% and the fall movies are right around the corner. joining us now is michael hogan, entertainment editor for the "huffington post." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's get right into these action movies. "gravity" starring george clooney and sandra bullock. bullock is getting a lot of hype about her performance. >> yeah, they're saying it's her best performance ever, which is saying something. you're right, it does feel like some of the summer epics are kind of seeping into fall here. the movies in 3-d. you've got ground breaking cgi but it really is a drama. there's very few people in it. it's sandra bullock's movie with a little assist by george clooney. she plays an astronaut who has been knocked off of her ship. the whole film, it's a tight 90-minute film, it's her trying to get back to the ship and save her own life with help from george clooney. and i'm really looking forward to this one. i think it's going to be a
7:34 am
really cool movie. >> there's another kind of stranded movie, this one robert redford is the only cast member, correct? >> right. robert redford alone and no dialogue. there's a little voiceover at the beginning and that's it. robert redford plays a man who doesn't even have a name stranded at sea. >> all is lost. >> "all is lost" is the name of this film, exactly. >> what about this one directed by ron howard about a 1976 grand prix. why is this theme that we're seeing so many fall movies based on true stories? >> this is the time of year when people who read the paper every day looking for an amazing story that they can option for a movie, when those movies start to come out. and that's what hollywood is always trying to take, hey, this is a real story of people overcoming the odds and proving -- that's what every hollywood movie wants to do is show us that we can do that. when those stories happen, they get snapped up and this is the time they come out. "rush" is about two formula one
7:35 am
drivers who had an amazing rivalry in the summer of 1976. james hunt was the britt. nikki louda was the austrian with very different temperaments. the fact americans don't know much about f-1 might help because we don't know the ending so you're gripped by this story the whole time. if it were a baseball movie we'd say we know he hits a home run but here it's wide open and it is a true story. >> we also have tom hanks playing the captain of a ship hijacked by somali pirates, right? >> yes. and this is another true story about a ship that was off of somalia. it was the first american ship to be taken over by pirates since the 19th century. and captain richard phillips played by tom hanks with a very cool boston accent, they get taken over. i think one of the interesting things and twists about the film is that you end up really seeing the point of view of the young 17 and 19-year-old pirates. it's not just the story about americans kind of in danger, but the story about this really
7:36 am
terrible situation there. >> what about "12 years a slave." this was also a true story, the theme of the fall movies. a lot of people are saying this could get early oscar buzz. >> it's got early oscar buzz, absolutely. it's going to be at toronto film festival next week. steve mcqueen, not the one you heard of back in the '60s, but the artist, british artist is now a filmmaker. this is his third film. "shame" was his last film. he has directed this film about three born black men in the 19th century who ends up in the south as a slave on a plantation. he is considered a definite front runner to be considered for an oscar. i think this film -- it looks like it's going to be nominated for best picture so very excited to see this one. >> for the movie goers looking for something a little less drastic, you're recommending "las vegas" why?
7:37 am
>> you've got robert de niro, michael douglas, kevin kline, morgan freeman all playing four guys who go to las vegas for a bachelor party at their age, 60s and 70s. >> that does sound like fun. >> yeah. obviously it's a really funny premise and i think that one will be good. >> what about this academy award the director sought. he has one called "the counselor." what do you respect from him this time around? >> ridley scott has done everything from blade runner to thelma and lieu louise. mccarthy wrote the script for this one and then i haven't even brought up the cast which includes brad pitt, cameron diaz, penelope cruz, so there's so much talent around this thing. this is the year it looks like he'll get his profile raised. and he plays a lawyer who goes -- who starts getting involved in drug trafficking and
7:38 am
really ends up in a world of trouble with a bunch of nefarious characters played by all these great actors so i think this will be really cool. >> and the great james gandolfini is in a film called "enough said." it's not a tony soprano part. >> it's not at all. this is his last role he shot. he plays opposite julia luouise dreyfuss who is the leading man in a romantic comedy. they are both divorced. they start getting together and one of julia louise dreyfuss' clients turns out to be gandolfini's ex-wife and starts feeding her all this negative stuff about gandolfini. she has to overcome that. so that's the setup and it's an interesting way to get our last chance to spend some time with james. so you've got that to look forward to. >> a somewhat promising fall. michael hogan, thanks very much. one of the big hit songs of the summer comes from nile rodgers.
7:39 am
he tells me how he's kept
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ >> of course this "get lucky" the guitarist behind that hit, arguably the song of the summer has produced and written some of the biggest dance hits of all time, but nile rodgers is working with a lot more than just luck. ♪ >> how would you describe your guitar sound? >> hmm, wow. i guess it's funky. people call it cutting. >> he calls his guitar the hit maker. nile rodgers has written all his hits on it, including his first. ♪ everybody dance, clap your hands, clap your hands ♪
7:42 am
♪ everybody dance, clap your hands, clap your hands ♪ >> in the late '70s, rodgers band, chic, ruled the dance charts, but he never wanted to be the star. >> you've never really wanted to put yourself out front. >> no. i've always been the background person. >> not anymore. rodgers co-wrote the song "get lucky" with the band daft punk. but the band's two leaders always height behind helmets, so rodgers and singer pharrell williams have become the faces of this summer's massive smash hits. ♪ >> the craziness of it being number one in 97 countries. >> i didn't even know you could be number one in 97 countries. >> that's what i said. >> reporter: but anonymity has provided inspiration. in the '70s rodgers tried to get into the legendary disco, studio
7:43 am
54. >> and a guy slams the door in our face and he tells us to f off. >> reporter: but he went home and with bandmate bernard edwards cleaned up the words and wrote a song. >> and we turned f off into freak out. ♪ >> reporter: we met the 60-year-old musician at the old power station in new york, now av tar studios. >> you made most of your records here. >> we did almost everything here. >> reporter: where chic churned out hits until the disco backlash knocked them off the charts. >> do you feel better about what happened? >> definitely have some kind of posttraumatic stress disorder. disco's backlash was so encompassing it just washed over us like a wave. >> reporter: rodgers reinvented himself as a producer, writing "we are family" for sister sledge, producing diana ross's biggest selling album.
7:44 am
david bowie's "let's dance." and madonna's "like a virgin." >> the problem that i've had since i was a child is that there's music in my head all the time. >> but as a kid, that music was keeping you up at night? >> yes. it was not just the music. the music was almost the salvation, the comfort factor. i was afraid. >> reporter: afraid of the dark. as a boy, rodgers had asthma, and was sent to a convalescent home where the counselors were abusive. >> my fear of the dark i really think is a real reaction to fear of one specific person. yeah, i can see him as if it were yesterday. >> reporter: in high school when he couldn't sleep, rodgers would head down into the subway with his guitar. >> and i used to put it right under my leg like this and go to sleep. the rocking of the train created
7:45 am
a sort of noise in my head that took away the natural noise in my head, which is song writing. >> reporter: but that noise would comfort rodgers again a few years ago when he learned he had prostate cancer. >> i kept thinking when they first diagnosed this, i said, that's not a rock 'n' roll disease. you don't hear about -- other than frank zappa. >> reporter: he's used music projects like writing "get lucky" to distract himself. earlier this summer when he played the british music festival glasston about yotonbu awe yens performed for him. >> reporter: how did it feel to have the entire crowd serenade you to "get lucky." >> i've had a lot of great moments on stage and a lot of unexpected moments, but that floored me. and when they all started singing the song, i was trying to fight the tears back. >> thank you, thank you!
7:46 am
>> that was really an incredible moment. you can see it online on youtube. it's there when the entire crowd, this massive crowd started singing to him. >> it's such a well told story but i'm curious, is he still afraid of the dark? >> he actually is. he still sleeps with the light on and usually always with the television on. >> it's rare to see someone that talented say i wanted to be in the background. >> i know, it's so unusual. and when you walk down the street, there are a lot of people that don't recognize him but he is responsible for so many monstrously huge hits. some of the biggest names are back on the court today at the u.s. open. we'll show you where tennis means a different kind of prize for kids. that's next on "cbs this morning."
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7:48 am
7:49 am
a crazy play to end the high school football game in texas friday night. the team is up by three points, try an onside kick but the other team recovers the ball. the runner scrambles around to the far side, then pitches a lateral. that runner takes the ball a couple of twists and turns and ends up bolting down the sideline for the winning touchdown. a&m consolidated high in college station, texas, won the game. >> i don't know what the technical terms were, but that was cool. fun to watch. a young man saw some tennis courts in brooklyn that weren't being used for tennis so he took matters into his own hands. now kids are getting a new skill and a new outlook on life. >> reporter: bedford in brooklyn has had a tough reputation for years. but on these tennis courts, michael mccasland is doing something unexpected. he's taken a sport often found in private clubs and he's teaching it to kids right off
7:50 am
the court. >> you've just got to keep working and work your way up. >> reporter: the 30-year-old from north carolina moved to brooklyn for his job as a forensic scientist. every day he would walk by this tennis court. and every day he would think the same thing. >> there's a bunch of kids who live around here who probably don't play tennis. you've got a tennis court right here. >> the court itself is not in the best condition. >> they have gotten worse over time. of course we originally said wait, there's no net, it's a fence but it's perfect because it doesn't break down. >> reporter: michael's perfect court led to this imperfect flier. mccasland offered tennis lessons on saturdays in the marcy projects for free. then he posted it around the neighborhood. >> i came out on the first day. >> you came out with gear? what did you have? >> i had a couple of balls that i had paid for on my own and some rackets that i had. nobody showed up. so then i literally just stood on the corner, walked down the street and said -- and i passed out flyers. >> reporter: his program grew quickly. >> we'll have all of our kids
7:51 am
with our wristbands. >> reporter: in just four years. recently he got a $50,000 grant from a local chapter of the united states tennis association. now on any given saturday, the program has up to 120 kids playing across courts in four different projects. >> the secret to a good grip is putting your left hand first. >> reporter: 9-year-old david villanueva has come almost every saturday for the past two years. >> what do you think you'd be doing today if it wasn't for this? >> i think i would be at home chilling. >> what do you want to do with tennis? >> i want to become a professional one day and be one of the people who end up in the olympics and play as a professional. >> reporter: parents like felipe lopez say his daughter, jasmine, didn't even know what tennis was. when she saw other kids playing right next to her house, she not only asked to sign up, she demanded an all-pink tennis outfit. >> tennis is something that not so many people are playing right now in the neighborhood.
7:52 am
and if her love for the sports ends up growing she might end up like serena and venus. >> reporter: exposure to tennis isn't the only thing happening on these courts. there is exposure to a different life. the volunteers are lawyers and consultants and pr reps. here they add mentor to their title. >> china. >> the kids learn other aspects of life in their world. they learn what's possible. >> reporter: when you stand back and look at how big it's gotten, what goes through your head? >> it's amazing. if you have a good idea that brings people together, you can do anything. >> and michael got a chance to take some of those kids who had never heard of tennis to the u.s. open. up next your local news. charlie and norah back tomorrow. closed captioning is proudly sponsored by citracal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is a kpix 5 news update. >> it's 7:55. police in san jose are investigate agriculture deadly hit-and-run crash. it happened early this morning. police say one died at the scene and another later at the hospital t.driver of the suspect vehicle was gone before the officers arrived. the new span of the bay bridge is set to open in less than 24 hours. workers are in the final push to get everything done. the remaining work is focused on signs, striping and clean- up. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:56 am
7:57 am
continues... in just a mome. good morning. on the bay bridge, it still repains closed but fortunately it's a holiday weekend day. the alternates look really good. it is is a very quick 19 minute commute right now in the west bound lanes. the freeway in oakland, not a typical commute. it's a holiday commute. traffic out of hayward looks really good're traveling
7:58 am
out of hayward, 14 minutes to foster city. silicon valley ride moving exceptionally well heading toward sunnyvale. mass transit on holiday schedule. that's traffic. a lot love clouds around the bay air i this morning. thick clouds toward the coast line. sub tropical moisture making its way on and could give rise to a couple of showers. not all of this is hitting the ground but we could see some light sprinkles. 60s now, 80s later in the afternoon. temperatures heating up as we head toward next weekend. ,,
7:59 am
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