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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 3, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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thousands overpasses that had to be retrofitted. so what do you do after you finish, you look back and then right away, you look ahead >> director of the metropolitan transportation commission says yesterday's bay bridge opening went off without a hitch, but, he says, looking back on this monster project, they probably should have asked a lot more questions early on. >> i think all of us went into this project correct -- in the mid nineties. i don't think any of us had nearly enough humility about what we didn't know. and the fact is the cost estimate that we were given at the time was worthless. >> he says looking ahead, the next big project on the list the b.a.r.t extension from freemont san jose, eclipsing even the cost of the new bay bridge. >> that project actually will knock the bay bridge off the
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top list of the most expensive thing, because i think it's about $7 billion to get that one done. >> he says next in line for commuters, the opening of the tunnel, which could happen by the end of this month. >> we were a little bit nervous that if we had delayed opening of theb they'd beat us to it. so they'll be opening in the next several weeks. >> reporter: juliette, allen, steve told me they learned a lot of lessons, obviously, on this particular project. they say it will help them probably when they have to take on high speed rail. the cost of that one here in california estimated at 65 to more than $80 billion. >> wow. >> so get ready. that's the grand daddy. >> yeah. looks like smooth sailing behind you, but were there any problems during the weekend closure, ken? >> reporter: he said he had one that came up a little bit unexpectedly. that is why they planned about
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a day and a half float time to get things that are unexpected. it was the oakland touchdown. it was the demolition of all that concrete and roadway to join up the toll plaza area with the westbound span and that really took a lot longer, but he said, in his words they used brute force to get through it. >> get it done. all right ken bastida mobile 5. ken, thanks. >> when use a bigger hammer. all right -- in doubt, use a bigger hammer. all right. the morning commute l.'s check in with liza. how is it looking now? >> reporter: looking really slow in san francisco. the bay bridge toll plaza, allen, is finally looking much better. it had beenback up for the better part -- backed up the better part of the day as folks took it in. westbound traffic had been slow at the pay gates until about 4:00 this afternoon. you could see right here from these live pictures it is now wide open and traffic continues light across the new span heading into downtown san francisco. where you're going to see the real delays this evening is
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going to be in san francisco, clocking in a one hour drive time just to get on the lower deck of the bay bridge. slow from 280 and north down 280 also crowded from beyond cesar chavez toward market. a headache of a drive in san francisco. city street are in gridlock getting toward the lower deck of the bay bridge and folks avoiding those delays are now heading towards the golden gate. now, the san mateo bridge is still holding stead difficult it's a little sluggish right there. you can see the traffic on the left side of the screen eastbound 92. it is only slow for the for the southbound drive as you approach and pass sfo. mass transit which did a great job, especially b.a.r.t and the ferry, did a fantastic job getting folks around the bay bridge closure. great way to beat some of those packups for this evening. allen. >> we should cool our jets,
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have dinner in the city. thank you. take a look at what the toll plaza looked like 8:00 this morning. normal backup for a morning commute, but the traffic never let up. at noon, the toll plaza still packed with cars. it was the same story at 2:00 this afternoon. >> it's closer to the water, so i went over onto the right side so i could see the bay. you can see more of the bay. you can see treasure island a little bit. >> it's b. it is like driving through a cathedral. >> no hard stats on this, but you can bet the extra traffic due in part to people who just wanted to take their first look. no major hiccups as drivers crossed. according to the chp, the worst issue was distracted drivers. people going too slowly because they were taking in the view. >> i'm not sure if it was because they weren't sure what to expect. probably they were looking, but there was a lightup slight slow. do after that, straight through. >> authorities say they are on hand to remind people to keep their eyes on the road and
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drive the speed limit. just like drivers, bay area cyclists lined up to test out the new eastern span. for the first time they have their own bike path over the bit. kpix 5's mark kelly saw the new bike path for himself. how is it looking out there? is it crowded? >> reporter: it's crowded. we have a few bikers going by right now, juliette. it has been a pretty exciting day out here. we have the bicycle coalition. they are set to do a ride. they are calling it a milestone in the march for bike rides. >> cyclist rolled onto the new path in a steady stream, thrilled at what they found. >> the bike path was a good idea? >> excellent idea. excellent. get my card owe and a -- cardio and view at the same time. >> the rubio family chose to walk instead of ride. for mario rubio, it is a chance to pass his passion for bridges down a generation, to his little girl. >> this is a structure that the bay area's going to use for
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decades. it's going to be an iconic part of the bay area, and i'm just excited that we ear here for a moment in hispanics -- we're here. >> the bike path name is a part of history as well. alexander zukerman was an advocate for bike riders. >> i would say the bridge that bears his name pays tribute to his belief that a little passion, a little hard work and perseverance you can get anything done. >> be very fitting to name the bike path in his honor. >> the path is still not 100% complete. demolition on the old bridge must get done before the path can stretch all the way to treasure island. that could still be three years away. still t at this time, there's plenty to celebrate here. take, for instance, the entrances. >> to make the bike path accessible to more people delay put in two entrances. one from oakland and the other
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from emeryville. >> absolutely marvelous. plus, connecting the two, it gets you off the streets. it really is the best way to go. >> it's the end of an era. the bring is open. the bike -- bridge is open. the bike path partially done. now all that is left for folks to do is enjoy that bayview from two wheels instead of four. >> it's going to be really exciting for people to experience the bay >> a way they have never had a chance to do before. >> reporter: so, today is exciting, but many bikers dream of the day when they can go all the way from oakland to san francisco. that dream could be coming true sooner than you think. the mtc is actually studying the idea right now, but, of course, that could be many, many years away juliette. >> thanks so much, mark. take a look at all the work that went into this bridge. there time lapse footage collapses 42,000 hours of construction in just four minutes. 12 cameras first started
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recording in 2008. earth cam constructionup construction cameras captured 42 angles of the big project. you can check out the full video on a new twist in the troubled america's cup races. coming up, why oracle is already down 2-0, even though the racing hasn't started yet. great month last month and told them all out. >> so why bay area car dealerships are running out of cars. what a difference 24 hour makes. storm review from dublin looking toward mount diablo, nothing but blue sky. find out when you away from the water are likely to hit 100 degrees. that's coming up. >> i think there are more questions than answers at this point. coming up at 6:30, how the crisis in syria is dividing congressional representatives in the bay area. plus, how the baffles about taking action in syria. results of our exclusive -- how the bay area feels about taking
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action against syria. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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hard to find. kpix 5's ryan takeo even a recent surge in car sales means some sought after cars are becoming hard to find. kpix 5's ryan takeo even found out one does he recall ship is running on empty for its most popular model. >> this is a 2013 nissan. >> if going green is your thing, you would probably like the leaf. the sales sputtered when first introduced, but recently they can barely keep up. >> we sold 25 of them last month. i think we're down to three. we have a bunch more on the way in. >> and that is not the only car in short supply for the dublin nissan owner. >> that is missing is the nissan sentra. >> it is a completely redesigned model. we are expecting to get more shipments in soon, but they are in really short supply for us. >> this year's car sales have really surprised a lot of people in terms of being very
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strong. the auto makers are included in that group. >> jessica caldwell is a senior analyst. >> we have seen a lot of shortages here and there for different vehicles, namely a ford fusion. nissan sentra is one we heard recently. >> with supply and demand, you might expect to see higher prices. even though average car is down 2%, honda accords, sentra and fusions are all more expensive this july than last. caldwell says low interest rates have helmet cameras 70. >> so the monthly payment is perhaps the same they may have paid a few years ago, even if the prices are paying for car is a bit higher. >> when they have a hot car, they still want to make sure that car has legs and keeps selling well. >> if you're in the market for something new and shiny, you're not alone. if you're looking for a popular choice, might have to start searching for it. in dublin, ryan takeo kpix 45.
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>> edmond says this is not a wide-spread industry problem, but seems to be affecting the fuel efficient compacts the most. punishment is in for oracle team usa defending america's cup champion for forfeiting two races in the upcoming finals against team new zealand. kpix 5's don ford tells us they must also pay a fine and suspend some of their top sailers. >> he will win the final fleet race of the day here in san francisco. >> a year ago at the americas cup world series oracle team usa dominated the international fleet, winning race after race. the america's cup international jury now says they cheated. paul lewis is the sailing reporter. >> any advantage is a big advantage. >> the jury is handing down serious penalties which will affect the america's cup race. first, fine of $250,000.
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the money will go to charity. second, four key members of their team are being banned from the america's cup race. the your says they are key players in the violations, but the real pain is penalty points. team oracle is being penalized two points before the competition with new zealand even begin next sunday. now, instead of nine, they must win 11 races to hold onto the america's cup trophy. >> we don't agree with the decision. the fact is, we have to get out there, take one race at a time. that doesn't really change. >> oracle team usa have said they never knew about the additional weight, claiming that a rogue employee did it. accidental or deliberate, the jury says it is still cheat. sailing fans agree. >> the penalty should be a lot greater. cheating is just like stealing. >> i think at this level of competition, that it shows incredible arrogance. >> you're seeing a trend at all sporting events where it is
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trying to reach the pinnacle in track, cycling, baseball, and now yachting people are pushing the edge and it's catching up with them. >> team the oracle usa also committed a gross breach of good manners or sportsman ship and may have brought the sport disrespect. team oracle usa must now replace the banned personnel with backup. with the final race starting in five days, there is not much time to waste. don ford, kpix 5. the america's cup finals begin on saturday. it is the best of 17 competitions. if it is hotter inland, more of that cool ocean air will come in and make it windier. >> reporter: it can, but i bet the winds are really going to be changing. we're going to be looking alt perhaps the first 80 degrees day for the entire year on saturday. that's the toastiest day of this stretch. that will be starting soon.
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we have fog rolling above the deck of the golden gates. we will don't see low cloud cover moving to san francisco. that's one of the few cloudy spots right now. a lot of sunshine. morgan hill at 87. nappa 84. livermore 82. redwood 79. oakland, 75. downtown san francisco almost got to 70 today but one degree short. 69degrees. the chopper 5 was up earlier today getting a lot of beautiful shots. of course, we have this new bay bridge. don't let that over shadow the rest of the bay area, even if you won'tdrive on the bridge for awhile. san francisco, you haven't hit 80 degrees yet this year, but you may do that combing up this weekend. there are some changes to talk about, but not for two more days. this low pressure area will hit
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off the coastline, same spot as it was yesterday. some of you got rainfall. no more tropical moisture to draw up. you see a lack of that white or gray coloring over the bay area. there is no moisture to work with. we will not see any cloud cover or rainfall. with that low to our north, we will keep a light on shore flow. that will keep temperatures down the next couple days. tomorrow and thursday are your days if you don't like hot. when that moves out, it is going to get closer. it is going to get stronger. if you do like the hot weather, friday, saturday, sunday and monday are all for you. temperatures will shoot up close to 100 degrees away from the water on saturday. well above average. for tomorrow, though, enjoy one of those cooler than normal days. by three degrees in concord. san jose you will be five degrees below average with a high of 78. downtown san francisco upper 60s. once again for you, nappa, 78. really comfortable once again tomorrow.
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we will do that again on thursday. and here comes the heat. >> oh. >> mid 90s. it will be toasty over weekend. maybe another pool day. even widespread 80s for up to four straight days near the bay. friday, saturday, sunday, and monday, you know, this subpoena the season. september and october the winds change. mother nature is not wasting time this year. he says first week of september, let's get those temperatures up. >> moving on up. paul, thanks. >> count down clock. >> reporter: yeah. all right. still ahead, bay area police department changing its policies in light of complaints of racial profiling. what officers will have to answer every time they detain someone. we are still measuring the water quality on every hour basis to make sure that that water quality they have gets compromised. >> our clearest idea to date how the rim fire affected the pa's water and power supplies. and, how the disaster will affect your utility bills. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at a san ramon church this afternoon... to say goodbyeo 17- year-old robert orlando. family and friends gathered at a church this afternoon to say good-bye to 17-year-old robert orlando. the time was killed one day before he was to -- the might was killed one day before he was to start his senior year of high school. police say his car hit a tree last monday. his two friends in the car with him were both hurt. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. san jose's city council exploring a plan to hire more police officers. a study session was held today. the council talked abouted aing about 200 officers over the next four years. the plan was proposed by mayor chuck reed and city councilman ricardo. the plan is projected to cost $50 million. mayor reed says the city may need to consider a sales tax to raise that money.
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san jose police patrol officers must now document every time they detain someone on the street. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us the new policy comes after accusations of racial profiling. >> for the first time ever, san jose police officers are recording the exact details of each instance when they stop, detain, or handcuff someone on the street without arresting them. >> did they use a limited detention. what was the reason for the stop in the race of the individual. all that information will be quickly entered into a computer just using alphanumeric. that information will be recorded and saved. >> it's part of a new policy prompted by complaints of black and latinosty noes that officers more often order them to sit on the ground or on a street curb during detention than whites who are usually allowed to stand ine. >> people say why do i have to sit on the curb when it is a traffic stop when it's clear i'm not around. >> the complaints in 2011 were recommended with policy changes in a 2012 report to the city
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council. >> humiliation is associated with that. there is the question of racial profiling. >> community activist calls the new police practice a step in the right direction to solve what has been arbiter issue. >> finally allows us to step forward beyond a ballet of debate and anecdotes where some people say this happened to me. other people say that's not a wide-spread issue. >> it has been san jose's version of stop and frisk, but the problem was, there was no paper trail to follow if the stop did not result in an arrest. now there will be. >> whether you're the police department, police audit or concerned community, really you're trying to solve this problem. you're trying to get to a place of resolution. the best way to do it is to identify practices, identify patterns, see the scale of the issue and then know who you have to target to get rid of it. >> officers began compiling the information on sunday. some city council people and
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community activist will also have access to the report just to make sure. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> initially, police will be dictating the information to dispatchers. they will input the data themselves starting in november when their car mounted computers are fully updated. coming up in our next half hour, bay area democrats weighing the pros and cons of an attack on syria. >> the we is what should the united states do and what where does that lead? how president obama's push for action is dividing our congressional delegation and the bay area. plus, just how much the rim fire affected the bay area's water supply, and how the fire will affect your utility bill. just how affordable, is the affordable care act? plus - type of plans, that won't be offered. (((traffic tease))) (((trafc tease))) (((traffic tease))) "0 vior jazz as california ads let the air ways, we ask just how
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afford seasonal the care act. looking at big time delay for san francisco driver all bound for the lower deck of the bay bridge. virtual gridlock being reported on embarcadero and first street. we will have details on this and tell you how long exactly it's taking folks to gone lower deck of the bay bridge when kpix 5 news continues.
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now at 6:30: bay area congressional delegates div, by president obama's call fr this is behavior outside the circle of civilized human bebehavior. >> are you convinced? >> not it. >> now at 6:30, bay area congressional delegates divided by president obama's action to syria. survey usa poll shows bay area residents are slight on whether the u.s. should take military action against syria. 29% say the u.s. should carry out air strikes to punish syria's president for the use of chemical weapons against his own people. 23% say the u.s. should take no action. 39% say the u.s. should only provide support for other country's military response. 470 people were questioned. the results have a margin of era of 4.6%.
6:29 pm
as we found out today, bay area lawmakers are also split on syria. >> from the white house. >> it does not involve boots on the found. >> to the hill. >> it did -- ground. >> it to the hill. >> the obama administration is urging the president to give the go ahead with an unleashing of a military strike on syria saying the government used chemical weapons against us own people. in a rare display of unity, the house leaders agree. >> this is something that the united states as a country needs to do. >> we must respond. >> but as for the rank and file democrats in the bay area, they're not so convinced. >> i think there are more questions than answers at point. >> congresswoman co-authored a public letter with fellow lawmaker of palo alto. the letter addressed to susan rice, includes a series of questions they say must be answered before they can make any decision including. >> what if there is retaliation against turkey or israel.
6:30 pm
what would the u.s. be required to do in that case? >> they are not alone. other bay area democrats want to know more the facts and any alternatives. >> i think it's not a slam dunk. professor brady is dean of the school of public policy at uc berkeley. he says in the last few months, thanks to nsa surveillance, drone strikes and now syria, lawmakers on the right and left are pushing back. as for thes letter, brady says it's good for public policy >> you're canning very good questions. they are doing what elective represent haves should do, which is to ask the hard questions of the administration. >> questions he says the administration should answer. >> and tonight, we are getting new details on what the u.s. is that the wants. its resolution would ban ground troops and set a 60 daytime limit for military action. fire crews against flames
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above yosemite believe they have contained it. fire burn right up to the reservoir where san francisco gets its water supply. plus, it damaged two city power plants. but city leaders told our ann notarangelo it's nothing to worry about. >> white waves feeding into clear blue water as they should to provide water and electricity to san francisco. >> we're still measuring the water quality on every hour basis to make sure that water quality never gets compromised. >> san francisco's intricate water and power supply starts near yosemite where the massive rim fire threatened the station utility. the water here comes from the reservoir. it is a six-hour trip courtesy of gravity. >> although the region's natural terrain has been unkind to firefighters, nothing -- moccasin was left unscathed. >> our water water is the same.
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>> they already sent more water than usual as a precaution in case it was polluted by ash. that didn't happen, and the forecast for the spring runoff is good. >> only about 2% of our watershed actually was impacted by the fire, and so we're not really, really concerned about our water supply. >> but the fire knocked out two thirds of san francisco's power supply, damaging two power houses. customers didn't notice it, though, because the still bought power at a cost of 860,000. >> hopefully, next week, we will be able to generate enough power to meet our supply. >> they can't say yet when tore power houses will be fully repaired or how much it will cost. although, they do expect it to run in the millions. but they're already looking ahead. california can move from fire season to the rainy system with lightning speed. they now need to restore the forest and wetlands to prevent
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landslides that can once again jeopardize san francisco's water and power supply. in moccasin, ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> the city expects to collect on a billion dollar insurance policy, so bay area residents will not see an increase. gridlock on san francisco streets heading back to the bridge. let's check in with traffic reporter. >> at this dish hour, got lots of folks in san francisco sitting there all trying to get towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. it has been virtual deadlock as we go to live pictures. nobody is going anywhere. this is embarcadero. everyone pointed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. we are getting bumper to bumper gridlock situation on first, harrison, embarcadero. it is taking folks about an hour just to get onto the lovely new bay bridge. as we check on chopper pictures
6:34 pm
shot from earlier think evening, traffic don'ts slow as you head all the way across the oakland area. if you plan on making this drive, make sure you have a full tank of gas, maybe have dish before you head out there, because it's going to be a long one. now, the bay bridge toll plaza did loosen up around 4:00 this afternoon. you can see from these live pictures it is fine now leaving oakland into the city. not not too far from this i-80. still jam packed in both directions. now, san francisco freeways, that is also gummed up toward the low deck. crowded from beyond 280 northbound that leads you toward south and market. you will be hitting breaks from cesar chavez toward the new bay bridge. northbound toward the golden gate, still slow from the
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marina district approaching the span. traffic does pick up once you get on the bridge now, the san mateo bridge, which is also a good alternative, that's doing okay. eastbound traffic a little sluggish. 1011 fine. 880 is also looking good at both ends. if you want to catch b.a.r.t or a ferry, there are no delays. allen, back to you. >> liza, thanks. we spotted one of the first accidents on the new eastern span. fortunately, a minor fender bend. normally, that could really mess up traffic by design, the cars were able to pull over on the new shoulder. no backup. enrollment for covered california begins in less than a. atz the ads start to hit our state airways, we ask is the affordable care act even affordable. plus, the type of coverage you
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won't get. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ i wish i was made of money. i wish you were too. chances are, you're not made of money.
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so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. suffered another setback, is fight to stay open. drakes bay oyster company ps t a third of a bay area oyster farm suffered another setback in its fight to stay open. drake's bay oyster company plants and harvests at least a third of the state's oysters. tonight, it's a step closer to closing after a ruling by a federal appeals court. the judges ruled 2-1 to turn area to build -- return the area to wilderness. in less than a month, you will be able to enroll in covered california. but how is our state's answer to president obama's health care reform informing people
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about their choices. cbs reporter cam by brown on how it impacts families like yours. >> this lady picks through trash fors can to supplement her monthly $866 disability check. he pays her health insurance through her disability, but she says her coverage is the bare minimum. >> i can't go to the dentist or eye doctor. >> what is covered and who is covered under the affordable care act are major questions that have many people confused and concerned. so, tonight, we're getting answers. here is what we found out. vision and dental plans will not be offered to adults, at least not in the beginning. and, just how afford seasonal the affordable care act. if a family of four earns $50,000 a year, coverage through california would cost between 100 and $300 month with help from the government. that doesn't include medicine and more than one doctor visit.
6:40 pm
>> i feel like it's ring around the rosy, kind of playing phone tag a lot. >> karen mcdonald says her and her 10 month-old date have no coverage. covering california is hoping to educate the uninsured with a new ad campaign. >> san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. >> we have challenges making sure people know about truce and the opportunities. >> even with help, though, some families will still find fordable care act hard to afford. >> makes me sick >> we have not made health carefree. we have not made health care cheap. >> i am camby brown kpix california. >> you can find more about that on our website bring pride to the east side. >> for years now, the san francisco side of the bay bridge always had a little more appeal it to. >> how the new eastern span is
6:41 pm
cause for a rocking celebration. temperatures today, man, were they perfect? 82degrees in danville. 84degrees in cam b. even berkeley made it to the low 70s. but we are going to be cranking things up on the thermometer. i am dennis o'donnell. the 49ers defense will face a huge test in game one. >> how days pointed are you that you will not be a 49er. >> what will the nfc champions do about that? >> we're the san francisco 49ers. we can do whatever we want. hit them hard. that's what serena did today. we'll tell you if her opponent hit back, coming up.
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our mike sugerman on the ba some veteran rock musicians expressing pride in their new east bay home with a new song. >> our own mike sugerman has more about a band that finds inspiration in the new bay bridge. >> music to some people's ears, the new span of the bay bridge. >> ♪ tonight west side, going
6:45 pm
to cross the bring? >> like this band, paid experience. >> for years now, the san francisco side of the bay bridge always had a little more appeal to it, had more design and tender loving care. our side wasn't quite as decorated, you know. >> bourn, bread and an east bay crowd, they started 25 years ago playing music together, recently put that pride into their new song. the new bridge part of the new east bay bang, helping some government what they consider the east bay inferiority complex. >> for a long time we've been looked down upon in the east side, east bay, but like i said, we have so much to offer here. >> it's so amazing because it is shining bright and white. it is monumental. it is brilliant. >> we live in one of the best places until the world you could live. it needs to have that stan d. i
6:46 pm
think it does. >> the east bay finally has a gateway bridge, one that's worth singing about. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> couple of east bay people right here. >> yeah. >> they're proud of it. >> if you don't like it, there's a lot of other side esiason of the bay to go to. >> east and west, north and south. >> you may want to leave the east bay coming up over the you could w. inland will get very warm starting saturday and sunday. south bay, hello south bay. we're waiting to hear your song. as you look live at san jose, the diablo. downtown san francisco 67 degrees. let's get you set for school
6:47 pm
tomorrow. freemont, clouds to start. 58degrees. by the time school wraps up tomorrow, 73 degrees. pictures i show you of this academy started as a preschool. they now have a solar panel project. they produce more energy at the academy than they actually use. let's put your school on television. give you a forecast for your community school sign up for school cast toward slash school cast. your microclimate forecast for tomorrow t mill valley, low 80s. mainly sunny skies both p wednesday and thursday. the funny thing is weather- wise, the low pressure area has not moved one inch. but something certainly has changed because it is sunny. all the tropical moisture has pushed off east. over nevada, idaho. not impacting us. with the low where it is, we will keep a light to moderate on shore flow. that will keep temperatures in check. it will be warm but not hot. if you don't like it hot, ghettoed tomorrow and thursday.
6:48 pm
beginning friday that low goes away. big, strong ridge of high pressure will build and warm up the atmosphere from top. do by the time we really get to the peak of the heating on saturday, the east bay will be approaching 100 degrees coming up on saturday. might want to plan on spending afternoon time in the air conditioning maybe go see a movie. it will be pretty toasty. near normal for the next two days. that big warmup begins on friday. kind of hits its apex for the weekend. we will be 10 degrees above average saturday, sunday and monday. tomorrow, really comfortable. san francisco, your average high is 70 downtown. you will hit 69 tomorrow. san jose, 78. santa clara 77. morgan hill, gillroy. hayward, 72. concord 83 tomorrow. little morning cloud cover for you w. afternoon sunshine. livermore will hit 83.
6:49 pm
marin low 80s. coupledegrees milder on thursday. big change friday. hello 90s inland. right around 80 near the bay. we get warmer and stay there saturday, sunday, and monday. four straight days in the 90s around the water. live look outside. traffic on the embarcadero. there is a lot of it. also a lot of blue sky. we've got sports coming up next.
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the forty niners returned te practice field this afterno are you rolling out the aaron rogers interview? >> we are. >> i think i saw that. >> i'm wondering, is the bay bridge open yet? is there any story you guys haven't covered on that bridge? >> we're looking. >> a million dollars. >> a billion. >> could have built the 49ers stadium and a regular stadium. anyway, 49ers return to the practice field this afternoon following their four-day weekend. a final break for a team that hopes to be playing in early february. >> the san francisco 49ers. we can do whatever we want. >> that's right. jim harbaugh had plenty to smile about. his team looked like a superbowl contender in their final game of the preseason, but it hasn't been all smiles thanks to the way it ended last
6:53 pm
season. losing in the super bowl has made san francisco even hungrier to bring home that elusive sixth lombardy trophy. >> i've replayed it a lot. it's something i think about a lot. i want to go out this season and change what happened so i can put that behind me. it's hard to forget the super bowl loss. it's hard to forget the confetti falling on our head for the other team. >> we watch cutups, like certain defenses we played, things we could have done better and things we did well. that's hard to watch in the meeting room, so i can't even bring myself to watch the televised game. so i probably won't until we win one. >> for packers quarterback aaron rogers the loss to the 49ers in the playoffs was the game he had to think about all off season. sunday, we will once again have
6:54 pm
a chance to deliver on the draft day promise he made to me in 2005. >> how days pointed are you that you were not drafted by the 49ers? >> not as disappointed as i am that the 49ers didn't draft me. >> 49ers and the raiders with kim ryan who is jacked out of his mind about this broadcast. reigning heisman trophy winner manziel didn't exactly silence his critics in saturday's opener. johnny football made light of his suspension for receiving money for an autograph signing. but his head coach denied reports that manziel snubbed him on the sideline following a penalty for taunting. >> he came off the field, basically i made two statements to him. neither one of which should he have responded to.
6:55 pm
they weren't questions. they were direct statements that i can't repeat right now, and so, what's amazing to me is the perception that he, you know, he ignored me. worst thing that could have happened was for him to reply based on what i told him. >> yeah. bottom line is, if character has any weight, in the heisman voting, that guy will not win a second heisman. baseball the a's have won seven eight to pull within the rangers in the west. one of the reasons for the hot stretch, brandon moss who belt four home runs with 11 runs batted in. u.s. open, plenty of time to celebrate her birthday tonight. top seeded serena williams not messing around. how is this for present. the serve goes long and hits her. that was the only thing that didn't go serena's way because she didn't drop a single game in her straight set win that lasted 52 minutes. it took our crew longer to get through the bay bridge than it
6:56 pm
took for this tennis match. serena will play the semi finals. u.s. open for the first time since 2006. have a nice trip. see you next fall. the 32-year-old hewitt appeared to take control in the fifth set. he hits the back winner and hewitt was up 4-2, watching this today, allen. rallying back to win five of the next six games to eliminate the 2008 open champion that lasted just under four hours, three hours longer than serena. >> good night. >> that is a huge fish. oh, my. six person crew pulled in a new mississippi record. 727-pound gator breaking the previous record of 723 set an hour earlier. this is my catch at lake of the pines. i don't like to brag, but that. >> look at the size of that fish.
6:57 pm
>> that is a huge fish. >> the kicker of the story is i was so excited that i drop my pole and reel in the water. that fish cost me $200. gone to the bottom of the lake. >> oh, man. >> ridiculous. >> what were you using? >> that was a yamamoto for those of you scoring at home. >> there you go. >> look at the shirt. >> celebrated with a knobbers. >> look at the shirt. >> gun show there. >> not a very big gun show. >> all right. thanks, dennis. >> are we done. >> throughout evening, the latest always on k >> i'm going home now. see you at 11:00. >> thanks for watching. you could save hundreds."
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