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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's the newest bay area scam distraction burglaries. the thieves say something to get you out of the house so they can get in. >> you have the advantage. >> private fundraisers at private homes cost the city of atherton thousands of dollars and it looks like taxpayers are stuck footing the bill. >> we give flight to the flightless. >> every year, millions of older egg laying hens are put to death. >> the cost of the flight is about $50,000. that comes out to about $43 a bird. >> alarming statistics about safety in some bay area schools. >> and i am not going to sit here and be told by you that i don't have a sense of what the judgment is. >> the u.s. is one step closer to a military strike on syria and the debate rages on. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's thursday, september 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego.
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time now is 6:00. developing news this morning. president obama has arrived in russia for the start of the g20 summit. the meetings are supposed to focus on economic issues. but syria is likely to be a hot topic among the global leaders. bart working overtime while the bay bridge is closed. it's now paying the price after covering the trips over 200,000 miles more than a dozen cars out of service for maintenance. >> and the sound of exploding gas tanks woke up a richmond neighborhood after a home caught fire. the fire started in a van on south ninth and virginia at about 2:30. flames then spread to a carport and then the home. firefighters evacuated nearby homes. police in san mateo are investigating a shooting that left one man dead another injured. this is a live look at the scene at the 1500 block of lodi avenue near south norfolk street. police say it started just before midnight last night when several people heard shots fired. about a half hour later two
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victims showed up at a hospital in san jose. one of those victims has died. right now, police are interviewing at least 10 witnesses. it's 602 right now. let's check the roads. >> it's looking okay. let's check the bay bridge. if you are traveling on the deck itself here's what it looks like pretty quiet now towards treasure island. all the backups are unfortunately like we have been seeing all week long behind the pay gates. turned on the metering lights pretty early once again well before 6:00 at 5:45 this morning. so before the new eastern span was built and open to the public, we noticed the metering lights were typically turned on around 6:00 or a little after. so the backups have begun a little earlier than we're used to. you can see the jamups begin even beyond the overcrossings in most lanes. right now, the eastshore freeway looks good. all the other approaches including the nimitz freeway. this is a live look at 880 in oakland closer towards the coliseum but right now that
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drive time still in the clear. 15 minutes between 238 and the macarthur maze. coming up, we'll get a check of mass transit. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> all right. some patchy fog around the bay area to start out the day. temperatures going to be very similar outside but we have a big heatup coming in our direction. we'll talk more about that in a second. right now out the door we go. broken clouds out over the bay bridge at this hour and around the bay but i think we'll see plenty of sunshine as we head in toward the afternoon. the temperatures running in the 50s and the 60s now. very mild 64 degrees in livermore, 59 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, though, looks like one more fairly mild day. it will be warm in spots with these temperatures just below the average into livermore 83 sunny, 83 concord and about 70 degrees in san francisco. much hotter weather is on the way. we'll talk about it coming up. back to you. >> thank you. bart is in recovery mode this morning after ah helping the bay area get around the closure. anne makovec is in daly city
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this morning with the real cost of keeping those trains rolling around the clock. >> reporter: yeah. running all those extra hours really took its toll on bart trains and that is precisely why this system does not run 24 hours a day all the time as it did during the bay bridge closure that we saw last week. that meant an extra 235,000 miles for the trains. those trains operated 7800 hours more than normal. thursday was bart's third busiest day ever with more than 475,000 trips. friday was the fourth busiest. with all that extra wear and tear, bart says more than a dozen cars are now out of service for maintenance. problems include doors not opening, cars overheating and windshield wipers sticking. it could take a week or longer to get all of those problems fixed. i spoke with a rider this morning. he said it's not just the cars that need tlc. >> you smell feces and urine. they let people sleep down there. so if you go down the escalator you have to hold your nose or
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run up. it's terrible. >> reporter: bart crews have to work on the trains when they aren't running. running. that is, because they have to shut down the third rail for workers' safety and the trains can't run without that third rail. back to you. >> all right, anne. you rode some trains during the bay bridge closure. what did you think? >> i rode from san francisco to walnut creek. not too bad but it was hot and crowded. it did have an odor, i must say. >> i think it's always the case, though. all right, anne makovec, live in daly city. thank you. standardized tests as we know them may soon be history in california public schools. the state schools chief and a concord assemblywoman will discuss replacing the pencil and paper star tests. the proposed new tests would be only done on computers. those are similar to the "common core" programs used in some 45 other states.
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"rideshare" companies could get the go-ahead to operate here in california the state public utilities commission will consider new regulations when it meets this morning in san francisco. the proposal would require driver training, background checks and insurance coverage. "rideshare" operators are supporting the rule. cab companies are opposed. distraction scams have bay area police on high alert and they are warning homeowners these kinds of burglaries come in several different forms. in fremont it's the snake search. police have surveillance video of a woman who posed as an animal control officer. she got one victim to go into her backyard to help look for poisonous snakes. then accomplices went in the front door and stole cash and jewels. there were similar snake scams last week in san mateo and burlingame. in burlington two men got a driver to pull over claiming a flat tire. one stole her wallet. up in napa, police are warning people not to fall for a scam involving fundraising for a police "dare" program and burglar hit a san carlos home when the owner was lured up a
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ladder to check on the roof. developing news as you wake up, russia's foreign ministry is warning a u.s. strike on syria's atomic facilities could lead to a nuclear catastrophe. that announcement came just before president obama arrived in russia today for the group of 20 economic summit in st. petersburg. the president has been emphasizing the need for military action to prevent a syrian government's further use of chemical weapons. >> we can change assad's calculus about using them again. we can degrade his capabilities so that he do not use them again. >> on capitol hill yesterday, the senate foreign relations committee advanced a resolution authorizing use of u.s. military force against the syrian government. it sanctions the use of force for 90 days. it also says any military action must be part of a broader strategy in syria to hasten a negotiated political settlement that removes bashar assad from power. bay area congress members have
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mixed feelings. >> what are you hearing from constituents? that they're absolutely against it, they don't see it as america's problem. >> some people will never be for anything. i totally respect that. but i do not believe we can ignore the use of chemical weapons. >> the full senate and house are scheduled to vote on the joint resolution to authorize limited military strikes next week. a man shot during an undercover drug sting in sunnyvale has died. santa clara police and sheriff's deputies set up a meeting with him at the hob bees restaurant parking lot -- hobee's restaurant parking lot yesterday afternoon. the suspect died at the hospital. a 2-year-old boy was killed after being hit by a truck in oakland. the boy was playing near his mother in a parking lot on the embarcadero when he ran into the street. the driver is cooperating with the local police. an alarming number of children in the bay area say they don't feel safe at school. cate caugiran joins us live from hayward where students
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there say bullies are a big deal there. cate. >> reporter: frank, the students here at mount eden high school say it's the bullies and the fights that make them feel unsafe here at school. >> it facesly shuts down their and the to learn just in terms of bay area research. emotionally it makes it impossible for them to take in new information. >> reporter: the hayward unified school district says it knows about the problem and is working with police and implemented programs recently to improve safety. the district says things are getting better. 52 students were -- 52 students were recommended for expulsion in 2011-2012 school year. that's a drop compared to a few years ago when 82 students were recommended for expulsion. dr. ida oberman says that school safety has a big impact on academic success and that to give you an idea and background
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on the survey it said 20% of students of hayward 8th graders feel unsafe or very unsafe on campus. the survey was done between 2008 and 2010 but recently was released by most high school students here say that, yes, things have been improving. but there's still more work to be done. live in hayward, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> you throw out social media it makes it tough on the kids. cate caugiran live in hayward, thank you so much. time now 6:10. the price of college goes up every year leaving students looking for aid. new scholarships based on the september 11th terrorists attacks. more on that coming up. >> i want to learn more. >> words any teacher would love to hear. how the oakland school for the arts is inspiring children with a new class. >> temperatures getting ready to heat up around the bay area. summer making a return big time. we'll tell you when coming up. >> mass transit looks good, as well. bart has more than 40 trains all on time. we'll hit the roads get a check of our live traffic cameras after the break.
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and you could save hundreds."
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display lighting up a stree one uth korean shopp well, if you thought the dallas cowboy stadiums dream was big wait until you see this. it's a giant video display lighting up a street in south korea. the sky road is about 700 feet long, the longest in the world. >> looks like the one in old town vegas. >> cool. speaking of cool, students at a school in oakland are getting out of the classroom and they are going right on to the ice >> it's the first school in the country offering figure skating
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classes and since it's a public charter school, it's free to the students. and that's why oakland school of the arts is this week's "cool school." reporter: oakland school for the arts offers several creative outlets for its students and now it has a new one. after hitting the books, the students come across the street here to the oakland ice center. they do a few warmups, lace up and get right on the ice. figure skating is now being offered every day for two hours before lunchtime. >> i really just love like how the ice feels and all the jumps and spins. just really fun. >> reporter: on the ice, they can perfect their skills or learn something new. >> i want to learn more. i think that ice skating is a beautiful sport. >> it gives them a level of confidence and concentration and focus that it's really hard to approximate in other ways. >> there you go, there you go. >> reporter: it takes a lot of concentration just to get comfortable on the ice. but these 1 1-year-olds have been skating since they were preschool age. >> i think it's a really good opportunity for the chance to learn life skills for what they have as a passion and have it incorporated into their daily schedule. >> reporter: exploring passion and creativity is what the
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school is all about while preparing students for the future. >> sometimes you don't land jumps so you can't do spins and it's just like just never give up because someday you are going to get it. >> sleeves such a good skater and she competes too. >> how did you do? it's been a while. >> yeah. it was a while. >> skates out of the garage? >> i know. i did it. i didn't fall. so that was good. >> that's not what i heard. [ laughter ] >> i didn't. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> so what's cool about your school out there? you can submit your nomination at our, we might come out and feature your school on our morning show. the state senate approved re-opening a college scholarship program for relatives who diet in the september 11th attacks -- who died in the september 11th attacks. it determined state officials failed to notify people before the application deadline. the bill needs to pass the
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assembly but time is running out as lawmakers are set to adjourn next week. 6:16. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we're going to go back out towards the new bay bridge and see how things are looking right now. once again, we're seeing that same new traffic pattern forge where traffic itself on the bridge looks really good. it's all those backups behind the bay bridge toll plaza that are beginning to heat up. so chp says there's not as many cars traveling per hour across the new span an likely due to a lot of gawkers slowing down to check out the new views. they are going under the speed limit in some cases which is of course 50 miles per hour right now. some of the roads leading up to the bay bridge really noticed that the eastshore freeway 80 taking a beating over the last couple of days. we have seen long delays lasting beyond 9:00 in some cases. 880 also very slow a little later on. right now looks good still under 20 minutes between 238 and the macarthur maze but yeah, leave early if you want to beat any of the later
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morning rush because we have noticed past 7:00 it does start to stack up especially on the two approaches. here's a live look at some of our traffic sensors. this is just the usual stuff coming out of tracy, been like this for as long as i can remember 25 minutes right now between 205 and tracy all the way out towards the dublin interchange. once you get past vasco road speed sensors improve towards the dublin interchange. that's the latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. going to be heating up over the next few days, lots of summer sunshine coming back. temperatures could get hot as we head in toward the weekend. today kind of a transitional day. low pressure still off the coastline going to be sliding toward the bay area so we are starting out with low clouds and fog this morning. partly cloudy as you head inland. this afternoon plenty of sunshine. these temperatures i think mild for one more day then we are going to start to heat things up into friday and the weekend could get very hot in spots. all right. low pressure off the coastline right here just beginning to make its way onshore. once it kicks eastward these temperatures start to warm up as high pressure builds in but
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today one more mild day outside. warm in spots inland but these temperatures slightly below the average. delays at sfo on arriving flights now of just about an hour. by the afternoon, of course, that should clear out with the skies, as well. around the country 100 degrees steamy hot in houston with the possibility of thunderstorms. could see some thunderstorms also into denver at 93. 7 3-partly cloudy in chicago and 79 and partly cloudy in new york. around the bay today you will find those temperatures soaring into the 70s and 80s in the south bay, 60s toward the coastline. 80s in many of the interior valleys. 70s in through the delta. then inside the bay about 75 degrees in oakland. 73 in san leandro. 70 in san francisco. and 85 degrees in santa rosa. hey, you want to check out a game today? this is not a bad day to do it. you're looking at game time with the a's and the as strokes 7:05. mostly clear about 65 degrees. it looks like the next couple of days. summer returns for the weekend. some of these numbers into the upper 90s inland. even 60s and 70s near the coastline. yes, mr. mallicoat. >> did you say weekend by the
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way? >> can you believe it? >> getting close. >> it's good to hear. >> so ready. >> it's going to be so nice. enjoy it. >> lawrence, thank you. well, you can't score with your hands in soccer but one high school player managed to. how the ball went from his hands to the net. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. did you see what pablo sandoval did last night? and if the a's win they're tied for first. they lose they're two games back. we'll tell you what happened next.
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time to check your microclimate forecast. walnut creek plenty of sunshine, mid-80s, tomorrow hotter in the 90s. >> gets hot in the creek. let's go out live towards the sunol area and we have a new accident coming in. four-car crash it is in the center divide. northbound 680 by andrade road. the latest on your backups coming up.
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good morning, everybody. the last a's pitcher to throw 17 consecutive unbeaten starts was catfish hunter way back in 1973. yesterday as righty jarrod parker had a chance had a chance to make it 18 in a row. yu darvish and aj pierzynski trying to get on the same page. wrong page. bottom of the 1st the reigning al player of the week brandon moss stays hot two-run shot. jarrod parker allowed two runs in six innings and still hasn't lost since may 22nd. josh donaldson a three-run hit down the left field line 9-2 home run number 20 for the a's third baseman. coco crisp is eating wheaties, not coco crisp. four home runs in the last five games. a's win 11-4. they take two out of three from the rangers. they are now tied with texas for the lead in the american league west. how about this? panda supporters in full force in san diego for a good reason. pablo hit not one, not two,
6:25 am
pablo sandoval hit three home runs against the padres. still has 13 for the season but a breakout night for pablo sandoval. giants win in san diego 13-5. my first interview of the year with jim harbaugh we call it coach's corner tonight on the 6:00 news. you'll never know what you're going to get with harbaugh. like a box of chocolates. see you tonight, everybody. thank you. fancy flip throw by a new york high schooler on the soccer field is today's play of the daily. the ball will bounce off the goalie's fingertips. check it out after a little header there. and right into the goal. not bad. helped his team to a win and he did it a second time. here he goes again, different play, gets a little momentum and voila! there she goes. the tartans win it 3-0 against
6:26 am
the south glen falls new york team. coming up, tired of california state politics and economics? one county is creating something rather new. the northern californians who would rather be jeffersons coming your way. >> reporter: bart has a hangover after being up for 24 hours during the five-day bay bridge closure. hear what commuters have to say coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald it's incredibly meaningful. >> the "rim" fire burned parted of a jewish camp a piece of camp history escaping those flames. >> coverage under president
6:30 am
obama's healthcare law won't be cheap. how cost conscious consumers can make sure they are getting the best deal. >> get ready, summer about to make a return big time. temperatures getting cranked up. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and unfortunately we're lighting up red on westbound 4 in antioch. sluggish from lone tree to loveridge. your latest travel times coming up. >> good morning. it's thursday, the weekend is approaching! september the 5th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> we like the weekend. i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. bart trains got a real workout during the bay bridge closure last weekend. the aging fleet traveled an extra 200,000-plus miles. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in daly city with the problems it all came with. anne. >> reporter: bart crews did not have the time to do the maintenance work that they are normally able to do and that is precisely why bart does not run 24 hours a day all the time over the bay bridge closure that was a five-day period, bart trains running around the clock. that meant an extra 235,000
6:31 am
miles for the trains. think operated 7800 -- they operated 7800 hours more than normal. thursday was bart's busiest day ever with more than 475,000 trips and friday was the fourth busiest. with all that extra wear and tear, bart says more than a dozen cars are now out of service for maintenance. problems include doors not opening, cars overheating and windshield wipers sticking. could take a week or longer to get all the problems fixed and some of the riders i spoke with this morning say there are other issues, as well. >> the garbage, sometimes some messes all over, food, drinks. >> it's not only the cars but the stations are dilapidated. there's loose paint on all these beams. >> reporter: as far as the maintenance, bart crews have to work on the trains when they are not running because they have to shut down that electric third rail and that is what actually powers the trains. so you can see they are not able to do both things at the same time. back to you. >> do you think this will come into play during bart labor negotiations? >> reporter: that is going to
6:32 am
be an interesting factor. the spokesman gave all the workers props for volunteering to do so much overtime over that five-day period. and the workers themselves have tooted their own horns so i'm sure that will come into play when it comes to those labor negotiations which are ongoing. >> all right. anne makovec live in daly city, thank you. we're following the very latest developments in the crisis in syria. the united nations says it will consider russia's argument that a u.s. strike on syria could potentially cause a nuclear disaster but russian needs to file a formal request. president obama of course in russia now right now for the g20 economic summit in st. petersburg. he and the russian president greeted each other moments ago although they won't meet one on one officially. overseas the president has been emphasizing the need for military action to prevent the syrian government from using more chemical weapons. >> we can change assad's
6:33 am
calculus about using them again. we can degrade his capabilities so he doesn't using them again. >> a senate committee approved a resolution granting the president at least 60 days to carry out military strikes for no more than 90 days. it also prohibits putting ground troops in syria. the full senate is expected to vote on the resolution next week. and new this morning, some information is out today pricing out how much the president's affordable care act is going to cost you. a study released by the nonprofit kaiser family foundation found a silver policy for a single person making $29,000 a year could be about $190 a month. younger people with the bronze policy can get coverage for $100 to $140 per month. the "rim" fire burning in and around yosemite was not started by an illegal pot growing operation. federal investigators also ruled outlying as the cause. it could take months to figure out what sparked the fire and it could take two more weeks to
6:34 am
get it contained. the fire has scorched more than 370 square miles of sierra nevada forest. a piece of history was saved in the "rim" fire that burned through the camp in nevada. it's a book that dates back to world war ii. it had been in camp tawonga since the 1980s. it was retrieved during the fire. >> it's incredibly meaningful and, you know, the fact that it could have burned up and we could have lost it in the fire would have been very traumatizing for all of us in the camp community. so we're very glad we were able to get it out. >> the torah was part of a rosh hashana ceremony at berkeley's tilden park. another milestone being reached today for a local transportation. it is at the transbay transit center in san francisco. today politicians and project leaders all will be on hand when they start pouring concrete for the foundation. it is the first permanent part of the facility that's scheduled to open in about 4 years here in the city.
6:35 am
this morning, the environmental protection agency will showcase an effort to help save a threatened species of fish. crews will remove a concrete barrier from the san fransesquito creek at el palo alto park in the city of member men. it's expected to recover up to 40 miles of spawning habitat for the native steelhead trout. plans to create a state called jefferson are in the works again in northern california. siskiyou county supervisors voted 4-1 to secede from california. they are hoping other counties on both sides of the california-oregon border will do the same. many people in the rural area feel state government overlooks them in favor of big cities. a new trend is happening now. more americans living abroad are handing over their passports and ditching their citizenship. the irs may have something to do with it. a new law requiring foreign institutions to report all assets owned by americans will soon go into effect. that means people with money
6:36 am
abroad will have to pay taxes on the money. a new law would give prosecutors the option to reduce charges for drug crimes. the bill passed the assembly yesterday. it would allow prosecutors to charge lower level nonviolent drug offenses as misdemeanors instead of felonies. supporters say the bill will reduce incarceration costs while opponents say it sends the wrong message. the bill returns to the senate for a final vote. new this morning a new study suggests that a tsunami much like this one could cause major damage in california if a monster earthquake strikes off the coast of alaska. u.s. geological survey says under certain circumstances, such a scenario could flood the ports of l.a. and long beach and force coastal communities tow evacuate. let's hope not. >> let's hope not. let's get a check on the weather now. >> guys, looks like we're going to heat things up in the next couple of days. today a transitional day. some patchy fog out the door. a whole lot of sunshine coming our way. looking good as we look toward
6:37 am
the golden gate bridge. you can see the clouds out toward the coastline. but not bad over the bay at this hour. you have partly cloudy skies and a whole lot of sunshine coming your way today as these temperatures going to be very comfortable into the afternoon. 50s and some 60s now. the latter part of the day though slightly below average in spots. still some 70s and 80s in the south bay. you will see plenty of 80s into the east bay today. and inside the bay lots of sunshine and very comfortable weather 70 degrees in san francisco. and about 75 degrees in oakland. much warmer weather is on the way though. we'll talk about it coming up. right now let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: towards the bay bridge toll plaza, we have noticed the lanes coming off the eastshore freeway and 880. those are the first to back up as you head towards the pay gates. and here's a live look. the metering lights have been on now for a while since about 5:45 this morning. so definitely since they opened that new eastern span the metering lights have been turned on earlier than we have been used to seeing a good 15 minutes earlier so the backups begin earlier, as well. like i said stacking up towards the foot of the maze right now.
6:38 am
so some other approaches here is a live look through richmond. westbound 80 traffic moving okay right now as you can see we are seeing a few tapping of the brake lights a little farther west. once you get closer to ashby and also this is what our one accident the chp has been reporting -- it's coming into the sunol grade northbound 680 by andrade road. we had a four-car crash. it's in the center divide. but it looks like commute direction traffic is actually slower than the accident direction traffic. and a quick check. nimitz, 880 near the oakland coliseum, problem-free now, usually backing up earlier than we're used to seeing. so right now it is quiet between 238 and the maze. 15-minute ride. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. hundreds of chickens are now in upstate new york after flying from hayward on a chartered flight. they will be retiring thanks to an animal rescue group called animal played. it paid for the flight. the hens are older past their egg laying prime and would
6:39 am
otherwise be put to death. >> they are killing them. they gas them to death. they literally bring out a big garbage bin that you put out for curbside pickup and they stuff 50 to 60 hens in each garbage bin and funnel in gas most of the hens on the bottom suffocate. a lot of them actually survive the gassing and then workers there manually break their necks. >> some rescued chickens remain in the bay area and are available for adoption for $10 each. the bike and pedestrian path on the new eastern span of the bay bridge is so popular in the first three days, there's talk of expanding the lanes all the way across the bridge. right now you can enter the path from emeryville and oakland and it stops right before yerba buena island. once the old bridge is down, it will connect to the island. but $1 billion makeover that's in the works now for the entire western span actually could connect the bike path all the way to san francisco. people are so excited about the new bridge and immediately they ask when is it going to connect to san francisco? >> well, there are significant
6:40 am
engineering challenges and no set timeline for that project. but the price tag for a bike walking path on the western span is a whopping $500 million. texas judge is ordering lance armstrong to testify about his use of performance- enhancing drugs. a nebraska-based insurance company is seeking the information as part of a multi- million dollar lawsuit. the case goes to trial in april 2014. armstrong stripped of all his 7 tour de france titles and banned from professional cycling forever. time now is 6:40. new affordable housing in mountain view comes with some special perks. how google is making these apartments tech savvy. >> and would you survive a zombie apocalypse? if you're not sure, don't worry. there's a class for that. of course there is. where students are learning zombie survivor skills. we'll tell yo next. >> the market just opened up. everything is looking pretty good so far. coming up, we'll get an update from moneywatch reporter wendy gillette. ,,
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homework... that is if you're a studentt one southe michelle, the next time you have a marathon zombie watching session, and i have had two already this week, you can pass it off as homework. >> right. that is if you're a student at one southern california university. uc-irvine is offering a course this fall called, get this society science survival lessons from amc's the walking dead. the school says the course looks for concepts like post- disaster nutrition and the foundations of human survival. in preparing for the course professors got to meet and interview cast members. that's cool. >> there they are. >> well, the san jose state and stanford football teams will play for the 67th time on saturday. it's their opener. at least for stanford. but it could be the last game for a while in a cross valley rivalry. that's because the university apparently can't agree on money
6:45 am
issues. san jose state says it wants more of the games played at spartan stadium or a bigger amount of proceeds for the games played on the farm. sjsu can earn more money playing road games against bigger programs than stanford like the two upcoming games. fantasy football giving fans realtime stats usually reserved for coaches. this is real high-tech. now the 49er great jerry rice is teaming up with intel to explore how big data and technology can enhance fantasy football. intel says it can deliver realtime statistics to the fans giving them the edge when they choose which players to start each weekend. the data even breaks down players stats in certain kinds of weather and their potential for injuries. >> productivity, you know, i want to see a receiver the yardage of the catch, also how many catches, how many yards, all of that. same thing with the
6:46 am
quarterback. >> better hurry! nfl kicks off tonight. more than 20,000 pieces of information are collected and analyzed in a single game. believe it or not. net giant google is investing in affordable housing. the franklin street apartments in mountain view are available for families making about $50,000 a year. a one bedroom is $937 a month. a two-bedroom costs about $1,100. three bedrooms, about $1,300 a month. google has invested in free internet and computer equipment for the complex. it's already 100% leased after opening yesterday. a positive report on jobs ahead of the august employment report. wendy gillette joins us live in new york with the very latest from >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. american employers are laying off fewer workers. the labor department released a report this morning that says the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits dropped 9,000 last week to 323,000. tomorrow we'll learn more about the unemployment picture when
6:47 am
the department releases its august jobs report. economists expect the unemployment rate will remain at 7.4%. the markets opened little changed this morning as investors waited for the release of several reports including unemployment. let's take a look at what's happening right now. the dow is up 52 points. china warned today that a military strike on syria would hurt the global economy and would lead to higher oil prices. the country's vice finance minister made the comments at a briefing at the group of 20 summit in russia. google's torrence say the company's practice -- attorneys say the company's practice of electronically scanning your gmail accounts to sell ads is legal. they will make that argument in san jose today as part of a class action lawsuit. google wants the judge to dismiss the suit filed in may claiming that google unlawfully reads private email messages. google says the process is automated and no people read your email. also in the online world, yahoo has a new logo. for the first time since the company was founded, 18 years
6:48 am
ago. it's part of a makeover engineered by yahoo's ceo marissa mayer who came on board a little over a year ago. she says the new logo is whimsical yet sophisticated and it still has the company's familiar exclamation point. frank and michelle, you think it's sophisticated. >> i think it's whimsical. [ laughter ] >> definitely whimsical. >> whimsical? yeah. all right. wendy gillette,, thank you. it is 6:48. another check of traffic with liz. what's cooking? >> well, we have something cooking unfortunately. if you are in south san jose, we got word of an overturn accident now. so this one is not looking good. it is blocking the on-ramp apparently. northbound 101 by the hellyer avenue on-ramp. check up for alternatives. there may be injuries involved, as well. let's get another update on the bay bridge toll plaza. once again, it is quickly stacking up. the metering lights have been on now for an hour and delays are beginning to build down the eastshore freeway. one of the biggest changes we
6:49 am
have noticed since this new span opened was this drive time backed up quickly so right now it is jammed from the carquinez bridge to the maze 24 minutes. the delays begin in berkeley but that's could quickly change of our camera over at carlson and richmond still looks good. we are seeing traffic moving at the limit different story once you reach ashby. here's a live look near the dublin interchange. typical stuff from here delays begin out of tracy on 205. continuing westbound towards the dublin interchange. 27 minutes now between the wind turbines and 680. more brake lights as you get closer towards the castro valley y. silicon valley drivers, westbound 237 a little sluggish maybe as you come around the bend leaving milpitas out towards about zanker road and then things look better closer to sunnyvale. mass transit no issues all morning. bart in fact has 53 trains running on time. muni, caltrain and ace trains 1 and 3 have all been great out of the central valley. that's the latest from here in the traffic center. with more on your forecast, frank and the temperatures up, here's lawrence -- cranking the
6:50 am
temperatures up here's lawrence. >> patchy fog fog to begin with early on should clear out in the afternoon. and looking good. we'll see some mild temperatures today but things warm up tomorrow and the weekend going to get hot in spots. right now low pressure continues off the coastline and that whole trough along the west coast is ushering in the mild temperatures outside. one more day of that and then things going to shift gears. this whole trough will move out and high pressure builds in. means our temperatures will warm up nicely. around the state, you will find about 87 degrees in sacramento . around the bay 70s and 80s. east bay temperatures up into the 80s in most spots. 70s in through the delta through vallejo and benicia. then it looks like inside the bay we'll find about 75 degrees in oakland. 70 in san francisco. 65 in daly city. as we look toward the next couple of days, we are going to see those temperatures warming up getting hot in spots inland.
6:51 am
temperatures in the upper 90s on saturday and on sunday. then slow cooling as we head in toward the rest of the week. all right. how about a schoolcast for you today? we'll go to st. veronica's school in san francisco and yup, you headed out for the morning bell you may need a light jacket out the door. patchy fog in south san francisco. and, of course, that means by lunch, that should clear out. skies going to break up very nicely and then that sea breeze kicking in, in the afternoon and still temperatures near 70 degrees. if you would like to nominate your school for a special school weather forecast here, go to and then we'll get those on the air. still some time, guys. if you haven't finished your homework, you can still get it done. school is not in session yet. >> true. all right, lawrence, thanks so much. >> tough dad. [ laughter ] takes one to know one, [ censored ] >> time now, 6:51. anthony weiner sounds off! what got him going. >> you know who judges me?! >> reporter: and that five-day bay bridge closure took a toll on the bart system. coming up, we'll tell you why
6:52 am
and hear what riders have to say about it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. focus on economic five things to know the a6:55 this morning. president obama in russia for the g20 summit. syria is likely to be a hot topic among the global leaders. russia opposes any strikes against syria. congress is one step closer to approving the president's request to authorize that strike on syria. senate foreign relations committee approved a revised authorization for military force. if approved by the full senate, the president would have 60 days to carry out the attack.
6:56 am
he could then ask for a 30-day extension. the resolution specifically forbids putting any troops on the ground. investigators are looking into how convicted kidnapper ariel castro managed to kill himself while being in protective custody. he hanged himself with a bed sheet in a state prison cell tuesday night. castro was supposed to have been checked every 30 minutes. he was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years for holding three women captive in his home for a decade. fresh off his "sexting" scandal, anthony weiner is making headlines once again. this time for getting into a shouting match at a jewish bakery after someone yelled scumbag. >> it takes one to know one, [ censored ] >> you toldyou're my judge? >> you're fine. thank god you worked out your problems. stay out of the public eye. >> and safeway stores will pay a $600,000 fine for clean air violations. environmental protection authorities say the pleasanton based retailer did not properly
6:57 am
fix greenhouse gas leaks from its refrigerators. they say safeway also failed to keep proper maintenance records. in addition to the settlement fine, the grocery chain has agreed to reduce its emissions by 7% by the year 2015. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec at the daly city bart station. the system is experiencing a hangover after being opened 24 hours a day during the bay bridge closure for five days last week. that meant an extra 235,000 miles for the trains. they operated 7800 hours more than normal. thursday was bart's third busiest day ever with more than 475,000 trips and friday was the fourth biggiest and with all the extra wear and tear, bart says more than a dozen cars are out of service for maintenance. problems include doors not opening, cars overheating and windshield wipers sticking. it could take a week or longer to get all those problems fix. riders say it's not just the trains that need some tlc. >> you smell feces. you smell urine. they let people sleep down there.
6:58 am
so as you go up the escalators, you have to hold your nose or run up. it's terrible! >> reporter: now, besides some of the aesthetic issues, this is not affecting the way bart is operating right now. but they do have some maintenance to do and bart crews have to work on the trains when they're not running because they have to shut down that third rail and that is what powers the trains. live in daly city, anne makovec, kpix 5. police in san mateo are investigating a gun battle that played out in a home in the 1500 block of lodi avenue near south norfolk street. this is a live look at the scene. it started just before midnight last night when several people heard shots fired. about a half hour later two victims showed up at a hospital in san jose. one of those victims died. right now officers are trying to determine if those two people were connected to the shooting in san mateo. and checking traffic one last time, no big hot spots out there right now. but here's a live look at a good commute 880 the nimitz freeway as you pass the oakland coliseum.
6:59 am
no delays right now. in fact all your approaches to the bay bridge pretty good at this hour. we are starting to see those usual delays though coming down the eastshore freeway. drive times up to about 25 minutes or so on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. in richmond as you can see things are at the limit. it's once you get into berkeley then it's a different story. and our delays continue through the altamont pass and livermore nearly a half hour to take you across that drive. lawrence? >> we have delays at sfo due to some low clouds this morning of almost an hour. you can see some of that patchy fog over russian hill but boy, a whole lot of sunshine coming our way today. we're going to see some great weather. how about this? a neat shot of the sun just coming up over the old part of the bay bridge. >> that's pretty. >> yeah. we have some great weather ahead and i think the next few days lots of sunshine. these temperatures today probably below average but not bad. 80s inland, 70s inside the bay and 60s coastside. next couple of days, how about this up? er 90s getting hot in the valley, upper 90s, maybe 70 at the coast. >> round o applause. >> let's see what happens first. [ laughter ]
7:00 am
>> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. the next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, september 5th, 2013. welcome to cbs this morning. president obama and president putin meet face-to-face as tension mounts over syria. plus, john miller on the threat to our country if america attacks. >> fury boils over in montana. a judge gives a teacher only days in prison for an outrageous crime against a student. >> plus, new research shows that video game can actually reverse ageing in your brain. >> we begin this morning with a look act today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> the use of chemical weapons in syria is not only a tragedy but also a violation of international law that must be


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