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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we're here at another project the foot of broadway 140 construction projects like this going on in downtown san francisco alone. they all need one thing, mud. that's what they call it in the trade, concrete. back in the 1850s, it was gold that made the city grow. right now, it's concrete. >> another day at work here repairing the city streets. >> reporter: the crew pouring this concrete on cesar chavez street is just one division in the army known as central concrete. >> we've got a little over 400 employees working here in the bay area for us now. >> reporter: armed with more than 200 trucks. >> every truck is 25 tons of material. >> reporter: all day every day, those trucks keep coming back for more. >> for a second job, a third, could be a fourth job depending what time they started this morning. >> reporter: and they use all of it. >> we'll turn our inventory, you know, three to four times a day. >> reporter: this operation is
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so hectic, it's run the same way that planes are managed at an airport which makes you wonder just how good is business right now? >> certainly from the bottom of the great recession, where we were doing very little construction, things have improved throughout the greater bay area. >> reporter: general manager jeff davis is being coy for a reason. the construction business is intensely competitive. so we asked an economist. >> in fiscal year 10-11 we had 2.7 million construction hours worked. last year, last fiscal year 12- 13, that was up to 9 million. this next year it's projected to be over 15 millio a geometric rise. the combination of cranes for commercial buildings downtown for the residential high-rises. >> reporter: add to that an
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explosion of public projects the likes of which we haven't seen since the great depression. the presidio parkway, the caldecott tunnel, the central subway, the new bay bridge, and now -- >> the new grand central station of the west. >> reporter: so if you're in the business of pouring concrete -- >> never been a better time. never been a better time than the past two decades. >> reporter: yeah, boy, these guys are celebrating for sure. ig in this. in 2011, the city of san francisco issued 279 building permits. this summer alone for housing, 4,000. the summer is really not over yet. it's just booming out here. and you got have the mud to make it go. >> yes, you do. ken, why is all this construction going on in the city? what's fueling this building boom? >> reporter: you know what? in the words of one planning commission person, it's the nerds. it's the techies, the geeks. they want to live in a cool city and they are buying up
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housing like crazy. i found out today there are 40,000 planning commission applications for more housing in san francisco in the coming months. not all that's going to get built. but a lot of it will for sure. >> thank you, ken bastida. breaking news out of san francisco. police still on the scene where a city worker was involved in a deadly hit-and-run at a park. the crime scene tape is wrapped around a tree where a mother was lying with her child on the ground every on the grass and run over -- on the grass and run over by a maintenance pickup truck. the driver of the struck in custody. it happened in holly park circle near highland avenue after 2:00 this afternoon. the child was not hurt. linda yee is live where witnesses tell her that they tried to save that woman. linda. >> reporter: a lot of heroic gestures out here, allen, you're correct. it was a horrifying scene. it was a park full of witnesses. it happened right behind me. you see that hillside where the tree is. in fact, that's what witnesses told me that a woman with a toddler and a dog, they were lying on the grass under that
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tree on the hill. you can still see some of the blankets there. well, the witness told me he was walking on the path when he saw a park maintenance truck coming towards him. the truck driver apparently just drove off the path and right on the grass and towards the woman and child. the witness said he yelled at the driver to stop. the park worker kept going and ran over the woman. the child was unhurt. the witnesses told me that the driver got on to the street and just kept going. one of the witnesses said he got into his car, tried to chase him down, but lost him. police did catch up with him at a nearby playground. >> he did leave the scene. the description of the vehicle was put out to officers in the area so he was stopped in the area. >> reporter: the park worker was detained and is still being questioned at this hour. many park-goers tended to that injured woman. in fact one witness said one of those ones attending to her was a registered nurse tried to apply cpr. she was taken to general hospital where the fire department and police confirmed
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that she died. and we have now just learned that the woman that was the mother of the child, the child is now with relatives at the hospital and the family, i'm told, allen, they are getting grief counseling. >> i'm sure. i hope so. all right. linda, thank you. well, bay area school districts are adopting a new strategy to prepare for a shooter on campus, duck and cover is out. kpix 5's ryan takeo says the new motto is run, hide, fight. >> reporter: sometimes tragedy leads to change. now months after sandy hook, some bay area school districts are rethinking active shooter situations. fema already has a plan to address active shooter situations in the workplace. and now what's good training for adults is being recommended to schoolchildren. >> there are three things you could do that make a difference. run, hide, fight. [ dramatic music ] >> reporter: run, hide and fight is similar to another
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privately run school plan, alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. >> the aspects of alice that we have not ado you want is the counter such as having students throw books at the intruder. >> reporter: if students were to confront an active shooter they are taught to use books or pens to distract or shut down. students should have more options. there are several bay area school districts that have used the training. >> but if you can't run and hide, what are you going to do then? you need to empower these kids. >> reporter: nicole is a mother of three. while no one likes to think of the worst-case scenario, she is glad someone is thinking ahead. >> you know, it's scary to think that we have to bring this up and think about how our kids are going to be safe. i don't like to think about it but i'm glad people are talking about it. >> reporter: in castro valley, ryan takeo, kpix 5.
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>> if castro valley schools choose the "alice" approach it would only be in middle and high schools. a decision will be made in a few months with feedback from parents. careful what you put in your gmail. you have no privacy. arguments today in a class action lawsuit tried to stop google from scanning people's email. len ramirez in san jose where plaintiffs say the big company is just trampling on their rights. len. >> reporter: allen, of the 425 million gmail users, very few of them probably ever read the fine print on those user agreements when you first sign up for an account. google says that there's language in there that allows them to do what they are doing and that is scanning people's emails for advertising opportunities. the plaintiffs attorney says if it is in there, it's so buried that people really never read it or will find it. we found a lot of people surprised and unhappy that this practice is happening. >> in box, sent box, it's all full. spam. >> reporter: the inbox may be
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full but when it comes to google's gmail, the question is, who else is reading it? >> we shouldn't have to worry about what we put in our emails. it's personal. we should be able to say whatever we want and not worry people are reading it and receiving things we don't want. >> reporter: that question of privacy is at the heart of a class action lawsuit filed in san jose. google attorneys say the company's long-standing practice of electronically scanning the contents of people's gmail to personalize advertisements is legal and they are seeking to have the suit dismissed. >> we have made a lot of allegations detailed in the complaint. >> reporter: but attorneys for the plaintiffs contended in open court today that email contents should be just as protected as telephone calls and that google is violating california privacy and wiretapping laws. >> the terms of service and the privacy policy need to be more clear that the other statements that are made by google need to be more clear and in some cases reassert that they don't live up to the standards that it
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requires. >> reporter: the electronic communications privacy act. google contends no one is reading your emails but they are scanned to pick out keywords so if you email someone that you just bought a house google might send you furniture ads. postings on social media and even google plus are criticizing the practice and some gmail users say it might be enough to close their accounts. >> i might have to switch if they are going to do that. gmail is allowing them to do that, i'm going to switch. >> it's a violation of privacy. >> reporter: there was no ruling today. the federal judge heard two hours of arguments and will make a ruling in the next couple of weeks as to whether or not to dismiss or to let the trial go ahead in this case. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the lawsuit notes google even scans messages sent to active email users and nonemail users to never agreed to company terms
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if you like skateboarding in san ramon, it will be the hottest day of the year tomorrow in some parts of the bay area. here's chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> juliette, it's going to be a significant change from the beautiful weather that we have enjoyed all week long where it has not been hot or cold. these are highs from today. sonoma 86 degrees. concord 84. couple of degrees below average for you. oakland 77. and san francisco another day right around 70 degrees. but here's the deal. the low pressure area that basically has been our heat deflector shield keeping all the heat down to our south and east and giving us that light onshore flow that deflector shield is about to move away. so all of that desert heat will work its way up from southern california and invade the bay area starting tomorrow. these are the highest temperatures that we have seen so far this year. 104 in concord. santa rosa 102. san francisco the hottest day only 79. and some of those will fall tomorrow. details on which ones and how long the heat is going to stick around coming up. all right, paul. thank you. in other headlines tonight several fires broke out around
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the bay area today. this is one in hayward. this morning's fire torched a garage behind the home off alice street. there was propane stored in that building apparently. but fire investigators do not know exactly how the fire got started. one man had minor injured. a neighbor took this video of a fire that destroyed a home in dublin around 11 a.m. this morning on wick low court. the smoke from this one could be seen for miles. a family of five and their two dogs are displaced. no word yet on how this fire started. and a third fire damaged a 7-eleven store near santa clara university this morning. everyone got out safely. no other structures were damaged. officials say a careless hunter sparked a devastating yosemite "rim" fire. the u.s. forest service says that hunters started an illegal campfire that got out of control. but so far, there hasn't been an arrest. the "rim" fire is now 80% contained. full containment is not expected for at least a couple of weeks.
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the fire has burned 371 square miles and destroyed 11 homes. coming up, how a nasa mission about to launch in the bay area is on a quest to solve the mysteries of the moon. >> plus, bart is trying to appeal directly to its workers. their latest play in the battle to avoid another strike. >> it's like they were just firing back at each other. >> coming up at 6:30 a gun battle after a pregnant woman is held at knifepoint. how a bay area homeowner sent intruders racing to the hospital. ,,,,,,,,,,
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female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off.
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serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ and today was the last day r teams to do a little p-r. . oracle team usa, r cheating and now the showdown for the america's cup just around the corner. today, well, kind of the last day for the teams to get in a little pr. oracle team usa just took a hit for cheating now sees itself as the underdog. but emirates team new zealand is kind of feeding off of that. >> i think we are going to see a very, very close battle
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between two teams that seem very well prepared and, you know, we don't know i'm sure, you know, they don't either and it's going to a, you know, a great contest. >> the teams won't start on equal waters. shall we say? the first race is saturday. earlier this week a jury docked two points from team oracle for that cheating scandal. so in order for that team to defend its title they have to win 11 races instead of 9 in the best of 17. it seems like we were counting down the days to a looming bart strike and it's already that time again. we are just a month away from the next bart strike deadline, october 10 the date we need to look at when the cooling-off period ends. and today, we got a fresh look at talks that seemed to be at a standstill. bart today asked that unions allow workers to vote on their latest contract proposal a 10% increase. the unions fired right back and
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said no way. they plan to present a counterproposal once talks resume on september 17. >> nasa's next mission to the moon is one day away and its roots are right here in the bay area. the spacecraft designed and built at the ames research center in mountain view where we find kpix 5's brian webb with more on what the mission is all about. brian. >> reporter: well, allen, not only was it built here, it will be controlled from here at the ames research center. blastoff set for tomorrow at a site in virginia at 8:27 p.m. our time. nasa's newest mission takes us to an old familiar place in space the moon. brian lewis designed the spacecraft a real-life rocket scientist. >> it's designed to go to the moon, asteroid or float around the earth. >> reporter: it will orbit the moon studying the thin atmosphere and fine dust to learn about other smaller space objects like comes and trying to answer the 40-year-old mystery of moon glow seen by
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astronauts on apollo 17. >> the raising up of dust from the lunar surface from the interaction of the sun, the solar radiation as it impacts the dust, we think that might have been the cause. >> reporter: there's some cool new technology being used on this mission. scientists on earth will receive information from lahti by laser beam 1,000 times faster than the old radiowaves. the mission is also part of the new nasa exploring space with reusable designs on a relative shoestring budget. $280million. >> morsiens, more bang for the buck than doing it the old- fashioned way where each mission was a one-off kind of design. >> reporter: latti's 100 day mission will end with a crash- landing on the moon in effect becoming moon dust itself. >> so while it's a little sad knowing it's coming to an end it will be awesome knowing it did what it was supposed to have done. >> and nasa wants to do this mission in now before they send more spacecraft up to the moon
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and kick up more dust. live from nasa, brian webb, kpix 5. >> latti is the size of a car, weighs 844 pounds. so. paul is talking about the heat wave. >> if anyone says i'm not going to come to the city and not going in on the weekend number it's warm in the city, this is the time to come in. you can escape the heat that will be inland close to 100 and cool down by 20 degrees. folks in san francisco and san jose may not be saying this is cool. san jose i think you're going to get up to 95 to 97 degrees this weekend. and oakland looking back toward the city it's a very, very high likelihood we'll have our warmest day of the calendar year in the city coming up which is pretty common. we typically do this in september or october. how about this? how many 80-degree days have we had this year in san francisco in i have already told you the answer is zero. look at how many 80 degrees
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days we have had in concord? 97 times! san francisco likely will have its first 80-degree day coming up this weekend. which means it's going to be toasty for the football game. the 9ers are home, last home opener at candlestick. look at the temperatures. 77 degrees for kickoff coming up on sunday as we host the green bay packers. here's why things are changing. low pressure called it the heat deflector shield it's moving inland. it's now going to move farther away from us giving us copious amounts of rainfall. seattle up to 3" of rain, rare in september. as that moves out that's going to allow a big area of high pressure over the desert southwest just a nudge back in our direction. but it's so strong and so big that as soon as is it gets to exert its influence on us, that begins tomorrow and will go through the top of next week. as long as this is close to us we'll be 10 to 15 degrees above average. starts tomorrow. it starts with a whimper and gets going over the weekend. concord 93 not too uncommon. 7 degrees above average.
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san jose up to 87 tomorrow. oakland 82. downtown san francisco 78 tomorrow. napa 91. san rafael 91. fairfield 95 degrees. the heat begins tomorrow and goes to triple digits on sunday and monday close saturday, too inland. mid-80s near the bay including san francisco. how about the beach? go to the beach. you may be flirting with 80 degrees ocean beach, half moon bay. you know, 'tis the season but it's always an abrupt change because as soon as you change that wind direction you go up. >> thank you. still ahead, how taxi drivers are trying to put the brakes on the bay area's popular "rideshare" services. >> every decade of life there's a worsening of this ability to multiit's. >> allow a special videogame developed by bay area scientists can save your brain.
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and snatching up passengers. taxi companies are fighting back. at the request of taxi drivers...the st "rideshare" programs like uber an lift are gaining popularity and snatching up passengers. taxi companies are fighting back at the request of taxi drivers the state public utilities commission drafted new "rideshare" program regulations but last minute pushed off the final vote for a couple of weeks. still today people on both sides showed up with something to say. >> i as well as many of my colleagues and friends have had experiences in taxis in san francisco where i frankly feel incredibly unsafe. >> for you to come up here and say you're sharing the ride
6:24 pm
with your passengers, you're not. you're charging them money. that's taxi. you should be regulated as taxis. >> the puc is set to vote on the new regulations september 19. well, some people think videogames rot your brain. but how about a game that can make your old brain act younger? >> i'm in. bay area scientists have developed and tested one out and the results are truly a game changer. ah to be young again. especially when it comes to that stuff between our ears, the brain. >> anything you can do to improve your mental acuity obviously is something you want to stay on top of. >> reporter: now a team of brainiacs at ucsf may have figured out a surprising new way for older adults to strengthen their brains. it's a multitasking videogame where you swerve around a wildly winding road. >> it's very demanding to do that. the road never stays still. >> reporter: while at the same time correctly picking out
6:25 pm
select road signs. >> you have to press the button as a player as rapidly and accurately as you can only to target time like a green circle. >> reporter: a new study finds after 12 hours of playing the game over the course of a month, the brains of older adults showed significant improvement. they had better short-term memory as well as long-term focus. >> that was really, really exciting for all of us. knee from my own perspective and a lot of our participants felt the same. >> reporter: this scientist says these changes persist the for months after the volunteers stopped playing the game. brainwave recordings done before and after the experiment provided even more data. >> we found that a measure of anivity from the front part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in attention and other types of cognitive control, was deficient in older adults before they played but increased significantly after play and only in this training group. >> reporter: some volunteers in
6:26 pm
their 80s developed the neurological patterns of a 20- year-old. that's right! it's never too late. >> sounds very good. >> i'd like to see what they could do with that with the physical too. >> the bad news is the game is for research only. the inventors have no plans to commercialize it yet. but there is a company trying to take the technology and does plan on building a game for therapeutic use. but until that is available they say it does pay to keep your mind active. >> no kidding. so what you're saying is there's no app for that. >> not yet. >> okay. coming up in our next half hour, the growing fear in a bay area neighborhood after a deadly shootout. >> that scared me more to keep my windows shut and my doors locked. >> how a homeowner sent intruders racing to the hospital after a pregnant woman is held at knifepoint. >> what almost all of us do wrong when we cook chicken. >> mobile weather is in concord tonight where we have a little bit of everything for everyone. as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i heard like three gunshots at first and then i just heard after like three more. >> now at 6:30, a twist in a
6:30 pm
deadly bay area gun battle that sent home intruders rushing to the hospital. tonight police are saying it was a home invasion robbery that turned into a deadly shoot you. now two of the robbers will face charges for the death of their accomplice. it started last night in a san mateo home on lodi avenue near for folk street. later police found the suspects 30 miles away in the hospital. da lin reports. >> reporter: what started out as a home invasion robbery in this blue house turned into a gun battle according to police. it happened around 11:30 last night. detectives say 3 intruders stormed into the house with five people inside. >> one of those was a pregnant female and we believe that she was held at knifepoint. there were no injuries to her. >> reporter: investigators say someone inside the home pulled out a gun and shot all three intruders. a neighbor says she heard at
6:31 pm
least six shots. >> they were pretty loud and it's kind of like they were just firing back at each other. >> reporter: police say the robbers fired back injuring a 24-year-old man in the shoulder. the three intruders then took off. police later found them at a san jose hospital. one was already dead. another was injured. and the third man was arrested. detectives found shell casings inside and out of the blue house. they believe the robbers targeted the family and possibly know some of the family members. >> it was a reason why the suspects targeted this victim. what the actual level of mutual knowledge is between the suspect and the victim we're still trying to determine. >> reporter: detectives would not say why the intruders picked the family, but they reassure neighbors by saying it was not random. >> it's calm, quiet, has never really been things like this around here. >> reporter: police say they arrested all the suspects and are not looking for anyone else. by the way, that 24-year-old victim shot in the shoulder
6:32 pm
will be okay. in san mateo, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> now, police say that the suspect who died is 23-year-old brian ma of san jose. california prison inmates ended a nearly two-month hunger strike but supporters on the outside are picking up right where prisoners left off. signs in hand standing outside governor brown's condo in oakland activist vowed to pickuply fast for 60 hours ending saturday's long-term solitary confinement. in july more than 30,000 inmates refused meals in protest. >> these men have been fighting for -- against indefinite detention solitary confinement for decades. some of these men have been in the chute for no reason at all but the fact that they're on some list which they have never been allowed to confront their accusers but they are saying you're a gang member, you belong in the chute. >> the strike ended after state legislators promised to hold
6:33 pm
hearings on inmates' complaints. gang leaders are held in isolation for long periods. president obama canceled a trip to california next week and will stay in washington instead pressing his case for strikes against syria. obama was supposed to speak at a labor group convention in los angeles and a party fundraiser. russian president vladimir putin and president obama greeted each other with smiles and cordial handshakes this morning at the g20 summit. behind the scenes both have opposite agendaing when it comes to syria. the u.s. of course considering military action in syria but russia is a major syrian ally. yesterday putin accused secretary of state john kerry of lying about al qaeda's role in the syrian opposition. >> he knew that he was lying and he went on lying about it. it is sad. >> he is not losing sleep after such a comment that was based on an inaccurate quote and was completely mischaracterized. >> putin said he does not
6:34 pm
support a military strike without undenial proof of the syrian government's use of chemical weapons and the backing of the united nations. mike honda took a trip back to his all ma matter today to confront a budget problem at the all ma matter. the issue how it's affecting students in the biomedical program. he blames congress for cutting funds where they matter most. >> we are putting a tourniquette around the neck trying to save ourselves and we're not doing that so i think that people have to wake up and say, congress, stop this nonsense. >> the budget for the program has been cut in half because of the sequester impacting many minority students pursuing a degree. turns out even julia child got it wrong. coming up, what the usda says you should never do when you cook chicken. >> how a bay area barrier is removed in the fight to save a threatened species. ,, ,,,,,,
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mixed reviews. it's still purple, and the exclamation point is still there. but the font is new. yahoo c-e-o marissa mayer ss yahoo's new logo is getting mixed reviews. it's still purple and the exclamation point is still there but the font is new. whoo! yahoo's ceo marissa mayer says the new logo is whimsical yet sophisticated. >> whoo! >> we have heard some people say it's fresh and modern. critics say it's boring and ugly. >> it's not that different. we first told you about chobani yogurt cups exploding now the company is recalling greek yogurt after consumers complained it's making them sick. here's sue kwon with today's consumerwatch wrap. >> reporter: chobani's formal recall of greek yogurt tainted with mold comes a week after the company started asking retailers to pull the yogurt from shelves. the mold causes fizzing, fermentation and pressure so strong the cups explode. our show producer found this out the hard way at his desk.
6:38 pm
at first not considered a health problem but now the company says it has received reports of people getting sick. return these items to the store. containers marked 16-012 with expiration dates from september 11th through october 7th. this includes cups, tubs and tubes. this photo comes from a viewer who says her son's swollen yogurt tubes burst in his lunchbox. and a renewed campaign for home cooks. don't wash your chicken before cooking it. the usda says even though 9 out of 10 of us do it we are not supposed to. rinsing the bird just sprays bacteria around your kitchen. instead, pat it dry and cook it well. >> if you cook to the full temperature which is 165, any salmonella that's on there are toast, they're gone. >> reporter: and finally from the consumerwatch kitchen, a spin on school lunch. boxes. >> i'm still thinking about it. >> reporter: kids are getting their first taste of revolution foods meal kits. invented by two oakland
6:39 pm
mothers, the boxes are competing in the crowded prepackaged grab and go arena where lunchables have reigned supreme. they have low sodium, no preservatives and more protein compared to competitors. and it's early in the school year but so far, consumers say -- >> that one's good. >> i like the ham and the crackers but i don't like the cheese. >> don't like the cheese! now, revolution costs $4. lunchables about $1.70 so it boils down to parents who want to spend the money. >> no artificial flavors though in that one? >> reporter: nothing artificial in here. and also there's about 20 to 30% less sodium, fat and calories in the revolution box, as well. >> but there's also a prominent oreo cookie on the front of that one, too. >> reporter: yeah. and the test is on taste, you know, most kids will probably go right for that. so -- interesting. >> bring it home and do a little testing for your kids. >> dinner is served. [ laughter ] >> mommy worked very hard.
6:40 pm
>> can we have the cookie first? >> yeah, rip it out. >> let me know. thanks, sue. it's been a biggest barrier in the fight to save an endangered species. still ahead, how an obstacle around for more than a century is no longer damaging bay area wildlife. >> to give you the forecast tomorrow night, the sky's going to look exactly the same. we are going to have blue skies but temperatures will be much different. it's time for that heat wave. we'll talk about how long it's going to last and when we will cool down. that's coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. you ever have one of those days? tennis star andy murray can relate. double trouble for the stanford twins trying to make history and is jim harbaugh ready for the nfl opener? >> hair on the back of your neck, uhm, stands up. >> one on one with the head coach coming up.
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female narrator: sleep train challenged its manufacturers sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars ends sunday. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ will have easier access to a peninsula creek. crews removed a 100 year old concrete dam along the san francisquito creek near the the predicted steelhead trout will have easier access to a peninsula creek. crews removed a 100-year-old concrete dam along the san
6:44 pm
fransesquito creek near the palo alto-menlo park border. it was preventing the right to from getting upstream so instead workers with the epa replaced the concrete barrier with willow cuttings. according to a marine biologist that will help the water flow and flowing water is cooler water and it will give the trout a better survival chance. >> fish are dying and will have better access to get upstream, lay their eggs, more spawning and rearing habitat accessible. that will happen this winter. >> environmental protection agency spent about $75,000 on that restoration project. all right. this weekend be near some water. a pool, a lake, a river. >> something. >> you don't have a pool, call a friend with a pool. >> find a pool. >> you don't have a boat, call a friend with a boat. there's a big body of water out there too that you can access called the bay. >> we're not talking nebraska. you don't have to drive 1,000 miles. we have lots of places to cool off if you will and you're going to need it this weekend.
6:45 pm
it's going to get warm. live look transamerica pyramid looking back toward the golden gate. no fog out there. american of you along the coastline won't see any fog from now all the way until monday night. we have ourselves a wind change and that's going to epcot fog away. mount vaca you rarely see fog and you are not seeing any right now. santa rosa 85. concord 78. livermore 77. this is the last comfortable evening the next several will be well above normal out of your comfort zone. oakland 75. san francisco 66. final day of the shortened school week. the the good shepherd school in pacifica, the schoolcast, by the time kids finish school tomorrow 73 degrees along the coastline it's going to be warm. the principal says 80% of last year's class placed in honors as high school freshmen and each friday how cool is this, each friday their students prepare 100 lunches for st. vincent depaul soup kitchen in south san francisco. good shepherd school in
6:46 pm
pacifica. i would like to feature your school. go to our website, and we'll put your school on tv. lawrence does it every monday through friday in the morning. your microclimate, mid-90s tomorrow for san ramon. up and down the 680 corridor we'll be near 100 degrees on saturday and sunday. 99 for san ramon on saturday. water vapor showing that big counterclockwise swirl over the pacific northwest. the fact that this is moving away is huge for our weather. even 700 miles away because as that moves, high pressure will be able to move in. and when that happens, that's where we're going to get warm. that light to moderate onshore flow is gone after tonight replaced by this bubble of high pressure. it's warm air aloft. it will warm us all the way down to the surface where we live. that's where we care about for the forecast. we are about 10 to 15 degrees above normal for five days. high pressure getting here tomorrow leaving monday night or tuesday. so temperatures rising sharply tomorrow. record highs, i don't see that.
6:47 pm
i see a five-day stretch with temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees above average. the hottest days will be saturday, and and monday. tomorrow we begin the heat. livermore 93. look at the city, 78 degrees close to your warmest day of the year in san francisco. san jose 87. sunnyvale you'll hit 86. los gatos 90. union city 84. pacifica you'll be in the mid- 70s. mid-90s widespread from pleasanton north all the way to concord. pittsburg 94. daly city how about 75 for you? mill valley close to 90. petaluma you will get to 90. and well above the 90-degree mark for st. helena and also clearlake. extended forecast we're hot through the weekend, triple digits at the bay, 80 at the coast. near the water we begin cooling down on tuesday. inland cooler back to normal by wings. let's get outside. mobile weather, roberta gonzales tonight at the farmer's market in concord. >> reporter: here we go. okay, you guys don't know anything about dynamite? okay, dynamite, scissors cuts dynamite, dynamite blows up rocks. we are here having fun tonight.
6:48 pm
we are in. >> concord! >> reporter: and are we having some fun? >> yeah!! >> reporter: what is the current air temperature? >> 79! >> reporter: and it's perfect. it's 79 degrees after a high temperature today of 84 degrees right here at todos santos park. i think everybody in concord is right here. flores is the downtown program manager. what's going on at the park tonight? >> well, it's a lovely thursday night. thank you for bringing such great weather to us. we have our farmer's market thursdays at 4:00 to the end of october. two more weeks of great music. we have the match tones tonight and it's wonderful free family entertainment. >> reporter: it's been so fun because we came out here at 4:00 and we were watching everybody buy the most delicious fruit in the entire valley anywhere from modesto to watsonville to backyards of pleasanton. >> our fruit is fantastic. we have i think selfishly thinking the best farmer's market around. >> reporter: i agree. one thing i noticed the people here in concord are so friendly. >> it's a great place to be.
6:49 pm
downtown is the heart and soul of the community. >> reporter: now you have this concert that kicks off at 6:30 and it's a great family event. >> it's great and it's free. and again, thank goodness for our sponsors that have made this thing possible. the public has given us almost $20,000 this year. >> reporter: you think concert, you think music but you don't think a lot of kids? let me show you something. move the camera over. these kids have been having some fun. labor day has come and gone but in concord today at 84 degrees, tomorrow we are easily going to top off in the 90s. another day near 100 degrees on saturday. sunday will be triple digits. then slightly cooler monday into the 90s. thank you for inviting us out. >> you bring great for us: next week it will be a journey tribute band, evolution. free parking, free concert, just come early to get parking and great food around the plazas. >> reporter: mobile weather and
6:50 pm
todos santos park tonight in concord enjoying the sight, the sounds and, of course, the farmer's market. roberta gonzales for mobile weather and kpix 5. we'll be right back after this. ,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
trying to watch u.s. open tennis but i didn't see this match. >> you haven't seen it on this station this week because our producers aren't tennis people. and so this is the u.s. open, you have to put the show of the they said is the u.s. open
6:53 pm
going on? unbelievable. >> whew. >> but the stanford basketball program who has produced the lopez twins and the collins twins but the cardinals most successful siblings are on the tennis court. bob and mike brian trying to become the first doubles team to win all four majors in the same year since the truman administration but their opponents had all the right moves. third set, leanders paes comes to the net bryan reaches back for the overhead winner. so paes and the opponent beat the bryan brothers. venus and serena had a better day at the office. they knocked out the top seed team of. serena will face li na.
6:54 pm
>> on the men's side andy murray rough day for the u.s. open champ and the racquet. stanislas wawrinka had never advanced to the semis at a major up two sets to none wawrinka puts murray on the run. even my producers aren't tennis fans applauding at that point. the third time the charm for wawrinka. he wins in straight sets and moves to the semis in the major for the first time in his career facing likely novak djokovic who is winning his sets. the colts are preparing to play two quarterbacks. even some of the players aren't in the loop. >> you guys know who it is? >> i don't know nothing.
6:55 pm
> your guess is as good as mine. >> allen maintains that not announcing the quarterback is the raiders having an advantage because the colts will have to prepare for terrelle pryor and matt flynn. earlier the "chronicle" reported that pryor will get the nod on sunday. there's even more uncertainty or not other side of the football as the raiders will have nine new starters on defense including 16-year vet charles woodson whose career has come full circumstance until more ways than one. >> you oakland raiders have selected defensive back university of michigan charles woodson. [ applause and cheers ] >> i remember seeing a quote from you talking about when you first got here tim brown and jerry rice seemed like the old guys. now you're that guy. >> absolutely. >> you're the future hall of famer. you're the pro bowler. do you see the guys looking at you how you looked at them a little bit? >> oh, man, i know it. they talk to me the same way, too. you know? [ laughter ] >> you know, we always joked to
6:56 pm
those older guys about how old they are and, you know, where we were in time relative to where they were, you know, in the nfl and, you know, now i get the same thing, you know, about hey, i was five when were you doing this and that. i'm like come on, man. give me a break. you know? [ laughter ] >> how old that makes me feel? geez !! the 49ers will hold woodson's former team the green bay packers sunday in the season opener. i asked jim harbaugh if opening day is like christmas morning for him. >> i wouldn't compare it to christmas at least as a coach. maybe the players feel that way. i look at it like i'm going to the dentist to have root canal done. [ laughter ] >> no kidding? >> yeah. >> packers obviously aren't going to need any kind of motivational speech. they have a new plan for colin kaepernick hit him even when he doesn't have the football. do you think that that's going to be part of the plan,
6:57 pm
opposing defenses, trying to be more physical within the rules to get to your quarterback? >> yeah. you certainly hope it is within the rules. and, you know, colin, they have to find him first, dennis. >> find him first indeed. because he ran a lot of yards against green bay last year. >> maybe harbaugh doesn't look at a root canal the rest of us do. maybe it's fun. >> he is wound so tight that he looks -- became that way and he says, hey, we enjoy it in different ways than other people. >> okay. >> we'll see. >> thanks, dennis. and thanks for watching. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on >> get out and enjoy the weather. captions by: caption colorado ."
6:58 pm
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