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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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three separate levels of security - we got our firstk at pg&e's new pipeline control center. it designed specifically in response to the san bruno disaster. it's supposed to give the company complete control of it's operation fm just one room. and to build it - pg&e asked for a lot of help. { mel christopher "we talked to other gas companies all across the un states, looked at other industries as well. we look at electric companies, we ld at the chemical industry. we wanted to understand from t how do they understand the health of their system, what kinds of tools do they use, we adopted those best pract form those industries, those companies, and applied it h" so now you know: if you sme gas, and report it to pg&e. this is where
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that information winds up. contra costa county's cash strapped fire department is getting emergency assistanc kpix five's ryan takeo tells what it's doing so firefighs can focus on saving people d property. not all 9-1-1 calls are lifd death. for calls that are ns
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several years ago. but shut it down after a year and ha for budget reasons. this time, it hopes it will worky covering a wider area. here's something you don t e everyday: people in san francisco, without jackets, sitting in the shade to esce the sun. in fact, it's beene hottest day anywhere near t water since july fourth. here's chief meteorologist l deanno. (((weather))) (((weather))) (((weather))) paul, thank you.
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it's a big weekend for amers cup. the racing finals begins tomorrow... an eventt will hopefully redeem a long summer of controversy and d. our allen martin is at san francisco's marina green wi more on a hopeful turn-arou. will this be when the crowds show up for america's cup? mayor ed lee hopes so. the city is in the red... about seven million dollars if th don't. oracle hopes so. they're down two races and
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going to be millions of people coming to the town. but haven't seen 'em. >> reporter: maybe this weekend? >> maybe a couple of thousand. i don't know about millions. >> reporter: at ciao bella salon there's an open chair. if you get tired of walking around in the heat or watching the races, come in, sit down, get a manicure or a pedicure or both. but christina ran lives here too and she is a kiwi and a fan. >> my husband has bets that new zealand is going to win nine races with an american. >> reporter: in a row? >> yes. but i don't think that's going to happen. i think the boats are too big and the wind conditions are too unpredictable. >> reporter: well, the weather looks to be perfect tomorrow. san francisco's secret summer is here, hot and breezy and if nothing else that will draw crowds. allen martin, kpix 5, at the
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marina. >> oracle team usa and emirates team new zealand will face each other tomorrow afternoon 1:15 with the second race scheduled an hour later. so we have got racing on the bay. the san francisco giants limping toward the end of the season, thankfully. the oakland a's hopefully sprinting towards a play-off berth. and the san francisco 49ers kicking off their season against the green bay packers on sunday. add the new bay bridge and the highway patrol expects some pretty slow going this weekend. >> well, we are anticipateing significant traffic because of sporting events. leave extra time if you can, take public transportation if you want to really take a good look at the bridge, use the pedestrian walkway. it's been out. >> if you are even thinking of crossing the bridge this weekend, have at least a half tank of gas. >> coming up new information about yesterday's hit-and-run that killed a mother at a bay
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area park. how the city worker charged in the case recently suffered his own personal tragedy. >> i don't even think a lot of people have a vague idea that they have air rights. >> in the midst of this bay area construction boom, how you can make sure that no one ever blocks the view from your home. >> the south bay has been neglected for many years. >> coming up at 6:30, how a bay area transit project even more expensive than the bay bridge is starting its next significant chapter.
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about an hour ago. crews are on scene cleaning up.. we have breaking news out of dublin tonight. a big rig that caught fire on westbound 580 near the santa rita off-ramp happened an hour ago. crews are cleaning it up but it's causing a traffic mess. all those people are heading east over the hill the altamont
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pass are looking over to the left to see what happened. they estimate it will be another half hour before the scene is cleared. right lane and the off-ramp will be blocked until then. >> well, husband and wife nicknamed the landlords from hell are headed to prison. kit and nicole macy will be sentenced for terrorizing tenants between 2005 and 2007. they soaked tenants' bed and clothing in ammonia, burglarized apartments and sawed a hole in a floor twice. the couple was sentenced to four years and four months in prison. >> it's not enough, they need to change mentality and behavior. there wasn't anybody in this case who i would call honorable from the macy's and everybody else involved. >> time already served in prison will count towards their
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sentence. both are required to pay thousands of dollars in restitution to tenants. also tonight, we are learning more about the san francisco city employee who was allegedly behind the wheel in a deadly hit-and-run. yesterday's accident killed a young mother at a bernal heights park. kpix 5's brian webb is live where neighbors are remembering a life taken way too soon. brian. >> reporter: and we've learned the victim christine svanemyr was a zen monk working as a life coach. she was enjoying the day with her daughter sitting on the lawn under a try on the last day of her life. >> reporter: at holly park a memorial of flowers grows by the hour as the mood moves from shock to sadness. >> oh, my god, i was just there. it's terrible. >> reporter: 35-year-old christine svanemyr was at the park with her 11-month-old baby when she was run over and killed by a recs and park truck. her baby was unharmed.
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rudolfo knew her well. >> about 20 minutes ago, i found out it was a friend of mine and so i'm a little startled right now. >> reporter: a day later you can still see the tire tracks heading downhill to where the accident happened. and people who use this park a lot say that cutting through the grass is an all-too-common practice. >> i have laid around here on the grass helping him to learn to walk and enjoying the park so it totally could have been me. >> reporter: the driver fled but was caught a few blocks away. police identify him as 57-year- old thomas burnoski, the holly park gardener. a bashful neighbor with broken english tells me, burnoski recently lost a daughter in a car crash. how did she pass away? it was really upsetting to him you said, right? >> everybody upset all neighbors. >> reporter: recs and parks officials say burnoski is on unpaid leave and san francisco police have charged him with felony hit-and-run but none of that will bring a mother back
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to her baby. >> she's just very generous and she has given her life to service to being a mentor, a coach, and now a mother. >> reporter: employees are not supposed to drive over the grass for convenience. burnoski has been an employee for 7 years. he is currently in custody on $315,000 bail. live in san francisco, brian webb, kpix 5. >> kpix 5 just obtained some documents showing two citizen complaints about improper driving in holly park this year alone. a spokesman says those are the only such complaints in the last two years. the bay area is full of million-dollar views. homeowners are often surprised to find out they have no rights to those views. allen martin reports that some property owners have figured out how to protect their precious views. what price do you put on air? if it's the air above your property, you already own the rights. >> i don't even think a lot of people even have a vague idea
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that they have air rights. >> reporter: san francisco realtor john scott says what's more, if you like the open airspace over your neighbor's property that allows you that panoramic view, you can own those air rights, too, if you are willing to pay which apparently is happening in the northwest. >> we were looking at a wall over there. i think it would really impact us tremendously. >> reporter: the petersons are two of those seattle property owners who bought their neighbor's home for $600,000. then they dropped the price and sold it for $500,000 just so they could legally keep the air rights to it and prevent any new owner from building up and blocking their view. >> it's doable. it's doable. if you know about it. but i think people are discovering it too late. the house is going up. the view is gone. >> the reason they say they are building up in seattle is because they got no more room to spread out. well, san francisco certainly is the same situation. >> reporter: here in san
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francisco, the view and any expectation of one was an issue with one rincon south tower. imagine if you paid $1.5 million for a condo up there only to find out later there's a second tower going up next door and right in front of that spectacular view out your living room window. >> one rincon had to advise all its buyers when they bought it back in 2008, 2009, that their view would be restricted in the future when they built the second tower. >> under california state law, there's no right to a view unless you have a private easement. >> reporter: the attorney specializes in land use and zoning issues. he says the primary reason we haven't seen more property purchases by neighbors looking to preserve their air rights is economics. real estate is so expensive in the bay area. but without purchasing those rights -- >> height limits can change, zoning can change. without a view easement you have no legal right to absolutely stop someone from building on their property that could block your view.
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>> reporter: unless you can afford to buy what's right next door. in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> some bay area cities such as tiburon and sausalito have zoning laws protecting views in certain situations such as new developments. won't need a lot of work in finding a view this weekend. it's going to be beautiful. >> everywhere. >> sky view. >> because it's a cloudy view in a lot of spots this time of year. not this weekend. there will not be a cloud in the sky anywhere coast, no, golden gate no. san mateo coastline, no, not for you. sunshine everywhere and it's going to be warm. this is a view -- have you ever wondered what it looks like from the top of the pyramid looking south? here is your answer on your television screen. beautiful view, mainly sunny skies everywhere and if you were to turn to the left, there is what you would see looking toward the golden gate once again from the pyramid, not anything resembling a marine layer or low cloud cover out there. we are sunny from now until monday night. it's going to be a nice three days if you like sunshine. not so much if you like it
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warmer. 9ers last homeowner for candlestick park. it's going to be atypical weather. sunshine, warm, not much of a breeze and high of 77 degrees for the kickoff against the packers. here's what you will notice if you are out early tomorrow. it's not going to cool off at night. this is going to set the stage for that warm weekend. look at our lows dropping down to 68 for vallejo. in the city down to 62. oakland 64. and, yes, that's 70 for a low in livermore or concord. if you have an air-conditioner chances are it might be running overnight tonight. your house isn't going to cool off as efficiently tonight. so why is this happening? low pressure to our north is moving out so good-bye to the onshore flow. now we are talking about a big area of high pressure moving in. it got closer today. it will continue to get close other n saturday, still a little bit closer on sunday and that's kind of the furnace here. now our wind is coming from the desert from the hot stuff. that's the air that we're going to breathing and experiencing the next couple of days. we are going to state hot for the next three days all the way through monday. high temperatures tomorrow pick the town closest to you, oakland 85. tomorrow concord close to 100. san jose hitting 90 for the
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first time in a long time. we're looking at 92 tomorrow for vallejo, triple digits for fairfield, santa rosa 91. mountain view 87 degrees. just as hot sunday. a little bit cooler on monday but not much. we're talking a few degrees. tuesday that's the change. back to the 70s. >> that's the day. >> if you are sick and tired already of one day with too much heat, circle tuesday on your calendar because that's the day we are going to get back to normal. >> note to self. >> when it gets hot, everybody has an opinion. i love it. i hate it. nothing in between. >> that's true. all right. thanks, paul. still ahead, a home destroyed, several cars damaged in this inferno. how bay area firefighters trace the source of the fire to a potato. >> gay rights movement. >> from dignitaries to drag queens, how the bay area is remembering the nation's first openly gay candidate for public office. ,,
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francisco." jose julio sarria was a legd in san francisco's lgbt community. the first openly hundreds of people gathered for a final farewell to the empress of san francisco. >> jose julio was a legend in san francisco's lgbt community the first openly gay man in the entire country to run for office. and as mark kelly reports, his funeral today was fit for royalty. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: who would have thought the event of the season would turn out to be a funeral. >> you're loved and admired and just look at this church today. >> reporter: grace cathedral in san francisco, packed with
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politicians, drag queens, friends, as well as the curious. as to whom they were laying to rest -- none other than the empress of san francisco, pioneering gay rights activist jose zarya. >> he was a deva who cared about other people and not just himself. and that's reflected throughout his life. >> reporter: soria seen here in 2006 died last month in albuquerque at the age of 90. but he wanted to be buried in the bay area and left behind elaborate directions for his funeral including what mourners should wear. >> the dress code was black veil gloved for females, just outside of respect of jose's wishes. >> reporter: in the '60s, he lived his life openly as a gay man performing as a drag queen as a bar called the black cat. >> he came from a time in the '60s not until 1976 you could be committed to a state hospital just because you were gay. >> reporter: he was the first
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openly gay man to run for political office in the u.s. while he lost, he blazed a trail for harvey milk and others. >> he really did pave the way by running for public office as an out gay man. >> i don't think i would have ever had the opportunity to run for the board of supervisors which jose did back at the very beginning of the '60s. >> reporter: 50 years ago, he founded what's called the imperial court, one of the oldest and largest gay organizations in the world. the court raises money for charity and is active in 70 cities and three countries. >> jose gave me a reason to dream, a reason to do what i do as a activist back in canada, uhm, he was my life. >> reporter: a life that will not soon be forgotten. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> his final resting place is woodlawn cemetery in colma a world war ii veteran the empress of san francisco was buried today with full military honors. coming up in our next half hour, it's not just the trains
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that will be bound for silicon valley. >> the more people flow, the more the money flows. >> how a transit project that eclipses the bay bridge in cost is just beginning its next big chapter. >> we have nothing at all, nothing. i don't even have any relatives in the area. >> how this bay area fire that torched a home and several cars started with potatoes. >> this is your bottle of medicine. >> is it really healthier to drink your fruits and veggies in the benefits the side effects of the dieting craze known as juicing.
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ee bart service could be crip th: constructi i think it should have been built a long time ago. i think the extension should have been there. >> even though bart service could be crippled again in a month, construction on the extension to silicon valley is really ramping up. with the eastern span of the bay bridge complete, all eyes turn to the next big project, the first phase of the bart extension will add the warm springs station in south fremont a milpitas station and the berryessa station in san jose. kpix 5's da lin tells us it may
6:31 pm
be the most expensive bay area project but at least it's running ahead of schedule. >> reporter: it's a sound that will eventually be heard in parts of silicon valley. but before bart trains could start rolling south, the teeth grinding work construction crews are building bridges trenching early and putting in large pillars to lay bart tracks all the way down to san jose. in fremont station for now is the end of the line. but crews are building the warm springs station in south fremont. the capital station in milpitas and the berryessa station in san jose. the stations after berryessa have not secured enough money to begin work. the warm springs station will open in 2015. the capital and berryessa stations are ahead of schedule. that's how the berryessa station looks right now. the pillars were put in recently on top of those
6:32 pm
pillars will be the bart platform. >> it's scheduled for 2018 but we hope to deliver service as soon as 2017. >> reporter: and that's music to the ears of bart commuters. it will save victor time and money. he lives in hayward and works in san jose. right now it means riding bart and two buses to get to work, four hours of your day. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: many passengers say the bart extension would increase ridership and boost the economy. >> the more the people flows, the more money flows. >> reporter: da lin, kpix 5. >> construction on hostetter road in san jose starts sunday. work on the montague expressway and capitol avenue in milpitas will start next week. drivers can expect minor delays and lane closures. firefighters say this early- morning house fire in contra costa county could have been prevented if the person who
6:33 pm
lived there only paid more attention to what was going on. crews arrived on scene at the intersection of peach street and pacheco boulevard in martinez about 3:00. kpix 5's cate caugiran with more on what caused that fire and the extent of the damage. >> reporter: ray stepped out of the house to walk the dog and came back to this. >> now we have nothing, nothing at all, nothing. i don't even have any relatives in the area. i don't even know who to call. >> reporter: about 3:00 this morning he says he started cooking potatoes and stepped away. it was his girlfriend who woke up to the smell of smoke. >> i woke up, i smelled something burning probably and i didn't know where he was because i had been asleep. >> reporter: she made it out okay but the fire spread fast. a passerby made the 911 call and contra costa county fire arrived to see these flames. >> the power lines were popping and snapping in addition to
6:34 pm
that she had cars that were exploding magnesium motors going off. the building itself it was fire through the roof starting to collapse. >> reporter: it took firefighters nearly and how to knock out the programs that but by then, it was too late to save the building. we're told this was a mixed use building including an apartment and two office spaces with a wholesale car dealership. now firefighters say it's a total loss. investigators verified the fire started in the kitchen and the building's wooden structure and the cars in the parking lot caused the fire to grow fast. >> cooking results in a great number of fires in the united states. it's one of the most common causes of fires in residential buildings. >> reporter: the tenants also admitted they did not have a working smoke alarm something firefighters say can be a fatal mistake but luckily in this case, no one else was injured. in martinez, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> and investigators are estimating the damage there at about $175,000. well, it didn't take long for force of extinguish this
6:35 pm
grass fire on yerba buena island about noon today. crews say that the flames were hard to get to and they had to fight the blaze standing just feet away from passing cars and trucks on the bay bridge. they had that fire out though in less than a half hour. hundreds of clinical lab workers in the east bay are losing their jobs. the "mercury news" reports john muir health is selling its muir lab business to lab corps. that will translate into 540 jobs lost in contra costa, alameda and solano counties. the company says 150 of those laid off could be hired back by the new management. muir labs' main facility in concord will be closing for good. the deal is expected to be finalized in november. you know your mom always told you, eat your veggies. but what if you could drink them instead? the benefits and the risks of joining the juicing craze. >> alcoholics, basically on the streets.
6:36 pm
>> how robotics turned his life around and how he is now helping other bay area students at risk rise above. ,, could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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it's a multi- million dollar industry when it comes to held crazes are chances are you know someone who is juicing. it's a multi-million dollar industry squeezing out other drink makers. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon tells us if it's word the green. >> this is pineapple it's so good. >> reporter: juicing has gone mainstream and to main street with storefronts popping up as fast as the farmers can supply the greens and reds and orange. >> so i'm going to make four colors. >> reporter: pressing produce for 20 years, owner lisa touts the superpowers of juicing. >> this is your bottle of medicine. you have your leafy greens. these are combatting arthritic symptoms. you have cabbage which is great for your digestion, great for a hangover.
6:39 pm
this is pineapple. >> reporter: and those claims are what's fueling the multi- million dollar juicing industry. hoping to squeeze out big profits with sales topping $150 million a year, naked juice was slumped up by pepsico. starbucks bought up evolution for $30 million. before you pay, upwards of $10 per bottle, look at the ingredients. too much fruit is too much sugar and consider this from nutritionists. >> i have never read any scientific studies that say that juicing can cleanse your liver or cleanse your heart or your blood or anything like that. >> reporter: lisa claims juicing has eased her own symptoms of arthritis and fatigue. she presses hundreds of concoctions every morning tailored to fit health needs. i'd like to gain some mental clarity and drop a couple of pounds so i bought her popular
6:40 pm
cleanse and drank five juices every day for three days. [ sound of toilet flushing ] >> reporter: it cleansed all right. i dropped 2 pounds and gained it back the following week. so the bottom line, eating more greens is a good thing. adding pressed produce in moderation to a healthy lifestyle even sweeter. >> i think that juice is a very abused trend right now. juicing, cleansing, because people are partying and then i want to cleanse or they are indulging in food and i want to cleanse and that's the foundation of a healthy constitution. >> sorry, folks, too much information. but this is my favorite. it's called the digestive drink. >> you want us to try it? >> yes. >> all right. >> go easy there. >> come on. >> i hate this part. >> you can do it. >> you know me and healthy food. we don't get along. >> tasty, huh? >> that's sweet. so what are we drinking? >> carrot, celery, ginger, a little bit of apple. oh, come on. it's very good for you. one of the things is, since you're leaving the fiber behind, the nutrients enzymes
6:41 pm
absorb faster into your body. that's the philosophy. >> what did the cleanse do for your 50-yard dash time? [ laughter ] >> we want to know about the weight loss. were you hungry? did you crave a sandwich or burger? >> i surprisingly wasn't hungry. i tried to do calculations of four to six servings of produce about the same amount of calories so i really wasn't that hungry. i had a bad headache because i got rid of coffee. >> all right, sue, thank you. all right. it's a remarkable case of love and loyalty. >> i'm thankful for everything i have. >> how a young bay area woman never gave up her fight to take care of her siblings and how she is using that experience to help other families in need. >> all summer long those of you living in san francisco have not hit 80 degrees until this afternoon. 81 degrees in the city. guess what. we are not done climbing yet. live look outside sunshine, weekend forecast when the heat's going to move out coming up.
6:42 pm
straight ahead in sports, 49er empire, are you ready for some football?! wait until you see what happened with this one in wisconsin. serena williams, not going quietly. and the life of this cowboy from down under, in two months, it will be over. >> ended up with a lacerated liver, bruised lung, broken ribs. >> all that wrapped in a nice little bow for you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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college graduates are made . tonight, wendy tokuda updats on two recent u-c berkeley graduates who overcame the . teenager alcoholics, homeless are not the stuff graduates are made of. tonight wendy tokuda updates on two recent uc-berkeley graduates who overcame odds to get their degrees. >> i was an alcoholic, basically on the street. >> what did he look like? >> like this. all the time. quiet. >> reporter: they would work as a team with engineers from nasa ames, building a robot that would compete and robotics began to change kenny. he became team captain, working with the others every day after
6:46 pm
school and weekends. >> so i could accomplish something if i put my mind to it. >> reporter: this year in the national competition in orlando, florida robot number 255 foothill high and two partner teams took first place. >> like i'm not afraid to love anymore. i'm not afraid to laugh. to be able to do this is unbelievable to me. >> reporter: kenny bargas now works with high risk kids at overfelt high school in san jose. he graduated from uc-berkeley. shanita at the age of 19 went to court to request legal guardianship of all four siblings. she had to find a pro bono attorney, prove that she could provide for them, paying for housing with a scholarship money. and when the judge awarded her custody, shanita began to build a new home. >> i don't want my brothers and
6:47 pm
sis. to grow up and feel like because they don't have parents they can't love or can't be loved. someone told me, you're in a recovery home. you got to not drug recovery but, you know, hurt children. somebody told me that hurt people hurt people. >> reporter: how has she made you feel here? >> safe, loved and cared for. >> i'm so thankful for everything that i have. >> reporter: shanita has just graduated from uc-berkeley and will now be working with foster kids and their families. wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> and if you would like to help send a deserving student to college, go to think of those two young people when you're feeling sorry for yourself, huh? man! >> overcoming the odds. >> very cool.
6:48 pm
weather-wise, heat. >> it's on! >> it's on, it's here, it's sticking around. it's not going to go anywhere until about the middle of next week. there are some changes coming but you have to get through a toasty weekend first. i know some of you love the heat. i know many of you aren't very big fans. maybe that's why you live in san francisco because we rarely do this but we're doing it. it's here. 81 in the city today. live look, bay bridge, crystal clear sky, beautiful view from san jose. good evening to you in the santa clara valley. you're going to be in the 90s the next couple of days, as well. the temperature what a comfortable week we had until today. you might argue. right around 70 which is normal in the city. then today we shot up 11 degrees to the high of 81. first time all summer. and got to talk about this once again. really warm overnight temperatures. often around here we get that cool breeze in the evening and your house can cool down without any use of mechanical air-conditioning because mother nature does it for you. not tonight. san rafael 63 degrees all night. oakland down to 64. concord livermore many inland spots will hang out around 70. so you may need the air conditioning the next couple nights if you want to cool off
6:49 pm
your house. sunny and warm tomorrow for berkeley, sunny and warm on sunday perhaps one of the best spots in the entire bay area maybe that view from the claremont hotel looking back toward oakland and san francisco a popular spot. we are talking all sunshine, all the time for the weekend. low pressure because of the counterclockwise flow around it gives us an onshore flow if it's to the north. high pressure down over the desert southwest, they call it the desert for a reason hot and dry, that air is moving toward us. as high pressure gets closer tomorrow will be hotter sunday as hot and monday nearly as hot. we are not going to cool off until this guy begins to move away and that's going to occur on tuesday. so using a football analogy, the 1st quarter of this heat wave is done but we still have three more quarters to go and we'll be at halftime tomorrow. warm night, hot days all weekend long. relieve arrives tuesday and much of next week will be near or cooler than average but we have to get through the next
6:50 pm
couple of days first. it's going to be pretty warm out there. livermore average 86, close to 100. san jose in the 90s tomorrow. milpitas 91. pacifica 77. pleasant hill 98. san ramon 98. pittsburg 100 and fairfield 100. mill valley in the 90s, same story for san rafael, petaluma, in the city another 80-degree day and 90s widespread in northern napa and north sonoma county including st. helena. toasty on sunday, as well. a little bit of a cooldown monday but not much. tuesday is the day where we cool back down to the 70s near the bay. we'll stay there. by wednesday we are back to the 80s inland and that's where we'll stay. next week cooler it's all about the heats. it's all about sports coming up next. ,, ,,
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see... the u.s. open...thats what you're goa in the women's number one against number two and just about any competitive venue is what most fans want to see, huh? at the u.s. open that's what you're going to get if the women's final. defending champion serena williams trying to make her 21st grand slam finals in the far court trading blows with li na. the former french open champ. first set overpowering. williams bagled her. six-love. on center court, here's how she
6:54 pm
ended the match a 107-mile-per- hour serve. last year's u.s. open champion victoria azarenka will face her the world's
6:55 pm
thanks. for news throughout the evening, the latest is alwan kpix
6:56 pm
are my best friends. >> reporter: the man closing in on a million dollars in earnings even acknowledged my short ride. >> ive seen a lot. >> i have seen a lot of people who don't get past two jumps or the chute gate. you did well. you're on there four or five seconds. that's a credit to you. >> reporter: the conversation turned serious to a fateful 2009 ride on an omaha, nebraska night when a bull named black smoke nearly killed him. >> it was one of them things that probably should have ended
6:57 pm
my career let alone my life. ended up with a lacerated liver, bruised lung, broken ribs. i spent three, four days in intensive care. >> that was the one where that was the mind changer. you kind of start to take things for -- stop taking things for grand and kind of -- it's a big reality check. >> reporter: four to five months later clark rode again. it's a rough tough way to earn a living. definitely not for everyone. but it's everything for clark. for a couple of more months. >> he says that he is grateful that he has his health. he will be able to bend over, pick up his kids, leave on his own terms. >> thank you. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head
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