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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  September 7, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. and let's get right to it. it's hot! >> yes. >> here's meteorologist paul deanno in for roberta with how hot it's been and what we can expect tomorrow. >> it has been so hot. we had earlier this summer a 40- day stretch where san francisco downtown did not even hit 70 degrees. so back-to-back 80-degree days, it's a big deal. it ends up being the hottest two days of the summer so far
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in the city. yesterday and today, both of them hitting 80s degrees, officially 83 in the city. richmond and oakland close to 90. that's not for you. half moon bay 76 degrees right along the coastline. our typically hotter spots certainly were that, gilroy 100, napa 97 and mid 90s in concord and san jose. but there is already the sign of a change. see all that cloud cover spilling into monterey bay down towards santa cruz and capitola? that's a sign that the marine layer misses us and wants to come back. we'll talk about when it comes back with cooler temperatures coming up. it is turning out to be the perfect weekend for a number of events happening around the bay. we have racing on the bay the america's cup. the san francisco giants are in town all weekend limping towards the end of the season. the oakland a's are at the coliseum hopefully sprinting towards a play-off berth and
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the san francisco 49ers kicking off their season against the green bay packers tomorrow. not to mention all the people curious about driving for the first time on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. this is the view from chopper 5. it's been busy all day in all directions but no major problems are reported. thousands did everything they could to beat the heat. we found these people walking their dogs in one of the cooler spots in the bay area, the hiking trail at fort funston. they were out enjoying the last of fog and wind. and many went down to the ocean to get even cooler. many of those who weren't near the water were actually were on it. bay area sailors were on the bay for a perfect day. also on the bay, the america's cup finals, emirates team new zealand needs 7 more winds to take the trophy. they beat defending champion oracle team usa in the first two races this afternoon. large crowds gathered along the waterfront to watch the
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competition. and kpix 5's don knapp is at marina green with fans staked out to watch. >> reporter: that much hyped summer racing may not have worked out exactly as planned but today as the actual first races of the america's cup got under way people turned out and they got excited. after a summer of america's cup sailing doldrums it looks like the winds of enthusiasm have finally picked up. the sailing faithful never doubted. they say they as you knew the competition between the most advanced racing boats in the world would eventually catch on. it just started this is the first day, the first race. everything else has been just a warmup. >> here we go. >> it looks to me like you are an oracle fan. >> you bet. >> reporter: but you're on a bike. doesn't look like you're paying much attention. >> i'm trying really hard to get to a focal point so that i can watch. >> reporter: super bowl of yacht racing might be playing before their very eyes. some folks on the green seemed interested in other things. >> it's a hot day. one of the perfect san francisco days that we always
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wish for. so we're just, uhm, hanging out. >> but it's the america's cup out there! >> we're trying to figure out exactly what's going on. >> reporter: that's the kind of indifference america's cup promoters never seemed able to overcome and why the estimate of $1.4 billion in economic impact to the bay area was revised to less than a billion. ben cloud dressed in sailing attire right down to the bubble pipe enjoyed watching he said but was not convinced the regatta benefits san francisco significantly. >> never seen quite as much infrastructure for a sport so little watched. >> reporter: what brought out the crowds today? was it the event or the weather? perhaps a bit of both. you guys still aren't sitting down and watching it. you're talking to me and riding your bike. >> we love to watch the bike. >> we saw them coming around the curve and it was phenomenal. we want to see them get into the meat of it. >> reporter: there were lots of good places to watch the races here along the marina green
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today but not a lot of plays to park. so if you want to -- not a lot of places to park. so if you want to watch them, come early. >> thank you, don knapp. >> the games of the 23nd olympiad in 2020 are awarded to the city of tokyo. [ applause and cheers ] >> tokyo celebrating after being named a host for the 2020 summer olympics. the city beat out istanbul and madrid. they last hosted the summer olympics in 1964. it was seen as the safest course for the international olympic committee because of the city's experience organizing major events and its sense of economic security. a grass fire in south san francisco is now out but not before burning at least 40 acres and causing some scary moments for people who live nearby. no homes were evacuated near san bruno mountain but dozens of homes were threatened by the flames. kpix 5's brian webb is at the mountain and talking to firefighters and people who
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live nearby. brian. >> reporter: the firefight something finished. now it's time for the investigating. it seems the biggest clue so far is a loud pop coming from a transformer behind me along hillside boulevard. that pop was around 2:00 this afternoon and in a matter of about 40 minutes, the fire was up and over the hill with about 100 homes in its path. a wall of fire trucks got between the flames and homes and the fire never got that far. no homes burned, nobody evacuated but rattled nerves at the base of san bruno mountain. >> my dad had heard like an explosion and then the lights went out a couple times. then i walked out here to go out and the fire was going already up here. it was hot. i could feel it from here. i took some video and it just blew up the hill. within 10 minutes it was over the top. it was fast. >> reporter: and there were about 100 firefighters, a helicopter, couple of airplanes fighting this fire today and again the good news nobody evacuated no homes burned and nobody hurricane mitch. >> we get a little anxious when
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we see these fires but better news today. thank you, brian. shooting for the moon. the bay area's big role in this new nasa mission. >> and why all of a sudden people in the bay area are being warned about the west nile virus.
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cket 3, 2, 1 -- 0, ignition and liftoff. >> as you can see, the skies lit up in virginia last night as an unmanned rocket blasted off for the moon. the rocket is carrying a robotic explorer that will examine the moon's atmosphere and dust. once it's finished it will then crash-land on the moon's surface. scientists at ames research center in mountain view designed the project which cost about $280 million. kpix 5's sharon chin tells us what this rocket is designed to find. >> 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! ignition and liftoff! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the launch of ladee the pride of nasa ames mountain view. scientists here designed, developed, built and tested the spacecraft. this engineer worked on its
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propulsion. >> very, very happy, very proud, you know, all the hard work we have put in. >> reporter: the robotic mission will orbit the moon to gain details about its atmosphere, its surface and how the environment plus this lunar dust. scientists hope it will uncover some of the mysteries of the universe. >> the moon is such a fabulous fascinating place that actually holds in cold storage a lot of the secrets and the mysteries of materials that fell on the moon in the very early days of the solar system's formation. >> reporter: after the launch, researchers at nasa ames began the next phase, controlling the robot's day-to-day functions on its 100-day mission. scientists say the probe represents a new class in low cost explorers. this $263 million journey paves the way for the future. >> this kind of small spacecraft has a lot to offer and we have a lot of questions that we would really like to have answered about asteroids, mars and the moons of mars.
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>> reporter: some kids are soaking up the experience. why is it exciting to be here? >> because we want to learn more about space. >> and liftoff! >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> the mission is going to test the use of lasers for sending and receiving information between earth and space. it's 1,000 times faster than radio frequencies used now and if it works, well, we could one day see 3-d high definition video transmissions in deep space. good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno. look at that lack of a marine layer. it is nothing but sunshine. looking live from oakland back towards san francisco two straight days in the 80s and both of those fine cities. how long does this heat wave last? or if you don't like it when is the cool stuff coming back? i'll have the answer next.
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warmer weather in san franc today... at the autumn moon festival in the sunset dist. shut down for hundreds of people enjoyed the warmer weather in san francisco today at the autumn moon festival in the sunset district. irving street was shut down for blocks as people checked out arts, crafts, food and special performances. the asian festival marks a time to reflect upon the bounty of the summer harvest, the fullness of the moon and the myth of the moon goodest. this warmer weather means we are having more mosquitos and a wider spread of the west nile virus. in contra costa county the mosquito and vector control
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district is urging people to get rid of standing water that attracts mosquitos. 7 dead birds have been found over two weeks including a chicken that tested positive for west nile virus. mosquitos that bite infected birds can then bite humans passing on the virus. on the downside, we have warmer temperatures and we have some warm weather for some people in the bay area it's going to continue. >> yeah. it's going to stop for some folks along the coastline but most of us near the bay or inland we are going to keep the hot weather going. tomorrow will be just about as hot as today. so if you don't like it you will have to hang on a couple more days to get rid of it. dublin cam looking out toward the 580 and 680 corridor. you were toasty. sunday will be equally as hot. a good view from mount vaca shows me two things. one, it's a gorgeous picture with the mountain in the foreground silhouetted there by the ozone. ground level ozone loves temperatures in the 90s to really get things going when it comes to bad air quality. that's why usually as our temperatures go up, our air
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quality goes down. that's certainly the case right there. concord you're currently 92. livermore 94. we have cooled down a bit. oakland down to 79. downtown san francisco off a high of 83. now down to 72. so the sea breeze is moving in this evening. santa rosa 92 degrees. some video to show you from earlier today. folks are really enjoying a beautiful day. that's lake merritt right there. oakland hit a high of 88 degrees today. i'm sure that was a popular spot for many folks in the east bay. any waterway is a great place to cool off on a day like this where we had temperatures close to 100 degrees inland in oakland about 15 degrees above average. so where do we go from here? let's talk about tonight. it's not going to be as warm as it was this morning when you wake up tomorrow morning but still you might be running that air-conditioning a little more than normal. vallejo 63. napa 59. living in san francisco you're saying what air-conditioning? 59 your low. fremont 60. san jose 64 degrees. sun-up at 6:46 tomorrow. got ourselves a football game tomorrow. candlestick park the last home
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opener at the stick. it's going tore warm. not as warm as today but 72 degrees for the kickoff temperature against the green bay packers tomorrow. at 1:25. let's talk about why things will begin to change in the city and at the coast tomorrow. it's pretty simpl . we have a marine layer in monterey bay. cloud cover builds to our south and works up the san mateo coastline into the city and then all over the peninsula and back to san francisco bay. the process will take a couple of days but if you will be at the coast tomorrow it will not be as warm for you. otherwise it will be as warm because high pressure is not moving. low pressure is moving away. it will take several days to get pattern where we all cool down next tuesday and the wednesday when low pressure is back to our south bringing us cool air. next several days cooling at the coast, gradual cooldown take a couple of days but we're all back to normal by tuesday and wednesday of next week. that's the 80s inland and 70s near the bay.
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tomorrow though not normal. 14 degrees above normal for livermore with a high of 100. sunnyvale 87. santa clara 89. hayward your high 82. sunshine for walnut creek, high of 97. antioch another day in the triple digits. in the city still warm, not as warm, 75. novato 91. cloverdale tomorrow 92 degrees. so cooler at the coast sunday and monday. then average in the middle of the week. back to normal, we'll stay back to normal. we are looking at a comfortable week next week once we shoo this hot air out of the way. >> a lot of people want a place to go to cool down from inland and right now there's nowhere to escape. >> the escape would have to be inside an air-conditioned place. >> the movie theater. >> good idea. thank you. all right. vern is here. last night we were talking about the giants. tonight it's the a's. >> tonight it's the a's and why not? i mean, they are a full game ahead. they control -- they are just 20 games left for the a's to
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get this done. a lot to get to this afternoon. a lot of activity. we'll just follow the bat of yoenis cespedes. man! he is getting heated up and so are the a's. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,
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freshman just in. 20 games left for your oakland a's. i remember terrell owen every time there was a big game he would say get your popcorn ready and the same applies for this one. let's roll this up from the coliseum. astros chris carter last year an a's teammate and now a strikeout victim of dan straily in front of 20, 340. carter and the astros in the second. scoreless in the third. until yoenis cespedes, oh, man he struck loudly. that one is his 22nd home run. a's led 1-0. 7 strikeouts for straily. then there's a long drive by jed lowrie. that one isn't coming back. 2-0. his 11th. bottom of the 7th. 2-0 at the expense of the houston astros. and look at sean doolittle here. a little okey-doke to catch brandon barnes trying to steal third, no, no, no!
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doolittle stayed in to pitch the 9th. and he gets the flyout to end it. doolittle's first save of the season as the a's win it, final of 2-1. up a full game over texas they play later on tonight. u.s. open semis. u.s. open number one seed novak djokovic looking to get back to the finals for the fourth straight year. and hands full with number stan wawrinka. they split the first four sets. in the fifth novak djokovic wins the point. and the white clad djokovic on match point, ace right down the middle at 121 miles per hour. he advances and he is going to face rafael nidal and raffi took out richard gasquet in straight sets. it will be the third time in four years that nidal and djokovic faced off at the u.s. open in the fines. . ...not even, the portland state vikings.
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stanford football opens up their 2013 season hosting san jose state at 8:00. no cupcakes on cal football schedule. not even the portland state vikings. trying to defend cal in the 1st quarter, they are not going to get runningback cal fanny muhammad. bears rally and tie it at 6. goff and cal play catch-up the entire first half. nice grab. the bears up 24-20 at the half. seesaw battle throughout. portland state goes back within striking distance. the quarterback sneak by mcdonough. cal trailing by three. but it's that last big play that usually wins it. gof f 31 of 58 ball, 485 yards. that's impressive. hard fought victory by cal as they pick up their first win of
6:55 pm
the year beating portland state, final of 37-30. still with the pac-12, new oregon head coach running the second ranked duck high powered machine. at my alma mater, virginia! the quarter draw the first drive of the game, marcus maroo iota. the ducks win big 59-10 over the cavaliers. and at tennessee, rough one for western kentucky. late first call ball batted in the air and the ball comes down in the interception in the late of the 1st quarter but it goes on and on four straight possessions, four turnovers, brandon dough ty another turnover three turnovers on three plays and then it happens again. that's how it went. there's a fifth interception. five times in six plays. they wreak havoc and win 52-20. >> feel bad for them. >> all right.
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picked off in the end zone. seven turnovers for the day and the vols win the game a final of 52-20. what an afternoon for tennessee down in knoxville. are you ready for some football? raiders begin their season tomorrow night and early as they visit andrew luck and the colts 10 a.m. right here on kpix 5. raiders a 9.5-point underdog on the road. try and get the -- [ laughter ] >> there's still time. >> paul. >> for entertainment purposes only, of course. >> they begin the big finale for candlestick. >> the beginning of the final
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43rd season of football at candlestick by the 49ers. wrap your head around. this imagine growing up in the bay area and never crossing a bridge. for some people it's a way of life but not necessarily a choice. the extremes they are willing to go to, to just get around. that's tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. that's it for us at 6:30. we'll see you at 11:00. until then your latest news and weather are always on good night. captions by: caption colorado
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after a 7 month break football is finally back in the bay area. and for nfl fans, allegiance are divided. as the new stadium rises in santa clara so do the expectations of the team that will soon play there. but levi stadium wasn't built overnight and neither were the 49ers. the raiders continue to restructure their framework with another quarterback under center. we're counting down to kickoff next. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald kick off special. i'm joiney kpix 5 nfl analyst tim ryan 49ers insider kevin lynch w hello, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. welcome to the nfl "countdown to kickoff" special. i'm joined in studio by channel 5 analyst tim ryan here, kevin lynch the 49er insider is here. we are going


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