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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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sky from this fire in sonom and thick smoke can be seenm all over the bay area from a grass fire threatening homes near mount diablo. good evening... i'm ann notarangelo. you may have seen it -- a l plume of smoke resembling a mushroom cloud -- or even a thunder head. we got a number of calls about this the kpix 5 newsroom. this is from a grass fire on the eastern side of mount diabl this is in the area of morg territory. we're learning the fire has spread across more than 350 acres in an unincorporated of contra costa county... brian webb is at the scene. brian, how close are fire c to getting the flames under control? this fire is burning near t base of mount diablo. the s and rugged terrain are presenting a
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you can, keep the pets on a leash. log the doors and windows and if you need help to get out of your home call 911. it was at 3:00 this afternoon. it erupted in flames. the east side of the mountain looking like a volcano with a giant
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we hope so. brian, thank you. >> brian is here to talk about the weather conditions that are fueling the problem. brian? >> here we are in september. some of the warmest months in the bay area. some of the worst parts of the weather could be the wind. the good news in that regard is the winds are in a dry direction. as dry as they get. this is -- you know, sort of just -- the winds thank you see on the surface do not traps
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late to 339 feet. the top of diablo. the temperatures we got. north easterly are dry winds, those winds keep shifting around up there. the good news is, despite the fact that humidity is low, 24%, that we are generally entering into a cooler regime. the high pressure that kept us warm is going to weaken a bit. it will open it up to the cooler air moving through the golden gate. the winds are moist, not out of the east, that is good news, but the temperatures are not that hot up top and relief on the way in cooler temperatures, all good news, we will have the latest for you with the entire forecast, still warm, in a few minutes, ann? >> brian, thanks. more breaking news. a large brush fire is also burning raging for the last four hours. witnesses reported flaming shooting 44 feet in the air and explosions that shook the ground. 30 acres burned, several firecrews were called to help including cal fire aerial
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attack planes. here is where the fire is burning. between broadway and 8th street near the town of sonoma. on the forth side of highway 121. the highway is closed off to traffic while the firefighters -- on the northside of the highway 121. the highway is closed off to traffic while the firefighters are fighting the fire. a factor was one of three structures destroyed by this fire. no word yet what caused this fire. now, san francisco agreed to pay $175,000 to an african- american firefighter for racial discrimination. larry jackobs says his supervisors made him scrub floors with a toothbrush and nicknamed houseboy after suffering an injury to his shoulder. it was part of a cam pain to get him and two others -- campaign to get him and two others out of the campaign. they must accept the settlement before jackobs receives
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payment. lawmakers and the american public remain skeptical about a u.s. strike on syria. the graphic new video that the white house is sending out to make the case. we will hear from a native that can not bring herself to cross the bridge, any bridge. what she feels if she gets on one.
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says he has nothing to do wa chemical weapons attack that killed more than 100-thousaf his people. and he's calling on the whi house to release the intelligence w syrian president says he has nothing to do with the chemical attacks that killed 100,000 of his people and calling on the white house to release the intel against, they say, proves he is responsible. -- intelligence they say proves he is responsible. they are trying to convince the government that syrian government needs to be held responsible. syrian citizens showing they are suffering. >> real human beings, real children, parents, effected in ways that are -- affected by ways that are unacceptable. >> president barack obama is pushing for support for military action. on wednesday, the senate will hold the first key vote to
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authorize or reject a military strike against syria. cbs this morning's anchor, charlie rose, sat down with an interview. he talk about it on "face the nation". >> he denied he had anything to do with the attack. he denies that he knew, in fact, that there was a chemical attack. not withstanding what has been said and not withstanding the videotape. he said there is not evidence yet to make a conclusive judgment. >>and you can see the charlie rose interview on "cbs this morning" tomorrow morning right here on kpix5. [singing] demonstrators gathered outside the home of dianne feinstein. they marched around her home carrying banners and chanting. they camped out overnight. later they march to the golden
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gate bridge urging people to call on congress to vote against a military strike. l how the u.s. should react to the situation in syria will be the topic this week in washington, d.c. kpix-5 explains it is leaving a lot of bay area congressmen and women in a tough position. >> the video of violent attacks in syria is more than disturbing. president barack obama calls it -- >> a violation of international laws that must be addressed. >> reporter: the possibility of u.s. air strikes has our government ringing its hands. according to the latest poll, only 36% of americans approve on doing this. >> across the board it is a firm solid no, why now? how is this in america's best interest? >> reporter: democrat, a group that sticks with nancy pelosi, and according to our political
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insiders -- >> you don't want to go against your boss when your boss raises millions and millions of dollars for you. >> reporter: she has been writing letters to the congressional delegation asking their opinion on syria while making it clear she supports the president. >> that is the soft arms, that is not the full armth width. she is asking. the fact she is asking for their opinion that is an ask? a little bit of a twist. >> reporter: most of our representatives is not buying it. >> the issue is not just if chemical weapon were used i am inclined to believe they were. the question is what should the united states do and where does that lead? >> reporter: president barack obama will be making his case to congress and the american people this week. >> i am glad he is going to make the speech. i think it is necessary and, i am proud of his courage. >> reporter: a lot of minds appear to be made up. >> i think force should be the
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last option after you exhaust all remedies. is this anything else to do? >> reporter: president barack obama may fail to sway the possible the issue. so far he refused to say whether or not he would act without congressional approval. >> president barack obama scheduled half a dozen network interviews tomorrow and a speech to the nation on tuesday. you can see it at 6:00 right here on kpix5. it was psychotic weather. one at the coast and one inland. 100 degrees at the national park, 106 and yet relief is as close as the golden gate bridge as you look towards the golden gate you can not see it. there is too much fog and clouds. we will have the forecast for you after a break. ,,,,
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it -- or any other span. t's because they suffer from a condition known as "bridge phobia." one sacramento woman goes to great lengthso avoid going over bridges... including pedestrian crossi for her, the anxiety is crippling. curiosity about the new bay bridge is carrying questions. some people have never been on it or any other span. they sufficienter from a condition known as bridgepobia. one woman goes to great lengths for not going over a bridge. it is crippling. >> i can swear i know it is not true but i swear that the bridge is moving. >> there are even people who are -- who avoid going across
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the bridges at all. or maybe you have to hire somebody to take them across the bridge. which is inconvenient, needless to say. >> most of the larger bridges in the country, including the bay bridge and the golden gate have services to help the drivers get across in case they do panic. we are keeping an eye on the massive grass fire at the base of mount diablo. 350 acres burned near morgan territory road and marsh creek road. a mandatory evacuation for oak hill lane. those residents are asked to go to diablo middle school. this shows how far the smoke can be seen. this is the view from our roof. >> you look at the view and you can see the effect of the winds. just taking the plume of smoke and blowing it towards the south. >> yes. >> and it moved a little bit, though. >> sure. >> the direction of the smoke it has been blowing in different directions. >> yes. they are the variable side. that is good. the worst thing they come out of the east. if not, dry. humidities are down. 24% out there not a worse case. hopefully you can get a handle on it. they are not forecasted to pick up. as we head outside and hook at
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the approach to the bay -- look at the approach of the bay bridge, the bay bridge does move. the suspension, it is suspended. it is suspended from wires. they are supposed to have give and take even under normal circumstances under the occurrence of an earthquake. the lady is not imagining it does, it does. 95 degrees in concord. the city, the 70s, the heat is on. 100. 70 degrees around the bay. if you are getting get -- if you are getting close to the coast you are in fog. numbers fell 15 degrees. the temperatures dramatically cooler closer to the coast.
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as long as the high pressure continues over arvada we continue with high water in the area. finally a bitave break. on the future cast, -- finally a bit of a break. on the futurecast, not a lot of reforms tomorrow night. tomorrow morning, low cloudiness a long the shoreline. then, a mostly sunny day for the bay area. the temperatures will warm up again inland, in sacramento, heading out of the bay area to 101 degrees. out of sfo, no delays, sunny skies, high of 79. partly cloudy skies from new york on through denver. denver has a high of 90. 90 will do it for parts of the bay area. 84 in fremont. middle 90s, cooler than it was today. 94, pleasant hill. 95 in dubland. looking at 87 in san rafael. and 92 in santa rosa.
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boy, 101, oh. in the forecast now, relief, inland, waiting until tuesday. the numbers will be in the upper 80s, staying there for much of the time. looking perfect. but this is as usual for september and for october we will be looking at barely warm weather in the area. it will continue for this week. >> we are used to it we just don't like it. >> yes. >> it is more than a rumor. grammy winner, bruno marses mar -- mars will perform at the super bowl. now, dennis o'donell joins us from candlestick tonight. >> reporter: that is right,
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ann, raiders pull off an upset in minneapolis. a shootout between aaron and colin, a wild one in the nfl, next ,,,,,,,,,,
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the playoffs... today he tod them with his arm... jim harbaugh knew it would physcial game after clay matthews said he wanted to t colin kaepernick and matthe delivered on his promise in second quarter... kaepernick scrambling on a broke play s out of bounds shy of the fit down marker... matthews hammers kapernick to the ground well after the play was over. the
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late hit sparked a shoving h on the sidelines.. matthews flagged for the late hit. j staley was also nailed for unsportsmanlike conduct. bye it should have been 4th dow instead the 49ers got to re third down ... kaepernick f anquan boldin over the midd for a touchdown and a 14-7 lead.. 14-14 in the third quarter... kapernick to vern davis for one of two touchdowns. davis had 6 cat for 98 yards... 24-21 49ers in e fourth quarter, aaron rodge rolls out and finds jordy nn for an incredible catch alo the sidelines. the packers finished the drive on a go- ahead 1-n touchdown run by eddie lacyo take the 28-24 lead.. but boldin's chemistry with kaepernick was amazing... he weaves through the defense for a pickup of 412 yards passing for kaepnick. 208 yards receiving for boldin.. that was the big play in a e that ended on a 1 yard frank gore touchdown run. 49ers go on p 31-28... they win 34- 28
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" " 26 of the raiders 53 players were making their nfl debut, so naturally expectations weren't very high against t colts on the road.... and dennis allen's squad lod like they were primed for at in the first half.. indy aly up a touchdown in the second quarter when andrew luck is as he drops back, but he ge
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the throw off to dwayne all for the 20 yard score... 14 colts. but terrelle pryor was a weapon with his feet... nobody open, so he s off. a pick up of 29 yards inside the 35. it lead to a short mcfadden touchdown. p had 112 rushing yards which a franchise record for a quarterback. 14-10 cos in the 4th, pryor to denarius moorr another touchdown and the 1 lead... pryor completed 19 9 passes for 217 yards. luck d company couldn't get anythi going on offense until under 6 minutes to go in the game... he takes off and goes all the y for the 19 yard touchdown. that's your game winner. cos win 21-17... more importanta moral victory for the silved black " " across the bay...18,824 at e coliseum a's down 1-0 in the
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3rd when brandon moss goes opposite field...the ball hs off the base of the wall...o runs score as oakland takes a 2-1 lead... the a's scored all r runs in the 3rd inning and t it away early... seth smithh the big blow...a 3 run shoto the right field bleachers, his 8th of the year...a's gn to win it 7- 2...bartolo con picks up win number 15 the a's remain a game and af up on the rangers in the we. oakland will hit the road ts week for three games in minnesota and three in texas madison bumgarner threw 6 innings of shutout ball a ended up with a no decision. giants in extra innings when angel pagan singles with two outs in the 11th...e-hire adrianza coming home and he beats the throw... giants win it 3-2 u-s open women's final...
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number one seed serena will, taking on number two seed victoria azarenka... serena a tight first set and appead to have evertyhing under control, but azarenka ralli back from being down 5-3 to the second set in a tiebrea serena wondering what the hk just happened... how would e respond to dropping her fir set of the tournament???... how about r most dominant stretch of the day... serena wins the thirt 6-1 to claim her fifth u-s and seventeenth grand slam e thanks dennis. we are keeping an eye on th fire burning at the base of mt. diablo. at five-thirty. we'll see y back here in half an hour, d then at ten and eleven. news updates always on k-p-i-x dot com.
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>> jeff: tonight syrian president bash ar al-assad speaks. the interview is with charlie rose. in it assad rejects responsibility for last month's deadly chemical attack. >> he denied that-- that he knew, in fact that there was a chemical attack. >> jeff: margaret brennan with secretary of state kerry has the u.s. response. wrestling holds on to its place, don dahler has more on the olympic vote today. a royal mess at buckingham palace. why didn't security guards recognize prince an druchlt charlie d'agata is in london. and haitian americans helping relatives back home. gift of technologies that's lighting the way to better lives. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> jeff: good eveng,


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