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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  September 8, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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been seeing all afternoon. a large plume of smoke resembl a mushro this is kpix5 news. good evening. it put many in the bay area -- it was what many in the bay area has been seeing all afternoon. a plume of smoke resembling a mushroom head. burning at the base of mount diablo. people in 75 homes are being told to get out. the fire charred hundreds of acres since it began just before 2:00 this afternoon.
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brian webb is at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: from our vantage point things look better than an hour ago. still new puffs of black smoke kicking up every now and then. we are up to 400 acres burned and still at 10% containment on the east side of mount diablo. there is an evacuation order for homes on oakville lane. 50 to 75 homes, a mandatory evacuation on them. they are telling them grab what you can, lock up the house and leave now. if you need help call 911. they are supposed to go to the clayton library. we know a lot of people have been loading up the pets and the horses and taking them into a safe place down the road from where we are. and, up on mount diablo itself stkoz ens of fire trucks taking hundreds of firefighters up on the fire lines. those helicopters and airplanes have been circling from above all afternoon. showering the fire with retardant, trying to stop the flames in their tracks.
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>> the fire started right here with, you know, with a lot of wood, a lot of potential, more rapid spread because of the slope. if it was on this side it would not be as bad because not as many trees but this is, this is the northside of the peak here and it is steep. so it is going to roar up there if it has the potential. >> right,. >> reporter: and a thick blanket of brown smoke covering the area. and, tonight, we still don't know what started the fire, fire views have bigger problems on their hands putting out the fire. but after this we will try to get as close as we can up on mount diablo. we will have other reports tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 thank you very much. and brian is here to tell us about the weather conditions. >> you know, we can get off shore flows, calming the winds out of the east.
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not the situation today the winds are out of the west or northwest. a dry direction. and actually it is a moist direction, thester hes are dry and the northerlies are not nearly as dry. these are good -- the easterlies are dry and the northerlies are not nearly as dry. these are good conditions. all of the other conditions are on the good side. including this one. high pressure over the west coast, giving us record temperatures, it now weakens, shifts to the east and that opens the door to cooler temperatures. in fact, cooler by 15 degrees. the westerly winds, the winds not dry and not that strong all good news for firefighters. we will have the forecast with more good news coming up. another major fire in the bay area. this one in sonoma county. it started as a brush fire and then moved to a factory. it started around the same time
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on mount diablo. we have new information on what happened, linda? >> well, the good news is the firefighters say they now have it fully contained or should be fully contained in the next couple of minutes. 180 firefighters from a dozen jurisdictions all over sonoma county battle the blaze at about 40 acres. most of it was commercial storage land. now, what started out as a grass fire is a ditch fire. quickly spread to a pallet factory. the chief says it this was the worst possible scenario, hot weather and 7-8 acres of lumber that became fuel for the small fire. at one point a propane fuel tank exploded. luckily the fire chief said no one was injured but this was a really tough fire to fight. >> once it got into the wood it was an intensive firefight.
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difficult, over 30 trailers, commercial trailers involved. we lost three structures. >> only one homeowner self- evacuated. his house was never in danger. limited to the storage area. they are investigating the cause of the fire. the fire chief says what started out as a car accident on highway one21 when the toeing company came to move those cars they think small craft advisories may of come from the dolly of the tow truck. but it is still under investigation. what you can see how dangerous it is up here when the weather is hot. >> yes. everying is so, so dry. linda, thank you very much. after four weeks of grueling conditions environmental scientists are examining the damage from the rim fire. they will exam the park and release the report on the conditions of waterways and forested areas. firecrews have the fire about 80% contained with full
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containment expected in 2 weeks. more than two52,000 acres are scorched in and around yosemite national park. >> i came in to pick my son up from lacross practice because i wanted to come over the bridge. >> today is a great day to see the bay bridge it is awesome. >> those are some of the reasons the bay bridge has been jammed all weekend long. it created a logjam on every approach on both sides of the bay. for thousands of commuters leaving san francisco it took as long as an hour to get to the bridge from a few blocks away. but check this out. the bay bridge plaza cleared out for the first time all weekend. it has been jammed. late into the night. partly because of people, they are in and out and about on the nice weather and partly because of the america's cup, 49ers game and giants and a's game. speaking of america's cup, usa won the sprint to the finish line in the last race of the day in today's cup
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competition. but new zealand still has the overall lead winning the first race of the day. they now need 6 more wins to claim the oldest trophy in international sports. team austook race 4 but took 10 more wins to keep the trophy. a bittersweet start to the nfl season for the 9ers. hear from fans about heaving a legendary stadium. it was once owned by the chairman of the board, frank sinatra. why they are shutting down tomorrow. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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season off with a bang. they beat the greenbay packers in the final season home op k. ready, set. score again. way to score it again. >> with that, the 49ers start the season off with a pwaeupg. -- bang. now that they won their opener it marked the beginning of the end for candlestick park. some tailgaters shared their feelings about the windy old park with kpix5. >> reporter: it was excitement
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on the minds of most 49er fans entering candlestick for the first home game of the last season in the old stadium. but this is plenty here when people remember it. >> we moved out here with the team. and, that is 30 something years ago. >> reporter: the conductors and their friends have been coming to games and tailgating ever since. >> an end of an era where we were little kids coming up and doing this here. >> it is a very sad time. because, it has been in this area for so long and now it is going to move away and all of these people who have supported the team all of these years are now being shutout. >> reporter: rich memories, richer food and plenty of drink. even some memories of the games. >> watching joe montana. jerry rice.
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yes. just, everybody. we are going to miss candlestick. it is convenient. we love tailgating, talking to people. >> reporter: game day parking has been an industry for the neighbors. even an elementary school raises cash for parking cars on the playground. they will miss candlestick. will the tailgaters miss the old and coldy stadium. >> i would not want to part with this but time brings out change. >> many say they already have tickets for the new stadium in santa clara. >> i am looking forward to going there, too. a different experience. >> out with the old in with the new. >> everything has to change eventually. >> reporter: in san francisco, back to you. >> sometime after the season ends, candlestick will be imploded to make way for a shopping center. dealing with near record highs, there is relief in
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sight. we will have the forecast coming up, after a break ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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receive a major facelift. the cal neva hotel and casi will close down tomorrow for rennovations. one of the a resort once owned by frank sinatra is about to have a major face-lift. it will close down tomorrow. one of the occupiers says the struggling property needs to be freshened up. back in early '60s members of the rat pack frequented the resort. 2014 would have been sinatra's
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99th birthday. a raging rush of mud and water ran through the streets. this is what it looked like outside of salt lake city. you can see them here, early, powerful surge of water flow. more than 100 families had to evacuate. flash floods, debris went into homes. but residents have now been allowed to return. >> that is the desert for you. when it rains it pours. >> we would take a little bit of that. >> it would not be bad. we can not dictate these things and it brings us to weather. about if we could we would cool it down faster for you. it is coming. the latter half of the week. still warm. notice back in the blue box you can see the clouds from the fire from mount diablo. the smoke is moving to the southeast with winds ushered in the northwesterly direction. and it looks like they are getting a handel on it. stay tuned. 91 degrees in concord right now.
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oakland, 94. here in the city, 60 degrees, mostly sunny, right along the shoreline, heated up and it is hot today. livermore, 100 degrees. a rosea, 92. and, great place to hike. but maybe not when it is 106 degrees. it was today. tomorrow morning as we head out on our workweek. fog and grizzle. could not see the golden gate bridge all day today. sunny around inland. that is what it looked like from the crack of down this morning? i drove across that span. it was hard to see. they have advisories posted for low visibilities across the golden gate tonight. we will look for the temperatures to cool along the shoreline. inland, still staying warm because of the high that is over nevada. as long as it stays in place high water along the shoreline. it will be on the mild side. future cam showing showers hanging back. back from the shoreline. not much in the way of low cloudiness but sunrise tomorrow, we will still have the fog going through the
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golden gates. the low clouds returned. cool, inland, hot. 101 in sacramento. plenty of sun out at yosemite, smoke in the area. they have 75 degrees tomorrow. mill field at the airport, sfo, looking for a high of 79 degrees. it will be light winds, should not be any delays because of the weather tomorrow. looks nice in chicago. 79, partly cloudy skies, 88. we continue above normal in the bay area. livermore tomorrow, forecasted 99 degrees, 13 degrees above average. so, you continue to swelter inland. in the south bay, too. santa clara, 89 degrees. 90 at san jose and 96 at morgan hills, 68. so, this is the era of 30 degree difference. you go 30 miles, you gain 30 degrees. 60, 93 degrees concord, tomorrow, 92 at fairfield and 92 at nap a. up in the north bay, the numbers are still in the middle 80s, 68 at the
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beach, a great place -- great place to take the dog. 88 for santa rosa. now, we will get a break but have to wait until wednesday. even then, the numbers come down to the upper 80s, all week around the bay, fremont, mountain view, nice. middle 70s for the most part. light up the shore, though, time for a cool change. >> and for everybody, yes. by the latter half of the week. >> yes. 80s inland. >> yes. all righty. new developments in the haggling of the stadium for the a's. the raiders now want to build a football-only stadium at the exact location of the current coliseum. that could interfear with the a's ability to stay there and push them to san jose. the raiders have not commented. the a's are negotiating a new lease that would have an outclause depending on the raiders stadium plan. stay saying good-bye to candlestick, that is where
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dennis is tonight, den stpheus. >> reporter: yes, began with a bang, they will close this baby down. 745 yard passing between aaron rodgers and kae about pernick. the story when we come back ,,,,,,,,,,
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them with his arm... jim harbaugh knew it welcome back. a shootout at candlestick.
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kaepernick played tough. he scram scrambled on a broken play. wrestled him to the ground. it sparked a shoving match on the sidelines. the late hit. nailed for unsportsman like conduct. by rule t should have been 4th down. they had to replay 3rd down. going for a touchdown and a 14- 7 lead. 14-14, 3rd quarter. one of the 2 touchdowns, 6 catches for 98 yards. then, 49ers, 4th quarter, aaron rodgers, going on the sideline. the packers finished it on a
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line, taking the lead. but, chemistry with kaepernick was incredible. going through 43. 412 yards passing for kaepernick. 208 yards receiving. that was the big play. it ended in 1. for the 49ers win. getting the opener, 34-28. >> i am not worried about what people are saying. if intimidation is your game plan, i hope you have a better one. >> you know, i know every receive would love to be but that is not how it works. >> great. now, we did the draft choice for him. paying him a lot of money but, definitely think he is worth every penny. [ laughter ] >> 6th round pick. the great story was in indianapolis. 26 of the raiders 53 players
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were making their nfl debut. so, obviously expectations were very low for the raiders. they played in indianapolis in their opener, it looked like they were prime for a route in the 1st half, indy up. luck, drops back, throws, hits it off of dwayne for the 20 yard to make it 14-0. but, a weapon with his feet. nobody open, he takes off. a pick up of 29 yards inside of the 35. led to a short touchdown, prior had 112 yards rushing setting a franchise record for a quarterback; to moore for another touchdown and the 17-14 lead. prior completes 19-29. they could not get anything going on offense until 6 minutes in the game. it takes off and goes all of the way for a 19 yard score. that turns out to be the game
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winner. 41-17. more importantly, a moral victory for the silver and black. >> giving him a chance to win. that is all we can ask of him. there are a lot of people that don't think much of prior or people on this team. but he gave us a chance to win. offense gave him a chance to win. a lot of plays out there today. we were up. so, you know, we got -- we got to pull it out. >> taking you across the bay. baseball, 18,000 at the coliseum. a's down 1-0 are in the 3rd. brandon, opposite field. the ball hits off of the base of the wall. 2 runs score and oakland takes the lead. the a's score all of their runs in the 3rd inning and takes it early. the big blow, 3-run shot, into the bleachers, only his 8th of the year. going on to win 8 of the 2. the a's remain 1 1/2 games up on the rangers in the west. oakland hitting the road this week for three in minnesota. giants, 6 ins shutout and ended up with a no decision.
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giants it in extra innings, singles, 2 outs in the 11th. he beats the flow. the giants are 3-2 winners? the u.s. open women's final, serena williams, won a tight first set, appeared to have everything under control but then the rally and the loss of the second set. serena wonders what happened. she dropped her first set of the tournament. how about her most dominant stretch of the day she wins the third set 6-1. the 5th u.s. open and 17 grand slam. that is it. coming up tonight, at 11:30 "gameday" we will take you inside of the packers locker room and the late hit on kaepernick and inside of the locker room and vern glen. reporting live from
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candlestick. let's go back to you. >> i would not let you off so easy. how about the raiders, are you surprised they did so well today? >> absolutely. i think everyone would go against the best quarterback in football and get blown out. a small victory. everyone says this is no such thing as moral victory. that was one for the raiders today. >> all right,. >> that will do it for this edition of kpix news. "60 minutes" is next. we will have more for you about the fire at 11:00. good night
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ford-- built for the road ahead. >> kroft: everyone has a different idea of what a robot is and what they look like, but the broad universal definition is a machine that can perform the job of a human. tonight, you will see how they have marched out of the realm of science fiction into the mainstream, competing for jobs and changing the economy. you'd think they'd run into each other. >> you would think that, but it never happens. >> when i see what computers and robots can do right now, i think we're going to find ourselves in a world where the work, as we currently think about it, is largely done by machines. >> stahl: each year as the anniversar s


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