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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 9, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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captions by: caption colorado good morning to sour viewers in the west. monday september 13. welcome to cbs this morning. charlie rose with the interview the world is ready to see. in a global exclusive, the u.s. is warned to expect everything in response to aye military zblooichlkt the use of chemical weapons claims and the message toll americans. john kerry just issued an appointed response to the words. we'll have the late oegs analysis and reaction. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> will pit be attacks against
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ef american bases in the middle east if there's an air strike? >> expect everything. >> syrian president bashar al asatisfied tells the news he never used chemical weapons. >> if your f government did not do tift despite the effort who did it? >> the evidence is powerful. the question for all of us is what are we going to do about it? >> law make hers returned facing a vote on whether to authorize military f e in syria. 12k3w4r6 i can't if come up with a reason why the united states should support this action. >> the history books are going to sooi this was a redefining moment in world history. what was the united states doing? >> aye fast moving wife has forsd evacuation of homes north of san francisco. still not clear what caused the carnival rooid in connecticut to stop ef with a dozen children.
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rains i o move ut tout a moving wall of floods. >> all that. touchdown dallas. >> the cowboys come away with aye win. >> and all that matters. >> the story coming out of parge tina call aid miracle. a 508-year-old man found in good health after being lost they the mountains for months. >> on cbs this morning. >> a five time u.s. open champion. >> $2.6 million for your people. eye soerp presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to cbs this morning. i'm along with jeff.
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good morning. >> good to be here. >> charlie rose is returning from assign hmt in damascus. that's where he sat down with syrian president bashar al-assad. it's assad aeps only television intervup since president barack obama asked the congress to authorize a strike against syria for a chemical weapon assault last month. >> 1400 people were killed in damascus with gas. 40 0 victims were children. we begin with the question at heart of the matter what happened that dye? >> what was the reality august 21st? what happened in your judgment? >> we're not in the e.r.a. with the alleged chemical attack happened. we're not sure anything happened. >> even at this date you're not sure chemical weapons the -- even though you've seen the
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video tape even though you've seen the bodies -- >> think haven't finished. our soldiers in another area were attacked chemically. our soldiers went to the hospital with casualties because of chemical weapons. in the area where they saved the government use fd chemical weapons, we had slid yoe and only have pictures and allegations. we're not there. our no, sir o, our police our institutions don't exist. how can eye talk about what happened if you don't have evidence. we're not social media administration for government. we are the government that deals with reality. we have evidence. >> as you know secretary kerry has said p there's evidence rockets fired from a region controlled by your forces into a rooejen of control by the rebels. they have the evidence from satellite photographs of that.
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they have the evidence of a message intercepted about chemical weapons and that soon thereafter other intercepted messages. secretary kerry has present odd what he concludes is conclusive evidence. >> he presented confidence and conviction. it's not about confidence. it's about confidence. russians have complete loi opposite oefd that chemical weapons were flown from area controlled. that reminds me p about what kerry said about the big lie that was said in front of the world on sat side. he said this is our evidence. he gives false evidence. in this case kerry didn't present any evidence. he talked about evidence and didn't f present anything nothing so far.
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not single evidence. >> there's intense discussion about the thirngs we're the talking about in washington where if there's a strike hit will imnate from the united states decision to do this. what do you want to say in this very important week in america and in washington to the american people to members of congress to the president of the united states? p. >> i think the most important is say to the american people p the majority now don't want a war anywhere. the congress going to vote about this. i think the congress is elected by the people and should frent people. the first question she should ask themselves what do wars
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give america? nothing. nothing to gain no economy gain no good reputation. therefore this is against interest of the united states. the war is going to support al qaeda and the same people that killed americans in 11 of september. the second thing they should ask and what they expect fixing to ask is evidence they have regarding the chemical story and allegations that they presented. up until the president were disappointed by their behavior hospital. we expected this administration different from bush's
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administration. they are looking the same doctrine with different necessities. that's it. we expect something from this administration is not to be say we have evidence. we have to obey the international law p go back to security and united nation zblechlt second wlarks the f can you say to the president that believe os chemical weapons were used by this government that this will not happen again -- >> present what you have as evidence to the public. be transparent -- >> if he does? if he presents that evidence -- >> we can discuss the evidence he doesn't have. he didn't present it. kerry didn't have it. no one in administration has it. if they had it they would present to you. >> they have presented it to congress. >> nothing. >> they have shown the congress
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they have from satellite, intercepted messages and alike -- >> nothing has been presented. >> they have presented to congress, sir. >> you're a reporter. get this evidence. show it to the public until your country. >> they presented it to the public -- you don't know what you're doing and plans of what you're doing to people in your own council. they're showing it to people that have to vote on authorization to strike. >> the president of power when he show the evidence it was false and forced. second you want know believe american evidence and don't believe indication we have. we live here. >> assad gave aye chilling warning when charlie asked what he kind of retaliation american interests could face if u.s.
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launches a strike. >> will it be attacks against american bases in the middle east if there's an air strike? >> expect everything. expect everything. not necessarily through the government. the governments are not only player in this region. you have different party o different identities. you have everything in decision now. you have to expect that. >> tell me what you mean by expect everything. >> expect every action. >> including chemical fare? >> that depends if rebels or terrorists in this region por group have it. it could happen. i don't know. i'm not teller to tell you what's going to happen. >> we'dlike to know more. the american people would like to know if there's an attack what might be the rep cushions and who mooib engaged in those
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rep cushions. >> before 11 is of september, i said to say that don't deal with terrorists as playing games. it's a different story. they're going to pay the price if you're not wise. there are going to be repercussion of dealing with it. nobody expected 11 of september. nobody expect it. it's an area where everything is on the brink of explosion. expect everything. >> we have much more analysis' head and more from charlie's intervooi in our next hour. watch the sbooir f intervoou without edits tonight on char live rose on pbs. in london secretary of state is responding to kerry's interview that the u.s. has no
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evidence of them ordering chemical weapons. >> we know his regym gave orders to prepare for a chemical attack deployed sources and put them in the place this took place. we know by tracing it physically i have where the rockets came from and where they landed. it is no accident that they all came from regime controlled territory and all landed in opposition controlled or contested territory. o we know this. we know that within moments of them landing in that territory, the social media exploded with videos that we also know could not be contrived. we've done various means of ascertaining that through
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technology check up. >> secretary kerry says assad can turn over the chemical weapons by the end of this week. >> with us now, john miller served in the director on the floor national intelligence office. good morning. >> good morning. >> there's a lotto talk about -- a lot to talk about in this intervoou with president assad and charlie rose. i want to ask about a question char loi posed to the president about will there be attacks in the middle east if there's a strooik by the u.s. president assad responded by saying "you should expect everything. not necessarily from the government. the government is not temperature only player in this region." charlie asked about chemical o warfare. what do they have? >> they have a service in military that should have o by now prepared target folders for
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likely targets in the region and beyond. beyond their military you've got the soirks with the terrorist organization fighting in the streets of damascus and the suburbs against the rebels. they have capability. there's the wildcard of other states ooir ran who might decide to do something in support of syria or distract attention from nits other swooigss. you have plenty of wooild cards. >> we hear charlie ask about the stock pile of chemical weapons. president assad said we never said we don't have it. he denies the attack that killed 1400 of his own people and 400 children. what did you make of president assad's response? >> i think when the skbel jens analysts show up at the white
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house to brief the president, he's going to ask the same questions. the analysis you're going to get. president assad, this is not his first rode yoe. he didn't fall off a turnip truck. he's playing to a number of audiences. his best intelligent source now is the newspapers. he is clearly read that the thing that is causing the white house trouble about getting approval from congress is the fear of retaliation. if you'll note through the charlie interview, he touches that nerve as many times he can. expect everything he says. frankly, you might look at hit an lit cli and say if he's struck in a punishment operation, we're going to hit you in limited strike. you know how much that hurts and you won't do it again. there's no upside to retaliate. he's escalate thanksgiving situation to limit.
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right now we're in the propaganda phase. he's telling american f public if he you're woired about retaliation, i need to ban those worries. >> thank you very much. while the striegs lacks evidence of the attacks by the regime, it passes what he calls the common sense test. president barack obama gives a look at his tuesday night speech. he's fighting to gain support in congress. may jor garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. this is a pif toll week. many close to the include this. this will likely show what the president hopes to bring in his second term. there's the evidence where the white house is on capital you hill.
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it's a common sense case that the regime launched this attack. they can't prove that. that's problem mat hick for the administration in brooefings. when they say it's common sense circumstantial case they may not vote to book this up until they see it. surprisingly they thought they could win in the senate. that's somewhat of an open question. eight democrats, as many as 12 way behind in the house thooil deal with it after the senate. as far as the senate lobbying is concerned, at the vice presidents's residence with republicans tuesday, he'll press his case. what about the message from the white house? as you said six net work interview miss including cbs and prime time address tuesday the president will yoouz every tool in his tool box. not to bring the new message to the american public t
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administration is not going to change poll numbers, strikingly against striking the regime, they want to meet members face to face and persuade them. the white house tend to guess work that as hard as they can yuthds the intervoous and prime time address tomorrow. one other voice p former secretary of state hillary clinton will back military strikes the against testify rejooem. you can catch that tonight on cbs evening news. time to show you headlines from tarchd gloechblt the hartford cur rechbt says 18 people were hurt when an amusement ride stopped. riders slammed into each other at the oyster festival. 12 children and an adult went to the hospital with mooi nor injuries. a mechanical failure is to blame.
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just after the nfl game between the 49ers and green buy packers, a man fell from a way. he appeared to be intoxicated. his name has not been released. aye 107-year-old man died in a shoot out with police in ark ancht police went to the home in i doer. they found him threatening two with a weapon. officers got if i pair out safe. he opened the through a door. the swat team shot him after he fired again. ben jury man is stepping down. jealous makes the good monday morning. we are starting out with fog and low clouds streaming in over the city but not streaming enough to spell much relief inland. near the shoreline temperatures will be moderate but high pressure is in place over the pacific. as long as that stays there
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we'll continue with warm readings inland. 100 degrees at livermore. concord in his 90s. 68 in the city. the extended forecast calling for things to begin to cool down beginning wednesday. in fact, into the weekend we'll be in the upper 80s inland. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by mcdonald's. i'm loving it. the haunting video con investigation of a drunk driver
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seen nationwide, is it sincere remorse or a legal endeavor. >> maybe i'll get a reduced sentence or maybe i'll get off but i won't dishonor his memory by lying about what happened. >> see what the family of the victim is saying. people count on health insurance from the company and now it's going away. the alternative big blue and hundreds of othe morning. >> you'll see what the police say after he pos his hands up and got down on the ground even though he didn't do anything wrong. >> the news is next and then "cbs ths morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green.
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about 30 minutes from now. kpix five's cate cauguiran is on scene now. good morning. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. fire crews tackling the morgan fire from the air on the top of mount diablo in 30 minutes. let's check in with cate caugiran live on the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: if you look at this plume of smoke if that's any indication of the day to come we know firefighters have their work cut out for them. right now chopper 5 is live over mount diablo today. there will be 500 firefighters batsling these flames. more evacuations were issued overnight bringing the total up to 100 homes. the fire burned 1500 acres pushing it toward the summit of mount diablo. firefighters are not sure when this fire will be contained. live in clayton, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> traffic and weather coming up.
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good morning. i'm liza battalones. slow traffic in the south bay an accident north 101 approaching tully has traffic backed up into morgan hill. then over at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is stacked up into the macarthur maze westbound 80 slow from university, but a much nicer ride on the san mateo bridge with no delays at the brian? >> all righty. liza, good morning. we are starting out with a lot of smoke in the east bay and also fog and low cloudiness. you can see the shadow of the transamerica period over the city. temperatures beginning monday morning mild. 54 in the city. 63 in san jose. we'll top out again near 100 degrees inland. it will be 100 at livermore today.
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man overboard at the america's cup. he lost his balance and fell off the yacht before the first race of the finals. he was rescued but oracle had to race without him. >> just amazing. coming up in this half hour parents could learn much more about their newborns when they leave the hospital. there are big concerns about cracking the genetic code at birth. that's why david agus is with us this morning. plus prince andrew didn't get treated lie a prince at the palace. that is ahead. on friday we told you about
7:31 am
an ohio man who posted dramatic video confession online. he admitted to killing a 61-year-old he'd never met. well, today prosecutors are expected to file charges and the man said he will turn himself in. don dahler is here. don, good morning. >> good morning, norah. in the 3 1/2-minute posted online he admits he was driving and drinking trying to have a good time when he lost control. the man's face and voice are concealed as he begins the chilling confession. >> i ended up on the wrong way down the highway directly into oncoming traffic and i struck a car car. i killed a man. >> then he reveals his identity. >> my name is matthew cordle and on june 22nd 2013 i hit and killed vincent canzani. this video will act as my confession. >> cordle was already a prime
7:32 am
suspect but lawyer told him he could beat the charges if and when they came. >> maybe i would get a reduced sentence and maybe i would get on but i won't dishonor vince's memory by lying about what happened. >> franklin prosecuting attorney said it was highly unusual and his own lawyer was surprised. >> he confessed to a crime that he wasn't even indicted on. this was a completely unique situation. >> steve crane was a friend of the 61-year-old victim vincent canzani. >> this is the right thing to do. thing that's how vince would look at it. in fact, i think vince would be proud of that young man. >> of course vincent canzani can no locker speak for himself but the daughter called the video self-serving saying, quote, my family has not been helped at all by this video. nothing has changed for the better. and if anything it's only caused
7:33 am
us heartache. >> i know matt and i know why he did this and it wasn't to make himself look better. it was to raise awareness about drunk driving and to apologize. >> cordle says he will plead guilty and faces between two and eight years in prison. >> i beg your and i say the word "beg" specifically. i'm begging you, please don't drink and drive. >> the victim's daughter says the timing was bad and that if cordle wanted to raise awareness about drunk driving he should have waited longer. now for procedural reasons the 22-year-old will initially plead not guilty to vehicular homicide and then plead guilty. whether he gets two years, the lawyer says under ohio law he will not be eligible for early release. >> thank you so much. 4 million babes are screens for rare genetic diseases.
7:34 am
now the government is spending $4.5 million dollar to map a baby's entire jean gnome. >> the program is controversial. dr. agus good morning. >> good morning. >> what could this genome sequencing tell us? >> it tell use the blueprint of the baby but more important they they could tell you today how they metabolize drugs. now we stick the heel of a baby and look at metabolic diseases. this is a much more accurate way of looking at it. i think what's exciting is last night great paper came out showing leukemia can be lichked to a gene and say which child would shah that and hopefully prevent those diseases. >> what kind of diseases? >> mel a bottic. it's definitely going to happen. we can look at percentages. the hope is we can start to
7:35 am
study how parents react to the situation, how kids do and how to prevent the diseases. >> you had yours mapped on the front pages of the journal. you have kids norah has kids i have kids. >> information is power. the more you know hopefully the more you know the more you change your behavior. i showed i was heart risk for heart disease. now i eat better i exercise and it's a family affair. >> one thing some people might be concerned about, though, is whether this information could possibly be used against them or their kids. is that a possibility? >> you know it certainly was and in 2008 president bush passed g.i.n.a. which makes it illegal to use it. it should not in this country be used against you. >> we showed this incredible
7:36 am
list that shows every disease, whether it's crohn's disease, psoriasis, types of cancer multilet sclerosis. i have to ask you. doesn't this become a mind game? if you know about this with your child or yourself you may be worried you may get one of these things? >> no question about it. that's why the government did the write thing. they're looking at a study. we have to figure out sometimes it may be overwhelming or there may be a better way to counsel them so that doesn't happen. so i agree with you this is something we have to use with caution and that's why it's very exciting. the government says hey, this technology is going to come down dramatically in price. >> i know as a doctor you would argue that having this information could help prevent these diseases and lead to less medical care in the future. >> we know that.
7:37 am
>> for 50 bucks to 100 bucks. >> thank you very much. there was a royal blunder. officers stopped what they thought to be an intruder. it turned o out to be prince andrew fifth in line to the throne. char la d'agata is outside the palace in london. good morning to you. >> good moshing to you. they eventually got the version of no harm no foul. they say prince andrew has accepted that apology but inside palace wars he is said to be furious. after the embarrassing break-in at the palace two days earlier, it's likely police were a little jittery. but that might not justify pouncing on prince andrew the queen's son, in the queen's garden. he was shouted at to put his
7:38 am
hands up and face down. prince andrew held at gunpoint but police said nobody used anypulled any weapons or used any. he tersely replied somexpolice get it wrong and said i am grateful for the apology and look forward to a safe walk in the garden later. >> how would this have gone down? >> it wouldn't have gone down right at all. prince andrew krs himself a senior member of the royal family. hi would assume he has a high enough public profile to be recognized by everyone in the country let alone royal protection officers and security officers at bumming ham. >> reporter: just two days earlier a burglar managed to scale the gates after dark
7:39 am
reach one of the palace's state rooms. the queen wasn't there. she and prince philip are still on summer vacation in scotland but as easy as it appears, there are places that make it totally secure. >> we could be shot down raise the perimeter fence and have rainray bied dogs. >> two men are being held in custody with the yormg nal break-in. they're checking out a range of areas. that may be brushing up on who's who in the royal family. jeff and norah? >> that would be a good idea. charlie d'agata, thank you. some of the best known countries are shaking up their health
7:40 am
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see a dermatologist and see for yourself.
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ib michigan says it's moving more than 100,000 retearees off its health plan. instead they'll give them money to buy privately. they're not the only ones. time warner is also doing it. cbs news contributeor and analyst mellody hobson is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what's i bim doing and is it going to be a trend? >> absolutely i think it's going to be a trend. what they're doing is taking their retireryiesyiesry retirees off their plan and allowing them to go to a private insurance exchange. the idea here is they wanted to make sure they could stabilize costs for retires, not cut them. because they anticipate by 2020 the health care costs will
7:45 am
triple from what the retierees are paying right now. >> so is this in reaction to the president's affordable care act known as obama care? >> not in reaction but certainly in response to the escalating health care that president obama is talking about. they're seeing these costs escalate. it's not going to help ibm per se. they limited it the amount go decades ago. they're really saying the retires are going to be in trouble here. >> mellody, i understand kwhiewhy people are doing this. is it good or bad. >> i would say in the short term it's neutral. the health care coverage should be as good or better than what they're currently getting because they'll have more choice. if it works, the health care
7:46 am
costs should come down. the reason i say if for this to work you need to get young people into these exchanges. in order to offset the older people who use more health care services. >> mellody, most are hearing this and saying this is a former company i worked ke cads for and they're screwing me. >> i don't think that's actually the case. what testified has shown and that they've explained to them is this gets really comfortable. they just now have control. it reminds me very much with what happened with pensions. we went from situations where they would manage your retirement for you and they went to a defined contribution plan where they give you a set amount and you make the decision. we're seeing the exact same thing right now. it's not necessarily good or bad. it's just different. >> we're seeing a changes good monday morning. we are starting out with fog and low clouds streaming in
7:47 am
over the city but not streaming enough to spell much relief inland. near the shoreline temperatures will be moderate but high pressure is in place over the pacific. as long as that stays there, we'll continue with warm readings inland. 100 degrees at livermore. concord in his 90s. 68 in the city. the extended forecast calling for things to begin to cool down beginning wednesday. in fact, into the weekend we'll be in the upper 80s inland. 47 minutes past the hour. we have much more of charlie's interview with president bashar al assad coming up. he's hints what a military strike might like look and he responds to those who call him a butcher. very interesting responls. you'll see it first on "cbs this morning." ♪
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. dry conditions are fueling the morgan fire now on mount diablo. these are live pictures from chopper 5. as you can see all the smoke down there. the fire has burned at least 1500 acres. it's only 10% contained right now. several areas of contra costa county are being evacuated today because of the fire. and the east bay is stepping up to help animals forced out of their homes by the fire. residents forced to evacuate were able to take their horses to the heather farm in walnut creek. stay with us, traffic in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning.
7:58 am
i'm liza battalones. long delays for the altamont pass where 580 has been backed up from the 205 interchange no relief until you pass the dublin. it's going to still be a little slow down the dublin grade. meanwhile, 880 through fremont, very slow traffic an accident at thornton. it stays heavy to the 237 interchange. and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are still on. traffic is backed up from the foot of the maze. it's been a great morning for local transit though. no problems for the bart system or muni. that's traffic. here's brian. >> i'm glad there's no problems somewhere because in the weather department, we still have that fire to deal with some very warm weather. we'll be near record highs again today as we look from mount vaca toward that plume of smoke rising from mount diablo. temperatures in the east bay will still be near 100 degrees today. starting out mild at least. 54 in the city. heading out the door in san jose, it's 64. today, though, we'll be at 100 at livermore, yet a cooling trend is on the way. but we're going to have to wait until wednesday. the numbers then inland only in the upper 80s.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to you. it's 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we'll have more of charlie's world-exclusive interview with syrian leader bashar al assad. the syrian president is warning america, if you strike, expect repercussions. a major business school conducts an experiment to get more women into the executive suite. and serena williams beats the second seed at the u.s. open last night to claim her 17th grand slam title. wow. she's here in studio 57 looking just like a champion. but first a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> there would be repper cautions from the united states
8:01 am
against other countries like iran or hezbollah or others. >> it may take different forms, direct and indirect. >> assad's only television interview since president obama asked congress to authorize a strike against syria for alleged chemical weapons attacks last month. >> right now we're in the propaganda phase. he has to tell the american public, if you're worried about retaliation, i need to calm those worries. >> the most important week because the way this turns out will likely influence many other things the president hopes to accomplish in his second term. >> haunting video confession of a drunk driver. is it remorse or a legal maneuver? >> is your kid's dna mapping what you recommend? >> you want to know what you're up against. the more you know the more you can hopefully change your behavior and do the right thing. apologizing for incident saying prince andrew has accepted that apology, but behind palace walls he is said to be furious. the green jacket own id p by
8:02 am
the first ever winner of the masters sold for a whopping $682,000. charlie rose tried it on in studio 57. >> that fit charlie exceedingly well. i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and jeff glor. charlie rose is returning from assignment in damascus where he sat down with syrian president bashar al assad. it is assad's first television interview since president obama asked congress to authorize military action against syria for an alleged chemical weapons attack last month. the white house says more than 1,400 people died in attack including 400 children. the house and senate convened this afternoon after a five-week recess to take up the issue. charlie asked assad if he believed washington will go ahead with military action against his country. >> do you expect an air strike? >> as long as the united states
8:03 am
doesn't obey the international law and tramples over the charter e of the united nations, we have to believe that they would do anything. but according to the lies that we've been hearing for the last two weeks from high-ranking officials in this administration we have to expect the worst. >> are you prepared? >> we've been living in these circumstances for the last 2 1/2 years and we're prepared for every possibility but that doesn't mean if you're prepared things will be better. it's going to get worse with any strike of war. >> what do you mean war? >> worst because of the repercussions repercussions. nobody can talk about it. you're talk about one big region. it's not only syria. it's an interlinked region, intermingled, interlocked, whatever you want to call it.
8:04 am
if you strike somewhere, you have to expect repercussions from somewhere else in different forms in a way that you don't. >> are you suggesting that in, affect, there's a strike, there would be repercussions against the united states from your friends in other countries like iran or hezbollah or others? >> yeah. as i said. it may take different forms. derek and indirect. direct when they want to retaliate. indirect when you're going to have terrorism and spread all over the world. >> have you had conversations with russia, with iran, with hezbollah about how to retaliate? >> we don't discuss this issue, but we discuss the repercussions. any american strike would not destroy as much as the terrorists has destroyed in syria. any american strike would not destroy as much as the terrorists have destroyed in
8:05 am
syria. so sometimes repercussions could be many more than the strike itself. >> some feel it may tip the balance in the favor of the rebels and lead to the overthrow of your government. >> exactly. any strike would be a damage report of al qaeda and hezbollah and the islamic state of iraq and syria. you're right about this. it's going to be direct support. >> this is about chemical warfare and let's talk about that. do you approve of the use of chemical warfare? >> what do you mean? >> the use of chemical, the use of deadly -- >> do i think we have to use them? >> do you think it's an appropriate tool of war to use chemicals? >> the chemical. >> yes. >> we are against any wmd, weapons of mass destruction, whether chemical or nuclear. >> you're against the use of chemical warfare. >> it's not only me. as a state, as a government, in 2001 we proposed to the united
8:06 am
nations, proposed to empty or to get rid of every wmd in the middle east. and the united states went against that proposal. this is our policy. >> but you're not a signatory to the chemical warfare. >> not yet. >> why not? >> israel has it and they're trying to occupy our land. >> do you consider chemical warfare over nuclear? >> i don't know. we haven't tried either. >> i know but you're ahead of state and you understand the consequences that are beyond -- >> technically they're not the same, but morally they're the same. >> morally they're the same. >> they are the same. but at the end, killing is killing. >> an incredible interview by charlie and yet syria has a very large stockpile of chemical weapons according to multiple intelligence communities around the world. i think as john miller pointed out, this is in part propaganda
8:07 am
too, by the syrian president. he says that military air strikes, he said will be direct support to the al qaeda offshoot. in the full interview that you will see tonight on pbs, you will see charlie press president assad very hard just how many of these rebels, opposition represent al qaeda. >> this is the first time we're hearing him speak. >> you have a soft-spoken guy who seems on the outside to be subtle and then you hear these threats. he says he had nothing to do with a chemical release. >> he's making these not so subtle threats and dangerous statements. i think that separation in this interview is striking. we'll see more of that. >> he's clearly paying attention to what we're doing in the united states. in our next half hour, assad tells charlie what he says to those who call him a butcher. you can see the entire interview with syrian president assad tonight on "charlie rose" on pbs. the senate is expected to vote on a resolution that would give president obama the right
8:08 am
to launch limited missile strikes. the president is making a last-ditch effort to win support. last night he stopped by a dinner of vice president joe biden. narcy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. we've been krufshlging the ing thecrunching the numbers on capitol hill, and the president's resolution has more support in the senate than it does in the house. it's still far from a sure bet in the senate. take a look at our numbers. currently cbs news has 27 senators who we've categorized yes or leans yes based on what they've told us or what we've said publicly. 23 are no or lean no. so nearly split down the number with about half of the senate still undecided. but take a look at the numbers in the house. there 68 members have already said they are voting no and only 16 have said they're voting yes. add in the members who appear to be leaning one way or the other and you've got 184 in the no column, just 36 in the yes
8:09 am
column. still it's early. the vote is probably a week away. there are about 200 member who is say they are undecided, waiting to learn more at a classified briefing today at 2:00 p.m. pacific and they want to see what the president has to say in his televised address tomorrow night. norah, gayle, jeff? >> thank you. and many acknowledge if the house were held today it would fail. hillary clinton will speak at the white house today on another topic, but she also plans to reiterate her support of the president's effort to get congressional backing for a military strike. >> president obama will sit down with cbs news anchor scott pelley today. tomorrow night the president will take his case directly to the american people in a prime time address to the nation. major garrett is at the white house. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning-game norah, and jeff. the white house's goal is to make president obama a nearly inescapable presence in the next
8:10 am
couple days. in addition to talking to cbs, five other television network interviews today, the primetime address tomorrow night from the white house. white house aides tell us the goal is not to change the message or introduce anything new. the goal is to drive president's current message as aggressively as possible. white house aides also concede they don't expect the president to change the poll number thons question which still run lopsidedly against a military strike against syria. what they intend to do is use the president's advocacy today and tomorrow to convince members of congress who are on the fence or doubtful that it's the right thing to do to support the president. that's become more problematic in the senate this week than last week. about 8 to 12 senate democrats are no or leaning no. that could make it difficult for white house. a persuasive campaign for today and tomorrow is what the white house will hope is turning the tide
8:11 am
television history is in the making tonight. >> we're taking our cues from you and television history is in the making tonight. >> we're taking our cues from you and charlie. we figure whatever you and charlie do, we're going to do the same thing. >> we'll talk with gwen ifill and judy woodruff about taking over a broadcasting legacy. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
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8:15 am
look at that, jumping up and down. gayle, you saw serena. >> all two hours and 45 minutes. i don't know how she was able to get up off the ground after the game she played. wow. >> incredible. now serena williams is here in studio 57. we're going to ask how she stayed on top for so long after so many men fell at the u.s. open. that story's ahead. >> why are you giving it up on the men here?
8:16 am
>> we're just pro woman. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." t prowomen. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. [ female announcer ] you've got finding time for what matters, down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. ♪ ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight fight back fast with tums.
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heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! ♪
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8:19 am
]çóçóç]ç]çóçóçóç]çóçóçóçóçóçóçóç]çóç]çóç]çóçókóçókóçók and serena continues her way here in new york. >> how high can she jump at the u.s. open last night. serena williams proves again why she's the number one ranked tennis player in the world. she defeated victoria azarenka to win her fifth open and 17th grand slam. serena williams, the champion. i'm telling you it was two hours and ha minute45 minutes of torture. >> i'm sorry. >> we were so nervous for you.
8:20 am
>> we thought it would be open at 6:30. >> i didn't realize it would be two hours and 45 minutes. after the first two sets i saw it was over two hours. that had been longer than any match i had played in the whole tournament so i really just tried to hank in there and think about not the time but just the match. sorry i ruined your dinner plans. i didn't mean to. >> how dare you. >> it's all good. >> was the grunting distracted to you and sometimes yours was. >> i get loud sometimes. not at all. out in the moment you hear it. i may hear it in the beginning after that i literally don't hear anything, i'm just trying to play the point. >> this is your best u.s. open win, your 17th grand slam. >> i'm trying to remember the points because it was so crazy. >> is this one different in any way? >> this one is different because -- every one is different only
8:21 am
because of that and, you know it's the first time i was able to fit in my title. actually i never won back-to-back titles so in a way that's better. >> do you think you're playing your best tennis? >> think. so i do know for a fact i'm having a lot of fun out there. is it my best tennis? i don't know. i don't like to think about that. i think when i'm all done and put up my racket in 20 years. >> at 51. >> exactly. i'll be able to say -- then i'll be able to say this was my best moment or that was my best moment. so i really conditions answer that question right now. >> can we talk about the wind last night. >> oh, my gosh. >> what was happened. how was it -- >> you're killing me. my dress was going everywhere and i couldn't quite get control and i kept missing shots. you know granted she was playing in the same conditions and i just -- you know at some
8:22 am
point she was actually playing better and handling the conditions better than me. but particularly on that side you see right there, it really was like a windstorm just in that area. that's why in particular it was really tough. >> they said your coach -- how do you say his last name? that he's the callous behind your return to the top. what do you have that you didn't have before? >> consistency. >> there's rumors -- there's been pictures of the two of you canoodling. >> i know. >> how do you navigate business and pleasure? >> you don't mix business and pleasure. i'm a firm believer in not mixes business and pleasure. i also believe -- yeah i think i won like 13 or so before so i think what you add mostly is consistency. i'd like to thing i have the game but at the same time it's
8:23 am
about getting it all together
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 8:25 on your monday. let's get you updated on some bay area headlines now. we start in the middle east though. syrian president bashar assad says his government had nothing to do with the chemical weapons attacks which the u.s. government says killed 1400 people. assad made the statement during an interview with cbs news' charlie rose this morning. the white house says the syrian army is the only group capable of carrying out a sarin gas attack of that size. the morgan fire is burning atop mount diablo right now. it has burned 1500 acres so far doubling in size overnight. more people force the out of their homes this morning, as well. a man who fell to his death at candlestick park was walking
8:26 am
with his brother when it happened. the man is in his 30s. he fell from an elevated walkway outside the stadium shortly after the 49ers- packers game started yesterday afternoon. witnesses told san francisco police the man appeared to be intoxicated at the time. >> we have your traffic and weather for your monday right after the break.
8:27 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ ♪ the cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. lease this cadillac ats for around $299 per month with premium care maintenance included. good morning. i'm liza battalones. slow traffic heading to and
8:28 am
through the fremont area. southbound traffic heavy now leaving hayward. you can see all the slow traffic there is going to stay slow towards milpitas where the 880/237 interchange is backed up. 237 extremely slow in that westbound direction. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on traffic is backed up from the center of the maze may see as you make your way across the lovely new bay bridge. expect some delays for that westbound drive approaching treasure island. here's brian. >> thank you, liza. we are starting out this morning with readings mostly in the 50s as we look over a lot of fog pouring in the golden gate that will keep the shoreline mild but inland we don't get much of a break. 61 at fairfield right now. 64 in san jose. and 54 in the city. here's how we look today. it will still be 100 degrees in livermore so temperatures not giving firefighters out there much of a break. the winds are not that bad so that's good news. we'll get a cooling trend. we have to wait until wednesday when numbers inland plummet down to the upper 80s.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." bashar al assad. they look what president obama needs to say in order to convince the american people it is time for action. plus big changes in the nation's capital tend to follow elections, but a washington media institution is getting a a new look today. we'll talk with gwen ifill and judy woodruff today about history in the making. that's coming up. first it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. suggests the benefits of early mammograms. getting screened before the age of 50 dramatically reduces
8:31 am
deaths from breast cancer. the study looked at more than 7,000 women. britain's "guardian" says dennis rodman told the world the name of king jong-un's baby daughter. her name is juay. he showed pictures of his trip to north korea and in pyongyang today he watch add military parade celebrating his birthday. according to psychologists, couples who do everything together are usually not satisfied. a better approach is doing separate but related activities. >> i'm always of the belief a couple that golfs together stays together or cooks together stays together. i thing togetherness is a good thing. >> i like it. london's independence say as
8:32 am
long lost painting by vincent van gogh has been found. the work is called sun set at mon me zur. he painted it in 1888. it depict a rocky landscape in southern france with an abby in the background. they did not say who owned the painting. >> you can paint with your spouse. that might work. the telegraph says one of james bonds cars will be auctioned auchlt roger moore droesh it. 's said to be fully operational under water. it's said to sell for $1.5 million. and the "new york daily news" says grammy winner bruno mars will be performing at the half time super bowl show. some think a local star like billy joel bruce springsteen or bon jovi would be more appropriate.
8:33 am
but bruno mars is from hawaii but he's got lots of hits. in his first tv interview when president obama asked congress to authorize the strike against syria. assad spoke with charlie rose on sunday. he asked the president how he's changed over the years and why many consider him to be a butcher. >> when i first interviewed you, there was talk of bashar al assad, he's the hope. that's not what they say anymore. >> who? >> people who write about you, talk about you, people who analyze syria and your regime. >> exactly. so the hope for american is different from the hope of syrians. for me i should be hope for syrian. neither american or french.
8:34 am
i'm president to help syrian people, so this question should start from the hope of the syrian people and if there's any change regarding that help we should ask the syrian people not anyone else in the world. >> but now they say, their words, a butcher. comparisons to the worst dictators to ever walk on the face of the earth, comparing you to them. using weapons that go beyond war fafrmt everything they could say bad about a dictator they're now saying about you. >> first of all, when you have a doctor who cut the leg to prevent the patient from the gangrene if you have to we i don't call him a butcher. we call him a doctor. we thank him for saving our
8:35 am
lives. when you have terrorism, you have war. when you have war, you always have innocent life that could be the victim of any war. >> tomorrow night president obama will outline his case on it. he face as skeptical public and divided congress. with us now, frank luntz. frank, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> in your estimation whierks is the president having such a difficult time rallying is support of the not only congress but the american people. >> think about it. for 50 years it has been the republicans who have been most likely to use military action and the democrats. now you're asking congress to reverse that. democrats are supporting it and republicans are opposing it. so i think there's a political dynamic here that nobody's talking about that people are making decisions on where they stand in washington not just
8:36 am
based on where their constituents stand but politics. the second part is i think the president is making a mistake by making it so much about him. in the end you have half americans, half republican. you've got to bring evan in it. >> is he staking a significant portion of his presidency on this debate? >> absolutely. and there are domestic issues we're facing ore the coming weeks, the debt deficit, sequester, potential government shutdown the government's health care plan. all of this is happening at exact employ the same time. he goes to the american people because he's such a good communicator. the problem is he waited too long. >> you just touched on the politics. can you say why you're saying that? >> yes. we've been doing focus projects all along. we've got more coming up. 70% of republicans oppose what the president is doing and i believe as a researcher that if
8:37 am
this had been george bush and dick cheney, republicans wo vuld been supportive of the military strike. conversely we see that they would have opposed it. i think politics is playing a major role. >> you see this new poll out of cnn this morning. if korng failing to pass a resolution, 71% oppose air strikes. the president is doing six interviews today and a prime time addressed on tuesday night because they would not win if it was held today. >> i believe that. and i believe he's having trouble in his own party. thing of that. you've got nancy pelosi on the house side trying to win those votes and she was one of the most vocal critics on the previousous poll assign iraq. it's almost like this is an ail tesh turn universe right now. the american people are more nervous about national security
8:38 am
today than they have been in a long long time. that's sectarianism what's happening in syria. at a time when they're so concerned about national security that's significant. >> it certainly is a full course press on the president's part. what does he need to say? what do the american people need to hear from him tomorrow night? >> they need to know it will make the situation even worsz than it is today and they need to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. it has to have a paz tinge impact and the consequences wouldn't be worse than the strike. at this point they're nervous. >> who is the famous person? >> martin amoss. >> very quickly, assad's messaging, what did you think of that? >> i never heard him speak. the fact that cbs got that
8:39 am
interview is incredible. america looks at him and think, he is an evil guy. >> without question you say that. >> yes. 80%. neither the democrats or republicans in the house have made the case and it's been weeks since this has happened. we expect a response immediately. >> frank luntz, thank you. and tonight for if first time two women will co-anchor ran national television program. gwen ifill and judy woodruff will take over the helm of pbs's "newshour." it comes with washington debating a military strike. later later i fill sat down with them. >> charlie rose has interviewed the president of syria, bashar al assad, who is accused of
8:40 am
killing some 1,500 of his own people. many of them children, more than 400 children and he's completely denying that he had anything to do with this chemical weapons attack. do you think that changes the debate? >> i think it's great he got it. but we're not surprised he's saying it. i think we would be stunned if he acknowledged he was behind what happened to those civilians a few weeks ago. >> i don't think it changes everything. i think it changes syria. >> plus the people who are worried about the war are not fond of bashar al assad. >> gwen i fell and judy woodruff took over the "newshour" at a time as the u.s. prepares for
8:41 am
possible war. two men, jim lair and robert mcneill created the program known for in-depth analysis and anchored it formost of most of its 40-year history. >> were there times she said to you, oh, my gosh this is unbelievable? >> when i started out as a reporter it was the end of the 1960s what i faced as i was tie. he said we already have a reporter. we don't need one right now. >> my very first job, newspaper came to work i found a racial slur directed at me at my workspace. instead of getting insulted or suing or whatever would have occurred at the age of 20 i just hung in there. >> i fill started in the boston
8:42 am
newspaper in the late 70s. woodruff worked for jimmy carter in atlanta. between the two they monitored vice-presidential de-bates. now they will be at the news desk together in this sued owe. >> it's only a much more traditional set if you think about it. >> most local newscasts are a man and a woman sitting together. it's not that traditional. >> we're taking our cues from you and charlie. we're going to do the same thing. >> reporter: behind the scenes they're taking crews from their ore. their boss whoo's been the executive producer for years. >> i happen to know there are women in the decision making positions. but in those front row seats, the faces that people see of news it's been -- i think we've
8:43 am
been slower to recognize that women can make decisions. >> why is it important to have women in those front row seats? >> i think it's important when people watch the news that they see a newscast. they see people bringing the news reporting the news those who look like thechlt it's taking time for the news to get there. >> these are two women you know. they questioned presidents. it's going to be unusual seeing women sitting side by side. >> no question. i admire them so much. what an interesting time to take over today. >> i was teasing g web. not bad place to start. hay thai had an interview with president obama. >> if i left here there would be two women. >> when are you leaving? >> what do you say, gayle?
8:44 am
>> i got the message. cheryl samberg of facebook wants women to lean in to their careers at her alma mater. jodie is showing how the har verdict is
8:45 am
8:46 am
one of the largest companies in the u.s. 25 lead by women. she tried a bold experiment in gender equality. it goes far beyond the classroom. jodi kanter wrote about it this weekend by "the new york times." i read every single word. i'm delighted to have you here
8:47 am
today. they wanted to ghiv themselves a gender makeover. so what exactly did they do including hand rising. thissous was not some pmt c. program run amok. they really had serious problems. there was open sexual harassment for years. there was a gender gap. many were sflaling behind. so they really had a serious impetus for addressing this. what they really tried to do is change the environment to make it mess less for women. at harvard 50% is based on class participation, so that means in a classroom, you have to be really assertish. you have to own the conversation and women were not doing it. so part of what they focused on was behavioral. how to assert yourself in a complicated confidence. these were very impressive
8:48 am
students who arrived at harvard. one of the things they were taught at school is how to raise your hand in class. >> one student gave me an almost athletic demonstration or what they were teaching everything. okay. you hear the professor, the question is coming you hear it and boom you go for it. i thing that has people scratched their heads. the women who get in are the smartest minds and presumably would be the business leaner md in. >> part of what is going on is that for years and years administrators and faculty saw the same problem which is that married women or women in serious relationships were having the serious time.
8:49 am
each is also a very social environmental. these people are 26 27 and looking for mates. there was this choice. do you want to be the business one or the smart one. >> many bristled am some of this local tloefr. they made real progress. they had a record number -- record-setting number of women werch akdom ek honors this year. but what they say is the environment has changed. >> can i ask a question? >> i don't have a question. i wanted to do that. >> oh that was a joke. >> they will tell you that was really strange. >> jodie cab tore thank you.
8:50 am
you're ward
8:51 am
8:52 am
. an incredible show today. that does it for us. >> as charlie would say, we've had quite a morning here. >> jeff, great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. i can't wait to watch every moment of this interview. >> charlie has just landed in the united states. he'll be back here tomorrow. up next your local news. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> take it easy. >> announcer: closed captions is proudly spon spored by citracal. -- captions by vitac --
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi,everyone. good morning. 8:55 on your monday. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. the big story the morgan fire continues to burn on mount diablo right now. it burned 1500 acres. so far it doubled in size overnight. only 10% contained at this time. an east bay now also stepping up to help some of the horses forced out of their homes by the fire. crews delivered these animals to heather farms in walnut creek overnight. and three people were rescued from a two-alarm fire in fremont. it broke out on farwell between vernon and waller avenues around 5:00 this morning. two firefighters were hurt. only minor injuries. no word on the cause of the fire. let's check in with brian. lawrence is off, with a look at
8:56 am
your forecast. >> sounds good, frank. we are starting out with some fog and low clouds near the shoreline and some smoke in the air in the east bay but as you have a look here, doesn't look too bad, just some low clouds out there as you head toward the coast. as long as high pressure remains in place in the eastern pacific and it will, we'll continue with very warm readings inland. near 100 degrees today specifically livermore hits 100. 96 at concord. plenty warm up in napa and wine country and 96 but close to see shoreline just 67 at pacifica and 88 degrees at redwood city. but we have a cooling trend in the offing for the latter half of the week. we'll just be back to near normal, that is upper 80s inland about where we should be for this time of the year. we'll stay at upper 80s through the weekend. mid-70s and the bay and temperatures in the low 60s. that's weather. we'll have liza battalones with traffic in a minute.
8:57 am
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i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i'm liza battalones. long delays for highway 92. there's an accident in san mateo. westbound 92 at delaware has traffic backed up clear across the san mateo bridge. delays continue for 880 through oakland. that's northbound approaching the maze. bay bridge toll plaza backed up from beyond the 880 overcrossing with the metering lights on. it would run on the most affordable source available. it would charge
8:59 am
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