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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 10, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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safety at refineries. >> it's threatening all of us with his firearm. >> george zimmerman found himself in the back of a police car again after his estranged wife called 911. >> if he turns over every, single bit of his chemical weapons. >> it's a possible solution to avoid military action against syria by the u.s. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> good morning. tuesday, september 10. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 5:00. another hot day is expected on the firelines on mount diablo. the morgan fire on mount diablo is 20% contained. they are using the biggest firefighting aircraft on this fire, a dc-10 to make passes over the fire zone dropping
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retardant. cal fire suing other tankers and three helicopters pouring water on the flames. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is with firefighters in dublin this morning. cate. >> reporter: michelle, as you have learned, the morgan fire tripled in size burning about 3,700 acres, 20% containment. there have been 700 firefighters on the line and still this morning, 100 homes evacuated but there is some good news and for that i'm joined with cal fire spokesman dennis rain. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> reporter: i understand you guys made a lot of progress last night despite these bigger numbers. >> yeah. yesterday afternoon we had a little bit of wind, last night things settled down. the humidities came up so we made a lot of progress last night. things are looking better that n yesterday at this time. >> reporter: any changes in store for this morning as you guys are prepared to go back out there and fight these flames again? >> we have more lines so we are going to connect them and up our containment numbers.
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>> reporter: what were the bigger challenges? the fire reached the summit yesterday, threatened some structures up in the area. what kind of conditions are you facing out there? >> it's still steep inaccessible terrain. we were able to hold the fire in summit area last night. so we are trying to tie in some of the lower elevations. >> reporter: i understand last night that the fire really didn't grow as much from yesterday afternoon into the evening. so there's a little bit of optimism in terms of date for containment. is that correct? >> we are not out of the woods yet. there's still a lot of hard work to do in some areas where we haven't been able to get to the fire so we'll be working to bring that fire down to containment lines now. but things are looking better. >> reporter: all right. good luck to you guys out there. i understand as we have been talking about throughout the morning, is that weather really does play a big factor in trying to fight these flames. and for that and the conditions that firefighters will be facing today, let's send things over to lawrence karnow in the weather center.
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>> we have improving weather conditions for the next two days to help fight the fire there. right now a stronger sea breeze this morning is carrying with it higher humidity, more low clouds and fog. winds switching out of the southwest to 15 miles per hour and a sea breeze might cause the fire to spread more rapidly. 15 miles per hour isn't that bad. so not the case today. the humidity will go up one more day and then toward tomorrow even a better day so cooler temperatures on tap for the bay area today and for tomorrow. more humidity and better firefighting conditions. >> drizzle along the coastline, dense fog in spots this morning. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. by the afternoon, well, we'll be seeing a lot of those numbers, cooler than yesterday. of course you have reached 102 degrees in livermore yesterday. well, today will be a lot cooler, about 9 degrees cooler
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at 93 in livermore and about 88 degrees near the fire in concord. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are going to talk more about the road closures because of the morgan fire. a lot have been in effect since sunday when the fire first broke out. obviously avoid the roads around mount diablo state park. northgate, south gate, summit, they have a travel advisory for that area. also, marsh creek road remains shut down between camino pablo and regency road. morgan territory road closed by marsh creek road unless you're a residents, then you can show your id but you don't want to impede the fire trucks. the best bet to avoid that area altogether. except for all those road closures and travel advisories, the rest of the bay area, bay area bridges okay. we have dense fog advisory issued five hours ago for the golden gate. bart is a great option. more than 25 trains and they are all on time. that's traffic. back to you. you can find the very latest information on the fire and more video on our website,
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just go to new this morning, a coroner has arrived on the scene of a fire at an apartment building in berkeley. the fire on oregon street happened at 1:40 this morning on the building's top floor forcing evacuations there. it went to two alarms and firefighters needed about a half hour to finally get it under control. we know at least one person was injured and the coroner's presence also points to a possible fatality. new video from down under. a brush fire emergency in effect in and around sydney, australia. fires have destroyed homes and forced evacuations from schools. the flames are jumping from treetop to treetop. and from house to house. it's all happening at the start of brush fire season in that country. fire crews have gotten a section 44 warning essentially meaning a state of emergency. on to the crisis in syria now. protestors in san francisco are having their say about possible u.s. military action against the bashar assad regime. >> i have found this particular
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issue with syria a very difficult one, gut-wrenching one. >> they expressed their opposition yesterday outside the local office of house minority leader nancy pelosi. she of course supports u.s. military action to stop the syrian government's alleged use of chemical weapons. cbs is airing more of charlie rose's interview with bashar assad. here's his reaction that obama says he drew the line using chemical weapons. >> he drew that line. we have our red lines like our sovereignty and independence. when you talk red lines, united states used depleted ear rainium in iraq and nobody said anything. what about red lines? >> more of the interview can be seen on "cbs this morning" which begins at 7 a.m. right after this newscast. >> president obama will address
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the nation tonight in the attempt to explain the need for action against syria. but susan mcginnis reports, another possible solution may be in the works. reporter: president obama is set to lay out his case to the american people tonight for a u.s. military strike on syria. >> this is important. and we should all be haunted by those images of those children that were killed. >> reporter: but a diplomatic solution may be in the works. russia has floated the idea of syria turning over all of its chemical weapons to the international community to avoid a military strike. >> it is a potentially positive development. i don't think that we would have gotten to the point where they even put something out there publicly had it not been -- and -- and -- if it doesn't continue to be a credible, uhm, military threat. >> reporter: the president will visit capitol hill today to personally push members of congress to pass the resolution authorizing a strike on syria. >> currently, i am a firm "no" on this vote. >> reporter: a cbs tally of house members shows 189 representatives plan to vote no
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or are leaning that way. just 33 are voting or leaning toward a "yes." the numbers are closer in the senate. there are 26 voting or leaning no with 28 voting or leaning yes. >> i don't think we need to see how fast we can do this. we have to see how well we can do this matter. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid has delayed a test vote on the resolution planned for tomorrow. he says he wants to work with republicans to avoid a filibuster. in washington, susan mcginnis, kpix 5. >> and the president will make his case to the nation in a televised address tonight. kpix 5 will broadcast that speech live and it all starts at 6:00. a 911 call from his estranged wife led police in florida to detain george zimmerman. cbs reporter teresa garcia explains what happened. >> reporter: george zimmerman is seen here talking with police monday outside the florida home of his in-laws. officers were questioning him after his estranged wife called 911. >> he is in his car. he continually has his hand on
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his gun and he keeps saying, step closer. he is just threatening all of us with his firearm. he punched my dad in his note. i see a mark on his face. his glasses are on the floor. ' costed my father and took my ipad out of my hand and smashed it and cut it with a pocketknife. i don't know what he's capable of. i'm really scared. >> reporter: shelley zimmerman later said she never actually saw a handgun. the couple has been in the national spotlight ever since february 2012. that's when george zimmerman a neighborhood watchman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman claimed self-defense and was acquitted of murder in jill. last month, shelley zimmerman was sentenced to a year probation and community service for perjury. she had admitted to lying about the couple's finances during george zimmerman's bail hearing. last week, she filed for divorce. >> emotions are running very, very high and often impacts the
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way witnesses view anything. >> reporter: no charges were filed. teresa garcia, kpix 5. >> after word of yesterday's incident got out media calls poured into the lake mary police department. the police chief said all the attention taxes his department. it could be one for the record books in the silicon valley. 10 new office towers are in the works now in north san jose. each seven story tower would be built near brokaw and 101. it was about 2 million square feet total development. the developer submitted preliminary plans to the city last week. a tenant is already interested. but no one is saying who it is. groundbreaking is years away. today also in the silicon valley, apple is about to make its next big announcement. kpix 5's sue kwon has the very latest live from apple headquarters in cupertino. bet it's exciting down there. good morning. >> reporter: it is. you know it's a big event when they actually have a coffee cart set out. we can't even get room on the
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riser and there are four satellite trucks. the building behind me is lit up with a lot of bright colors and that hints that what they are promising is today is going that's something that's going to happen is going to brighten everyone's day. we are hoping for a big surprise. apple expected to unveil two new iphone models one is the iphone 5s champagne color and lower cost 5c in colorful plastic shells. this is no surprise because that information has been leaked over the past week or two but us geeks are hoping for a preview of the ios7 operating system and new features in the 5s like boosted double speed, video capture and a fingerprint sensor. >> it's one of the iffy-est rumors. the biggest expectation is to let you unlock your phone without a pass code. >> reporter: so this morning, there is high hopes because shares are also down from $700 to $500 per share. and, you know, there's a lot
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of competition coming from samsung and other android models. apple hopes to make a splash in china, also. they are going to get attention there because there is a big market. in fact, so much so that they are saying no streaming video coming from here. they want to control the message going there and that's also interesting. that the main audience is china. >> when can we or folks in china get these? >> reporter: frank, if you want you can wait in line now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: people are doing that at apple in new york. no joke. they are already doing that in new york. we are hearing about two weeks, september 20, we should see these models appearing on the shelves. again, everything so far has been rumor but we are hoping to get our hands on some of these new models today. >> i would love one but i just bought the 5 so i won't be waiting in line but that's sue kwon live in cupertino with the very latest on apple. thank you. time now 5:12. the best public university in
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the country is right here in the bay area. what a national magazine is doing differently for this year's college rankings list. >> and thousands of bay area workers could soon be out of a job. not because of their performance, though. why it's a safety issue coming up. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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like this to parents, via smartphone. it shows you how trending now a baby jumpsuit that may give parents peace of mine. it comes with an app that feeds back information like this to parents via smartphone. it shows you how many times your baby rolled over in the night and the longest nap ever taken and other changes over time. also trending now, with the baby jumpsuit are the chargers after their epileptic epic loss, the texans, and obama. one response absolutely nothing. another is his birth certificate. >> okay. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. how's it looking? >> it's looking okay. 5 a.m. hour, that's when a lot of the cones get picked up and the lanes get reopened. that is certainly the case up and down the nimitz freeway. so here is a live look at 880
5:17 am
at the coliseum. the roadwork between high street and embarcadero. but as you can see, it's all gone now and we are seeing a lot of green on our traffic sensors if you are heading toward the bay bridge, all the approaches move well including out of the caldecott tunnel. westbound 4 looks good from orinda to oakland. no delay. checking the ride through the altamont pass. the drive time is still only about 16 minutes but you notice that will likely change here any minute because the sensors are starting to turn to yellow the delays begin on 205 out of tracy and then they begin to pick up towards the wind turbines, as well. that's the latest here from the "timesaver traffic" center. with more on your forecast, crossing our fingers we're finally cooling down, here's lawrence. >> we are cooling down to help firefighters fight the morgan fire near mount diablo. thick fog tow coastline and drizzle early on. 50s and 60s out the door. partly cloudy in the valleys
5:18 am
but a stronger sea breeze carrying fog further onshore. sure it will be cooler today but still some 90s well inland. you will see 80s elsewhere there. 70s inside the bay and 60s along the coastline with a few lingering clouds. high pressure helping to ramp up the onshore breeze here today. so a stronger sea breeze that's good news for the next couple of days it looks like cooler temperatures and then looks like we'll start to warm things up once again the latter part of the week. low clouds and fog stretching onshore this morning and our futurecast fog product. but pulling back throughout the day. kind of camping out toward the coastline. you will see gray skies continuing there but lots of sunshine in the bay and the valleys. temperatures are going to work out very nice. plan on about 84 degrees in san jose, 90 in morgan hill, 76 hayward. east bay temperatures 88 in concord, 94 still hot in brentwood and 93 degrees in livermore. inside the bay those temperatures running up into the 60s and also the 70s. and looking out over the next couple of days, we are going to see a whole lot of sunshine in the afternoon hours but some
5:19 am
cooler temperatures much more comfortable and better fire conditions fighting weather as we are going to see higher humidity, as well. then the temperatures start to warm up again as we head in toward next weekend. but i think the next couple of days we'll give firefighters a very good chance to get a handle on the fire. >> that's good to hear. all right, lawrence, thanks. thousands of bay area workers could soon be out of a job. it's not because of their performance. kpix 5's sharon chin explains how it's all to keep you safe. >> reporter: jerry wrestles with how he would provide for his wife and five children if he loses his job at chevron's richmond refinery. >> it's nerve-racking what's going to happen next. >> reporter: following last year's fire at chevron in richmond, a berkeley senator wrote a measure to improve safety by add qualifications for contract workers even though the contract workers weren't to blame for the fire. >> tighten those bolts up on the feed behind you. >> reporter: the bill says 60%
5:20 am
of outside contract workers hired in california oil refineries must be certified by the year 2016 by a state- approved apprenticeship program like this one in benicia but the united steelworkers union which represents the current contract workers cries foul. its leaders say it's risky to replace experienced employees like jerry. >> what would you have is now someone coming in who maybe works in a library one day on a high-rise the next and on oil refinery the next. refineries are powder kegs. there's no do-overs. >> put a bolt pin in and drive it. >> reporter: robbie hunter heads the state building and construction trades council of california which supports hancock's bill and whose workers would qualify for the job. he says it would keep refineries from hiring non- california workers for cheap. he showed us pictures of out of state cars parked in the bay area refinery. >> this is about construction worker and the standards of wages in california being
5:21 am
undermined by out of state workers. >> reporter: he says under hancock's bill, current contract employees have an option. they can apply to be trained in the apprenticeship program. there's no guarantee for jerry. the measure passed the assembly 45-22. it's now expected to go before the full senate by the end of the week before the legislature ends this session. in benicia, sharon chin, kpix 5. 5:21 now. the new york city opera singing the blues right now. how much money it needs so the show can go on. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. why pistol pete sampras is about to have some company and the eagles take a page out of the 49ers playbook. coming up. ,, there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day.
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former pac-12 coaches seem to thrive in the nfl these days. jim harbaugh is the king with the 49ers. pete carroll is building something in seattle and now it's chip kelly's turn with the eagles. the former oregon coach bringing up tempo style to philadelphia and the team that turns the redskins defense into knots michael vick in the 2nd quarter, 26-7 eagles. philly rushes for 263 yards. 184 coming from that man! mccoy! eagles win 33-27 in kelly's debut as a pro football coach. tennis, u.s. open finals between rafael nadal and novak djokovic. it was the 37th time they faced
5:25 am
each other in their careers. nadal wins in four sets. 13 major championships overall just one behind pete sampras for second all time. giants down 2-1 in the 8th against colorado. brandon belt tied the game and then won the game. brandon belt drives in two and the giants win 3-2. rangers against the pirates. yu darvish gave up the only run on an rbi double by pedro alvarez. the pirates clinch their first winning season since 1992. the a's though more importantly have a two-game lead in the american league west. and if you are looking for something to do, don't forget america's cup two more races today right here in the bay. i'm dennis o'donnell, we'll see you tonight. thank you, dennis. our play of the day, more tennis. second set between nadal and djokovic a number of long volleys 54 strokes in the longest. djokovic got angry for letting nadal get a break.
5:26 am
his coach had to settle him down a little bit after that. djokovic went on to win the set 6-3 but nadal of course won the match in four sets, 13 majors. >> you feel for him. he wasn't too happy but, hey -- >> he got a nice payday. some new rankings are out now on the nation's top colleges and uc-berkeley by the way is in the top 20. >> of course. u.s. news & world report ranks cal as the best public university and 20th overall. >> not bad. >> princeton number one, harvard, yale. they are placing more emphasis on graduation rates but the top 20 list stayed about the same. >> colorado state. >> not even on the list. the wildfire on mount diablo has already burned almost 4,000 acres. now we're learning just how bad the air really is. >> apple promises to brighten our days but are new iphones
5:27 am
enough to get us to upgrade? coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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but the right gasoline can help keep the inside clean. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald the brush fire on mount diablo has exploded overnight. we'll have the latest on the firefight. that fire has ripped through nearly 4,000 acres. we'll tell you how all that smoke from the flames has affected the air quality. >> low clouds and fog surging back onshore. some cooler temperatures are on the way. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and highway 4 traffic looking busier than usual at this time. we'll explain why coming up. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, september 10. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:30 now. we are following some
5:31 am
breaking news. just a short time ago syria announced it has accepted russia's proposal to place its chemical weapons under international control. this comes hours before president obama's address to the nation. he planned to make a case for military action to stop the syrian government from using chemical weapons. yesterday, the president talked to cbs' scott pelley. he expressed some hope about the plan for syria to surrender all of its chemical weapons. >> it is a potentially positive development. i don't think that we would have gotten to the point where they even put something out there publicly had it not been -- and if it doesn't continue to be a credible military threat. >> we'll need to see how fast we can do this. >> meanwhile senate majority leader harry reid has delayed a procedural vote on military action amid growing opposition in both parties. you can see the president's address on kpix 5 at 6:00 tonight. back in the bay area mount diablo state park closed because of the fire.
5:32 am
hundreds of firefighters are on the job. flames have now reached the peak, the summit of the mountain, burning more than 3700 acres. 20% containment. people in as many as 100 homes on the edge of clayton are evacuated. the fire started sunday afternoon on morgan territory road southeast of mount diablo state park. cal fire brought out the big guns. the dc-10 swooped low over the fire zone to make several passes dropping retardant on the flames below. cal fire is also using other air tankers three helicopters pouring water on the flames. as you probably have seen, the fire is filling the bay area skies with a lot of smoke. that's not fog you're looking at out there. this view from chopper 5 showing the smoke wafting for miles in the east bay. kpix 5's cate caugiran is at the firefighter base camp in dublin now with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. firefighters are optimistic this morning they believe that they might be able to contain
5:33 am
this fire sooner than they expect. however, neighbors are not in the clear yet because all the smoke has had an effect on the air quality mere in the area. the smoke from this fire has been drifting southeast of mount diablo. it's forced some people to stay indoors and in some cases schools have canceled all outdoor activities. the air quality district issued a smoke advisory, the pollution levels considered moderate. but that was enough for the dub school district to cancel p.e. and lunch outdoors. >> personally, i have asthma. it was getting to me just a little bit but it was, uhm, as the day was kind of progressing, it just faded. >> reporter: cal fire says so far, the fire has burned more than 3700 acres and despite a few flare-ups last night it hasn't grown since yesterday afternoon. and they said this morning actually the winds worked in their favor yesterday sort of blowing that fire back and now residents in the area are hoping that that wind can actually clear the smoke that
5:34 am
is lingering here in the area. reporting live in dublin, cate caugiran. back to you. >> cate, what's the latest on evacuations, will there be more today? >> reporter: well, there's good news there frank. we have heard there haven't been more evacuations since sunday night. it's an indication that really that fire hasn't really gone closer to those homes but, you know, with any of these fires it's always unpredictable too soon to say but again that indication of no evacuations is an indication that things might be getting better in the days to come. >> let's hope so. cate caugiran live for us in dublin this morning. thank you, cate. the city of san jose is closing alum rock park today because of extreme fire danger. the city's largest park is typically closed a few days each year when weather conditions are hot, dry and windy. rugged terrain in parts of the park would make evacuations difficult in the event of a wildfire. city officials will decide today whether to keep alum rock closed tomorrow. now for more on the weather challenges facing the fire crews out there, they may get a little help today, right? >> i think it's going to improve for them today. the next couple of days they
5:35 am
have two days of some better firefighting weather here. looks like we're seeing some more low clouds and fog sweeping onshore. that means we're increasing the humidity and also going to be cooling the temperatures outside. so that's some good news for firefighters in the mount diablo area. we are going to cool things down. the humidity is already up just a bit this morning. and more conditions like that on the way. in fact, we are looking at these temperatures, yes, sure, they are still going to be warm but not the upper 90s like yesterday. you will see some 80s out there by the afternoon. and a southwesterly wind about 15 to 25 miles per hour. that is going to carry with it some higher humidity. that's a change from yesterday. about 35 to 45% of course overnight time hours that goes way up. some cases about 70 to about 85%. nonetheless, around the rest of the bay area, we have some patchy, dense fog early on this morning temperatures generally in the 50s and the 60s. we'll have more on your weather coming up in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. highway 4 is unusually busy taking for traffic now that
5:36 am
deer valley and marsh creek closed because of the fire burning at mount diablo. the backups begin a little earlier. we have the travel advisory around the park it he have is, marsh creek road closed in both directions between camino pablo and regency road unless of course you're a resident but best bet to avoid the area while fire crews are still out there fighting it. here's a live look at the bay bridge. we are just beginning -- this just happened in the last couple of minutes -- to see a few delays in the far right cash lanes but no metering lights yet. that's traffic. back to you. new this morning, a coroner has arrived at the scene of a fire at an apartment building in berkeley. the fire on oregon street broke out around 1:40 this morning on the building's top floor forcing evacuations. it went to two alarms and firefighters needed about a half hour to finally get it under control. we know at least one person was injured and the coroner's presence points to a fatality. huge wildfire in yosemite national park is entering its 25th day. the cost of fighting that blaze is past $100 million. the "rim" fire has burned
5:37 am
253,000 acres. it is the third largest wildfire on record here in california. it's destroyed 11 hopes and 100 outbuildings. containment is at 80%. happening today, negotiations between bart and its two largest unions are scheduled to continue today and thursday after talks resumed yesterday in oakland. today is the halfway point of the 60-day cooling-off period that governor brown ordered to avert a strike. the transit system shut down for 4.5 days in july when workers walked off the job. this afternoon in washington there's a hearing called "conflicts between state and federal marijuana laws" before the senate judiciary committee. it comes on the heels of a justice department directive for federal officials to ease up on antipot states that allow its use. a group says it will work to end prohibition in california and nine other states by 2017. more hoopla today from apple as the tech giant has a big announcement planned this
5:38 am
morning at its cupertino headquarters. lots of apple fans are hoping for something revolutionary like a smartwatch maybe or a new apple tv but speculation is the company will introduce two new versions of its iphone. kpix 5's sue kwon joins us live from cupertino. >> apple says they are going to brighten everyone's day but i don't think we'll see a new watch, ipad or tv. but we are getting ready to hear some big announcements about two new phones. we're talking about these iphone s champagne color and the iphone 5c a lower cost medical they'll will come in very colorful plastic shells. now, this of course is no surprise. a lot of this information has been leaked. but we are also hearing that there will be more memory, battery life and we are hoping for a preview of the new operating system 7. and, of course, new features that include boosted double feed
5:39 am
video capture, fingerprint sensor and perhaps another very big announcement in price. >> i think the biggest surprise would be if their cheaper iphone is actually free. this is something that you basically have with the iphone 4 right now. but if they introduce the brand- new device that's free, that would be a huge deal for apple. >> oh, yeah. that would be the surprise that i think people would love to see. >> reporter: for right now, the android phones have 90% of the market in china and what's interesting about this event is that for the first time they are expected to be streaming or playing this event in china because they are trying to capture some of the market there. and so although there's a lot of hoopla here, michelle, with coffee carts and risers and four sat trucks, we understand that much of the audience is in asia which is kind of interesting too given that these two new phones one lesser expensive model and colorful colors including gold which is very popular in asia. >> hm, gold. that sounds cool.
5:40 am
isn't it rare for apple to unveil two phones at once? >> reporter: yeah. and that's the thing is that is it enough excitement to get people to want to upgrade? i think that they have to do that if they were just going to unveil one it might just seem like an upgrade. so we are hoping though -- upgrade to the 5. we're hoping for tidbits and a hint of what the new ipad will look like in the future. but so far we are hearing there's four people already in line in new york to get the new iphone model. >> of course. >> we are hoping to send frank out to stand in line for us. >> maybe. i don't think he is going to do it, though. sue kwon live in cupertino. thank you. >> why not, frank? >> got one. imagine buying something in a heartbeat. the new technology that could be an impulse shopper's dream come true. >> and she was fired for having the wrong look. how a religious scarf is coming back to haunt abercrombie & fitch. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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are you enjoying them? (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. we can't wait to get you home. i love you mom. i love you too. we'll see you soon. choosey moms, choose jif. it may have to shut down the rest of its productions this season raise the new york city opera is singing the blues. the company which was founded 70 years ago, it may have to shut down the rest of productions this season if it can't raise $7 million by the end of the month. it launched a kick-start campaign online to raise the first million. hurricanes, floods, fires, snowstorms, any one of the events that can wreak havoc on
5:44 am
her life. >> why you can't control mother nature you can certainly prepare for unforeseen events. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger she is here now with specific steps to help guard against the financial losses that a disaster can inflict. well, good morning and where do we start, i guess? >> reporter: home inventory. include a list of all your possessions the dates of purchase, their value today, not when you bought them, and receipts if you still have them. you can do this by going room to room with a camera. just take photos and document everything. i promise you, doing so will make a future claims process much easier. keep paper copies of the inventory and your insurance policies in a plastic sleeve. hey, i learned that lesson in sandy. we don't get things wet when they're in plastic sleeves. try to maintain an electronic version in the cloud. it's easier. if you live in a place where
5:45 am
storms frequently knock out your electricity, you may want to consider purchasing a generator. remember, if generators are affixed and connected to your home, the cost can be used to increase the cost basis. >> what do we need to know about homeowners and renters insurance? >> well, as you can imagine, the time to review and become familiar with the terms and details of your policies is before a severe event occurs. many victims of disasters quickly learn that most standard policies fall short and/or some have not been updated in years. so you want to update your stuff. remember that damages that result from rising water, those are usually not covered unless you are living in a designated flood zone and have performed insurance through the federal government. and here's something important for you guys. damage from earthquakes. all that damage is normally excluded from your coverage. >> you know, it's so important. you never think about renters insurance or homeowners insurance until you need it, then you go, oh, my goodness, how come i didn't do this or
5:46 am
that? so some good tips there. tell us what do you do? you have a problem, you have some damage, what's the first step after that? >> reporter: remember that before you move anything, you're going to take your second set of pictures or video, you want to capture the damage and use that inventory list to detail your lost items. then you contact your insurer, schedule time with the adjustor, and submit that claim quickly. here's something very important. don't make permanent repairs until the insurance company has inspected the property and you've made an agreement on the cost of the repairs. let the insurance company know if you need to make a temporary repair, of course, to prevent any further damage. now, here's another important issue. you get a settlement offer from the insurance company? that's not the only offer. it can be negotiated. so you have to go back and forth. it can be painstaking. it can add up to huge dollars. so we got some safety preparations tips at the government's website. it may not be a hurricane but
5:47 am
this is good for any natural disaster. i bought myself one of those neat little flashlights that go -- attach to your head. i look like a cole miner. it's great though. -- a coal mineer. it's great, though. >> thanks, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. we are not seeing any huge hot spots on the roads. drive times are slowing down in some places. we are seeing red sensors building up over the altamont pass and through the livermore valley. in particular, it's unusually crowded on highway 4 but the closures in the area, people are trying to find a way around the fire closures so both directions of highway 4 are backed up. so because of the morgan fire things are some of the closures, marsh creek, shut
5:48 am
down between camino pablo and regency road. morgan territory road closed by marsh creek and deer valley shut down by balfour. there is a travel advisory right around those roads in and around the park northgate, summit road for example, so just a heads up. avoid the area. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. pretty good commute so far all the way into san francisco. that's the latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> more low clouds and fog around the bay area drizzle at the coastline line. fog will cool down the temperatures in the bay area so the numbers coming down a bit. 50s and 60s right now. by the afternoon still warm to hot inland. you will still see some 90s in the far interior parts of the east bay. 70s inside the bay sunny in the afternoon and 60s at the coastline with some patchy fog. high pressure weakening somewhat and we are going to see more of a sea breeze for today so that stronger sea breeze will carry with it more low clouds and fog this morning and higher humidity good news for the people fighting the fires at mount diablo. still sfo well we do have some possible delays today due to
5:49 am
some low clouds early on. by the afternoon 75 degrees. and a whole lot of sunshine. around the country, a couple of hot spots here you have to watch out in houston and denver with the possibility of thunderstorms there that could cause some delays and the possibility of some showers into new york. still around the bay today, we'll see those temperatures soaring this afternoon. much cooler, 70s a few 80s inside the bay and then looking at 80s and some 90s in the interior is valleys, 60s at the coast. next couple of days, watch these temperatures falling off toward tomorrow and then on thursday we start to warm things up as high pressure builds in. at least through the first part of the weekend. then cooling down heading into sunday and monday. all right. it is time for your schoolcast today. time to get up, get ready for school! hey, winton middle school in hayward, your morning bell this morning very comfortable, upper 50s if you are headed out the door with some patchy fog and low clouds. lots of sunshine and very comfortable by lunchtime, temperatures there in the 70s. and in the afternoon, mid-70s, sunshine a little bit breezy, not a bad day to fly a kite if
5:50 am
you don't have any homework i should say. if you have homework, do that first! >> you're rough! [ laughter ] >> for your schoolcast on the air, go to >> you can only fly a kite after homework and after school is done. [ laughter ] >> thank you, lawrence. 5:50 now. bay area news, a new state law aims to put tighter controls on who can be on school campuses. the law was authored by state senator jim bell of san jose. it prevents schools from letting sex offenders on campus unless the parents of all the students have been notified. the bill follows an incident last year at a catholic school in san jose. no children were harmed in the incident. in san francisco, more than 600 san francisco police officers have been given smartphones with a new safety app. it's called justice mobile. attorney general kamala harris
5:51 am
calls the new technology transformative. it allows officers on the streets immediate access to any information on a potential suspect right from their phones instead of calling or radioing back to the station. richmond's plan to buy underwater mortgages from struggling homeowners will be discussed at two meetings today. tonight the richmond city council will be asked to withdraw the offers to buy the mortgages. and in san francisco, supervisor david campos wants the board to go on record as supporting the plan and to consider doing the same in san francisco. abercrombie & fitch has lost a discrimination case involving a woman who was fired for wearing a religious head scarf. she was fired from her stockroom job at the hollister store inside the hillsdale mall. the parent company said it violated their "look" policy but yesterday a judge ruled that abercrombie failed to show any evidence that wearing a head scarf hurt business. >> what happened to me wasn't fair. it wasn't right. and i don't want another girl or anyone else to face
5:52 am
discrimination just for the things that they believe in. >> later this month, a jury will decide how much abercrombie will pay in damages and what changes it will have to make to its corporate policy. 5:52. a very powerful tribute that could be seen for miles away. how new york is now getting ready to mark the september 11th anniversary. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
twin towers....where nearly three- thousan every year since september 11th, two beams of light have marked the footprints of the twin towers where nearly 3,000 people died. testing of the lights happened yesterday ahead of tomorrow's annual tribute. the twin beams can be seen for miles and will be lit from dusk on september 11th until dawn on september 12th. a pawn shop in hong kong is
5:55 am
helping cash-strapped fashionistas with loans. lady finance supplies quick loans by pawning customers' gucci, chanel and louis vuitton handbags. customers can borrow up to 50% of the new bag's value and they have four months to repay at an interest rate of 4%. if the customer fails to repay, the bag is sold. new technology seeks to use a person's heartbeat to create a unique identity. the goal is to replace credit cards and passwords for electronic devices. a canadian company is developing a device that will not only make passwords and p.i.n. numbers obsolete, it will know who you are when you walk into the room and unlock your tablet or smartphone all by reading your heartbeat. >> there's unique characteristics that relate to the size of the heart, the position of the heart and the physiology surrounding the heart. >> well, a sensor similar to that used by doctors goes in a wristband and creates a unique
5:56 am
pattern. the wristband links the pattern with an individual,then transmits the information to a computer or another device. it's expected to hit the market next spring. i don't know. what do you think? >> wear a little bracelet. >> not there. denmark has just been named the happiest place on earth. >> i might go there, though. columbia university ranked more than 150 nations. it found satisfied smile stretching straight across northern europe in a big way. at the top of the list was denmark, norway, switzerland, netherlands and sweden. a bit of a trend there. the survey asked folks about their expectations for a long and healthy life. the freedom to make life choices and having someone to count on. by the way, the united states came in 17 behind places like canada, israel, united arab emirates and mexico. >> interesting. >> off to sweden. >> yes. >> immediately. 5:56. next half hour, coming up, a rude awakening for some berkeley residents. the flames that is woke them it up right in the middle of the night. >> i'm sue kwon.
5:57 am
apple will make announcements on two new phones in about four hours. i'll tell you the features that could get you to upgrade. ,,,,,,,,
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ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru.
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i had about two minutes to grabbing my clothes, wallet and phone and i was on my way. >> firefighters are working overtime to tame one of the bay area's biggest wildfires in years. this fire on mount diablo has already burned almost 4,000 acres. >> the air quality district issued a smoke advisory, the pollution levels considered moderate. >> nerve-wracking, nervous what's going to happen next. >> thousands of bay area workers could soon be out of a job due to a measure to improve safety at refineries. >> it's threatening all of us with his firearm. >> george zimmerman found himself in the back of a police car again after his estranged wife called 911. >> turn over ever single bit of his chemical weapons. >> it's a possible solution to avoid military action between syria and u.


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