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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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two young children found dead in a california hotel. the suspect, their own mother. >> i was a little bit scary at times. the water was pouring. kids escaped the colorado flooding. the only way they can in a helicopter. >> when you have that many people packed in a small arena. there's big party going on in oakland. if it's anything like last time, not everybody will be celebrating kpnx live joins us in oracle where there was a raid. >> last time, there was 1500 complaints. tonight, the party is indoors. there are 20 20 something
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packed in here to dance the night away. blinding lights and blairing music. think about it as a giant dance party. >> expect the party to pick up immediately. >> connection with everyone. >> the show was the ocean of white. dress code is all white, no exception. partygoers, paying close to $200 to hear music by artists you never heard of if you're over 25. >> betty lee grand. >> and similar wave parties had serious problems in the recent past, from noise complaints last year in oakland to overdosed deaths last year in san fraption and -- san francisco. >> partygoers, they like to have their fun. >> when you have that many people packed in. >> and for young music fans, drinking, drugs, ticks are a
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small price to pay pay. >> everybody wears white. everybody is connected in that way. >> there was supposed to be several thousand people here. we have not heard any music, no planses or police driving by either. it is still early. the party doesn't wrap up until 2:30 a.m. live in oaklands -- could add berkeley for a les of bay area cities make their crime. rob roes were up 25 people around town did notice the difference. >> had a car down the street. the car rolling into someone's house. >> he he we -- see that as much as we heard the victims yelling
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and screaming. >> the crime mostly increases because you're an. police in rhoner park are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a hotel housekeeper. she was cleaning a. he's described as 30-40-year-old man, 5'10, with a thin build and tattoo on his neck. call rhoner park police if you saw anything. a woman with bay area titles, suspecting of two. police aren't released the 42- year-old's coopts named an had a. made comments that led off to the hampton inn in santa
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anna. >> my understanding she may have tried to commit yue side. >> investigators are not releague children or o to avoid military in. secretary of state john kerry and his russian couper party hon, an get rid of chemicals weapons. >> and united states and russia are committed to the elimination of syrian chemical weapons in the soonest and safest matter. we must agrey. >> up under the deal, syria spu link of linger -- an it must also allowed international inspections by november and destroy all weapons, material an equipment by the first half
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of 2014. if the company fails to comply, and they go in and authorize the sanctioned. and more than a foot of rain has fallen in parts of colorado this week. tonight, there's no end in sight. the historic flooding has many people trapped. adre'anna diaz reports from boulder, where national guard troops are working around the clocks to rescue victims. for many in northern colorado, the only way is through a helicopter. naggal guard rescued more than 1700 people. reuniting them with worried. the floodwaters surrounded their camp in the mountains of jamestown. >> it was a little scary at times. the water was pouring down. we -- it was really still fun. >> washed out roads and
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complicating rescue. london, the local fire tem had to pull it to safety. convoys of trucks drove to dryer land. rescue efforts could land to the night. >> people are signaling helicopters with lighters and pen lights and flashlights and pin. night vision goggles could see that. >> steven smith returned to the home to assess the damage. >> this was the bedroom. >> this is the guest room. this is surreal. >> smith and his roommates were home when water rushed through the house thursday night. >> i saw a wall of water this big with branches and sticks kind of coming at me. >> hail and rain continue to fall throughout colorado. authorities say several inches forecast through sunday, could add to problems in areas still underwater. adre'anna diaz, cbs news, boulder, colorado. >> the coverage area is about
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the size of connecticut. 400 at least died. mount diablo park will reopen. the wildfire that shut down this week, is now 100 percent contained. they will rebuild. and the cost is now up to $4.5 million. a 54-year-old man faces four years and eight months in prison for a car accident that killed a pedestrian and injured another. hoe sane was senting guilty to -- and he had taken antianxiety medicine and fell asleep at the wheel outside the santa barbara hotel. her daughter-in-law was hospitalized for a month and continues to deal with her
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injuries. local vehicles, wro finally have the weapon they need, the governor's pen. hundreds came out for the crossroads of the west gun show. it's been going on for nearly three decades. local leaders want it gone. because the cal pass las, they don't really have a say in the matter. a bill would change that by giving them one. >> the last thing i'm looking too, track negativity, violence an crime. >> no evidence that anything illegal has gone on here. >> the governor has until october 13th, to decide, whether the bay bridge will be getting help. >> it's aums giving -- after nearly two year salvage crews think they
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finally figured out how to move the cruise ship to italy. will it work? as we head to the 586 corridor? where is everybody going much we have the forecast, on kpis5.
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lift. on monday, a crew of 500 6. after neral two years stranded off the italian coast, contra concordia. cranes will slowly pull the ship upright at a rate of 3 yards an hour. air will be pumped, help to refloat and stabilize the ship. >> we start off the bay line, 8- 10 hours later, put it gently back on the platforms. >> if everything goes as planned, it will be towed away and disassembled for recycling until next spring they
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earliest. salvage will cost $800 million. and the emirates team, new zealand team nearly capsized. today, the second schedule to race, was postponed because of excessive win. new zell las could -- the next one is scheduled for tomorrow. >> aat&t customers, save the fans. >> held a disaster drill practicing for a large scale emergency. police, and ballpark vendors also participated. >> doing an internal testing today. what you are seeing are all the days staff. all the people about 800-1,000, it will take to put on a game.
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>> officials tell me they will use the drill to evaluate and communications. suzuki is recalling nearly 200,000 vehicles that may have faulty air bag sensors. the recall involves 2006 to 2011, grand vitaly surveys physical in the front passenger stet could wear out overtime and dealers will fix them free of charge. >> or just win power bowl and win the card. the jackpot stands ats 10 testimony. >> 44. >> and the powerball number, this woos at least win million dollar deal in california, so
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check nis. >> bay bridge has been open for a couple of weeks. it's made its place in history, at least for now. the guinness book of world record just named a new eastern span the i'dest bridge in the world. it measures nearly 7316 freeway ways. the, the deck between the two packs and the bike paths. >> back to traffic, 580 corridor. it an it was right there. you. the white lights are heading towards us. they are passing on the right- hand side, the la sinnenna toward. >> where is everybody going?
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they are inducing. >> and i've been asking on twitter all evening long, also on fake book. why would you commisy. i don't have any burn climes. >> the pird. and center home game, anywhere right there. there you have it atop of the telegraph hill. mostly clear skies but we have a deck of low clouds an fog. current air temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it's a brisk night. winds are whipping out of the west at 23 miles an hour. today's high is relatively cool. 60s, accept testify. good. throughout the big elmer again. 50s and 60s for the overnight
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lows. the winds will begin to die down. it will come from the westing. stronger winds at times. first thing is first, this is future cast. there you have the clouds, already trying to march towards hayward into the try valley, waking up on the clime cov of. >> we see the cloud retreat. and a couple of degrees warmer than what we expected. pretty much a carbon die objection sid. all it will do is van with a. once she does this, i'll be. what does it mean for the labor
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game? >> celebrities, caked the 5. pinpoint forecast,. >> and including mine, montero beaches. jumping up to 84 in morgan hill. we begin to look around a. tracy, oak leaf. i'm a little closer, to the bay area weather. go to. and even warmer upstream as you head toward ukia. getting a little bit on the breezy side. we're talking about seasonal conditions. monday, tuesday, a warm-up. wednesday and thursday, we have a chance of rain. can. i'm officially late ate,.
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>> thank you. >> you're talking football about talking about boxing. >> when does fly. we get the pick of the knee. >> nothing says i am bad unless you bring in bossing. an that, cal expose where they have a, a breaking blah ,,,,,,,,
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either there or paid the 449 pay . may weather is the latest flappinged by -- flanked by justin bieber, little wayne. may weather picked him apart in the mgm. he was sharp, won a clinic against alvarez. >> by the way,cj ross, mayweather is number. >> 45 billion in the wind. college football, cal put up 34 points. golf, 400-yard touchdown. that's -- not good enough.
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>> quarterback dwieton, happened in hits fourth. >> in the first six minutes of the game, this one a 90-yard strike. and jerry got off, on the speed paz. 232. gar 371. had a run one. >> fourth one hf. bright tan to cory. 52-32, bears fall 1-2. characters inside the packed house. john elway in the sidelines, taking notice of kevin o ginn. gets help from the defense. nice deflection. matthew, thanks very much. stanford goes up for good.
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going for the home run at good. 46 yards touchdown. stanford into. >> more morgan and a second. they didn't could have of, stanford win of the army to get it 3-0. >> number 6, texas a&m gave up 25 unanswered fobs. look at the nice pass. evans, and 95-yard touchdowns pass and coach. number one for a reason. a.j. mccarron to a wide. show time!
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>> 4844. giants went tonight, where no team has gone before dodger stadium. brook lacehand, keep making noise. ,,,,,,,,,,
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like the man. and here's a close one at the mate. josh donaldson, just gives us his body to score a run. look how big the games are. got cheapier scotch the mit -- middle. somebody says something because cocoa crisp was annoyed. borto lo. >> hit 95, of jugs fun tonight. ring him out, strike three. that's how he does it. a's puts it 1-0, 5 1/2 questions to less. the magic number is now 10.
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championship hats, giants put a beating. beat down on the dodgers tonight. pablo cabbed -- sandoval. friends sold 7 rbi for the score. final score, 1903. night runs behind every voting team in dodger stadium history. >> shout of day. bmw championship. stairing it down. he likes it. look at the white, flows through and accidentally -- that's the 5? >> and to soccer, chris an
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earthquake's badly. quaint just couldn't put the biscuit in the basket. game ended. nothing worst than a tie. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,
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tennessee high school are g the extra mile: his reading, if school is a place to exercise your mind, students in one tennessee high school are going the extra mile. you could call this reading, writing and arithmetic.
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students are using the so- called fit test. the more active the kids are in class, the more alert they will be. >> thought they were crazy at first, actually helped me concentrate on reading and it's improved my grades at all. >> the fit desk is rolling around other schools around the country. 10,000 were expected and about 1,000 schools next year. >> i love that idea. roberta and i want to try it. >> wear a helmet when you go to school now. >> see you tomorrow. have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,
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