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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  September 15, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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3 women died when their hou burst into flames overnightd the worst part is -- the won were good evening. it was a horrific scene. 3 women died when their house burst into flames overnight. and the worst part is the women were fighting their way out.
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the women believed to be sisters in their 60s and 70s, they died in their home on demoggio avenue >> reporter: this is the smoke detector that may of given three women the precious few seconds they needed to get out of this house alive. >> it appears all 3 succumbed to the toxics and smoke. >> reporter: there were several 911 phone calls, by then, the house was in flames. they found one woman in the back bread. >> all three were found -- back bedroom. >> they were all found in a position where it looked like they were trying to get out of the home. the two in the kitchen was tried to get to a second exit.
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>> reporter: when the firefighters found the women they brought them outside and tried to save their lives. >> it was determined all three had passed away at the scene. >> they were nice people. i don't know why it had to happen to them. >> reporter: they found several smoke alarms like this one in the home. none working at the time of the fire. >> three smoke alarms are $15 it was the difference between life and death here. >> reporter: for the women, their loved ones, neighbors, a lesson learned one day too hroet. >> it makes me feel terrible, man, like, i am not going to be able to live right anymore knowing three ladies patsed away lady -- ladies passed away next to our home. the crews are quickly working to patch up charred trails and buildings at mount diablo state park so the park can reopen tomorrow. the morgan fire burned more
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than 3,000 acres in the area over the past week. it is now fully contained. the investigators say target shooting in the area sparked the fire. today, oakland mayor walked the streets of the fruitville neighborhood. she and other residents were at the restaurant and toured the area learning history and touring local shops. the idea was to celebrate mexico's independence day. >> yes. oakland has an amazing diverse sense of languages, cultures, neighborhoods, 57 different neighborhoods, even within them there is a lot of diversity. today is reach out. >> this is the first of what the mayor hopes to be monthly neighborhood walks to meet with people and learn more about the many communities in the city. team new zealand is a step closer to clinching the america's cup. today, they took on team ausin san francisco. they lost the first race and
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then they won the second race. newzealand now needs 2 more wince, they could take home the crown as early as tuesday. and it is getting down to the wire as mark kelly tells us, it has fans in the bay area buzzing with excitement, mark? >> well, it has not always been that busy here at america's cup. just recently the fans tell me they have seen attendance go up, bigger crowds here. that means more cars and more energy. >> america's cup fans swarm on to the embarcadero. cheryl has been in from new zealand. watching the races all week and saying this weekend is different than last. >> a huge change. absolutely. >> reporter: the difsrepbs not on the water it is the fans in the stands. seven -- difference is not on the water it is the fans in the stands. >> reporter: it took time for it to hit high gear.
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>> everyone is getting in behind it and, wonderful atmosphere here and we are having the time of our lives. >> they won the other day, that made it an exciting thing. i decided to check it out. >> reporter: many of the fans need a place to park. that is great for these guys. their parking lots are packed and still growing. in fact, so biz teis nearly impossible to nag an interview with them. >> how busy are you. >> >> reporter: fortunately carolyn from livermore appreciates all of the hecticness. >> the helicopters, the boats, the traffic, a beautiful day. we are happy we are here. >> big crowds, security is a top priority. the san francisco police department tells sauce far so good. the america's cup has been peaceful. and in the last races even if the crowds get bigger, the plan is for it to stay peaceful and fun. >> people are getting interested. >> we have to be seeing numbers they are impretsed w. yesterday, the officials say
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50,000 people entered those gates to see the races. >> well, perfect weather, a perfect setting. of course, free admission. is it always free though for spectators? >> we did have freadmission. everyone was out there letting you know it. people like that, that is going to pull in the crowds. >> easy sell, all right, thank you. a bike program in san francisco has taken on so fast that there are calls to expand it. the bike program rolled into san francisco and other parts of the bay area two weeks ago. since then, 10,000 trips made on the sea foam green colored bikes. they have 500 bikes. cyclists can rent the bikes at a starting rate of $9 a day. it appears people were out over the last couple of weekends just to experience driving on the new bay bridge. here is the break down on vehicle traffic from the metro
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transportation commission. last weekend compares to a year ago. saturday, september 7th. more than 133,000 vehicles crossed the bridge from the oakland side. compare that to a year ago when more than one25,toy drove over the old bridge. that is more than a 6% increase. negotiations to avoid another b.a.r.t strike hit the big time tomorrow. pension, pay, benefits will be discussed. b.a.r.t says they are offering a 10% raise over four years. unions want 21% over three years. the cooling off period expires at midnight. october 10th. nobody else is doing anything about the trash, so, they are taking care of it themselves. what made this group of people step in. celebrity chef paula deen makes her first public appearance in months. how fans are reacting to her return.
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and rather than sitting bacd he problem get it is an ugly problem plaguing a beautiful county. trash, lots of it all over the roadways it in marin. rather than sitting back locals decided to take matters into
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their own hands, they created marin clean highways, raising money to clean both sides of highway 101. kpix5 has more on how this volunteer effort got started. >> and the fact that it never gets picked up or rare he gets picked up by our government it just piles up. it is just huge. >> it is a familiar sight. >> reporter: most drivers attempt to ignore. trash on the side of the highway. >> i think most of it is blown around out of trash cans and out of the back of pick up trucks. >> who's responsibility is it to clean this stphesz it depends where the jurisdiction is and it is complicated around here. some of it is marin county. some of it is caltrans. >> instead of waiting for someone else to come along and figure out what is coming along to all of the trash. these two women decided to do something about it. about. >> we hired a contractor to pick up the litter. >> vicki, along with jill, banding together to create
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marin clean highways. using their own time and money and contributions to clean the frontage roads of u.s. 101 to the tiberon exit. >> three tons, so, if you consider that a $1,000 fine per one-piece of litter it goes beyond our national budget. >> the contractor working with the organization says there is something the government can do. >> get legislation so that trubs that have the open backs -- trucks that have the open backs don't throw out litter. >> reporter: vicki will be out here until then picking it up. >> as long as we have funds we will pick it up, when the funds run out i don't know what we will do. reporting from highway 101. kpix5. >> and the women say the average cleanup cost is several hundred each month. it is the last week of summer. we have rain back in the forecast. i will pinpoint the day you should expect it as the news continues right here on kpix5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[[cheers for deen]] it has been a tough year for paula deen. it appears fans are giving her a second chance. [cheers and applause] >> yesterday she fought back tears as she was greeted by a supportive crowd during an appearance at a houston cooking show. it was her first public appearance in june when she admitted to using the "n" word in the past. >> the one place i would want to make my first step back out was texas. >> the heart of the country. where this was a norm 50 years ago. it is wrong but it was the
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norm. >> i love paula deen. i think she has been given a raw deal. i support her 1% and so do my friends and i huff her products. >> last month a judge dismissed the lawsuit against her. if you did not win the big powerball jackpot last night you are in good company because nobody else did either. a ticket sold in south pasadena is worth $2.4 million for matching the first 5 numbers. may they missed the power ball. since nobody matched the numbers the jackpot grown to $400 million. >> we will take that. [ laughter ] >> all righty. roberta is here. it is the last week of summer. >> >> yes. autumn arrives next saturday at 1:45 in the afternoon here. we will have one more blast of warm weather and we will pinpoint it coming up. hi, everyone. we will step on outdoors at this time. taking a look from our camera,
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out towards the bay waters. lots of blue skies, current temperatures from 63 degrees in san fran to san jose, 74 degrees to the east. 76 degrees currently in livermore. the coast it is clear. 59 degrees in ocean breech, the winds out of the west. onshore, 15 miles an hour. sheer what you need to know for the last week of summer. we will have a repeat performance again for monday and then a warm up midweek before we allude to a chance of showers. we will get to that. here is today's high. let me get out of the 63 degrees in pacificca and redwood city. low 80s east of the bay. it was averaging a good 4-5 degrees below normal for this time of the year. blanket of clouds overnight. return of the marine layer.
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between 54 and 59 degrees. interestingly enough. future cast plays it, we saw this by our live weather camera, moving onshore, you got to believe it, we will have the overcast conditions for the morning commute. throughout the try valley, hovering around the beach as well. anywhere from the avenue to sunset district and the coast. backing off tomorrow and revealing sunshine. similar condition. low pressure, spinning the wheels off of the coast. going down. the bottom line is, seasonal highs tomorrow, a warm up by midweek. 60s, now, numbers for monday, 64-66 degrees, the beaches, also in the 60s, middle 80ss in morgan hill and gillroy. coming around the peninsula. coming around the district. topping off in the middle 80s, to the east, inland, it is 10- 20, late day. 84 degrees from danville to
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blackhawk. north of the golden gate bridge from the 60s through the 70s. low 80s at the park. a little warmer than that as we stretch northward toward for 85. 84 degrees. okay, here we go. slightly cooler tuesday. due to a deepening marine layer. and then our last one of summer, highs near 90, on wednesday and thursday. in the warmest locations, inland, a chance from sonoma county to the north on friday and then again on saturday. for the most part, the precipitation looks like it wants to fall anywhere from the cape to the north. we will keep a watch -frl eye on that just if time for autumn. clean out the gutters. time to do that. >> yes. it is. >> all right, thank you. >> yes. good reach. >> yes. more on that. all right, oakland raiders are back in action for the first time [band playing ]
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>> and fans could not be pore excited. jacksonville jaguars in their home opener. and the tailgators came out early. >> i have been coming to games, shoot, i don't know how long, but for a long time. >> always out here, it is like church every sunday. [ laughter ] >> i do go to church just not during the football season. [ laughter ] >> always a fun crowd. dennis will like at the game ahead in sports. what do you think? >> with that crowd, the raiders could not afford to lose the game and with that a poepb tphaeupt they could not afford to lose the game. and pryor was doing his thing but it was another runner making -- opponent they could not afford to lose the game. and pryor was doing his thing but it was another runner making the spotlight ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stunning the colts in indianapolis last week, rair nation sold out the coliseum today hoping to witness oakland's first win of the , facing the jacksonville jag. charles woodson back at the coliseum after a 7 year sabbatical with the packers had a after stunning loss over the colts they have the jaguars today. now, back after a 7 year break. the raiders had not had a touchdown on their opening drive since 2011. that ended now. going 10 yards out. 7-0, raider nation loving it. >> in the 3rd quarter, there it goes. making it 13-3. now, jacksonville scores 2 points against kansas city last week.
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not much better today. houston was a force. mcfadden rolled up in the 3rd. pick up of 22, deep in jags territory. now, to get the point. he had 129 yards. the raiders win 19-9. >> any time you can put the jersey on, the uniform on, whatever it is, and go out there and play, you know, alongside your teammates and go out ask play tough, physical football that is what it is all about. it was fun. you know, putting that together. something special. kansas stadium was as loud as ever for smith's debut. smith is giving his team credibility and stability at the quarterback. he has not committed a turnover this season. 3rd quarter, now, the chiefs
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beat the cowboys, 17-16. at 2-0 they have met their win total from all of last season. eddie lacy picked up the 1stdown on his only carry of the day. he paid the price. the red skips debut, lacy, leave the game with a concussion. but, aaron rodgers and the packers would not miss a beat without him. career high, 480 yards. two of them there. nelson, green bay, bouncees back from last week's loss. they blow out washington, 38- 20. they get it. the best drive when they need today the most. gets the point toss. the rookie, making the great move here. 3 plays later. they pulled in the game winner for matt, houston beats tennessee. how about baseball. a's starter, parker. he was scratched today with the flu. his replacement goes 5 strong,
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only giving up 1 run against the rangers,. the a's are closing in on the crown. 92 degrees at game time. ballpark in arlington. you know, they have been getting off to a great start early. there goes josh donaldson, the 23rd of the year. 2-0 oakland. 2-1 chris young. a no doubter. his 12th home run of the year. the a's add 2 more in the 9th with a red aric home run, they win 5-1. so, with the win, they are slowly running away with it now. oakland has a 6.5 game lead over texas with just 13 left. buy your tickets. giants, dodgers, keeps it going with his bat. second inning, his 4th home run with as many games, first since bonds in 2004 -- to accomplish that feat. in the 6th inning, that is a 2- run home run. the 25th of the year. his 92nd run batted in.
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then, bret, smacks the solo shot to give the giant's a 4-3 lead. his 3rd of the year. the giants beat the big dodgers behind the red hot team, 4-3 is the final. down 34th america's cup. races 9 and 10 today. between ausand new zealand. check out the quick start off of the starting line for team usa. giving them the lead for good. newzealand comes in for the finish line, 42nd seconds later. the second race was a thriller. the u.s. had a chance for a sweep. but, a critical mistake would cost them and new zealand whips by 17 seconds. now, they are just 2 races away from capturing the cup. racing continues. look at the crowd. a great crowd. you really have to battle for parking. yes. >> had a hart time getting out of our parking lot here at work. yes. >> people coming here and parking. yes. it did not heur we have
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great weather. >> yes. >> what is the magic number? >> 8. 13 games left, 6.5 game lead. maybe 7. yes. so "gameday" tonight? >> jerry rice, analyzing the greatness of the raiders and their big win. and the report from seattle where that game, they are not even playing it right now because of lightning in the pacific northwest. >> yes. rain. >> yes. that is it for us "60 minutes" is next. good night ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: the administration wanted to support al qaeda, go ahead. >> you haven't heard much from syrian president assad because he's given only one american interview to charlie rose. and with the negotiations ongoing about removing and destroying syria's chemical weapons you'll hear from president obama tonight, too. >> this may be a first step in what potentially could be an end to terrible bloodshed and millions of refugees throughout the region that is of deep concern to us and our allies. >> right now assad feels he's winning.


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