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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. >> this is kpix news. flags are at half staff to honor the 12 victims. they are trying to find out why it all happened.
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what is the motive? danielle. >> reporter: security clearance is required to enter the navy yard. police believe he acted alone. they towed away the car aaron alexis drove to the navy yard. they don't know why he shot an atrium full of people. he lost his life in a gun battle with police. he was working on a computer project. he had a history of behavior problems. he shot out a man's tires in 2004 and messed with the wire
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nothing wiring in his apartment. the city was on lock down when the shooting starting. he feels lucky to be alive. >> i am here and i am thinking thinking of all those who aren't. >> reporter: they have a memorial for the victims. the washington nationals had a moment of silence before their game. the stadium is blocks away from the site. they have released the names of all 12 victims. they range from 46 to 73 years old. danielle knottinham. >> what have you learned?
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>> reporter: the guns used were purchased over the weekend in virginia. there were reports they may have been brought in with him, but he got the other weapons inside the facility. >> all right, danielle, live in washington dc, thank you. >> they are questioning workers at the gun shop where he got the guns. they say he suffered from paranoia and heard voices. first will be a quick look to
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make sure physical requirements have been met and that the security requirements are in place. we will bring you the latest on air and on line on kpix. a short time ago the maker and congresswoman proposed a grant to help the city with crime. kate has the latest. >> reporter: for oakland it will mean 10 new officers. the grant will pay for their salaries. it comes through the office of policing services.
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oakland will get money and so will palo alto and vallejo. >> we are changing the numbers of the police department and the officers that cops has funded over the years. it has made a real difference. >> reporter: since the turn of the recession the officers on the force has decreased from 832 to 614. state leaders say this money is continues to up the force. they have a new academy of 36 officers and more to come. it doesn't mean less crime. they acknowledge that and the
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recent tragic death of a 1-year- old and 8-year-old. reporting live, back to you in the studio. there is optimism where the crack down on gang activity seems to be working. the new numbers for 2013 show a drop in gang-related crime. homicides are down 43%. in bay area news, two hayward police cars aredamaged after a truck rammed them. the suspect hit both cars while fleeing. the suspect and a passenger ran off. they were caught and arrested.
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one officer received minor injuries. a fire in a home at 24th near market, it took 45 minutes to put that fire out. still looking for a cause. a san francisco parks worker ran over and killed a mother. he didn't know he hit someone. thomas said he was driving on an asphalt path on september 5th and cut across the grass where the woman was with her daughter. prosecutors are considering charges. both sides on the bart debate are working hard. >> reporter: it is day two of
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10 sessions. negotiators threw out an offer. tom crunched the numbers and says the two sides are still far apart. >> we are talking still 112 or 115 million dollars over 4 years. that is a lot. >> management needs to step up and take care of its workers and the patrons. >> reporter: union workers say bart is not budging. they are worried about an impending strike. he is thinking of packing his overnight bags again. >> i have to go back and forth. >> reporter: what did you do last time? >> i slept in the city.
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i had to stay in a hotel for 5 days. >> reporter: the commute is 3 hours in a car. >> everything loses. it is unfortunate. >> reporter: they have no intention of intervening. after today there are other 8 scheduled negotiations before the october 11 strick. sue kwan. advanced placement tests, the educational testing service canceled after they violated rules where students could sit. individual parents or students can file their own lawsuit.
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colorado flood waters are receding. britain's members of the royal family? deep freezer? weather, the wind is starting to kick up. could we see rain in the future? coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> russia and the u.s. are at odds over syria's chemical weapons. the u.s. and france want to
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keep the issues on the table. chemical weapons were used, but there is a dispute about who was responsible. house republican leaders are trying to avoid a government shut down in two weeks. they could trigger new economic chaos if they demand an act for support of continued spending. authorities say an electrical problem caused the new jersey boardwalk fire. it claimed 50 boardwalk businesses. some are just returning to their homes in colorado.
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garbage, broken furniture in their yards. 600 people are still unaccounted for. 8 people died in the flood. 18,000 homes were damaged. >> today is the first day we have been here since we evacuated. it was worse than i thought. we lost everything we own. >> flood waters are significantly down from yesterday. a delay from the final two matches. a few minutes ago winds were blowing at 18 knots. usa will not face off until tomorrow. wind is picking up.
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>> reporter: yes 25 knots. it will probably shut it down. it will be bluftery blustery in the bay. concord 14 miles per hour and san rafael. windy through the mountain gaps. temperatures coming up. concord sunny skiesbreezy in san francisco. it will not be as warm. patchy clouds and a brief warming trend. the possibility of a couple of
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rain drops. winds of kicking up. temperatures around the bay, you will see low numbers and cooler than normal. east bay in the delta and 70s more highs. and you want to check out the a's and the angels, breezy. 63 degrees. over the next couple days high pressure builds. it will bring some up to 90 degrees. friday and saturday a weak cold front slides in and bring a slight chance of showers. just a few. it won't ruin your day. inch and a half.
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i'm kidding. prince harry was in a giant freezer with heavy winds. why? the 29-year-old was training for a trip to the south pole. he and a team of members will be in a race. the expedition is going to last 15 days. chilly. bay area scientists may have uncovered anantiaging method. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> the woman who was the face of the antismoking campaign died. she had oral and throat cancer. she was in ads that were called tips from former smokers. she began smoking in high school and continued as an adult. for the first time scientists have discovered certain lifestyle changes can reverse aging. >> reporter: like many working
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moms, lisa crams in a lot. >> i think this can't be good for me to live this way. >> reporter: too much stress can shorten your life. the caps at the end of your chromosomes may change that. >> no side effects. >> reporter: the caps are called philomeres. >> when we lead high wear and tear lives, they wear. >> reporter: you can boost their size. for 5 years her team followed men with prostate cancer.
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those who changed their lifestyle gained. they tried yoga and attends group support meetings and changed diet. >> we want to eat better and be socially connected and less stressed. >> reporter: this study is too small to draw conclusions, but they are encouraged. allen martin, kpix5. a homeless men was honest when he found 10s ever thousands of dollars.
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you have a special for the viewers? >> they the first few viewers will receive a gift card. 888-334-2421. ,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> so we chop up the fennel and use italian parsley. the flavor is stronger. i will squeeze lemon on here. >> okay. >> sorry. >> okay. >> red onion. you can carmellize them, but i like raw. olive oil. >> lemon. >> you can be generous with red
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pepper flakes. >> regular lettuce adds to it. and parmesan. >> perfect. there is your salad. thank you. >> love this stuff. >> might need a breath mint after. a man is being recognized for his honesty. >> $2,400 in cash and 39,000- dollars in travelers checks. he turned it over to the police. he got a citation plaque. >> what would your one wish be? . >> no war.
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>> no war? >> no war. >> he said he wouldn't have kept the money. god has always looked after him. people are trying to raise money for glen. >> he should have gotten a good dinner. enjoy the day. it's windy. see you tomorrow. ,,
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>> carter: you okay? >> maya: yeah. >> carter: well, it couldn't have been easy, seeing rick -- him finding out we're engaged. >> maya: he had to know sometime. >> carter: you weren't exactly prepared. do what you have to do. >> maya: thank you.


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