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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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on an ev that cost about 30,000. >> they are going to have tough competition because the entire auto industry is going in that direction. volkswagon wants to be the world's biggest provide. >> the largest seller is nissan. >> we sold 25 of them last month, i think. we're down to three. we have a bunch more on the way in. >> tesla has set the standard for long distance charges. its model-s can already go 200 miles a charge. this one in freemont opened last week and is already drug crowds. they say the factg is gunning for tesla means it is catching on. >> sort of funny thatg is picking a fight. seems like they are picking a fight against a much smaller company when they are the big giant in the industry. >> the knock on tesla has always been the price. the model-s was about 70 grand. but company officials say in three or four years they will have the car priced at mmm.
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the race is only starting, driven by those changing winds. >> reporter: tesla also plans to open service centers in pal low alto and sunny -- palo alto and sunny vail. in freemont, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> up until now, many auto makers said most people only drive 40 miles a day. not everyone is a winner in the electric car industry. a san francisco company who makes charging vehicles has field for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they make charging and power storage systems under the blink minute brands for nissans. it has received $100 million from the department of energy, but the company suffers from dispinting sales and a suspension of payments last month from the federal government today, eco-tality said it is a necessary step to
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ensure we can don't meet the needs of blink customers and continue to operate the link network. eco-tality is asking a court to approve a bankruptcy option. solyndra is the most bay area green company to file for chapter 11 s. it defaulted on millions in federal loan guarantees. mitt romney sited solyndra as an example. a jury says convicted serial killer joseph that so should be sentenced to death. kpix 45's joe vasquez where the -- naso should be sentenced tod. kpix 5's joe vasquez has more. >> reporter: by 2:30 they had their decision that convicted serial killer owe receive naso should be sentenced to death. >> this is a rest for us.
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she can rest in peace. >> the daughter of one of the victims said she was relieved that joseph naso is getting the death sentence. >> i'll never have her b but i am glad justice is served and we can put this to rest now after 35 years. >> even though he's 79 years old and may never be put to death. >> he's in prison now, so justice has been served. >> naso is a former photographer who killed four young women decades ago promising to shoot photos of them. he ended up drugging. this once they were unconscious, strangling them. na so was his own attorney, but a public defender helped him during the trial and read a few of the serial killer's own words after the sentencing this afternoon. >> i am pleased the jury listened to my mitigation arguments. i want to help others in prison. i am on the threshold of a new life and will make the best of
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it. >> the public defender was asked whether naso wants to admit anything. >> no. >> it is extremely rare a marin county jury would come back with a death sentence. it is not a done deal. the judge has 20 days or sew to look over the paperwork, maybe sure everything was done correctly before it's a done indictment reporting live in san rafael, joe vasquez kpix 5. >> california's death penalty has been on hold since 2006 when state official esiason were told to rework lethal injection procedures. more break news this time out of oakland where a child has been injured in a shooting. you can see from chopper 5 police are still there investigating the shooting that happened just before 5:00. police are telling us that a child was hit by flying glass as the shots rang out. the child was not shot. it's in the fraughtvale neighborhood. no word on a motive. whether a suspect is in custody yet or how badly that child was hurt. >> the clock is ticking and a
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strike deadline approaching for b.a.r.t and its union to reach a contract agreement. some 23 days out from that next deadline. as kpix 5's sue quan reports, the two sides have a long way to go. >> it's day two of 10 scheduled negotiating scheduled sessions. in the first round there was a 17% wage increase offer over three years. b.a.r.t negotiator tom hawk crunched the numbers and said the two sides are still far apart. >> still a lot of difference between where we are and they are. our people were working late in the night. we're talking the still 112, $115 difference over four years. that's a lot of money. we're listening to the members. >> the members will tell us how low to go. management needs to step up and take care of its workers and take care of the patrons. >> union spokesperson says b.a.r.t is not budging. while the two sides continue to wrestle over money, pleasant hill resident david oaks is
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worried about an impending strike and thinking about back his overnight bag again. >> i live here and work in the city. i have to go bang forth. it is a hassle. >> did you ride a. >> i slept in the city. >> you slept in the city. >> i had to stay in my hotel for five days. >> bob saunder prepares for his commute to become three hours in a car to hayward. >> you can't shut things down like this. it is not good for anyone. commerce, everything loses. it's unfortunate. >> lawmakers and governor brown have no intention of intervening. the talks are long and the mood is tense. after today, there are only eight scheduled negotiations before the october 11th strike. in oak land, sue quan kpix 5. tonight, four people are homeless, but no one injured.
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. a couple of mangled police cruisers and a crash pickup is what's left after a man led cops through a chase in hayward this morning. officers say the driver sped off after they tried to pull him over. officers arrested him after he crashed into another car. those two officers surfed minor injuries. >> . >> the man behind the wheel of the car crash is in the hospital and under arrest for suspected car burglar resistant. san jose police responded to calls just after 4:00 this morning that two suspects were breaking into cars. the men fled in two separate cars. one crashed into a pole. that suspect was later arrested. police are still looking for the other suspect. new at 6:00, as powerful gusts sucked the wind out of to's america's cup races, kpix 5 has learned just how much money the bay area stands to lose from the problem-plagued competition.
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kpix 5's mike sugerman has been taking a look at the numbers and he is live in san francisco. mike. >> reporter: first of all, the wind, 28 miles an hour. that is way too much for these boats to sail. money, yeah. the still of san francisco is still under water. >> look at the crowds at america's cup facility. they have all come to san francisco and spending money, aren't they? >> a lot of people came cothe city >> the closest neighborhood to the races, this manager says this summer was even better than last summer and last similar was pretty good. >> every customer comes once. the idea is to get them to come back. >> back in the day the city thought the races would bring in almost a billion and a half dollars to city businesses. when only four of 14 teams signed up, it cut that number in half. they hoped city government would make money too, was right now we're in the hole. >> did we spend a lot of money
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on this? >> i sure hope not. i'm working hard to make sure it isn't. >> mayor ed lee said he is doing his darndest to cover dos of improvements that it took to get america's cup here. the mayor department need me to tell him. >> we're down 20 million last count. >> right. we raised about 17 million to cover. it's been going pretty good. >> leaves 3 to $4 million the city still owes. worth it? >> i nice ridiculous. a boat race? >> the neighborhood bar, far from the race itself beyond remission. they didn't see any new business. some think the city took a shoot and now must take its medicine. >> i don't think it was worth it to what the city had to put up. >> this lady is a retard teacher. $4million? city schools sure could have used that. >> more teachers. more, more adult in the classroom. >> $4 million is not a big hit in a city budget of roughly $4
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billion a years but nor is it some point that much for larry elizabeth son, the oracle chairman who brought america's cup to san francisco. think he'll pony up? >> i would hope so. >> mike sugerman, kpix 5. a blind rev and his seeing eye dog are hurt in a hit and run. how the great graveyard
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shift in nappa could make your favorite wine taste better. and, those winds will blowing. we will tell you how long it will last. then for something completely different by the weekend. the change in the forecast coming up. we will have that in a minute. the proving if you're at greater risk of going to the hospital if you walk while on you cell phone. ,,,,,,,,
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were walking down the stree east palo alto last night..n they were struck by a car. it happened on myrtle stree sparrow court. we're told the driver stopped at firs blind and defenseless e. a reverend and his -- defenseless. a blind reverend and his seeing eye dog were struck by a car and the car left. kpix 5's len ramirez has more. >> reporter: investigators have been asking for the public's
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help in solving this case. the victim did not get a description of the driver or the vehicle that hit him because he is blind and he has been left emotionally if not physically damaged by what happened. >> it's more emotional, the fear of walking down the street and having this sense of being hit by a car all the time. >> for the reverend, a sense of security he once felt walking in his neighborhood is now gone. >> about 8:00 i left here to go to starbucks. >> he was out for a stroll with a cup of coffee with his seeing eye dog. >> a car comes backing up out of a cul-de-sac hits me and my dog. >> the car was not going fast and neither were seriously hurt. but what happened next made the incident a serious crime. >> she says are you okay. i didn't answer her. i was bending down picking up the. do she said let me move forward. she moves forward she keeps on going forward, turn around to make a u-turn, comes back
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towards me. she swerves around my body and keeps on going out the cul-de- sac speeds out. >> passing out fliers, seeing if anybody might have saw something, heard something, might know something. >> today east palo allowed to police searched the neighborhood for clues. because the reverend is completely blind he could not give a description of the driver or the vehicle. >> to hit a blind reverend with a seeing eye dog and leave the scene just compounds. >> reverend maclin lost his sight 17 years ago and regularly walks the neighborhood, especially to the sweet home church of god in christ, she the pastor. >> a woman this her 40s or 50s. i just want her to come forward and just apologize.
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len ramirez, kpix 5. >> you leave an anonymous tip by emailing epa at tips or you can call the number on your screen. as a hole, workers tend to avoid the graveyard shift, but in nappa valley it is around the clock work during harvest time. why workers there are loving working through the night, patrick sediloo has more. >> reporter: crews at this wine reimbursements in nappa are already working picking grapes off the vine to give the world the famous nappa valley wine. >> it is fun out here, even at 2:00 in the morning. we're having a great time. it's layla vest. >> farm workers usually work day shifts, but here there are only night crews and they are loving it, simply because of the comfort the moist, cool air
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brings. >> night harvest is fantastic. the crew likes it because it is much cooler at night. >> a generator powers the light the crews work by and they do what they do best. >> it's better for wine quality because the grace come in cool. >> it is one of the highest paid jobs in the country. they also have 401ks, sick leave and full time benefits. >> they love it here. >> ernesto sanchez has been full time five years. his father works the vines, time. he says there is a simple reason why he gets up so early. >> it is not so hot. >> i am living the dream. >> pa trek sediloo, kpix 5. >> this is the crew's only shift. they are off at sock a.m. probably the biggest impact on a grape harvest is the weather. we're going to sew a lit elizabeth change. >> can you believe it. first rain of the season. >> bring on.
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>> sound of summer going by. we're already getting into, i don't know, wintertime rescream but a cold front that will be happening later in the week. we do have pretty strong winds moving through the b. they were gusts up to 50 miles an hour at sfo. l right now down to 14 miles per hour. out of the west at sfo to 22 miles an hour, but we will have strong winds for the next few hours before they finally calm down after midnight tonight. temperatures right now 74 in concord. livermore at 69. in santa rosa, still plenty warm. the relative humidities are. do as a result, the low clouds scourerred from the shoreline. strong winds tonight. a little bit of a bodily harm trend that starts tomorrow. by friday, we have a chanceover showers moving from north to in classic winter fashion. it is not going to spread much, but does look like we will get a bit wet. low pressure spin over the
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pacific northwest. high pressure creating a flow from this direction. as a result we're getting those strong winds. also getting a chance to get a sun rise tomorrow for a change. not going to be much in the way of being able to see the sunrise. it should be a beautiful sunrise. should be look at fairly calm winds at 4:00 a.m. pinpoint forecast. 89 in sacramento. fresno, the same. sfo, weather shouldn't be a factor. sunny skies. west oaklanderly in the afternoon. 35. thunderstorms in the forecast for chicago. 81degrees. forecast for the bay area will hit 72 in the city tomorrow. 87 at livermore. we get a little bit of a warming trend before we get that chance of shower are also in the latter half of the week. look for sunshine tomorrow. for thursday, notice the temperatures warming. then friday and saturday, we're going town crease the clouds, get a chance to have showers.
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>> it will be nice and sunny and warm. >> reporter: just in time to go back to work. >> of course. still ahead, you put yourself at greater risk of harm if you walk while on you cell phone. >> these are bacteria that are now resistant to what used to work. >> how millions of americans are getting affected by super bugs. more are resistant. ,,
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staggering - right into you it is a plague upon the modern sidewalk. some bus suddenly stopping, lunching right into sometimes. well, this 21st century nuisance is getting worse. one group of americans is leading the way right into the emergency room little endown terse like this one don't just leave you shaking your head, they're actually sending people to the hospital. a recent study from ohio state university finds the number of emergency room visits due to people walking with their cell phone has risen five-fold since 2005, and there is one group of people who make up the bulk of those statistics. >> we go to school with a bump of smart kids. >> a solid handful of very
6:24 pm
intelligent people. >> extremely smart. perhaps lacking in common sense. >> you just walk around like this. >> you have to bob and weave around campus. >> i have seen it multiple times, people walking into doors. >> we're not just picking on uc berkeley students. anyone ages 16 to 251 most likely to be involved in accidents cruising a cell phone. theory one, it's biological. >> your brain doesn't stop develop until you're 25. >> that's right. the frontal lobe is not done. >> for a second theory, we asked the man who conducted the research. of course, we spoke with him by phone. >> this increasing rate over years suggest to me that this younger coheart is bring accidents with them. >> they have really grown up with these devices. it is an extension of their bodies. >> he was texting without looking where he was going and
6:25 pm
he almost went over that rock. i saved him. i'm a good friend. >> she saved me. >> so good friends can help. there are also public awareness campaigns. but don't expect 20 somethings or any somethings for that matter to stop doing any time. so yes, it is a simple next text message. >> we asked that professor how to change the behavior. his anxious well it took us about 60 years to change our habits with cigarette smoke. >> just for the record i am a 50 something and i have doin't, too. >> it is easy to get distracted. coming up, the bay area stipes that will benefit million million dollar gift anded a more police officers. the frog concern over untreatable and deadly form -- growing concern over untreatable and deadly forms of bacteria. how you might be able to cut off those annoying robo calls before you even pick up the phone
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p ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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city four and a half million dollars. the police department says that is enough for 10 more officers. kpix 5's ann notarangelo looks into whether that is really enough to make a difference and bring down oakland's crime rate. >> there are 614 police officers working in oakland today. five years ago, there were 837. interim police chief says it is going to take a long time to get back to those numbers, but he will gladly take every officer he can. >> how big of a piece of the puzzle is this, to have more officers? >> it's huge. i would say it was wonderful we were getting two. the fact it is 10, that's a whole squad of officers. you can run an operation. >> the chief says 10 officers could run a drug sting or auto particular reimbursements sting. the chief says he would love a force of 900. so would the people who feel vulnerable. >> maybe a hundred more cops. that might make it safer. >> so 10 doesn't seem insignificant to you? >> yeah.
6:30 pm
it's insignificant. >> oakland got the federal grant from the community policing services because frankly it's shown it needs it. the chief says his weary department surely could use the help. >> we are officers working nine shifts per quarter. that's almost once per week they have to work above and beyond repping shifts. so you have an agency that is tired. >> mayor quan says has already bit. ed money to keep those officers after the grant expires. this is the third time the city has been awarded federal money. a sum total of 75 officers. >> it's so much crime going on in oakland. they don't always respond when you need them, you nose that's why some residents turned to hiring private security. while auto thefts and burglaries are up, the mayor pointed out residential burglaries are down. >> soming a people might say it is because they hire private security. >> no. they have been coming down. >> i don't think there is any one simple thing. >> there is no simple way to
6:31 pm
reduce the overall crime rate either, although the police department is confident more officers will help. in addition to those 10 officers, this friday they will be graduating 36 more officers from the police academy. in oakland, ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> four other bay area departments also received grant money. hayward, east palo alto, vallejo and the alameda sheriff's office. investigation into the washington navy yard shooting. one big question remains. what is the motive. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has what investigators are finding out about the suspected shooter. >> investigators towed away the toyota prius aaron alexis drove to the navy yard. they have been working to piece together how and why the 34- year-old former navy reservist opened fire monday morning killing 12 people. >> the motivation, whatever that motivation is is currently
6:32 pm
under investigation. >> investigators do know alexis was working as a defense contractor at the navy yard complex. he arrived in the dc area around august 5th and cleared security with his own id. >> secretary of the navy has ordered a rapid review of security procedures here and at all other navy and marine core installations. police say alexis used a shotgun he purchased from a virginia gun shop and handgun he took from his victim they range in age from 46 to 73 and were all civilian employees and contractors. the former state trooper who worked security at the navy yard was a victim. >> i want him to be done as a dad instead of a victim. he was a great dad. >> the national baseball team whose field is less than a mile from the shooting wore navy hats during warmups and observed a moment of silence. danielle nottingham cbs news
6:33 pm
washington. >> three survivors including a police officer who suffered gunshot wounds are recovering at a washington hospital. there is growing concern over drug resistant superbugs. tonight, we have cold, hard numbers that show just how real the threat is. >> their nicknames are catchy, mrsa, cre, but the tiny bacteria can back a big punch. there are among 17 types that have grown resistant to the best antibiotics we have. for those who get inverdicted, it's a shocker i have it. i can't get rid of it. i don't know what the future will be. >> fed real officials have come up with hard numbers. more than 2 million americans fall ill from anti biotic resistant bacteria each leer. at least 23,000 will indictment cre is the latest nightmare. >> these are bacteria that are now resistant to what is -- has in the past been a reliable
6:34 pm
last line of defense. >> dr. chip chambers is chief of infectious disease at san francisco general hospital. he says part of the problem is the over use and misuse of antibiotics, but not just among doctors and patients. >> most antibiotics use in this country is not in human. it is used for livestock. in many cases it is not to treat infection. in fact, it is a growth promoter. >> not everyone agrees. one member of the california beef industry, a vet, dispute there is is a link with the use of antibiotics in livestock and increased resistant in infections in humans, saying there is no proof of cause and effect. the california department of food and agriculture also said vets understand the need to use our most powerful antibiotics sparingly, but that doesn't mean we should allow our animals to suffer without medical treatment. in july, u.s. senator feinstein introduced a bill that would prohibit the use of human antibiotics in the food and
6:35 pm
water of healthy farm animals. do you still get robo calls even though you're on that do not call registry? some say the problem is getting worse than ever. coming up in consume r. watch, how a new invention promises to block those calls once and for all. >> yoga forced me to feel my body again. how she says yoga save her life years after she suffered a stroke. ,,,,,,
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phone, you've likely noticen increase in those dreaded robocalls. and there's not much you can do to sto if you have a phone you likely notice an increase in those dreaded robo calls, and there is not much you can do to stop them. but on the consumer watch julie watts tells us help the on the way. >> reporter: that's right. putting your number on the do not call list doesn't really do much good. but there are a couple new products about to hit the market that could put unatoned those annoying calls. the first is no mo robo.
6:38 pm
the winning invention in the robo calls challenge. it will be available later this month for free, but for now will only work with fios, optimum and vonn hang. it allows nomo robo to intercept calls and disconnect before you have a chance to answer. >> hello, this is rachel. >> as soon as you hear that ring the call has already been picked up. >> for those on other carriers, a company in washington state is developing a product called call control home. expected to hit the market early next year. it is a small box connected to your phone and rejects known robo calling tele marketing numbers. things like these may soon be a thing of the past. used matres recovery and recycling act is now headed to the governor's desk. requires retailers to pick up used mattresses when delivering new ones which will also come with an 8 to $14 mattress recovery fee. that money goes to cities like
6:39 pm
oakland which spends about $500,000 a year collecting old mattresses. if you watch the news at all, you know parts of colorado are currently being ravaged by deadly floods. one of the hardest hit areas. that didn't stop living social from reportedly posting this deal to, quote, picture perfect parts. according to the website valley wag, this deal was sent out to subscribers yesterday. listed as a featured living social trip until last night. the park is currently off limits and the rocky mountain national park is closed. calls to living social was not returned. we should note, colorado's popular ski resorts have not been affected by the floods. if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call. 888-5-helps you. >> important to know, before you book something online, check it out. >> certainly.
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about 50,000 california residents are still waiting on their unemployment checks. a computer problem could be to blame. the sacramento b reports the add has been working for months to upgrade its processing system and it's been quite a struggle to implement that. they say the department processed about 15,000 claims overnight. they expect to have the rest done by tend of the week. she suffered a stroke when she was just 15 years old. coming up, how a young california woman says yoga save her life. >> good for her. back in the bay area, we have strong winds at this hour. warm temperatures. that will set the stage for the next couple days. then, by the end of the week, we have a four letter word in the forecast. stay tuned. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, from the war of words. >> a lot of respect to coach harbaugh. >> let's say somebody told you not to come back too early. >> understand the diagnosis.
6:41 pm
defy the prognosis. >> and the kid who caught a fish with his hair. ,,,,,,
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eating disorders.
6:44 pm
cbs reporter melanie woodrow shows us how s there is a young woman in california using her passion for yoga to help those suffering from eating disorders. >> cbs reporter melanie woodrow shows us how she is taking her mission to new heights. >> in santa monica it is fairly common to see people practicing yoga. but this class and its teacher are unique. chelsea almost didn't see this day. at 15, she battled an eating disorder. chelsea was starving herself. >> i was walking through a whole foods and i was under 60 pounds and had a stroke. >> that was about eight years ago. chelsea credits yoga with saving her life. >> yoga forced me to feel my body again. i am not leaving this roof until all the funds are raised. >> chelsea wants to raise $50,000 to fund bringing chelsea's three-day yoga eating
6:45 pm
for disorders to treatment centers nationwide at no charge as well as an evidence-based study and talks to high schools. >> she is so bold and such an inspiration. >> there is only one way down and chelsea hasn't taken it yet. >> everything is going awesome today. people. >> people are watching and commenting. >> they say good morning, chelsea. how did you sleep. >> yes, up on the roof, chelsea eats, sleeps, practices yoga and that's not all. >> everybody asks how are you going to the bathroom. >> she gets privacy with a sheet. >> then i come out with a tupperware container. >> #occupy you're beautiful. >> chelsea is also raising funds. private foundation offered to match the next $10,000 raised. >> so if you have 5 bucks, 10 bucks. every bit counts. >> there was a time used my will power to starve myself tod. now i know how to channel it toward healthier goals. i think the world will be
6:46 pm
better with this project in it. >> in santa monica, melanie woodrow kpix 5. >> you might think going to the bathroom on the roof is the most difficult apartment chelsea says it is something else. not being able to wash her hair. >> of course, the hair. >> of course. >> little tupperware. >> the police haven't been called yet. >> reporter: good luck to her. have you noticed it was windy enough to cancel the america's cup. mr. o'donnell will have more on that when he does sports. in the meantime, it was gust about 506 miles an hour at sfo. they have 60 miles an hour gusts in freemont. strong winds will ease up tonight. but for the next couple hours it will be windy out there. 14 at san jose. at sfo where they had that gust earlier today it is up to 22 miles an hour. even windier in the city right now. we will deal with that the next
6:47 pm
couple hours. forecast is for this to ease up a little bit. the good news behind it if you like sunshine is we have more athrong shoreline tonight. that will be the case for the next 24 hours. the numbers now are still pretty mild. santa rosa 76. temperatures by 8:00 tonight if you're heading out, looks pretty. go sunshine and temperatures mostly in the 60s. ant 70 minutes from now. so in the headlines, wind will ease up later. lots of sunshine torment should be a beautiful sun rise. chance of showers coming into the bay area. light friday. what is happening is low pressure that sup in the pacific northwest pass to the north. as a result, the high offshore, the combination of the two and the fact both of them are fairly royal baby bust means we get these very strong northwesterly winds. the next 12 hours, starting out with good winds but they abate over night. by the time lawrence gets on the air tomorrow morning he should be talking about fairly calm conditions.
6:48 pm
so we will look to recover from that. forecast hays midwest looks leek it will be nice and warm tomorrow. you will notice that low pressure is carving out an area of cool temperatures up here in the pacific northwest. fairly mild summer. will continue to be mild the next couple days. 72 in san francisco. 80 for san jose. 87 at livermore. we're about where we should be for this time of the year. down in the south bay tomorrow will be nice. that little area of orange here keeps temperatures in the 80s south bay. 80 in santa clara. east bay, 80s as well. 89degrees at walnut creek. the numbers come up a bit tomorrow. we hit 80 degrees. up in the north bay, the numbers will also be in the upper 70s and low to mid 80s. 85 at the marin civic center. up in the far north, santa rosa gets 82 d. not that that's so
6:49 pm
far north. 90 in clear lake. for thus, we're going to be looking for temperatures upper 80s inland. for the fist time this season, there is a chance of a few showers in the bay area. will be out of here by saturday afternoon. then sunday, monday, tuesday look pretty good. as far as sports, we have the best, mr. o'donnell coming up after we attend to a few bills. ,,
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6:52 pm
down," that's a famous line from a i love sea novels, right? >> yeah. >> sea boxed in avengers on the high seas. >> some are sew good -- so good you want to have salt pork while reading. takes one wave to capsize a book and one to take. do that was from a sea novel, that famous line. racing was canceled due to high winds. 25 knots. they will resume tomorrow and go everyday through the weekend if necessary with new zealand needing just two more wins to take the cup. the a's closing in on the american league west.
6:53 pm
decided to add 13,000 seats by taking the top off the third deck of the coliseum. the post season will increase from 35,000 to 48,000. you know, tickets for three potential american league division series game sold out in two hours today. seahawks quarterback richard sherman seems to be enjoying taking jabs at harbaugh. but this week harbaugh is going to face another one of his stanford players andrew luck. do not expect there to be a war of words leading up to sunday's game. >> i have a lot of respect for coach harbaugh. they are a premier defense. it will be a great challenge, but i think we're up for it. >> there's not a lot of weakensnesses he has. he is a top notch quarterback in the nfl. >> post game will air on the cw
6:54 pm
because of the emmys. 49ers in need of help on the defensive line signed a new player who body slammed an opponent. kidding about the 49ers. >> good night. that is a huge fish. i love fishing more than anyone else in the bay area, but i would never use my hair as bait. a guy from liberty university looks the bait to his hair and lowers his head into the water. the clip already has over 300,000 hits on youtube. >> too much beer. >> a little bit too much. >> i do you want knee has that kind ovinational recognition, but his story is getting plenty of hits on the campus at san jose state. >> i had always been known as lazy. >> days of being called lazy are in the past considering the work he put in on the practice
6:55 pm
field. >> it was december 14th, about 2:00 in the morning. stomach's not feeling right. i have diarrhea, vomiting. >> as they prepare to play in the military bowl lasing winter, he came down with what he thought was the flu. >> after mumbling, stumbling, and sleeping most of the time, i guess i had collapsed, and that's when my girlfriend rushed me to the medical center. >> he was diagnosed with viral incephelitis. >> you kept telling me you were in the hotel ready for the game kept telling me how bad the food was. >> i had speech issues. i had memory issues. i had physical ability issues. i had to relearn how to walk, talk. >> along with relearning the basics, he lost 40 pounds,
6:56 pm
hardly football shape for a defensive lineman. doctors told him it would be a full year until he could attempt to play football again. it was something he wasn't willing to accept. >> it looked like allonge, long shot when i was first told by the medical professionals. but i have a big plea in the medical team's understanding the diagnosis, but defy the prognosis. >> he gain weight and was back on the field for training camp by august. lazy this time by name only. >> they put that challenge in front of me, telling me i'm not going to be able to play again. there is no way you ear going to win that. >> incredible story. san jose state will play minnesota on saturday morning. check it out. they are 1-1 so far. they lost to stanford. filled with those kind of comeback stories. remember jerry rice came back way too soon from injury. joe montana did the same. he was supposed to be out a
6:57 pm
year with a back injury. >> mind of an athlete. >> challenge. >> we have a little rain coming our way in just a few days it sounds like. >> yeah, you know what forecast highs are for tomorrow, dennis? >> reporter: i do not. good fishing weather. wel will be looking for san jose to hit 80 tomorrow. little bit of a warming trend in the bay area tuesday and wednesday. then, as we look ahead, a chance of rain coming into the bay area on friday and saturday. so stunned on that. it's only a minor chance. a lot of sunshine around the bay in the mean time. might get wet for the first time this season on friday. >> hopefully the winds die down for the america's cup tomorrow. >> should die down, too. >> the race is in. go usa. >> see you at 11:00. and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hi, folks. thank you very much. thank you for coming, everybody. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got another good one for you today, like always, no different. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, from austin, texas, it's the kelly family. [cheering and applause] and from indianapolis, indiana, it's the shaheed family. [cheering and applause] everybody here is trying to win theyself a lot of cash, and then the possibility of driving out of here in a stylish ford fusion. [cheering and applause] let's go. give me jasmin. give me ally. let's go.


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