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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 18, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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temperatures heating up outside. some of those numbers near 90 degrees in the afternoon. this morning starting out cooler but mostly clear. just a little hazy. more on your forecast coming up. >> here's a live look at the nimitz freeway, 880, overnight roadwork still in lanes for another half hour so we'll show you where it is plus check mass transit. it's all coming up. >> thank you. new details this morning in the washington navy yard shooting. we are learning the gunman was recently treated for mental illness by the va. aaron alexis called police last month to say he was hearing voices and was being followed. police warned navy officials that did not hear back from them. alexis was still able to get on the navy yard despite issues. >> reporter: 34-year-old aaron alexis used a valid pass to
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walk on the washington navy yard month. he pulled out a shotgun and opened fire killing 12 people and injuring 3. >> that presents the greatest problem of all an insider. >> reporter: alexis had a security clearance despite a history of gun-related charges and mental health issues. his family says he suffered from mental illness for a decade and recently sought treatment through the veterans administration. last month, in rhode island he called police from a hotel to say he was hearing voices and that people were stalking him. newport police say they alerted naval police that a contractor was hearing voices. despise his run-ins with the law and history of mental illness he kept his security clearance. family members of victims say they don't know how this could have happened. >> i don't know how in the world he got a clearance to be able to get into the navy yard with those weapons to begin with. >> reporter: the 73-year-old john johnson was a happy man.
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>> we were going to retire soon and he loved his job. he wanted to keep working. [ crying ] >> reporter: president obama has ordered a review of security for federal agencies. susan mcginnis, kpix 5. >> congress too will look into security procedures for government facilities. a young boy recovering from injuries to his neck after being hit by glass during a shootout around 5:00 yesterday afternoon on 27th avenue in oakland. as kpix 5 reporter christin ayers reports it was the same day the city got extra money to put more police officers on the street. >> i heard gunshots and screams. >> reporter: the bullets burst the back window of a car with a man, woman and two children inside. when the gunfire stopped, a tragically familiar scene in east oakland. a young boy who was in the back seat of the car wounded and bleeding. >> they had to hold himself because he was very scary. >> reporter: this woman did not want to show her face but told us she held a cold cloth to the
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child's neck. amazingly, the bullets missed the boy although shattered glass grazed his neck. >> both of the kids, they were shocked. young kids, toddlers crying hysterically. >> reporter: the shooting happened on the same day that the oakland police department received a $4.5 million federal grant to hire 10 new police officers. it may not sound like much, but oakland's police chief says it could make all the difference. >> i would be here saying it was wonderful if we were getting two additional officers. with 10, you can run an operation. >> reporter: 5 years ago, oakland had 837 officers. today that number is down to 614. interim police chief sean whent says anything helps but some oaklanders have their doubts. >> maybe 100mo cops may make it safer. >> reporter: the child who survived this shootout was lucky. neighbors say it was clear that
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it will take more than police to turn things around. >> we as a whole gonna have to come together. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> neighbors tell us that boy is about 5 years old. a marin county jury has recommended the death penalty for serial killer joseph naso. it's a rare occurrence. as kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, marin county almost never sends murderers to death row. >> may she rest in peace. >> reporter: the daughter of one of the victims says she was relieved that joseph naso is getting the death sentence. >> i'm just glad justice is served and we can put this to rest now after 35 years. >> reporter: naso is a former photographer who killed four women decades ago promising to shoot photos of them, he ended up drugging them and then once they were unconscious, strangling them. naso was his own attorney but public defender pedro olivares helped him during the trial and read a few of his own words
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after the sentencing this afternoon. >> i am pleased that the jury listened to my mitigation argument. i want to help others in prison. i am on the threshold of a new life and will make the best of it. >> reporter: at this point, the death sentence is just a recommendation. the judge says he has 20 days to look it over, make sure all the rules were followed, before he makes his final decision. could there be political considerations? it's marin county. there are people who don't believe in the death penalty there. >> you know, that's not part of the standard of what the judge has to evaluate. he follows the law. he follows the rules according to what the charges are and what has been presented to him and that's the analysis. >> i'm pretty surprised here in marin county that a jury did that. >> reporter: it's extremely rare here. the last death sentence in marin county was in 1990 for a san quentin prisoner who killed a guard. >> i wouldn't think that he would be sentenced to death in marin but i think i can understand that because he was
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a serial killer and he killed in marin, as well. so -- >> reporter: he hit close to home. >> it did. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> even if the judge agree the with the death penalty -- agrees with the death penalty recommendation, naso will probably die on death row. california has only executed 13 people since capital punishment was reinstated since 1978. there have been no executions in the state in 7 years because of a legal challenge to lethal injection. america's cup racing resumes after high winds made it too rough for the boats on the bay yesterday. the loose caps went flying into the water and that flag you see out there and that one there held by a woman shows you just how much that wind was blowing. >> we'll be here all day for the racing . otherwise, it will be down the road to the bar. what else is there to do? >> i guess that is part of the deal. races 11 and 12 scheduled for
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1:15 and 2:15 p.m. today. new zealand leads 7-1 and could win by winning both races today wind-permitting of course. >> they have until 1:15 to wait for the wind to die down. >> i think they'll be racing. still breezy but nothing like yesterday. in fact, winds already calming down around the bay area this morning. it started out blustery yesterday but not today. much calm the other side as high pressure builds in overhead. a 5-mile-an-hour winds at sfo where yesterday we had 20 early on in the morning and gusts to 30. it is 6 miles per hour west- northwest in san francisco. a little further to the north fairly calm in through the delta. and then it looks like we are in for a very nice day ahead. temperatures a little cooler and hazy outside right now. 50s and a couple of 60s out the door. but as we look toward the afternoon, plenty of sunshine, 80s even some upper 80s in the interior valleys. 70s and 80s around the bay. 60s and search toward the coast. we'll have more on your weather coming up in a moment.
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let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. and all we got is that overnight roadwork that could slow you down. chp we just checked in with them and no big incidents out there as far as accidents. you can relax if you are trying to get to work this morning. we'll show you some of these live traffic cameras spread out all across the bay area. here's one in the south bay 101 near trimble. obviously traffic is extra light. let's get a bridge check and show you the san mateo bridge. the drive time is 14 minutes out of hayward. that's the flat section of the bridge and it looks good over the high-rise. bay bridge toll plaza no delays. usually things start filling in in the far right lanes later on but for now no delay and no metering lights. we do have the usual overnight roadwork northbound 880 this morning various lanes blocked until about 5:00 between 23rd and broadway. the results is a full freeway closure in the eastbound lanes of 4 through somersville and "a" street. in the commute direction, so far everything is on time. and bart also looks good so far
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they have more than 20 trains and they're all on schedule. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. a blind bay area minister is asking for an apology from the driver who hit him and his dog. len ramirez says it's what the driver did next that has everyone looking for justice. >> like i said it's more emotional the fear of walking down the street and -- and -- and, uhm, having this just sense of being hit for a car. >> reporter: the sense of security he once felt walking in his neighborhood is now gone. >> 8:00 i left here to go to starbucks. >> reporter: he was out for a stroll and a cup of coffee with his seeing eye dog when they crossed the street at sparrow court one block from his home. >> a car comes backing out of a cul-de-sac and hits me and my dog. >> reporter: the car wasn't going fast and there weren't any serious injuries but what happened next made it a serious crime. >> are you okay? i didn't answer her. i was bending down pick up the dog. she said let me move forward
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and she moved forward. she keeps on going forward. turns around in the cul-de-sac to make a u-turn and comes back toward me and i'm thinking she is going to stop and speeds away. >> around the neighborhood talking to people passing around these flyers seeing if somebody saw or heard something, might know something. >> reporter: today the police canvassed the neighborhood in search for clues to the identity of the driver. because mr. maklin is completely blind, he could not give police a description of the vehicle or the driver. >> to hit anybody and leave the scene is one thing but to hit a blind man with a seeing eye dog and then leave the scene is just -- it just compounds. >> reporter: maklin lost his sight 17 years ago and regularly walks the neighborhood especially to the new sweet home church of god in christ where he is a pastor. >> i know it's a woman in her 40s or 50s, i'm thinking. i just want her to come forward and apologize. just apologize. >> reporter: maklin is a very well known person in the
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community and has been for years. so some people think whoever hit him may have recognized him and knew that he was blind and thought they could get away with it. in east palo alto, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> if you have any information, just call the east palo alto police department. part of i280 in san jose looks different this morning. there's new razor wire near bird avenue to keep graffiti vandals away. it was union pacific's decision to finally install the wire. officials say they want to do what they can to keep people from tagging. >> i am certain that any 17 yearly tagger has an inbounded imagination for how they are going to get on a bridge no matter what we do to it even if we were to paint it in super glue they would find a way to get on there. >> chp recently cracked down on taggers in santa clara valley. there's now a special task
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force dedicated to arresting those vandals. the san mateo county mountains are cleaner after a huge operation to get rid of thousands of marijuana plants and tons of potentially toxic trash. since late august the narcotics task force says it has taken about 8100 plants. they took 4 tons of trash that included catching gear, propane tanks and fertilizers and pesticides. 4:42 now. sometimes smartphones make people do dumb things. why they are putting more and more people in the hospital, coming up. >> deja vu. another bay area green technology company goes bust. bay area taxpayers on the hook for tens of millions of dollars. ,,
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under way in flood-ravaged s of colorado. more than three-thousand people have rescued by ground and air... including these folks wh evacuation efforts are still under way in colorado. more than 3,000 people have been rescued from flooding by ground and air including these people who were stranded in jamestown. more than 400 miles of roads
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are washed out and an estimated 19,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. eight deaths are link to the floods and hundreds of people are still unaccounted for. tourists are stranded in mexico after three days of rain cut off several main roads and flooded parts of acapulco international airport. people could be seen wading through the water trying to keep the luggage dry. since the weekend, heavy rain is blamed for dozens of deaths across mexico. imagine going on vacation to acapulco and boom. >> a lot of people go on vacations because they see the prices are so low this time of the year. but there's a reason. it's hurricane season. tough to get caught in one of those. around the bay area we have great weather coming your way. a lot of sunshine out the door this morning looking good to begin the day and fantastic weather ahead. looks like more sun on the way. gentle sea breeze toward the afternoon but nothing like yesterday. we'll see strong gusty winds just the normal sea breeze late part of the day. numbers in the 80s inland, 70s
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inside the bay and 60s toward the coastline. sunny at the beaches. high building in as low pressure scoots to the east. as the ridge builds in it should bring warm weather to the bay area. the next couple of days not as windy and warmer for everyone. summer is back for a couple of days. around the state you will find some warmer weather as well. 87 sacramento and redding. 67 in eureka. around the bay temperatures in the 80s. 86 in morgan hill, 83 campbell, 80 san jose. 80s into the east bay and inside the bay sunny skies 78 in oakland and about 71 degrees in san francisco. so as we look toward the next couple of days enjoy the summer sunshine. we have the great weather the next two. then friday clouds gather a cold front diving in. there's a slight chance of showers overnight friday night into saturday mainly north of
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the golden gate bridge. temperatures staying fairly cool into sunday. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. everything looks quiet now. we are still before 5:00 so we still have overnight roadwork some lanes blocked just in the usual places though and once again we continue to check in with chp and we have not seen anything unusual as far as accidents go. live look at the traffic sensors in altamont pass in livermore. eastbound lanes 580 greenville to north flynn two right lanes blocked until 9 a.m. not impacting the commute. that's a live look as you approach the dublin interchange. pretty much moving at the speed limit towards the castro valley y. so this is an area to talk about. we have a full freeway closure eastbound 4 shut down between somersville and "a" street for ongoing roadwork. they should have that ramp reopened and everything reopened in the area and the lanes by about 5:00 this morning. we are seeing brake lights at least in the commute direction
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past "a" street westbound 4. looks good across the antioch bridge. 880/237 silicon valley commute no delay between milpitas and sunnyvale, bay bridge also looks good across the deck coming into san francisco and all mass transit including bart, ferries, caltrain and ace train number 1 got a great start out of the central valley. 4:48. we have less than a month now for bart and its unions to come to a contract agreement. about 23 days and counting out from that potential bart strike on the 11th of october. and from what we're told they have a long way to go. the talks are long, mood tense, both sides pointing fingers. yesterday day 2 of ten scheduled negotiations sessions. unions offered 17% wage increase over three but bart said no. >> there are people working late into the night. we're talking still 112, $115 million difference over four years. that's a lot of money.
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>> we're not here to play games or collect $400,000 by the public like mr. hawke is doing and not doing his job. if he doesn't like to negotiate, he should go back home. >> lawmakers and governor brown have expressed they have no intention of intervening this time around. the days of federal reserve easy money may be over. fed chairman ben bernanke will speak after a meeting today. he said it may be time to ease the program when the fed buys government bonds to push down interest rates and boost the economy. he credits the qe program for bringing down unemployment and avoid deflation. stocks rose ahead of the decision. the dow added about 35 points yesterday. the nasdaq climbed nearly 28. 4:49 now. another green technology company in the bay area has filed for bankruptcy despite backing from the feds. kpix 5's linda yee reports the taxpayers are on the hook for
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$100 million given to this san francisco company. >> reporter: ecotality has 4,000 commercial car charging stations under the blink brand name. 8,000 installed in private homes. >> i actually have this brand at home, blink. so there's too many different brands. >> reporter: there are many brands but it turns out this one is having cash problems and has filed for bankruptcy. the san francisco company issued this statement saying, the bankruptcy is regrettable. but while under chapter 11 protection, ecotality intends to continue to maintain and operate the blink network of ev chargers. supporters of electric cars say this company's problem is just a hiccup and does not hurt the campaign to get more people to buy electric cars. >> the bay area has the most charging stations of any large metropolitan area in the country. across the united states there's over 10,000 charging stations. >> reporter: ecotality's
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biggest creditor is the u.s. energy department. the company got $132 million in contracts and a cost sharing grant. the energy department gave $535 million in bailout money to solar panel maker solyndra back in 2011. the company still shut down and fired its workers. taxpayer groups don't like government payouts. but they say companies that get them must have a better business plan. >> so we don't have more scenarios down the line of companies going belly up and not declare bankruptcy and leave the taxpayers out in the dust. >> reporter: last month the company warned invests it was having financial problems because of weak sales. while electric car supporters say that's too bad, because this company has some of the nicest charging stations out here. in south san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> ecotality says it has $50 million in assets but $500
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million worth of debt. time now 4:51. a beach staple banned at california parks. the flak over flip-flops. next. ,,
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hey, this is looking like a great day to check out a ballgame if you want to do it. the a's and the angels, 12:35 game time sunny and warm. how about this, 76 degrees? >> looking good. looking nice on the san mateo bridge, traffic so far moving at the limit. if you are leaving hayward about now heading towards foster city, a new issue on the lower deck of the bay bridge. stay tuned for that. the old saying you can't walk and chew gum at the same time is a 21st century phenomenon.
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now people can't walk and be on the phones at the same time. more and more encounters like this bumping into each other are sending people to the hospital. a study from ohio state university finds the number of emergency room visits due to people walking and using cell phones has risen more than five times since 2005 and most of those people are between 16 and 25 years old. >> they have grown up with these devices and it's an extension of their bodies. >> he was texting without looking where he was going. and he almost went over that rock thing. i saved him. >> she saved me. >> there are now public awareness campaigns to get people to put down their phones when they're out walking. guilty as charged, walk down -- >> almost ran into me the other day. >> especially in airports when you're walking down the corridors there. a california beach community is banning flip-flops at two parks. they are not allowed at a
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playground and dog park in san juan capistrano. it's an insurance liability that has to do with the ground cover under the equipment at both parks and the funny thing is city officials didn't know about the ban. >> just flip-flops which most of the people in san juan wear on a regular basis. >> that would be a problem because i wear flip-flops all the time. >> i think people should be able to choose their own footwear. >> the parks and rec department is working on how to lift the ban. 4:56. coming up in the next half hour, fighting crime with cash. what oakland plans to do with some new money they got from the feds. >> ,,,,,, ñáçwçñ
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[ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. it's wednesday, september 1. i'm michelle griego. a bay area jury recommends the death penalty for convicted serial killer joseph naso. >> very scary. >> a bullet barely misses a
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young boy in oakland as the city gets ready to hire 10 new police officers. >> i want him to be known as a dad above a victim of a shooting. >> we're learning more about the victims of the washington navy yard shooting as authorities continue their investigation. but the motive behind the tragedy remains a mystery. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> the america's cup is coming to an end but the bay area stands to lose more money than it's made. >> the bay area has probably the most charging stations. >> ecotality another green company in the bay area backed by the feds going bankrupt. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> exceptional play! >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's wednesday, september 18. i'm michelle griego. >> halfway through the workweek! >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 and one word describes today, gorgeous. >> yes. absolutely.
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summer is back. enjoy it. things are going to change toward the end of the week. but out the door we go. we have a little haze. otherwise looking mostly clear this morning. and it looks like starting out sunny-side up and these temperatures going to heat up in a hurry cooler in spots this morning. 54 in concord. 56 in san jose. and 59 in santa rosa. by the afternoon what a day it's going to be less wind outside. yesterday topped out with temperatures in the 70s, some low 80s. but by the afternoon, i think we are pushing the upper 80s, 71 and beautiful in san francisco. 80 san jose. 86 degrees in livermore. more on your weather in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. and we sent mobile5 out this morning because we heard about the great highway being shut down for sand removal like it usually does when it gets windy outside so once again this morning it's just been the southbound lanes so you can see they have the roadblocked. southbound shut down between sloat and skyline, we'll let


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