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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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travel far to find an escalator on the fritz. >> they are broken sometimes. >> here and there. >> it just feels like, you know, that it's always something broken. >> reporter: here are pictures from this morning a line of commuters funneling past a broken escalator past the montgomery station and this one frozen this time at embarcadero. that's where we met janice, who says she was injured when a moving escalator suddenly decided to stop. >> a jolting halt, i hurt my hand. >> reporter: keeping them running is a dirty job. someone has to do it. his name is jim. >> overall wear and tear. >> reporter: from breakdowns to monthly maintenance, jim does it all and he has seen it all. good, bad, does gusting. >> normal wear is one thing. >> reporter: when the discriminates are down they have a hike ahead of them
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carrying books, bags and bikes up a long flight of stairs. a little extra exercise, a little extra inconvenience. >> when you're tired you don't want to climb stairs that go on forever. >> reporter: bart officials admit things could get worse this winter when it rains more. all that water isn't good for moving metal parts. live in san francisco, brian webb, kpix 5. >> we have see them flood, too. bart executive said the uc escalators handle 400,000 commuters a day. taking a live look at san rafael tonight where the clouds are moving in and rain is right around the corner. it's expected to be the first widespread rain we have seen in months. paul deanno shows us what things look like on our live hi- def doppler. >> hopefully this is the beginning of a wet fall and winter because we need it. reservoir levels are down. this is an encouraging sign the first fall front is here. hi-def doppler radar tracking
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steady rainfall a few hours to our north. not raining yet but soon. reports of showers in santa rosa, ukaih, next up clearlake cloverdale and windsor. it will get wet. here's the setup. a "stronger than the storm" stretches from vancouver british columbia offshore. it will move through tonight and give us cooler weather and also give us a taste of fall when it comes to rainfall. hitting the north bay first, working its way south, it will feel like autumn when you get up an out and about tomorrow. it will be an autumn like start to the weekend. this will be the most rainfall widespread in the bay area since before easter in early april. details on when it will get here in your community and when it will get out and how much you will get coming up in a few minutes. in the new age of tight budgets, a lot of cities and counties are having to get creative to pay for things we used to take for granted. one bay area county has hit the jackpot with a new funding source.
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>> you have the beautiful sonoma county coastline. you have the russian river, the number 2 wine country destination in the world. >> reporter: sonoma county can boast about many things. great roads, not one of them. >> over the last 20 years we have not funded road infrastructure projects like we should have. >> reporter: it's the largest county in the bay area but state highway dollars are distributedly largely based on population. >> so even though we have double the number of road miles of santa clara, we are a pittance when it comes to the number of gas tax dollars that are coming in to invest in the county every year. >> reporter: to help fill that gap, the county is spending $50 million on road projects. and for a little extra help, they are going where the money is. >> 2, 1 -- hey! [ applause ] >> there we go. >> this is a rare thing that a
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tribe is partnering with a government agency to develop roads and maintain roads. >> leveraging federal dollars that are being spent mostly in 7 states like oklahoma or in northern states like alaska. highway 101 to signalize intersections, new overpasses, off-ramps and on-ramps. >> reporter: it leaves a smooth ride for the tour buses headed to th casino. >> it's a win-win for everybody, county and tribal residents, everybody. >> reporter: the taxpayer dollars go to washington, d.c. where they are then redirected to the pomo indian tribe and paid out in the form of asphalt and sonoma county roads. while it may seem like a complicated detour for a road project, every dollar helps. >> we are digging out of this legacy problem. >> the money coming from the tribe and casino is part of federal funding specifically ear marketed for infrom a -- specifically earmarked for
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infrastructure. this is first time it's being used for something like public roads. the jobless rate in california is up to 8.9% in august, up from july. it's the second straight month the unemployment numbers are up. the jobless rate fell in the bay area fell .3% across the counties. a construction worker in vallejo was struck and killed today by an earth mover. the 48-year-old man from newark was surveying the constriction site on mare island. a witness said he was placing markers on the ground when a large earth mover made a u-turn and struck him. other bay area headlines, a 15-year-old boy confessed to police today that he shot out car windows along highway 101 in san jose earlier this week. the boy also told investigators an 11-year-old boy was involved with him. the two could face felony vandalism charges. san francisco police arrested an attempted burglary suspect who crashed true a
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ceiling and landed in a bedroom. police say he fell after he tried to slip in a bank of america branch through a ventilation pipe early this morning. no one was hurt. gunshots shattered a window at the courthouse in pittsburg this morning. surveillance video shows the man discharged his shotgun trying to get it out of a hiding shot in some bushes. it doesn't look like' targeted the courthouse. so far no arrests but the man took off in a red chevy suburban. after a half hour closure, the courthouse reopened for business. a new batch of police officers will soon hit the streets of oakland. it was graduation day for 3 dozen officers in the 167th police academy. and for one graduate, law enforcement is a family affair. matthew galvin's grandfather graduated with oakland in the 1950s. matthew's father, who works in the berkeley police department, presented matthew with a badge and a hug. >> a big day for my family.
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big 24 hours. today i graduate. tomorrow i'm getting married. >> wow. big weekend. he never thought he would carry on the family tradition until four years ago when he became the victim of a crime. those new officers say their class marks a turning point for the embattled police department. they promised a new attitude and a focus on community policing. but as da lin reports, critics say that's nice, but the department desperately needs more manpower. >> reporter: it starts with a roll call. then a gun inspection. and finally, they receive the police badge they trained six months to earn. it's a tradition that dates back to the formation of the police department. but this class of 36 police officers represents a new direction and a new attitude. the new officers say they will be friendlier and more relatable. >> smile more, speak for, more interactive with people. so they are not afraid of us. >> reporter: they believe neighbors will team up with
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them if they can build relationships and earn trust. >> i think it's just about respect and treating people regardless of what the situation is, equally and respectfully. >> reporter: this is the first academy that focused on community interaction. back in may, they had a barbecue with ex-convicts. they also did a picnic with some church-goers. and they will soon volunteer at a local nonprofit as part of their field training. >> they can depend on us not just in times of emergency but also just to be part of the community. >> reporter: but many people believe crime will continue to spike. >> their attitude is going to really be different, you know, hitting the field but, of course, they still don't have enough officers to really patrol adequately. >> the academies are just not keeping up with the attrition, the retirements and the resignations. >> reporter: opd has a total of 647 officers. the chief says he needs about 900. the mayor admits, it won't
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happen anytime soon. >> i'd like 900 too. we have like i said been growing the economy. we have never been able to pass an additional tax measure. >> reporter: for now it's about strategies and making the best out of what opd has. >> we are all very hopeful and very eager to make a difference. >> reporter: the new officers hit the streets next saturday. that kicks off four months of field training before they are on their own. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. there is more hope. the next academy of about 60 recruits will start in 10 days. the oakland police department also received a federal grant recently to fire ten more officers. coming up, why a star linebacker for the san francisco 49ers was arrested and how his future with the team could be affected. >> what is your reaction when you see children out of control in public? how a chain restaurant handled a rowdy situation prompting an apology as well as applause. >> and how a bay area invention
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could keep your phone's battery charged for up to a week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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aldon smith was arrested th morning in san jose for d-u possession. a star linebacker for the 49ers faces more legal problems tonight. al gone smith was arrest -- aldon smith was arrested this morning in san jose for dui and marijuana possession. kpix 5's len ramirez is at 49ers headquarters in santa clara where smith showed up for practice but has some very disappointed teammates and coaches. len. >> reporter: elizabeth, he did try to carry on as normal today, but he is facing some very serious charges. arising out of his arrest this morning in which his blood alcohol level was reported to be .15 almost twice the legal limit. 49ers star linebacker aldon smith hit the weight room instead of the locker room immediately after the team's practice in santa clara working out all by himself.
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just a few hours earlier, he was in the santa clara county jail posing for a mugshot booked for suspicion of driving under the influence of challenge and possession of marijuana. >> approximately 7 a.m. this morning our officers responded out to a report of a solo vehicle collision out in the silver creek area of san jose. >> reporter: it happened at the corner of bel aire hills drive and bently ridge drive in a neighborhood of very expensive homes. smith crashed his pickup into a tree. there were skidmarks, a pile of burned rubber and evidence of tires peeling out in the mud. smith was alone unhurt but allegedly he failed a breathalyzer test. >> the charges were serious in nature to have him be booked into jail, but as far as everything went, it was very -- as far as i've been told, he was very cooperative and things went very smoothly. >> disappointed and, uhm, you know, felt like, uhm, he needs to go to work, face his teammates, and, uhm, you know, soldier through it.
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>> reporter: 49ers coach jim harbaugh was clearly unhappy to have to answer serious nonfootball questions about a key player before a big game with indianapolis. he said smith is questionable, pending a possible suspension by the nfl. >> there will be consequences. you know, there always is. >> reporter: it's not the first run-in for smith. he was arrested for a dui in florida last year and he faces possible weapons charges after someone got shot at a wild party in his east san jose home also last year. 49ers tight end vernon davis said he and other veterans will talk to smith. >> comes a point in time where you have to really to say okay, this is it. have to get myself on the right track. i have to shape up. and just do the right thing. so i think he is a young guy, he'll learn. he will learn eventually. it's just taking some time. >> reporter: smith will have to be arraigned before a judge on the drug charges as well as the dui. that's in addition to possible
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sanctions by the nfl which could include fines as well as a suspension from play. reporting live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> as of now, smith is expected to play sunday against the indianapolis colts. team oracle is still alive in the america's cup race but just barely. vern glenn on how the wind or lack of wind giving oracle another fighting cancer. pretty incredible, vern. >> reporter: wow, what a day of second chances and what a day for oracle racing. yeah, they are up against it. their backs are against the wall and they are in a position where they have to run the table. but as don ford tells us, there's a bunch of people behind them who believe. >> reporter: day after day, the kiwis scream into the america's cup park pier. out numbers the oracle fans 4:1, until today. after yesterday's surprise oracle win, oracle fans like gene mills says the music has
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changed. >> it's a big violin and it's playing america's song. >> reporter: team usa enters the pier like gladiators fans screaming, reaching out to touch them. followed the same way by team emirates new zealand. the kiwis fans trying to imagine winning the america's cup again. they only need to win one more race and it's theirs. the first race started out in light wind and the kiwis were way ahead of oracle while other races this week were postponed due to high winds. this one was called off because of not enough wind. >> right now they are just going so slow. it took too long. >> the wind is stuck. so -- we'll still win. we'll stay until we get it. >> reporter: new zealand led the second race and it looked good for them but once again, oracle came from behind and won the race staying alive just by their fingernails. with the win today the america's cup stays right where
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it is at least for the next 24 hours. the kiwis still lead the series 8-3. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. all right. for another day, the best this sport has got to give. we all get to sit back and enjoy. allen, we'll throw it back to you for now. we are coming back with more in sports. >> you know what? more is good, vern, because the long they are goes on, it gives more people a chance to kind of get into it and understand it. >> reporter: absolutely. >> all right. thanks, vern glenn down the on the waterfront tonight. so paul, earlier this is week there was too much wind. today not enough. >> not enough. >> is it ever going to be just right? >> no. it's going to be windy so i think we are going to go from not enough to too much wind once again. this wind is going to be chilly. you thought it was chilly today? even cooler tomorrow and wet. scattered showers. what's going on? isn't this summer? yeah, tomorrow is the final full day of summer. it won't look or feel like it. what a beautiful shot from the
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top of mount vaca watching that marine layer be shoved inland. a little bit of clear sky out there but it's getting fewer and farther between to see the blue sky. highs today 70s comfortable but not the 90s that we had yesterday. livermore 78. san jose 76. concord, fremont, even san francisco made it to the 70s today. half moon bay your high 67 but cloudy now. we won't even be tha warm tomorrow. hi-def doppler radar shows a cell pasting north of ukiah. you will miss it, but ukiah, lake county, mendocino county, perhaps a half inch of rain by this time tomorrow. video shot about 30 minutes ago, santa rosa, where, yes, for the first time since about easter, folks are using the umbrella to do something other than block the sunshine. it is raining in portions of sonoma county and mendocino county right now, showers moving in for the evening commute for santa rosa. let me show you why this is happening. it's a big low pressure system that's slamming into oregon and far northern california right now.
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we'll get the tail end of things, this is not going to be flooding rainfall just enough to cut the dust in the south bay but it's rainfall and a widespread rainfall for the first time since april. as for what's happening, the clouds have moved in. it is cooler now. the rain is next. it gets to the north bay overnight tonight. everybody with a chance of showers throughout the day tomorrow. quickly it moves out. by sunday the sunshine is back but now we are setting up into a fall like sunny pattern with high pressure well offshore and cool northwest flow of air keeping temperatures down even when it's sunny. it won't be warm. rainfall totals for tomorrow, look at the north bay, santa rosa half inch, ukiah half in: quarter inch napa less as you go south. but everybody has a number, everybody will likely see showers coming up tomorrow. and look at the highs. this is chilly for the final day of summer. concord only 70. san jose 70. oakland 68. well below normal. fremont 66 and napa up in wine country a chilly 69 degrees tomorrow. sunshine is back on sunday,
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chilly start, milder finish. a little warmer. next week we settle into early fall around 80 inland, low 70s near the bay. tomorrow will be a shock even though you're hearing the forecast right now, you know it's coming, wake up and it's going to be -- maybe a jacket? maybe a light sweater? maybe an umbrella? you might want to unbox them tonight, dust them off. >> that's my friday night? >> no choice. >> organizing the sock drawer next. >> thank you. >> be prepared like a boy scout. still ahead, how bart is working on a plan b behind the scenes in case its workers do go on strike again. >> how about preventing your phone from dying so fast? how a bay area invention could keep the battery charged for a week or more. >> quick programming note. you can watch the 49ers play the colts sunday at 1:25 p.m. on kpix 5. and then after the game switch over to the cw for a fifth quarter post-game show starting at 5 p.m. ,,
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find your perfect match at and thrive. cook dropped by the store te the i-phone 5-s's first sal- with customers wh new iphones weren't the only thing apple fans were talking about in palo alto. tim cook went by to hang out with customers who waited days to get the technology. the iphone 5s features
6:24 pm
fingerprint security technology and new camera functions. but apple stock is off this month and investors are waiting to gauge the first weekend of sales. >> people always complain. >> stores are quickly running out of the popular new gold iphone. if you want tord it online it's on back order and you may have to wait until at least october if you want to order it online. if you are sick and tired of that smartphone running out of juice, i found a bay area company on the verge of introducing a little chip that could be a game changer. >> reporter: how often do you charge up your phone, tablet or laptop? once, twice a day? whenever there's an outlet? what if you could get a week's worths of power on one charge? >> this device is so fast, some of the other components you need to compensate for the speed you don't need anymore. >> reporter: that device a new chip that its maker crossbar claims will process information
6:25 pm
so fast and efficiently, it will extend battery life up to a week, maybe two. in addition, one chip can hold a terabyte of information. right now, you need a portable hard drive to store a terabyte of data. >> it might look like the chip that's in your ipad today but just in terms of memory what this chip will hold is the equivalent of 16 ipads. george is head of crossbar. >> the amount of energy would take to store something or to read the content back is extremely small. 20 times smaller than anything else in terms of what you're using today. and that allows you to reduce the consumption. >> reporter: cnet's brian cooley says in many respects this could be a game changer. >> think of anything you use today that has a hard drive, even your car, this technology could take that hard drive out. therefore reducing the size it consumes, the power it consumes, the heat it generates and noise it makes. >> reporter: but as far as storage, he says we are almost
6:26 pm
to the point of not needing it. >> i think the trend will continue that we put more and more storage off the device in the cloud whether it's your laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, whatever it may be. >> reporter: but crossbar believes more is always better when it comes to storage and who want want to be able to store 35,000 photos on a smartphone, which is what the new chip will be able to do when it hits the market in about a year. you have that many photos, right? the professor who developed the chip says it started with an accidental discovery when he applied extra voltage to a tiny wire that contains silicon. >> wow. not having to charge your phone every day? >> wouldn't that be great? >> fabulous! >> range anxiety! charge anxiety! >> heaven forbid you don't charge it when you go to bed at night, ah, panic! coming up in the next half hour bart's plan to keep some trains running in case of a strike and why the unions say they are putting passenger safety at risk.
6:27 pm
>> why some people say workers at applebee's went over the top when children out of control in the restaurant. >> why some apple customers rushed to buy the new iphone just so they could break them apart. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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behind the scenes, to try to
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avoid a complete transit shutdown. as bart braces for another possible strike its managers are working behind the scenes to try to avoid a complete transit shutdown. we are getting new details and a look at the warehouse where bart is training managers to run trains. kpix 5's linda yee on the loophole the agency is using to prepare for another strike. linda? >> reporter: well, allen, it was last sunday when bart management loaded up two train cars on a flatbed and drove it from a maintenance yard here to this warehouse on mare island. so all this week, they have had some managers come out to get a little hands on training. when the union found out, they were surprised and not sure if this is following the contract. the bart cars sit inside the warehouse. this is the staging ground for training managers to operate bart just in caseworkers strike october 11. bart says some are former train operators and what they are
6:31 pm
doing is not in violation of the contract because they are not driving on the rails. >> we have two trains that are off bart property on mare island that we have set up. there's no tracks out there. there's no third rail power. it's mainly so employees that may want to be certified or the ones that are certified and want a refresher corsican refamiliarize. >> reporter: but union leaders say operating a train is a skill that takes more lessons than what the managers are getting and they insist what bart is doing could be dangerous for passengers. >> they don't operate the trains on a regular basis. i worry about something happening, say they have to evacuate a train, do they know those procedures? do they know what happens if a train derails or a switch splits? they don't know any of that and it's unconscionable that they would even do this. >> reporter: bart insists they need to plan for a strike that they say could last a month and if the bart board approves, management driving the trains if there is a walkout, it would
6:32 pm
only be on a limited basis. >> it would only be a few trains going to the transbay tube during the peak of the peak commute but it's really on bart to make sure we have some sort of backup plan. >> reporter: the unions say bart's backup plan proves management doesn't expect to have an agreement. >> what they need to be doing is putting in the effort they are using to train these managers to get a deal done. that's what we're doing. >> reporter: now, bart management says that if the workers do walk out on october 11, it is feasible they could get some trains running within three hours after that walkout. but both sides insist a walkout is not what they are looking forward to and they will continue to negotiate. live on mare island in vallejo, linda yee, kpix 5. >> let's hope so. talks between bart management and the union reps still in stalemate with meetings resuming monday. if there is no contract on october 10, there could be a strike on october 11.
6:33 pm
the political rhetoric heats up as we inch closer to a shutdown on october 1. the bill funds the government but strips money for obamacare. the president won't sign that bill. he accused republicans of holding the country hostage. >> and they're saying, we're going to hold our breath and if you don't repeal it which i have already said i'm not going to do, we are going to send the economy into default. >> the senate is expected to vote on its version of a budget bill next week. if the stalemate can't be broken in the next 10 days, we will see a partial shutdown of the federal government. a family with small children is vowing to take their business somewhere else. it's after a restaurant called the police on them. the parents of a 3-year-old and 1-year-old admit they are "active" children but say they were completely disrespected when an applebee's in texas told them their kids were too loud and kicked them out. when they went out, they were given a notice of criminal
6:34 pm
trespassing by a sheriff's deputy. a spokesman for applebee's has apologized for what happened says the management team mishandled the situation. the sight of suffering inspires a personal mission. >> just seeing the torture that my family is going through is extremely painful. >> how a bay area teenager is transforming that pain into passion to end a deadly disease. >> roberta gonzales with mobile weather tonight in san rafael home of the bulldogs. mobile weather takes you there as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,
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could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. cured. alzheimer's disease is devastating not only to it's victims but to everyone arod them as well. patrick sedill it's a disease that can't be cured. alzheimer's disease devastating not only to the victims but to everyone around them, as well. patrick sedillo met one young man who has decided enough is
6:37 pm
enough. [ bell ] >> reporter: at santa clara university, while students are preparing for a new semester 19- year-old matt is preparing for a 6th walk to end alzheimer's. >> we have our walk on saturday, october 12th. and we're trying to raise $615,000 for the alzheimer's association. >> reporter: most 19-year-olds are busy concentrating on their future. alzheimer's hit matt and his family close to home claiming their beloved grandmother. >> she was diagnosed in 2007. and we have our family has been struggling to keep her around to be able to see her and we're -- it's very horrifying to see the disease tear her apart and tear our family apart. >> reporter: he keeps pictures of grandma in his cell phone and is honest about the toll the disease has taken on his family. >> we have arguments in our family because of everything that is going on. we have arguments over finances, over her care. and just seeing the torture the
6:38 pm
family is going through is painful. >> reporter: so he vows to walk to spread awareness. his grandmother who made her other than clothes can no longer feed herself. >> she doesn't know who she is. she doesn't really speak anymore. she doesn't know who her family is. she can't get around in her day-to-day life. she has to have someone around 24/7. >> reporter: in a time where most people his age are thinking about the latest smartphone or sports team, matt stands out as a young man not only looking forward but embracing his past. >> i hope i have made her proud. >> reporter: reporting from santa clara, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. >> and our very own dennis o'donnell will be taking part in tomorrow's alzheimer's walk. it is a subject that has deep meaning for dennis and we're all in support of him and his team. and five million people in the u.s. i should mention live with the disease right now. by the year 2050 health officials say that number will be 14 million. you might think it's the
6:39 pm
fingerprint sensor or the new colors. but that's not why everyone wants the new iphone. why some people bought them just to rip them apart. >> you were shopping for easter eggs the last time that the radar looked like this. there's bone filed cold front moving into california. -- there's bona fide cold front moving into california. when will we get rain. when whether it move out? we'll talk about it coming up. at the site of the america's cup, after an afternoon of jibbing and taking, why is oracle racing still alive? got a chance of pulling this off. the warriors go big in the classroom. ,, you score little victories every day. now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. for chicken pasta... beef stir fry...
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you score little victories every now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. for chicken pasta... skillet lasagna... shrimp tacos... endless possibilities! sauté express®. in the dairy aisle. lose their jobs. blackberry reports nearly a billion dos in losses for the second qur -- h on. blackberry is slashing its workforce. 4500 employees will lose their jobs. they report nearly $1 billion in losses for the 2nd quarter just hammered by the competition. analysts say things are grim for the company research in motion. >> they have essentially said you win apple you win samsung and so now they are saying we are going to focus just on these phones aimed at
6:43 pm
businesses and what they call pro-sumers. it's unclear what that means and why the appeal would be there and why people would buy them because most people want the same phone for home and work. >> blackberry used to own about half the smartphone market. now it has just 3%. analysts say probably won't catch up. many believe the company will be sold. an american tech company went to australia to buy the first iphones on the market. as cbs reporter bill whitaker shows us, while were you sleeping here, they were busy tearing up the device down under. >> reporter: it's 8 a.m. at the apple store in melbourne, australia. and this is one of the first people in line at one of the first places on earth selling the new iphone 5s and 5c. >> i have the magic splits to get me the iphone 5s. >> reporter: he buys the phone and races not to fire them up but to tear them down and photograph what's inside. half a world away in california, the phones won't go on sale for 17 hours. luke's colleagues at i fix it, a do-it-yourself electronics
6:44 pm
repair website download and analyze photos of the inner workings and post the information online. >> we will go wherever in the world we can go to get the new phone first. we have repairman always for everything from cars to motorcycles, cell phones and computers. we have manuals for repair for everything. >> reporter: it's the website of fixing stuff. >> our goal is to empower everybody around the world to be able to repair all their stuff. we have to get outside this mentality that it's their product. it's your product, you own it. you should be able to repair it if you want. >> reporter: repairing electronics is not just a geek thing, it's green, too. >> i have learned along the way that there's a lot of reason to repair products rather than throwing them out and buying a new one. it takes a tremendous amount of raw materials to make a phone, a huge ecological impact. >> reporter: six hours later this were revealing the 5s components to the world, two powerful processors to double the speed, a more powerful camera, new fingerprint technology that makes passwords obsolete, but they also found apple had glued the battery
6:45 pm
into the phone, making it harder for i-fixers to fix it. bill whitaker, los angeles. >> i fix it gives the iphone 5s a repair ability score of six out of 10, 10 being the easiest to repair. that's also 1 point lower than the iphone 5. used to be you break it you bought it. now it's hey, i bought it, i can break it. >> i fix it. >> i fix it tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> all right. well, it's going to feel like a whole different season this weekend. and it's going to be good timing because this weekend we change seasons. so mother nature right on time. sunday afternoon is when fall begins. but it kind of felt like it this afternoon even more so coming up tomorrow. little glimmer of sunlight as the sun goes down. great shot from the pyramid looking toward the golden gate. mostly cloudy skies, the sunniest spot i could find is
6:46 pm
san jose even you getting cloudier and cloudier. san francisco 69. rarely do you see concord and san francisco tied temperature- wise. that's what's going on now both in the upper 60s. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar here it is for the first time in several months we have rain moving in. it's still well to the north and the heaviest of the rainfall if there's anything than can be deemed light or moderate rain won't fall until tomorrow and the radar is clear but just about an hour ago we saw showers towards santa rosa. windshield wipers you have them on your car haven't used them for months but they are in portions of sonoma county with widely scattered showers already. more showers coming up tonight. so much to do over the weekend, art and wine festival downtown lafayette, 100,000 folks there last year. drier and sunnier and milder coming up on sunday. then a great event in los
6:47 pm
gatos. dog fest walk n roll. canine companions, raises money for assistance dogs for children, adults and veterans. a little wet for outdoor activities over the next 24 hours. microclimate forecast toward novato where it will be wet tomorrow. high 68 degrees for the final day of summer. sunnier on sunday with a high of 73. things are definitely changing here. we have low pressure moving in from the north dragging a front through. ahead of that front a few showers this evening. tomorrow as the front moves through we'll see widespread scattered showers, temperatures way down cloudy an breezy. it will feel like fall for outside. even when sunshine comes back on sunday, the setup in the atmosphere will give us a chilly dry northwest flow of air so when the sunshine comes back it will still feel like fall because temperatures will be a couple of degrees below normal. futurecast showing you the showers moving through. they will arrive in the north bay tonight and by about 1:00 or 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, we will have widespread showers just about everywhere. a showery end to summer coming
6:48 pm
up tomorrow. highs tomorrow, san jose 70. 12 degrees below normal. 60s for highs for mountain view, union city and hayward. highs only in the low 70s for pittsburg and san ramon. livermore 72. with showers likely in the city tomorrow, a high of only 65 degrees in san francisco. sunday the sunshine comes back, it will be a chilly start 40s away from the water and highs again own in the 70s. monday and tuesday a couple of degrees milder. through the week next week no more rain, but below normal temperatures. it will feel like fall starting tomorrow. roberta gonzales at san rafael high school enjoying the friday night lights. you told my a couple of showers already? >> reporter: a few sprinkles actually. currently the temperatures in the mid-60s. the winds out of the west about 5 miles per hour. it's a gorgeous night for friday night. who are we? >> bulldogs! >> reporter: it's san rafael high school bulldogs, right? they are playing host tonight to justin siena from napa. and who are we?
6:49 pm
>> the bulldogs! >> reporter: one more time, who are we? >> bulldogs! >> reporter: who is your principal? >> principal dennis! >> reporter: maybe we can see glen dennis principal. san rafael high school here he comes right now. thank you for joining us this evening. tell me about your school. >> so san rafael high school is the oldest public high school in marin county. this year is our 125th anniversary. >> reporter: you're going to invite to us that party, right? >> absolutely. >> reporter: what makes this football game so special? >> as you can see, we have these night lights. we are the only high school in marin county to have night lights so it makes it special. >> so it really is friday night lights here. tell me about your opponent tonight. >> justin siena playing the bulldogs. >> what kind of forecast? >> a good forecast, nothing happening tonight. >> we have showers in the forecast but not until 9:00 so we don't want any delays in the
6:50 pm
game. no penalties, no injuries. right, girls? >> right! >> so in the temperature in the mid-70s so if you are coming out tonight what do you suggest to the people at home? >> well, just come early, grab a hot dog, sit in the stands and cheer on the bulldogs. >> make sure you bundle up. to know more about the bulldogs or any of our sports, visit us online at reporting from san rafael high school, roberta gonzales with mobile weather. we'll be right back after this. >> whoo! ,,
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village on the bay bay it was a day that new zeala was vern glenn with tonight's sports report at the america's cup village on the bay. >> reporter: all right. greetings from pier 27. it was a day that the team new zealand was hoping to celebrate but oracle racing said, not so fast. the kiwis will have to wait another day for foreshot at closing out the america's cup. oracle racing on the left one loss away from losing the cup to new zealand but they got a huge break from the lack of wind as new zealand headed for the home stretch. the race was called because it went over the 40 minute designated time. so they restarted the race and team usa took advantage of the opportunity and beat new zealand by a minute 24 seconds. so we'll see an 11th day of
6:54 pm
america's cup, new zealand has an 8-3 lead. as you saw at the top of this broadcast, 49ers outside linebacker aldon smith was arrested early this morning on suspicion of drunk driving and possession of marijuana. san jose police responded to a call of a single car accident. smith reportedly had a blood alcohol level of .15, nearly twice the legal limit. he was arrested and his bail was set at just over $5,000. aldon actually practiced with the team today hours after being arrested. smith was also arrested for a dui in florida in january 2012. court date set for november 4. here's coach harbaugh on the status of his all pro linebacker. >> i expect aldon like today will be back to work and playing on sunday. >> you got to say no.
6:55 pm
you know? when i was younger i always wanted to go out and want to have fun and want to party but i always had older guys that i listened to and stuck with me and i stuck to what they said and followed they directions. if i going out why not pay $100 to get a driver? >> as for the game itself, the 49ers take on the colts this sunday night right here on kpix 5 at 1:00. switch over to the cw after the game for the post-game show, we'll be in the 49er locker room with complete reaction. let's jump over to a-rod's house. we're talking yankees and the giants. tied at one in the 7th bases loaded against george kontos a- rod with a grand slam to put the yankees up 5-1 in the late going. so the yankees having run the table themselves for any kind of play-off situation have to close out the giants. right now they are comfortably ahead.
6:56 pm
nobody, i mean nobody, delivers more in the community than the golden state warriors. we are talking five schools and five days academics the focus as i emceed the team's back-to- school night last night at argon elementary school in san francisco. my teammate last night weighs warriors center andrew bogut. he went to the university of utah before his nba career started. now he is finishing his degree online and, of course, we talked about the upcoming season training camp in just over a week and get this, fans, he says that broken ankle which hobbled him, a thing of the past. >> you were 100% healthy? >> yeah. i am. it's been [ indiscernible ] for me played the season probably, you know, half as well as i probably could have with the injury. that's just the way it goes. i try to push through it and be professional. there are some tough days that
6:57 pm
i gave it adequate rest it desired in off season and built it back up and i feel great. i feel the best i felt in years. >> reporter: so a lot of curry to bogut lobs on the inside a lot of alley-oop jams? >> i hope so. first and foremost. >> iguodala in the line-up, banging bodies with him as he is playing for the nuggets in the play-offs. and now he is a teammate! >> actually a pretty bad screen on him in game one i believe it was where he went down pretty awkwardly. so now he is my teammate. i'll have to buy a couple of meals to say sorry for that screen. >> all right, vern. have fun. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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