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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 23, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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desperate hours in kenya. command does attempt to rescue hostages held in a nairobi mall days after dozens are killed by islamic militants. arthur lee daniels. >> president obama leads a service to remember the victims of the deadly shooting at the washington navy yard and calls for a change in the nation's gun laws. >> sometimes i fear there's a creeping resignation that these tragedies are just somehow the way it is. a former nfl player offers the teens who trashed his home a shot at redemption, and you might be surprised at the response he got. and the emmy goes to -- "breaking bad."
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>> and honoring the best of the small screen on television's biggest night. we'll have the winners at last night's emmy awards. ♪ the emmy awards are three hours long ♪ now there are three minutes fewer to go" captioning funded by cbs s morning news" formond, september 23 this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, september 23rd, 2013. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm susan mcginnis. a gunfight continues in kenya where al qaeda-linked gunmen have killed 68 people. more than 175 others were injured. it launched a major assault against the militants who attacked the upscale nairobi mall saturday afternoon. they rescued most of the hostages. ko im is in washington. ko, good morning. >> good morning, susan.
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they say the remaining hostages will be killed. they say this is payback for when kenyan forces entered somalia back in 2011. gunfire could be heard coming from the westgate mall in nairobi, kenya, earlier this morning. a al shah bob has claimed responsibility for the attack that has killed dozens and wounded more than 175, including several americans. san diego native elaine deng is among those injured. >> i just got out of surgery. i'm okay. i'm very grateful to be alive. . >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. will pursue the terrorists responsible. >> the challenge that we face. they were ruthless and completely reckless terrorists. kwr security experts say al shabab's influence has been growing and has even reached across to the u.s. >> i conducted a hearing on al shabab. it's an extremely deadly
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organization, very well trained, and it's one of the only al qaeda affiliates which has actively recruited here in the united states. >> reporter: this gentleman has testified before congress about al shabab's recruiting tactics. his nephew died fighting for the terrorist group in somalisomali. but many somalia-americans say al shabab does not represent their culture or their faith. >> it's not islamic culture. it is not islamic teaching. >> reporter: a spokesman for al shabab tells us in reports that americans involved in the attack are not true. they specifically targeted muslims and u.s. is calling on all to ramp up efforts. >> ko im in washington. thank you. cbs travel editor peter green st. petersburg in nairobi. peter, what can you tell us is happening on the ground now?
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>> the assault that you mentioned in your earlier report started around 5:00 in the evening as soon as it got dark. it was a slow and methodical approach because they didn't know where the hostages were or the terrorists were. they had to go floor by floor in this massive building that has 80 different stores. many of the hostages that they were able to get released were actually not being physically held by the terrorists but were actually hiding in different parts of the mall. now comes the tough part because they don't know how many hostages are being held, physically being held. that's why you hear gunfire. store by store, floor by floor. >> do we know if all of the hostages are out yet, if all of the injured are being taken care of? >> reporter: we still do not know that. it's a very fluid situation here. >> all right. peter greenberg in nairobi. thank you for joining us by telephone. well, non-muslims were also targeted in pakistan. a pair of suicide bombers targeted a church in peshawar. at least 81 people were killed against the country's christian
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minority. they say they would continue to attack non-muslims until the united states stops drone attacks in pakistan's tribal region. victims of the washington naval yard shooting were remembering during an emotional memorial service. president obama and the first lady attended. the president made an impassioned plea for americans to fight for stricter gun laws. thousands attended yesterday's service, most of them navy families. >> martin john bodrog. >> reporter: 12 bells were rung in honor of the 12 people who were killed. >> we cannot begin to comprehend your loss. >> reporter: the president noted this is the third time he's grieved with people. no one should endure this kind of violence. >> we don't do enough. we don't take the basic commonsense actions to keep guns
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out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. what's different in america is it's easy to get your hands on a gun. >> reporter: aaron alexis, a former sailor who struggled with mental illness, opened fire at the navy yard last week. he was killed during a gun battle with police. >> this is a tragedy that should not have happened. >> reporter: earlier during a broadcast interview, wayne lapierre of the national rifle administration blamed security at the navy academy. >> there weren't enough good guys with guns. >> reporter: the president said there's nothing inevitable about attacks like this but that america must change. >> by now, though, it should be clear that the change we need will not come from washington. even when tragedy strikes washington. change will come the only way it ever has come, and that's from the american people. >> well, congress has no plans to take up new gun control legislation. but congress is debating the
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budget. if a new budget isn't passed, the government runs out of money october 1st. this week the senate is expected to take up and reject a measure passed on friday in the house. it funds the government for the rest of the year, but only if the funding for president obama's affordable care act is cut off. >> we do not have the political power to do this, and so we're not -- we're not about to shut the government down over the fact that we cannot only controlling one house of congress tell the president that we're not going to fund any portion of this because we can't do that. >> there's no way we should be talking about shutting the government down, but i will say on the other hand, bob, raising the debt doesn't fix the debt. we're talking about our financial future, we're talking about getting our financial house in order. we need real adults at the table working that out. >> an even more contentious debate lies ahead over raising the debt limit, the borrowing
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debt limit. president obama says that's something he will not negotiate. hillary clinton says she is considering running for president, but in an an interview in this week's "new york" magazine, the former secretary of state says she's being pragmatic and realistic as she considers a 2016 bid. clinton says i'm not in any hurry, i think it's a serious decision not at to be made lightly but one that doesn't have to be made soon. well, coming up on the "morning news," a check of this morning's business headlines and top honors for prime-time tv from "breaking bad" to "the big bang theory." we'll show you the winners of the prime-time emmy awards. this is the "cbs morning news."
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say it with milk-bone. (pop) (balloons popping) i can see the edge of my couch! (balloons popping) ♪ that's elton john in his first ever performance at the yes, ma'am award ceremony last
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night. he played the song "home again" in honor of liberace. hbo's film about liberace, "behind the candelabra" took home two awards. that was just one of the highlights at the ceremony last night. teresa garcia has the winners of the 66th emmy awards. >> reporter: "breaking bad" finally won an emmy in its final season. jeff daniels pulled off a bit of a surprise winning the best actor emmy in winning his role in the hbo drama "the newsroom." >> i was happy to win but surprised because it could have been anybody. >> reporter: claire danes repeated as best actress in a drama series. "mott earn family" won its fourth consecutive emmy for a comedy. julia louis-dreyfus and jim parsons from "the big bang theory." >> it's so silly to be emotional, isn't it. >> reporter: on the red carpet parsons said he was grateful.
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>> i'm also grateful to be in the show seven years and still be invited. >> reporter: they honored james gandolfini. edie falco paid tribute to her on screen husband. >> it's jim, the man, the very dear man i will miss most of all. >> reporter: and jane lynch recalled her "glee" co-star in cory monteith. >> that open-hearted quality that we loved in cory was no act. >> reporter: neil patrick harris hosted the show for a second time. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. on the "cbs moneywatch," drivers will like the direction gas prices are heading, and flyers may be able to use more of their electronic devices in flight. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. wendy, good morning. >> good morning, susan. asian stocks were mixed despite the output last month. the shanghai composite gained 1.5%. hong kong's hang sing lost half a percent. tokyo's nikkei is closed for the holiday.
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wall street will be paying close attention to the budget this week. last week the dow jones industrial average gained 75 points. the nasdaq composite finished 52 points higher. good news at the gas pump, the average price of regular gasoline dropped 6 cents a gallon in the past two weeks. the lundberg survey says the average price of an unleaded gallon is now $3.62. it's important that the administration advisory panel is expected to recommend that those restrictions on electronic devices be relaxed. "the new york times" reports the new guidelines would allow reading ebooks, listening to podcasts, and watching videos. but using your phones or sending text messages is still out. the big hit at the box office was "prisoners." the film starring hugh
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jackman and jake gyllenhaal cost $30 million to make and took in $21 million in its opening weekend. last week's top film slid in second and "the family" came in third. some good luck. >> definitely. thank you. well, straight ahead, your monday morning weather, and a tough day in the big apple for lots of sports fans. asis... the frustration... covering up. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel. enbrel is clinically proven to provide clearer skin. many people saw 75% clearance in 3 months. and enbrel helped keep skin clearer at 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever,
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degrees. now for a check of today's national forecast. showers and thunderstorms develop along the northern gulf coast and in southern georgia. it will be mostly dry and sunny from the midwest and the great lakes to the northeast. temperatures will be below average across the northwest with rain across parts of the rockies. in sports, a slow start dooms the steelers on sunday night football. the chicago bears get out to a 24-3 lead when major wright returns an interception 38 yards for a touchdown. pittsburgh gets back in the game when antonio brown scores his second touchdown. this one, a one-handed grab in the back of the end zone. that cuts chicago's lead to seven, but the bears' defense comes up again. julian peppers returned a fumble 42 yards for the score. the bears stay unbeaten with a 40-23 win. and the new york giants are still searching for their first win. carolina quarterback cam newton accounts for four touchdowns as
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the panthers shut out the giants, 38-0. well, it was a bittersweet afternoon in the bronx as the fans said good-bye to two long-time yankees. >> yankee stadium! >> rockers metallica performed "enter sand man" in honor of mariano rivera. the yankees retired rivera's number 42 as his 19th and final season comes to a close. in a pregame ceremony that lasted nearly an hour, rivera paid tribute to his teammates, former and present. >> the lord has blessed me with a big family, and all this may have been part of my family. i thank you,er one of you guys as individuals, for what you have been for me. well, it was also the final home start for pitcher andy pettitte.
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unfortunately for the two yankees legends, they come up short losing to san francisco, 2-1. when they come back, the party's over. the owner of a home that got trashed during a rowdy party meets some of the teenagers who went to the wild bash. teenagers who went to the wild bash. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells
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so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. ♪ learn more at don't tough it out. targeting. and the risks they're taking to do it. plus -- a niners player sidelined indefinitely... t bay area superstar is tradin his cleats for a stint in r. the happiest place on earth. is upsetting some families. the big change disneyland is making... and why some park-goers may be to blame. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in washington, d.c., sunny and 72 degrees. atlanta, sunny and 79 frmt st. louis, sunny and 76. denver thunderstorms and 73. seattle, cloudy, some rain, and 63. a former nfl player whose home was ransacked by teenage partiers wanted to give them a chance at redemption. as don dahler reports he was surprised by the response. >> reporter: former nfl lineman brian holloway offered in his words redemption for the hundreds of teens who trashed his stephentown, new york, home while he was away. show up, he told them, and we'll talk.
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last week we showed you the ten of thousands of damage caused by the party. he saw it on social media. >> i'm watching these tweets, and i'm listening to them saying what great party, and i'm going, you've got be kidding me. >> reporter: when he got home, he found holes in the walls, damaged furniture, and urine-stained carpets. that's when holloway reached out to them. he wasn't sure who would take him up on his offer. a rumor spread anyone coming would be arrested but he was hoping for more than this. only three of the kids who were here that night and their parents. why do you think the parents aren't here with their kids if they know what their kids did. >> i can't even wrap my head around it. if my kids were there, that day, the minute i found out, my life stops, i grab them by the scruff of their neck, and we're going over to the house with a toothbrush, and that child is going to stay there and clean that house for the rest of their life.
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>> reporter: what was that night like? >> it was crazy. body to body. you couldn't go through the house without running into someone. >> reporter: this is a pier picture of michaela burns. she said she didn't know she and the other partiers were trespassing, but when she found out, she immediately apologized to holloway and began working to clean up the mess. >> i felt guilty and wanted to clean up my conscience. >> reporter: her mother annette byrnes learned a lez son from this. >> we need to be more in tune with the kids. i think that a lot of times we aren't. >> reporter: but instead holloway says some of the parents are threatening to sue him over photos he posted on his website their kids took of themselves while on his property. so far none of the teens has been arrested. don dahler, cbs news, stephentown, new york. a private cargo ship missed its rendezvous with the international space station sunday. virginia-based orbital sciences blamed a computer glitch on the signal's capsule carrying food and supplies. they say they can attempt another docking as soon as tomorrow. well, coming up after your
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local news on "cbs this morning" actress tony collette will be in the cbs studio. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ [ male announcer ] some people lift your spirits... the same way the smooth, creamy taste of coffee-mate... makes coffee and your day better. coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate.
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the death toll from a powerful typhoon has risen to at least 33 this morning. tropical storm usagi made landfall sunday in southern china. the storm packed winds more than 100 miles an hour. cars were blown off the roads. dozens of trees came down. hundreds of flights were canceled. well, the cost of rebuilding after historic flooding in northern colorado is expected to top more than $100 million. the town of lyons was hardest hit. as anna werner reports, residents are already fighting for a comeback. >> we will never take this for granted. >> reporter: for this football game, the coach delivered a pep talk full of emotion. >> i believe in the end there's going to be a lot more good memories that come out of this than bad. >> reporter: just over a week ago floodwaters consumed these players' hometown. residents don't know when or if they'll be able to return. ♪
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>> reporter: so many came here. brandon wilkes is the football coach. what do you think this game does for students and the community? >> it's the good part of the flood if there is, that they got to show off our football team and have a win where we were relentless and really showed what our town's all about. >> reporter: players and cousins, gas per and aaron vazquez lost their homes to a flood. >> i couldn't go outside because it was always wet but when i went to practice, i felt like i was ready again. >> are you ready for a lions victory because we're ready for you. >> reporter: abbie is a sophomore cheerleader. >> trying to see all my friends and keep my head up. i know we'll get better in the end but we have to get through the hard times together. >> reporter: students will be attending class in a loaned building here in longmont for now. most are living in temporary homes. ♪ >> reporter: some members of the band played loaned instruments today. karen gregg is band director.
4:27 am
u >> in uncertain times, something as normal as playing for a football game can be really reassuring. >> reporter: the game wasn't trouble-free. in the second quarter a player broke his leg. but lions still won the game, 28-7. >> we've got to overcome again, just one more thing thrown at us. >> reporter: anna werner, cbs news, colorado. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll go to nairobi for the latest on the deadly mall attack. john miller have more on the al shabab militants responsible. plus, the budget battle on capitol hill. nancy cordes has the details on that. and we'll take you aboard a sailing ship for future coast guard officers. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thank you for being with us. i'm susan mcginnis. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, everyone. it's monday, september 23. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. hopefully sleeping peacefully. it is 4:30 in the morning. nevertheless, bright and bushy eyed, here's lawrence and elizabeth.
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let's begin with the weather. we got some rain. >> that was quite a storm saturday. sunday was nice. today is looking better. we are going to see a lot of sunshine and some warmer temperatures. right now we are starting out with mostly clear skies and numbers in the 50s and low 60s. we'll talk about it coming up. >> towards the bay bridge toll plaza, looks like we got some early-morning delays in the far right cash lane but overall it is not bad. we have overnight roadwork that boggles us at this time of the morning. we'll talk about it coming up. >> brian said bright and bushy- eyed. >> you had to point that out, didn't you? >> his tail is in full view, obviously bushy. [ laughter ] developing news overnight. san francisco police searched for people who broke into a warehouse. there are reports they tried to leave the scene by climbing to the roof. nobody was found. police say the warehouse is the site of a pot growth operation. we'll update you as soon


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