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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 23, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> that blank gray canvas is proving to be irresistible to taggers who have already left their mark. >> very grateful. >> the fate of hostages still being held in a mall in nairobi is not clear. 15 gunmen stormed mall saturday killing dozens. al-shabab a somalia based terrorist group with ties to al qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. . >> and they got him! captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it is monday, september 23. i'm brian hackney. frank will be back tomorrow. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. >> we're following several developing stories as you wake up. san francisco police climbed ladders to search for suspects who broke in a warehouse on wallace avenue and keith street in the bayview. there are reports the burglars escaped by climbing to the roof. nobody was found. but police said that they did
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find several pot plants inside. >> the u.n. general assembly begins taped. leaders from around the world were converged in new york to discuss pressing world issues. the crisis in syria will likely be a hot topic. >> reporter: and these are live pictures from kenya where a deadly seeming at a mall is now in its third day. multiple large blasts have rocked the westgate mall. they are believed to be 10 to 15 islamic extremists inside and some hostages are still being held. let's check in with liz for a check on our morning commute. >> thanks. at this hour we are now in the 6:00 hour, things are starting to get busier. northbound 280, you can see the beautiful san francisco skyline there in the distance. northbound and southbound still at the limit. bay bridge and the approaches westbound 24, we have a live look this morning at telegraph. traffic comes out of the caldecott tunnel okay. they have two bores open now westbound heading into oakland. and this is what it looks like at the bay bridge. i think they just turned the metering lights on and that's
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why we are just beginning to see that filling in in the middle lanes so again the delays extend it looks like just to the first overcrossing in the distance. we have had some interesting weather lately. let's get an update on your forecast. >> we did. i went through the half moon bay tunnel finally. >> look at that. >> that was quite the ride. it was beautiful! i can't wait to see how it does during winter. folks around the bay area today, we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. should be a beautiful afternoon as the temperatures will warm up nicely outside. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. >> yesterday wasn't bad at all but today mid-80s well inland. 71 san francisco. 79 in san jose. we have some cooler weather ahead. we'll talk about it coming up. >> lawrence, thank you. a gas line break not far from the scene of the deadly san bruno explosion had crews working all night on the
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peninsula. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon is there gathering the latest and sue the leak stopped caltrain service through the area overnight. >> that's right. because it was on a caltrain project here at san bruno and san mateo. right now you can still smell a little gas in the air. but i'm told that that line is now capped. and repairs are now under way. this did happen at about 8:30 last night when construction workers were working on a project at san bruno avenue. one of their pieces of equipment broke a 2" gas line. caltrain in both directions needed to shut down. had bus bridges taking the stranded passengers to bart and nearby millbrae caltrain station to get around the area. there were no injuries. you know, construction accidents like this are not uncommon. but this accident did happen a few miles from the san bruno residential area where that gas main exploded back in 2010 killing eight people and destroying 38 homes. you know, this is what we heard
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this morning from the caltrain spokesman. >> this is an area where there's a lot of pipe. there's a lot of utility lines. it's a very complicated project. and even though we were, you know, had people on the scene looking out for this, sometimes these things happen. >> reporter: she's referring to the fact that this is a construction project that's part of a $155 million project to lower the street and elevate the train tracks over this area. they were to give the cars going under this bridge way some more head room. there were crews on scene. that's why it's so perplexing to many that this accident could have happened. crews will return today, she says. this project is on schedule. this will not impact, she says, the schedule at this point while pg&e crews here are on scene actually repairing that capped line. i'm told that in the area residents do have gas and the cars are moving through san
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mateo avenue through this intersection carefully and san bruno is still shut down and will be so for 10 days during the planned project. reporting live in san bruno, now back to you. >> thank you. we are following the latest developments in the kenyan mall siege. live pictures show smoke billowing from the westgate mall in nairobi following four separate explosions. the interior minister says two islamic extremists are dead. 10 to 15 are believed to be still inside though. military forces are trying to rescue an unknown number of hostages. video from saturday shows people trying to get out. today people outside heard blasts and gunfire. helicopters have been circling overhead. the scene resembles a war zone. terrorists from an al qaeda linked group based in somalia stormed the mall over the weekend killing at least 68 people. the victims were both kenyans
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an foreigners including british, french and canadians. more than 175 people have been hurt. one american survivor is a cal grad. she hopes the incident doesn't reflect badly on the country where she now lives. >> i don't want people thinking that something about kenya like i'm very prideful for the country? and i love kenyans, uhm, even though i'm not -- i'm american. >> elaine dang says two of her kenyan friends were killed in the attack. she moved to nairobi last year and works inside the mall for an online restaurant guide. cbs reporter ko im has the latest developments. reporter: gunfire could be heard coming from the westgate mall in nairobi, kenya, this morning. al-shabab a somalia-based terrorist group with ties to al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack that has killed dozens and wounded more than 175 including several americans. san diego native elaine dang is among those injured. >> after surgery i'm okay.
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i'm very grateful to be alive. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. will pursuit the terrorists responsible. >> it represents the seriousness and the breadth of the challenge that we face with the ruthless and completely reckless terrorists. >> reporter: security experts say al-shabab's influence has been growing and has even reached across to the u.s. >> i conducted a hearing on al- shabab. it's extremely deadly organization, very well trained and it's one of the only al qaeda affiliates which actually has actively recruited here in the united states. >> reporter: but many somali- americans say al-shabab does not represent their culture or their faith. >> killing innocent people, that is not islamic culture. it's not islamic teaching. >> reporter: a spokesman for al- shabab tells the bbc that reports americans were involved in the attack are not true. ko im for cbs news, washington.
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>> syria's president admits his country has large quantities of chemical weapons. president bashar assad says his country has been producing the weapons for decades. he tells chinese state broadcasters cctv the chemical weapons are safely stored. he also suggested some outside governments may urge syrian rebels to attack international inspectors. the united states senate begins debate today on a budget bill to keep the government running. the countdown is on to a possible shutdown a week from tomorrow on october 1. the house passed its version last week that attempts to defund obamacare. the senate will try to strip that provision out of its bill before sending it back to the house. their vote is still days away. a 60-year-old woman says a man put a leash around her neck after their two dogs got in a fight. she says it happened after the two dogs got into a tussle at sonoma valley regional park on sunday morning. she says the man was yelling at her. he threw her phone in a lake, kicked her dog and then ran
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off. the woman was not injured. other bay area headlines. teachers are now stepping in to save city college of san francisco. the california federation of teachers and the american federation of teachers are holding a press conference today about a suit to block the closure of the school. the college's accreditation was revoked and will end next year. san francisco is getting help against crime in the bayview. the d.a. and a supervisor will make an announcement about a grant to help cut crime. aldon smith is taking a leave of absence from the 49ers to go to rehab. smith did play in yesterday's loss to the colts despite his dui arrest friday morning in san jose. he was found unconscious inside his truck after hitting a tree.
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smith was booked on charges of dui and possession of marijuana. after the colts game, smith faced reporters. >> let it be known this is a problem and it's something that i will get fixed and do everything in my power to make sure this never happens again. >> there's not a one-day fix. this is a long-term fix. we support aldon. if aldon is going to fight for himself and try to make this right, i will stand here and i will support him. >> smith says he will be seeking treatment. he hasn't said what he is addicted to and it is not clear how long he will be away from the team. now 10 minutes after 6:00. is former secretary of state hillary clinton setting her sights on the white house? why she is in no hurry to decide. >> some big surprises and some not so big surprises at the emmys last night when things finally broke bad's way. >> back to work, back to more sunshine around the bay area and some warmer weather. but will it last? we'll talk about it coming up.
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that ruled the evening. amc's breaking bad took home the big prize of the night for best drama. it was predicted to take home several wins including best actor for a drama but it was jeff daniels who took the honor. three-time emmy winner james gandolfini was honored as well as cory mont. it. if. >> jim the very dear man that i will miss the most. the open heart quality we loved in cory we loved so much. >> modern family the best comedy award and julia louis- dreyfus won the lead actress in a comedy award for her role in veep. overall network leaders included hbo with 20 awards, followed by cbs with 15 and nbc with 8. it was a great show last night. >> you stayed up and watched? >> i did. well, there were the first show and then an encore performance. >> well done. 15 minutes after 6:00 on monday morning. let's check the road ahead. here's elizabeth. >> a lot of folks stayed up too
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late last night. got get to work now on time. we are trying to help you do it. unfortunately there's a couple of new accidents coming in including this one that could slow you down. southbound 880 approaching "a" street, we do have a motorcycle accident. we do have lanes blocked at least one and we have some slowdowns now southbound backed up towards 238 and it is jammed up on 238 itself towards the castro valley y. we'll let you know when it clears. in the meantime, we have metering lights now on over at the bay bridge. so it is definitely filling in, in all the lanes backed up towards the overcrossings at least to the 880 overcrossing. probably 10 to 15 minutes to get on the span. once you do, everything is good past the metering lights. westbound 4 usual slowing past "a" street. we are also watching an accident reported westbound 4 approaching port chicago highway. so it sounds like the number 2 lane is blocked there. we are not seeing any slowing yet but that could likely change. competing for the worst drive right now is that westbound 580 commute from tracy through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. all red sensors, those are ones
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we don't like to see approaching vasco and then things improve towards dublin. that's the latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your monday morning forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. got a great monday ahead as we'll see plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures outside today. mostly clear out the door. a little haze outside otherwise. a great start to the day and plenty of sunshine and some warmer weather is on the way. but changes starting tomorrow. no rain, cooler weather. high pressure building in, as it remains in place bringing with it near seasonal temperatures. then we have that trough of low pressure coming from alaska bringing us cooler temperatures through wednesdays. sfo, a good day looking at no delays there because of clouds. clear start to the day. 74 by the afternoon. around the u.s., we'll find some showers into houston to 84. morning showers into denver 72. and 68 and sunny and bright in chicago and new york. so with that in mind, we have some great weather around the bay area today. sunshine, high pressure
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building in overhead going to be some warmer temperatures. 85 in morgan hill. out along the coastline sunshine here and temperatures moving up well into the 60s. into the east bay a lot of mid- 80s into the afternoon. and as high as 82 degrees mostly sunny skies in napa. inside the bay sunshine 77 degrees. 71 in san francisco. 64 degrees in daly city. next couple of days, we are going to see some cooler temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. by thursday and friday, high pressure builds in and it looks like some warmer weather. i'm glad i could entertain you guys today. these guys are laughing as i stumble through my forecast. >> would we ever laugh at you >> all the time. >> by the way, nice job with the weekend rain. you nailed it perfectly. >> a little more than i expected but that was some kind of storm. >> you were correct. >> thank you, for something. >> take it when you can get it, lawrence. former secretary of state hillary clinton admits that she does wrestle with the idea of running for president again but she is not in any hurry to decide. clinton tells new york magazine that it's a serious decision that should not be made
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lightly. she adds, it would not be good for the country's political process for her to declare her intentions more than three years before the next election. cal's new football coach comes at a high price. the running tab to bring on louisiana's sonny dykes. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. the 49ers do something they have never done in the jim harbaugh era and it's not good. and they were popping champagne at the coliseum. we'll tell you all about it coming up. about your school? you can e-mail your nominaton to us cool schools at kpix- m. we may come and feature your school on the show. . >> what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,
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we've big monday night
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football game on tonight. the raiders versus the broncos in denver. the forecast there, yeah, clear skies, about 67 degrees. >> raiders! i like the way you say that. live towards mariposa, 280 extension. you can see the taillights moving at the speed limit this morning all the way into san francisco. we'll have your latest "timesaver traffic" including a pretty bad accident in hayward just a few minutes away. thanks, elizabeth. cal is paying a pretty penny for their new and their old football coaches. sonny dykes being brought in from louisiana. he will run cal's football program. his 7-year contract is worth close to $10 million. when all is said and done, changing coaches will end up costing the school $16.3 million included in the tab millions of dollars worth of contract payouts for ex-coach jeff tedford. a spokesman for the department says that cal is using boosters and donors to pay for it.
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good morning, everybody. the oakland a's sure had reason to celebrate even before the game ended yesterday afternoon at the coliseum. in the middle of the 3rd inning the conclusion of the rangers- royals game was shown on the big screen and texas loves thanks to a walkoff grand slam -- and texas lost thanks to a walkoff grand slam by justin maxwell of kansas city. so a's celebrating during their game! they are champions 2013 in the american league west. actual game between the a's and twins was won in large part by that man! coco crisp, 22nd home run, 11-7 is the final. and they are popping the champagne in the a's clubhouse. the giants played spoiler on mariano rivera day in the bronx. tony abreu put the giants ahead with a double in the 8th and they hand andy pettitte a loss in his final yankee stadium start. andrew luck and the colts came to candlestick and took it to the 49ers. luck's counterpart colin kaepernick frustrated for the second week. 49ers offense put a 494 yards in week one and only 409 yards
6:25 am
in the last two weeks combined. san francisco goes down 27-7. the first time that the 49ers have lost two in a row in the jim harbaugh era. and, of course, america's cup, everybody, they continue on the bay. could it be the greatest comeback in the history of sports? that's it. i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll see you tonight. well, our play of the day is from the pga tour championship. it's bradley's second shot on the par four 7th hole. his pl rtner jason dufner ... by it takes once bounce, there you go, right into the hole for an eagle. nering" on the fai he celebrated by imitating his playing partner jason dufner by dufner-ing on the fairway. stinson won the championship and the fedex cup but that's a great play of the day. . thousands of people at lake
6:26 am
tahoe had a more active weekend than most of you was. they started the day yesterday by swimming more than 2 miles in the chilly lake. then they rode bicycles for 112 miles. and then finished off the day by running a marathon. it was the first-ever "iron man" triathlete on north shore. good for the athletes as well as business in the area. >> it really gets a diverse crowd and get those people that kind of really tell our story with the brand and outdoors and getting, you know, getting out there and having fun. just gives so much money into the local economy especially at this time of the year which is normally slow time of years for us. >> the triathlon was expected to be worth $10 million to the local economy. prosecutors may decide to seek the death penalty for the suspect in the boston bombing marathon case. the protocol that's the court's focus today. >> reporter: big tech conference oracle openworld is
6:27 am
expected to kick off in just a few hours. ceo larry ellison is going to showcase a tech breakthrough. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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to the old bay bridge. . i think it's their name out there and they will be famous in their crowd. >> it's a major safety issue. who is sneaking on the old bay bridge? >> bart and the unions have less than three weeks left to negotiate. today's agenda at the bargaining table. >> and we have mostly sunny skies coming our way. the temperatures are going to be heating up, too. how much? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and unfortunately, the backups in hayward are gone from bad to worse because of this motorcycle accident on 880.
6:31 am
how bad travel times are? we'll let you know coming up. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:31. >> new developments this morning in the bloody mall siege in kenya. the interior minister says the two islamic extremists were killed 10 to 15 are still believed to be inside. they are still trying to rescue hostages. people running through aisles were seen trying to escape. today blasts and gunfire could be heard. helicopters have been circling overhead and witnesses say it looks like a war zone. terrorists from a group in somalia stormed the mall this weekend killing at least 63 people. more than 175 were hurt. happening today, the death penalty protocol will be the focus in a boston courtroom today. lawyers for the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing have a court hearing.
6:32 am
attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev will ask a judge to discuss the timeline and procedure for prosecutors to make a recommendation. u.s. attorney general eric holder will make the decision on whether to seek the death penalty. thousands gathered in washington, d.c. to remember the 12 people killed in last week's shooting rampage at the washington, d.c. navy yard. [ taps ] >> president obama offered the nation's condolences to the family of the victims during a memorial service yesterday. it is the fifth mass shooting during his time in office. in the speech he renewed the call for common sense changes to gun control laws. >> what makes us so susceptible to so many mass shootings is that we don't do enough, we don't take the basic common sense actions to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people.
6:33 am
what's different in america is easy to get your hands on a gun. >> the president and the first lady also visited with victims' families after the memorial. and a san francisco strip club is suing oracle. after an outstanding tab was run up. the new century theater says an oracle employee wrapped up a $34,000 tab on the company credit card during oracle openworld last october. now a year later oracle won't pay. they are not talking about the lawsuit. >> it's happening as this year's oracle openworld gets under way. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran i live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: michelle, ceo larry ellison will be back in less than two hours to talk about his company's so-called
6:34 am
game changer. this time he is hanging up the boat shoes for the business shoes for the big tech conference. now, it's the largest and most important educational and networking event for oracle tech enthusiasts, customers around partners. it's going to feature more than 2500 educational sessions and insight into oracle strategy and road map. ellison will debut his in memory database at the conference. the tech billionaire hopes this new product as well as other new features will add some wind in the company's sails revenue which according to forbes came in at about 2% for the quarter. for nontechies, this in memory database is supposed to be 100 times faster in accessing information or queries. >> this is a fairly simple query but you can imagine as they get more and more complex and take a longer and longer time, things that used to run in an hour, you know, now run in a few seconds.
6:35 am
>> reporter: it's expected to draw 60,000 people from more than 145 countries to the moscone center and here in the city. as we have driven around the moscone center we have seen cones blocking off the area so just a hint to morning commute if you are driving through this area you might need another way to get around. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> yesterday the company also announced a new data machine and database backup product. temperatures heating up today, plenty of sunshine coming our way. headed out the door right now, skies mostly clear, wow, that's a beautiful shot over the bay bridge this morning with quiet waters early on. i think these temperatures going to warm up very nicely today. 50s and low 60s outside to begin the day. but by the afternoon, what an
6:36 am
afternoon it's going to be! these numbers much warmer than yesterday plan on 70s even mid- 80s in the south bay. as you head toward the east bay, i 77 in oakland, about 71 degrees in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and back out to hayward southbound 880 approaching "a" street still have one lane blocked and the delays continue to grow, as well. so southbound jams from san leandro past the accident scene just a heads up traveling towards the san mateo bridge exit. traffic is backed up in the area. you will notice that drive time is actually changed to red now. so pretty heavy traffic southbound between 238 and 84. it's about a 20-minute ride. this is actually a live look in oakland near the coliseum where the commute direction northbound we are not seeing any problems heading towards the macarthur maze. metering lights are on. 6:36 that's typical jammed solid toward the overcrossing 15 to 20 minutes to get you on the bay bridge.
6:37 am
but so far, no incidents coming into san francisco. that's the latest from here. brian, michelle, back to you. >> thank you. pg&e is still working at the scene of developing news on the peninsula. crews are are repairing a 2" gas line broken at 8:30 last it into. a caltrain worker broken the line even though they had people on hand to be sure it wouldn't happen. the gas leak happened about 4 miles from the san bruno pipeline explosion. gas is back on in the area and caltrain service is back to normal also. happening today, bart and its unions are scheduled to meet three times this week as time is running out for new contracts. today they will take on the big issues, salaries, pensions and healthcare. bart says the sides are still more than $100 million apart. we're less than three weeks away from another possible strike. october 10th is the last day of the cooling-off period ordered by governor brown. the old bay bridge has a new look. graffiti. and lots of it. taggers are trespassing to paint all over the old span.
6:38 am
you can see the vandalism when you come out of the tunnel on yerba buena island. it started appearing there shortly after the new span opened. >> i think it's ugly. it's is it not supposed to be there. >> that's crazy. i don't know how they did it. >> the chp considers it a safety issue and has regular patrols on the bridge. two suspected taggers have been arrested. eventually the old bridge will be demolished. it will take about 3 years to take it down. time now is 6:38. it's been out less than a week and already hackers are working on the iphone 5s. the cash reward at stake for the first person to crash the phone's fingerprint sensor. >> and a bill to cut billions from the food stamp program makes its way through the legislative process. the real impact the californians will feel. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick look at the early numbers now.
6:39 am
bit of a mixed bag this morning. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me,, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900.
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market for a week, and peop are already trying to figurt how to bypass its security . tests show the new iphone -- wait a minute. the new iphone has not even been on the market for a week and people are already trying to figure out how to bypass that new security system. the site is touch id. they are offering a reward of people who can hack the fingerprint sensor on the device. according to the services they must lift a fingerprint and reproduce it so it allows somebody else to unlock the phone in less than five tries. did you understand that? >> i did.
6:43 am
it was a busy weekend. the new iphones are a big hit. now kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks is here to tell us more. >> reporter: good morning. turned out to be a good weekend for apple. we saw all those long lines developing on friday. alleged through the weekend. they sold 9 more, the 5s sold out entirely. that was a record weekend launch for apple. in comparison to the iphone 5 last year when it took 10 days to sell 6 million. apple shares are responding to that. stock is up over 5% in the early going. >> a big show for netflix last night three emmys out of 14 nominations. its original content series house of cards best director. analysts think that's an absolute key for netflix. they think it could draw in more "a" list actors and directors into their original content. that could be a boost to the company's stock which has
6:44 am
tripled since the beginning of the year trading in record territory as that goes. blackberry continues to slide. the company announced on friday it could lose up to $1 billion in the current quarter cutting 4500 employees about 40% of the workforce around the world the right now speculation as to whether the company will be broken up or survive. stock market off to a flat start dow down 22, nasdaq up 4, s&p down 4. back to you. >> thank you. time now 6:44. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. once again, back out to hayward, it is become our hotspot this morning. it's southbound approaching "a" street. a motorcycle accident is blocking one lane. and the road sensors are picking up pretty much gridlock from at least marina boulevard. that's in san leandro. so if your commute tax you through hayward maybe towards the san mateo bridge, expect some delays especially once you get past 238. that's when it bottlenecks. in oakland, though, the nimitz freeway looks good northbound
6:45 am
and southbound once again just north of the oakland coliseum towards the maze. we are not seeing any delays. if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, obviously there is some backup here, as well. once they turn those metering lights on shortly after 6:00, we saw backups from the cash and the fastrak lanes jammed up towards about the foot of the maze now. and also not helping things we are just getting word of a new fender-bender past the pay gates. we can't see it in this camera so that's causing more delays getting on to the bay bridge this morning. westbound 580 a little slow and go coming out of tracy. 33 minutes right now past the wind turbines. all the way towards 680. but once you got past that vasco road exit things improve towards the dublin interchange. and if you are watching the news last night there was a gas leak that impacted caltrain service last night. everything is back on track this morning on normal schedule. that's the latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your fall forecast, here's lawrence. >> can you believe it? first full week of fall nice
6:46 am
weather typical of fall. lots of sunshine coming our way today mostly clear skies if you are headed out the door. looks like these temperatures going to warm up nicely by the an and in fact it will be warmer today and then changes coming our way as early as tomorrow as we have a cold front dropping in. still high pressure holding on for now. it will bring with it some seasonal temperatures. but by tomorrow that cold front going to creep closer ushering in cooler temperatures the next couple of days but today plenty of sunshine around most of the state except up toward eureka may see see showers from the cold front. otherwise, we have sunshine and 80s into the central valley 71 lake tahoe and 71 in monterey bay. around our bay temperatures warming up, about 79 in san jose, 85 morgan hill and 38 in campbell. 67 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures up in the mid-80s in the warmest spots. and then inside the bay we'll find plenty of sunshine about 71 degrees in san francisco. and 77 degrees in oakland. looks like the next couple of days we are going to see some cooler temperatures as we head
6:47 am
through tuesday and wednesday. looks like by thursday high pressure starts to build back in and those temperatures are going to be warming back up. all right. how about this? we have your special schoolcast for today. ardenwood elementary school of fremont home of the dragons! well, you're starting out the day very nice, mostly clear skies, just looks like a couple of passing high clouds by lunchtime, plenty of sunshine about 70 degrees and by the time you get out what an afternoon it's going to be. about 76 degrees. if you would like to enter your school into our kpix 5 schoolcast, go to and we would love to do a forecast for you. kids love it too. >> it's cool. thank you. republicans in the house of representatives just passed a bill last week that would cut nearly $40 billion from the food stamp program. "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin cane joins us to help us understand how this would affect the food stamp program in california. allow it affect california? >> reporter: good morning. this $40 billion cut would be very dramatic in its effect in
6:48 am
california. essentially what happened is back in 2009, at the height of the recession, president obama suspended the three-month limit on the amount of time that single able-bodied people can receive food stamps and suspended the requirement that they work for 20 hours a week to receive the food stamps. under the philosophy that with no jobs out there it was unfair to make the job requirement. so the republican bill that just got passed last thursday could reinstate those, the time limit, work requirement and eliminate $40 billion from a fund that is used to advertise the food stamp program and get people on food stamps. in california, the way it works, the federal government gives the state money the state administers the program. our state program is called cal fresh. and each month cal fresh administers federal food stamp benefits to 3.6 million californians.
6:49 am
food policy analysts say if this bill were to take effect, 350,000 californians would lose their benefits. it would be a very dramatic effect here in california. >> okay. so republicans, house of representatives, it's passed there. but what happens now? >> the senate has also passed their own version of cuts to the food stamp program. but theirs is only about $5 billion, i say only. now here's how it works. both the senate representatives and also house of representatives representatives get together in a committee and they try to come to an agreement about exactly what the final bill is going to look like. what the republicans have done bypassing this massive, massive cuts is sort of try to move the negotiations to the right so that the ultimate result will be a higher cut. probably will not be $40 billion. it will be something though probably higher than 5. remember, though, president obama has said he will veto anything that's too dramatic when it comes to cuts to the food stamp program so there's always the possibility of that looming. also, november 1 no matter what
6:50 am
happens on capitol hill, november 1, the t.a.r.p. bump that went into effect in 2009 actually expires. so california food stamp recipients are actually going to lose anywhere between $11 and $65 a month when that expires on november 1 so that is coming up too. >> regarding the bill, when will they have a decision one way or another? >> i have learned to stop trying to predict. [ laughter ] >> washington, d.c. they may never actually depending on who gets that to the compromise committee. it's not entirely clear this has to be done before a final budget is passed so no idea when we'll get a final decision. >> thank you, melissa. remember, you can find more of her segments on and time now for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us now from new york live. good morning, mr. rose. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and mr. brian. ahead we're on the scene in kenya where the mall hostage
6:51 am
situations is ongoing. peter greenburg of cbs news was there as the events unfolded. he will give his firsthand account plus john miller with the details on the group responsible for the attack and the threat they pose to the united states and the faa may be relaxing its rules on electronic devices. a former ntsb chairman explains the changes and what is being left out. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> okay, thank you so much. "cbs this morning" does start in 9 minutes. time now is 6:51. he is a star linebacker for the 49ers. but aldon smith is putting himself on the sidelines. what's behind his decision to go to rehab. then -- >> three days after gunfire started in the kenyan shopping mall hostages are still being held hostage inside. how security forces are working to get them out alive right now.
6:52 am
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you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. the oakland a's are american league west winners for the second straight year. they clinched the division even before yesterday' ity stunned the texa 5 things are to know at 55. the oakland a's are american league west winners for the second straight year. they clinched the division even before yesterday's game when kansas city stunned the texas rangers. the a's won their game against the minnesota twins 11-7. 49ers linebacker aldon smith will take a leave of absence to go to rehab. he was arrested after crashing his car into a tree in san jose friday morning. he was booked on charges of dui and possession of marijuana. he isn't saying how long he will be gone. the senate begins debate on a budget bill to keep the government funded. the house passed its version last week that attempts to
6:56 am
defund obamacare but the senate will try to strip the provision out of the bill before sending it back to the house. a vote is days away. leaders from around the world are descending on new york for the start of the u.n.'s general assembly. president obama arrives today, as well. he is prepared to address the assembly tomorrow. the u.s. is pushing for the security council to pass a resolution holding syria to its pledge to hand over its chemical weapons. as the terrorist assault on a kenyan shopping mall enters its third day as many as 10 people may still be held hostage. the attack has so far left at least 62 people dead and 175 people injured. andrew spencer reports security forces appear to be taking control. several americans were hurt and one is a cal grad and san diego native. the u.s. state department says no americans were killed in the attack. >> then we started to run. >> about a dozen gunmen stormed the shopping mall in nairobi at
6:57 am
about noon on saturday and the sporadic gunfire continued throughout the day sunday. >> you could hear methodically going from store to store talking to people, asking questions, shooting. screams. and then it would stop for a while and then they would go to another store. >> reporter: by monday morning, the kenyan military said security forces had taken control of most parts of the building. but as many as 10 people were still being held hostage. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the obama administration has been in touch with kenyan authorities. >> president obama talked today to the president. i talked to the foreign minister, ambassador. we are in close touch with everybody there. >> reporter: militants linked to al qaeda and based in somalia have claimed responsibility for the attack. the group al-shabab vowed revenge after kenyan forces moved into southern somalia two years ago in response to growing cross-border violence. >> it represents the seriousness and the breadth of
6:58 am
the challenge we face with ruthless and completely reckless terrorists. >> reporter: about a year ago, kenyan authorities said they disrupted another major attack in the final stages of planning. the apparent target, public spaces in nairobi. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> things are turning around for america's cup team oracle and by the way for the city of san francisco. they faced elimination last week but is still alive winning two races yesterday. the oracle team needs four more wins to hold on to the america's cup. emirates team new zealand needs just one. racing resumes this afternoon at 1:15. getting a quick traffic check, southbound 880 give yourself some extra time or wait this one out for a little bit. that accident is finally cleared to the right shoulder southbound approaching "a" street in hayward but those delays continue the residual delays. it's really backed up into san leandro and the speed sensors are red meaning speeds under 25 miles per hour. if maybe your commute takes you
6:59 am
across the san mateo bridge, southbound 880 the approach is backed up. once you get on the bridge itself, obviously no delay across the flat section or the high-rise. bay bridge we have a little more information about that fender-bender. it is blocking the lane number 7 behind the pay gates over at the toll plaza. the rest of the backups extend into the foot of the maze. that is the latest "timesaver traffic." here's lawrence. >> all right. let's check out that sunrise this morning from our mount vaca cam. looking good. skies nice and clear around the bay area to start off the day other than a little haze looking great. temperatures by the afternoon will heat up from yesterday's highs up to the 80s inland a lot of 70s inside the bay maybe even as high as 81 in redwood city today. 67 degrees in pacifica. next couple of days we'll cool things down a bit through tuesday and wednesday. then warming back up as high pressure builds in friday and saturday. by the way, don't forget, there's a big game on the cw tonight at 5:30, raiders versus broncos. clear skies should be a great
7:00 am
game. and i'm so glad you work your black today for the raiders michelle. >> i have red on, too. i don't know what that means. have a great one. captions by: caption colorado . good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, september 23, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." explosions and gunfire this morning in kenya as the military tries to end the weekend long siege at a shopping mall. our charlie d'gata is there. john miller looks at that time terrorist group behind the slaughter. >> plus a big and bad night of surprises at the em mysemmys. we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> chaos and confusion in kenya. >> we e continu


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