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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 23, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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game. and i'm so glad you work your black today for the raiders michelle. >> i have red on, too. i don't know what that means. have a great one. captions by: caption colorado . good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, september 23 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." explosions and gunfire this morning in kenya as the military tries to end the weekend long siege at a shopping mall. our charlie d'gata is there. john miller looks at that time terrorist group behind the slaughter. >> plus a big and bad night of surprises at the em mymysemmys. we begin with today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> chaos and confusion in kenya. >> we e continue to see smoke
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rising. the government is saying they are in control of west gate mall. >> 62 dead nearly 200 wounded. five americans hurt. >> al-shabab has claimed responsibility. >> the looming budget show down on capitol hill threatens another government shut down. >> what do you think would be a way to get this started? >> there's no way we should be talking about shutting the government down. >> hillary clinton for the first time is conceding she might run for president in 2016. >> i think there's no such thing as a done deal ever by anybody. >> the emmy goes to breaking bad. claire danes homeland. modern family. jeff daniels. >> i'm not twerking. that would be degrading. >> the year's most powerful typhoon slammed into china after
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veering from hong kong. >> i'm on the ground to show it's history. >> all that. >> the killer for the pittsburgh steelers. >> no he's not. you sound very sure. >> all that matters. >> yankees honor rivera. >> i love you guys. you are special to me and my family. >> i love you guys. thank you very much. on "cbs this morning." >> thank you so much. thank you so much. i've got to go. bye. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning norah. >> good morning to you charlie. as you wake up in the morning we have a fast moving hostage situation. in kenya, we hear explosions and gunfire at a shopping mall where a weekend terror attack killed 62 people. black smoke is pouring out of the building. security forces are trying to rescue hostages still inside. >> the minister says the evacuation has gone very well. charlie d'gata is on the scene for us in nairobi. >> reporter: we heard this huge explosion near the mall. you can see the smoke rising where the siege was taking place. that was followed by further explosions and wave after wave of automatic weapons and gunfire taking place as we saw kenyan troops and armor personnel carriers taking position around the mall. this shaky cell phone footage
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captured the first moments gunmen laid siege to the packed mall in nairobi. as gunfire rang out, people were too stunned to realize what was going on. it became clear they were caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. they were the targets. some sought shelter in a storm room. one got on the phone to the police. witnesses said the attackers armed with automatic weapons shouted that anybody who was a muslim could leave safely. they then opened fire and threw grenades interview crowds of people. terrified shoppers took shelter wherever they could hide. here among the survivors, this woman thought it was over. >> i rang my mom saying i love you. i'm not sure if i'm going to make it. i might die. i want to say i love you. >> reporter: today officials
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said police and soldiers launched the overnight offense pif to free hostages trapped since saturday. they wouldn't say how many were freed. there were question whether any had been freed. there are still people thought to be trapped inside. this morning gunfire could be heard from the shopping complex. the al qaeda-linked group al-shabab has claimed responsibility responsibility. kenyan authorities said they're going to end the siege. that wasn't the case from what we've seen. huge explosions followed by further explosions and automatic weapons this morning. we got word maybe militants had blown themselves up or the kenyan military had tried to blast their way in. we don't know. "cbs this morning," charlie
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d'gata in nooi rownairobi. >> thank you. al-shabab spokesman is denying reports that attackers are americans. john miller is a former deputy director of intelligence. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about al-shabab and how big a threat are they? >> al-shabab is a somali based terrorist group. it starts and beginning in 2006. by 2008 they're a designated terrorist group by the u.s. state department. in 2010 there was a interesting case that took us and the fbi by surprise. you had a al-shabab suicide bomber attack the intelligence headquarters. it turned out to be a u.s. citizen. that was a real eye opener. that led the investigation to find 15-20 americans had found their way from minneapolis to portland to join group. >> is this a phase in what
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they're trying to do? >> the turmoil in al-shabab the last couple of years is what are they? one fraction wanted to be a domestic group to take over somali and bring law. there's another fraction influenced by al qaeda headquarters that said the group's mission is global. it's in kenya. this is a terror miss attack on the economy and to kill and wound people. that seems to be turning toward global. you remember sitting here last week, just a couple of days ago, talking about the story we broke on this show. al-shabab was trying to develop a chemical weapon group. >> this is a group on the move. yet this administration has citizen repeatedly al qaeda has been decimated. are they on the decline or is the group like al-shabab on the rise and greater threat to u.s. citizens and others? >> it depends on what you mean
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by al qaeda. administration refers to owe osama bin ladenen. the fact that these groups al-shabab or group in benghazi have to act in the name of al qaeda shows al qaeda's core kablt is decimated. these groups are building capabilities. >> and the philosophy of al-shabab. they're for law. >> that's right in somalia. this is on the border of being a failed state. al-shabab has controlled more than half the country. >> what about the minneapolis connection. what would you make of that? >> this starts out with people living in a large somali community in minneapolis, young people hearing the call. to them it's a bit of a adventure. i can go to a country i left as a small child or before i was born and fight for nationalists pride. when they got there, they found
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a different scenario going on. as we talked about last week, omar, a kid from alabama was a big spokesman and recruiter for americans. he was killed by the group last week we believe. there's still turmoil within the group. >> thank you. we'll don't monitor the scene and update. islamist extremist claim responsibility for the deadliest attack in pakistan. two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a church sunday. the explosions tore through the crowd killing more thank 80. 140 others wounded. the pakistani tal ban says it will continue to target non muslims until the u.s. ends drone strikes in pakistan. >> the senate begins work on a bill to keep the government open days after the house republicans placed the measure that attempts to defund obama care.
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nancy, good morning. >> good morning charlie and norah. the senate will take up the bill today. they're probably a couple of days from a vote. we expect senate democrats will strip the measure to defund the president's health care law. at that point, house republicans will decide how far they want to take this fight with the deadline bearing down. with one week to go before it runs dry, house republicans are defending their strategy. >> we don't want to shut down the government. >> democrats call it irresponsibility. >> i don't think in america we should throw tantrums when we lose elections and attempt to shut down the government and refuse to pay the bills. >> otherwise republican from texas insisted his party could win this zbliechlth i think republicans will stand be side by side with boehner and house republicans listening to the people and toing this train wreck. >> most senate republicans say it's not worth the risk when democrats control the senate and
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white house. oklahoma's tomko burn. >> it's a great attempt to raise the issue of some of the weaknesses and problems with obamacare. it's not a tactic that we can carry out and be successful. >> if the house and senate are unable to reach an agreement by october 1st millions of federal workers will be furloughed with no guarantee they'll get back pay when government reopens. social security checks and veteran benefits would go out but possibly late since fewer workers will be available to process payments. national parks and museums would be closed. in a speech friday president barack obama insisted he would not negotiate over funding the government or over raising the debt ceiling. >> they're focused on trying to mess with me. they're not focused on you. >> house republicans say they are merely responding to their
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constituents wishes complaints they're getting from constituents about being let go from company insurance plan or seeing hours cut as a result of the president's health care law. other republicans, warn that if this fight goes badly in the election leverage around the corner of raising the debt creel. >> nancy, thank you. one week ago this morning, a gunman killed 12 people at the washington navy yard. president barack obama honored the victims at a memorial sunday. it took place at the washington marine barracks. the president called on the people to demand change in gun laws. >> our tears are not enough. our words and our prayers are not enough. if we really want to honor these 12 men and women, really want to be a country where we can go to
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work and school and walk streets free from senseless violence without so many lives being stolen by a bullet from a gun, we're going to have to change. >> legislation to expand background checks is stalled in the senate sunday. nra executive pierre criticized the security yard saying it was unprotected by not having more carrying guns. >> today the start of the you nighted nations general assembly tomorrow. diplomacy with iran and syria are facing. major garrett is with us. good morning. >> good morning. the president will likely meet with the president? >> the chances are sky high. there has not been contact between the u.s. government and their president. a hand shake would symbolically
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mean a closens of relationship between the united states and iran. a meeting between rouhani and president barack obama is probably unlikely in the sense of a 20 minute sit down conference. pay glancing shake of the hands, an encounter that indicates the united states is willing to listen and more intrigued by rouhani's move toward rhetoric might be in store. >> they think they can get that without going to a full meeting? >> yes. here's why. there's many that believe things haven't gone far enough as far as establishing trust to justify a meeting between the president of the united states and rouhani, president of iran. vice president biden will be here wednesday. roi you -- rouhani is the vice.
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maybe that could be a way to set the the stage for deeper negotiations if the iranians signal they have things to talk about and willing to con seed points. >> former intelligence chef and former ambassador of the united states his point of view is this wouldn't have a big impact if the president meets with the iran president. could it change things? >> iranians have to con creed what they have been unwilling to in these talks. inspections forever to prove this is a peaceful program. if mary not willing to do that a hand shake is not going to help. they have a new minister in charge of these things and a newly elected president. if he colonels with ideas, they can get this did you think. >> thank you. emotional tributes stole the show at last night's emmys.
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breaking bad won the best drama. the big bang theory actor won the third emmy and michael douglas took home his first. neil patrick harris showed why he's the go to guy for award shows now you. neil patrick harris didn't perform an opening number. i saved this for the middle of the show. >> still he had to put up with heckling from tina faye. the awards begin with the surprising win for best supporting actress in a comedy. >> merit wever. >> she gave perhaps the shortest acceptance speech ever. >> i've got to go. bye. >> it was unexpected.
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i don't know how to feel yet. i mean i have therapy next week. >> cbs big bang theory star parson choked up on stage as he accepted the third emmy. >> to have the chance to do this role in this show. it's so silly to be emotional isn't it? >> he was back on stage as a presenter with bob. >> it's a thrill to present this award with this tv legend that won his first emmy just last week. >> it was the night's only standing ovation. >> i don't know if that's a compliment or you're trying to rub it in. >> no no. >> the show took on a somber tone frequently remembering stars who passed including a tribute to the glee star. the down beat move was highlighted by the comedy best winner of modern family. >> this may be the saddest of
7:18 am
all times but we could not be happier. >> the biggest surprise of the night was jeff daniels win for best dramatic actor in the newsroom. >> i was happy but surprised. it could have been anybody. >> will ferrell said he was a last minute replacement to hand out the night's final award. >> they called me literally 45 minutes ago. i couldn't find child care okay. >> including an emmy for best drama. >> breaking bad. >> the mouth pieces from them so that's what makes me so proud this happened. >> from "cbs this morning," carter evans los angeles. >> interesting. >> great to see breaking bad win and claire danes win for homeland. >> as much as i like jeff daniels, i was surprised he won. >> that was pay big upset last night. chicago sun times says
7:19 am
governor pat quinn is open to the idea of sending in state police to curve violence in chicago. on thursday a series of shootings wounded 13 people including a 3-year-old boy. the denver post looks at colorado flood disaster. the number of people missing is down to ix is. the floods killed at least seven ppeople. walle street journal says a former ranking in china is accused of bribery for power. davis gave the letter of resignation. davis led the department for seven years. he was thrust into the national spotlight after the marathon . back to work monday and the weather looking very nice outside. going to see plenty of sunshine today and we're starting out with mostly clear skies this morning if you are headed out the door. looking good over san jose right now. high pressure looks like it's
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going to stick around for today but things changing tomorrow. you can already see that trough of low pressure and cold front that will likely slide in tomorrow. temperatures today warmer 80s inland, 70s inside the bay, 60s and sunny at the coast. cooler tuesday and wednesday. warming up on thursday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. hillary clinton says she's pragmatic and realistic.
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>> jan crawford is in washington with clinton's first words about a potential 2016 run. >> well norah, charlie, secretary clinton describes wrestling with the idea of running for president. the clues she reveals about her decision. every flyer knows the rules. turn off your personal electronics on takeoff and landing. how the faa may finally be ready to challenge those rules with one big exception. plus an american nuclear disaster narrowly diverted. >> it literally would have charged the course of history. how one switch stopped a hydrogen bomb from exploding over the united states. the news is back here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned here for your local news.
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trying to determine if a large-scale pot grow in the bayview district is legally -permitted. cops found it while respon ry good morning. i'm michelle griego. san francisco police are trying to determine if a large-scale pot grow in the bayview district is legally permitted. cops found it while responding to an overnight burglary call. >> caltrain says there has been no delays this morning following a gas main break in san bruno last night. the leak has been capped. the work on the line continues. and the oakland a's are american league west winners for the second straight year. they clinched the division even before yesterday's game when kansas city stunned the texas rangers. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
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. westbound 80 a crash by san pablo dam road is off to the right-hand shoulder. but we are picking up speeds below 20 miles per hour. it looks like as far back as hercules. once you get past this accident scene things improve. slow through berkeley. once you reach the macarthur maze it's jammed solid. we are looking at a lot of sunshine coming our way on this monday morning. out the door mostly clear skies at this hour and the sun coming up from the mount vaca cam looking good. temperatures in the 50s right now. we'll see warmer weather by the afternoon. plan on mid-80s in the warmest spots inland. you will see a lot of 70s inside the bay and some 70s toward the coastline. sunny there, too. next couple of days, though, we have a weak system sliding toward the bay area that will cool us through wednesday, warming up on thursday.
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update at the top of the hour at 8:00. coming up in this half hour an american nuclear nightmare. a new book reveals how close we came to a disaster along the east coast. could it happen again. some of the parents are threatening to sue the own over the house. jack ford shows us why the legal tables are turning. we'll show you ahead. will she or won't she? people ask about a run in 2016. now the former secretary of state is opening up about the idea. jan crawford is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. it's the interview in the "new york" magazine. i've got to say when lucy put down a football and pulled it right back up before charlie
7:32 am
brown could kick it. she hasn't flat out said yeah, i'm running. the speculation is going to continue. that's part of the clinton strategy. keep everyone guessing and talking. in her first interview since leaving the state department hillary clinton hinted at what everyone suspected all along. after she wrestles with the idea of running in 2016 she says i do. she's pragmatic and realistic. then she adds i'll do whatever i can from whatever position i find myself in to advocate for the values and the policies i think are right for the country. joe hagen who wrote the article quote add longtime friend saying she's doing a very clintonian
7:33 am
thing. in her mind she's running for it and she hasn't made of her mind. >> she's being coy and telling people to back off but meanwhile people on her staff are putting their foot on the gas. >> we get sick of people in has left the station. the train was already on the track. it wasn't derailed in 2008. it was just slowed down. >> bill cli ahead. >> i think she'd be the first to tell you there's no such thing as a done deal ever by anybody, but i don't know what she's going to do. >> now, bill clinton is getting some scrutiny this morning. the new york republican is talking about fund-raising and
7:34 am
donations. some people of course while they're already saying those questions could extend to hillary clinton if she does in fact decide to run. charlie and norah? >> there's also hinting that she had a hastily made interview with the new york magazine to talking her husband. what do you know about that? >> than is flatout false. she started negotiating back in june. so any suggestion that that was part of this effort to cover up or overshadow that he's on a clinton foundation was 100% false. but you always get this with the clintons, don't you? they try to cover it up. there's go to be a lot ahead. >> and this afternoon we'll be speaking with former president
7:35 am
bill clinton. we'll bring you that the interview tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning." an faa advisory council meets later this week. mark is our cbs national transportation safety expert and a former chairman of the ntsb. mark, good morning. >> good morning, charlie, good morning, norah. >> can we expect from this? >> i think you're going to see the use of this electronic devices. we'll be looking forward to seeing how the new rules are being implemented. >> what kind of analysis has been done? >> there's actually been a good deal of study done. unfortunately it's neither confirmed or denied that electionromagnetic fileds can affect performance. >> we kent use our phone.
7:36 am
they they can use their computers and video games. doesn't this put pressure on the flight attendant about whether a mobile device is being used on that? >> you're absolutely right. they've been on the brunt of it since these rules have come into effect. they're pretty good at understand ing understanding what their needs are. >> why can't you use iphones. >> there's word that it could in ter fear with cell phone towers while they're in the air. >> thank you so much. and an update of thewas away. that player brian holloway saw pictured that kids posted
7:37 am
online. on saturday he held a picnic to see who would show up. only some three or four showed up. some parents are suing him because he reposted the picture on his own website. jack ford is with us. >> this is a head scratcher. you might say these teenagers were dumb enough themselves to show them posts pictures of them partying and the parents say they're going to sue the guy who owns the house? >> exactly. it's very puzzling. you can't use them for your own benefit, but these kids put the photos out. he's trying to find the kids who were involved. he was very forgiving about this. not too many people have offered to help out. you wonder what's the claim the parentses are making?
7:38 am
is he invadeing their privacy? >> no. it's out there. he's repurposes it. but it's puzzling what kind of argument. >> does she have case against the teens? >> yeah. he was fairly freshing to start but no one's working with him. some can be charged with underage drinking and destructive damage. >> parents should know that. >> it's kind of puzzling. what could happen is if somebody follows through on a threat to sue him, they could be fine we're going go after the kids criminally civilly, and we're going to try to recover money from them and i would argue if i'm his lawyer and i have to defend this, you know the system allows sometimes, rarely but sometimes allows the judge to say i'm also going to make you because you started this priv lus lawsuit pay for the
7:39 am
cost of this. >> let's sets the legal case aside. how is it he invited kids to his house and only three or fur. >> if i'm the parent i'd say, we're going to go over there, a i poll jazz i'm going to clean too. we're going to make this right if we possibly can. that's what you expect. >> thank you so much. no one can forget the devastation of hour row she ma after the u.s. dropped a bomb in world war 278. now something that happened in this country 2 years ago. that story is ahen on cbs th morning.
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the height of the cold war
7:44 am
americans lived in fear of an attack of a nuclear weapon. there was a time when they accidentally dropped bombs on its own soil. we look at the document and a new book shedding light on the close call. >> it literally would have changed the course of history. >> reporter: it was just three days after john f. kennedy's inaugural address that the united states narrowly avoided a nuclear disaster. according to newly declassified documents in january of 1961 they almost detonated a nuclear bomb by accident. the devise, 260 times more powerful than the one that wiped out hiroshima. the author discovered this while he was researching for his book. >> there was a b-52 bomber leaning fuel thousands of gallons of fuel. they prepared to do an emergency landing. while it was doing an emergency balance there was a weighting
7:45 am
balance and the plane started to break apart in midair. what prevented the detonation was one switch one safety switch and a fair amount of good luck because that safety switch was later found in some cases to boo defective. >> had the device exploded the fallout could have reached the eastern seaboard reaching washington, d.c. instead the only sign of mishap is this plaque unveiled last year. the near miss is one of at least 700 significant incidents involving nuclear weapons involved between 1950 and 1968 up. he says close calls remain a threat. >> our controls are superior to that of any other nation but when you look at the long list of accidents and near misses
7:46 am
we've had despite our expertise, it gives you enormous pause about other countries having nuclear weapons. >> for "cbs this morning," don dahler new york. >> what's scary is the last remark he made. what about other countries that have nuclear weapons now like pakistan. >> indeed. and i believe this bomb would have been 260 times larger than the bomb over hiroshima. it would have back to work monday and the weather looking very nice outside. going to see plenty of sunshine today and we're starting out with mostly clear skies this morning if you are headed out the door. looking good over san jose right now. high pressure looks like it's going to stick around for today but things changing tomorrow. you can already see that trough of low pressure and cold front that will likely slide in tomorrow. temperatures today warmer 80s inland, 70s inside the bay, 60s and sunny at the coast.
7:47 am
cooler tuesday and wednesday. warming up on thursday. miley cyrus's polarizing performance at the music video award still haas people talking and gagging and one of the biggest in the music industry is not impressed. why she thinks miley is terrible ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by lever levemir. le levir flexpen. s something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said with levemir® flexpen®... i don't have to use a syringe and a vial.
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7:56 am
. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. the california federation of teachers and the american federation of teachers are holding a news conference today about a suit to block the closure of city college of san francisco. they want to protect the rights of faculty and students affected by the impending closure. the college's accreditation was revoked and will end next year. pg&e is repairing a 2" gas line broken about 8:30 last night in the peninsula. a contractor working on a caltrain project broke the line. the gas leak happened about 4 miles from the san bruno pipeline explosion. gas is back on in the area this morning. and caltrain service is also back to normal. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. big problems in novato right now. chp has shut down the northbound lanes of 101. this is approaching the san marin atherton exit. there is a fatality investigation and police are out there now. they are detouring traffic off of the freeway right there by the atherton exit. you can get right back on but in the meantime traffic is already jammed towards delong and the backups are growing. southbound traffic is open but it's already been heavy because of roadwork in that area. and a quick check of the bay bridge it is backed up solid through the maze. that's the latest "timesaver traffic." here's lawrence. >> a lot of sunshine out there now going to stay that way all day long. heading out the door looks beautiful. the temperatures are staying in the 50s right now. by the afternoon, what a day it's going to be 80s inland lots of 70s inside the bay and 60s toward the coastline. a little cooler tuesday and wednesday, warming up on thursday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning gayle, good morning, charlie, good morning, everyone. it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. and welcome back to "cbs this morning." exploegs, gun fire and rising smoke at the scene of a hostage drama in kenya. our charlie d'agata is there. the senate responds after the house votes to put obama care on hold. congress has one week to break the deadlock or face a government shutdown. and the emmy's "breaking bad" wins best drama, and michael douglas surprises matt damon. nancy o'dell reveal what is the winners revealed backstage. first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. not sure what took place. a huge explosion followed by a series of further explosions and automatic weapons.
8:01 am
>> nairobi, kenya, explosions and gunfire this morning at a shopping mall where a weekend terror sect killed at least 62 people. black smoke is pouring out of the building. >> it's a terrorist attack on the economy to kill and wound people. that seems to be that turn towards global jihad, so this is a group on the move. we expect that senate democrats will strip out that measure that defunds the president's health care law and at that point, house republicans will decide how far they want to take this fight. >> a meeting between president obama and president hasan rabbani, the new moderate president of iran is probably unlikely. >> it really does sound like she is closer than ever to run again. >> i think you're going to see liberalization of the usage of these personal electronic devices. you'll be able to use them from gate to gate. american nuclear disaster narrowly averted. >> it would have changed the course of history. >> emotional upsets stole the
8:02 am
show last night. >> we celebrate the best of television. for our younger audience that's the thing you watch on your phones. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. there is new violence this morning at a nairobi, kenya, shopping mall. that's where a terrorist killed the dozens of people over the weekend. the attackers are linked to al qaeda. they threaten to kill the rest of their hostages. >> this morning a plume of smoke is rising from that mall. we've been hearing explosions and gunfire from the scene. charlie d'agata is in nairobi with the latest. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle, norah, and charlie. yes, this morning we heard this huge explosion after a relative calm that followed that explosion a number of smaller explosions. then we saw kenyan troops racing around in all directions. some of them were racing away from that mall. you can probably still see the smoke burning behind me.
8:03 am
after that, security took up positions around the mall. that's where they're holding now, encroaching in areas surrounding the perimeter. new cell phone videos we saw shows what happened when this mall came under siege a couple of nights ago. and the chaos these terrorists are going through these rooms searching for people demanding to know whether they're muslim or not. muslims were allowed to leave. others were executed on the spot. we got news from the kenyan interior minister moments ago. he says after this operation almost all hostages have been evacuated. me he blames the smoke on mattresses burning as a fire that was set by militants. he says two militants are dead. the civilian death stoll stands at 62. he cannot confirm how many hostages remain inside the building or indeed how many militants remain in there. he said the militants are several nationalities, unclear at this point how much longer
8:04 am
this military operation will go on. charlie, norah, gayle? >> charlie, thank you. and the state department says five americans were injured in saturday's attack. one of them is elaine deng of del mar, california. she is is general manager for an online restaurant guide in nairobi. deng told our san diego affiliate kfmb that she needed operations on her chest, arms, and legs. >> i just got out of surgery. i'm okay. i'm very grateful to realize. i'm also very dpratful for the kenyan people. everyone was so helpful and supportive. >> dang moved to nairobi more than a year ago. she said two of her friends were killed in the attack. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is nairobi. he arrived after saturday's attack at the mall. peter, tell us what you have been witnessing. >> reporter: well charlie, the
8:05 am
authorities had a very tough choice to make because this is an atypical hostage situation. in a regular hostage situation, you find where the hostages are, you ice lite them and the terrorists then systematically cut off food water, electricity, then lull them into a conversation. that wasn't going to be possible inside because the terrorists said they didn't want to talk to anybody, plus they were inside a fully stocked mall. they had food water, supplies. the choice that the authorities had was do we wait and then lose all the hostages or do we go in and try to save as many as we could and start earlier this morning with just that choice. they went in. >> peter, what have you learned about whey they targeted this mall? a lot of westerns go there. right? >> reporter: yes. it's a very popular mall with westerners. five stories tall. 80 different stores inside. very popular with the ex-pat community as well as local kenyans, and face it it's a soft target. they wanted to make a statement in a country that depends, 20%
8:06 am
of their revenue is foreign travel and tourism. they wanted to hit them where it hurt and they did. >> there's a long delay with peter so you're aware what's happening here. peter, why did you happen to be in kenya, one, and was there a traveled a advisory in kenya for anyone traveling there? >> reporter: well, ironically i was here to attend the african hotel forum where you had all the ceos coming in about investing money and building new hotels in africa. about the traveled a advisory, what's going on right now is that the president of kenya, the foreign minister or backdoor conversations with the foreign service essentially begging them not to issue any more travel advisories or warnings. there was one in place issued july 5th of this year warning americans kenya was considered a target for anything that was western by terrorists. the irony is there was an advisory from place. >> for americans and foreigner who is want to leave now what's the word on that?
8:07 am
>> reporter: well, the airport is open, operating normally for people wanting to fly in fly out, you're going to wait maybe two to three days. tough to get a seat out but remember, 20 miles from here it's another normal business day in nairobi. life is going on as usual. behind me, ground zero. >> peter greenberg, thank you, and please be careful. on capitol hill, republican and democratic lawmakers are locked in a standoff that could lead to a shutdown of the federal government next week. today, the senate takes up a spending bill that was passed by the republican-controlled house. it defunds the health care law. the senate will try to strip away that provision. a new poll this morning shows most americans want their lawmakers to reach a deal. gallup finds 53% of americans think it's more important for political leaders in washington to compromise. 25% say it's more important for them to stick to their beliefs, even if it means getting nothing done and 20% prefer the middle ground.
8:08 am
a new cruise ship christened by prince william's wife, kate is having trouble this morning. the duchess of cambridge christened the royal princess earlier this year before going on maternity leave. it lost power yesterday in the mediterranean sea. it was sailing from greece to naples italy. officials at princess cruises say the ship will cut short its 12-day cruise. it was a very good night for "breaking bad" at the emmys. they won the top award best drama last night. series finale next sunday. emma gunn picked up her first emmy for supporting actress. michael douglas is a first time winner playing liberace which also won for best tv movie and best director. the night's biggest surprise is jeff daniels going up to the stage, taking best actor in a drama for hbo's the newsroom. he was thought to be a long shot against the stars of "breaking bad," "homeland," and "house of cards." eydie falco played tribute to her on-screen husband, james
8:09 am
gandolfini, who died as you know, over the summer. >> for ten years as his close colleague and his pretend life partner and for many more years as his friend it's jim, the man, the very dear man, that i will miss most of all. >> a lot of people feel that way. we will show you the winners and the losers and the temperature icons remembered as the 65th emmy awards. nancy o'dell is in los angeles with the final rundown after being up all night, ahead on "cbs this morning." and oprah winfrey says she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown last year. oprah tells "access hollywood" it happened last fall during the filming of lee daniels' "the butler," her first movie role in 15 years. at the same time, she was overseeing her tv network, own. the juggling proved too intense. oprah says she felt numb. that's when she she realized it was time to slow down.
8:10 am
>> kind of gnashing my teeth this. it's the type of thing where she did an interview and said the guy who had a nervous breakdown, she said i sort of felt some of those symptoms but it's being portrayed to me she was close to losing it couldn't take it anymore and that was not the case. she felt a little overwhelmed. but it wasn't -- you know, i'm about to have a nervous breakdown. >> it was one of those moments where she was doing a lot of stuff she told us when she was here last that you get to that point where you've got so much on your plate, you're kind of like where am i? we've all been there. >> have you ever felt that charlie? >> no. >> it's just one of those things we go this is a lot but it doesn't mean
8:11 am
every year the coast guard trains hundreds of recruits the old-fashioned way. >> reporter: it can take you anywhere in the world you want to go and back in time. i'm mark strassmann in baltimore's inner harbor and coming up we'll show you more of this rare tall ship and tell you about its military mission. >> that's ahead on "cbs this morning." d on "cbs this morning." talks about br blfr they falled the ooish.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
cher certainly knows a thing or two about dee haveivas and vout outrageous costumes. that's next on "cbs this morning." ."
8:16 am
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8:17 am
8:18 am
♪ if i could turn back time ♪ f i could turn back time fl
8:19 am
if i could find the way ♪ one critic calls cher a sherman tank of divas, armored and unstoppable. anthony mason asset down with cher for "sunday morning." anthony, lucky you. >> thank you. cher is no stranger to outrageous outfits or controversy. so we went to her for the latest on divas, namely lady gaga and miley cyrus. she sold more than 100 million records worldwide and this week cher will release her first studio album in more than a decade. there would be no lady gaga madonna, katy perry without cher. - >> in other words, you waved the way for all these people. >> that's true absolutely. >> at the mtv music video awards
8:20 am
in 2010 it was cher who gave the award to gaga who wore a dress made of meat that night. >> i never thought i'd be asking cher to hold my meat dress. >> looking at the dress i thought it was made so beautifully. >> would you ever have worn it? >> i don't think so. my taste doesn't go there. >> did you watch it? >> no. >> i saw what you're trying to get me to talk about. >> i was wondering. you're a person willing to do outrageous things. what did you think of that? >> i didn't like it. if she came out naked and it was bluflfully done that's oklahoma. i don't like things to be done badly. >> how? >> outfit terrible dancing terrible singing, average, performance, terrible. >> you try to be provocative. >> i always do what i want. what was the -- you tell me.
8:21 am
what with us the part that was hard to take? >> it was never hard to take for me but for some people it was. >> i never had anything on that you could. see on the beach. >> one of her most notorious outfit shs e wore to the oscars in 1986. cher had been snubbed for a nomination for mask that year and she was determined to make a statement. >> it was the night i gave him the best supporting actor. i was in the giant mow hack and black indian theme but if you saw it it was beautiful. i was going out with josh at the time. he was totally freaked out. >> you messaged josh dunham. he said at one point i think she wears those gowns to protect who she is distract people. >> i don't know. josh said that? >> pretty smart. >> is he right? >> no. because clothes don't do anything. clothes are nothing. clothes are pretty.
8:22 am
they're nothing. >> in some cases her clothes were about nothing. she turned down an offer to sing it to russia olympics. she said she owed it to her gay fans. >> what strike use about cher when you sit there and realize we've been watching her for 50 years. she's always worn her insecurities right alongside of her confidence and she wears them as boldly as she wears those bob mackie dresses. >> did she maintain her friendship with sonny until he died? >> she went back and forth. she said he tees most interesting person she every met. >> the most interesting person. >> mm-hmm, yeah. >> i watched your sunday morning piece. it's a shame you had to cut it down. you took us all through her life. >> she's amazing.
8:23 am
>> and she speaks her mind. >> yes, she does. >> you can watch
8:24 am
8:25 am
. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald live from kpix 5, i'm brian hackney. here's the latest this morning. san francisco police are searching for suspects who broke into a warehouse in the city's bayview neighborhood early this morning. there are reports the burglars escaped by climbing to the roof. police tell us they did find several pot plants inside. >> there's still no word on how a construction crew severed a gas line in san bruno last night. pg&e workers managed to cap the gas flow early this morning. there were no evacuations ordered, nobody was hurt. and the athletics have clinched their second consecutive a.l. west crown. the team took the title when the kansas city royals beat the texas rangers 4-0 in the tenth inning. the a's won 2 yesterday. traffic and weather coming up in a minute.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. we have big problems in marin county. all the northbound lanes of 101 remain shut down. police are conducting a fatality investigation. all the northbound lanes are closed in novato approaching the san marin atherton exit. they are detouring at the off- ramp and you can get back on. in the meantime, traffic is jammed solid from delong. if the backups continue to grow which they probably will because we don't know when they will be able to re-open the freeway, you can use eastbound
8:28 am
37 and continue towards lakeville high school and continue on the way northbound towards petaluma. in the meantime, we were also watching some big problems on westbound 37 by sears point. for a while the entire freeway was shut down in the westbound direction. there was a car fire. they were able to clear it to the right-hand shoulder. but check out those delays! it is backed up solid from vallejo. that is the latest traffic. let's go over to lawrence now for your forecast. >> all right. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way and nice start to the day plenty of sunshine out over the bay and looking good. and boy, these temperatures going to warm up nicely today. 50s and a couple of 60s right now but by the afternoon, sunshine inside the bay. plenty of 70s maybe about 81 degrees in redwood city. 71 and beautiful in san francisco. and temperatures up in the mid- 80s in some of the valleys. along the coastline we'll have plenty of sunshine too and temperatures there in the 60s just a little breeze toward the coastline. looks like we'll cool things down a bit on tuesday and wednesday as a trough sweeps through and warming up on thursday and friday. goodnight. thanks, olivia.
8:29 am
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having a meth amphetamine kij pin as co-founder of your company. >> i'm glad you brought that up. >> it's great matter of technology. >> exactly right. >> my question is walter white still out there? >> no, he's not. >> you sound very sure. >> i am. >> there he was, charlie playing a cameo role. you can play charlie rose like nobody else. nobody else can play -- did you at least watch it last night. charlie, it's such a pivotal moment in this series. >> yeah. it keys up whatever's going to han in the end. >> i don't know. it's fun. wilts a wonderful group to work with. >> was it scripted? it was so you.
8:31 am
did they say charlie you go ahead and ride this. >> they did it. it's very well done. >> they speak charlie over there. as you know "breaking bad" won big. nancy o'dell will join us in just a second to bring us all the awargd. coming up. it's a 300-foot floating cass roochl. find out how it came about in world war ii. plus toni collette returns to tv tonight in "the hostages." she's also going to tell us about working with james gandolfini in his final film. that story is ahead. the "san francisco chronicle" said they're continuing their comeback. oracle team usa says it won two more races yesterday. it needs to win another four.
8:32 am
racing resuming today. the orange county register looks at disneyland's plans. they'll no longer go straight to the front of the line. they blame growing abuse of the system. visitors will now be issued tickets with a shorter rate and a pass much like return pass. 19 companies will pay $350,000 in fines. they include bus operators, teeth whitening services and an entertainment club. we have already heard of last night's big winners at last night's emmy awards. what did they sayaff ward? nancy, sometimes that's the best part of the story, what happens after the show. >> that's kind of true, isn't i.
8:33 am
goomd morning, gayle, charlie, and norah. as you can see, i'm always still in my gown. my emmy day begins when they role out the red carpet. for the fourth year "modern me? >> as what. >> you could be my secretary. >> the only reason i'm standing here is because of you. so you really deserve half of
8:34 am
this. do you want the bottom or the top? >> douglas also surprised some viewers with this. >> i want to thank my wife catherine for her support. >> the cupping has reportedly been living separately and as he arrived, he was quite open. >> ho howe are you holding up? >> everybody's fine. there's nothing more to be said. we're taking a little break, talking. i think everything ee going to be fine. i'm very hopeful. >> james parsons, "the big bang theory. ". >> it clearly touched him. >> to be here to be a part of such a phenomenal group of people and -- thank you so much but i -- it's so silly to be emotional, isn't it? >> how does it feel? >> this is the most dream-like trip here. i feel like only one boy deserves so much good for tup,
8:35 am
you know what i mean? it just -- the numbers game alone, to bin vieted here was just -- i don't know really -- it's really touching. >> i'd like to thank our -- my family. >> julia louis-dreyfus and tony heal, he talks, she repeats. >> and i love them so much. she received 16 emmy nominations. this was her fourth emmy win. the second in a row for playing this fictional vice president. >> what did you think going in to tonight? >> i always prepare to lose because the odds are you're going to really truly. so that's what i do. and then if i don't lose it's an incredibly pleasant surprise. in fact i've lost many more times than i've one. >> in the drama series jeff daniels wins.
8:36 am
and a glams claire danes collected gold for playing homeland to rough and tumble cia officer. >> it's so pretty. it's fun to be a girl for a hot second. right now it's fun. she doesn't find herself in gowns all that often that and the last season of 30 rock brought tina fey and writer partner an emmy. >> is it kind of bittersweet, it's the last season and it's happening for you guys? >> i people like it's not until next season when i'm making toews tito rolls in my apartment. >> i love her. she acts like she's going to be sitting inside her apartment. not so fast. she and her friend amy poehler have been asked to host the golden globes. they wanted to decide in person so they decided to make their
8:37 am
decision at the commercial breaks at the emmys last night but when i spoke with her after, she won fehr her emmy. she said she hasn't seen amy yet and we're still waiting on that big decision. i hope they come back. they're great pair. >> you and everybody else. they make such a fantastic pear. was there a lot of talk about jeff daniels' win? were people surprised in the auditorium as they were at home? >> i think they were because everybody thought this was breen cranston's year with "breaking bad" being such a popular show. everyone was talking about it. it was quite a surprise definitely. >> i felt something for meritritt weaver. >> she said thank you and that included everybody and she didn't leave anybody else. maybe it with was the best of
8:38 am
all. >> i understand the colbert report beat "the daily show." we shouldn't be feeling bad for the other folk right? >> yeah not at all. it was interesting that stephen colbert finally tock home the award for the best variety show and it ended the wing streak. here's the yierny of it. zwron is the executive producer of the co-bears report. >> who has the best dress? >> clair dangerous she looked like a winner. she went home as a winner. a lot of people are talking about sophia vergara, those gorgeous jewels and julia hough.
8:39 am
she kind of pulled it all off. >> there was a lot of va va voom including you today. charlie says green is his new color. >> i appreciate it. >> can i just say for all the people who are -- oh these seg mens what the women wore, only the girls are interested in those things, it's the guys who love this segment. >> nancy we have to put a couple of tupgs back in their mouths this morning just saying. good to see you. >> it begins with gayle by the way. >> especially after i've had no sleep. >> good to see you. >> you can see nancy's full coverage of the emmy awards this evening. check your local listing. norah. >> that was fun. now to a little more serious story. we're going to talk about a ship
8:40 am
with a notorious history, but we'll take you aboard to see how it's charting a course for the ♪ ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes tires squeal
8:41 am
] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900.
8:42 am
it's one of the most unique ships. that classroom is now anchored in baltimore and mark strassmann is on deck. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah, and check ittet out. i'm standing aboard the "eagle." there are diesel engines aboard but when the "eagle" can sale she sales. there are three tall masts, more than 27 square feet of saling. this is a true tall ship. eye-catching to anyone on shore andy-opening to never who serves aboard. >> on the main course --
8:43 am
>> reporter: they were raising sales by hauling lines hand over hand. it was within more way the "eagle" seemed to be pulling everyone aboard in a bigone century when tall ships ruled the high seas. but the "eagle" nearly a foot long is really a classroom at full sale. its three masted rise 15 feet high -- 1,500 feet high. one example. navigation without gps. they charted a course the old-fashioned way. >> 09 come to 190. >> aye, aye. >> he's the captain of the "eagle." on this tall ship he's head master and commander. >> it's an opportunity to take you back to the basics of how people navigated before we had satellites in the sky. >> this is as basic as it is.
8:44 am
>> it is. that's on point. we want the folks out on deck. we want them cold wet, and tired that on this particular day, the "eagle" was 100 miles off the coast of norfolk. the sea pitched. vegas the crew got sick. it was built as a training ship in 1936 for sail lers in hitler's germany. after we seized it they have lis rally learned the ropes. mathew mar lore spent the last two weeks affordboard the "eagle. "he's halfway through school. >> it was eye-opening. >> challenging? >> challenging? >> i've never been so tired in my life. >> whatever ta fear is you're exposed to it. >> and in that baptism by storm,
8:45 am
you probably have people who surprised you both good and bad. >> sure. some find out it was not a life meant for them or choose a different profession slr 24/7 the teaching goes on in continuous four-hour shifts from navigating under the stars to firefighting. she was learned to guide the ship out of port. >> at least it was a big yoet welling and as we got further out to sea. i was reregarded. i didn't want to keep going. >> it did. i wanted to have command of my own ship. >> did you realize that at that very moment? >> no. i didn't realize how pournt it was to be a leader. even is relying on you. >> today the "eegling" is alps known as mesh's tall ship.
8:46 am
as a robing am as bore has sailed to 5 cotrents. 20 who have been training. it's amazinging. and you think of the rescues done by the u.s. coast guard. it's a lot of extra pride in here. >> reporter: it really is something to see. the eagle averages five months a year at sea. charlie, gail and norah, if you're wondering about the office of candidates who have been serving onboard, they will graduate and get their commission this december. >> mark strassmann thanks. what a way to learn. nicely done. thank you, sir. toni collette is in the toyota green room. she'll tell us about the new
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
toni collette co-stars in the new meefb "ee enough said" and stars in the tv show "the hostages" which starts tonight. >> tomorrow you're going to operate on the president. he will die during surgery. >> what? >> you're going to kill the president of the united states ellen. >> toni collette good morning. >> good morning. >> that's a big script. >> yeah it's heavy. >> what's the story? >> i operate on the president of the united states of america. did i just say that? good morning. i'm awake. they deal in place with a hostage and they come and take my family and i hostage and they want me to kill him during the operation and a if i don't he
8:50 am
says he's going to kill my family. >> he's also an fbi agent and they know everything. >> in two minutes you're hooked. >> that's so good to hear. >> that's very true. you say you don't have a tv. >> someone asked me if i watched the emmys, noing i didn't. we tend to watch things on it. >> it's an incredibly riveting drama. i love the story. he's a former fbi agent but he's got personal issues. >> he's still an fbi agent. >> and you are the surgeon who's supposed to operate on him and you end up domg it. will there be another set and
8:51 am
how does this story go on? each episode is one day, right? >> give or take. it ooh's slow burn. 15 episodes so approximately two weeks that it covers. we're not sitting there with our hands bound on our coach. they move in and we have to kpoe exist under one roof and they monitor us. people were like how can this possibly continue. i guess how well it does in terms of if there's a second season but the intention is for it to go many seasons. >> will we learn why the hostages wand him dead. >> >> yes. >> you were also in the film enough sauce. >> that was such an amazing
8:52 am
experience. nicole is a filmmaker. i'm such a fan of hers. when i heard gene was doing it i was so excited. >> this is the thing about you. most people heard you when you were nominated for "the sixth sense," "i see dead people." >> there's no plan. there's never been a plan. life is enjoyable. life never ceases to be a roller coaster. >> we're big friends and hoss tax appear tonight an 10:00 central on cbs. >> and that does for us. we'll see you tomorrow morning on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: closed captioning proudly sponsored by citracal.
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. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald a good monday morning at 8:55. i'm brian hackney with your kpix 5 headlines. the california federation of teachers and the american federation of teachers are holding a press conference today about a suit to block the closure of city college of san francisco. the college's accreditation was revoked and it will close down next year. pg&e is repairing a 2" gas line broken about 8:30 last night on the peninsula. a contractor working on a caltrain project broke the line. gas is back on in the area this morning. and caltrain service is also back to normal. bart and its unions are scheduled to meet three times this week as time is running out for a new contract. today they will take on the big issues, salaries, pensions and healthcare. bart says the sides are still more than $100 million apart.
8:56 am
now your monday morning forecast, here's lawrence. >> a million-dollar view out there right now. lots of sunshine all the way to the coastline. we're looking good in the afternoon evening. beautiful toward the golden gate. high pressure in place will warm things up nicely. that trough of low pressure is going to be dropping down into the bay area. that will cool down the temperatures as early as tomorrow. so enjoy the sunshine today. and the warm temperatures. up in the mid-80s the warmest spots inland. 70s inside the bay. along the coastline, we'll see just a gentle breeze in the afternoon and temperatures very comfortable well into the 60s. looking out over the next couple of days, that trough drops into the bay area bringing with it some cooler temperatures through wednesday. then on thursday and friday, high pressure builds in. looking like a sunny and nice weekend next weekend. your "timesaver traffic" is coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
. good morning. we're following breaking news now out in contra costa county. a child riding a bike was hit and killed. this is in byron. you're looking live. this is in front of excelsior middle school. byron highway remains shut down at hoffman lane. we'll have more on this at noon. and a quick note through marin county, northbound 101 remains
8:59 am
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