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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 24, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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this is kpix5 news. 'm ken bastida. >> this is what it looks like when neighbors take action after a driver hits a built girl tonight. good evening. i'm ken bastida -- a little girl tonight. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. a couple hours ago a driver ran into a little girl who had darted onto jimno avenue in pittsburg. >> reporter: neighbors attacked the guy who actually hit the girl. it started with the girl playing ball over here. she darted from in front of that house into the street and directly into the path of an suv. authorities are telling us tonight that girl does have serious injuries after what's happened. she was taken to children's
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hospital. meanwhile the man who actually hit her had a bloody face as you can see in that video. one of the witnesses told us that once he hit the little girl neighbors actually who saw what happened jumped in and started pummeling him. police did indeed question that man, but we are told they say he cooperated. he on at some point tried to help the child out. pittsburg police are saying it appears that the man was not speeding and that man is hospitalized tonight with serious injuries. we do not have the latest on her condition. hit and killed a 12- year-o it happened also in eastern contra costa county where a woman in a yukon who just dropped her kids off at excelsior middle school in byron hit and killed a 12-year- old boy on his bike this morning. that boy burgess who was from discovery bay that, woman cooperating with police. there's a new law that every california driver needs to know about. it's supposed to keep
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bicyclists safe. kiet do explains the new road rule from a cyclist's point of view. >> reporter: the law now says cars must give you a full 3 feet if they're passing you on any roadway. that is a full 36 inches from any part of you or your bike to any part of the car. if a car cannot give you 3 feet, then they center to slow down until they can. violators will be fined $35. bikers we talked with think it's a great idea but are skeptical. >> it's wonderful. >> reporter: yeah? why? >> it protects the bicyclists. >> i've been riding many years and it pretty much sucks. they're right up on you. >> reporter: you don't think it will happen? >> it's not too bad on a wide road like this, but on some of the narrow roads if you're riding a bike, you're lucky if they give you 3 inches let alone 3 feet. >> reporter: the law goes into effect september of next year. >> if a driver violates the new law and causes a crash, he or
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she will be nined another $220. -- fined another $220. a man and woman driving in oakland found themselves in the middle of a sideshow, those illegal street shows where cars do donuts? then it got really scary as joe vazquez shows us. >> reporter: 4:15 saturday morning a fight breaks out near the port of oakland after this black car crashes into a white camaro. several friends of the camaro driver immediately begin dragging the driver of the black car out and take turns beating him. then they take it out on the car itself kicking and punching it. one guy gets up on the hood, cocks his handgun and repeatedly fires into the front windshield. apparently nobody is in the car at the time. the person who shot this video wants to remain anonymous but told me in an e-mail that the owner of the black car, a woman
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was also beaten up, by another woman. the video ends with a barrage of gunshots from what sounds like an automatic weapon. out here on middle harbor road today you can see remnants of the sideshow and on the sidewalk we found this bumper from one of the cars and this sign that was ripped off of its post. >> a war zone. >> people flying everywhere. >> reporter: port workers i talked to say it's like this every weekend with suped up cars racing up and down the street and hundreds of spectators. >> i've never seen so many cars. it's like a freeway out here. >> reporter: the person who took this video tells me nobody was shot, but the man who was beaten was in pretty bad shape as was the woman who owned the car. in oakland joe vazquez, kpix5. >> by the time police showed up everyone was gone. detectives don't know who the gunman was or who the victims were. the week got off to a pretty rough start for a group of casual carpoolers today.
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they were robbed at gunpoint while they were waiting for rides in oakland's rockridge neighborhood this morning. the victims gave pretty good descriptions of the suspects and police arrested three men a few hours later. >> today there were about 15 of us lined up on hudson street here. we were all looking at our phones and three men with guns came over and said we're taking everything. casual carpooling >> so this got us wondering a little bit about the potential b.a.r.t. strike. b.a.r.t. suggested commuters use casual carpooling in case the trains stop running. we asked b.a.r.t. about the robberies today. >> casual carpooling certainly has to be one option out there and we would hope that people would take steps to make sure that that's safe for the drivers. >> by the way, that b.a.r.t. strike could happen in less than three weeks. b.a.r.t. and its unions have until october 10th to reach a deal. passengers on a flight from sfo to atlanta ended up in
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kansas. delta flight 1480 made an emergency landing in wichita because of smoke in the cabin. no word on what caused the smoke. the airline rebooked the 175 passengers on later flights. this in l.a. county tonight, a 50-acre fire in the angeles national forest above azusa. the smoke is blowing all over the san gabriel valley tonight. part of a highway is shut down for fire engines to get through, lots of dry brush making it hard to fight. right now the fire is about 5% contained. tonight a few terrorists are still inside an upscale mall in kenya. is: the remaining ho the remaining gunmen aren't giving up without a fight. the good news is the remaining hostages trickled out of the westgate mall today. at least 62 shoppers in the mall were killed. 65 others are missing. the attack unfolded in realtime on twitter. members of the militant group
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al-shabaab tweeted westgate 14 hour standoff relayed and 1,400 rounds of bullets and 140 characters of vengeance and still ongoing. good morning, kenya. later more than 30 hours have now passed and like rabbits caught in the headlights kenyans are still shellshocked. twitter has since shut the page down. coming up caught in the act, only on 5 california lawmakers breaking the rules again and again and again. every embarrassing mistake they've mad what happened when we confronted them? >> teenagers can now erase every embarrassing mistake they've made online. >> and can you spell bummer? we've learned why bay area students may not be allowed to compete in the national snelling bee this year. >> and the secret president obama just -- spelling bee this year. >> and the secret president obama just let slip about his wife. >> we are on pace for the
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second wettest september in a generation, but for the year we're still the drye,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant a bunch of politicians brea the rules... only on kpix5 tonight we are going to show you a bunch of politicians breaking the rules up in sacramento. we caught these guys and women red handed and wait till you hear what they told mark kelly when he asked them about this. this is pretty blatant. you were able to catch it. >> we absolutely did. we saw lawmakers in the state
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assembly voting on hundreds of bills during the last two weeks of the session, but we noticed something strange. check it out. take a close look at california democracy in action. l.a. assemblyman jimmy gomez's seat in the foreground is empty. he's not there, but assemblyman reggie jones sawyer also from l.a. is voting for him. now rewind. in the background you'll see anthony rendon from l.a. county reaching back to vote for burbank's mike gatto and rewind again. there's assemblywoman diane harkey from san juan capistrano voting for her seat mate travis allen from huntington beach, all this in less than a minute for a bill to regulate outdoor advertising, but we saw it happening again and again on dozens of other bills, republicans and democrats regularly voting for somebody else. remember sawyer voting for
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gomez? here is gomez later that day voting for sawyer and then there's fill ting of san francisco casting multiple -- phil ting of san francisco casting multiple votes. watch this. he stands up to speak in support of a gun control bill. then right away he rushes back to his desk to vote not only for himself, but also adam gray of modesto and adrin nazarian of van nuys. what's going on here? it's called ghost voting and in california it's not allowed. look at the assembly rules book. it couldn't be more clear. a member may not operate the voting switch of any other member. so what do they center to say for themselves -- have to say for themselves? rendon didn't seem to know there was a rule. >> it's a custom and something you're allowed to do. >> reporter: we saw him ghost voting all day long. it's perfectly fine? >> it's perfectly fine. >> reporter: from others we heard various versions of what's okay and what's not. this is isadore hall from
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compton. >> the member is required to be on the green carpet on the floor. >> reporter: so a member can't be up in his office. >> oh, no. >> reporter: even richard gordon of los altos, the head of the rules committee, was confused. give me the definition of ghost voting. >> you know, i don't know. >> reporter: once i explained it he clarified. >> that practice is that a seat mate may vote for you if you have given them permission to do so. >> reporter: can you lean over and push the person in front of you? >> essentially the people in your immediate area like the four around you, you can do that. >> reporter: can we do a quick interview? what about phil ting. are you allowed to vote for other members? >> we follow anybody who -- we follow the same protocol in the building. >> reporter: what is that? >> the assembly rules. i'll get them to you. >> reporter: in the assembly rules it says you're not allowed to vote for other members and we saw you voting for other members. >> we all follow the same
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protocols. they're very strictly laid out rules. >> reporter: he even argued ghost voting makes floor sessions run more effectively and left it at all. we still see you and other members ghost voting. is this something you think has to stop? >> thanks a lot for your time. >> reporter: really something to see there. >> it's kind of interesting. this has been going on for years in the assembly floor. you caught it. >> right. >> good for you because you found it in the rule book as well. they kind of make up the rules as they go along it sounds like. is there any big deal to this whole thing? >> we talked to the watchdog group common cause. they say although sometimes it can happen innocently it, could lead to mistakes. we know sometimes those mistakes are in intentional. back in 2008 there was that big scandal where then democratic assemblywoman carole migden cast a vote for a gop lawmaker without his knowing. of course, that was a big
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mistake then. this is a big mistake now. >> what about the state senate? >> different rules. at the state side you do a voice vote. there's no physically pushing a button, so it's a very different chamber. >> you actually have to say yea or nay on that side. good job. steve jobs' childhood home could soon be a protected historical site. that garage in last altos is where history was made where a young steve jobs reportedly built the first apple computer. los altos historical commission met tonight about whether to give the 1950s home historical designation. >> history is living and so our criteria is evolving and in this case this is a new standard, the beginning of silicon valley. >> it probably sounds ridiculous, but you kind of feel like a magic in the air, a presence or something. >> historic designation would not change how the house is used or whether it can be lived in.
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an official decision will be made next month. have you ever posted something online that you really windshielded you hadn't later on,ism wars -- wished you hadn't later on, embarrassing performances? the governor just signed a law that requires web companies to erase a minor's online activity if they request it. the law applies to california's 18 and under and goes into effect in 2015. president obama said something at the u.n. today he did not expect to be broadcast to the entire world. >> he got caught by an open mic. >> help me quit smoking. no, no. i'm scared of my wife. >> wise man. the president said he started chewing nicorette gum after the first lady convinced him to put down the pack. >> you go the syria, you got iran, but no, you got michelle to deal with. >> don't mess with her. >> democrats and republicans
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can agree on very few things. that can bring the parties together. what a nice day outside today. so often we say we'll push the repeat button tomorrow. absolutely not for tomorrow. we'll get a stronger onshore flow, this view when lawrence gives it to you tomorrow morning, may not even have the view because we will have the fog and low cloud cover back in before sunrise and a live shot of san jose now. you will most likely start cloudy. fall is the time where there's a 50-degree temperature spread, but 39 miles separates half moon bay and livermore, but today only hit 50 degrees. half moon bay up to 70 degrees and warm again by this weekend, but tomorrow and wednesday stepping back temperature-wise. our microclimate forecast takes you to oakmont. we'll have morning fog, afternoon sunshine tomorrow, high 78, another day in the upper 70s, cooler than today. a high of 78 wednesday as well. low pressure is missing us, no
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more rainfall, not tomorrow, not wednesday. we get a hit when it comes to the onshore flow increase being tomorrow, more morning cloud cover and -- increasing tomorrow, more morning cloud cover and tomorrow the same counterclockwise flow around the low means an offshore wind. when we do that, we get warm all the way to the coast and we will coming up saturday and sunday. bottom line we're dropping the temperatures the next couple days and here comes the offshore wind. we head toward the weekend and it will be warm, 80 near the water on saturday and sunday. tomorrow we're staying in the 70s, livermore 77, san jose 74, about 5 degrees below average, freemont 69 degrees tomorrow, redwood city 73, morning cloud cover, afternoon sunshine for you in concord and venetia, highs in the mid-70s, pleasanton 77, 67 for the city, alameda, oakland low 70s,
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novato mid-70s. extended forecast wednesday the coolest day but still pleasant, mid-70s away from the water. thursday, friday back to the 80s. look at that weekend. make the plans now. maybe get that tee time now. offshore wind, 80 degrees near the bay, both weekend days nice weather to get outside. >> gorgeous. i love fall in the bay area. >> many people would argue it's our best season, although all four are pretty good. coming up only on 5 we found out why bay area kids may be kept from competing in you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. you know it's not always the machine, it may be the detergent. add finish power up to boost your detergent and you'll see a huge difference.
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scripps national spelling b got some bad news: bay area kids who have dreams of going to the big scripps national spelling bee got some bad news. >> only on 5 sharon chin learned that the long time sponsor suddenly dropped its support. >> 13-year-old serya may not
2:01 am
get his fifth and final chance at the scripps national spelling bee because the san francisco chronicle dropped its sponsorship after 15 years. >> it was unbelievable. i was really shocked by that. >> reporter: a chronicle spokesman did not talk on camera but said budget cuts eliminated the newspaper and education department and the one person who staffed that department was in charge of the spelling bee sponsorship. the chronicle had sponsored the regional spelling bee for these bay areas for the winner of the regionals in hopes of winning a spot to the finals in washington d.c. serya's family is reaching out to local businesses to find a new sponsor. without the spelling bee students miss out. >> it's confidence and experience and it's the little things like that that carry with them. >> reporter: the sponsor organizes the regional spelling bee from location of volunteers and it funds the regional winner's trip to washington d.c. the chronicle says the
2:02 am
sponsorship costs about $10,000 a year in addition to all the administrative work. spelling bee registration is starting with no sponsor, but serya has h-o-p-e. >> scripps says it's actively looking for sponsors. raiders looking for the end zone tonight. >> the raiders would like to know how to spell relief. >> they got what, three scores tonight. we'll give them that. >> bay area teams are struggling. we're going to show you 1 reason why the raiders really struggled tonight is a quarterback for denver and the raiders may have lost more than a you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. with grease and lime scale.
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ago, but having said that i thought the raiders showed small signs of improvement. >> in indianapolis week one they almost beat the colts on the road, so there was a lot of optimism. they won week two and we were going to find out what the raiders were like tonight but tough in denver. the raiders ran into the hottest quarterback in the history of the nfl tonight. in three games peyton manning has thrown 12 touchdowns and no interceptions. terrelle pryor making his primetime debut. for peyton manning it was the 17th monday night game. no other quarterback has gotten off to a better start. he hits eric decker for the 2- yard pass. manning loves to spread it around. in the 2nd quarter he finds wes welker 12-yard touchdown, 17 -0. the raiders rush for just 49 yards. pryor hits denarius moore who shakes off two defenders and goes 73 yards for the touchdown, 281 yards on nine
2:06 am
games completion for pryor. raiders cut the lead to 10 in the 2nd quarter but manning kept rolling in the 3rd. denarius thomas gets another score. manning was 32 of 37. come on. three touchdowns, 32 of 37! it was 37-14 in the 4th. pryor trying to make a play with his feet crushed by two bronco defenders. pryor suffers a concussion. denver wins 37-21. >> reporter: it was the raiders worst nightmare. they lose their starting quarterback terrelle pryor to a concussion. then they sat and watched peyton manning get into a rhythm and they were unable to stop it. >> peyton is a great quarterback, future hall of famer, but not one man can beat a 53rd man roster. >> coming in playing a team like the broncos you don't really have any room for error. at least playing against jacksonville you have some room
2:07 am
for thing and you can make up for it, but with him you can't. >> he took a shot on that particular play, i think that play could happen to just about anybody. >> reporter: pryor has to go through the league mandated concussion testing before he can be considered to play against the redskins next week. in denver vern glenn, kpix5. lew wolff joining the club in socal. brandon moss has the lead. it's an absolutely majestic shot, his 28th. the a's go up 7-4, not much of a hangover a day after clinching the west. the a's keep rolling and win 10- 5, their magic number to clinch home field advantage in the first round now at two. and the america's cup will roll on. team oracle once again first at the start line and by gate 4 opened up a 21 second lead on team emirates. they win by 33 seconds. the second race was postponed.
2:08 am
if team oracle can sweep tomorrow, the series will be all tied up. this is now the longest america's cup race ever and you can just feel the momentum building. i'll be there for that race tomorrow. as paul indicates, the winds will be up, so a lack of wind will not be a factor. >> ,, woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room?
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