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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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people. >> reporter: when emergency crews got to the scene they found david lamont lying unconscious in front of his home his wife at his side. neighbors report an suv driving off. >> that car is not usually here on a daily basis as far as i know. but i guess i didn't think too much of it because it wasn't speeding away. it was just coasting down the street normally. so -- >> reporter: according to police, lamont went outside his home after hearing loud noise. police say several people likely teens were causing the commotion. locals tell us it's common for teens to hang out on this hillside at the end of the cul- de-sac. police are now questioning students from nearby high schools saying they are persons of interest. >> we don't know exactly what occurred except for the injuries sustained to the victims. >> reporter: days after the beating, neighbors who caught wind of lamont's critical condition drive past his home concerned for his family and the neighborhood they love. >> i don't feel safe now in my own hometown.
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>> reporter: no arrests yet. mrs. lamont says she has faith that the pleasanton police department is doing its job and that they will have justice in this case. live in castro valley, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> police say more clues could come from surveillance video from the neighborhood. a shocking attack on the manager of a bay area safeway store and it's caught on camera. this surveillance video shows the suspect in that gray sweatshirt walking through the store on bancroft avenue in san leandro. this was just before 11:00 yesterday morning. the manager approaches the man and that's when he takes a punch in the face and falls backwards. the suspect then took off running. >> didn't really look like the manager was anticipating getting struck and then all of a sudden you see one violent strike and then the manager falls to the ground. >> the manager is in the hospital with serious injuries. police hope someone recognizes the attacker and comes forward. scary moments for a couple of homeowners in piedmont today. watch as these intense flames
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overpower one house then spread next door. it all started around 2:30 this afternoon on max welton road. firefighters got it under control in 15 minutes. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still unknown. today a barren structure is all that stands after a church is destroyed by fire. firefighters worked to save what they could of zion's first church of god in christ. but yesterday's flames caused nearly a million dollars in damage. there's hardly anything left inside the church. what's still standing is completely charred. church members built it in the '70s but the zion church has been on the corner since 1916. with only 20 church members, they still manage to give back to the community holding monthly food giveaways. despite the tragedy people see this as an opportunity. >> so we have 97 years. the lord blesses, we'll have another 97 years. we are going to have a great your center your. >> church members vowed to
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rebuild even if they are not quite sure how that's going to happen. fire investigators don't know what caused the fire but they plan to check the church's electrical system. these guys are shaking their heads. you have to be kidding me. whoever could have imagined this. >> who could have? a stunning turn of events on the bay. oracle team usa comes back to force a winner-take-all finale in the america's cup. oracle team usa is on the verge of one of the greatest sports comebacks ever. today it won the 7th straight race to force a final winner- take-all showdown tomorrow. dennis o'donnell at the america's cup pavilion with what some are calling the miracle on the bay. >> reporter: i think it's nothing short of a miracle on the bay up to this point. we are at the finish line where once again oracle came across that finish line twice today, allen. i think at this point in new zealand the kiwis are pondering perhaps the biggest collapse in the history of all sports, certainly the america's cup.
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meanwhile, here in america, the bay area is thinking, this is the greatest comeback in the history of the america's cup. now, here's how it came down on the bay. how much worse con could it get for kiwis? they were penalized for bumping team oracle as they jockeyed for position to the start line making it a wire-to-wire victory for team oracle. and then in the second race, team oracle came storming back after an early deficit to win by 54 seconds. and the series is now even at 8 races apiece. so it sets up a winner-take-all race tomorrow afternoon. so is this the greatest comeback in the history of sports? you got to go back to 2004, i think, to look at the boston red sox who were down three games to none in the american league championship series. they came back, they beat the new york yankees and, of course, they went on to win the world series. hockey has had its share of
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comebacks as well but i think given the circumstances, and being down two races to start the thing as a result of a penalty, this should be considered if they win the greatest comeback in the history of sports. nobody anticipated the race would go this long. some of the super yachts have already left. georgetown left just moments ago for south africa. and i watched the races on the marina green where they were already dismantling some of the grandstands because they thought it was all going to be over. one more race. >> dennis, a great comeback, yes. but you got to have heard the people -- you must have heard the people saying, come on, the fix is in. >> reporter: yeah, right. well, the fact of the matter is they made some boat changes and you have to look at this race today new zealand blew it at the beginning of the start of that first race. that's the reason they were penalized. i didn't see any reason for a
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fix there. so the debate will continue as america tries to win this improbable comeback. >> it will continue until the next america's cup race too. thank you so much. >> larry ellison was scheduled to give the keynote address today at the oracle openworld conference. he didn't show. he sent one of his people to give the address instead so he could stay at the america's cup races. why not? dennis mentioned the score now tied at 8. the winner needs 9 to win the cup. the final race scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 1:15 weather permitting. a major headache for drivers in oakland. debris left a dozen cars with flat tires on interstate 880 this morning. chopper 5 shows auto trucks trying to get the cars off the freeway. the three-foot piece of metal was first spotted at the high street off-ramp. no idea where it came from.
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two teenagers are behind bars after a shooting and crash left an innocent by standing dead around 10:00 last night in oakland. police say the teenagers opened fire near a house in east oakland, took off and then crashed their suv into a subaru, killing the 75-year-old driver. the names of the teenagers are not being released because they are minors. oakland police arrested two people in connection to yesterday's armed robbery at a casual carpool spot in the city's rockridge district. police say one of the suspects is 22-year-old johnson the other not identified because he is a minor. police say the two held up several people at gunpoint at about 9 a.m. and got away with electronics and other personal items. kenya claims victory over terrorists in the mall massacre. >> and an unlikely hero emerges. you won't believe what a 4 -- what a 4-year-old boy said to a gunman that saved his family's life. >> wake up and be alive look
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like somebody just drove through it. >> an east bay neighborhood has gone to the pigs. the late night race causing thousands of dollars in damage. >> it rained this past weekend but the fire danger is creeping back. parts of the bay area under a fire weather watch starting tomorrow night. we'll talk about why and also talk about how long this beautiful sunshine is going to stick around. your forecast coming up. >> a major change at the happiest place on earth. how cheaters ruined a perk for disabled guests at disneyland. ,,,,
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deadly siege at a high-end shopping mall... have been defeated. ld still be kennel yeah's president says that terrorists -- kenya's president says the terrorists responsible for the massacre at the shopping mall were defeated. gunfire could be heard as troops cleared the top floor of the mall in nairobi. authorities are making sure the terrorists have been found. complicating the search, three floors of the mall collapsed. as many as 72 people are dead and more than 175 injured from the terror rampage. 11 of the attackers are in
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custody. five of them are dead. and out of that chaos an amazing tale of bravery. this 4-year-old british boy seen with his mother and sister stood up to one of the terrorists. a family member says elliott pryor looked into the eyes of the armed gunman and called him, quote, a very bad man. the gunman then said, please forgive me. we are not monsters. he gave elliott and his family candy bars before letting them go. california's amber alert system is changing. governor brown signed a new bill that now allows the chp to activate the amber alert when any child is abducted regardless of the relationship between the abductors and the child. previously the alerts were only activated when a child was taken by a noncustodial parent or stranger. wild pigs invade the east bay. >> no lawn is safe. how desperate neighbors are spending thousands of dollars to get rid of them. >> plus a new iphone is a gold
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the current policy allows disabled visitors instant access to a ride. but the park found that able- bodied people were abusing the policy. some families were hiring disabled tour guides to take advantage of the perk. a mega-merger from silicon valley. santa clara-based applied materials is acquiring tokyo electron for more than $9 billion in stock. that merger will create a $29 billion semiconductor and display manufacturing technology company. that deal expected to be finalized sometime next year. $1,010,000 how much an anonymous bitter spent for a gold iphone s on e way, 10, $100. it quickly sold out in stores and online, $10,100 was paid. they are on back order online until october. it's the end of the road for one of the biggest symbols of the counter-culture.
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the volkswagen bus, had one my senior year in college, looked just like that! the relic still being produced in brazil and vw is halting production at the end of the year because airbags, antilock brakes now required in all new cars and vw doesn't want to bring the bus up to those standards. since it came out in 1950, 10 million buses have been sold worldwide. >> my first car was a little bug. a whole bunch of animals are going hog wild in contra costa county. as kpix 5's ann notarangelo tells us, these little piggies are anything but cute. ann. >> reporter: yeah. elizabeth, these are not cute cuddly pigs by any stretch of the imagination. some of them are 300 pounds. they're huge! and look at this lawn. they are clearly destructive. they have already hit two dozen homes in this neighborhood. reporter: these neighbors who live in the henry ranch subdivision in san ramon would probably tell you, the story of the three little pigs got it all wrong. the wolf wasn't the problem. the pigs are. >> they come down here and they fight with each other.
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and they snort and they do all their pig noises and make a mess. that's what they're good at. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of the pigs during a recent visit. for the past few weeks, just about every night, scores of pigs have moved from the surrounding hillsides into the neighborhood. the state fish and wildlife department says pigs have become part of the habitat and it's not usually a problem until they can't find food. >> they want to uproot our nice landscaped watered lawns and get the grubs and everything else that they eat in there. >> reporter: trudy cook has been out just about every day patching up her lawn. she spotted 30 pigs at one time! >> you could just see all the way down the street pigs were just walking back and forth across the street. they are not -- they don't seem to be daunted by a car or lights or noise. >> we have the same pig problem. >> reporter: willie robertson is a maintenance worker at a training center a mile ago. the pigs showed up there mid- august well before they invaded people's yards. >> wake up in the morning your
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lawn looks like somebody drove through it. >> reporter: fencing doesn't do much unless do you what willie did and put barbed wire on the bottom so they can't dig under it. they spent nearly $1,000 making this fence pig-proof and when it was completed, the pigs did leave. they went through the ravine and into the residential neighborhood. the city of san ramon and the homeowners association have split the $8,000 cost to trap them. they have caught a half dozen but you can see, most root around the cages. the pigs are also unfazed by halloween masks, lights, fencing and sprinklers. all things the state suggests people try. even a liberal sprinkling of chili powder didn't work. >> maybe in that bothers they won't come back? i don't know. you get desperate. you try anything. >> reporter: these are piggies with power. the only solution seems to be to wait for them to leave. >> i don't know if they are really dumb or smart. but they're just really annoying. >> and these are not the only annoying pigs.
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in fact, over the weekend, a school in danville was terrorized by another group of pigs. they completely tore up the field at that school. and elizabeth, the school ends, they are going to wait until they get rid of the pigs before they repair the turf or lawns. >> they are very stubborn. desperate times could call for desperate measures. ann. anyone planning on possibly shooting them? >> reporter: a lot of neighbors would like to. but the state will not issue a license for them to do that. but about a mile away there are 395 acres at that labor training center. they have a hunting license and the manager said he was ready to call the hunter in. >> all right. ann, thank you. we need a pig patrol in the neighborhood! >> remind the pigs that there's a restaurant in san francisco called bacon bacon? [ laughter ] >> that's why they're -- >> mind your manners, little piggies. >> they will be in the sierra by thursday. >> they are nasty. >> yes. and pretty messy, too, apparently. >> ew. yeah. >> you know, what's not messy our weather. >> gorgeous. >> it's fantastic.
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a couple of degrees cooler today. yes, we had an onshore flow. some people had 10 degrees below normal. nice sunshine. forget about the temperature for a second. look at the gorgeous picture of the oakland touchdown of the bay bridge not a single cloud in the sky looking off to the east. we are mostly sunny in the south bay. look at the uniform temperatures. san jose, livermore, oakland and concord are all currently 72 degrees. now, in the city cooled off to 65. you got close to 70 earlier today in santa rosa the warm spot at 75. but even that is several degrees cooler than normal. leading to a chilly night. cooler than average sections of napa and sonoma counties. likely in the 40s tonight. napa santa rosa you will hit 50, concord 54, redwood city 54. fremont 53 degrees. so if you leave the window open tonight it might be chilly for you maybe an extra blanket. visible satellite shows a complete lack of a marine layer in this particular pattern. we'll be cooler than normal and we are grabbing the flow from the pacific ocean. but the temperature differences aren't there so we are not seeing the deck of cloud cover offshore so yes, we have the
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onshore flow but, no, we don't have the clouds. you will get that again tomorrow. cooler than normal temperatures but you keep the sunshine, bonus for some of you. if you don't like the warm stuff, this is perfect weather for you. but watch where this low pressure area is. low pressure to our north gives us the onshore flow and cools our temperatures down. low pressure to our east gives us entirely different weather starting friday, we are going to get an offshore wind from the same low. now the winds are coming out of the north and northeast. and that is going to warm us up near the water. you'll be near 80 as soon as friday. it's also really going to dry us out and that's where things begin to be a problem because we are going to see lower relative humidity. that means the fire danger is going to increase as soon as tomorrow night for the higher elevations but everybody has an increased fire danger friday through sunday. the weekend if you are going camping, make sure you play it smart. so the wind is going to increase. higher elevations beginning tomorrow night. that offshore wind will take shape by friday. that means the humidity is going to drop and temperatures will shoot up. 80s near the water. that's going to be a big change because look at tomorrow barely in the 70s. livermore 11 degrees below
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average, san jose with a high of 70. you will be 11 degrees below average. redwood city 70. pleasanton 73. fairfield 73. heading into the city tomorrow? 66 the high there. alameda 68. novato 70. even up north a little cloudier and highs around 70 degrees for mendocino county. extended forecast we warm things up a bit on thursday. more so on friday. look at all that sunshine. the coast sunny. near the water sunny. inland sunny. highs around 80 near the bay and we are going to stay there next week. this is what we do in fall. we get that wind could you tell of the east temperatures shoot up. >> feels good. >> winds come out of the east. >> don't start a fire. for obamacare to succeed it's critically important to get young people enrolled. >> millenials caught in the crossfire over the cost of obamacare. the surprisingly low rates we found for young people.
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the two discussed the affore at a session president barack obama and former president bill clinton are uniting for healthcare. the two discussed the affordable care act today at a session sponsored by the clinton global initiative. it kicked off a six-month public awareness campaign about the law. obamacare enrollment begins a week from today. it means millions of uninsured californians can start signing up for healthcare coverage. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains some are finding surprisingly low rates. reporter: this person doesn't have health insurance but thanks to obamacare that's about to change. the apprentice is checking out her options on the healthcare exchange. >> a number of people in my household. >> reporter: after a few clicks on the "covered california" website, she has her answer. >> anthem blue cross and kaiser. >> reporter: there are three ensurers available to her each offering 4 plans. side by side the silver and
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bronze plans are the ones that catch her eye. >> that's a good deal. >> reporter: silver will cover 87% of her healthcare costs with no out of pocket for preventative care. but she will have to pay $126 a month. bronze on the other hand comes with a much higher deductible and copayments but would only cost hazel $48 a month. >> i'm shocked actually. >> for obamacare to succeed it's critically important to get young people enrolled. >> reporter: larry leavitt of the kaiser family foundation says the program needs premiums from healthy young people to cover the costs of everyone else. so as an incentive, many qualify for federal subsidies. >> the fact of the matter is that over half the people including people in their 20s will actually get health. >> reporter: an analysis finds monthly premiums for most young people will be comparable to what they pay for their cell phones and in some cases, much less. there could be some painful side effects like large out of
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pocket payments when you actually need medical attention. as for hazel, she is leaning towards a bronze plan and feels pretty good knowing her first policy won't cost her an arm and a leg. >> i'm really happy with the prices. >> reporter: now, there is going to be a huge amount of outreach in the coming weeks to millennials and others on how to research their options and how to sign up. not signing up will cost you. starting next year, the penalty for not being enrolled in a health plan is $95 or 1% of your income, whichever is greater. >> maybe that is the incentive because healthy young people when they look at cell phone or healthcare they are going to pay for the cell phone. >> reporter: but otherwise, they are going to pay in the long run. >> with the penalty. one way or another you, might as well get covered. >> thank you. now a look ahead at what's on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, as you have been reporting kenya now says that the terrorists at the shopping mall have been defeated but apparently not before part of
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the building collapsed. they are still looking for the missing and counting the dead. our correspondent is at the scene of this breaking story. plus, at the u.n. today, the world watched to see whether president obama would meet iran's new leader. could there be a thaw between these countries after more than 30 years? we'll have those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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world combine, for a costlye of guilt. this is a new crinkle-cut fh fry that clocks in at 270-calories... their regul fries have 350- calories.
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beginnings today burger king is offering french fries without guilt. this is a new crinkle cut french fry that clocks in at 270 calories. the regular fries have 350 calories. the world's number 2 hamburger restaurant says they are using a new batter that doesn't absorb as much oil. the new menu item is called "satisfries." coming up new at 6:00 tonight the america's cup and oracle world combine for a costly consequence for bay area hotel guests. you might be surprised just how much some people are paying even at the most bargain- friendly places. plus -- >> it's obviously great for the people who have those jobs. but it costs money and so that has to be financed somehow. >> how the great pay and benefits enjoyed by bart workers comes at a cost to everyone else in the bay area. that and more at 6. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news" is next. the latest news and weather are always on see you back in 30 minutes. captions by: caption colorado
5:30 pm >> pelley: tonight, iran's president says they won't build a bomb. rouhani says he's ready for immediate negotiations over his nuclear program. is it the moment the world has waited for? major garrett has the story. kenya says the terrorists at the shopping mall have been defeated, but not before part of the building collapsed. they're looking for the missing and counting the dead. >> the bodies were stacking up like a pyramid. and we had to do something. >> pelley: charlie d'agata is on the breaking story. who's flying this f-16? no one. david martin on the technology the air force just revealed. and look at what a contractor found in a barn, the lost movie of america's sweetheart. anthony mason on the recovery of a turning point in hollywood history.


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