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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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be kicking up again outside temperatures mainly in the 50s. we'll talk about it coming up. >> outside we have a couple of high wind advisories in effect one for the san mateo bridge, another for the bay bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. plus we have problems at the caldecott tunnel a stall so -- >> birthday girl. >> yay! >> and traffic troubles already. thank you. >> she doesn't want to hear about it. >> happy birthday. a bay area grocery store manager is in intensive care after being attacked on the job. everyone at the san leandro safeway knows him as mo. kpix 5's juliette goodrich has the surveillance video showing mo getting sucker punched. >> reporter: san leandro police want everyone to take a close look at this guy. he is wearing a gray sweatshirt and dark knit cap. police say monday around 11 a.m., the suspect approached the store manager. words were exchanged and the suspect violently punched the man. the store manager fell to the
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ground. the attacker took off. long-time safeway customers know the manager as mo and his friend tells kpix 5, he has serious head injuries. >> that really hurts me a lot especially the coworkers. he is just trying to do his best to keep the store safe. things happen. you don't know what's going to happen. but it happened. >> reporter: police hope someone will see this surveillance video and help identify the attacker. >> really not much to go on at this point. he was in the store a little prior to so we don't know for sure what his intent was there. and then again, the exchange between him and the manager was extremely brief. like you see on the video. and then it was really one strike and then he was out the door. >> reporter: employees say mo is a great boss and great friend. i have known the manager for three years. very nice, trying to protect the store. this isn't the first time the safeway got ripped off. >> reporter: juliette goodrich kpix 5. >> mo is at eden medical situation. if you have any information,
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contact the san leandro police department immediately. san francisco police need your help finding a killer. a 20-year-old man was shot to death around 10:00 monday night as he got off a muni metro car at rap dolph and bright in ingleside district. look at the suspect here. caught on a surveillance camera. he was wearing a black baseball cap, white hooded jacket and bluejeans. police do not believe the two men knew one another and say the attack appears to be random and unprovoked. there's a federal investigation into whether a asiana airlines broke the law. whether they did enough to help families on the plane. the ntsb is looking into whether they had an adequate family assistance plan including offering loved ones a toll free number to get information and transportation. asiana has no comment. the final deciding race for
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america's cup is today at 1:15 on the bay weather permitting. if oracle team usa wins it would be one of the greatest comebacks ever in sports. >> as they come to the line, the comeback is complete! >> even the announcers were surprised by two big winners yesterday. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez with more on this epic comeback. reporter: competition began with a bang. it's not exactly nascar but this slight fender-bender at the start of the first race slowed team new zealand down so much they never recovered. >> the comeback is complete! >> reporter: oracle team usa took two victory laps. at the kiwi bar at pier 29, instead of crying in their beer, they claim they have the americans right where they want 'em. >> we were getting bored. >> reporter: you were bored. >> yeah. we just thought we would play with you guys for a while and
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we're just like all excited and build up the interest in the cup and tomorrow we are going to smoke you 1 1/2 kilometers lead. >> reporter: but if they are going to come back, they might need help from their fans. what do they need? maybe they need to do the war dance. >> that would be awesome. [ dancing ] >> reporter: it turns out they tried that. i guess it didn't work. >> we are all even at 8. >> it's awfully suspicious. >> to actually come back and whether it's rigged or luck, whatever it is, it's been phenomenal and i think san francisco has finally gotten behind it. >> believe what you want to believe. but right now it's going tonight most amazing comeback in history. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> pretty incredible. even oracle's ceo larry ellison skipped work to watch the race. he was supposed to give the
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keynote address at the oracle openworld conference here yesterday in the city one of the company's biggest events. instead he was on his yacht watching the race. it is so much fun. >> exciting, right? >> very exciting. surprising they got both races in. they leveled off and they got the second race in. today winds kicking up again. it's going to be breezy again. winds blowing around the bay area a bit. in fact, some of the winds over 20 miles an hour at sfo already. still, we are going to see plenty of winds throughout the day today picking up into the afternoon to 10 miles per hour to the west in san jose, 13 in san francisco. and 11 into vallejo. so you get the idea, temperatures not too bad, cooler than yesterday in the 50s at this hour. but by the afternoon enjoy breezy conditions. temperatures cooler again today. highs topping out in the mid- 70s inland, 60s at the coastline, 60s and 70s breezy inside the bay. let's check the roads with
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elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. and unfortunately, it's not a very good birthday if you are traveling through the caldecott tunnel. postal truck blocking one of the right bores, the right bore of the caldecott tunnel. it is eastbound so that is the good news. it is going against the commute. they only have one bore open in the eastbound direction heading out of oakland towards orinda likely going to see at least some small delays heading towards contra costa county. if you are coming the other direction, no problems. in fact, it is free and clear across the bay bridge. chp issued wind advisories for the bay bridge, one for the san mateo bridge that might what about that sign there says just warning you of high winds across the span and also one for the richmond/san rafael bridge. we'll let you know if they continue. sometimes they continue to add bridges as the morning commute continues. let's see one more live look outside. here's a live look at the south bay drive. 101 near trimble exit in san jose. and obviously it's a smooth ride in both directions of 101. that's the latest "timesaver
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traffic." back to you. >> thank you. developing overnight, kenya's president says the siege is over at the mall in nairobi. the militant group behind the takeover claims government forces set off explosives on the building burying hostages inside. security is tight there as well as at home here. reporter: a large plume of smoke rose up from kenya's westgate mall this morning. security forces report there could still be terrorists or booby traps inside the building even though kenya's president insists all of the attackers are dead or arrested. >> we have ashamed and defeated our attackers. that part of our task has been completed by a multi-agency security team. >> reporter: dozens were killed in this weekend's attack and four-day standoff, and the death toll is expected to rise. three floors of the mall partially collapsed during tuesday's military raid. the red cross says there are
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still 65 people unaccounted for. kenya's president says he cannot yet confirm that americans were involved in the attack but the al-shabab terrorist group has had success recruiting young americans and that has many security experts here concerned. >> that after receiving the training that they were getting in somalia, they might well return and try to conduct similar attacks here in the united states. >> reporter: police officials in new york decided to deploy counter-terrorism units in the days following the kenya attack. >> you know in the back of their mind they are thinking, is there a companion piece for a domestic attack here from the same network? >> reporter: minnesota's mall of america is just one of many shopping centers that has also increased security. kenya's president declared three days of mourning for his country starting today. 4:38 now. rescue crews in pakistan are trying to help thousands of people hurt and left homeless after a massive earthquake there yesterday. here's some video from inside an office building when the 7.7 quake hit. you can see just about
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everything starting to shake. at least 210 people were killed in that quake. hispanic descent that experience that -- >> this is a live look right now at marco rubio but just earlier, republican senator ted cruz, he was talking and he says he is going to talk until he is no longer able to stand. this is the senate floor again where the texas lawmaker was trying to outfilibuster some of his political peers. he has been talking for almost 17 hours to stop funding for obamacare. he yielded to a question so marco rubio could answer it. probably taking a water break. cruz's kids were watching him on c-span so he played up to his audience a bit. >> on a saturday or sunday morning when your dad isic maaing pancakes it is very cool he can flip them high in the air and catch them. i credit my father, he invented, this wasn't for the restaurant but he did it anyway, he invented green eggs
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and ham. do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am. i do not like sam i am. eight white castle restaurants a year. i like their little burgers. >> the federal government will run out of money to pay its bills next tuesday, october 1. it's also the day the affordable care act goes into effect. it is 4:40 now. a rumored meeting between president obama and iran's president will not be happening. the two men spoke separately to the united nations general assembly yesterday. in his speech iran's hassan rouhani spoke out in support of the syrian government and talked about iran's desire to have nuclear weapons. the two presidents will not meet in new york. 44% of americans disapprove of the way president obama is handling relations with iran. 39% approve. time now 4:40. this is not your usual defensive play.
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how a wayward tank ends up on a bay area soccer field. >> and that new gold iphone is back ordered until october now. but you won't believe the price tag one is willing to pay to get one right now coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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governor brown signed a bill allowing the c-h-p to active amber alert rules are changing which means you could see more of them. governor brown signed a bill allowing the chp to activate an amber alert when any child is abducted regardless of the relationship between the abductor and the child. previously alerts were only triggered when a noncustodial parent or stranger took a child. the governor also signed a bill expanding the current earthquake early warning system. it will use sensors throughout the state to provide up to 60 seconds advance warning. the office of emergency services has until january 2016 to develop the system and find $80 million to pay for it. a military tank turned the earthquakes soccer field into a battlefield. it crashed during practice
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narrowly missing one of its players. kpix 5 reporter keit do with how it all happened. reporter: pretty crazy and loud experience. a bradley fighting vehicle just like this one was rounding the corner of the test track when it lost control and broke the concrete barrier like it was styrofoam. like a crunch or a crash? >> pretty much like a loud bang. >> reporter: san jose earthquakes's president was at the practice field when the tank crashed about 10 feet away from the goalie. luckily there was a barricade and fence in between. >> luckily there was like a, you know, awning so you couldn't see through. i think if you could have seen it, it probably would have been more frighten. >> reporter: bae systems has been testing tanks at its san jose facility for years. in fact, after the crash, the team snapped these photos of bradley's rounding the curve, continuing with their testing. the bae track butts up against the team property. an employee told the "mercury news" the tank was not going above the track speed limit. >> they said different tank tracks that they had on the
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tank weren't well suited for the speed and so it went around the bend and just crashed straight into it. >> reporter: no one was injured. the tank didn't even look like it's had a scratch. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> but the barrier is a mess. bae told the team it will look into changing the orientation of the track to try to prevent future tank crashes. probably a good idea. >> right. how would you like to see that coming at you? >> scary stuff. that's where they used to build the tanks where they built the new soccer stadium. the winds picking up around the bay area this morning looks like it's already a little breezy outside but really going to get a little blustery toward the afternoon especially along the coastline. out the door we go, we have mostly clear skies. just a hint of a patch or two of fog and that's it. temperatures a logical cooler this morning just in the 50s. this afternoon, those temperatures will be cooler, as well. i think highs topping out maybe in the mid-70s the warmest spots inland. a lot of 60s inside the bay with gusty winds at times and windy and cool toward the coastline but sunny and it looks like those winds will
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continue to whip as that low pressure center makes its way to the north of us but seeing all the winds developing around the bay area and then high pressure going to start to build in behind that. that means the wind is going to start to calm down as early as tomorrow and looks like some much warmer weather on the way. i think the timing is going to be great. looks like it will turn up things very nice on the weekend. temperatures in the 70s into the central valley for today. you're looking at some partly cloudy skies about 67 degrees in yosemite. that low may touch off a few showers in lake tahoe about 50. around the bay today those numbers going to stay down. 72 san jose. 70 milpitas. 63 windy in pacifica. east bay numbers into the low to mid-70s and that's about it. then inside the bay we're looking at 60s and a couple of low 70s. out over the next couple of days we are going to note some changes as high pressure is going to start to sneak back in maybe a return to low 80s by tomorrow afternoon and then much nicer over the weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. in addition to the overnight roadwork we have also had a couple of issues this morning, including a stalled postal
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truck in a bad spot, the caldecott tunnel. all lanes are now clear. they reopened the freeway a couple of minutes ago. they got tow crews out there. the truck started moving so all lanes are now open. it was eastbound 80 approaching the caldecott tunnel. it was in the right bore. westbound 580 a little sluggish as you approach the dublin interchange. not too bad though at this hour. through the altamont pass that drive time is still 14 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. eastbound there is some roadwork by the way the usual stuff approaching greenville coming into livermore and the bay bridge we do have high wind advisories, lawrence talked about the win, and chp about the wind. so two hands on steering wheel this morning. the nimitz looks good. no delays on the eastshore freeway. bart a great option with more than 20 trains on time. that's a check of your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> all right, liz, thank you. the giants are holding home game fundraisers this week to support bryan stow.
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he was severely beaten after a game in los angeles in 2011. this is video of stow from june of this year trying to move around on his own. he is still recovering and suffers from physical problems and memory loss. giants fans who bought tickets for games tomorrow and sunday will have $10 donated to a fund in stow's name. a man accused of stabbing san francisco 49er aldon smith more than a year ago is due in santa clara county court monday. smith was stabbed when he tried to break up a party at his house east of san jose last june. he identified 27-year-old steven barba as the man who stabbed him. a fire damaged two homes in piedmont. it started at a two-story house on max welton road yesterday afternoon. flames spread to the roof of a neighboring house but firefighters kept the fire from spreading any further. 4:48 now. new evidence of the red-hot housing market here in san francisco. home prices are climbing faster
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than practically anywhere else in the nation. that's according to a key index. the prices jumped almost 25% from a year ago one of the biggest jumps in the country second only to las vegas. meanwhile, u.s. home prices jumped the most in 7 years up almost 12.5% from a year ago. wall street's worries about a possible government shutdown continue to be a drag on the market. the dow is on a four-day losing streak. it fell 66 points yesterday after being on the plus side for most of the session. the nasdaq managed to gain 3 points. shares of facebook shot up to an all-time high yesterday topping $48 a share after an analyst upgraded the stock to "buy." there are also reports china may soon loosen some of its internet restrictions which could pave the way for facebook to enter that country. 36% of american workers admit they live paycheck to paycheck. that's down from 46% in the previous career builder survey in 2008. more than a third have stopped
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eating out and are now driving less to help balance the household budget and 55% said they wouldn't give up their internet connections no matter their financial situations. the new gold iphone is a pretty hot commodity. they are back ordered until october. but you could get one now if you are willing to pay a little over $10,000. that's exactly what one anonymous bidder did on ebay. 10, 100 to be exact. the 5s went on sale friday and sold out shopping buying more than 9 million in a couple of days. >> $10,000 or just wait? i don't know. >> then you have to put a cover on it. time now for 50 bear on the trail. see how this bay area hiker's scare tactics worked out. ,, ñáçwçñ
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this is getting very exciting. the america's cup continues today. the winds likely picking up again though. about 15 to 20 knots. one more race to go. temperatures there about 64 degrees. >> and the winds already causing a bit of an issue for your morning commute. chp has several high wind advisories for your bridges, the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge, so far traffic is still moving at the limit. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. a bay area woman could become a saint. cora evans lived in boulder creek and died in 1957. once upon a time, evans was a mormon. she then converted to the catholic religion. she was a mystic and had visions of jesus of the saints. in order to be canonized there will be evidence of two miracles. there are 10,000 people declared saints but none from california. face to face with a bear.
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it was caught on video in the sierra. wait until you see how he handled the situation. only on 5 here's the story he told our christin ayers. reporter: >> hey, bear! no, we're here! you want to turn back. the bear was just coming up the trail. and so i was just kind of like you can't -- we are going to have to figure this out because there's nowhere for him to go. there's nowhere for me to go. >> we're here. >> reporter: a close call with a black bear in the sierra captured on a camera phone. >> good boy. there, you can go around. >> reporter: kevin burton ceo of the software company spinner was hiking solo through kings canyon two weeks ago. this was not his first meeting with a bear. >> i have had about a dozen encounters with bears. >> reporter: it's a good thing. burton knew what to do. >> with a black bear, you kind of aactually want to intimidate them. >> so he announced himself. >> hey, bear. >> reporter: he also knew to make himself appear bigger than
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he is. his assertiveness paid off. black bears are known for being timid and this one shied away making his way around burton. >> there you go. it's cool. the great thing about going not wilderness are those moments. hey, bear, no, we're here. you want to turn back. >> reporter: this moment one he won't soon forget. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> hey, bear! well, that was a black bear. now, of course, if you confront a grizzly you want to do the opposite just lay down and play dead and pray a lot. >> you have to keep your wits about you. i think in that moment i probably would scream and run. >> that's the last thing you want to do. just show you're bigger than him and scare the bear. apparently it worked. the air force is testing a new f-16 fighter jet. >> and something is missing. check it out. there's no one in the cockpit. the f-16 is being flown by remote control from a ground station. and it can still perform all the same maneuvers, climb to 40,000 feet, fly faster than the speed of sound and turn so
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sharply you might black out. the unmanned f-16 will be used for pilots during target practice. cool, huh? >> it is. 4:56. he is still going. live pictures from washington, d.c. right now. is that senator cruz? i don't think so. senator roberts from kansas. but they are stil chatting. it's a marathon in the senate. we'll take you there in a minute. >> reporter: it's winner-take- all today at america's cup. oracle team usa sailed to two victories yesterday in what could be the greatest comeback if the race as history. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm mich a bay area grocery store manager was just doing his job when someone came up and attacked him. >> it was really one strike and then he was out the door. >> the terrorist attack on the westgate mall in nairobi is over. but as the investigation begins, the body count may be
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rising. >> kenya's president says he cannot confirm yet that americans were involved in the attack. but the al-shabab terrorist group has had success with recruiting americans and that has security experts here concerned. >> do you like green eggs and ham? >> senator ted cruz is still talking this morning his goal delay a vote to fund the government in order to stop the funding of obamacare. >> we are getting bored. i was like, we just thought we would play with you guys for a while. >> reporter: today is the day. will oracle team usa pull of one of the greatest comebacks in american history and win the world cup? from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. it's wednesday, september 25. i'm michelle griego michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. i'm frank mallicoat nearly 5:00 on your wednesday now. let's get you out the door a little weather take it away. >> breezy guys this morning, mostly clear around the bay area but if you are heading out, those winds going to be kicking up again today
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especially near the coastline and inside the bay 12 miles per hour at sfo. winds picking up this afternoon some of those winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. temperatures 50s outside right now mostly clear skies. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine coming our way but it will be windy and cooler out there highs topping out in the mid-70s in the warmest spots but about 75 degrees and mostly sunny in santa rosa. 72 in san jose. and about 66 degrees and windy into san francisco. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. let's get right out to mobile5. they are showing a nice look of the new eastern span coming into oakland right now. looks the coolest at night if you ask me. there you go. you can see traffic is moving just fine out towards the east bay all across the span even on the san francisco side. we still have a high wind advisory in


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