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'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald we have never seen anything like this. >> as they come to the line, the comeback is complete! >> an epic comeback for team oracle. today's race for america's cup is winner-take-all. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat.
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>> i'm michelle griego. race day fever is taking over the embarcadero and so are the fans. at pier 27, they snapped photos of team oracle before its final race against new zealand. >> allen martin is live with what may be the greatest comeback ever in sports but they need a winner today, allen. >> reporter: hey, sport one thing. this is a spectacle. it is getting crazy. this is by far the biggest crowd we have ever seen during this race series. we have heard some inspiring songs. they played final countdown, team oracle usa about to head out. they have also played things like save me san francisco, back in black, and there's also a lot of red, white and blue blue. both country flags are the same color, different configuration. we couldn't have a nicer day. these boats can go faster than the speed limit on the golden gate bridge which is 45 miles an hour. the boats go 50. yesterday, two more wins by oracle turned the event into what a lot of critics saw as a
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fiasco turned know a megadrama. one woman has been into the racing so much she took every day off work so she could watch every race. >> sailing family on cape cod where you learn how to sail when you're 5, right? >> reporter: sure. >> but they're also pulling it because they want to go back to single haul and oh, it's this, you know, catamaran type thing. not beautiful sails. how can we ever go back? it's been so exciting. we're going to go back? i mean, it's fabulous! >> reporter: we have never seen boats like this. we have never seen an america's cup like this after being down eight races to one, team oracle and the kiwis have their backs against the wall. both of them. but jimmy spithill has to be credited with that never say die attitude. >> it's not over. that's the key point here. it is -- we have to finish it
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off. we have worked very, very hard to come back from where we were and the guys want it. you know? you can just sense it on board and you can sense it around the base that the whole team just wants it and there's this huge wave of momentum we have been riding for days and it just builds and builds and builds. >> reporter: they are building. there goes oracle team usa now. we are about an hour or so from race time but the big question is, will the winds cooperate? not that it's too windy. are we going to have enough wind? let's go to roberta gonzales and find out. what do you think? >> first off, you have the prime time seat. the front row seat. a little envious but so happy for you today. i'm noticing behind you the flags are flying a little bit. we have been noticing a bit of an increase in the winds. in fact, at this particular time, those winds are out of the west and northwest at 13 knots going into the golden gate bridge. less every winds well inland. along the peninsula, sfo winds
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up to 20. currently to the north, northwest winds in san rafael at 13 miles per hour. your america's cup forecast is so important that race time at 1:15 forecasting 64 degrees, blue skies, with the winds 15 to about 25 knots. allen, it looks like the borderline there and michelle, and frank, the borderline is 21 knots. so it's going to be very close to get this race in today. > all right. developing news in san francisco. a new fight over tenant rights displayed on hand made signs. tenant advocate groups are fighting to keep an elderly couple and their disabled daughter in their chinatown home. they held signs outside the apartment complex. they lived there for 34 years. deputies served them an eviction notice after their landlord used the ellis act to go out of business and remove his rental units from the market. >> i don't want to see no more evictions, right? i hope also through this action too that we recognize that
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there's not enough affordable housing for seniors in the city. >> the family said through a translator said that the act affects low income, minorities and disabled. governor jerry brown is in oakland now to ink a new deal with california's minimum wage workers. he will be signing a bill raising the state's base rate to $10 an hour but kpix 5's cate caugiran tells us, some worry it will backfire. she joins us with more. >> reporter: higher minimum wage in the state of california won't take effect until july 2014 but this oakland resident is already celebrating. >> prices everywhere are going up. i think that minimum wage should also go up. >> reporter: he works two jobs, one as a cook and another as a cashier at this restaurant. >> i got bills. i have student loans. i have rent. i have tickets to pay. >> reporter: he is one of the 2.4 million californians who will be getting a bump in his
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paycheck starting next year. it would push minimum pay to $9 by 2014 then to $10 by 2016. this person says the bill is necessary for economic growth. >> in oakland in order to have a more successful city, we know that we need to bring up the minimum wage for our average workers. >> reporter: aside from adding money in workers' pockets, drake says it will also help businesses profit, as well. >> as they get more money themselves, then that's going to be more shopping. that's going to be more stores and more goods in the stores. >> reporter: however, some industries like restaurants in particular say this bill will hurt business owners' employees and the customer. the cost of having to pay workers more means higher food prices and maybe cutting down on worker hours. drake says it bill isn't taking effect immediately. so merchants have time to prepare. >> the law that they are passing is actually taking a long time to go into effect.
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and so i don't think it's going to be as -- it's not going to be a shock to people. >> reporter: now, we're here at the site first mandela training center where governor jerry brown is about to give remarks on ab-10. and that is that bill that will increase minimum wage for california workers. so we are just waiting for him to come up and make this official. just to give you a little bit of information, california state will have the highest minimum wage in the country at $10 an hour in 2016. right now, california is the 8th highest and washington state is the first. again, governor brown is expected to make a few remarks in just a few moments. and we can come back to that to you later on. but today, he will be making it official, ab-10 and that means california minimum wage workers will get that big bump in their pay for the first time in five years. reporting live in oakland, back to you. >> thank you. another new law will allow state workers to take care of family members the governor will sign legislation that
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expands california's paid family leave program. it will now include workers who take time off to care for sick grandparents, grandchildren, in- laws and others. the change starts next july. bay area transportation leaders lock down a plan b just in case bart workers strike. today bart managers and union leaders are three-fourths of the way through a cooling-off period ordered by the governor. the bart shutdown may happen on october 11 if they can't strike a deal. a contingency plan calls for more buses and extending the hours on carpool lanes. there may be limited bart train service operated by bart managers. board directors would have to approve that option. the price tag for the contingency plan could be up to $21 million. the man who beat a safeway store manager so badly he ended up in intensive care is still on the run. we have images from the san
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leandro store surveillance video here. a man wearing a gray sweatshirt and dark knit cap talked with the manager monday morning and sucker punches him in the face an runs out. >> that really hurts me a lot especially the coworkers too. he is just trying to do his best to keep the store safe. >> if you recognize the attacker you're urge to call san leandro police. police think a group of teenagers may be to blame for beating a pleasanton man into a coma. 51-year-old david lamont was attacked outside his home saturday night after going outside to ask a group of teens to quiet down. police say they have interviewed a number of students at two local high schools. but so far they have not named any suspects. san francisco police say this man is suspected of gunning down a man walking off a muni metro car. it happened monday night in the ingleside district. police don't believe the two men knew each other and say the attack appears to be random and unprovoked. he was wearing a black baseball
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cap, white hooded jacket and bluejeans. feds are investigating whether asiana airlines broke the law following a deadly crash-landing at sfo in july. this is the first investigation of its kind. the issue is whether asiana did enough to help the families of those who were on board the plane. ntsb is investigating whether asiana had an adequate family assistance plan including offered a toll-free number for information as well as transportation. and a place to stay. asiana isn't commenting. a bay area mystic may be blessed with the catholic church's highest honor. the vatican is considering cora evans for sainthood. she lived in boulder creek and died in 1957. she used to be a mormon but converted to catholicism. she had visions of jesus christ and the saints. there need to be two miracles. there are some 10,000 saints none from california. sam jackson with harsh words for president obama. why he says the president isn't
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playing fair in race relations between whites and blacks. plus -- >> senator ted cruz pulls an all-night siege as a vote on the president's healthcare law looms. i'm tara mergener on capitol hill with the story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stand against obama-care --l on deaf ears. a bill that would fund the government after september .... with-out defunding the ted cruz talk all not but it was falling on deaf ears. the bill to fund the government after september 30 without defunding the president obama's healthcare law cleared a test vote in the senate this afternoon. tara mergener says it's the latest move with another shutdown showdown with the house. >> reporter: republican ted
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cruz wrapped up a marathon 21- hour appearance on the senate floor. >> my plea to this body is that we listen to the american people because if we listen to our constituents, the answer is, defund this bill that isn't working that's hurt, the american people. >> reporter: cruz and fellow conservatives were trying to gain support for a house bill that defunds the president's new healthcare law. even though there is little chance of senate approval. >> it has been a big waste of time. >> reporter: lawmakers are trying to find common ground on a temporary spending bill that will keep the government fully open until after the october 1 start of the budget year. but the process became complicated when the house attached an amendment that cuts money for the affordable care act. the legislation has already been passed, signed into law and survived a challenge in the u.s. supreme court. president obama said in states like new york the healthcare overhaul would save consumers thousands. >> it turns out that their
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rates are up to 50% lower than what was available previously if you just went on the open market and tried to get health insurance. >> reporter: a new government report shows americans will pay an average of $328 a month for a mid tier insurance plans when health exchanges open next week for enrollment. tara mergener for cbs news, capitol hill. >> senate democrats plan to strip out the house approved measure to defund obamacare in the coming days. let's check the weather. everyone is keeping an eye on the winds today. >> it is so exciting when you're there at america's cup park and you're watching the winds and right now, they are at 18 knots. the cutoff point is 21 knots. >> close. >> so if there were two races scheduled today i would certainly say the second race would not happen. the first one is going to go, i'm saying it's going to go. it's going to go. it's going to be exciting. wow, we have lots of blue skies out there this afternoon, as well. let's go ahead and head on outside. this is the view from our kpix 5 studios looking towards the bay waters where we have a small craft advisory in place. there are a lot of cumulus
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clouds an current air temperature climbing in the mid- 60s to right around 70 degrees in santa rosa where the winds are up to 18 to 23 miles per hour out of the west and northwest. now, here's what we need to know for this midweek forecast. we'll have afternoon sunshine everywhere lots of cooler conditions in comparison to yesterday and the winds definitely be on the increase and so will the fire danger. clear and breezy conditions tonight. area of low pressure is bumping up against the northern part of california and butting up against this huge ridge of high pressure. the end result is a tight pressure gradient. then we get a drier air mass but warmer conditions. we have a red flag warning on the heels of the bay area. this goes into effect friday afternoon. some of the winds out of the north up to 45 miles per hour. 23 degrees below average for this time of the year with rain
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and perhaps maybe another [ indiscernible ] in the forecast. 56 with sunshine in monterey bay. your highs across the bay area today typically we should be at 81 in san jose. today only 72. should be at 82 in livermore. 10 degrees below normal. mid-70s in santa rosa. should be at 70 in san francisco. warmer conditions every day through tuesday. but again, potential for fire danger is increaseing. >> the michael jackson wrongful death trial is in the home stretch. attorneys are giving closing arguments about whether the concert promoter is to blame for the death. the case hinges on whether jurors believe that jackson's doctor conrad murray was an eag employee. the company didn't sign his contract but the jackson family attorney claims the company's ceo answered the question himself in an old tv interview.
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the guy's willing to leave his practice for a very large sum of money so we would hire them. >> it's real simple. he is the ceo of the company. that's as high as it gets. >> defense attorneys are making their closing arguments as we speaking of they are expected to bring up jackson's history of drug abuse to argue the singer was responsible for his own death. actor samuel l. jackson is giving president obama a piece of his mind. in a recent interview in "playboy" magazine he lashed out saying mr. obama should, quote, be expletive presidential. jackson believes the president speaks differently to black audiences than to a white audience. the holidays will be here before you know it. we'll tell you how long before airplane ticket prices begin to soar. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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getting ready to increase f soon. prices are expected to go up holiday travel season is still two months away but airs are getting ready to increase fares soon. prices will go up in three weeks. last year prices jumped 17% for thanksgiving in early october. and fares increased 51% for christmas after mid-october. prices are also expected to go up about 25% for new year's eve by the end of next month. >> and it could cost you 3 cents more to mail a letter. the u.s. postal service is looking at making the price of one stamp 49 cents. the service expects to lose $6 billion this year. the price increase must be
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approved by the independent postal regulatory commission. americans are buying more new homes suggesting higher mortgage rates may not be slowing down the housing recovery. reports show sales of new homes increased nearly 8% last month after a 14% drop in july. that's good news. it could also be that buyers may be rushing to close deals before the rates go up any further. tank a look at how the manhattan is respond -- take a look at how the market is responding. it's down 47 and change. tony and stephanie show us how to make a restaurant style meal at home, today's menu chicken with garlic and fennel. >> this looks good. >> it looks hearty and great. >> beautiful. chicken thighs with the skin and the bone attached. what we did is we cooked them in olive oil then moved the chicken took out the olive oil. >> so i brown a little bit of fennel in here and then took the fennel out and while it was still hot mixed it with olives and with that same oil we added in the chicken back again and then we added in some chicken stock and some white wine and
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let it reduce with the garlic. >> put this on top. this is in a fennel and the olives you put together. >> these are going on top. >> a little parsley? >> because the fennel was hot when i mixed in these olives they are -- they gave it a softness which is great and put them back in. a little bit of pepper and just a little bit of salt. not too much because you have salt already in the olives. >> we also use sodium-free chicken broth. this is a great dish. that will fill you up. >> thank you, bellisima. >> thank you, dad. coming up, what makes these groceries so special? how about a $100 bill stuffed inside? and there's more out there. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline, 888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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area neighborhood. and homeowners are on the hook fix them. how the process h turned coming up at 5:00 unruly tree roots creating a safety hazard in one neighborhood and homeowners are on the hook to fixes them. how it's become a headache that and more at 5:00. finally, mysterious $100 bills are surprising shoppers in the grocery aisle. >> people in and around salem, oregon, are randomly finding cash stuffed in cookies and egg cartons in grocery carts and
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shopping bags. >> i opened it up. and a hundred dollars bill fell out just like that. >> i think my kids and i are going to try to do something with it to pay it forward. >> that's nice. so far area stores have county almost $2,000. as forwho is giving out the money it's a mystery but it's a nice gift. >> i think it's time to go shopping. >> i like that whole idea of paying it forward. >> i know. that's always nice. have a great afternoon. see you, folks. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> bill: don't say a word. i've already heard. >> brooke: liam told you about the annulment? >> bill: yep. >> brooke: so, hope and liam... >> bill: yeah, they can get married whenever they want. can we not talk about the kids? >> brooke: are you upset? >> bill: upset? coming home and seeing you like this? upset is definitely not what i'm feeling.


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