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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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whether the 35th america's cup would be held here in san francisco. but minutes ago mayor lee said he certainly wants the races to come back. also, larry ellison had a press conference. he said he is open to the idea. so we'll have to wait and see. because as the winner of the cup now, it is his decision as to where to hold the next series of races. but as for right now, right here today, we witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. a week ago, team new zealand held a strong 8-1 lead. needed only one more race, nine races win, that's it. it would have sealed the deal but oracle put up a fight ultimately claiming victory after 8 consecutive wins and it was of course the moment the team and its supporters were waiting for. crowds cheering the trophy as it was handed back to the defending oracle champs. that's by the way the trophy almost dropped there right at the height of the celebration but several folks saved it from hitting the ground. after sailing across the finish line and hearing the gun go off
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and docking the winning boat team members taking a final victory swim. there were plenty of people here to celebrate. thousands lining san francisco's waterfront hoping to get a little peek at the action. but, of course, oracle didn't have smooth sailing from the start. they had lost all those races down 8-1 and in fact the way the race started today, well, it was anybody's race. dennis o'donnell with me. at the beginning it was in the media room watching the very beginning and when oracle's boat when -- bowed down into the water there is a gasp of, oh, it's over. >> reporter: people are still trying to figure out how did it happen, how did they turn it around so dramatically? did they make better tactical decisions? did they make adjustments to th boat or get acclimated to the water? this goes down as the greatest comeback but also the greatest collapse in sports history. take a guess at who this guy was rooting for. near disaster right out of the
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chute. the kiwis opened up a 65-meter lead. from there there were three lead changes and then oracle opened a 260-meter lead. and by the time they reached the fourth leg, the lead was 700 meters and the red, white and blue told the story. the cup would stay put in america. the united states wins 8 straight races to complete the incredible comeback and larry ellison hopes to celebrate with his team. >> where would you, you know, rank this comeback in the best comebacks in all of sports? >> i'm going to rank it number one. [ laughter ] >> i didn't need to tell the team anything. i just spirited jimmy spithill and he said 8-1. you know what 8-1 is? 8-1 is motivating. i said okay. 8-1 is motivating. [ laughter ] >> i'll just get behind that. >> reporter: larry ellison once again on top of the sailing world. and here's an interesting thing
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to let go through your mind a little bit. in 2016, the bay area will host the super bowl at the 49ers new stadium. in 2017 the america's cup almost certainly will be back here. >> i hope so. really turned around and it really became the event a lot of people said it wouldn't be. >> yeah. i think the one thing larry ellison has to get everybody on board with whatever boat he chooses. when he picked the 72-foot sails it scared a lot of teams away. there were only three competitive teams here. he has to get more people on board. and he decides what boat it's going to be. >> i tell you what earlier in the series i heard that emirates sold out all their t- shirts and caps. i'm sure they are selling the oracle gear tonight. >> reporter: the souvenir stand behind us finally picked up. the people got the fever. it was just a little late. >> thank you. today's finale not short of spectators. people came out and lined the san francisco waterfront like
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crazy just to get a peek at the action. we had to talk to the fans. >> reporter: no doubt about the team loyalty. >> usa, usa! no matter which configuration they waved of the red, white and blue. >> emirates team new zealand! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: and when team usa took the lead in the winner- take-all, the america's cup found a crowd of believers. >> oh, it's just, you know, catamaran, not beautiful sails, it's like how can we ever go back? it's so exciting. >> reporter: sheila didn't catch the fever until saturday. >> always cheer for the underdogs, we live in san francisco bay area. why not? so it was a thrill. it was really a thrill. >> reporter: sean falcone's brother is a grinder on team usa. was he down when they were down 8-1? >> not really down. it didn't seem to affect them. it didn't seem to affect them. they just wanted to go out
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there and have fun you know? i would see them in the nights and, you know, he seemed pretty happy. he was just really wanted to just go out and have fun. >> reporter: but emirates team new zealand didn't get the win but certainly stayed classy. >> you have to feel like you had this thing in the bag. >> absolutely. the other day when we came around the fourth mark with two minutes to go we thought we hit it and it was taken away. but those are the rules. >> reporter: well, today's success certainly different than what some had said with the summer of setbacks. linda yee takes a look at this regatta's dramatic turnaround. >> reporter: set sail with such promise. only to hit treacherous seas. >> we really had to have an employment outline. >> we could see gridlock in the neighborhood. >> i'm not going to get to swim where i want to swim anymore. >> reporter: those were the small problems. there was also a fire. a tragic accident that cost a
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world class sailor his life. >> shocking experience to go through. >> reporter: there was a boatload of angry politicians. >> this is not the first time a bunch of starry eyed politicians have been bamboozled by an arrogant billionaire. >> most of people are not going to know what's going on. >> reporter: and then there was, well, us. >> and one by one, boats dropped out of the race. >> so now of course it's a smaller race. there are only three boats. >> reporter: was it any surprise opening day looked like this? >> why is nobody here? >> it would be nice to have more people out here. >> reporter: but at the finish line, the america's cup looked like this. fans lined the hills of the presidio hours before the race. >> we can see the buoy four is that, marker four. >> reporter: they squeezed into every available spot with a view in fort mason. and for the ultimate test of public interest, you could have picked any bar at about 1:30
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today, say geno and carlo in north beach. >> unbelievable. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> the cup stays in america. >> whoo! yeah! [ applause ] >> to come back like this, this is ninth race, we won the whole thing, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: so maybe this was a story of two unlookly comebacks, one on the water and one on land as crowds finally embraced a billionaire's yacht race just in time for the finish line. >> it was totally awesome. everybody should have been out here to see this. >> a very good lesson of never give up. >> not the miracle on ice. the miracle on water. >> reporter: america's cup park at pier 27 still crowded megayacht row with yachts with their helicopters and everything else on board all the expensive toys. people still out having fun. tonight, the concert here at the america's cup pavilion the lum nears so the party goes on
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and now oracle team usa has a reason to celebrate. >> the city looked good. everybody was having a good time and certainly got out when the counted in the end to route on oracle and team usa. allen, thank you very much for that. you can watch the last leg of the race and check out our photo gallery all on new at 6:00 police say they know exactly who was there the night a pleasanton man was beaten into a coma. but they don't plan to make any arrests just yet. 51-year-old david lamont was attacked outside his home saturday night after going out to ask a group of teens to quiet down. police say they have spoken with an 18-year-old who they're calling a person of interest and three underaged witnesses. so far, no one has been named a suspect. police want to speak to the victim once his condition improves to find out what he remembers. maybe an impossible job, but today the bay area transit officials laid out plans to deal with another bart strike. we are three-quarters of the
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way through the cooling-off period and so far, no deal in sight. as our phil matier reports, it's never too early to start thinking of your own backup plan. phil. >> reporter: that's right, because remember that strike back up on the bay bridge waiting hours to get home for some east bay residents, well, today the transportation officials got together for a plan b a backup plan and the news wasn't that good. here's the story. >> there's only so much weather can do. >> reporter: so far plans including adding ferry service, extending freeway carpool lane hours to all day in order to encourage riders and bart running some 200 buses for a free subtle service in and -- shuttle service in and out of san francisco, 140 more buses than the four-day july strike but even bart officials say with bart ridership up 30% it's not enough. >> the buses are a drop in the bucket in terms of what the overall demand is. >> reporter: that's doubly true for up and down the east bay,
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where bart moves thousands of commuters every day. >> we are very limited in terms of what we can do and that's why the focus on san francisco. >> reporter: while bart says it will try to include oakland and other east bay stops in its bus service, right now there's no guarantee that they will even be able to get the 200 buzz they need to meet the san francisco -- buses they need to meet the san francisco demand. do you think you can even get 200 buses? >> it's going to be a challenge. >> reporter: it's also goings to be expensive. renterring those buses will require a $900,000 deposit that bart will have to pay strike or no strike and that's something that gave some commissioners pause. >> i think we should hold off for the first three days, first five days, first five working days, and see what happens. >> reporter: one thing bart didn't talk about today was a plan to run trains using managers who are now being retrained as drivers. something that has upset the unions. >> we're not addressing that issue right now.
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our focus is on getting a deal at the bargaining table. >> reporter: meanwhile commuters are making plans. >> probably work from home. >> ferry. >> reporter: so you will be taking muni? >> yes. it will increase my commute time by an hour. >> reporter: and everybody else, you're going to have to figure again. but bear in mind, this time traffic could be higher. the one break that might happen, ken, is that this is going to possibly start on a friday so the first couple of days of the strike would be over a weekend. and there would be hope that they would try to work something out. >> yeah. i think the real hope is let's get this thing done. come on. this dragged on too long. ridiculous. all right, phil matier in san francisco, thank you. the fire danger is heating up in parts of the bay area tonight. chief meteorologist paul deanno on a red flag warning. paul. >> if you are out this afternoon you noticed the winds are increasing. not only are they increasing in speed they are changing direction. low pressure system sliding to our east. no rainfall but the winds will start coming out of the north and northeast be. that's an offshore wind. not only when the wind
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increases do we get a higher fire danger but when you get an offshore wind you get drier air that drops the humidity and makes a bad fire situation even worse so a red flag warning goes into effect for everywhere in the bay area above 1 think feet all the hills starting tonight through friday morning. windy, relative humidity is down and we could see some wind gusts in the higher elevations 30 to 45 miles per hour. there are other impacts of that wind change. we'll talk about those in the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. look forward to that. thank you, paul. millions of californians will officially get pay raises. why the critics say the ripple effect will ultimately hurt everyone. you might soon have to pay more for a first class stamp. tonight we ask, who uses snail mail anymore? >> and coming up at 6:30, why some of these people are willing to get arrested for a bay area couple they don't even know. ,, ,,,,
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today in oakland, governor n signed a bill to raise the state's minimum wage.... to 9-dollars an hour by next it's official. millions of californians will get pay raises. today in oakland, governor brown signed a bill to raise the state's minimum wage to $9 an hour by next year an $10 by 2016. folks cheered after the governor signed the bill. but kpix 5's cate caugiran shows us some worry it could backfire. >> our society is experiencing a growing gap between those at the top and those at the bottom and those in the middle. the social fabric is being ripped apart. today, we sew that fabric just a little tighter together. >> reporter: higher minimum wage in the state of california won't take effect until july 2014. but this oakland resident is already celebrating. >> prices everywhere are going up. i think i that minimum wage should also go up. >> reporter: he works two jobs one as a cook and another as a
6:16 pm
cashier at this restaurant. >> i got bills. i have student loans. i have rent. i have tickets to pay. >> reporter: he is one of the 2.4 million californians who will be getting a bump in his paycheck starting next year. pamela drake from the lakeshore business improvement district says the bill is necessary for economic growth. >> get more money themselves then that's going to be more shoppping, that's going to be more stores and goods in the stores. >> reporter: however, some industries like restaurants in particular say this bill will hurt business owners, employees and the customers. the cost of having to pay workers more means higher food prices and maybe cutting down on worker hours. drake says this bill isn't taking effect immediately so merchants have time to prepare. >> the law that they are passing is actually taking a long too many to go into effect. and so i don't think it's going to be as -- it's not going to be a shock to people. >> reporter: california state will have the highest minimum
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wage at $10 an hour in 2016. currently we are the 8th and washington state is the 1st. in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. the u.s. postal service could use a little extra cash, as well. it's in dire financial straits and pushing for another 3-cent stamp hike but in this age of email and online bill paying, is there really anyone left to pay that price? we sent ann notarangelo to find out. >> reporter: we're not even in october and katie o'leary is already thinking about her christmas cards. >> i like cards. i like for people to know how i feel. and i just think it's a very personal thing. >> reporter: katie admits she sends more letters than she receives especially to her grandson in maine, which affords a clash of cultures. >> he waits for my cards to read them and then we get on skype and he shows them to me and we read theming to. >> reporter: then daniel doesn't have anything against
6:18 pm
words on paper. he just doesn't do it. when was the last time you wrote a letter? >> over a year ago. >> reporter: just like the price of stamps creeps up, letter carriers have watched the generation gap widen. >> letters mostly from older folks. >> my son never uses stamps, never. he will send people emails. he goes on the computer. he is 18. i have never seen him put a stamp on anything. >> reporter: but the younger generation is buying and selling online more than ever keeping the u.s. postal service in business with deliversries. i think many of us straddle the generations. yes, we facebook and we text more than we write letters and we do pay most of our bills online. but we keep a handful of forever stamps just in case we have to toss something in the mail. >> we have old stamps. >> reporter: the 39-cent ones are from 2006 and scores of unused cards. it's so much easier to wish someone happy birthday online with lots of exclamation points. >> it takes forever to get
6:19 pm
something in the mail. if you text it's right there. >> reporter: we are more connected than ever because of technology but some lament we never see someone's handwriting and are no longer really in touch. >> if it's something really heartfelt i'm going to sit down and write a letter. >> reporter: in concord, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> the stamp would debut in 2014 if approved. it's projected to bring in about $2 billion a year. >> there's something special about getting a letter in the mail. >> i like holding it in your hand. >> depends on the letter. >> that's true. yeah. a little birthday card, those types of things are nice. yeah. >> good letters are good to get. bad letters, just keep 'em. mail them your neighbor's address. right? beautiful weather outside and also in the bay area. this will go down as the coolest day of the week. cool this morning, great sunset once again over the city mainly clear skies. marine layer low cloud cover not seeing it. tonight or tomorrow. sunshine will continue. another live picture i want to
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show you of the bay area. san jose blue skies. highs cooler than normal. livermore concord 72. oakland 70. san jose 70. san francisco 64 degrees. that's the coolest day of the week. nothing on the radar. kpix 5 hi-def doppler always the first to show you the rain moving in from the north. there's nothing to show you tonight. nor will there be for the next several days. that is front moved through it got a little bit of cloud cover especially over the east bay hills and north bay hills. that's it. fire danger going up because now we are going to get an offshore wind. we'll talk about that in a second. low pressure has moved up to our north giving rainfall to the northwest. tomorrow the wind direction will be out of the north and northeast. that's an offshore wind. that will warm you up. temperatures above average. but it's going to dry us out and increase the fire danger because when the relative montgomery goes down things can burn or fires can burn or initiate the burn quicker. so high fire danger the next couple of days but it will be
6:21 pm
warmer outside and you keep the sunshine. highs tomorrow milder san jose 5 degrees warmer 75 for you. concord 77. san francisco tomorrow sunshine, 69 degrees. close to 80 for napa and san rafael. and livermore your high 77 degrees. warmer friday. warmer saturday. highs around 80 near the bay on saturday. what a nice weekend we are going to have no rainfall like last weekend. monday through wednesday of next week we say dry. we could use the rainfall but i think it's still in people's minds let's enjoy the sunshine and warmth while we have it. we still have it. >> plenty of days where it's cold and dreary. >> that's december. >> thank you, paul. sidewalks turn into safety hazards. coming up, why some frustrated bay area homeowners can't remove the root of the problem even though they are responsible for it. >> and one man's quest to unlock voices from the past. the bay area scientist who has just earned the title, genius.
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i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language.
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i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. store in fremont this morni. ingenuity. as kpix 5's john ramos tell: being recognized uc-berkeley has always had more than its share of scientific ingenuity. as kpix 5's john ramos test us, one man is being recognized for unlocking the sounds of history. >> reporter: along this silent hallway inside this room the sound of our past is coming to life. and it's coming from of all things a camera. [ scratchy
6:25 pm
noise ] >> reporter: you just heard alexander graham bell the father of the telephone say his name on one of the world's first recordings at the lawrence berkeley national laboratory, physicist dr. carl haber has developed a way of decoding early recordings with microscopic imaging techniques that can create a digital map of the tiny grooves. >> that was the idea that once you had this -- these measurements, it was a rather direct process to map it into sound and that was done. >> reporter: many record, of the past are too fragile to be played back but his equipment never touches the surface so even broken records can be analyzed and decoded. the library of congress is using the equipment to resurrect old recordings on wax and tinfoil like that scratchy rendition of mary had a little lamb. >> mary had a little lamb -- >> reporter: it's a little hard it make out but that was recorded in 1878. >> when you hear it, it's like it sounds like a person.
6:26 pm
so when that person was alive 140 years ago or something, that's very special to people. just i think spiritually it just -- you feel like you have a connection to the past. >> reporter: for making that link to the past today dr. haber was awarded a macarthur foundation genius grant providing recognition and a $625,000 gift with no strings attached. the idea is to give innovative scientists the resources to explore with no limitations. >> that's their intention in giving you this freedom because they think you use freedom in the past in a good way and that more freedom is better. >> reporter: by freeing their minds it's hoped that men like haber can further mankind's knowledge into the future even when it means listening to the past. in berkeley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> incredible. well, dr. haber says he is not sure exactly where his research will lead. but he is hoping his technology can create a broader
6:27 pm
understanding of our cultural heritage. coming up in our next half hour, why politicians and protestors are fighting so hard to keep a bay area couple from losing their home. >> we have trick or treaters through this neighborhood and it's dark. somebody could get hurt. >> sidewalks that looks more like steps. why some bay area homeowners are on the hook for these hazards. >> and it's an unusual tactic to make the roads safer. how new highway signs aim to combat distracted driving. it would charge overnight. ener. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
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d in their san now at 6:30, a big rally today in support of an elderly bay area couple on the verge of losing their home. the lees have lived in their san francisco home for decades and they have no plans to leave. but mark kelly tells us the landlord has a plan for the building. >> reporter: the landlord has a new idea for the building at 1508 jackson but not if these folks have anything to say about it. [ cheering ] >> reporter: dozens gathered on jackson to show solidarity with the lee family. >> can you just help us fan to
6:31 pm
a place to live? the response was a court action to evict them. >> boo! >> reporter: the lees have lived in this apartment 34 years are still craig for their disabled daughter here but the sheriff could evict them at any moment. mr. lee stands quietly in the shadows as his defenders call for justice. >> we demand that the sheriff's office put this eviction off and we stand in solidarity with the lees and any other families that are facing this kind of injust. >> whoo! >> reporter: in fact, many here wear these green badges a sign they are willing to go to jail for the lees. >> we have tried everything and this is our last resort. >> reporter: this protest centers around the ellis act a state law on the books from 1985, tek nek cloudy it allows landlords to legally go out of business. but any label it too business friendly saying it's nothing more than a means for landlords to upgrade rent
6:32 pm
controlled apparents into high- priced condominiums. an ellis act eviction is perfectly legal but with those tripling this year, politicians are jumping on the side of the tenants and want the law fixed. >> we'll stand up for the lee family and come back again when you ee haven't another one of us here in the crowd. >> i think it really is the issue of the day. it is an issue that goes to the heart of who we are as a city. >> reporter: except for the lees this eight-unit apartment building is empty. the other tenants accepted the evictions. although many here know the lees will have to leave home eventually too, they hope this protest is a wake-up call on the reality of real estate in san francisco. >> we have to do something. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> of course, there is for side to this story and we reached out to the landlord's lawyer for comment but so of so far, we have not heard back. a fremont couple says the city is blocking their plan to
6:33 pm
fix a sidewalk safety issue at their own expense. this big magnolia tree is pushing up the sidewalk in front of their house creating a triple hazard. but they say the city denied their request for a permit to replace it with a smaller tree because a magnolia is still healthy. this despite a city law that says homeowners are responsible for fixing those kinds of problems. >> wait a second. it's my tree. i should be able to cut it down as long as we follow the rules and put another smaller tree back in. there should be no problem but they still wouldn't give me a permit. >> the city does allow removal of healthy trees that pose a hazard but it requires an inspection by an arborist at the homeowners's expense. >> they say the feds are leaving the door open to tragedy like the ones that claimed the lives of their children. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, why those parents say thousands of cars aren't as safe as the government's promise they would be. >> see all of this? this is bad. i'll tell you why with mobile weather as the news continues on kpix 5.
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>> it's premier week here on cbs. here's what's on tonight. with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dr improvements two parents who backed over their own children in their own driveways are suing the federal government for dragging its feet over safety improvements on their cars. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains what they are asking for. >> reporter: one parent tragically killed his 2-year- old son another injured her daughter in what are described as backover accidents. the parents and safety groups say rear view cameras should be mandatory in cars. so does the law passed in 2008. yet only 7 out of 10 new cars have video monitors. and critics blame the national highway traffic safety administration for not doing its job. it missed the 2011 deadline for
6:37 pm
enforcing the law and safety groups say the stalling tactics contributed to 200 deaths and 1700 injuries a year. the government says it will quote recommend rear view cameras. safety groups are suing calling that insufficient. new york state is sending a message to drivers who text behind the wheel. the state's putting up nearly 300 signs to inform drivers of how many more miles until the next text stop. those are rest stops and parking lots where drivers can safely pull over and read or send text messages. texting while driving is illegal in most states including california. here in the golden state the fine for a first offense is $159. then it's 279. first amazon then ebay now google same-day delivery service has gone live in the bay area. from target to toys 'r us, to walgreens, google's partnering with more than 15 local retailers and will deliver online purchases within three
6:38 pm
to five hours for a mere $5 a store. google contracts with courier service driving mostly google branded cars delivering stuff for the same price you would pay if you went to the store yourself. the catch? you have to sign up for a free google wallet account to pay for your purchases. we put it to the test and got our delivery in about three hours for free. in fact, deliveries are free for anyone who orders today and you get a six-month membership for free. right now the program only covers the bay area from san francisco to san jose. it doesn't include the east bay. and keep in mine google partners with these specific local stores so if the store is out of stock then google is, too. >> at what point is google going to run the world? >> we're close. >> thank you. even the unanswerable doesn't intimidate this week's jefferson award winners. >> why did it happen? they're looking for an answer that maybe is not an answer they're going to fine.
6:39 pm
>> what they're doing to help families avoid the tragedy they endured. >> did you hear from your kids early this morning? ma, dad, it's cold outside. guess what, a couple degrees cooler tomorrow morning with lows in the 40s in the north bay low 50s elsewhere. but it's about how warm it's going to get. find out which day is going to the warmest the self day forecast coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. the america's cup is open but the party is just getting started. a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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together, mary and vic ojakn it week's jefferson award winners are a formidable team an kate kelly joins to us explain why. >> is they are a dynamic due roadway you might say. together mary and vic ojakian have raised four children an each built successful careers. nick was even mayor of palo alto but none of that prepared them for what happened nine years ago. >> i was very naive thinking boy i have great kids and i'm a good guy and everything is just fine. >> reporter: that's when vic an mary ojakian learned that their 21-year-old son adam a student
6:43 pm
at uc-davis died by suicide. >> most people ask the question, why? >> reporter: what vic and mary learned after talking with adam's friends and professors was that for the first time adam was dealing with depression. >> he did show some signs but nobody had ever been trained to recognize these thing. >> reporter: not adam, his friends or teachers knew enough to get him the help that was available. suicide is the second leading cause of death among college aged students and 70% don't seek treatment. vic and mary realized there was a lack of awareness of. people didn't want to talk about mental illness and there had been cutbacks. >> a lot of campuses were cutting back on things and the first thing they decide to cut back on is their mental health services. >> reporter: so the ojakians lobbied for millions of dollars through a statewide initiative so that all uc, state and community colleges could expand student mental health services. >> vic and mary have made talking about mental health an
6:44 pm
okay thing to do. >> reporter: stephanie welch oversees the state student mental health program. >> we want to make sure that we provide resources, education, that we teach people about the warning signs and that people know that suicide is preventable. >> reporter: in santa clara county, the ojakians helped create a countywide strategic plan for suicide prevention. and when a palo alto school experienced a rash of suicides, they work on a prevention program that's being adopted by school districts around the state to. >> things can change. so there are things we can do. we don't have to suffer in silence. we're just there to help save a life. >> reporter: so for helping to save lives in their community and across the state, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to vic and mary ojakian. now, the ojakians gave us a lot of resources and we are going to shar them with you. we posted them all online. one in particular, is a marvelous website. go to our website, click on the logo at the top of
6:45 pm
the page and jefferson awards and you'll find all that information. it's available. >> depression' key to a lot of this. we are seeing it in the military, law enforcement, students. >> and help is there. you just need to know how to reach out to the people you love and those people who are going through depression or mental illness. they need to know there's a lot of support out there. >> thank you. well, switching gears, paul deanno here to talk about the weather. >> the temperatures doing a little dip up and down. we hit bottom today but they are going back up and we'll talk about the fire danger coming up in a second. live look outside you have waited all sum more for this. now that it's fall you're sunny at ocean beach. sunshine mid-60s. current temperatures if you are heading out for a walk after dinner somewhat brisk inland. lower han normal. livermore 67.
6:46 pm
santa rosa 69. everybody in the 60s including san jose 64. and san francisco currently 61 degrees. speaking of the city on monday you were as warm as 76. then we dropped things down over a 2 day span. you are 13 degrees cooler than where you were at the beginning of the week but you're going back up. you will get close to 80s. mcpherson elementary school in napa sunshine across the board clear, chilly tomorrow morning. when school wraps up you will be sunny and mild 7 degrees. a lot of students, 650 of them. the school is used as an elementary school and community center. and they also have a youth leadership academy. mcpherson elementary school in napa schoolcast school today. get your school on television. it's easy. head to our website let's talk about what's going on weather-wise the next couple of days. the same low pressure area that gave us the onshore flow and rainfall just to our north the past few days all it's doing is moving inland and winds always flow counterclockwise.
6:47 pm
so we'll get a wind off the land eliminate the influence of the pacific ocean so it's going to be warmer and less humid. that means fire danger is going to increase and the offshore winds will warm us up to levels that we have not seen this week in the bay near the bay. we're talking about temperatures hitting 80 degrees as soon as friday for some of you especially in the south bay. the breeze has picked up. you probably noticed that this afternoon. that's going to be with us for the rest of the week. the warmest days will be on friday and saturday where the coast if you are headed to the beach you're going to be in the 70s and near the bay we will have highs in the 80s as soon as friday. tomorrow, we're warming up but we're not back to normal yet. livermore 77. 6 degrees below average. san jose 75. six degrees below normal, as well. san mateo 72. half moon bay 67. 70s really comfortable for benicia, walnut creek and pleasanton. vallejo 77 degrees. daly city will hit 67. 70s low 70s for richmond and berkeley rohnert park 75. lakeport tomorrow 76 degrees. warming up look at friday close
6:48 pm
to 80 near the bay 80s inland. the warmest day will be saturday. sunday still sunny just not as warm. and next week a little bit cloudier, and cooler but well within that comfort zone. beautiful early fall weather. one fly in the ointment though that fire danger our mobile weather and roberta gonzales joining us from oakland. >> reporter: official sundown at 7:00 and it is cooling off quickly. good evening, everybody. here is in the oakland hills right beneath the oakland zoo, it's breezy and adding a chill to the air. currently the relative humidity is at 51%. i was up here tonight because i wanted to talk about red flag warning that goes into effect tonight. so what does that mean. think about mount diablo. a glow in flames just a couple of weeks ago and to tell you more about the east bay hills
6:49 pm
here we all remember the oakland firestorm of 1991. thousands of homes an billions were burned. 25 people were killed. that was during the autumn months. there were several big fires in the area during the autumn months. tomorrow what can you expect during that very warm dry autumn day? first off, high fire danger through friday. secondly relative humidity goes down to about 20% and perhaps even less. and some extremely windy conditions especially in the higher elevations. again here we are in the oakland hills. take a look at this here. i have to tell you about 95% of this shrub has been cut down or eaten by the local goats which is great but we have a lot of dust. this stuff is the ground covering and if you get a spark underneath it, well, it can smolder and cause a fire. look over here to some of the hills in the oakland -- the homes in the oakland hills. they are doing what is right. they have cut the trees down to where they are supposed to be. they are not allowing vegetation up against the house
6:50 pm
and they manicured the area around the home. they are doing good things here in the oakland hills where we have a red flag warning in effect through friday. for more weather information visit us online at reporting for mobile weather in the oakland hills, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
take a guess who this guy w rooting for??? i think ken bastida has that same shirt. time to check in with the skipper dennis o'donnell and sports. >> reporter: the party is king and the band at the amphitheater and the souvenirs 50% off now. get them while they are hot. jimmy spithill is bigger than elvis presley tonight engineering the greatest comeback in sports history. usa versus new zealand winner- take-all race 19. near disaster right out of the chute for team usa. the kiwis would lead by 65 meters. the two would split off at gate 2 and for the second day in a row team usa takes control on the third mark of the downhill leg. and no drama at the finish line. and there are the colors. red, white and blue in the water team oracle wins 8
6:54 pm
straight races to complete the incredible comeback and larry ellison hops aboard to celebrate with his team. >> long time ago i was asked is it worth $100 million to win the america's cup? and i said i had no idea. i had never won the america's cup. i had lost two in a row. and you know, the it costs the same to win than to lose. it's certainly better to win the cup. >> do you think they outspent you? >> i would -- [ laughter ] >> do i really need to answer that. >> if you could dictate the next america's cup, where would it be. >> it would be in auckland i can tell you that. [ laughter ] >> okay. baseball, unfortunately for the a's they woken have to face weaver in the play-offs. the angels a's held the a's to one run over 7. first one to score off weaver since 2012.
6:55 pm
bottom of the 5th eric abar up the middle. another run scores to make it 2- 0 angels. a's rally in the ninth. but ernesto blows the fastball by callaspo. we all know that the san francisco bay is a great place who. the america's cup but bud selig is concerned they would have to have it there. >> the oakland a's stadium. it's a pit. it reminds me of the coney and shea stadium. >> you have had this committee working for this long. >> you have one team that wants to move and the other team doesn't want to move and it's a very complicated situation. the more we have gotten into it the more difficult it is. but before i leave, i'm satisfied we'll work out something. >> how tough is it on you for
6:56 pm
the commissioner knowing this team has been so good the last two years and you're going to play post-season games as you say in the pit? >> i'm not happy about it. it's an unfortunate mess. i wish there was an easy solution about in truth there is not. carlos gomez was in no hurry to trot around the bases. he had words at first bay. we'll take a guess how it went over with the braves. brian mccann is waiting for him. both benches empty. gomez touched home plate before being ejected. raiders quarterback terrelle pryor was with the team for meetings today but has not been cleared to return to practice after suffering a concussion monday night. now, if pryor can't go sunday matt flynn would start. or could there be another option? >> have you yourself ever played quarterback? >> uhm, you know, i usedded to
6:57 pm
play -- i was all time quarterback when we played in the street when we were little. you know what? come back here. tell everybody how you got ready for your role in "shrek 2". >> i did a lot of -- i did a lot of studying, you know, i watched you, you know. >> you watched me? >> observed you quite well, you know, without -- >> give us a little hey donkey real quick. [ laughter ] >> the skins and the raiders on sunday. super bowl mmxvi in the bay area, and the america's cup in 2017. how about that? >> the commissioner wants to use the elevator, dennis. [ laughter ] >> very good. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> very good, ken. >> yes, i do. okay. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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