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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 26, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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se of a fire a . this is kpix 5 news. thousands of bay area commuters get stuck in their tracks for hours because of a fire and a little bad luck. gooending. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm liz booth cook. this is why. that's a hose laid across the tracks to fight a brush fire in burling game. brieven webb says the delays were so bad, some commuters made a beer run. brian. >> some guys made a beer run, others scrambled for buses and bart. they were all trying get past the little stretch of track back there behind me and hopefully get home at a respectable hour. caltrain cars packed with impatient commuters moved at a snail's pace late into the
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evening, but tft better than not moving at all. >> going to take maybe two, three hours. >> the fire start right next to the traks just as the evening rush got going chld instead, everything groungd to a halt. fire crews had to run these hoses right toefr train tracks to get to the fire stopping the trains in their tracks for well over an hour. this man troef up from san jose to get his wife three hours late and way past their son's bedtime. >> she normally just arrives at san jose, but now she has to drop hearst off here. >> a little after 8:00 tonight, traks were cleerd and trains began running again at ten mile an hour speed limit for safety, finally going but getting nowhere fast. these guys made the best of it with a quick bear run. >> go out and get some beer. >> we have hopes to get some tonight.
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>> another issue tonight, several caltrain workers were up against the maximum allowable hours they could work. they had to be remrasd before the trains can start running again. the trains are back at full speed. live, brian web, kpix 5. tonight's question is will larry ellison bring the america's cup race back to san francisco in four years. here are the sailors from oracle team usa. by now you heard what happened. they're tringing champagne from the cup moments after pulling off a win nobody saw coming. >> i'm so excited fur the team and all the guys. i know all the hard work they put into this. >> thousands of fans packed the waterfront to watch oracle make its final cross over the finish line. our own joe vasquez is at the big party celebrating win.
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. >> sauch big question on everyone's mind. through that fwaet right there about four check points down, oracle team usa is still celebrating. as for that question, larry elson did answer it sort of. >> oracle team usa's billionaire owner larry ellison celebrates with his sailors after one of the biggest comebacks in sports history, down 8 races to juan week a they won the next eight straight races to win the america's cup. what made the difference in erlison now says the team ceo made crucial adjustments to the boat. >> we're town 8 to 1, and rus el says, you know, doesn't make sense they're faster than us up wind. we just had to configure the boat properly. engineering team, guys out in the water finally broke the
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code. >> i asked ellison to elaborate. >> you mentioned you broke the code. a lot of people want to know what to you mean by you mroek the code. >> is rus el in the room? are we allowed to talk about that? we made a lot of changes on the boat. the boys sailed the boat quite a bit differently. we put the bow down and went fast rather than sailing hire and slower. . >> the next race can be anywhere in the country. ellison says he'd still like to kiept right here. >> we would love to come back to san francisco. it's a beautiful place to have a spectacular rega that, but we're going to sit down and talk with the officials and see if that's going to be possible to come back. personally i'd love to come back to san francisco. i have a house here. >> yeah. so he would like to bring it
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back to san francisco, but made absolutely no commitment to doing that. they will likely open up for bids, and ellison said he will meet with his team to make the final stigs. reporting live, joe vaz kez, kpix 5. >> after oracle sailed through the finish line and docked the winning boat, team members threw each other in the water making sure to take a final victory swim. san francisco is quick to move forward. before the races wefrn over, trucks moved in to break down the grand stands. tonight weir hearing from the family of a college student who police say was killed for no reason at all. 20-year-old justin valdez, a sophomore at sf state was shot as he was getting off an muni light rail train after class. he was a student athlete from garden grove who won awarsd for swiming in high school. he was also president of the school's environmental club and once voted most likely to change the world. >> he would have done very well
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in this world and done great things for a lot of people. he's just a good, loving, caring person. >> san francisco police arrested 30-year-old hours after they released the surveillance video, and asked for the public's help findsing him. they believe the attack was random and unprovoked. also tonight we have detail it is plan b in case bart workers go out on strike again if a new deal isn't reechd in a couple of weekings between bart and its unions, here's what you can expect. additional ferry service, extended car pool lanes on the freeways to encourage car poolg and 200 extra buses for a free shuttle service in and out of san francisco. . californians who make minimum wage will see more money in their paychecks starting next year. governor signed a bill today that will increase the state's minimum wage from eight bucks an hour to eventually $10 an hour. >> get more money themselves then that's going to be more shopping. that's going to be more stores.
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that's going to be more goods in the stors. >> and it goes up by $1 in july, 2014, another dollar in january of 2016. last statewide increase was 5 #50d cents way back in 2008. google's new home delivery service started for much of the bay area today. you can get nearly anything delivered for 5 bucks. we've seen these kinds of things before, some better than others, so kiet to put it to the test. how did it work out. >> worked out pretty well. in fact, got quite a selection. we were able to get stuff like a pet toy, even underwear. as far as we can tell, the service is good and goolg says it eel only get better. >> shopping on the web versus shopping in person that line, perhaps, has been blurred forever. >> hello. >> hi.been waiting all day for you. >> we test drove google's shopping express today for
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ourselves and, well, it works. >> those are my almond butter. >> google partnered with more than a dozen retailers. today we try out four of them. target, walgreens, bieg everything from beef jerky to underwear, but there is one caveat t. downside is they don't sell perishables so if you look for something like eggs or milk or yogurt you'll come up with lice egg remover and panty hose. . >> check out was quick. at that point a rail lye human being roams the aisles and fills your shopping bag. three hours later the first of four shipments shows up within the promised time but in a mercedes. >> pretty pimp delivery car you got there. >> it turns out this shipment came from a target store in sunny vail 16 miles away. if you thought that was far, listen to this. >> did you really come all the way from redwood city. >> yes, i did.
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>> that's 27 miles away. >> goolg says ietsz because they part fwherd just a few designated stores and target in redwood city happened to be the closest one that had the gra know la. they will add stores over time. >> google says they do not share any of the data they collect about the items you buy with third parties. what they do with it, though, they're not saying. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> sgoolg thinking about adding perishables in the future. coming up, talk about adding insult to injury. why a bay area politician who misused taxpayers money now wants you to pay his legal bills. 911 emergency. what are you reporting. >> only on 5:00, we discover bid hundreds of thousands of people in the bay area are getting the run around when they call 911. and it's like something out of science fiction. how this man controls his bionic leg with his thoughts. it's getting windy in the bay area tonight.
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sfo reporting wind gusts of 45 miles per hour. coming up we'll talk about how the winds will impact our fir,,,
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the former supervierz plead guilty to a dozen political crime ins clugd using taxpayers money to pay for food and his gambling habit. a judge is considering his request. we have learned the 911 system in oakland is way behind the times, stuck in the 20th century, in fact. yes, that mean that is meem in oakland have to wait longer no get help but christin ayers tells us even if you don't live in oakland or never go to oakland, oakland's problem affects you, too. >> shock, lieshgs you know, did this really happen. >> jasmine shepherd doesn't like to talk about the time she was assaulted at this oakland drawn dro mat, but she has plenty to say about her call to 911. >> they asked me where i was. that's when they started transferring my call to somewhere else. >> what jasmine did not know was because she was using a cell phone, her car did not go straight to oakland police. instead it came here to the
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california highway patrol's regional call center in vallejo. after several seconds, she was trapsz fered to oakland's dispatch center where she was put on hold. >> it was really scary. it felt like forr. >> the same thing haptd to me last summer. i witnessed a man firing a gun on this corner in west oakland not 20 feet from me. when i called 911 from cell phone, critical seconds passed before i was connected to highway patrol, then oakland dispatch, then put on hold again. turns out if i had been in any other city in the bay area, i would never have had to teal with that kind of run around. >> i don't know why oakland is dog that. >> brian is with the national 911 association. he says all cell phone 911 calls use today go through the kreshgsh people's exhibit no.. five years ago, the state spent taxpayer dollars on rerouting them. >> it saves time, and in response to emergencies, time matters. >> the only hold out in the
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entire state, tiny atorton and oakland. >> harris gilyard runs oakland's 911 call center. >> every other city in california has figured it out. why not oakland. >> we don't have the staff or the capacity to manage it. >> it's already bad enough. oakland is six seconds over the recommended industry time of 10 seconds for answering a 911 call. add to that the 9-she could avrjd to get through to the chp first. >> that's the total 24, 25 seconds people are waiting. >> it could be, yes. >> that's a long time. >> tas long time. it is a long time. >> are you in oakland. >> that's just average time. we were at the chp dispatch center when someone in oakland who just saw a robbery called 911. >> going to get oakland on the line. okay? try to stay a safe distance away from him, though. okay? . >> we counted. it took a full 28 seconds before
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the dispatcher was able to transfer the call to oakland. >> i have a caller on the line at 11th. >> that's ridiculous. >> for jasmine who gave up after oakland dispatchers put her on hold for five minute, it's all very frus trath. >> they should definitely be on top oift. i lof oakland so i hate to say that. >> chp says if it didn't have to sake 911 cell calls for oakland, it would free up dispatchers to take more calls from drivers on bay area freeway sgls so in her case, the woman there jasmine, eventually she gave up. what happened in your case when you called 911. >> exactly the same thing. i wound up giving up. i was on hold for a long period of time. i was asked whether there was anyone actually hit. i didn't know if there was. after a wlong period of time i finally gave up e. we hear there are a lot of abandoned calls that happen just like that. >> thank you for that. this next story is one of the coolest things we' seen in a long time. a man who lost his leg has a new
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one. a bionic leg that he can kroel with his thoughts, and even he says it blows his sgliend four years ago, zach lost his lower right leg in a motorcycle accident. after gleers a regular prosthetic leg, he's been testing the first one controlled by brain sfwlaefs i seam leslie walk over to a set of stairs and just go up whereas with my normal prosthetic, i kind of have to drag it behind me as i go up the stairs. >> here's how it works. when a person moving, a signal is sent from the brain down to the spinal cord. these impulses control muscles. after an amp tigs, the muscles are no longer there, but the nerves are. zac underwent surgery to move these nerves to his hamstring. sensors in the new leg relay these signals to the computer, which instructs the knee and ankle how to move. >> we've rewired him. >> now bring it back.
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>> a team at the rehabilitation stute of chicago engineered the device. >> you just think about moving along. the guys pushes you along, pushes you upstairs, helps control you when you walk downstairs. >> it really blew my mind the first time we did that. it was pretty amazing experience because i hadn't moved my ankle in way that i could see for two years or whatever sdmrfs the army paid for the research hoping to help more than 1200 soldiers and approximately 1 million americans with lower leg amputations. hot day on the bay today. people out there skreemg and yell tg sunshine. san francisco never looked better. >> it was the coolest day of the week. it wasn't chilly. it felt good out there. only going to be going up temperature wise. something else going up, as well. fire danger. the wind going to nkdz. higher elevations everywhere above 1000 feet. north bay, east bay, south bay. relative humidity going down.
1:58 am
wind gusts will be up. red flag warning in effect from right now through friday morning. that said, what a beautiful, comfortable night it is outside. no cloud cover behind it. with the clear skies, it is going to be quite chilly. lows overnight tonight, santa rosa 48, napa 51, livermore 51. as the front mos through tonight, look what happened in the sierra. that is snowfall coming down close to skwal valley about 6000 feet in elevation we had snow in the sierra today. the snow level actually only going to go up to 7000 feet tomorrow. tis the season for snow to start falling in the sierra. microclimate forecast for tomorrow, chilly start. breezy for you out there. high of 72. sunny and warmer on friday. by friday, you will be close to 80 greece. the low-pressure area that drove that front through today gave usz on shore flow and keerl weather the past couple days has now moved. by tomorrow amp it's off to our east. this will now induce a northerly wind or northeast wind. offshore wind. it'll make you warmer.
1:59 am
80 near the bay as soon as friday and as the offshore winds pick up, also going to dry up. what to expect, breezy to windy for all of us for the rest of the week but going to bring in a warm rush of air. the warmest days will be friday and saturday where it will be 70s at the coast and 80s for highs. every day going to be pretty mild. san jose 75. still 6 greece below average but quite comfortable outside. sunshine for santa clara 74. morgan hill gil roy san mateo 72. sunshine, chilly start, nice finish. antioch you'll hit 77. upper 60s in the city tomorrow. mill valley 77. park 75. sonoma 77 and lake port, your high tomorrow 76 degrees. here is your extended forecast. getting warm on friday and saturday. 80 near the bay. great weather to get outside if you like it warmer. cooler on sunday. showers will likely miss out to the north on monday although see a little bit,,,,,,
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paying $70,000 to own one, now you can rent one from hertz. >> it's adding the all-electric model s to dream car high-end line. it'll cost you about $500 a day. for now, hertz will only carry it in san francisco and la. some drivers trying to get to the airport in alaska are being led right up to the runway after they follow the directions from apple maps. most people turn around but a few drivers drove across it. the airport has blocked the entrance and asked apple to fix the glitch. >> interesting. you were out there today. you were sort of, you know, checking out the crowd, feeling the electricity. tell me about it. >> what am i gonna do without america's cup? i am going to watch the giants and barry zito take his last game as a giants,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] when not treated properly, your carpet stains can reappear. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] try resolve stain remover, the formula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains. and can cost thousands of dollars to repair... thankfully, the powerful dual action formula of rid-x has enzymes to break down waste and time released bacteria to reduce tank build up. rid-x. #1 in septic maintenance. . the bank of the west sports report is next on kpex 5. >> somewhere, larry, el sfant probably watching us right now. larry, congratlation. >> nice job.
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i like how the the entire campaign. the america's cup started with a fun and ended with a bang. the greatest comeback in sports history, but like team usa, man, they finished strong. usa and new zealand would split off game 2 and for the second day in a roy, team usa made better tactical decisions. stars and strieps were waving at the finish line sxlt cup is staying put. team usa with 8-straight races to complete the incredible comeback. larry ellison hopes to bring it balk sglifs asked is it worth a hundred million dollars to win the america's cup. i had r i said i had no idea. it's certainly better, you know, to win the cup. the a eegs are not toing to have to face that anymore. jared weaver, the angels ace held the ace to one run over 7 inning. the first oakland has four off
2:06 am
weaver mae of 2012. bottom of the 5th. eric aybar. oakland lost back-to-back games for first time all month. trail boston by two games in the race for home field advantage playoff. help from the offense. 4 et inning pablo gone. 14th. giants led 5 to 2. in the fifth inning, gets crawford to fly out to end the inning. as he got to the dugout, he's spriedz his night was over. five innings, one run, 77 pichs. he had a conversation with bruce. he wanted to stay in. said no. giants win 6 to 4. so it's the end of an era. his sirs first seven years in oakland, zito had a hundred wince, 3.55 e.r.a., 62 wins in seven years with the giants 4.63 e.r.a.. he's not done yet. it is time for the wednesday night top five. okay. who take it is prekick.
2:07 am
elizabeth. >> the guy on the right. >> did you see that. >> no. no. 4, big time give away moment for this fan. he miss it is foul ball. knocked him over. he's the laughing stock of the stadium. same inning, no. 3, redemption chld it's the same guy. he'll stop at nothing to catch this baseball. bigger comebacks than oracle. no. 2 in colorado. todd helton hit a home run in his last game. he got a horse evidently to ride it off into the sunset. carlos goem ez was in go hurry to try to round the bases after homering off paul. gom ez had worsd. intrien waiting for gomez before he gets to the plate. both, of course, no punches thrown as is
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