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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 26, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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great. we are going to see a lot of sunshine. but going to see some winds around the bay area over the mountaintops today and that means red flag warnings have gone up. more on the forecast coming up. >> speaking of the winds, chp has issued a high wind advisory for the richmond/san rafael bridge. a big rig broken down at 580 in livermore. it's blocking a lane of traffic but so far 580 is moving well between the altamont pass and 680. i'll have more traffic in a few minutes. >> good to have you on board. >> good to be here. a brush fire in burlingame turned the ride home for thousands of commuters into a big nightmare last night. caltrain service was brought to a standstill for hours last night because of that fire. firefighters had to drag hoses across the tracks. you see it there. kpix 5's brian webb with more on the delays that were so bad, some commuters took a break to make a beer run. reporter: caltrain's cars packed with impatient commuters moved at a snail's pace late in the evening but it was better
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than not moving at all. >> going to take two, three hours. >> reporter: the fire started right next to the tracks just as the evening rush got going. instead, everything ground to a halt. fire crews had to run these hoses right over the train tracks to get to the fire, stopping the trains in their tracks for well over an hour. this man drove up from san jose to get his wife three hours late and way past their sunset time. >> she normally just arrived at san jose but now she has to drop herself off here and i need to pick her up. >> reporter: a little after 8:00 the tracks were clear and the trains began running again at a 10-mile-an-hour speed limit for safety. finally going but getting nowhere fast. these guys made the best of it with a quick beer run. [ laughter ] >> go out and get some beer. >> we have folks to give them to tonight. go back straight to work tomorrow morning. >> reporter: brian webb, kpix
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5. >> samtrans buses provided free service along san mateo, burlingame and millbrae during the shutdown. bart and vta accepted caltrain tickets last night, as well. right now, pg&e crews are restoring power to parts of the east bay and the peninsula. power was knocked out to more than 8800 customers in san francisco, daly city and brisbane. it started before midnight. the utility company tweeted power was restored by 3 a.m. castro valley had more than 3100 customers in the dark just before 1 a.m. now only 66 customers are dealing with power outages. >> this morning, will larry ellison bring america's cup racing back to san francisco in four years? the sailors from oracle team usa drank a lot of champagne from the cup yesterday moments after pulling a win nobody saw coming. >> i'm so excited for the team and all the guys. i know all the hard work they put in to get this. >> usa, usa!
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>> thousands of fans packed the waterfront yesterday afternoon to watch oracle make its final cross over the finish line to finish a historic comeback. they had to win eight straight races to hold on to the cup. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez asked larry ellison how did they do it? >> reporter: oracle team usa's billionaire owner larry ellison celebrates with his sailors. after one of the biggest comebacks in sports history, down 8 races to 1 a week ago, they won the next 8 straight races to win the america's cup. what made the difference? ellison says the team's ceo made some crucial adjustments to the boat. >> we're down 8-1 and russell says, you know, it doesn't make sense that they're faster than us up wind. we just had to configure the boat properly. our engineering team, the guys out on the water, finally broke
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the code. finally figured out what we had to do. >> reporter: i asked ellison to elaborate. >> you mentioned you broke the code. a lot of people want to know, what do you mean by you broke the code? what did you do? what -- >> i don't know, is russell in the room? are we allowed to talk about that? >> we made a lot of changes on the boat. we -- the boys sailed the boat quite a bit differently. we put the bow down and went fast rather than sailing higher and slower. just like there was better b mg going fast but we did a lot of other things, as well. >> reporter: the next race can be anywhere in the country. ellison says he still would like to keep it right here. >> we would love to come back to san francisco. again, it's a beautiful place to have a regatta. it's a spectacular regatta. but we're going to sit down and talk with the officials in san francisco and see if that's going to be possible to come back. you know, personally i'd love to come back to san francisco. i have a house here. [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> among other things. okay. after oracle sailed through the finish line and docked the winning boats, some team members threw one another into the water, it's a tradition, making sure to take a final victory swim in the bay. san francisco was quick to move forward, too. before the races were over, trucks were breaking down the grand stands. you can check for all things america's cup including the video of the last leg of the final race yesterday and hundreds of photos looking at the entire cup. police arrested a man they say killed a san francisco state student for no reason at all. 20-year-old justin valdez of southern california, was shot and killed as he got off a muni light rail monday night. he was on the water polo team and the environmental club. he was voted most likely to change the world. >> he would have done very well in this world and done great things for a lot of people. he is just a good loving caring
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person. >> police arrested 30-year-old nikhom thephakaysone hours after they released the surveillance video yesterday. investigators believe the attack was random and unprovoked. pleasanton police have identified four people they believe were present when a father was beaten into a coma. 51-year-old david lamont was attacked saturday night after asking a group of teens outside his home to quiet down. police are considering an 8- year-old as a person of interest. they -- an 18-year-old as a person of interest as well as three underaged witnesses. no one has been named a suspect. bart is working out the details of a plan b in caseworkers walk off the job again next month. here's what you can expect if there is another strike. additional ferry service, extended carpool lanes on the freeways to encourage carpool lanes, and 200 extra buses for a free shuttle service in and out of san francisco. fingers crossed, let's hope they can figure this out in the next two or three weeks. >> right. no kidding. >> coming up. let's get another check on the weather. >> all right, guys. >> how are you doing today?
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>> i'm doing good. glad to be here. we have some changes coming our way and i think you'll like them. a lot of sunshine outside. still, got to contend with some winds outside. it looks like those winds are already blowing over some of the mountaintops. so red flag warnings in the bay area mountains above 1,000 feet. we'll have to watch that the next couple of days. we are expecting some low humidity. not the worst that we've seen but you will see some gusty winds to as much as 45 miles an hour. humidity coming down to about 30 to 40% so got to be careful. fire danger running elevated the next couple of days. around the bay area this morning, starting out a little chilly in spots. some 40s and some 50s early on today but by the afternoon still going to be breezy in spots and especially toward the coastline those winds will be kicking up and the temperatures, well, still going to stay cool. a little bit warmer than yesterday but these numbers well below average about 78 degrees in livermore. about 69 degrees in san francisco. let's check out the roads with liza battalones. >> reporter: the thursdays commute off to a good start with no major accidents out there and very light traffic
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over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll begin there, where westbound traffic is moving very well leaving oakland heading into san francisco. in the oakland area, there is roadwork along 880 northbound three left lanes shut down for construction approaching high street. the golden gate commute looking good here. southbound traffic flowing well leaving sausalito. do keep in mind lawrence has been talking about those winds. the chp has issued a high wind advisory for the richmond/san rafael bridge. 580 though looking good between marin county and the east bay. san mateo bridge moving well in both directions. no delays between foster city and hayward. but we have a stalled big rig. it's out along 580 westbound in the livermore area. it is causing just a brief slowdown. that's a look at the thursday drive. michelle? >> thank you. time is running out for congress. the federal government will run out of money if democrats and republicans can't pass a budget by tuesday. cbs reporter susan mcginnis with signs that the gop leaders may be willing to make a deal.
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reporter: >> mr. cruz, aye. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz joined his senate colleagues in voting to begin debate on a bill to keep the government funded. cruz voted yes after spending 21 hours on the senate floor to try to preserve part of the bill that would defund obamacare. cruz's republican colleagues conceded they don't have the votes to eliminate the president's healthcare law. >> we will need 13 democrats to override a presidential veto. >> reporter: a final vote on a resolution without the obamacare provision is expected in the senate tomorrow and then the bill heads back to the house where anything could happen. >> it's really unclear how the house is going to react to all of this. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are meeting to figure out their next move. democrats had dinner here on capitol hill last night and appeared to be on the same page. >> where are you all on limiting obamacare? >> totally 100% against. >> reporter: republicans meet today and while some rank-and- file members want to keep up
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the fight, gop leadership may be willing to deal. >> i think these guys are smart enough to see what the polls show and that they will take a brunt of the blame if government does shut down. >> reporter: a new cbs news/new york times poll shows 44% of americans would blame republicans for a shutdown. 35% would blame president obama and democrats. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> cbs news has learned republicans are considering another attempt at delaying the president's healthcare law when he gets the bill back from the senate. that decision will likely be made in today's meeting. big bump in california's minimum wage will make it the highest in the country. the governor signed a bill yesterday that will increase the state's minimum wage up from $8 an hour to $10 an hour eventually. millions of workers will see the change in their paychecks starting next year. >> they get more money themselves, then that's going to be more shopping. that's going to be more stores. that's going to be more goods in the stores. >> it goes up a buck in july of
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2014 and another dollar in january 2016. the last statewide increase was 50 cents back in 2008. time now, 4:41. special delivery from google. we test out the new service that gets your online orders to your door in just hours. >> plus, how some tech savvy students managed to crack through security settings and hijack some school sanctioned ipads. that story and more when we come back. ,,
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the federal reserve says u-s household net worth jumped 2 percent this spring. it's uo nearly 75 trillion americans are becoming wealthier over at. the federal reserve says united states households network jumped some 2% over the springtime. it's up to nearly $75 trillion. gains in home and stock values accounted for much of the increase. when the opening bell sounds on wall street this morning, the dow will try to snap a five-day losing streak. the blue chips lost about 60 points yesterday. nasdaq slipped some 7. u.s. postal service is asking for a 3-cent increase to mail a letter. that means a single stamp could
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cost you 49 cents now. also wants to increase postage for both mail and magazines. -- bulk mail and magazines. they expect to lose $6 billion this year. the price increase if approved would start january. google's home delivery service is now available in the bay area. you can get stuff delivered to your home within a few hours of buying it. so kpix 5's kiet do put it to the test. reporter: shopping on the web versus shopping in person. that line perhaps has been blurred forever. >> hello. >> hi. i have been waiting outline day for you. >> reporter: we test drove google's shopping express today for ourselves and, well, it works. my almond butter. >> reporter: google has partnered with more than a dozen retailers. today we try out four of them, target, walgreens, nob hill and rei. buying everything from beef jerkky to underwear but there is one caveat. the downside is they don't sell
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perishables. so eggs, milk, yogurt, life egg remover and legs pantyhose. check out was quick, three clicks. at that point a person shops for you. three hours later the first of four shipments shows up within the promised time. but in a mercedes. that's a pretty pimp delivery car you have there. >> yeah, we don't have a google car today so i had to drive my own car. >> reporter: this shipment came from a target store in sunnyvale 16 miles away. if you thought that was far, listen to this. did you really come all the way from redwood city? >> uhm, yes, i did. >> reporter: that's 27 miles away. google says it's because they partnered with just a few predesignated stores and a target in redwood city just happened to be the closest one that had the granola. the company says they will add stores over time to improve selection and efficiency. kiet do, kpix 5. >> google may deliver perishables in the future.
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>> kind of cool. >> they do everything? >> apparently. >> it is amazing. guys, today we'll see some changes coming our way. looks like things going to start to warm up a little around the bay area. the winds still a concern especially for fire danger. going to be elevated the next couple of days, not the worst fire conditions we have ever seen but we have to be careful around the bay area. all right. out the door right now we have temperatures running a little chilly this morning in spots. we have some 40s and some 50s, mostly clear, breezy conditions already over some of the mountaintops and that's why the red flag warnings are up. this afternoon, we'll see some more sunshine and temperatures a little bit warmer pushing well into the 70s and windy in spots in some of the interior valleys. breezy inside the bay and 70s, you'll see 70s out toward the coastline with some gusty winds. low pressure kicking eastward. high pressure building in. a pressure gradient developing gusty winds so modest warning fire danger high in the next couple of days. then the ridge settles in and the fire danger will diminish over the weekend. around the bay area still a
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breezy beginning to the day but picking up as we head throughout the day at least down below so again, expect that along the coastline and through the golden gate, you will see some windy spots at times into the afternoon. temperature-wise, though, we'll start to warm things up about 74 degrees in san jose, 73 in san mateo, east bay areas looking at numbers moving well into the 70s this afternoon with sunny skies. and you'll find sunshine inside the bay about 75 degrees today in oakland. 69 in san francisco. and 75 in mill valley. next couple of days we'll warm those temperatures up looking nice this weekend. but we have introduced a chance at least a slight chance of some showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge on monday. all right. let's check the roads now with liza battalones. >> good morning. heads up for the problem now being reported in the walnut creek area. it happened about an hour ago involving an oil spill. chp, caltrans, everybody's out there trying to clean this up across all lanes of northbound 680 approaching olympic boulevard. you can see it is beginning to slow down some traffic along northbound 680 as you leave
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highway 24. the bay bridge commute westbound traffic still fine approaching the bay bridge pay gates. no problems to report to you there. there is roadwork the same stuff there along the nimitz northbound 880 at high street. we have a few lanes of traffic coned off for the construction. they will be out there for the next 20 minutes or so. san mateo bridge holding steady with still no major problems to report leaving hayward area heading towards foster city. and then the silicon valley, getting into the silicon valley, southbound 880 has been fine. still no big delays leaving mission boulevard in the fremont area. that continues very light approaching the 237 interchange. and once you're in the south bay 101 has been free and clear then any big problems in san jose right here the headlights you're looking at would be northbound 101 approaching mckee. no problems to speak of through san jose or along 280 getting through downtown. that's a look at traffic. guys? >> thank you, liza. 4:48. the fbi has released some chilling new surveillance video from that navy yard shooting in
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washington, d.c. it shows the gunman aaron alexis there roaming the halls with a shotgun. investigators say alexis didn't target anyone specifically and he was prepared to die on that day. he left a note behind saying he was being bombarded by ultra low frequency radiowaves that drove him to kill. a dozen people died in the attack. you may already subscribe to emergency text alerts but now you can get emergency tweets, as well. a new system let's emergency officials directly communicate through twitter alerts in times of crisis. fema, the red cross and the department of homeland security have already signed up. twitter users can decide which alerts they get. out smarting teens when it comes to high-tech is a hard thing to do. the l.a. unified school district handed out over 300 ipads to high school students. social networking was blocked and not allowed on the ipads. but oh, yeah, the students found a way to bypass that. >> after that came back make that one home and i was on
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facebook. then i told some friends. >> i didn't take out any programs off here. so i don't think they should take away mine. >> the district wants those ipads back to fix the security issues. students will not be punished though and there are plans to ease those restrictions too. time now is 4:50. it's like something out of a science fiction novel. how this man controls his bionic leg with his thoughts. ,,
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looking to spice up your weekend? the salsa festival in downtown redwood city sunny warm 80 degrees. >> traffic slowing down along 580 in the livermore area. a big rig broke down blocking
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at least one lane of traffic. i'll have details on this and more on your morning commute in just a few minutes. a former bay area politician convicted of misusing taxpayer money now wants taxpayers to bail him out. former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa, jr. has requested a public defender. shirakawa resigned in march and says he is broke. he pleaded guilty to a dozen political crimes including using taxpayer money to pay for food and gambling. he is still facing a felony charge related to a campaign mailer from 2010. a judge is considering the request. a fremont couple says they are caught in a big catch-22. they claim the city is blocking their plan to fix sidewalk safety issue at their own expense. roots from this big magnolia tree are pushing up the sidewalk in front of their home but they say the city denied the request for a permit to replace it with a smaller tree. that's because the magnolia is perfectly healthy. there's also a city law that
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says homeowners need to fix problems like that one. >> wait a second, isn't it my tree? i should be able to cut it down as long as i follow the rules and put a smaller tree back in. there should be no problem, but they still wouldn't give me a permit. >> city does allow removal of healthy trees that pose a hazard but making that call requires an inspection by an arborist at the homeowners' expense. this is cool. a man who lost his leg has a new one. a bionic leg that he can control with his thoughts. even he says it blows his mind. our elizabeth cook explains how it works. reporter: four years ago, he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. after years in a prosthetic leg he is testing the first one controlled by brainwaves. >> just go up foot over foot up the stairs like you do whereas with my normal prosthetic i have to drag it behind me.
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>> reporter: here's how it works. when a person thinks about moving a signal is sent from the brain down through the spinal cord. these impulses control muscles. after an amputation the muscles are no longer there you about the nerves are. zac had surgery to remove these nerves to his hamstrings. sensors relay the nerve signals to a computer which instructs the knee and ankle how to move. >> the simplest way to explain it is we have rewired him. >> now bring it back -- >> reporter: a team at the rehabilitation institute of chicago engineered the device. >> you just think about moving along, the device pushes you along, pushes you upstairs, helps control you when you walk downstairs and it does everything in a seamless manner. >> it really blew my mind the first time that we did that. it was a pretty amazing experience because i hadn't moved my ankle in a way i could see for two years or waiver it was. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> the army paid for the
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research hoping to help thousands of soldiers and a million americans with lower leg amputations. 4:56. a tesla test drive. how you can take out a tesla for just a couple of hundred dollars. >> reporter: a red flag warning has been issued across the bay area. the conditions that are going to make us vulnerable to fires. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the america's cup will stay in america. >> the san francisco bay the scene of sports history as oracle pulls off a comeback for the ages. >> weather no deal in site, bay area transit officials laid out plans to deal with another bart strike. and it looks like a second strike is likely to be even worse. >> so far plans include adding ferry service, extending freeway carpool lane hours to
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all day to encourage riders and bart running some 200 buses for a free shuttle service in and out of san francisco. >> we test drove google's shopping express today for ourselves, and, well, it works. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> and that's when it was on at that point. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's thursday, september 26. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 now. and we begin this hour with some breaking news right here in san francisco. one man stabbed to death following the giants-dodgers game last night. we just got an update from the police. they say two groups of men got into a fight near 3rd and harrison streets around 11:30. the victim stabbed and later died at the hospital. police have three people in custody and are interviewing witnesses right now. and our other top story this morning, the fire danger of course. let's get right over to
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meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> fire danger elevated the next couple of days. we are seeing gusty winds likely to develop over the mountaintops. so above 1,000 feet or so, some red flag warnings are going up. down below, we'll see some winds developing around the bay area today. in fact, already seeing a little bit of a breeze this morning. we have 10 miles per hour out of the west at sfo. 12 out of the northwest in oakland. and north-northwestly winds at 8 miles per hour in vallejo. so a gentle breeze this morning but over the mountaintops already a little more windy. those red flag warnings extending around most bay area mountaintops. above 1,000 feet or so. strong gusty winds expected there. maybe as much as 45 miles per hour. of course, humidity coming down, as well. some of those winds out of the northerly direction so humidity down to about 30 to 40% so not the worst fire conditions that we have ever seen. yet still elevated fire danger over the next couple of days. temperature-wise starting out a little cool this morning in the 40s and the 50s. we'll have more on your weather coming up. right now let's go live to cate caugiran


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