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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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police are now on the hunt for the so-called white widow. a gunman shoots several people and miraculously did not. >> police made six arrests in the party that trashed the home of a former nfl player.
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>> a suspect slams into another vehicle and goes flying. governor jan brewer spent part of the first day honoring the air men and then this. a gift to cyberspace. >> all that matters. the best relief throwing his last pitch at yankee stadium. >> mariano rivera. >> he said it. derek jeter came together and everything changed. >> i love you guys. thank you very much. >> cbs this morning. >> secretary of state john kerry expressing optimism after dealing with iran to discuss the nuclear program. >> he's a moderate as well as an impersonator.n >> this morning's eyeopener is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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. >> only four days left until theor days left government could shut down.nt could s welcome to cbs this morning. good morning. >> good morning and happy friday. a lot to talk about.nora >> we begin in washington where humans of thousands of employees may learn if they will be sent home next s some may have to stay without a paycheck. >> they don't agree on how 20 end the stalemate and senate republicans can't agree with one another. on capitol him, nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. republicans have been at odds over this strategy from the beginning and the divisions still doubt in the public eye yesterday as leaders announce ifsident's hea they couldn't defund the health care law they would come at it laid a different way. john boehner laid down thursday will not a announcing house republicans not t not accept the bill that sends see
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them. >> i do not see that happening. >> instead house republicans may re attache repeal of a medical device text that helps to fund health the health care law or a had of mandate year delay requiring all american s to buy health y insurance. democrats say if republicans try th that days before the deadline they will be courting a government shut down. >> obama care is the law. it is the law. has been has been for four years. it is declared constitutional. we have to move on to something else. to >> approximate are house republicans upped the ante with a long list of initiatives they want passed to raise the debt list ceiling next month. it includes construction of the keystone pipeline. more offshore oil drilling and a delay year long delay of the entire affordable affordable care act. are an are any of those items things that you could accept or compromise on? >> no. >> the president said it's black mail. >> no c >> no congress before this one
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has ever ever in history been irresponsible enough to threateneporter: s default. tea >> some feel tea party ushed colleagues pushed the fight too far.sday when two tea party senators ted cruz freshm of texas and mike lee of utah lost an attempt to speed up the speed up t remaining votes on the bill to >> the fund the government. >> the american people are a lot watching and a lot of them expected this might occur fridayve expecte or saturday. >> furious fellow republicans accused them of putting tha publicity before policy. >> the reason we are waiting is y'all sent out releases and ut e-mails and you want everybody to watch. it doesn't seem to me that that's in our nation's interest. >> cruz and lee held firm that it takes place today. things have gotten so bad around here that house republican and
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democratic leaders ask if he divine could pass order up for a littley. divine intervention. i >> they are closing to eliminating chemical weapons. the united states and russia on t agreed on the wording of the un council resolution. the counsel could vote later if t today if the plan is approved. un inspections would begin by does tuesday. the resolution does not call for automatic punishments if syria doesn't live up to" report "the washington post" reports that serious chemical stockpiles may be easier to destroy than expected.pect >> the u.s. and iran held their highest level talks in decades yesterday.cretary of secretary of state john kerry sat next to the foreign minster at a meeting with other u, in members and the two met on one. kerry said they might open the uranium enrichment in a 60 o minute interview. the news anchor asked kerry about the future of sanctions against iran. of
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. san >> but the united states would he look favorably on relaxing or relaxing eliminating the sanctions if the iranians were serious about abandoning puck leer weapons? >>. >> the united states is not ell, t going to lift the sanctions until it is clear that a very verifiable accountable, tr transparent process is in place where by we know exactly what iran will be doing with its >> but program. s >> kerry also said a nuclear d deal could be worked out sooner to than the to six months that ott pelley iran's president k5u8ed for this week. scott kelly will be here with hi more of the interview and reporting. scott asked kerry what he wants to do and how he u.s. should respond at the head. >> john mccain is here in studio 57. welcome. >> thank you. what's going on? >> the iranian president is talking a lot about looking for a new direction for him where the rubber meets the ground and we have negotiations and
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conversations. what should the united states d states demand that iran do before it nctions? moves into the sanctions some are. >> first of all, four un couple resolutions that they failed in that. second of all, a robust inspection and capability and a of little bit of skepticism since he is the same guy who bragged ed about about how he got the negotiators that in 2000 and 2004 when he 4 was negotiated if for the iranians where he carried on hey carri conversations and went from 150 centrifuges to 1,000.sand. i would make sure it's of the verifiable. >> i want to turn to the issues of government shut down. we have four days to go, senator.vary do you agree with senator corker who we just saw who took the senators and cruz and lee saying show? they are turning this whole thing into a show. from >> when you look from the
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standpoint of the filibuster, filibu which filibusters are supposed to delay vote. we have a vote scheduled. it certainly didn't match the >> i meaning of the word.tainly did second of all they are dividing the republican party rather than attacking democrats and maybe trying to persuade those five or six democrats that are in states s that are leaning republican. we are now launching attacks against republicans that funded cials the commercials that appear senator lee and senator cruz appear in. it's very dysfunctional. the american people by 80 to 20 do not want the government shut from down. i would say the last time we did 20 do it and there was a very big backlash and i'm proud of the fight that we waged against obama care. our now as senator coburn the most conservative senator said this
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wi exercise will not achieve the goal that we seek in doing it in this fashion. fa >> so what senator cruz is doing is a personal audition. >> i can't describe his motives. i have a good relationship and onship we have a friendly relationship and i can't question his q motives, but i do question is whether the out come is going to be as he is promising which is ich is not possible as long as the wo democrats control two of the ies three bodies of government. y >> senator, you have been in the been united states senate since 1987. united s it is known as the most it is k deliberate of bodies. have you ever seen this kind of s fighting between one party? >> no. b >> never? one >> i have not seen anything like >> are what does it say about it. the state of politics and your party? >> >> i think it argues for us to be more united and spend our time up against our adversaries be and we all share the same at.
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principals and valleysues. i have not said anything personally but i did take senator exception when senator cruz d people likened people who were not p taking his position to those appeasers prior to world war ii. that's just over the line. to go >> we will go to the security counsel. it was hoped by the president that there would be a vote in which there would be repercussions laid out if the syrians did not turn on chemical did weapons. did we get that?that? >> of course not. it's deeply disappointing.g. the rugs said they would not n enact meaningful sanctions and they failed to comply. there is no requirement. the only requirement is to go back and the rugs have never agreed and i can tell you and i know for a fact that the morale of the syrian army is at an all time low.
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we made an agreement and no all repercussions that were killed by gas, they feel abandoned and i'm very, very sad. very, ve >> that is not in this new resolution. thank you for being here. >> thanks if are having me. >> intelligence ramps up the terror group blamed for the mallore attack in kenya.urces t the cia is adding more resources attacks to find out if al sha bo be is planning attacks on american toll targets. the death toll remains at 67 but that is expected to rise as they search the believes. dozens are still missing and a and kenyan official said authoritieshorities recovered a vehicle believed to cove have been used by the terrorists.rroris >> witnesses describe one as a caucasian woman. some is things she could be the so white widow. a british citizen whose husband was the bomber in a train attack in london.
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john miller is a former fbi assistant director.o what do we know about the white widow. >> she was the wife of one of the bombers from london and said she knew nothing about that he plot. 77 a couple of years later turned ut it and up in al shabaab. since then she has been a. implicated as being involved in she' two plots. possibl one blew up a couple of bars in caulk soccer matches and another one at a against a hotel. she seems to be moving around on a formed passport belonging to a sa. british nurse.ears >> she is 29 years old and a mother with children. may why do they think she may be s involved in the mall attack?ow? >> they don't know. they have a description of a white woman that one witness o said was among the attackers and they know she is working with alow she' shabaab and they are now looking to see, is she among the dead amo and did they mistake her as a
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victim. they will see if she is alive and moving. >> thank you. the united airlines pilot is dead after suffering a heart attack in mid-air. flight 1503 was heading to seattle when they declared an emergency. the copilot diverted the boeing 737ly to boise. >> we have got a man down. chest compressions going on right now. i'm not sure too much right now. >> early this morning the flight finally arrived in seattle. passengers say a doctor on board rushed to the pilot's aid and several people respected remove the pilot from the cockpit. 161 passengers were on board. >> the results are in from a first of its kind test on vehicles. the insurance institute for highway safety looked at nearly 75 motdels.
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from arlington virginia. >> reporter: this is some of the most significant technology on the road. it was put to the test to see to how well the auto braking ing and systems work. even the cars you see out on the road every day has the technology for years.appens t this is what happened to a car that doesn't have the latest collision avoidance technology.f thousands of dollars worth of damage and potentially serious injuries and even death. >> are cars safer generally eaking b speaking because of the technology? >> definitely. these prevention systems will help drivers avoid being in kra issues with vehicles in front ofwill them. >> the institute for highway safety put dozens to the test. cars and suvs with the warping system and auto braking systems. at 12 and 25 miles per hour the es crash test separated the top performers from the disappointment. perfor >> the technology is that good y is t and that reliable? >> the technology is getting e tech
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better every year.r >> the subaru tested the best and at 25 miles per hour with a sted the foot off the brake and danger ahead, there was a warn asking and a reduction in speed. they stopped the car before the efore t collision. among the other vehicles in the vehic highest rating the sad lack sedan, mercedes benz c class and the volvo s 60 sedan. the toyota prius v and infiniti jx were disappointments. >> they were advertised at having auto braking systems, but we did not measure hardly any reduction in the speed of the crashes at 12 and 25 miles per hour. >> most don't even know their car is equipped with the equ technology, but officials with the insurance constitute for saf highway safety said it's should something you should be aware oftime you the next time you buy a car. infini >>. ffic >> infiniti officials said they would study the results while toy toyota officials said their does
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prius v does not have auto , and braking technology and they don don't advertise that it does. what they have is a precollision system that mitigates the effects of a crash. >> thank you. and an emotional night for yankees pitcher mariano rivera. the all time leader and-time g u world series champion is equal wrapping up a career without ooks at equal. how fans at yankee stadium bid a final farewell. >> number 42 mariano rivera. reporte >> for the last time thursday night, mariano rivera took to the mound. fam his familiar entrance music and playing. a sold out crowd on its feet. top of it was the top of the eighth and and new york was trailing tamp bay 4-0. it it didn't matter. this moment was all about number 42. with two outs in the ninth,
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yankee manager sent in long time teammate anty pettitte and derek jeter to pull rivera out. that brought the man who many regard as the greatest closer of al all time to tears and triggered a-minute standing ovation. >> we have been hit at that time. i knew that that was my time. period. >> he made my job fun and easy. my probably more important than than that, he made all our lives better. >> after the game rivera sat in rivera the dugout alone. he headed back to the mound and took final souvenir. new york. >> perfect night. a fantastic player. >> there is crying in baseball. >> there is indeed. of plenty of it. >> time to show you headlines from g's
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he around the globe.glob "usa today" said major league sa t baseball is retiring bud selig following the 2014 season after 21 years he presided over unpr unprecedented growth in baseball and faced the steroid era. >> britain's telegraph said the teams are extremely likely to l likel cause a climate change. the green house gas emissions expect more heat waves and heavy rain. >> the "new york times" said nissan and toyota are recalling 1.5 million vehicles and the recall involves siena minivans. they can shift out of park and roll away.. they are recalling nearly 100 hundred thousand m sedans and they could lose power. sedans. >> the union said 16 are under eens arrest accused of trashing a player's home. brian holloway said they broke ke in in and vandalized his home last we have some great weather coming our way.
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the fire danger still staying elevated over the mountaintops through the afternoon. but otherwise, down below, a lot of sunshine. these temperatures going to warming up nicely. overlooking san jose right now, you have some mostly clear skies. high pressure building in overhead. that will bring with it some warmer temperatures for today. i think a return to some of the 80s in the valleys. you will see 70s and sunny skies inside the bay. still breezy toward the coast. into the 60s. next couple of days, warmer through saturday, a few more clouds a little cooler on sunday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's.
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. >> a man pulls out a gun inside mcdonald's. even he couldn't imagine what would happen next. more than a dozen people were saved when no one had time to stop him. >> bill o'reilly doesn't think we know the whole story about the death of jesus. he told me why in a 60 minute interview. >> it's important to understand the brutality of the day and what they did to this guy who did absolutely nothing. >> we will preview sunday's segment. >> brothers in arms. know afghan man who protected americans in the war being hunted by the taliban. an american is rushing to save him. the news is back here. stay tuned for your local news. this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by "rush" from director ron howard in theaters september 27th.
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated on some bay area headlines. we have some breaking news here in san francisco. emergency personnel at the scene of a fatal accident. this is at pine and geoff in the pacific heights neighborhood. there are live pictures now of chopper 5. you can see it is a very extensive accident. fatal accident. more than a dozen firefighters on the scene. they have sand to soak up some of the petroleum products that are out there, as well. at least four cars were involved. intersection is closed and traffic is now being diverted from that area. the very latest on the traffic there and your weather as well coming up right after the break.
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7:28 am
good morning. i'm liza battalones. we are going to start off once again in san francisco. chopper 5 is over a fatal accident involving several vehicles and one confirmed fatality. it shut down the area around pine and geoff where the fatal accident happened. avoid the area if you can. muni buses in the area are being diverted around the accident scene. meanwhile san mateo bridge westbound traffic still doing okay approaching the toll plaza. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> lots of sunshine around the bay area today fire danger still elevated across our mountaintops. red flag warnings are up there in the 3 p.m. high pressure though taking over. sunny and warmer today. in fact, we are likely to see a lot of 80s in the valleys, plenty of 70s and sunny inside the bay. 60s and breezy toward the coastline. next couple of days what a gorgeous start to the weekend. plenty of sunshine. more clouds a little cooler into sunday.
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. >> >>. >> the cardinal made an interesting comment saying jesus was the first person to tweet. they said jesus's teachings were brief and full of meanings. we twitterified his words and in the bible jesus said blessed are the meek for that inherit the dearth. that's too much swag to brag. >> that is funny. >> welcome back to cbs this morning. a talk with bill o'reilly in his new book that told a different story about the crucifixion of jesus. we will preview the 60-minute conversation. >> an american army captain said
7:31 am
an afghani translator saved his in combat, but now his may be at risk because of it. what the soldier is trying to do to save him. >> they are narrowly averted. the scene is captured on video. a gunman walked into a mcdonald's in ft. worth on tuesday. it's a freak turn of events that stopped the tragedy. >> this surveillance video captured justin joseph pulling a hand gun at this ft. worth mcdonald's restaurant. 15 people were inside including children. at one point, a boy fled to the kitchen while his father tried to wrestle the gun away. >> i heard the gun clicking and pulling the trigger the that's when you see them pushing. >> joseph appeared to pull the trigger at least five times, but the gun did not fire. joseph went outside and successfully fired the weapon.
7:32 am
you can see the muzzle flash. >> based on his actions alone on the video, i would say he had intent to kill. >>. >> the sergeant said joseph went back into the restaurant and tried to fire but the gun once again jammed. he was there less than three minutes. >> i don't know why mr. joseph's gun mall functioned and when he walked outside he fired on three separate occasions. it wouldn't fire when he was around people. it's a very lucky night. >> in a jail house interview with the dallas ft. worth station, he said he had a gun because he felt he was hearing voices and being if followed. he planned to get away. >> every person from the first to the cops to the people in the city to every car that passes me to the babies. i promise you, i felt like somebody was trying to get me. >> he said he wished he killed himself afterwards and
7:33 am
apologized to those in the restaurant. >> my gut feeling is the city of ft. worth avoided a major tragedy on tuesday night. >> joseph will be charminged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. for c, bs this morning, dallas. >> deeply disturbing. a major tragedy averted. >> the people here willing to commit violence because of this. >> very scary. 60 minutes begins the 46th season on sunday. on the broadcast bill o'reilly to talk about the new book he coauthored, killing jesus. it outperformed the last number one bestseller killing kennedy. it's o'reilly's take on the final days of jesus and the crucifixion. >> you go in great detail to describe jesus's crucifixion in gory detail.
7:34 am
why? >> it's important to understand the brutality of the day and what they did to this guy who did absolutely nothing. life is cheap. >> according to a reilly depictions like this on wrong. jesus was not nailed to the cross with his hands because his hands would not have held the weight of his body. he was nailed through his wrists and there was usually a c on the cross, but soldiers took it off because they wanted jesus to die faster. >> they didn't want the folks seeing him on there. they said there would be big trouble. they wanted to kill him and out of there. >> you include two quotes from jesus, but not the most famous. father forgive them for they know not what they do. why? not? >> we don't put in things that we don't think happened? >> how do you know? >> are he couldn't say something like that audibly that people would hear.
7:35 am
you die on a cross from being suffocated. your lungs can't take in any more air. we believe he said that but he didn't say it on the cross. >> you know what people are going to say. the bible said that jesus said on the cross father forgive them. bill o'reilly said that's not true. i should believe bill? >> if you want to take the bible literally, you do that. >> the gospel of matthew, mark luke and john. you pick and choose. >> that's not the only source. we use roman and jewish sources. >> this is the gospel according to bill? >> best available evidence according to bill. the oral history in the bible is largely accurate but we are not taking it literally. >> so this is now his third bestseller history book. there is something about the brand of bill o'reilly that
7:36 am
wills is. this will be controversial. >> he writes it with a coauthor. >> he does. he has a coauthor and he takes that in narrative form and rewrites it. these are fast paced thrillers. >> you can see the entire interview on 60 minutes here on cbs. >> an afghani man helped keep american troops alive on the battlefield. the u.s. offered him a chance to come live here but then his work visa was approximatelypulled. the story is ahead on cbs this morning. don't just make the bed. make the bedroom. the kmart home and furniture event is on now. come in today and save big on bed, bath and furniture. and shop your way members get $15 in points when they spend $100 or more. shop your way at kmart. get in. get
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years working with the united states military on the army
7:41 am
front. they say he saved his life but this morning the afghan is in hiding because of death threats. as jan crawford reports, the americans are beginning a new battle to save him. >> reporter: the bonds of war run deep even when the warriors come from different worlds. >> i call him brother because we took care of each other. he saved my life. he's family. >> i have a lot of friends, but mike is my best friend. >> we talk every day. >> reporter: u.s. army captain matt zeller said he wouldn't have made it out of war alive if it weren't for the afghans translator. if he hadn't been there, what would have happened? >> i would have been dead. april 28th 2008. in the military we call it our live date the date you most get killed. the lead vehicle hit a roadside bomb and the explosion was so large we thought everybody in
7:42 am
the vehicle was dead. as i stepped out of the vehicle, an explosion went off behind me. you name it they had it. they fired at us. i thought, i'm oust grenades, running out of bullets from my m-4. this is it. this is where i die. >> reporter: but at that moment reinforcements arrive among them shinwari. >> first thing i did, i got my ak and pointed to the enemy's direction and started shooting. >> i turn and it's janice shooting and killing these two taliban who had rounded the corner and had a beat on me. had he not been there covering my back they would have shot me in the back and killed me instantly. >> reporter: but for thousands who fought side by side with u.s. forces saving american lives can be a taliban death sentence. >> they threatened my life, that they'll kill me kill my family. they mention that interpreters
7:43 am
they're a traitor in afghanistan. they're not muslim because they're helping the american snas they know who janices shinwari and they're hurnlting him. >> reporter: he and his family would escape. after january 3rd after two years of waiting they got their visas. preparing to flee the country, shinwari sold his home and most of his belongings. >> and he got so close. >> he got his visa. that's the most frustrating part. i got a facebook message from him and it's in all caps. i have my visa and family visa and i'll be coming to america to meet you. >> reporter: but late last week he got word his vee a got revoked. they believe the taliban called in a bogus threat. >> he's had countless opportunities and all he's ever done is defended those people. >> reporter: after seven years as an interpreter for american forces he's now hiding in kabul,
7:44 am
fearing for his own life. >> judgment day must come. >> reporter: what will happen if he doesn't -- >> he'll die. he'll die. no question about it. they'll torture him in front of his family. these people used to send us body parts to our interpreters. >> body parts. >> hands, feet. >> and you can see that being janis's fate. >> i can't bear to think about it. >> reporter: he's trying desperately to help with his case. >> once somebody has threats because of the work they've done we can't afford to let a file sit on someone's desk. >> the state department would not comment but shinwari is not alone. of the tens of thousands of visas allocated less than a quarter have been issued. >> it will be the enduring shame of this body if we can't come together and protect the people we counted on in battle and who are now counting on us.
7:45 am
so far we have failed them. >> reporter: zeller says shinwari has earned american citizenship. >> he's an american as far as i'm concerned, through and through. he has earned his place in this country and it's our job to bring him back. >> reporter: but in afghanistan time may be rubs out. for "cbs this morning," jan crawford tucson arizona. >> what an incredible story and very commendable for captain zeller to be fightinging for this guy's life who saved his life. >> indeed. you wonder why the state department can't do something, reach out to the government in kabul and do something. >> as jan reported we don't have we have some great weather coming our way. the fire danger still staying elevated over the mountaintops through the afternoon. but otherwise, down below, a lot of sunshine. these temperatures going to warming up nicely. overlooking san jose right now, you have some mostly clear skies. high pressure building in overhead. that will bring with it some warmer temperatures for today. i think a return to some of the 80s in the valleys. you will see 70s and sunny skies inside the bay.
7:46 am
still breezy toward the coast. into the 60s. next couple of days, warmer through saturday, a few more clouds a little cooler on sunday. new jersey governor chris christie says fellow republicans in washington need to act responsibly. his thoughts on the budget showdown and a look at his sunday morning interview. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪ i think it's so groovy now ♪ ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪
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recently says he regrets dropping out of school and regrets making users hit control-alt-delete to log in. yeah, both admissions appear in his new book "bill gates: a life of failures." >> you know control-alt-delete may be over soon as we have this touch technology like we have on our iphones now. >> it seeps to have turned out well for bill gates. >> no doubt. >> bill gates speaking at a harvard fund-raiser says the triple-key command control-alt-delete should have been one button. >> the guy who did the ibm
7:51 am
>> the three-fingered log-in was to force users to use both hands to avoid miss strokes. what if someone tells you how "breaking bad" ends before you see it? the valiant spoiler. don't you hate those people who reveal it and you haven't seen it yet? we'll talk about it with lee woodruff. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." to force users to use both hands that's ahead on "cbs this
7:52 am
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san francisco- a fatal accident at pine and gough. it happened just before 7 o'clock this morning. police, fire, and emergency officials ar good morning. it's:56. i'm michelle griego. breaking news in san francisco. a fatal accident at pine and geoff. it happened just before 7:00 this morning. police fire and emergency officials are on the scene at pine and gough. four cars were involved. intersection closed, traffic diverted. we have a crew on the way. we'll have a live update at 8:25. stay with us traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. liza battalones. san francisco city streets the intersection of pine and gough will be shut down indefinitely
7:58 am
as the police department investigates this morning's fatal accident. muni is telling us there are no delays getting around the closure. as we move on to 880 in oakland, northbound traffic extremely slow approach high street. just beyond the picture over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the bay bridge metering lights have been turned off. highway 92 heading across the san mateo bridge busier but no major delays at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> all right. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. fire danger still going to be elevated over the mountaintops although it doesn't look extreme. still, red flag warnings are up there until 3:00 this afternoon. overlooking the financial district in san francisco, we have some sunshine and it's going to stay that way all day long. in fact, we'll be warming things up today. should be sunny and warmer all around. you see that cold front off the coastline. might pay a visit to the bay area towards sunday. 70s and 80s inland today. 70s inside the bay and 60s toward the coastline. next couple of days a beautiful start to the weekend. a few more clouds coming our way on sunday. ♪ ♪ nice car. sure is. make a
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." kopg is four days away from a partial government shutdown. the fight over obamacare is keeping the house and the senate far apart. john kerry told "60 minutes" why iran should be honest about its nuclear program. scott pelley is in our green room with a look at his interview. and millions were watching "breaking bad" this weekend but some fans would rather wait. we'll show you how not to spoil it for them. first, here's a look at today's eye opener @ 8. >> republicans have been at odds over this from the beginning. those divisions spilled out into
8:01 am
the public eye yesterday. >> only four days left until the government should shut down. >> senate democrats and house republicans still don't agree on how to end the stalemate. >> have you ever seen this kind of infighting between one party? >> no. >> they know that she is working with al shabazz and-- al shabaab. >> a pilot is dead after suffering a heart attack midair. 161 passengers on board. >> this is some of the most sophisticated technology on the road today. >> brothers in arms an afghan man who protected americans during the war now being hunted by the taliban. >> he's an american as far as i'm concerned. he's earned his place in the country. >> is this the gospel according to bill? >> the best available evidence according to bill. >> mariano rivera. >> the major league's all-time saves leader and five-time world series champion is wrapping up a career without equal.
8:02 am
>> i love you guys. thank you very much. >> perfect. >> there is crying in baseball. >> there is indeed. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the senate is expected to pass a bill today keeping the government running in october. but house republicans say they will not go along unless the bill also takes action against obamacare. >> president obama is telling the gop do not let the health care fight put the entire government in jeopardy. >> some have threatened a government shutdown if they can't shut down this law. others have actually threatened an economic shutdown by refusing to pay america's bills if they can't delay the law. that's not going to happen as long as i'm president. >> federal agencies are expected to reveal today if they will be open or closed come tuesday. some 800,000 workers could be sidelined if congress can't make
8:03 am
this deal. >> one of those watching the budget standoff is new jersey governor chris christie. he tells tracy smith on "cbs sunday morning" that his party is doing the wrong thing. >> do you think that the republicans should be forcing a shutdown of the government if they don't get their way? >> no. i think there's got to be a solution other than that. and i don't think that we should be doing that. and i, quite frankly, to be fair, i don't think you hear responsible republican leaders advocating a shutdown of the government. >> those who are, are they irresponsible? >> it's always irresponsible if you're running the government to be advocating shutting it down. by that definition is a failure. you got to work it out. >> but christie acknowledges that working it out is not what washington seems to be about these days. there's so much vitriol in d.c. why do you think that is? >> people don't talk to each other. they talk at each other. they don't develop relationships
8:04 am
any more. you know in politics we don't make anything. we don't have any product to sell. it's about relationships. and if you don't develop relationships with folks, even people you disagree with vehemently disagree with, then you're not going to be able to get anything done because our country will continue to be a country that has diverse opinion. >> and you can see tracy smith's full interview with governor christie right here on cbs. that's on sunday morning. looking forward to that. >> me too. >> secretary of state john kerry met with iran's foreign minister face-to-face yesterday for half an hour. it is the highest level government contact between the two countries since 1979. kerry talks about iran's nuclear program in a "60 minutes" interview. he told scott pelley that the iranians have to convince the united states they're not trying to build nuclear weapons. >> give me an example. one concrete step one thing they can do to assure the world that they're giving up their
8:05 am
ambitions? >> they could immediately open up inspection of the facility, secret facility underground in the mountains, fortified and unquestionably not something that a peaceful program would be doing. they could immediately sign the protocols, the additional protocols of the international community regarding inspections. they could offer to cease voluntarily, to take enrichment above a certain level, keep it at a very low level because there's no need to have it at higher level for a peaceful program. there are any number of things they could do scott. >> what bold step could the united states take right now to answer this apparent opening by the iranians? >> well providing that the iranians take concrete steps, i'm confident they would have an expectation that the united states is going to respond by perhaps adjusting the sanctions regime that we have today by
8:06 am
setting up a process that shows them how they can have this peaceful program without disturbing our efforts to make sure that no country is now going to build nuclear weapons. >> scott pelley joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> i talked with the president of iran this week and i asked him exactly what he was prepared to put on the table. do you have the impression that secretary kerry believes they're prepared to do something that will cause the united states to loosen the sanctions? >> well one of the things that kerry said was we have hopes but not necessarily expectations. i think they're trying to open this dialogue that the president and secretary kerry believe this is a true opening from iran and they're going to exploit it every way that they can. they've decided, as you know charlie, that there are going to be more talks on the nuclear issue in geneva later in
8:07 am
october, and i think that's when wer going to start to see how serious both sides are. >> a key meeting on thursday. first time we've seen the secretary of state sit down with the iranian foreign minister. our countries have not had relations for more than 30 years. but then kerry said he thought he could see a deal in three to six months. overly ambitious. >> rouhani, the president of iran, said he wanted a deal in three to six monthses. we asked kerr by about that and he said why not sooner? then the iranian foreign minister said maybe we can do something in a year. these are all areas of negotiation. but the united states is trying to essentially say to iran we'll be a partner with you. if you're serious about this you'll find a willing partner in the united states. >> let's talk about syria, they've reached a deal with russia to give up their chemical weapons without a military option. did the secretary say how that agreement will be enforced by either the u.s. or russia. >> huge day yesterday for the
8:08 am
secretary of state on both of these issues. the united states wanted a threat of force written into the u.n. security council resolution on syria. russia which has a veto as you know, on the council, set, nyet we won't let you have that. a big get for the united states to say okay we'll drop that threat of force that we wanted. that is what happened over this week and what caused them to get the deal done. now, kerry told us in the interview, look no matter what happens at the united nations, the united states is going to maintain its union lateral ability, its option to use military force in syria. he gets to say that the u.n. gets to sidestep it and that's how a deal is done. >> will we trust that everyone will do what they say they're going to do? >> the devil lies in the details. one interesting thing now is the u.s. government has said assad, the dictator in syria, has to go he's murdered too many of his own people he has to go. but now they've made a chemical
8:09 am
weapons deal with him. in a sense, the united states needs him to stay in power to complete that deal. how long to get a deal done? that's the question. >> john mccain said he was extremely disappointed in this deal that they have struck with this new u.n. resolution because it doesn't have that enforceable action. he said that the rebels who are trying to defeat assad are really dispointed about this. they feel they've been abandoned in the senator's words. the whole debate shifted to chemical weapons and not about disarming. >> the thing to make this chemical weapons deal larger and everyone around the peace table to talk about peace, and i said with 100,000 people dead and this civil war having gone on for so long how are you possibly going to get all of these factions around a peace table to talk about peace. and kerry said the first thing that has to happen is if assad, the dick tart has to announce
8:10 am
that he won't run for office again. and once that happen you can get people to talk about peace. >> and that's 2014. >> that's 2014 charlie, exactly right. the other thing kerry said was look, none of this is easy. >> you look good in the morning, scott. >> i'm either watching you in the morning or i'm here in the morning, one way or the other. >> come often. you can see scott's interinterview with secretary of state kerry sunday night on the season premiere of "60 minutes." i heard norah o'donnell has a piece on "60 minutes." >> sunday night is big tv night. "60 minutes," breaking bad,
8:11 am
filmmaker tyler perry is a huge one-man movie conglomerate. so how did he get so big after starting so very small? perry tells that story in "a note to self" ahead.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
for eight years "48 hours" has been reporting for a search on answers. >> i'm troy roberts, "48 hours." a college couple killed in cold blood. why did it take 32 years to solve this case later on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by silk. try silk almond milk light original, with half the calories of skim milk.
8:16 am
this is for you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
8:17 am
8:18 am
college freshmen were abduct and
8:19 am
killed near sacramento california. the case became known as the sweetheart murders. troy has covered the story for the last eight years. here's a preview of his report tomorrow night on "48 hours." >> it could happen to anyone any one in our family. a good kind wonderful person you love could suddenly disappear and you could never see them again. >> reporter: andrea gone safl still struggles every day with grief over the loss of her sister sabrina and her boyfriend. >> they had duct tape around their eyes and around their mouth and they were dumped just like trash. >> reporter: then sacramento detective carol daly videotaped the crime scene. >> homicide case number 95336. >> reporter: it was december
8:20 am
22nd 1980. >> i've just anyone been able to forget it. >> reporter: investigators were stunned and so were college students. >> she loved kids. she loved being with kids working with kids. she wanted to be a physical therapist. >> reporter: john was considering following in his father's footsteps. dr. richard riggins was an orthopedic surgeon. do you ever think about what kind of man your son would have become? >> i haven't given much thought to what he would have been as an adult. he's still 18 years old and i never really pushed it beyond that. >> reporter: for more than a decade police chased false leads. four suspects were arrested and faced the death penalty but on the eve of their trial the case fell apart for lack of evidence. >> they framed me and almost got away with it and that's an outrage. >> reporter: as the case went on and on, i think we had left
8:21 am
hope. >> reporter: but it turns out the key to solving the case was there all along. at the crime scene, the killer had left stains on a blanket, sa branagh's birthday gift to her sister andrea. those stains could now be tested for dna. a forensic tool that didn't exist at the time of the murders. >> all this time we've been waiting. the answer was there. >> reporter: in 2002 20 years after the murders the dna was run through a brand-new data base and there was a cold hit, a match, but the families had to wait another ten years before the suspected tiller went on trial. the defense filed some 200 motions, dragging out the case. how many people how many years, how much effort does it take to put one horrible person away for life? >> troy roberts joins us at the table. this is the thing with trailers
8:22 am
on "48 hours." i want the answer right now. >> they had to wade through like 200,000 documents. they had this dna hit, a cold hit, but it wasn't enough. they still had to build a case against this guy and they finally got him. >> who was he? >> his name is richard hirschfeld, a sexual predator, released from prison shortly before the murders. his brother joseph was questioned about the murders and he committed suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning and he left behind a note that i've about been living with this horror for so many years and his brother richard commit tds these murders, and he helped convict his brother from the grave. >> and it wasn't one of the original four. >> no. >> i can't wait to see it. you can see the report "the
8:23 am
sweetheart murders" on "48
8:24 am
8:25 am
breaking news -- >> i'm cate caugiran we have breaking news out of san francisco this morning. a 17-year-old boy was killed in a multicar accident. police are saying an elderly woman and mercedes was speeding up to 80 miles per hour going westbound on pine street trying to cross over multiple lanes of traffic. a minivan with a mother and two children were stopped at a red light and pine and gough and the elderly woman hit the van causing it to go airborne. the driver is okay. the two other people in the minivan were taken to the hospital. one of the passengers a 17-year- old boy died in the accident. another catering van was caught in the accident, as well. three people in that car with taken to the hospital with
8:26 am
injuries. this is an ongoing investigation. we'll have more today at kpix 5 at noon.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm liza battalones. pine and gough are expected to be shut down for the day. the police department telling us they expect to have streets closed as they continue their investigation into this morning's fatal accident. muni telling us they are able to reroute their buses with no delays on the system. and again in atherton remember middlefield still shut down in both directions at encinal
8:28 am
because of the morning's fatal accident there. expect major delays through there. and in san jose, because of an earlier accident, north 101 is just bumper to bumper leaving san jose. it's going to be slow from beyond the 280-680 interchange. here's lawrence. >> all right. lots of sunshine coming our way today all the way to the coastline. the winds kicking up so the fire danger is elevated over the mountaintops. reds continue until 3:00 this afternoon. sunny skies all the way to the beaches though. high pressure building in overhead. going to be breezy in spots this afternoon but not as bad as it's been. sunny and warmer 80s in some of the valleys. you will see 70s inside the bay and beautiful weather. a little breeze toward the coastline into the 60s. next couple of days, looking at the weekend, what a nice start to the fall weekend. plenty of sunshine and warmer weather on saturday. on sunday, likely to see some clouds making a return. slight chance of showers overnight sunday night into monday. a return to dry weather and some mild temperatures through the middle of next week.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour don't be a spoiler. that's when you know what happens on a tv show and then you tell someone who is still waiting to see it. >> gayle. >> yes, i do. it's fair game if it's already aired. she'll show us how to avoid that no-no. plus tyler perry is one of the highest paid men in entertainment. a life he could not have imagined when growing up. his advice to a younger tyler perry in "a note to self" coming up. the headlines around the globe. "the washington post" says jpmorgan chase is working out an expensive deal with the justice
8:31 am
department. jamie diamond met yesterday. they are threat beened lawsuit over their actions before the 2008 wall street meltdown. dimon is discussing a settlement. the great falls tribune say a teacher who raped a student is free this morning. he left prison yesterday. he only served 30 days. the leniency of his sentence is drawing outrage. state prosecutors are appealing. he remains free pending the appeal. business insider says martha stewart has been tweeting about her broken ipad. she claims it was a gift from the late apple founder steve jobs. she wanted apple to pick it up and make the fix. later she indicated that was just a joke. apple pr did not think that was very funny. stewart then tweeted i cannot believe that apple public relations is mad at me for tweeting about how my ipad and
8:32 am
how i want to get it fixed. they probably don't think that's funny either. a mountain climber discovered precious jewels near the summit of europe's mont blanc. about 100 emeralds rube es and sapphires found in a metal box. they're worth $330,000. they had belonged to someone on one of two air india flights that crashed there in 1950 and 1966. now authorities are tracing it back to the owners. a new survey of british airline pilots show half fell asleep when flying. almost half said when they woke up the other pilot had nodded off, too. they believe that fatigue is the biggest threat to flight safety. sully sullenberger says it's not just a british problem. >> pilot fatigue is a worldwide problem that's very serious, and it's underreported. largely because of fear and also
8:33 am
the perception among pilots that reporting does no good that the reports that have been submitted have not been effectively acted upon. >> our travel editor peter greenberg is here now with this story. this is just what nervous nelly fliers like exhibit a. does it happen a lot? >> it is true it's the reporting of it. the real question is it the workload in the cockpit because traditionally pilots don't fly the planes as much as they monitor systems these days. but are they getting enough rest? >> doesn't it say something that these british pilots self-reported it? they could have just kept it to themselves. >> they didn't just self-report it they're angry because the european union is about to lower the requirements to make them work longer hours. that's why they're going public with this. >> how dangerous to have pilots falling asleep on a plane? >> the key is not that they're sleeping on the plane, the question of how much rest
8:34 am
they're getting before the flight or even more importantly between their flights. the current rules have recently been amended. but the current rules are that you have to have eight hours between flights. pilots fall asleep between 2:00 and 6:00 in the morning, or if they don't get more than two hour hs of uninterrupted sleep. >> what about having a flight attendant come into the cockpit every 30 minutes and make sure everyone's awake, my solution. >> funny you should mention that. a couple years ago where the pilots really were not flying the plane where they were supposed to go. if it wasn't for the flight attendant realizing they had overshot minneapolis, they'd still be going. >> do you thing the public is in danger, number one, or are there changes? >> it goes back to the colgan air crash in new york where the co-pilot couldn't rest at all, commuting from seattle on a deadhead flight for fedex and
8:35 am
couldn't sleep. it is about what we call uninterrupted sleep. the way the rule now works it's based on when the plane gets to the gate. that's ridiculous. because it may take the pilot another hour and a half to get to the hotel and sleep. and another hour and a half to get back. that's not eight hours of sleep. on sunday 8 million people are expected to watch the series finale of "breaking bad." others will hope no one tells them how it ends before they can see themselves. >> another example of technology and word of mouth. >> good morning, charlie. when you watch a show at your own convenience, that's called time shifting. the risk you take is that someone will spoil it for you. how can that be avoided and when is it okay to talk about what's already aired? you may be one of those people who simply has to watch the final episode of "breaking bad" when it airs.
8:36 am
but better hush up about it. nobody wants to be a spoiler. it's something we learned the hard way right here on "cbs this morning." last week gayle mentioned what had happened on an episode of "breaking bad" which we bleeped out this time. >> this past sunday we lost [ bleep ] who was one of the main characters. >> the reaction on social media was swift and unhappy. so what's the etiquette? when can you talk about a show? philip galanes writes the social cues column. >> the only thing that's known definitively is that i have some responsibility as a person walking around in their world not to ruin my friend's experience of something. >> you can't shake his hand? >> that can be easier said than done. i mean if you love "mad men" or "homeland," who doesn't want to talk about it. the trick is in the approach. >> rather than my saying to you,
8:37 am
can you believe they killed him off? or can you believe they got married? i'd say to you, have you been watching "the good wife" this season? >> back in simpler times before there were dvrs and hulu on demand, we were free to talk about these things. we all found out together who shot jr on "dallas." >> it was kristin shepherd jr's sister-in-law and former lover, but you didn't hear it from me. >> everybody knew about it right away, right as it happened. i don't think the word "spoiler" existed in those days. >> if you missed it it was gone. i would make you sit and tell me every detail. >> tell me what happened versus don't tell me what happened. >> that's a trend on the rise. some 21 million more people watch time shifted television in the second quarter of 2013 than in the same period in 2012. >> we're talking. tell me what we're talking about.
8:38 am
>> and netflix has really upped the ante. releasing series like "house of cards" and "orange is the new black" a whole season at a time. >> now i think we watch those almost the way people read novels. we're talking about a show at work it's like instead of what chapter are you on? sort of like what episode are you on? >> since we're all still new at this perhaps the best advice is simply to tread lightly. >> just so brand new right now. it's a brave new world. >> you know i just feel that once it airs it's fair game. i had no idea it was going to cause this -- until somebody in the studio who shall remain nameless kevin prince, said i wanted to come up on the set and strangle you. i thought it was isolated. when you don't watch it in realtime, i don't think it's my
8:39 am
responsibility. isn't it your responsibility to keep up? >> whoa! >> gayle! >> i really do. >> i haven't seen it yet, i'm waiting to binge. >> i have to wait for you to watch five seasons? >> no. i'm caught up. but here's the deal. it's partially my responsibility. >> yes. >> to stay off of twitter. >> i totally agree with that. but i don't want to watch "cbs this morning." i do agree that maybe you could say at the water cooler is everybody caught up? >> when everybody is talking about it, look at the headline here. >> no, it is a giant night, but i think that we are in a whole new world right now. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for coming. >> i'm not going to lunch with you either. tyler perry never thought he would escape a rough childhood, but now he is a hollywood heavyweight. he shares what it took to make it in his "note to self" how he
8:40 am
went from people across america are
8:41 am
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8:42 am
between directing, acting and now producing his tv show "for better or worse" on o.w.n. tyler perry may be one of the busiest men in hollywood. this morning he takes a step back and looks at the past from the gritty streets of his childhood to building a silver screen empire. here's tyler perry's note to self. >> tyler perry one. >> dear child of god, in this picture i see you trying to smile, but that smirk is all you can muster. i know that you're having it really hard right now. and spend a lot of time using your imagination seeing yourself running free in the park away from all the pain. in the reflection of your very sad eyes i see the hurt of
8:43 am
watching your mother be belittled and beaten. i see the pain of your own beating and the barrage of insults you suffer and endure every day. i feel the horror of the hands of the molesters who are trying to rob you of who you are. as i search young face a sign of myself, believe it or not i'm able to smile. because just behind all of that darkness i see hope. you've got some kind of faith in god, little one. i know you don't know this right now, but who you become is being shaped inside of every one of those experiences, every one of them. the good the bad, yes, and even the really ugly ones.
8:44 am
right now the most important thing to you is to grow up and do well enough to be able to take care of your mother. i know you're worried about her. i know you're very concerned. you're not even 13 years old yet and you don't think that she's going to live to see your 13th birthday. so you take on a great berth. and you want to do all you can. i want you to know it's going to be okay. you'll get to take care of her. and she lives for 30 more years. and she sees you thrive. and she sees you happy. but more than anything you see her living the best life that she ever could. that's because of you.
8:45 am
you made her proud. you're also uncertain about growing up. because every friend that you have is either in jail or been murdered. people are dying all around you. you don't think you're going to live to see 30 years old. but there's a still small voice inside of you that says you're going to be okay. looking back on it i know now that that is and was the voice of god. that is the only way to explain how you knew how to navigate your way through turbulent times and how you instinctively know how to bob and weave and survive. how you knew that when you had nobody to protect you, there was something inside of you protecting yourself. like when you were told that you're nothing and something
8:46 am
says don't believe that. and when your teacher sits you down and tells you that you'll never be successful because you are poor because you are black, because you are from the ghetto there's something inside of you that says she's wrong. that's not true. that will light a fire under you. i know that's hard for you to understand right now, but i promise you you are going to get to a point where you use all of it every bit of it. you will become better. you will become tougher. and when you get older, you will use it in your work to uplift and encourage and inspire millions of people. >> it ain't what people call you, it's your attitude. you remember that. >> all the time you spent making your mom smile by imitating her and dancing and laughing keep that up boy. it pays off big time. you beat everybody who beat you.
8:47 am
so proud of you. thank you for living so that i could thrive. thank you. >> is that a tear? >> pass the kleenex, right? >> i know wub of his greatest joys when he talked about going through very ugly times, one of his greatest joys was his mother got to see him become a huge success. he's so right. >> he's so right. it has to come within. it's you that will get you there, no matter what anybody says no matter what anybody else does. >> i knew i liked tyler perry, now i love him. >> i love tyler perry. just another example. >> you beat everybody who beat you. >> thank you, tyler perry. we'll look back at a
8:48 am
8:49 am
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it's been a great week. thank you for joining us. that does it for us.
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>> tonight on the program, you know him as -- >> you don't have a tv so you can't even watch your own show. >> i know. >> what was contradicts. >> my son, stefan, is going to be on the show tonight. i haven't spoken to him in over 30 years. >> jeff daniels win, were people surprised in the auditorium as we were at home? >> i think everybody saw this as really, you know brian krantz year. >> is walter white still out there? >> no he's not. >> you sound very sure. >> all i say, all that and all that matters. >> wow. >> you can play charlie rose like nobody else. >> all that and all that's mattered, thus charlie has spoken. >> you can sit wherever you'd
8:53 am
like. i still remember the
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's 8:55 on your friday. i'm frank mallicoat with your kpix 5 headlines. >> crews are still cleaning up a fatal accident at pine and gough. a 17-year-old boy died at the scene just before 7:00 this morning. officers say an elderly woman driving some 80 miles per hour on gough before she slammed into a minivan. at least four cars involved in the accident. a little girl and her father died in an early-morning house fire in san francisco. two other family members were injured. home apparently did have working smoke detectors at the time. and fire crews from at least five cities are on the scene of this hay fire in yolo county in winters. told it could burn for a day or more. damages already estimated at $6 million.
8:56 am
and the father of a man accused of fatally stabbing a dodger fan says it was done in self-defense. 21-year-old michael montgomery was arrested for the homicide on wednesday night. time for weather now. and the weekend is here. lawrence? >> all right. we have great weekend weather. winds whipping up on the tops of the mountains so red flag warnings staying in effect through 3 p.m. this afternoon above 1,000 feet. still, though, high pressure in control. we have lots of sunshine everywhere and some warmer temperatures are on the way. in fact, this afternoon, i think a lot of 80s begin to pop up in the valleys. 70s and sunny inside the bay. 60s still breezy toward the coast. but the start of the weekend going to be fantastic. warm and beautiful saturday. cooler and clouds on the way on sunday. your "timesaver traffic" is coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. liza battalones here. slow traffic in the oakland area. all of this is on the nimitz. so heavy traffic northbound 880 approaching and passing high street. you get over towards the bay bridge toll plaza, and test things loosen up there. highway 92, very light traffic approaching the pay gates there. just remember, in san francisco the city streets pine and gough expected to be closed indefinitely as crews investigate this morning's
8:59 am
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