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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: anna keller realized her best friend is never coming home. >> i feel like i'm in a nightmare. [ crying ] >> i just want him to walk through the door. i can't believe he's gone. [ crying ] >> the whole town, feels like there's a silence. >> reporter: many who didn't even know him are mourning a 24- year-old who grew up here worked at the plumbing shop, ate at the local deli. now his neighbors are trying to come to terms with this. >> this is a tight-knit community and this is very tragic. we take it to heart. >> from what i understand, they weren't the agressist. the other people were the agressist in the situation. >> reporter: jordan woodruff just talked to some of the guys who were in the fight. >> the folks in lodi are saying it was self-defense. what are you hearing from the guys involved in. >> i'm hearing that the people from lodi started the fight. >> what were they saying?
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>> they were just badmouthing the dodgers colors and stuff like that. >> we have heard about john, your other buddy, actually he was beaten up badly. >> my friend joe was also beat up. >> reporter: what did they do it him? >> he has a black eye and some stitches under his eye rye right here and he looks bad. >> reporter: what does he say happened? >> he was knocked out. he don't remember a whole lot. >> we reached out to joey and john jon denver's brother. what they are telling friends is they weren't the aggressors that in fact they were chased down the street when john denver was murdered. >> joe, in fort worth, thank you. mark kelly has been tracking the investigation and mark, where do things stand right now as far as tree investigation has gone? >> reporter: san francisco police have released the second suspect from custody and as for
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21-year-old michael montgomery, he is set to be arraigned next week as claims surface that the stabbing right here on 3rd street was an act of self- defense. less than 48 hours since jonathan denver died in a stabbing reports started swirling that the suspect michael montgomery claims he had been acting in self- defense. san francisco police chief greg suhr sat down with our phil matier friday morning. >> i cap get into the conversation in the investigation but everybody who commits a crime usually has a rationale. >> reporter: friday, denver's relatives heartbroken by the loss addressed the self-defense claim. >> anything about a chair and hitting him, i -- that's just -- i don't know anything about that. >> reporter: that's not your grandson? >> no. >> reporter: you can't envision your grandson throwing a chair at someone? >> not at all. >> john was not a violent
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person. he was gentle. i think anybody who knew him felt that spirit about him. i find it very hard to believe that he would have initiated this. >> reporter: san francisco police are preparing their report for the district attorney's office who could get the case today. >> we have an admission. i mean, they had him down there interviewing him quite a long time. >> reporter: the fatal stabbing happened here at the intersection of harrison and 3rd following the giants game wednesday night. police say there was a verbal exchange between the groups over the long-standing dodgers- giants rivalry. but both groups were just leaving local bars and police say alcohol played a role too. >> probably related more to alcohol than it was to baseball. >> reporter: this sports rivalry stabbing is an ongoing investigation. police say witnesses have come forward but still need public help. two suspects are still out there. >> like to have them come forward so that we can
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interview them and get the full stories. >> reporter: montgomery is being held tonight in a special section of the jail away from the general population. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> authorities say montgomery is under observation for his physical and mental condition. today we learn more about the events leading up to the murder of a san francisco state student. nikhom thephakaysone was arraigned this afternoon accused of killing justin valdez. prosecutors say just before he shot justin, the suspect waved his gun in front of a restaurant and then stuck the gun in the back of another man but didn't pull the trigger. then he boarded a muni train where he was openly playing with the weapon. >> continue to talk about how important it is to be aware of your surroundings. you can see on the video where there are multiple people paying attention to their cell phones or texting or talking. this individual was brandishing
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the gun in several locations. no one notices it. >> at that point they say thephakaysone followed the man off the train and shot him in the back of the the suspect is in the jail ward at san francisco general. pretty difficult to believe this used to be two separate vehicles. it's all that's left after a speeding mercedes-benz plowed into a minivan stopped at a traffic light. police spotted the speeding car on pine street crossing polk around 7 a.m. before they could turn on the lights and sirens, the car smashed into the minivan and pine and gough and a teenaged boy was killed. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo was at the high school where that boy was a student. ryan. >> reporter: within the last couple of hours the city's coroner's office confirmed the name of the victim. he is 16-year-old kevin san. here's a picture of him.
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he is a student here at lincoln high school. ive also talked with police in the last couple of hours and says the driver at fault is out of the hospital and detectives are questioning him. as crews cleaned up, investigators tried to find out what happened. >> this had weight to it. it was serious. >> reporter: witnesses say the crash sounded more like an explosion. >> it was like a big and car alarms started going on. >> reporter: it was bad. even san francisco's top cop was stunned. >> this is as bad as i have seen. it was an ugly crash. >> reporter: what seemed bad from chopper 5 proved worst at ground level. it killed a 16-year-old boy. kevin san was a junior at abraham lincoln high school. friends say he was involved in a rotc. his mom has life-threatening injuries. five others were injured in the four-vehicle crash. plus say a woman sped uphill on
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pine street around 7:00. one woman thought the woman was going 80 miles per hour, running red lights and bouncing and and out of traffic. one cop saw her speeding seconds before the crash. >> the officer saw the vehicle cross polk street which is two blocks away. the car was going so fast they didn't have time to activate their lights and sirens and get within even a block of it before the crash. >> reporter: the speeding driver hit the minivan at pine and gough. inside was the teen who died, his mom and sister. witnesses say the i am impact was so hard the cars flew up in the air. >> she came and she hit that bumper on that incline. she hit the truck so it's like having a jack lift it up. >> the crash scene and potential crime scene is now cleared up. what isn't clear is what caused the driver to hit at such a high-speed on a city street. the driver at fault is in her 60s. witnesses say she was grabbing her head while she was in the
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ambulances. now she is out of the hospital talking to police. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the sister of kevin san is in serious condition. a catering van at that same corner was also hit. the three people inside that van were not seriously hurt. bay area headlines. another fatal collision this time near clayton. a car plowed into a tree on marsh creek road while trying to evade a sheriff's deputy. one person in the car was killed. the other has serious injuries. no word on the pursuit. family members mourning the death of a 2-year-old girl hit by an suv earlier this week. she died last night at children's hospital in oakland after undergoing multiple surgeries. police say that she ran into the street after a ball and was struck by that suv. no one has been arrested. a third person died following an early-morning fire in san francisco. the fire broke out at a home on 18th avenue near pacheco. two victims are identified as
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raymond shea and his 2-year-old daughter chloe. a grandfather who was rushed to the hospital died this afternoon. no word yet on how that fire started. in redwood city, firefighters sprayed water on a propane tank to try to keep it cool after it exploded and caught fire this morning. crews let that propane burn out. that took most of the day. about an hour ago traffic began moving again in the area of he el camino real and woodside. nobody was hurt. >> his whole life is just gone. >> only on 5, how a once promising college football star ended up behind bars. >> they just gave me from the timing perspective to say what is it i really want to do with my life? >> the midlife trend coming out of the recession? >> weather-wise -- [overlapping speakers] >> weather-wise, we're 27 days into the month of september. only one of those days has had rainfall. we are going to make it two before the month is out.
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find out which day is looking wet coming up. >> it just felt like our family had the worst luck in the world. >> well, coming up at 6:30, how bay area brothers both with a rare deadly disease are raising the bar in the battle against cancer. ,, [ maragno ] if the car was invented today, it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
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who got a college scholarsh ended up in jail. tonight we're taking a look at how in the world a 17-year- old kid a talented football player who got a college scholarship to end up in jail. police say the boy and a 22- year-old man robbed a group of casual carpoolers in oakland's rockridge neighborhood on monday. they used guns to steal cell phones, purses and wallets. kpix 5's da lin asked the boy's family, what happened?! >> reporter: coaches say he had quick hands and great footwork
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for his size. 6'3", 275 pounds. >> with his frame and his build, it was almost like milk and cookies. it made sense to go together. >> reporter: dijon led the mcclymonds high school team to three straight championships including one season undefeated. he got a football scholarship. he had a promising future. >> he was ecstatic. every day i talked about my son going to college. >> reporter: this is him kirk his mom before boarding a plane in july. but things quickly changed after he arrived at the college. he didn't like the school. and his girlfriend is due with their baby in november. a coach at new mexico highlands university tells me he left the team in mid-august without explaining. he packed up and flew back to oakland one day. >> it was against my wishes. it was against everybody's wishes. >> reporter: without the job and a baby on the way, his mom
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suspects fast money was the motivation behind monday's robbery. oakland police say day john and 22-year-old held up carpoolers at gunpoint. >> i apologize to the victims if this is what my son did. i give me most sincerist apology. >> reporter: even though he lost his father to gun violence when he was a kid, his mom provided a stable family structure to him and his younger brothers working at a health clinic. both grandparents also gave him a strong support system. >> i wanted him to have a second chance. i don't want his life to be taken away like this. >> reporter: the family has a hard time understanding what went wrong for a once promising football standout. his mom hopes he will rebound from this and others can learn from it. >> no way that i'm going to turn my back on him. and he is loved and he is
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supported. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> ford doesn't turn 18 until next month but he will be tried as an adult. he faces 10 counts of armed robbery, two counts of attempted armed robbery. the san jose police department is getting some help. 40 cadets graduated today from the latest academy. but it will be some time before they are put on the street. first they need to go through about four months of field training. san jose has been dealing with a policing shortage as officers retire or leave for other positions. after the recession, many middle-aged workers are finding that in order to get back into the workforce, they need to make a big career change. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us how some people who once had some coveted jobs in silicon valley got their careers back on track. >> reporter: maria ortiz has passion and purpose as a fitness instructor and owner of her own super slow zone franchise in san jose. but it's not how she started
6:16 pm
out after a long and lucrative career in the investment and high-tech corporate world. she was faced with a choice: move to another state or lose her job. >> just gave me from a timing perspective the opportunity to say, what is it i really want to do with my life? and should i do something it's a little bit more meaningful other than contributing to somebody else's bottom line? >> reporter: she decided to reinvent herself in middle age. maria ortiz 2.0. >> it was a big jump. it was a big leap of faith. and we're still leaping. we're still jumping. so that's a good thing. >> i got laid off six, seven years ago and decided to do something totally different. >> reporter: he stopped trying it find another job as a silicon valley high-tech engineer and moved on to something he truly loved, he founded a dog training and dog walking business in tracy caring for the pets of people with long commutes like he used to have. >> took a while to build it up now but i'm here now and don't
6:17 pm
have aspirations to go back. >> reporter: the silicon valley staffing company says the radical career change is one trend coming out of the recession especially for 50 somethings who have been laid off and aren't getting rehired. >> some have been willing to take a pay cut to try something new and then kind of swerve from there. so we are seeing some great success stories. it takes persistence as with anything. >> reporter: maria ortiz took a pay cut plus sunk her life savings into her business. her advice to others is simple. >> you need to find something that you're passionate about because you're going to live and breathe it. >> reporter: that passion, she says, is the difference between springing out of bed in the morning to do something meaningful or just going to work. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> april 2013 survey shows that just 14% of american workers are in their dream careers. we had a survey today. most people said it was beautiful outside. [ laughter ] >> dream weather! >> spectacular outside! >> four out of five doctors
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agree today was a nice day. the fifth just took the day off. he didn't respond to the survey. doctor played 36 holes today, the fifth doctor! you enjoyed today. if you didn't and a lot of folks maybe not enjoying that commute into the city, the weather will continue tomorrow. if you couldn't get out today tomorrow will be find oakland touchdown bay bridge blue sky gorgeous evening and we are on a fantastic sunset alert once again from the top of the pyramid to the golden gate, nothing but sunshine. highs today a few of you did mac it to 80. livermore 80, napa 80, redwood city close 79, san jose 78. 78 degrees for oakland. 75 for san francisco. warm but not record heat because you have to go back just three years. on this date in 2010, it hit 93 degrees in san francisco. it hit 96 in oakland. so this is the good stuff. that certainly is way too hot for most of us. this is the sweet spot with highs in the 70s. look at what they are doing up
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in the mountains. in the sierra they are getting ready for ski season. they had snow over the past weekend. snow guns are on. boreal opened up last year october 26. they are adding to the base. it's cold and dry enough in the sierra that they are getting ready for the ski season for your skiing pleasure. it's not snow, it is rainfall. this is a huge storm that's up to or north and west. it will impact us monday. it stretches from the pacific northwest back 1200 miles. it is a big storm with lots of moisture flooding concerns to our north. no rainfall for us for the weekend at all. stays up to the north. it's an old typhoon that hit east asia worked all the way around the pacific and now that moisture is into the northwest. now, we will see some of that moisture making it down into the bay area by monday morning. it's not going to be much, not as much as last weekend but we have a chance of showers monday after a dry and sunny weekend. enjoy the weather outside saturday and sunday. beautiful day tomorrow. concord up to 84.
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san jose 81. 71 in the city. vallejo 82. napa 82. mountain view 80 degrees. right in the sweet spot weather- wise. couple of degrees cooler and cloudier on sunday. monday slight chance of showers cooler cloudier highs in the 70s. but you miss the sunshine it's only gone for a day. tuesday the sunshine back, next wednesday, thursday and friday more sunshine. early fall weather has been great. and you know we could use a rain chance every week or so. we got some last weekend. we are getting some monday. >> they're making snow?! >> isn't that crazy? >> get ready. >> it's more than a month to halloween. >> the snow level is dropping to 6,000 feet. you have to be cold enough and dry enough and the atmosphere is really drying out. so the two things you need ironically when it's 80 down here they are already getting it in the sierra. >> building up the snowpack. >> so it is falling. still ahead, how the biggest gift in national park history will transform one of the bay area's best known landscapes. >> reporter: we have food, libations and lots of music.
6:21 pm
we have it all at the oakland museum of california. with mobile weather as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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governor brown signed the f step toward cleaning up pie0 and 32 jus polluted san francisco land is a step closer to being revitalized so the warriors can move there. governor brown signed the first step towards cleaning up piers 30 and 32 south of the bay bridge. the bill gives the state lands commission permission to approve a proposal by the warriors to privately finance clean-up and restoration of neglected area of the embarcadero. the plan would include construction of a new arena but nothing can start until the warriors have gone through all the necessary reviews. the presidio received a special gift today thanks to the bay area-based company bechtel. kpix 5 reporter don ford tells us more about what's behind all the excitement. >> reporter: the new doyle
6:24 pm
drive tunnel construction project is far from over. a second set of tunnels is being build and will be covered with a new park when finished. that project and the presidio received big help. >> we are just so fortunate to get this great gift of $25 million which believe may be the largest gift ever given to the national park system. >> reporter: here's what it will look like. the $25 million from bechtel engineering will be used to build a new 10-acre park that will be on top of these tunnels. it will include a large promenade on a manmade bluff with sweeping views of the entire western bay featuring, of course, the golden gate bridge. >> it's going to be transformational in what we are going to be able to do here for the public. >> reporter: looking at the area today, it attention imagination to see what it will look like. but the scenery and the views are already in place. and the stunning announcement has more than a few folks surprised. >> it's a lot of money and it's
6:25 pm
a fantastic gift to the people. >> it's pretty shocking. it's wonderful. >> i love it. i mean, i think it's a good magnanimous thing for them to do. >> reporter: even this personal trainer likes it. >> i think bechtel corporation building a park on top of the tunnel is freaking amazing. i'm from san francisco and to me, that's a good deed doer beyond a good deed doer. >> reporter: the entire doyle drive replacement cost is estimated to be $1.1 billion. around here 10 acres is a lot of land, $25 million is a lot of money. the park is scheduled to open by 2016. in the presidio, don ford, kpix 5. >> cardiomario is happy tonight. bechtel has projects around the globe and hopes their gift will inspire other companies to do the same. coming up in our next half hour, a question-and-answer you never want to hear. >> i just remember asking, like, will i live? and he just said, i don't know. >> how bay area brothers both with a rare deadly disease are
6:26 pm
launching an inspired war on cancer. >> and why a california republican wants to thin out national forests despite outrage from environmentalists. >> and brian wilson's bizarre confrontation. why the ex-giants pitcher went off on its former boss. ,,,,,,,,
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inspired bay area brothers raise your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. it just felt like our family had the worst luck in the world. >> now at 6:30, the heartbreaking double diagnosis that inspired bay area brothers to raise the bar in the battle against cancer. there are more than 100 types of brain tumors, believe it or not. so when a north bay family was told that both their children had the exact same type of a rare tumor, you can imagine it was devastating. allen martin shows us how that family is taking the cancer fight now to a whole new level. >> reporter: they are. the green family is fighting their battle and they are fighting a war. this is not just a story about a medical condition. it's about discovering a resolve, a commitment and a passion that they never knew they had. time gives brothers many ways to bond. but few have the bond of
6:30 pm
disease. >> pam called me from the emergency room and said to get up here. >> reporter: spencer green's seizure led to an mri revealing a brain tumor. >> i remember asking will i live? he said i don't know. >> there was this lemon sized mass in his left frontal lobe. >> that's the outline of the tumor. >> reporter: surgery confirmed the cancer called ollie. 8 to 10 years is the survival rate after treatment. five years after tennis with his dad is a gift. those years have been filled with treatment, promise and uncertainty not only about his own disease but what he couldn't see happening to his older brother. >> you can recognize your mom from anywhere. and i could just hear her like
6:31 pm
screaming. >> in the dining room three hours into a vacation my older son had a grand mal seizure in mexico. >> reporter: doctors say there are no odds, no way of predicting and come to find out, no family history for what was happening. >> we flew home went to ucsf and in my older son they found the same kind of tumor. >> it felt like we had bad luck. >> that's all tumor. that's all tumor. >> reporter: the possibility, the reality, of both boys having the same brain cancer even struck dr. michael at ucsf who has been treating brain tumor patients for 30 years. >> to have these two boys with the same tumor in the same part of the brain, it's in my experience quite remarkable and very unusual. >> reporter: zach had the same surgery as his brother and is back at columbia university now. >> trust me, there are deep reservoirs of sadness and fear and anger. they're there.
6:32 pm
but they don't help you. you have to find a -- you have to direct your energy at what's possible. >> reporter: but they found no one is funding olligo research. >> you have no choice. you're either going to kind of step up to the plate and deal with this or, you know, boil over. >> i'm not quite up in my own life anymore. >> reporter: stepping up is what the greens are doing. >> kind of asker in chief. but the magic is all in the responses. >> reporter: brock green put his marketing skills and contacts to work and created oligo nation to raise money specifically to fight this type of cancer. >> if this had to happen to our family, this is who you want the dad to be. uhm -- he has been, uhm, because of him, there's things being done. because of him the money that we're raising and the research grants, uhm, i feel very hopeful. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in less than two years, oligo nation has raised more than a million dollars for
6:33 pm
research. and in june, research grants went to harvard and ucsf. >> what he has done is provide funding that's going to help the next family and patient in addition to his kids and, to me, that's remarkable. >> reporter: unfortunately, time and treatment haven't yet been enough for spencer. the uncertainty and the tumor are back. >> bye, sweetheart. see you later. >> reporter: what has never left is the family resolve to make a difference and possibly give more time to others. >> my dad works on it every day. and it's not something that's going to happen overnight. but if you continue to work at it, you're going to cause a stir and you're going to create some money and be able to fund something. and you're going to be able to achieve what you set out to achieve. >> reporter: spencer had second surgery 10 days ago to remove more of that tumor. the family's waiting on test results to see whether he will need treatment including chemo
6:34 pm
and radiation. soon a public service announcement will be shown nationwide including here on cbs. to help with the research log on to click on health. we have posted the story and a link to oligo nation. the green family wants to raise at least a million dollars a year for the next five years. and this money isn't going for their kids' treatment. this is going for research. >> courageous. >> unbelievable family. >> incredible family. >> amazing stuff. allen, thank you for that. well, despite concern over the impact to the environment, a plan moves forward to thin trees in national forest. why a california republican says the benefits outweigh the consequences. >> and how the three bs a bus, baseball and a broom are all connected to one bay area city's message today. >> and it's premier week on cbs. here's what's on tonight. ♪
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forests. critics say it'll jeopardize habitats for enda a battle is brewing over a plan to thin trees in national forest. critics say it will jeopardize habitats for endangered species. but a california republican told cbs reporter brock mcallister the benefits outweigh the consequences. >> reporter: devastating fires such as the "rim" fire char acres of forest land and the terrain cannot be logged. >> this is ridiculous. >> reporter: the republicans have a plan to thin out the national forests and open up logging areas that have already burned. >> for years, foresters have been warning us that all of that excess timber is going to come out of the forest one way or another. it either be carried or burned- out. >> reporter: since the government cut off contracts, california lumber companies have not been ability keep operations running. >> it's devastating because you may have a community of 3,000
6:38 pm
people and 300 every them are working in or related to the sawmill. >> reporter: david who represents the state loggers says this bill could revive the industry and picture the overgrown forest. >> take the smaller trees out and then removing them to a processing facility in one of these rural communities that can either make lumber or create renewable biomass energy. >> reporter: the bill may die as it's posed to fail in the senate. president barack obama will likely veto it because of environmental impact concerns. they are bracing for this bill to fail and should it do so he is ready to put forth a any package to cover those areas burned -- a new package to cover those areas burned and they will be able to log them. kpix 5. >> if this bill doesn't pass congressman mcclintock plans to introduce a new bill to allow immediate logging of burned forests to help restore jobs hit hard by the loss of federal contracts. coming up it's not normally
6:39 pm
something you would see on public display. why a bay area city wanted everyone to see this filthy bus. >> i want everybody watching this broadcast to enjoy this great weather. we have some wonderful weather outside this evening. we'll talk about how long it's going to stick around as we look live at san jose. we are going to talk about how a typhoon that hit asia will impact our weather here. >> hey, straight ahead in sports, another man down with the 49ers and who is it this time? >> gosh. >> the latest from the raider quarterback issue. and the nba here? already? >> unless somebody gets hurt on media day. it's going to be huge. >> oh, yeah. believe it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:42 pm
hundreds of san franciscans helped clean trashed buses d dirty streets near city hall today. it's part of a city n to get more young people involved. hundreds of san franciscans helped clean trashed buses and dirty streets at city hall today all part of a city plans
6:43 pm
to get more young people involved. >> we want the students to learn not to graffiti these assets and cause us a lot more expenses that we don't have to inoccur. a lot of it is a new culture of nonacceptance of this in every structure we have in the city. >> squares ceo jack dorsey and giants mascot lucille also joined the effort. today was a chamber of exercise kind of day, just gorgeous. >> somebody visiting here this weekend would say, wow, they have great weather in california. >> yeah. >> we have great weather in california. we are showing it off in all its glory because we can be hot inland this time of year. we're not. we can be cold in the city with cloud cover all day long. we're not. we are right in the between in the happy place. you can see through the spires there of the bay bridge and see all the way to mount diablo. you can see see the oakland hills, see piedmont. visibility excellent. clear skies beautiful comfortable temperatures outside with mount diablo now with a backdrop interest our
6:44 pm
dublin cam. everybody still in the 70s. mid-70s for concord and oakland. upper 70s santa rosa and livermore. san francisco cool at 75 today. currently 67. dry tonight, tomorrow and sunday . tropical moisture will make it into the bay area. we'll talk more about that. let's talk about tonight. tomorrow morning starting off your weekend chilly. livermore 50. fremont 48 degrees. santa rosa also 48. and redwood city 50 degrees. nighttime darkness is now more than 12 hours. we are cooling off. big time problem to the north. we are not going to see flooding rainfall. that's a guarantee but we'll see some of this. this is a huge storm stretching from spokane to anchorage. big storm lots of moisture. it has a tropical connection because all the rainfall tied up in this is the remnants of a typhoon that hit asia.
6:45 pm
all that tropical moisture is in the pacific northwest soon. by the top of next week that tropical moisture may be outside of your house. rain monday morning. nothing too heavy. it's a rain chance in september. we don't get many. this will only be the second for the month. tomorrow no rain sunshine just like today a little warmer. clouds will increase late on sunday but still a good day for you and the family to get out. rain monday in the north bay. they will get scattered showers. but we all have the chance of showers on monday. tomorrow enjoy three degrees above normal livermore. san jose 81. campbell 82. 77 fremont. 76 san mateo. 84 pittsburg. san ramon 83. vallejo sunshine 82. not a cloud in the sky in daly city with a high of 70. alameda 77. kentfield 80. rohnert park 80 degrees up toward clearlake a beautiful fall day. lakeport with a high of 81. cooling off on sunday.
6:46 pm
the onshore flow creeping its way back in. mid-70s near the bay. low 80s inland. we have that rain chance on monday some of that tropical moisture making it here highs in the 70s. cloudy but the sun is back on tuesday and the sun will stay for much of next week right in the comfort zone. this is not a hot forecast. this is not a cold forecast. just about beautiful. the mobile weather is always on the move and roberta gonzales is live tonight at the oakland museum of california. good evening. >> reporter: you know, the one thing i love about mobile weather is we head to all these different neighborhoods and i get new best friends! but i forgot his name. what's your name? >> ab. >> reporter: what brings you to oakland? >> school project. >> reporter: very cool. and are you learning? >> no. [ laughter ] >> reporter: no. because you're having fun. >> stuck over here. >> reporter: because you're having too much fun. it's currently 70 degrees right here in oakland. we are at the oakland museum of california. people have been gathering since 5:00. this has been truly amazing to see. square dancing going on in the
6:47 pm
middle of oakland. lori is the director and ceo of the oakland museum of california. square dancing in oakland. >> that's right. it's the official dance of california. and we have it right here on our plaza with the oaktown a's. >> reporter: this isn't the first time you have had dancing here at the museum. no, we dance here every friday night for our friday nights we always feature a dance live music as well as deejays. >> reporter: this is just a little extra because you have a lot more going on here at your museum. >> oh, we have something for everyone here at the oakland museum of california. we just opened a few weeks ago a major exhibition the first- ever on the san francisco bay. and it's called above and below, story from our changing bay. >> reporter: i have been walking around talking to people about this particular exhibit and they have been saying it's a little bit of something for everybody. >> well, it's amazing. i mean, the bay is what defines this region. and we look at what happens under the water and what happens over the water. so under the water we have a wonderful aquarium that the
6:48 pm
kids are loving. and above we have the stories of the islands and the bridges and even the military history of the bay with nike missiles. it's very affordable. >> reporter: if you want to come during the weekday -- >> we really kind of make it accessible to our public. so on friday nights we have half price admission. normally admission is $15 for adults, $10 for students and seniors. but we're' free for kids under 8 all the time. and always free the first sunday of each month. >> reporter: today you have 7.50 for admission but it's free to enjoy the 15 food trucks. >> yes. we are in partnership with off the grid, for friday nights every friday night at the museum open until 9:00. we have amazing food as well as all of the music that you have seen, hands on activities for kids. you can spend your whole night here and go home full and happy. >> reporter: i have been talking again to a lot of residents who come just for dinner. they that you have been doing this for over a year now.
6:49 pm
>> almost that. we started last january and you'll be pleased to know that on friday nights since january we have not had one friday night with rain. so you've shown your good luck on us. >> reporter: you bet. right now we have clear skies and if you want to come out here we are at the oakland museum of california located where? >> we are right here on 10th and oak. we are at 10th and fallon right now just a half block from the bart station. >> reporter: the weather is great, winds dying down? >> 70 degrees. if you want more exhibit about the dancing, food libation we have you covered visit us online, click on "links and numbers." reporting from oakland, with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back and thank you.
6:50 pm
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you're talking basketball? >> the w. >> a w. >> already. >> that's right. football stuff coming up in a minute but first, the nba western conference finals the golden state warriors back in business training camp moments away. they hosted the annual media day and you know hopes are running high. >> you have to capitalize on
6:53 pm
our momentum. >> smile on that one. great. >> hopefully i'll make every guy on this team a better basketball player. >> perfect, mark. >> i love this team. >> i asked for ten-day and he said no and i said five-day and i tried to cut it down to a three-day contract and coach jackson, i can't even get a three-day. i don't think he even wants me in the facility. i might jinx the place. >> actor michael rappaport was there. the warriors off of a 47-win season. bogut is healthy. the warriors enter jermaine o'neal. signature headband and all. and i asked him, how attached is he to that headband? >> for me it's more like, uhm, you know, you can't go out there without a shoe. you can't play the game without a shoe. i can't play without the headband. it's just a part of the armor. that's it. you look like jermaine but you know you don't have the headband on. you know, people think i walk around with a headband on all day. if it gets knocked off i will
6:54 pm
stop to pick it up. put it back on runningback down the court. i'm never going to leave it. i'm going to pick it up and put it back on. >> yeah. training camp next week. the 49ers off for 10 days. not enough time for a fractured foot to heal for rookie wideout quinton patton. it happened last night's win at the rams. injuries similar to this have been known to take four to six weeks. >> oh!! >> oh. >> primal screams are from 49er lineman joe staley who fell back awkwardly at the end of the game. he said it's sore. before staley went down he was part of an offensive attack that dominated the line of scrimmage against the rams. the 49ers frank gore with 20 carries and 153 yards and a touchdown. >> nobody does it better than frank gore. [ laughter ]
6:55 pm
>> two in a row, we can't lose again. we had to get back on track and just be us. >> thank god for getting vernon davis now. he is not on the field with me. other team able to double team a little bit so having him back out it opened things up for me. >> we are excited to have a short week. you know, come back and win. >> played as one as a family and it all out on the field. we had a great week of preparations. and we knew that we had to win this game no matter what. >> all right. the raiders quarterback terrelle pryor returned to practice today on a limited basis. pryor suffered a concussion mon night in denver. pryor has to pass one more concussion test before they can green light him to start against the 0-3 redskins this sunday. the redskins are road favorites to win. baseball giants business outfielder hunter pence is
6:56 pm
about to be the 2013 recipient of the willie mac award as the team's most inspirational player. the giants host the padres tonight. and check the end of last night's dodgers game. that's brian wilson in a one- sided animated discussion with ceo larry baer reportedly about him not receiving his 2012 world series ring in an on field ceremony. about. aer declined comment on camera. when i approached him today did leave the ring with dodger officials, according to larry baer, but that was strange to see. last night toward the end of the game pretty much upstaged tim lincecum perhaps final start as a giant. he did pitch well last night. but everybody was talking about tim lincecum and then all of a sudden brian wilson and takes over the stage with the animated discussion. >> i bet that little girl next to larry knows what happened. she was sitting right there. >> she didn't react so i don't
6:57 pm
think any unmentionable words were said. >> maybe he was an -- >> i got to give loves. the a's against the mariners tonight. they are two games behind the red sox for the best record in the american league. >> cruising. >> position for the play-offs coming up. >> a thrill to watch them. >> i feel complete now. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> disseminator of information. >> the swinging ace. >> beautiful weekend coming up. >> it's going to be gorgeous. sunshine on saturday. a little less sunshine on sunday but both days looking great. highs in the 80s. even near the bay. a little bit of rain monday. >> all right. sounds good. >> how can they be favorites in a road game? >> hasn't won a game yet, 0-3. >> i bet the raiders will be tough at home. >> pryor is going to play. raiders will win. bank on it. captions by: caption colorado wie d save hundreds." call or click today.
6:58 pm
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