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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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address the . what he's . this is kpix 5 news. father of a dodgers fan stabbed to death in san francisco gets ready to address the public. what he's asking for and what the suspect's friends treling us tonight. house lawmakers approve a budget bill to try to avoid a federal shutdown. why they could be back to square one anyway. and they don't niend tourists, but the buses? well, they have to go. why neighbors in this popular destination say it's getting too dangerous. good evening. we're learning more tonight about the man arrested in a deadly attack on a dodgers fan. michael is out of jail because the da says fl's not enough evidence to charge him. the victim's father is still looking for answers about the confrontation that killed his son. kpix 5 brian webb tells us he's making a plea for witness to come forward. >> we are told robert priest
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will be out here in front of the ballpark tomorrow trying to find people who either saw the attack or perhaps have a recording of it, a naur trying to get his son's killer back behientd bar sfwls at the suspect's home in lodi, ou crews tried to talk to two undiefd men about the stabbing story, but they seemed more interested in speeding away, but michael montgomery's best friend insists what the family has said all along, that michael felt outnumbered and afraid and pulled a niech for self-defense. >> not trying to kill anybody. he was trying to get out of there because he's so small. he's a small person. >> the da released 21-year-old michael montgomery from jail needing more evidence to charge the giants fan with killing the dodgers fan even after an arrest and admission according to authorities. >> we do have an admission. i mean, they -- they had him down there interviewing him quite a long time. >> i don't want to jump to a
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conclusion this case, we don't know one way or the other. once we are able to view the evidence, we may be able to speak to that issue. >> whether gomly -- montgomery is guilty of a crime or not is at issue but --. >> trying to go to sleep at night thinking about what you did on accident, you know. >> some of jonathan's denver's friends are circulating a petition trying to get his killer back behind bars. jonathan's father is expected here in front of the ballpark some time around noon. in san francisco, brian webb kpix 56. two 19 yeerds are in custody. a security guard with the reporter shot one of the men. police say the reporter jeff bush finished an interview in san francisco's bayview district when suspects with a gun demand dz his year. the security guard retireed from the police department opened
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fire. police say one of the men was treated at san francisco general hospital for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. reporter was not hurt. bay area tv stations including kpix 5 regularly hire security guards for news crews in areas that pose a high security risk. he was trying to help but a man ended up being stab and had his car vandalized after he tried to break up a fight early this morning. it happened just before 5:00 a.m. in san francisco. police say the crowd of about ten people turned on the guy, and he was stabbed multiple times. he is expected to recover, and no arrestings have been made. contract negotiations are set to continue tomorrow between bart and its union. meanwhile, the unions are busy making their case to the public with these fliers. they are leaving them on people's doors accusing bart of refusing to bargain with them. bart workers could walk off the job again as soon as october 11th if the two sides can't reach a deal. there's already a plan b in the
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works, though, just in case. it calls for up to two bart shuttle buses. even bart managers the trains. late tonight u.s. house of represent tefs approved a budget bill that tara explains why a federal government shutdown is still likely. >> passions ran high during a late-night debate on the house floor. . >> house republicans are shutting down the government. they're doing it intentionally. they're doing it on purpose. mrs. speaker, the house is not in order. >> democrats are upset republicans approved legislation the president is vowing to veto. the bill would fund the government until december 15th and would also delay parts of the affordable care act until 2014. >> the american people deserve to have time to see what this monstrosity will do but it is implemented. >> but senate democrats and the
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president say they'll reject the house bill, putting congress back at square one. >> if the two siesd can't agree on healthcare, the bill won't go through, and the government will start a partial shutdown on tuesday. house democrats doesn't believe congress will leach reach a deal in time. >> this government is hurtling towards a shutdown, and the american people deserve muffin better. >> if there is a shutdown, national parks will close. applications for government-insured mortgages would be put on hold, but most government functions will continue, including delivery of the mail and social security checks. airport screeners and the military would stay on the job and so would members of congress. t ara for cbs news wa. >> if the government shuts down, 800 thousand federal workers could be told to stay home next week. some states have been reluctant to implement obama care. california is take tg lead. on tuesday, the affordable care laws new insurance marketplaces
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will open for business. the state has set up call centers to explain how the law works. california is home to 15% of the nation's uninsured. that's about 7 million people. other states will be watching california to see how we handle the transition. californians, though, are having second thoughts about building the $68 billion high speed rail line. construction could start next year on the bullet train that would connect the bay area and los angeles, but a new poll shows people want to stop it in its tracks. of those surveyed by the la times, 52% are now against the project. 43% want it to move forward. in the past, the bay area strongly backed the bullet train. this time 51% are behind it. arizona state officials say a lack of communication contributed to the death of 19 firefighters back in june. marly hal explains what investigators discover about one of the worst fire fighting
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tragedies since 9/11. >> one of 19 toir fighters who died battling an arizona wild fire on june 30th. she believes fire commanders could have doin more to save the men known oz the granite mountain hot shots. >> they are not mitigating risks the way they should for such a dangerous job. >> the arizona state bar street division says proper procedure was followed, but a 120-page report released saturday revealed there was a 33-minute communication blackout just before flames engulfed the firefighters. >> there's a period they're moving that they haven't radioed in, and then there was no communications back and forth. >> according to the state's report, the hot shots try today hike through dry brush to a safe zone, but they had no guidance from fire commanders. at one point, they were cornered by a 70-foot wall of flames moving at 11 miles per hour. they had less than two minutes to clear the area and deploy their fire shelters. as the flames overcame the men,
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a large air tanker hovered above ready to make a water drop but couldn't locate the firefighters. >> there is no reason with the technology we have today that they could not have had tracking units on those radios. >> the investigation team is recommending that arizona officials review their communication procedures and look into new technologies that might help track firefighters during chaotic situations. marly hall for cbs news. >> the fire destroyed more than a hundred homes and burned 13 square miles before it was fully contained on july 10th. shoddy workmanship is being blamed for a tear in the roof of a southwest airlines jet. it tore open during a flight from phoenix to sacramento in july of 2011. this is a 5-foot gash in the plane. oxygen masks dropped and flight attendant fainted as the pilots made a rapid decent.
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rivet holes ripd away show, quote, extremely poor manufacturing techniques. report also says it was a one-time error by a mechanic. inspections of other 737s found no similar damage. airline passengers may soon be allow today use tablets, smart phones and other electronic devices during take off and landings. experts say there is no data to support the theory that a smart phone tablet or e-reader could interfere with flight instruments and cause problems. >> they're all shielded. not only are they not shielded against errant radio telecommunication signals, and by the way, dedicated frequencies and dedicated lines. those aircraft are shielded against a lightening strike. >> the change could come as early as next year. travelers will still not be allow today make cell phone calls during floiths. tour buses blocking streets, and neighbors are tired of it.
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the plan to ease congestion around this popular picture-taking spot sxfrjts supporting breast cancer patients from behind bars. how these inmates got on board with the cause today. hey, sports fannings, did you see the wash out that was the stanford game in seattle? did you see the cal game that was a washout in ewe yien, oregon? guess what, some of that rain fall, and there's a lot of it, is heading toward the bay area. weather and sports coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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100% more possible. join us at and thrive. the city. people who live around alamo square -- complain . san francisco is considering banning tour buses in one of the most scenic neighborhoods in the city. people who live around alamo square are complaining that sight sears are clog k the streets. central kpix 5's bryan webb, the situation is getting dangerous. >> alamo square, home of the painted ladies and one of the best skyline views of the city. it's must-shee san francisco. came from atlanta to snap a few shots. >> just in town visiting. s in one of the most scenic so i had to check it out. >> it doesn't take long to spot dozens of big tour buse s
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buzzing by carrying tourists and congesting the area. people who live here don't mind the tourists but don't like the buses. he even put up this sign suggesting alternate plans for visitors, and now the sign itself has become something of a tourist attraction. >> i love talking to the tourist. i just doebt like how a lot are arriving on the big buses. >> the same complaints popped up about a year ago to transit o initials tried to designate drop-off spots to keep the buses on the edges of alamo square. the neighbors say so far it hasn't really worked. the transit agency is steerg toward now road rules around the square either restricting buses to one street without stopping or banning big buses from the square all to get sgler this corner is dangerous. people are going to die out here soon. it's no joke. >> julius admits he wouldn't want buses driving by his home all day either. >> extremely beautiful with the
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skyline in the background and painted ladies here. >> with his pictures, he can now take the beauty of san francisco back home to atlanta. buy yan webb, kpix 5. >> the transportation agency will hold a public hearing on freud hear comments about the plan. hitting the drive through but not for fast food. people wait in long lines of cars outside a kaiser hospital to get a flu shot today. they didn't even have to open the door. at least 2200 people showed up to get vaccinated. for the next several weeks, kaiser plans to run flu shot clinics throughout the bay area shths thousands set off from san francisco today on the two-day avon walk for breast cancer. as kpix 5 shows us, even walkers who couldn't get out to join them manage today parts pats from prison. >> first-degree murder, 29 to life. >> i'm in here for murder, 25 years to life.
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>> steven and sam johnson call san quentin home. five years ago, they were among a small group of prisoners that saw a commercial on tv about the avon walk for breast cancer and wanted to help. >> my dad died of cancer and i got a sister-in-law that tied of cancer. >> we just come together and have a day we can just walk for our moms, sisters, and some of these guys going through cancer right now, too. >> today marked the fifth anniversary of the walk inside the wufls this prison. the goal, to raise $12,000. they were surprised by the support of their fellow inmate sdmrs to see that many inmates came out, yeah. there's a lot of guys don't participate in stuff because of the pain and stuff, but they came in full force here. >> the walk is actually a ka that is rightic exercise for many of the prisoners here who want to be with their family member who is sl cancer and can't be there for them. >> they are look for ways in which to help contribute and take care of their family members from inside. >> to honor my aunt lou looking
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glass and for -- for all these ones that are going through fighting this disease. >> eldridge really walked the walk. he donated all four feet of his hair for the cause. >> i feel that it's right for myself to help find and raise money, help find a cure for this disease. >> this is a community while we're in here. by participating, it's a way for them to also give back. >> reporting from san quentin, patrick cedillo kpix 5. >> and proof that everybody can do something. >> absolutely. all right. paul is joining us tonight. thank you for being here. >> absolutely. >> all right. sort of a little bit of everything in the next few sglas yes. we're going to have a cloudy day without rain. we're going to have a cloudy day with rain and a whole lot of sunshine. in what order? first, beautiful day we had today leading to a pretty spectacular night. the city is alive wactivety and under mainly clear skies. beautiful shot of the bay, the
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bay lights, the bay bridge and what soon will be a moonlit night in a few hours. talk about where you're going to wake up tomorrow morning. a little bit milder, more of that marine layer moving in. 58 for concord overnight tonight. san rafael down to 56 and only dropping down to 58 degrees in mountain view. sunrise tomorrow, 7:0. here's a look at how the night and day have gone up in seattle. just got word that this is the wettest september day in seattle history. i know you're saying, oh, seattle, it rains all the time up there. not particularly in september. upside down umbrellas not very good. traffic bad. big-time problemings up there. we will tap into some of that moisture here in the bay area. for tonight, though, high def doppler is completely dry. by this time tomorrow, some of that rain fall that's up to our north will make it into the north bay, and we all carry the chance of a few scattered showers on monday. big-time storm. ten days ago this was a typhoon
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east of tokyo, japan. some of that moisture made it all the way around the pacific ocean. some area ts will receive 4 to 6 inches of rain fall by the end of this weekend. you notice we see some of that crossing the oregon/california border. in the north bay that's where most of the rain fall is going to happen but some of this tropical moisture continuing to slide all the way to the south. you could see shower activity coming up monday morning. so the tiemg, back to work on monday morning. plan now maybe getting up a few minutes early. it will be wet on the roads for that first commute of the week. how much raven fall are we talking? by this time tomorrow night, really not that much. the rain will move its way to the south. overnight sunday night into monday. on and off showers everywhere on monday. most of the rain fall falling in the north bay. that's also where you'll see it first by tomorrow evening. highs tomorrow, 77 for livermore. not as warm. is also cloudy in the afternoon. 76 for san jose. oakland only 70. palo alto 74.
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hayward tomorrow 70. little bit of cloud cover in the afternoon for pittsburgh. 64 of the city markedly cooler. petaluma 71. seeing the rain first places, you will stay in the 60s all day long tomorrow. little bit of cleerg in the afternoon but cool and cloudy most of the day. tuesday the sunshine is back and wednesday, thursday, friday and next saturday, the sunshine is going to stay. only a little blip on the radar, but timing, monday morning, rough commute to begin with. could be a little soggy. >> we've had warng. we'll be okay. >> yes. >> thank you. vern is here. magic no. was 55 but for very different reasons. >> 55. man. >> yeah. >> boy, jeez, 55. >> a lot. a big number. >> a couple of unstoppable run away freight trains tonight one in the form of the oregon football team and the other better known as the stanford. ,,,,,,
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oregon... ...lose by 39 . college football of the local division 1 variety cal football an unbelievable 35-point underdog at oregon. lose by 39. no upset for sunny and any hopes they had slipped right through their head. four turnovers in first quarter alone.
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oregon scored, and they scored often. marshall, 14-yard touch toun. how about marcus? josh huff. huff is going to run it in. that's another one. darrell haukins. that's three. and then byron marshall. again, like, four touch daun edowns in the first quarter. 41-3 at the half. second half, hits you all diventd kinds of way. near side, far side. look at that ball. just bobbing, we'ving, mumbling, stumbling. goes in again. oregon came in averaging 61 points per game so little silver lining. cal did keep them below their season avrnl. final score, 55-16. washington state rare seattle game hosting stanford. kevin produced 53 yards touchdown cardinal.
11:25 pm
it was 10 to 3. early in the 2nd, show again. good for 33 yards. great touchdown pass for hogan for the night. 7 of 14. 31-3 in the second half. defense is getting down. look at murphy. big old paws up there. big fellow rumbles back the other way for pick six, and then barry sanders, jr., just like the old man. stanford wins big 55-17. chip off the old hal of fame block. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the 3rd...but with pence upo more...he delivered a big f! ...number 27 o . hunter pence brand new contract. five years, 90 mshthsil. boy, did he produce against the padres. tied in the 3rd. pence goes yards. it's a big fly. no. 27 for the year. the giants led 3 to 1. the pitcher, oh, roughed up in the fourth. served up a two-ruveng job to jesus guzman. san diego take a 5-3 lead. they just kept ongoing until juan perez said, all right, that's enough. when we just nailed chase headley at the plate, nice. giants do lose to the padres 9 to 3 but went out on the high
11:29 pm
road. jerd parker of the a's, boy, all other the place. when you keep the ball up the zone, this kind of thing haps. justin somo keshgs smokes i had in the 2nd. then brad miller and then the knock-out blow of the 5 td. miller again bases loaded grand slam 7 to 1 mariners. make it out of it have fifth. game of 7 runs. a's did come back because brandon moss had line drive and, it goes 30th for the year. a's cut it 7 to 5 and go no closer. like a stooch chew, caught looking. a's lose 7 to 5. red sox have the no. 1 spot in the american league for the playoffs, the a's no. 2. back to seattle where this -- this pretty much says it all, but washington state cow gore fans just start an eating bing and --. >> oh my gosh. with that, weal be right back. ,,,, goodnight.
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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. you i've got to see this. talk about a tight squeeze. american wing suit pilot jeb corliss. yep. he flew to a narrow valley in china today. it's 970 feet deep and at its narrowest point, just 11 feet wide. so, okay, yeah, there we see it neerg the bottom. he deployed parachute and crashed onto that bridge near the base of the mountain. he said today's jump was the hardest he's ever done.
11:33 pm
coreliss's other juchs include the identical tower, the space needle in seattle and twin towers in ma lay sha. >> i wonder what the washington cougar fan thinks of that. still there. >> he sat up. he sat up. >> is it. >> watch this. >> there he is. >> watch out. does he cleanup any food? look up. look at me. look at me, look at me. there it is. >> oh. >> see, now, he's going to hibernate for the next eight months or so. >> the one big game that they get in seattle for washington state. >> that was blow out. >> and it is a beating. >> that's it for us at 11:00. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you tomorrow night.
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