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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  September 29, 2013 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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stabbed to death in san ready to this is kpix 5 news. another of a dodgers' fan stabbed to death in san francisco gets ready to address the suspect. >> thing are going to change a little bit today. we have a few showers on the way from the great northwest. we'll talk about the forecast in a few minutes. and tick tock, tick tock. time is rinning out in washington to stop the government from shutting down, but the senate may do something to make it unavoid dable. >> it is sunday, september 29th, 2013. we have a lot of news and talk to cover in the next hour. we have ghost voting going on
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in sacramento. we'll look at some of the state assembly people are doing that breaks their own rules. >> we'll take a look at the affordable care act. bus first breaking news. that is the suspect in a deadly attack on a dodgers' fan is a free man this morning. there is not enough evidence to charge michael montgomery with murder. >> this morning the victim's father is asking for the public's help. he believes the stabbing was caught on cell phone video. brian webb tells us he is making a plea for witnesses to come forward at today's giants' game. >> we're told robert priest will be out here in front of the ballpark trying to find people who saw the attack or perhaps have a recording of it. a father trying to to get his son's killer back behind bars. >> they seem more interesting
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in speeding away. but michael montgomery's best friend insists what the family has said all along that michael felt outnumbered and afraid and pulled a knife for self- defense. >> he is not trying to kill anybody. he wanted to get out of there. he is a small person. >> the da released him from jail needing more evidence to charge the giants fan with killing the dodger's fan wednesday night after the game. even after an arrest and admission according to authorities. >> we do have an admission. i mean they had him down there interviewing him quite a long time. >> i >> we don't no one way or the other. once we are able to view the evidence and we may be able to speak to that issue. >> weather montgomery is guilty of a crime is up to authorities but the friends say it is the feelings of guilt will be the life sentence.
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>> it will be hard to deal with what you did on accident. >> some of jonathan denver's friends are circulating a petition. his father will be here sometime around noon. in san francisco, brian webb kpix 5. >> >> police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting. two victims were gunned down last night. an unidentified 24-year-old died at the hospital. a second victim, a 20-year-old man, underwent surgery for gunshot wounds. >> two 19-year-olds are en custody. a security guard shot one of the men. police say a reporter had just finished an interview in the bay view district friday night when they demanded his gear. he is retired and opened fire. police say one suspect was later treated at san francisco
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general hospital for a non-life- threatening gunshot wound. the reporter was not hurt. the area tv stations including kpix 5 hire security guards in areas that maybes a security risk. >> >> the house has voted again to avert a government shutdown but only if the president's healthcare act are delayed. >> they rejected the latest bill. tera mergener tells us many law makeers are now saying a shutdown may be unavoidable. >> reporter: passions high on the house floor. the house republicans are shutting down the government. they are doing it intentionally. they are doing it on purpose. >> democrats are upset republicans approved the registration that the president is allowing to veto. it would delay parts of the
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affordable care act until 2014. the american people deserve to have time to see what this monstrosity will do before it is imple thed. >> but senate democrats and the president said they will reject the house bill putting congress back at square one. >> if the two sides can't agree on healthcare, the bill won't go through and the government will start a partial shut down on tuesday. >> house democrats say israel won't reach a deal in time. >> this government is heard ling toward a shutdown and the american people deserve much better. >> national parks will close, applications for government insured mortgages would be put on hold but most government functioning will continue including delivery of the mail and social security checks. airports screen nurse and military would stay on the job and so would members of the congress. tera mergener for cbs news, washington. >> if there is a shutdown, about 800,000 government workers could be told to stay
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home starting tuesday. california is taking the lead in implementk obamacare even as other states drag their feet. in two days the new insurance market places will open for business. the state has set up call centers to explain how the law works. california is home to 15% of the nation's uninsured or 7 million people. other states will be monitoring what happens in california to see how we handle the transition. today on "face the nation" bob schieffer interviews ran paul and dick starting at 8:30 right here on kpix 5. top officials in kenya had warnings of the attack like the siege at the shopping mall. more than 70 people were killed when the terror group al- shabaab took over the west gate mall last weekend. now cnn reports that a year ago the country's national intelligencer vis warned about
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just that kind of attack. intelligence officials will field questions from parliament tomorrow. the search for survivors is now over in a collapsed building in india. 33 people were rescued alive from the rubble of an apartment building in mom by but 60 people died. a 50-year-old man was pulled out. he had been trapped for more than 30 hours. his leg was crushed. contract negotiations will continue between bart and its union. they are making their case to the public with these flyers here and leaving them on people's doors accusing bart of refusing to bargain with them. workers could walk off the job for a second time this year. on october 11th if the two sides cannot reach a deal and a backup plan to serve commuters. it calls for up to 200 shuttle
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buses and extended carpool hours and mart managers running the trains. still to come this morning, caught in the act, only on 5. california lawmakers breaking their own voting rules again and again and again. >> what happened when we confronted them? >> we have heard of them losing their crowns in scan el das. a winner is the latest. she is getting stripped of the title for a parentally being a fake. >> we have the height of doppler up and running this morning because of the showers. we'll tell you the extent of the showers. doesn't look like much so far. we have the entire forecast coming up after the break. ,,,,,,
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i was walking around the lot and i noticed the remaining 2013 models. ,,,,,,
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after an angry mob turned om for breaking up ht in nd san in this morning's baywatch, a good samaritan is doing better after an angry mom turned only him to break up a street fight. a crowd of about ten people
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turned on the unidentified man. he was sent to the hospital with multiple stab wounds and is expected to recover. >> they are taking a test called turn. the consumer group is suing the utility company for $13 million for the fatal gas explosion three years ago. both the city and turn say pg&e is guilty of sloppy record keeping for the many tense nance and aging pipelines and that they covered up the mistakes. >> san francisco may have the opportunity to host the america's cup. the mayor is reportedly eager to bring it back to the city by the way. he only has 90 days to extend the invitation. in the end the choice is owner larry ellison's. he hasn't comments to a host city. [applause] >> born in the u.s.a., now beauty queen of the world megan young is technically miss
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philippines but she was born here and moved to the philippines when she was ten years old. young beat out 126 other young women for the world title. miss france and ga ha were runners up. the little miss his span nick is being called into question. she was crowned miss delaware last month, but she is african- american and not la tina enough. they must before 25% hispanic and the 7-year-old lacked proper verification and was stripped from her crown. >> the that es sad. how do you measure though? >> i don't know but that kid would be marked for life. a lot of tragedy. >> that contest world. >> when my crown was taken away from me, -- i still see it. >> that is the halo. >> what an honor. it is so nice to see you on the weekend. >> it is nice to see you too.
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>> nice to see you too. >> we have some showers, light rain moving down from the pa serve fix northwest. it won't amount to much. probably won't see any today at all. north bay, the extent of this hasn't even worked this way yet. it is around crescent city and southern oregon. for now, we'll start out pretty nice. a few high clouds and low clouds near the shoreline. 5 in santa rosa. out the door this morning, patchy fog along the shore but fair and cool around the bay. in the low 6 60s. >> 63 at game time. mostly sunny. down their home of the u.s. geological survey, 74 under mostly sunny skies. those geecologists rock. >> temperatures begin to cool.
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showers tonight. we'll warm up by midweek. most of the showers will be confind to the north bay today. south bay, east bay, you'll be okay. as the brunt works its way in today and slowly begins to sag south it will weaken. not much in this. north bay showers a possibilities afternoon. we run the clock ahead in terms of what the atmosphere should do if it be haves. just a few light echos by evening and then by tomorrow morning, very widely scattered action south of the golden gate bridge. it won't amount to much. it will cloud things up and cool things down. bay area, 79 sacramento. the forecast for the day, 77 there. morgan hill 80 degrees. still on the warm side and pleasant side, mid-70s for the east bay. oakland at 72. extended forecast. we'll have an overcast, maybe little bit of a wet monday, but
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then the temperatures bounce back. mid-80s by wednesday and thursday. so a cooldown the next couple of days and then we bump the temperatures back up. that is all usual for this time of the year. thanks so much. well, we're going to show you several politicians breaking the rules. >> we caught them red handed voting on hundreds of bills during the last two weeks of the session. mark kelly explains what we noticed that was particularly strange of what was going on. >> take a close look at california democracy in action. l.a. assembly man jimmy gomez's seat in the foreground is empty. he is not there, but reggie jones sawyer also from l.a. is voting for him. now, rewind. in the back ground anthony from la county reaching back to vote
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for burbank's mike gather toe and again there is assembly woman diane voting for her seat mate travis from hunting ton beach. all this in less than a minute for a bill to regulate outdoor advertising but we saw it happening again and again on dozens of other bills. republicans and democrats regularly voting for somebody else. remember sawyer voting for gomez? here is gomez later that day voting for sawyer and then there is phil of san francisco casting multiple votes. watch this. >> we're just asking this body to support. >> he stands up to speak in support of a gun control bill. then right away he rushes back to his desk to vote not only for himself but also adam gray and another. >> what is going on here? >> well, it is called ghost voting and in california it is not allowed. >> just take a look at the
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assembly rules book. it couldn't be more clear. a member may not operate the voting switch of any other member. so what do they say? >> hi. >> i'm anthony. >> he didn't seem to know there was a rule. >> it is a custom in something you're allowed to do. >> we saw him ghost voting all day long. >> it is perfectly fine. >> from others we heard various versions of what is okay and what is not. >> this is is sa door hall from compton. >> you have to be on the green carpet on the floor. >> a member can't be in his office? >> oh, no. >> even richard gordon the head of the assembly rules committee was con fussed. gave me the definition of ghost voting. >> i don't know. >> once i explained it. >> a seat mate may vote for you if you have given them permission to do so. can you push the person in
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front of you? >> essentially the people in your el yacht area, the four around you, you can do that. >> what about phil? are you allowed to vote for other members? >> we follow the same protocol. >> what is that? >> the assembly rules. >> it says you're not allowed to vote for other members and we saw you voting for other members. >> we all follow the same protocols and they are strictly made out rules. >> he even argued ghost voting makes it run more efficiently and left it at that. >> we still see you ghost voting. we saw other members ghost votek. is this something that has to stop? >> thanks a lot for your time. >> aside from ghost voting being against the rules, common cause says there are other problems with it as well. >> that's right. even done innocently, it can lead to mistakes. once in awhile the mistakes can
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be intentional. for example in 2008 there was a big scandal when carol from san francisco cast a vote without his permission. >> what about the state senate? they have a rule you do have to do a voice vote so you don't push a button. you have to say yea or nae. >> well, the housing recovery could be at risk in a government shutdown. why some home loans are safe and others are not. ,,,,,,,,,,
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goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself.
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by the fede nd administration a partial government shut down on monday could puts housing at risk. the veterans and ministration and u.s. department of the ag chur will not be processed. f.h.a. backed loans accounted for 45% of all mortgages used to buy homes lost year. the good news is most won't be affected at all by a potential shut down. democrats are expected to reject the spending plan approved by house republicans and that could trigger a partial shut down. and former state assembly speaker willie brown. we asked if this back and forth, this bickering and
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gridlock, what does it say about leadership in washington. >> es there leadership in washington? >> no, to be quite honest. you have the issue of the government shut down and the debt ceiling. >> walk through this coffee shop and any of that. period. they do not understand. only the people in washington are into that. the people on wall street. believe me neither of those two are going to allow disaster to visit itself no matter what the current status is. >> absolutely. this is one more time when voters are saying what are they doing for us there in washington? no wonder the polls are so low. at this point the anger and frustration with the folks in washington is at an all-time high and they don't seem to get it and we in the media or still
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distracted by folks like ted cruz with their filibusters. >> four, five years is the healthcare measure. that is why it has a life expectancy that has been going on now sevens about 2010 when it first was passed. it is also a mystery and it is a mystery of the most incredible magnitude because nobody including the people running it can say what the decisiveness and how to do it. it will change the nature of our whole existence on the health side. >> the average person, too, still doesn't understand what it is. it has been labeled obamacare. people don't like obamacare but they like the affordable care act. it is the same thing. it should have been named a mark care or something else. they fell down on that one. >> in terms of marketing you're correct but, again, this is an esoteric concept that must be
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translated just as social security is translated. it is not going to take that long but it will be more than one, two, three, our four cycles and the obama people are going to have to be courageous enough that when the errors present themselves, back off and correct them. you know people clearly understand when they couldn't get any kind oven seans, now with this they can no matter what their preexisting condition was. when they had this bum kid 23 graduated from college after 8 years and can't get a job, you have no coverage. suddenly when he is 26 if he has coverage. those things are all monumental. >> and in the next half-hour we're going to sit down with some talking about the affordable healthcare act and how it impacts california, the im media sy of that. >> it is 7:55 right now.
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coming up, national security. we are going to take a look at that. we're learning more about what snooping the nsa is doing and why they are looking at who your travel buddies are. >> if you're going to be a jerk, stay home. >> and in the last two years the dodgers and giants rivalry has turned violent. the message to fans urging it to stop. that is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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%c1 but the fa im.. this is kpix 5 news. we're learning more about the man arrested in the deadly attack on a dodgers' fan but the father of the victim wants to know more. meanwhile, in the weather department, we have rain moving down from the pacific northwest. we'll tell you how that will affect us even as sunday starts off pretty well. the forecast is coming up. tour buss blocking streets and neighbors are tired of it. the plan to ease congestion around this picture taking spot. >> the time is 7:59. good good morning. >> one of the big questions is america's cup, will san francisco asks it to come back and what does it mean? >> we know the mayor wants it back. >> but does the board of supervisors and everyone else? >> let's take a look.
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the house voted to fund the government through mid december, but only if key parts of the new healthcare law are delayed by the a year. >> house republicans are trying to extract that in k change for letting the government stay open for business. normally two days from now, president barack obama is vowing to veto the latest legislation. republicans will reject the bill before it ever reaches the president. the senate is not going to meet until tomorrow afternoon. last night's passions ran high on the house floor. >> house republicans are shutting down the government! they are doing it intentionally. they are doing it on purpose. >> the american people deserve to have time to see what this monstrosity will do before it is implemented. if there is a shutdown, national parks will close and applications for government insured mortgages will be put
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on hold as well. the deadline is midnight monday night to reach a deal. weather out an agreement, some 800,000 federal workers could be told to stay home tuesday. >> police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting. two victims in their 20s were gunned down at a home last night. the 24-year-old victim from oakley died at the hospital. a second victim, a 20-year-old man, underwent surgery for mum till gunshot wounds. the father of dodgers' fan stabbed earlier this week will make a plea before the giants- padres game. the plea comes after michael montgomery was release led from jail. he says at this time there is not enough evidence to charge montgomery and his friend claims the stabbing was an act of self-defense. >> he was not trying to kill anybody. he is small. he is a small person. he was trying to get out of
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there. >> we don't no one way or the other. once we are able to view the evidence then we may be able to speak to that issue. >> the victim's father believes someone caught the fight on their cell phone camera and there is video. he is asking anyone with evidence to please come forward. >> brian stow was beaten outside the stadium and suffered traumatic brain injury. now a dodgers' fan has been killed. i asked about what is driving the violence. he had a pretty harsh message for the fans as well. >> i think it was more driven by the alcohol. it seems all the problems we have at any event and many events that are not even event related somebody has some measure of alcohol on board. >> the dodger game on the night this tragedy happened, they cut it off as they do at the end of the 7th or 8th inning.
8:03 am
>> so would your advice be get out of there as fast as you can and get away front it? >> no. the biggest thing is walk on. one of the biggest rules in police work, you can't argue with a drunk. right? so if somebody is drunk and obviously to whatever degree outside themselves, just keep on walking. there is no reason to engage that person in conversations rather than walk on. they wind up making a decision that changes everybody's life. why is it that people don't walk on? >> well, i think somehow it is like the sparkly object. you just figure you're going to just say x and then for whatever reason, now you're in the conversation and you have lost track of the fact you don't know this person, whatever you're talking about, you quaint even believe you had the conversation after so make up your mind when you go, you're going to enjoy the game,
8:04 am
your family, your friends and if some nonsense cal idiot will be other than, walk on, leave that person alone. >> it would save a lot of tragedies. from what i have seen so many people either leaving a bar, restaurant on a street, whatever just opted not to get involved we wouldn't have half of these stories. >> and if the people that are going to disrupt other people, don't even come. that is my message to anybody that would come to a san francisco event whether sporting or not, if you're going to be contrary, do not come. we have plenty of cool people that want to come to our events and add to the moment, to the energy, to the whatever. if you're going to be a jerk, stay home. two 19-year-olds are in custody and charged with robs a reporter. the security guard shot one of the men. the police say he had finished
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an interview last neither when the suspects with a gun demanded his gear. the security guard who is retired from the oakland police department opened fire. police say one suspect was later treated at san francisco general hospital for non-life- threatening gunshot wound. the reporter was not injured. they regularly hire security guards in areas that maybes a security risk. new this morning, united nations weapons inspectors left their hotel in search of more chemical weapons. the mission will wrap up tomorrow with a full report due in late october. and today we are learning that top officials in kenya got warnings of the attack like the siege at the shopping mall. more than 70 people were killed when al-shabaab took over the mall last weekend.
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a year ago the country's national intelligencer vis warned them about just this kind of attack. intelligence officials will field questions from parliament tomorrow. there is a new revelation by the national security agency. for nearly 3 years, the nsa has been analyzing phone calls and e-mail logs to map out american's social connection including traveling companions. it is to trap the associations with ill tell gence targets overseas. >> contract negotiations will continue. meanwhile, the unions are also busy making their case to the public with these flyers. they are leaving them on people's doors a using bart refusing to bargain with them. bart workers could walk off the job on october 11th if the two sides can't reach a deal in time. a backup plan is in the works to serve commuters just in case
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calling for 200 shuttle buses and extended carpool hours and there could be skeletal bart rail service with managers running the trains. an expert is here to break down what you don't know about the affordable healthcare act for the bay area. >> plus, hitting the drive through but not just for fast food. where some people are pulling up to get vaccinated on the go. one of san francisco's most popular tourist spots, but maybe a little too popular. why neighbors want to turn away visitors. sunshine. warm temperatures. it is time to send in the clouds. we have temperatures cooling tonight. a few sprinkles and the forecast coming up after we generate a little revenue. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the seas getting a flu shot on the fly, kaiser permanente had the first drive-thru clinic in three months. people showed up to get vaccinate the.
8:11 am
there will be other opportunities too. they will have it throughout the week. they need more cash to keep the party going. volunteers help put on the monthly street party but the city has been paying for a police presence. organizers raised $1,000 last month. san francisco is weighing whether to ban tour buss in alamo square. people who live in the area aren't concerned about congestion and potential safety hazards from the dozens of big buses that role through everyday. . one man put a sign for those couped up inside their big vehicles. >> i love talking to the tourists. i just don't like how they are arrive rose gold on the big buses it is not safe for our
8:12 am
neighborhood. >> they are leaning toward new road rules. they would restrict them or completely ban big buses from the square. they will hold a hearing to hear public comments on it. >> it is probably nice to go there and get in the park, stay there awhile, take your shoes off. >> get your picture taken. >> but the park is fun, too. >> exactly. but i don't think the tour buss go to the park. they want to get that card, the classic. >> i think of the vantage point in the 1906 fire. they're took pictures of it going up in smoke. >> we're starting out with fog and low clouds along the shoreline and prospect for showers especially the north bay today. south bay doesn't look bad. you can see that that collection of showers by the pacific northwest hasn't sunk this far south.
8:13 am
we pull back to show we're high and dry, but cloudy. cloudy in santa row? , napa, golden gate pretty much overcast. a mix of high clouds out there and temperatures mostly in the 50s and low 60s. 57 in san jose. if you're going to see the raiders take on the washington today, mostly sunny skies. sunday, a temperature of low 70s. not bad. the dog fest walk and role in santa rosa today. clouds there, but temperatures 60 degrees. forecasted for about 9:00. clouds will increase. temperatures cooled today. you can see the high clouds beginning to still over into the east bay. showers tonight, favoring the north bay. not much south of the golden gate. tomorrow a little wet but it will warm up midweek. first, let's show you this. that low pressure brings
8:14 am
showers with it. then the low heads out. the high comes in. when that comes in midweek, temperatures will warm up to well, above average by midweek. we'll bear with this for a bit. a taste of autumn coming our way with fog and clouds on the shoreline. you see widely scattered showers around the bay area forecast. not a mouthing to much. maybe some sprinkles and southwesterly winds and then for los angeles, sunny skies, 79 degrees. partly cloudy in new york. san jose hit 77 today. 80 morgan hill. out on the east bay the temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. 733 in san ra fell. and the far north, you probably will hit 72. extended forecast will increase the clouds. maybe a few sprinkle es in the north bay today. tonight a little weather, but that is about it. look at the letter half of the week. that is your weather.
8:15 am
is that a dose of good medicine or what? speak of medicine. >> that is a glaring question mark for those with affordable healthcare and the "affordable care act". joining us is john breaking down what it means to california residents. john, tell us a little about who you are. >> i'm the ceo of the san francisco health plan. >> the biggest winner is the uninsured who for the first time will have insurance either through an expansion of medi cal which means free premiums and free co-pays or those about 138% of the federal poverty level can buy an individual with a policy with a heavy subsidy from the federal government. >> who are the possible losers? >> all of us if this doesn't
8:16 am
work. it increases year over year. as an employer myself, purchasing for my employees, it is the most difficult part of the year. >> this is on federal subsidies and young people, healthy people signing up and paying into offset the cost for others but young people don't appear to be interested in this or a good portion of them. >> that is a very good point. it takes the young, it takes everyone a good balanced risk mix to get in. what we have seen is the young particularly young males saying i'm not interested. i listen to what my mother tells me to do so there will be a campaign telling parents talk with your young kids about why is this important and with the sub days being able to have them making it's affordable for those policies. >> what is it about especially guys in a priority list, when it comes to paying for healthcare, they just don't do it. if they don't do it in this
8:17 am
one, we could be in trouble. >> part comes with how often they think they will user veses and feeling a little mortality. will i really be going to the hospital? but when you think about when you use prescription drugs or times you do go, it is very important to have. that is the message that will be delivered october, november, december. >> what is the average person who has a healthcare plan now? will there be a nigh option? >> folks on medicare over age 65 and folks who receive it through their employer, not a lot of change. for individuals who if ha been buying for nell selves, they are self-employed, they will see a tremendous change because they have been locked into one plan. now on january 1 in covered california there are no more questions about health related questions and there are a variety of plans that cover them starting january 1. >> two big criticisms on the street.
8:18 am
employers saying they can't afford to have enough employees if they qualify it will cost them a lot of money. your answer to that? >> the federal they put the fine for providing the insurance to use a year to get up and going. >> can i afford it even if i'm making money? we're talking about monthly payments of $145? >> it depends on your income level. the way the program is set up, the lower the income the greater the subsidy. not only that, in covered california some of the co-pays and deductibles have been lowered to make it affordable. one of the big questions here will be, can we get people to seen up? is it affordable which the government thinks that it is. can we get everybody enrolled? on a scale of 1 to 10 what is the confusion that you're going to be on this when this roles out among the public? >> probably in the mid level because they don't know a lot until they start to hear it. think about this like the
8:19 am
football season. there are four preseason games. now we have a lot of angst and it is important nor covered california. you can seen up until the end of march. >> thank you for coming in. it will be confusing. you'll be there to help. we'll be back with more news. stay tuned. thank you very much. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 8:21 right now. the mayor is eager to bring the races back. >> what are the odds that a mark ca's cup is going to come back? we sat down with the san francisco chronicle and willie brown who was in the thick of this america's cup and asked nary thoughts. >> i would say 70-30. >> really? >> yes. >> not 100% sure.
8:22 am
>> no. not yet. he has days. new some has to work really hard. he has more credibility with him than anyone. >> what quas your reading. >> i am not sure san francisco really wants the american cup back. >> wait a minute. >> the hotel people, yes. but this thing was so over hyped and it got really interesting the last day. there were a lot of problems. >> however in the last 15 to 20 days it has become the sport that it needs to be and all of a sudden everyone who has a watercraft or a kayak were out there check it out. >> but the cost to the city. >> no cost to the city. we will break-even. at a minimum we'll break-even. >> it is always funny money. one minute we're short $16 million and then $6 million and then we're breaking even.
8:23 am
who figures these things out? >> whoever is without. >> you don't have an answer. >> thank you. >> these events we put them on in san francisco to get the world's attention and woe did get the world's attention on this. is it worth the price? >> absolutely it is worth the price. the nature of what we produce in the city, we need an event every month in the city. we need a good event every month in the city. >> why? >> well, i mean look it is good for tourism. they love it, but this isn't canoes on the bay. this is technology who will spend the most money. >> what es wrong with that? >> he can do his lobby on his own. >> he did. those two big boats are his. >> they got a benefit. hotel rooms went up to $600 a
8:24 am
night and believe me, we're in a position where we will have to pay the fare to go home. they are broke. they stayed too long. >> when we do these events, you made a point of trying to do one every 90 days. does that say that san francisco now is all about tourism more than anything else? >> no. it says san francisco is about joy and fun. >> [ laughter ] >> that is a question of people negotiating. he obviously parts with lots of millions. if you can get him to part with us, that will be even better. >> coming up, one last look at the top stories. >> and it is national coffee day. who is giving away free cups of joe? when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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stabbed last week is expecto
8:26 am
make a p welcome back. the father of the dodgers' fan stabbed last week is expected to make a plea for help at today's giants' game. his father thinks someone has video of the attack and wants them to come forward. >> overnight, the u.s. house approved a bill to fund the government through mid december, but only if the key aspects of the "affordable care act" delayed. the democrats vowed to say no to that with a government shutdown as early as tuesday. >> negotiations continue today to avert a strike. bart says they have a backup plan in case involving 200 shuttle buses and managers running limited train service. >> here is one last look at weather. >> this brings a chill to your heart. we'll get a little taste as we get light rain, maybe in the north bay. this afternoon mostly cloudy conditions. teth chures still in the upper 80s in land.
8:27 am
bay area, san francisco at 66. 79 livermore. 75 fairfield. 76 mountainview. else will bring a chill to your heart. upper 70s today and maybe a sprinkle or two. >> we're laughing because michelle is from denver. she never ceases to remind us our winters. >> 75? >> our winters are in summer. >> that is why i love it here though. thanks. >> well how about some free coffee? today is national coffee day and some of your favorite places are participates. a free cup in duncan donuts if you download their app and starbucks. let's get a cup of coffee. >> but wait. we have another show to do. >> yes, we'll get it in between. "face the nation" is next on kpix 5. >> have a great day. ,,,,
8:28 am
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>> schieffer: today on face the nation two, major stories this weekend, congress takes us a step closer to shutting down the government. as the u.s. and iran take a step toward better relations. house republicans are taking it up a notch, keeping the government open now depends on postponing obamacare. >> it is no secret that the tea party republicans came here not as public servants but to destroy and designate our government. >> for heaven's sake have as much flexibility with the republicans as you do with the russianrussian and iranians that shouldn't be too much to ask. >> schieffer: the white house says don't blame us. >> we are not for negotiating with a people with a bomb strapped on their chest. >> schieffer: as the news got worse at the capital the president and the iranian president hooked up on a historic phonel


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