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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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outside. 50s and 60s right now. becoming partly cloudy. and temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. let's check out the roads now. >> on this mono need to rush out the door if you plan on making the san jose commute. 101 looking great. moving well both ways. we have live pictures atroeching trimble. there is an accident in the clearing stages in santa rosa. it's not delaying traffic. north 101 on the connector ramp. an solo spin out off to the right hand shoulder. bay bridge commute still looking great with no delays. the metering lights are still off. so far, no back ups at the bay bridge pay gates. no delays for mass transit. our ferries, bart system looking good. that's a look at your monday drive and ride. now to michelle. >> thank you. developing news from washington
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, the senate in the battle to avoid a government shout down. senate democrats are expected to vote today to reject the latest house attempt to block obamacare. >> reporter: a partial shut down begins at midnight. the senate will likely vote down a house plan to fund the government because it calls for a one year delay of the president's healthcare law. in the final few hours, house leaders say they will try to weaken obamacare. >> a few other options for the senate to look at again. >> gop members stood in front of the capitol criticizing democrats for not working. >> the senate needs to act. why are they waiting ? why aren't the doors open? >> democrat says republicans have been stalling for weeks to force the president into a corner and bringing the debate down to the deadline is part of the plan. >> this was a calculated strategy to drive the country to
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the cliff and then say give us what we want in the affordable care act or we're going to shut down the government. >> the president's healthcare law, neither side appears willing to budge and both sides blame each other. >> harry reed has told the house of representatives and the american people go jump in a lake. >> almost 45 times now the republicans have vote today abolish obamacare. not to change it. >> president obama has called a cabinet meeting for today to prepare for a possible shut down. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> on saturday, house republicans also passed a bill which promises to pay the military in the event of a shout down. an aid to a democratic senator says that won't be necessary if the republicans pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running. >> the impact of federal shut down would not only be felt in washington but locally here as well. cate caugurian is in the news room with a look at the
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impact right here in the bay area. >> tourism is one of san francisco's major industries and a partial government shut down would have impacts to recreational activities which would cut out a lot for visitors. all national parks would be closed and that includes visitor centers so alcatraz wouldn't see long lines. thousands of tourists vying to get a look would need to middle age other arrangements. >> i think it's the government's job to look for solutions to funding problems and not to inflict pain so that others can agree with them. >> other major attractions that would close include john mir's old home in martinez and the rosy riceter national park where they haven't been instructed on what will happen in a government shut down takes place. if there is a shut down, social security
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payments will still go out and so will unemployment benefits. medicare will pay claims but payments to doctors and hospitals could be delayed. and you will still get your mail. other essential government services including airport security and law enforcement will be unaffected. back to you, frank. >> do we know what's next in the budget battle today? >> the house will convene about 10:00 this morning. still waiting on the senate's next move and the senate won't be meeting until later this afternoon. we've heard throughout the whole news cast, the majority leader harry reed is expected to quickly move to kill the house register laceration. >> okay. cate caugurian live for us in the news room, thanks. >> tomorrow concord's california call center is set to open. one of three in the state where people will answer questions about the affordable care act and help those looking for health plans through the new statewide insurance exchange. all uninsured americans are required to sign up or pay a
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penalty. >> vallejo police are investigating the shooting of an 18-year-old man. happened last night outside an apartment complex on santa clara street. the victim was shot in the neck, ran toward an apartment unit and collapsed outside the door. neighbors and bystanders say they heard more than a dozen shots. this is vallejo's 18th homicide of the year. >> a group of children stumbled across a loaded handgun. police say the kids found it yesterday in the bushes near the conservatory of flowers. so far, no word on where the gun came from. pleasant hill law makers will consider an ordinance to tighten up gun sales. gun dealers would need to get police permits and store owners and employees would need to pass a background check. there are four gun dealers in the city. scheduled to take up the ordinance tonight. >> relatives of the dodger's fan who was murdered are
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pleading for help. 24-year-old jonathan denver was from fort brag and stabbed to death wednesday night several blocks from at&t park. he was released friday night because the da says they need more evidence. >> today i'm making a plea to the public asking that anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forth so that both families can have some measure of closure. >> the suspects montgomery's father says he acted in self defense. the stabbing happened after words were exchanged between the group of giants fans and dodger fans last wednesday. denver's death is the latest. brian stow was beaten nearly to death. he suffered permanent brain damage but he was well enough to attend yesterday's
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game. the giants donated a portion of ticket sales last week to his recovery fund. early estimates put the total at about $5,000. >> a murder victim was remembered in southern california. 20-year-old justin valdez was shot and killed while getting off an muni train. he was a swimmer in high school. a 30-year-old man has been arrested and charged with the murder. and friends of 16-year-old kevin sahn held a memorial for him yesterday. that's where the high school student was killed after a car crashed into his mom's mini van. the driver of that car was speeding and running lights when she rear-ended the family. >> two day rav that brought loud music, thousands of young people and officers is finally over. 50,000 people descended
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upon shoreline amphitheater. the beyond wonderland rav featured dozens of high decibel djs and that has neighbors going crazy. >> it drives me crazy all that boom, boom, boom. >> yeah, loudness. i never heard it that loud before. >> anything that can soak up some sort of drug, they'll use to get high. >> police have more than 50 officers inside the venue there. both in uniform and plain clothes and special sexual assault investigators there as well looking for anyone who may have been praying on young intoxicated girls. >> two women are recovering after getting hurt in a small explosion. fire officials say an arasol can blew up after it was left near a hot barbecue grill. the women were airlifted to a hospital. a 66-year-old is in stable condition and a 45-year-old has been released. in other headlines around the bay.
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san jose may lift its ban on safe and sane fire works. budget cuts canceled the fire works show four years ago, the sale of illegal fire works exploded. now looking into the sale of safe and sane fire works. 300 california cities already allow the fire works. damage from a water main break in west portal neighborhood is up to $5.5 million. and that price is expected to get even higher. the examiner reports precision engineering will get the bill from the city. the company is blame for causing the break which is it is an under groundwork. >> coming up. it's being called california 's newest crisis. happening at elementary school that's costing the state billions of dollars. >> retrial of amanda knox begins today. >> tourists scrambling for
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safety. the frightening scene captured on cell phones in london. >> after a gorgeous weekend, clouds are back. rain drops too. we will talk about that coming up. >> the bay bridge commute still holding steady with no big delays. first reports of an accident affecting traffic on 680 in pleasant hill. details with traffic in a few minutes. they say no good deed goes unpunished. and some days it seems true. but we keep on doing the things that matter& like buying new raspberry 5 hour energy. from now to the end of the year, a portion of each sale... benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. new raspberry 5 hour energy. it's one good deed that will go just right.
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crashed into it at the santa monica airport last night. everyone o you're looking at what's left of a storage hangar after a private jet crashed into it last night. everyone aboard is feared dead now. no word on exactly how many people were on the plane. the jet went off the run way, slammed into the hangar and the structure burst into flames and collapsed. took emergency crews two hours to just enter the crash site
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because of that extreme fire. and boat tours are canceled for good reason now. more than two dozen tourists ended up in the river after their tour boat caught fire. amateur video captured the scene. people bailed into the water there. fortunately, nobody was injured. heavy rains and gusty winds have been pulmobling the pa sieving northwest. left 17,000 people without power. a flood advisory was in affect. and wind gusts exceeded 50 miles an hour. the weather service issued high wind warnings through this morning from the canadian boarder to the south of washington. >> happening today, the murder trial of amanda knox restart inside italy. she will not be in court. she's refused to return to italy for the trial. she spent four years behind bars there. and conviction was overturned for lack of evidence. the italian supreme court
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ordered the retrial. a hearing is scheduled today to deal with james holmes psychiatric. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecution wants the colorado mental health institute that evaluated holmes to turn over the entire case file. lawyers will fight 211 game suspension today. the longest punishment handed out for doping. whether or not he will continue to play ball, still on 80 million of record $275 million contract. a-rod is trending and government shut down. law makers have until midnight. sainthood comes april 27th for pope john paul ii and pope john the 23rd.
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could damage a woman's reproductive parts. and breaking bad. last night's series finale is lighting up the web. you can follow us on twitter. >> a lot of friends talking about breaking bad. never heard of it. >> it's pretty popular but now it's over. >> next year. >> no not even next year. that was the last episode. you can host a breaking bad party for all of us. so far it's looking okay. 101 in both directions approaching trimble. no delays. watch out for this accident southbound 680. the treat boulevard on ramp has been shut down because of an solo spin out. lawrence is telling us about drizzle and scattered showers. keep that in mind as you head out the door this
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morning. it is slow going in both directions in the antioch area. it does pick up as you head flu the pittsburg area. wide open with no big delays into san francisco. that's been trouble free. all the overnight road work, that's been cleared out. you are in good shape in both directions there. and the other bridges are fine. the san mateo bridge looking good with no problems to report. and 880/237. usually at this hour, you can expect light traffic. southbound traffic looking good leaving mission. and our first bart trains left the yard on time. no delays for bart or the local ferries. >> we have a lot of clouds out there. very mild if you are stepping outside. we have a couple scattered showers out there too. so much for the
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beautiful weather over the weekend. the clouds have rolled in. catching a cold front sliding into town and touching off a few scattered light showers. roadways may be slick in spots. temperature wise, you have 60s out the door most areas. a chance of more scattered showers not only this morning but into the afternoon with partly cloudy skies. the temperatures running well below the average. cold front moving in in a very strong system into the northwest. there's not a whole lot of energy left by the time it gets here. left with a lot of clouds. unsettled weather today and mild and humid conditions around the bay area with an occasional shower. you can see the system sliding on through. precipitation, maybe drizzle and light showers. and through noontime, a lot of clouds out there with a chance of scattered light showers. things begin to settle down. a lot of left over moisture. maybe thick fog out there as well. we're looking at 60s and
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70s for highs today. expect a lot of clouds. you may see occasional showers. by tomorrow, a return of dry weather and nice conditions. toward thursday and friday and next weekend, guys, the weather looking fantastic. could see upper 70s, even out at the beaches. >> next weekend. you are already getting me thinking. >> i'm getting ready. >> it's monday. >> start talking about the weekend on sunday. >> thanks, lawrence. 5:18. contract negotiations will continue between bart and union. this morning, counsel member is going to continue to handout flyers promoting a state ban on strikes. the unions are busy making their case to the public with these flyers. they are leaving them on people's doors accusing bart refusing to bargain with them. bart workers accounted walk off the job if the two sides can't reach a deal
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by october 10th. a back up plan is in the works. calls for up to 200 bart shuttle buses and extended carpool hours. could be a rail service with bart managers running those trains. >> happening today, a new president takes over as the leader of uc. janet nopalotano previously served as homeland security secretary. the new job entails a significant pay raise. she'll make $571,000 a year. that's three times her salary for overseeing homeland security. today attorney general harris will unveil statistics that show a high level of truancy at elementary schools. a study by the department of justice found more than a million students had unexcused absences. the truancy could cost the state billions of dollars through increased crime and poverty. >> jerry brown is about to come
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california's longest serving governor. he served two terms back then and now in the middle of his third term. he's about to pass earl warren who made it to a third term. in 1953, warren stepped down as govern are to become chief justice of the u.s. supreme court. >> 5:20. coming up. cloudy with a chance of millions. big winners and losers at the box office. >> and coming up, the raiders had a golden opportunity to get back to 500. and takes a final bow coming up. >> what's cool about your school? you can email us with your nomination to we come out and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"cloudy with chance of meats two" had a beautiful weekend at the box office. e it's so beautiful. >> cloudy with a chance of meat balls 2 had a beautiful weekend at the box office. the sequel features the voices of bill hadar opened up in first place. far out pacing the number two film prisoners. rushed, baggage claim and don john rounded out the top five. >> good morning, everybody. felt concussion like similar ymptoms on saturday night. . sacked 7 times by the red skin's defense and raider offense turned the ball over three times they blew a 14-0 first half lead. the redskins scored 24 unanswered
5:24 am
points capped off by 14 yard touchdown run. 24-14 loss for the raiders who fall 1 and 3 on the season. got a great send off in a giant's uniform. struck out mark, the only batter he would face. the giants win their finale over the padres 65. derek barton. friday night against detroit. and did not give up a hit through nine innings. wasn't official until scored on a walk off wild pitch in the bottom half of the inning. of the 282 no hitters in major league baseball history, this was the first to end on a wild pitch. one final huge note in sports, i am leading frank
5:25 am
mallicoat's fantasy football team by 60 points. he's got drew brees going tonight. that's it. see you tonight. >> got a tight end going too. we'll find out tomorrow. check out our play of the day. we got the giants, chiefs. back of a punt return here. they are win less. he spins, he moves. the giants are going down in a big way. takes it 89 yards to the house. dominates the giants. the winless giants are 0 and 4. 31-7 is your final . >> eli manning is my qb. coming up a drop in drug crimes in oakland. why criminals are turning to robberies instead. >> we are representing. >> while the government on the verge of a shout down, the all out push to find a compromise
5:26 am
before midnight tonight. >> i'm mark kelly in mountain view where residents say a weekend rav got far too loud. ,,,,,,,,
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this is kpix 5 news.
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>> mountain view residents aren't too happy with a nearby amphitheater. i'll tell you why, coming up. >> shut down showdown as the clock ticks toward a government shut down. will law makers reach a last minute deal? >> it was a gorgeous weekend and now the clouds are back. we'll talk about it coming up. >> first accident in the north bay. southbound 101 near lucky drive. more mantra in a few minutes. >> good morning, monday september 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> all that music blaring from the shore line amphitheater came to an end last night. that meant a quiet night sleep for those who live near that arena. mark kelly live in mountain view. i guess it wasn't just the noise but police made dozens of arrests over the weekend
5:30 am
right? >> reporter: exactly. anything but a quiet weekend here. that two day ra v wrapped up last night. many folks are more than happy to see it go. it's called beyond wonderland. and this is video from inside the concert this weekend. nearly 50,000 were expected to pack this place. with all those people, it's bound to get noise tee. the noise is just too much. >> drives me crazy all that boom, boom, boom. >> yeah, loudness. i never heard it that loud before. >> beyond wonderland highlights djs dishing out heart pumping music. isn't just about the noise. in two days, police arrested 60 plus drunks and drug users. >> anything that can soak up some sort of drug, they'll use
5:31 am
to get high. >> concert promoters aren't too keen on that kind of reputation telling our news crew to hit the road. >> all we get is negative press any way. no sense in allowing you access. >> many insist it's about blowing off steam and having fun and nothing more. >> we all love music. that's it. >> some of the closest homes around here are 10 blocks away and folks living there say they could still hear the loud music. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> mountain view police tried to help them stay out of trouble. no questions were asked. police tweeted it will do your body and your wrap sheet good. >> lsd turned a party wild and violent over the weekend. paramedics and firefighters were called to a home about a boy
5:32 am
having a seizure. they were greeted by a teenager covered in blood who began to attack them. more party goers got involved, they called for back up. three people were arrested and the host was ticketed. >> this time tomorrow, federal government agencies could be closed for business. cate caugurian is in our news room with the developing effort to beat that midnight deadline. >> this afternoon, the senate will likely vote down a house plan to fund the government because it calls for a one year delay of the president's healthcare law. that will leave house republicans a few hours to decide their next move. a partial government shut down begins at midnight unless they can reach a deal. the president's healthcare law. neither side appears willing to budge and both sides blame each other. >> majority leader harry reed has essentially told the house of representatives and the american people to jump in a
5:33 am
lake. >> almost 45 times now the house republicans have voted to abolish obama care, not to change it. >> gop members stood in front of the capitol sunday criticizing democrats for not working in the hours before the shut down. >> the senate needs to act. why are they waiting ? why aren't those doors open? >> the democrat chris van hollen says they've been stalling for weeks to force the president into a corner is part of their plan. >> this was a calculated strategy to drive the country to the cliff and then say give us what we want in the affordable care act or we're going to shut down the government. >> president obama has called a cabinet meeting to prepare for the possible shut down. we're going to take a look at how a partial shut down could have a big impact here. cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> happening today, the department of justice plans to sue north carolina over new
5:34 am
voter id law. start nothing 2016, that state will require a valid government id in order to vote. several civil rights groups are challenging that law. >> it unconstitutionally limits rights to vote where they can vote, when they can vote, how they can vote. >> protecting the integrity is among the most important duties i have as governor. >> governors signed the bill into law last night and says it needs to prevent voter fraud. the law discriminates against myojuvenile courts. two groups less likely to have ids and more likely to vote democrats. the second phase in the trial of vp starts today. the key question is whether bp did enough to stop the spill. fighting allegations it was grocery negligent in the way it handled the disaster.
5:35 am
could face a fine of up to $18 billion. >> lawrence did maintenance and had to dust off the old doppler. >> yes, we did. after a good weekend. what a nice weekend it was. things changing this morning. the doppler is up and running. we've got a couple scattered light showers. nothing too heavy. a lot of low level moisture. really falling part as it's moving on by. not going to see a whole lot of energy with this system. have a couple scattered light showers. got one little cell moving on by bringing showers there as well. looks like things will stay unsettled throughout the day. cold front going to be a slow mover. not a whole lot of energy. falling apart through the bay area. going to see clouds and muggy conditions if you are headed out the door. some of the temperatures in the mid 60s outside. 64 in oakland. 63 in san francisco . this afternoon, partly cloudy. slight chance for showers. temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
5:36 am
let's check out the roads now. >> we're following the situation in marin county. first reported as a hit and run accident. south 101 near lucky. apparently the car which had taken off is now being chased by the other car. so the car that was hit is chasing the car who hit him and the ch p is pursuing both of these. south 101. details say they are in pursuit near the golden gate bridge. so far no major traffic delays. just keep this in mind if you normally take 101. southbound traffic looks okay approaching san francisco. the 580/680 commute approaching the dublin inter change is going to be slow for you. you are going to see the back ups beginning at grant line road. now to frank. >> 5:36 now. no u.s. city had more robberies per capita than oakland last year. oakland had nearly 11 robberies per 1,000
5:37 am
residents and this year the numbers are worse. there have been more than 3800 robberies in the city. 24% jump compared to this time last year. criminals have figured out they can make more money robbing people than selling drugs. elsewhere, police are putting cameras to use and trying to cut crime there. cameras will record cars east of 101. and license plate readers will be put on three police cars. the city counsel voted unanimously. the postal service wants to move main office in santa clara. wants to relocate the office at the franklin mall to another spot two miles away. the new location would be at the john sanchez annex. public meeting happens tonight at the santa
5:38 am
clara city council chambers. >> more kids are headed to the hospital with concussions. what's behind the spike? plus. >> i think it's the government's job to look for solutions to funding problems and not to inflict pain so that others can agree with them. >> closed for business. how a government shut down could impact popular bay area attractions coming up. >> but first, going up to 100 miles an hour on a wing and a prayer. the american hoping to break a dangerous record in china. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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5:40 am
corliss plunging between th gap.. he had almost no marg this is not for the faint of heart. that is american dare devil plunging between that gap. had almost no margin for error.
5:41 am
the valley at its widen point is 60 feet. going about 100 miles an hour as he plummeted toward the valley floor. the landing was hard but lucky he's all right. ouch. dare devil. u.s. stock features are down as the federal government toward a shut down. >> all things business this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. does look poised for a lower open this morning. asian stocks fell overnight over concerns over the u.s. government shut down and law makers have given no sign of resolution. caused the dow to fall 70 points on friday and the nasdaq slips 6 points. apple is the most valuable brand in the world according to a corporate identity consulting firm.
5:42 am
apple replaces coca cola at the top spot. the apple brand is worth about $98 billion. and bank fees rose for the 15th straight year. fees for overdrafts and out of network atm usage is hitting record high. you want to go to individual branch or it's going to cost you. >> mark cuban is in a bit of trouble today huh? >> he really is. the sec accusing mark cuban of insider trading. the government says he filled up stock in a small internet company just before shares plummeted. his lawyers say he did nothing wrong. he is in a little hot water. >> all right. gigi stone, thank you. >> 5:42 here in the bay area. let's check traffic. we're getting close to 6:00. probably getting crazy out there. >> it has been crazy out there. we're going to start off with the golden gate.
5:43 am
we've been watching this accident first reported in marin county as a hit and run. and now the first car is chasing the second car down southbound 101. at last check, approaching the golden gate bridge with the chp following them. traffic seems to be doing okay. and lawrence has been talking about the wet and drizzly conditions out there. expect to be using the windshield wipers as you drive into work this morning. the delays continue and those stay with you through westbound 5480 approaching and heading -- westbound 580 approaching and head -- 880 looks good in both directions outside. the bay bridge drive westbound traffic looking okay. just a brief delay. so far a nice drive for the bridges. westbound traffic looking good also for the san mateo bridge as you leave the hayward area.
5:44 am
no delays for the bart system, cal train or san francisco's muni. >> a lot of clouds after a glorious weekend. storm clouds rolling back in to the bay area. doesn't look like this is going to be a soaker but a chance for a few scattered showers. a lot of low level moisture. if you are headed out the door, expect plenty of clouds, the temperatures are mild this morning into the 60s. by the afternoon becoming partly cloudy. still a slight chance of showers mainly to our north. but you get the idea. a strong cold front making its way into the pacific northwest. catching the trailing edge system. not a lot of energy left. enough to bring with it clouds and a few scattered showers today. humid conditions around the bay area. around the state the further north you are going to see rain drops. 73 and rain in redding.
5:45 am
69 into the monterey bay. temperatures in the 60s and 70s arjd the bay this afternoon. and numbers not bad. we're going to start to warm things up towards wednesday and thursday and looking towards this next weekend, high pressure building in. looking like a gorgeous weekend into next weekend. time for your school cast today. we are looking at a few rain drops early on. if you are headed out the door, carry that umbrella. by the middle of the day, cloudy with a chance of left over showers. partly cloudy in the afternoon. if you'd like to nominate your school for schoolcast. go to and we'll get you out the door safe and sound. >> they may near their galoshes. >> very fashionable. >> have you ever worn galoshes? >> i haven't. >> it's fun to say.
5:46 am
5:45 now . looking at new video of chuck hagel's visit. toured the demilatarized. wraps up tomorrow. >> at the white house later today. warning iran's promise to talk to the united states about nuclear program cannot be trusted. believes iran still wants to build nuclear weapons. it's invite an to prevent that from happening. >> the looming government shut down will probably hit washington the hardest but we'll notice the impact in the bay area as well. john ramos shows us the reason stand tos tourist dollars. >> with the federal government
5:47 am
hurdling toward insolvency. not much is likely to be open. tourists in the bay area may be surprised by what could be affected here as well. like alcatraz. people line up everyday to visit the former federal prison which is now a national park. it is one of the must see attractions for visitors to the city. >> shouldn't do it on a night. close down some of the other stuff that's not important. >> nevertheless, come tuesday morning, the rock may be as hard to get into as it was to breakout of it. a lesser known victim could be john mir's old home. jose lopez from los angeles says he's fascinated by being able to touch history. he says it would be a shame if this place closed up because politicians were delaying a compromise. >> and then when the moment actually comes, we'll take care
5:48 am
of it. seems to be one of those moments now. >> at the rosie the riveter national park, haven't been told what to do on tuesday. the can-do message of this place seems to be lost on capitol hill. >> i think it's the government's job to look for solutions to funding problems and not to inflict pain so that others can agree with them. >> it is ironic that political squabbling could shut down a place that memorializing a time when america pulled together to achieve a common goal. >> i think that's where important and a valuable lesson we could all stand to learn or teach those that haven't already learned it. >> in the 1940s, the government was challenging citizens to do their part. today that finger could be pointing in the opposite direction. in richmond, john ramos, kpix 5. >> if there is a shut down,
5:49 am
social security payments will still go out and so will unemployment benefits. medicare will still pay claims but payments to doctors and hospitals will still be delayed. you will still get your mail. airport security and law enforcement will be unaffected. >> san francisco could ban tour buses from one of the most scenic neighborhoods in the city. alamo square is famous. people who live in the area are concerned about the congestion and potential safety hazards from dozens of big tour buses. >> i love talking to the tourists. i just don't how a lot of them are arriving. it's not safe for our neighborhood. >> the transit agency would restrict buses or ban the big buses all together. public hearing scheduled for friday. >> alarming numbers in health watch. the number of children going to the er with brain
5:50 am
injuries is up 94%. doctors say skiing, sledding and skate boarding are the biggest culprets. the number of kids being prescribed psycho tropic drugs is dropping. use of the drugs peaked around 2005. and refusing vaccines may be partially to blame for the 2010 whooping cough out break in california. there were 9,000 reported cases. some parents believe the shots are linked to rising disorders but studies have shown that's not the case. >> the route retraces the step. >> bagpipes kicked off the town
5:51 am
he will to towers run. the race is in memory of steven stiller. carrying 60 pounds a year. died when the south tower collapsed. >> remembering that steven ran through that tunnel in order to help people when he could have run the other way. didn't have to run at all. he was on duty at 4:00 that afternoon. not that morning. >> the race draws firefighters from all over the world. many run in the race with full gear on. 30,000 runners turned out for this year's event. >> 5:51. coming up, it's expected to draw hundreds of thousands of pilgrims when two former popes will be made saints. also ahead. >> i can't get back up. >> and it's an old-fashioned love story. the three couples who said i dos in a donut shop. ,,,,,,,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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♪ hey! must be the honey! all right. after a nice weekend, the clouds have rolled in. doppler radar picking up scattered showers. how long will they last? talk about that coming up. >> we'll talk about this car that broke down westbound 84. blocking at least one lane. how traffic is doing for all of our local bridges in just a few minutes. >> new this morning, pope francis just announced when two former pontifs will be named as saints. will be held next april. several requirements to qualify including leading an holy life and performing two miracles. been calling since he died in 2005. they say love is blind and
5:55 am
this next couple proves love doesn't keep time. >> a washington couple just got hitched. 90-year-old gladys met andy at a senior home. and after trips to the donut shop, andy knew this was the one. >> he said i can't kneel down, i can't get back up. >> i would have never got back up without help. >> it will mean that when you wake up at night, you are feeling kind of sad or alone. you can reach over and hold their hand. >> how nice is that. old-fashioned love story played out. after all the third floor is closer to heaven. so there you go. >> they are too sweet. >> i'm mark kelly.
5:56 am
massive rav. what police did to make sure it all stayed safe. >> and the clock is ticking. we are hours away from a partial government shut down if congress can't reach a compromise. how this could impact the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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5:59 am
up. >> isn't exactly getting rav reviews from neighbors. >> today i'm making a plea to the public asking that anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forth. >> an emotional plea from the family of a dodger fan who was stabbed to death after a giant's game after the suspect is released. a san francisco state student gunned down. >> senate needs to act. >> the current government budget expires at midnight tonight. many services will be forced to close. >> close down some of the other stuff that's not important. >> national parks and major tourist attractions in our area will feel the pinch. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, last day of september. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is just
6:00 am
about 6:00. developing stories now. pope francis has announced two of his predecessors pope john paul the ii and pope john paul the 23rd will be named saints. they will officially be named february 27th, 2014. >> more than 100 people were arrested when a two day rav invaded their neighborhood. >> developing news on federal spending. at midnight tonight the current budget expires. susan mcginnis explains why congress can't find a compromise. >> reporter: a partial government shut down begins at midnight. the senate will likely vote down a plan to fund the government because it calls for a delay. house leaders say they will try to once again weaken obamacare. >> we will have a few other options for the senate to look


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