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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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developing stories now. pope francis has announced two of his predecessors pope john paul the ii and pope john paul the 23rd will be named saints. they will officially be named february 27th, 2014. >> more than 100 people were arrested when a two day rav invaded their neighborhood. >> developing news on federal spending. at midnight tonight the current budget expires. susan mcginnis explains why congress can't find a compromise. >> reporter: a partial government shut down begins at midnight. the senate will likely vote down a plan to fund the government because it calls for a delay. house leaders say they will try to once again weaken obamacare. >> we will have a few other options for the senate to look
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at again. >> gop members stood in front criticizing democrats for not working in the hours before the shut down. >> the senate needs to act. why are they waiting ? why aren't the doors open? >> democrat says republicans have been stalling for weeks to force the president into a corner and that bringing the debate down to the deadline is part of the plan. >> this was a calculated strategy to drive the country to the cliff and then say give us what we want or we're going to shut down the government. >> neither side on pears willing to budge. >> majority leader harry reed told them to jump in a lake. >> the house republicans have voted to apolish obamacare not abolish it. >> president obama called a cabinet meeting today to prepare for a possible shut down. susan mcginnis, cbs news washington.
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>> on saturday republicans passed a bill promising to pay the military in event of a shut down. that bill won't be necessary if republicans pass the continuing resolution to keep the government running. >> the impact of a federal shut down would be felt in the bay area as well. conduction 5 reporter cate caugurian is in the news room with a look at the impact. >> tourism is one of san francisco's major industries in a partial government shut down. big impacts to recreational activities which would cut a lot for bay area visitors. all national parks would be closed and that includes visitor centers. wouldn't see typical long lines. this means the thousands of tourists vying to get a look at the federal prison would need to make other arrangements. this would be a shame if places like these had to shut down.
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>> oh, we'll take care of it. and then when the moment comes, oh, we'll take care of it. seems to be one of those moments. >> other major attractions that would close would ju john mir's old home and the rosie riveter national park where volunteers haven't been instructed on what would happen if a shut down takes place. social security payments will still go out and so will unemployment benefits. medicare will still pay claims but payments to doctors and hospitals could be delayed. and you will still get your mail. other services including airport security and law enforcement will be unaffected. cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> excuse me. the house convenes at 10:00 this morning but waiting on the next move. the senate will not meet until later this afternoon. and majority leader harry reed is expected to move to kill house legislation. >> can we have a water on table
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5? >> i'm getting choked up here. >> i could use water too, lawrence. >> how about a croissant? >> he is the best. he is running through the studio to bring me water. he's so awesome. >> you ask for things here and you get them. >> i love that about the mornings. good morning, everybody. we're going to talk about the morning commute. it's been a tough break for at least one driver. the car broke down on the bridge in the westbound direction approaching the high rise. at least one lane is shut down. the traffic is doing just fine with green sensors there. highway 92 the san mateo bridge looking good. no delays at the toll plaza. it's certainly busier at the bay bridge toll plaza. slow monday morning with back ups extending. the metering lights were switched on. and over at the golden gate, it's drizzly out there. and you may be using windshield
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wipers. lawrence will have more on that. southbound traffic is looking good approaching the golden gate bridge toll plaza. here's larry. >> doughnuts, coffee. >> expresso. >> it is on the way. we have big changes coming. the clouds have rolled in overnight. and our hi-def doppler radar. not a whole lot but moisture out there. muggy conditions too. you can see the cold front swinging into the state. kind of falling apart. but holding together enough to bring us a couple wet roadways out the door. if you are headed out there now, mild conditions and muggy conditions as well. 65 in oakland. 64 in concord. and 58 in san jose toward the afternoon, skies becoming cloudy. temperatures well below the average. as much as 2 to 10 degrees below average. that's the latest from here.
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back to you. >> all right. thanks. 6:05 now. relative s of a dodger fan who was murdered are pleading for help with the investigation now. 24-year-old jonathan denver stabbed to death on wednesday night several blocks from at&t park. police named michael montgomery as the prime suspect but he was released because the da says they need more evidence. the family returned to the ballpark to ask witnesses to step forward. >> i will always cherish the time me and my son spent here at the game. more than once that night jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> denver was in town for the game to celebrate his father's birthday last week. that rivalry has a history of violent. in 2011, fan brian stow was beaten to death. stow attended yesterday's game. he suffers permanent brain damage
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and the giants raised money for the recovery fund. donated about $5,000 of ticket sales from three games over the weekend. >> a touching memorial was held in southern california for a san francisco state student. 20-year-old justin valdez was shot and killed last week as he got off an muni train. people lit candles and floated them in the pool. he grew up there and played water polo before moving to sf state. a 30-year-old man has been arrested and charged. this morning vallejo police are investigating the shooting of an 18-year-old man. happened yesterday after 7:00 outside an apartment complex. police say the victim was shot in the neck, ran toward an apartment unit, then collapsed outside the door. neighbors and bystanders say they heard more than a dozen shots. >> all that music practically
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played nonstop all weekend long. and for many living near the mountain view concert venue, it was loud. nearly 50,000 people attended the beyond wonderful rav. and more than 100 were arrested. >> two women are recovering this morning after getting injured in a small explosion at an alamed ashgsa beach. the women were airlifted to the hospital. a 66-year-old is in stable condition and a 45-year-old woman is out of the hospital. other headlines this morning. may lift the ban on safe and sane fire works. sale of illegal fire works have exploded. so city leaders are now looking into the sale of safe and sane fire works. nearly 300 california cities do allow fire works. damage from the water main break in san
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francisco's west portal neighborhood is up to $5.5 million now. that price expected to go higher. precision engineering will get the bill from the city. the company's blamed for causing the break back in february because it has done under groundwork. no one aboard a private jet that crashed into a hangar survived. unclear how many people were inside. the aircraft is designed to hold 8 passengers, two crew members. slammed into a storage hangar last night. the structure burst into flames and later collapsed. >> janet nopalotano will takeover at the president of uc. her new job is a big career change. she served as homeland security secretary and before that governor of arizona. a significant pay raise. she'll make $571,000 a year. that's three times her salary for
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overseeing homeland security. contract negotiations will continue between bart and unions this morning. the unions are busy making their case to the public with these flyers. they are leaving them on doors accusing bart for refusing to bargain with them. could walk off the job for second time this year if the two sides can't reach a deal. and a back up plan is in works. calls for up to 200 bart shuttle buses and extended carpool hours. time is 6:10. healthier school lunches aren't reaching every kid. why some schools stopped serving the more nutritious programs. >> doesn't just cost a kid in an afternoon detention. why it's costing the state a lot of money as well. >> the clouds are back. we're seeing a few showers outside. how long will it last? we'll talk about it coming up. >> the monday rush is on.
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back ups now extend beyond the 880 over crossing. more traffic for you in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ever again frank! check breaking bad, a show on amc ended last night. no new episodes. frank, we're talking to you. frank didn't know the series ended. check out breaking bad watch parties from last night. the show about a chemistry teacher and cancer victim who descends into a world of drugs and violence had millions of fans. only a few people watched it. during five seasons, breaking bad transformed into a tv sensation. and breaking bad, of course, is trending right now. so is john paul the second sainthood. comes april 22nd.
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amanda knox retrial was convicted of killing a british exchange student who she rented a villa with. her conviction was overturned but italy's supreme court will retry the case again. santa monica airport is trending. that's where a private jet crashed into the hangar. no one on board survived. and alaska glacier melts. retreated about 170 feet a year since 2005 exposing tree stubs for the first time in 1,000 years. you can follow us on twitter. >> and michelle griego trending. no free coffee for you later this afternoon. >> oh, come on. >> absolutely not. >> he's so mean. >> mean? >> you can host a breaking bad party for us. >> get up to speed on breaking bad. good morning, everybody. we're going to talk about the morning drive where it has yet to break bad.
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san jose looking good. no traffic delays as of yet heading into santa clara and no problems for the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. traffic is backed up. you pass all this, traffic does okay across the bridge heading in to san francisco. 880 still a good bet through the oakland area. no traffic delays in either direction. northbound traffic a little slow approaching high street and highway 92 still a great option out of hayward heading towards foster city. we haven't had any problems. a car broke down but cleared it fast. and the golden gate commute, lawrence has been talking about the wet drizzly conditions. you may be using windshield wipers. southbound traffic right here is still looking okay approaching san francisco. the biggest delays we're seeing this morning would be leaving the altamont pass. westbound 580 is jammed
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up from the 205 inter change. that's a look at the monday drive. now to lawrence. >> we're getting delays at sfo. over an hour on arriving flights. the drizzle and light showers outside right now. tracking some of that moisture. pretty big storm headed to the pacific northwest. it's going to stay that way today. a chance of showers mainly north and sun and clouds today and a chance still to the north and dry weather make a return as early as tomorrow and much warmer conditions in toward next weekend. pretty impressive cold front. we're in the southern half of this. not a whole lot of energy. just enough to crank out light showers. drizzle this morning and mild and humid conditions to start the day. computer models picking up on it. not a whole lot of energy. kind of falling apart . keeping things unsettled and by the
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afternoon, things settle down more. so it's going to be muggy out there. numbers wise, you are looking at 76 in san jose. 75 in redwood city. east bay temperatures up into the 70s. and inside the bay, a lot of clouds lingering there. and about 68 in san francisco. next couple days, we are going to watch the clouds disappear. the temperatures are going to be similar tomorrow and start to warm things up. by next weekend, how about this guy. next weekend, could get that off shore flow and upper 70s out toward the beaches. >> did you watch breaking bad over the weekend? >> yes, i did. >> you did not. >> you did not see that? >> we just taught him what it was. >> we're all getting educated here. 6:18 now. jerry brown is set to enter the record books as california's longest serving governor. voters first elected him way back in 1975.
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he served two terms back then and in the middle of his third term he's about to pass earl warren who made it to his third term. in 1953 warren stepped down as governor. in about three hours, state attorney general will unveil statistics showing a high level of truancy. a study has found more than a million students had unexcused absences during the last school year. the truancy could cost the state billions of dollars through increased crime and poverty. >> the government introduced healthier food standards last year. school officials say those requirements are difficult and expensive to follow. about 500 out of 100,000 schools are no longer participating in the program. the yankee's season is
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over. alex rod rig's' post season is not over. >> coming up, the raiders had a golden opportunity to get back to 500. and barry takes a final bow coming up. >> and what's cool about your school in we want to know. email us your nomination at we may come and feature your school on our show.
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good morning, everybody. terrel pryer felt concussion like symptoms. for the silver and black against washington. matt was sacked 7 times by the
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deence fence. they blew a 14-0 first half lead. the redskins scored 24 unanswered points capped off by 14 yard touchdown run. disappointing 24-14 loss for the raiders who fall 1 to 3 on the season. barry got a great send off. he struck out former teammate only batter he would pace. the giants win their finale over the padres 6-5. derek barton part of the hit parade. 9-0. playoffs begin for the oakland athletics friday night against detroit. and the marlyns did not give him a hit through nine hittings. scored on a walk off wild pitch in the bottom half of the inning. of the 282 no hitters in major league baseball history, this was the first to
6:25 am
end on a wild pitch. one final huge note in sports. i am leading frank mallicoat's fantasy football team by 60 points. he's got drew brees going tonight. see you tonight. >> drew is going to light it up. let's hope so. check out our play of the day. we're going to stick with football. the giants against the chiefs. a little spin there . he is off to the races. a couple more tackles. and off he goes. 89 yards to the touchdown. remain win less at 0 and 4. the chase who who have thought this? they are 4 and 0. our play of the day. >> lawyers for yankees third base man will fight suspension today. whether or not he will
6:26 am
continue to play ball, he still owed $80 million of $275 million contract. 6:26. store owners, even commuters waiting in the carpool lane all victims in the robbery capitol of america. why oakland police are having a hard time stopping the growing crime. >> the government is on the verge of a shut down, the clock ticks to find a compromise before midnight. what's at stake for washington and how this will impact the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is kpix 5 news. >> i'm mark kelly. dozens of arrests this weekend at this
6:30 am
amphitheater in mountain view. what were they for? i'll have the answer coming up. >> and police department ramp up effort to stop drug related violence. the new technology being used to stop crime there. >> after the clouds roll back in, we have showers in the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it's rush hour over at the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up from the foot of the maze. >> good morning, it's monday. last day of september . i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. 100 people are arrested during a wild and loud weekend in mountain view. a two day rav at the shore line amphitheater kept neighbors up. mark kelly is live in mountain view this morning. the rav wrapped up a few hours ago. >> reporter: for many here in the mountain view area, this was not a peaceful weekend. the rav wrapped up just last night and
6:31 am
residents are more than happy to see it go. >> it's called beyond wonderland. this is video from inside the concert this weekend. 50,000 were with expected to pack this place. with all those people, it's bound to get noisy. for people living blocks away, the noise is just too much. >> it drives me crazy all that boom, boom, boom. >> loudness. i never heard it that loud before. >> beyond wonderland highlights djs wishing out -- dishing out heart pumping music. in two days police arrested 60 plus drunks and drug users. >> anything that can soak up some sort of drug, they'll use to get high. >> concert promoters aren't too keen on that kind of reputation telling our news crew to hit the road. >> all we get is negative press
6:32 am
any way. no sense allowing you access. >> many inside the concert insist beyond wonderland is about blowing off steam and having fun and nothing more. >> we all love music. that's it. >> so the closest homes here are still 10 blocks away but residents living there say they could still hear it just as clear as day. >> it sounds like a wild weekend. but we understand police were out in full force patrolling the crowds. >> they had more than 50 officers inside the concert venue. they were in plain clothes, also uniform officers. in addition to that, special sexual assault investigators and looking for anyone that could have been praying on these young intoxicated girls. >> mark kelly live in mountain view, thank you. >> 6:32 now.
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robberies have increased so much . considered the robbery capitol of america. the cities with the most number of robberies per year. according to the new federal statistics. the city had 11 robberies per 1,000 residents. there have been more than 3800 robberies. 24% jump compared to last year. criminals figured out they can make more money by robbing people than selling drugs. police are putting cameras to use in trying to cut crime in the bell haven neighborhood. cameras will record cars going into the area and license plate readers will be put on three police cars as well. the city counsel voted unanimously. >> by this time tomorrow, a lot of government agencies could be closed for business. house republicans and democrats are still at odds over a budget bill. cate caugurian is in the news room this morning with a developing effort to beat a
6:34 am
midnight deadline. >> this afternoon, the senate will vote down a house plan to fund the government because it calls for a one year delay. and that will leave republicans just a few hours to decide their next move. a partial government shut down begins at midnight unless congress can reach a deal. the president's healthcare law. neither side appears willing to budge and both sides blame each other. >> majority leader harry reed has essentially told the house of representatives and the american people to jump in a lake. >> the house republicans have voted to abolish obamacare. not to change it. >> gop members stood in front criticizing democrats. >> the senate needs to act. why are they waiting ? >> republicans have been stalling for weeks to force the
6:35 am
president into a corner and bring the debate down to the deadline. >> this was a calculated strategy to drive the country to the cliff and then say give us what we want in the affordable care act or we're going to shut down the government. >> a government shut down will be noticed here. john ramos shows us the bay area stands to lose tourism dollars if the government can't pay the bills. >> reporter: with the federal government you are hurdling toward insolvency. not much is likely to be open. tourists in the bay area may be surprised by what could be affected here as well. like alcatraz. people line up everyday to visit the former federal prison which is now a national park. one of the must see attractions to the city. >> shouldn't do it on a night like this. some of the other
6:36 am
stuff that's not important. >> nevertheless, come tuesday morning, the rock may be as hard to get into as it was to breakout of. could be john mir 's old home. he's fascinated by being able to touch history. he says it would be a shame if this place closed up. >> people kind of like we'll take care of it. and then when the moment comes, we'll take care of it. seems to be one of those moments now. the volunteers haven't been told what to do. visitors say the message of this place seems to be lost. eye. >> so that others can agree with them.
6:37 am
>> it is ironic political squabbling could shut down a place that memorializes a time when america pulled together. >> different entities coming together to solve a problem. i think that's very important and a valuable lesson we could all stand to learn or teach those that haven't already learned it. >> in the 1940s, the government was challenging citizens to do their part. today that finger could be pointing in the opposite direction. john ramos, kpix 5. >> if there is a shut down, social security payments will not be affected. unemployment benefits will go out. medicare will pay claims but could be delayed. and you will still get your mail. other government services including airport security and law enforcement will be unaffected. cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> well, what a change in the weather from the weekend. the clouds have rolled back in the seeing scattered showers around
6:38 am
the bay area. radar is picking up on that moisture. a lot of low level moisture. very muggy if you are stepping out the door this morning. we're catching the trailing edge that's making its way through northern california. holding together enough to squeeze out a few more sprinkles and light showers and drizzle. the temperatures very mild. 65 degrees in oakland. 63 in san francisco and 59 in san jose. this afternoon, looks like the temperatures running below average. numbers as much as 2 to 10 degrees below normal. let's check out the roadways now. >> we have the damp roadways out there. no major accidents. a few fender bender s here and there. no major traffic delays. once you head over to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is stacked up. that's one of the slower commutes in addition to the 580 commute leaving the pass bound
6:39 am
for the inner ter change. the other bridges still doing okay. heading all the way across the span. if you plan on making the commute in the silicon valley, no major delays. that's a look at mantra. now to frank. >> 6:39. coming up. if the government shuts down, the affects will be widespread. >> the market just opened up about ten minutes ago. a quick look at the earl y numbers. so far things are down. ,,
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look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason br. let' impact the big issue for wall street today the fight over a bill.
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>> jason brooks, financial reporter. the market does not like stuff like this. >> good morning to you and michelle. wall street in a very much selling mood right now. we saw that with the impending federal government shut down. now that we're at that moment, market is taking a turn south. investors hate nothing more than uncertainty. we're looking at a lot of people that aren't going to get their checks. a lot of people that are going to be out of work. heading into the most critical quarter of the year for retailers. consumer spending makes up two thirds of the economy. also there's uncertainty over what this will do to hiring plans. a lot of businesses out there will hold back on some of those plans if this becomes a prolonged situation. does hurt business investment overall. going to be a rough day for the stock market. also this could impact ipos. when the market starts looking shaky like this, companies could hold back.
6:44 am
close to making public filing. if we see the market pull back, could force twitter to postpone plans. the dow dropping 132 points. nasdaq is down by 32. s&p lower by 12 points. back to you. >> not looking good. all right. thank you . >> let's kick it over to traffic now at 6:44 and see how the roads are going. >> roads are looking okay. we have drizzly condition s out there. no major traffic delays. i'll get to that in a few minutes. first, we'll show you live pictures of 280 in san francisco. so far there are no traffic delays for the northbound drive approaching the extension south of market area. the 101 drive in the silicon
6:45 am
valley. the 880/237 inter change is holding steady. haven't had any major problems so far this morning. the san mateo bridge looking good. a little sluggish now as you approach mid span. and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from the foot of the maze. it will be a slow commute. fortunately i-80 still doing okay. no delays for mass transit. bart's looking good. no problems either for the alameda oakland ferry. >> a lot of clouds out there right now. we have rain showing up. we've also seen some of that dragging to the south. things going to stay unsettled throughout the day. grab that umbrella if you are headed out the door. not going to be a major rain event. then by the afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. still a chance of a few lingering showers to the north
6:46 am
and dry weather likely to make a return as early as tomorrow. much warmer temperatures toward the end of the week. strong cold front diving in to california. so we're left with just a few light showers. mild and humid conditions outside. a little bit unsettled around the state. the further north you go, better chance you are going to run into rain drops. 69 degrees. temperature wise, 60s and also some 70s and as we look out over the next couple days, return to dry weather tomorrow. warmer toward thursday and friday. and by next weekend, should be spectacular. it's time for our kpix 5 schoolcast. got a great one here. diannefienstien. cloudy and a chance of a few lingering showers. you do that heads up 7 up? >> no. just splash in the
6:47 am
puddles. >> i love that outside too. if you'd like to nominate your school do it at and we'll put that on the air. >> thank you, lawrence. the clock is ticking down on a government shut down. we're going to start feeling the impact right here. >> melissa griffin joins us now to talk about how the government shut down will affect us in california. first of all, what is going on in washington? >> if only. if there was anything i could say that was family friendly. essentially as you might have heard, republicans and the house of representatives have stated they are not going to pass appropriations bills unless those bills include obamacare. and the senate said they are not going to pass a bill that includes obamacare. this is going to be different from 1996. 7 of 12 appropriations bills had
6:48 am
already been passed including military spending. the pain that was felt in 1996 is going to be less than what we're going to see here if at midnight tonight. >> how about here in california? >> it's interesting. over the last couple days, hours and hours of floor testimony. we have 169,000 federal employees that are going to be subject to furloughs. in addition, we have 14,000 government contractors that are not going to get paid if the federal government shuts down. a very passionate speech. after that federal senator got up and said the army core engineers are going to have to stop work on the folsom dam. finally, nuclear upgrades are going to be halted. and i want to point out one thing that
6:49 am
happened in 1996, visas were bag logged and slow down. so places like california who rely on tourism will see the hit. the department of state is going to focus on emergency permits and visas. not going to be processing travel visas. >> oh, boy. so what's next? >> there are a couple options. one option is for both sides to agree to a 7 to 10 day continuation of funding of the government for a few more days while they continue to negotiate the terms. another option would be in the house of representatives, if enough people scream and yell in districts where republicans in congress are, they need 120 republicans to call for a vote on a no strings, no obamacare strings appropriation. and then they only need 18 republicans to sort of cross the isle. so
6:50 am
that's another option. becoming increasingly distant option. up over the last several days. those in addition to the shut down seem to be the only things that could change the course. >> has this led a fire under them? burning the midnight oil or? >> they did meet on saturday and sunday. actually, for them i want to point out, they actually continue to be paid. their staff don't get paid but congress and senators are considered essential to government funding. a lot of people disagree with that. one last night, i want to point out obamacare, that thing that everybody's fighting over, does not require an appropriation to continue. if neither side goes into agreement, obamacare will not be affected and become law and there will be nothing anyone in the senate or the house can do about that. >> welcome to america.
6:51 am
>> exactly. >> thanks so much. you can find more of melissa's segments on president obama meets with israeli prime minister today. when it comes to nuclear weapons. >> and the count down is on. the government could face a partial shut down if congress can't find a compromise. how the affects in washington trickle down here to the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 am
of justice p carolina over five things you need to know now at 6:55. department of justice plans to sue north carolina over new voter id laws. starting in 2016 north carolina will be required to show id to
6:55 am
vote. try to prevent voter fraud. attorney general is expected to argue the law is discriminatory against minorities and students. >> president obama meets with prime minister today. the message? don't be fooled by iran's new leadership. gone on a pr blitz in recent weeks promising to talk with the u.s. about the nuclear program. believes iran still wants to build weapons. >> the second phase begins today. the focus is on what the oil company did to stop the oil after that 2010 spill. b p is fighting claims it was grocery negligent in handling with the deep water horizon disaster. could face pollution fine. >> heavy rain and gusty winds pounded the pacific northwest over the weekend. downed power lines left 17,000 people in
6:56 am
portland without power. a flood advisory was in affect and forecasters predicted gusts of wind. the national weather service issued high wind warnings from the canadian boarder to south of washington. >> and if congress does not approve a funding bill called continuing resolution by midnight tonight, the government will begin a partial shut down. majority leader harry reed has promised to defeat the house's latest bill which funds the government. house will then have just a couple hours to decide what to do and what it wants to do before the shut down begins. the impact of the shut down would be felt in the bay area as well. cate caugurian in our news room with a look at the impact here if congress fails to meet that deadline. >> we know the bay area industry or major industry is tourism. if the government does shut down, would have major impact to recreational activities and again, that would
6:57 am
affect the tourism industry. all national parks would be closed. wouldn't see typical long lines and this means the thousands of tourists would need to make other arrangements. and tourists tell us this would be a shame if places like these had to shut down because the government couldn't come up with a compromise. >> shouldn't do it like this. close down some of the other stuff that's not important. >> other major attractions that would close would include john mir's old home and rosie riveter. if there is a shut down, social security payments will still go out and so will unemployment benefits. medicare will still pay claims but payments to doctors and hospitals could be delayed. you will still get your mail. other essential government services including airport security and
6:58 am
law enforcement will be unaffected. kpix 5. >> the murder trial of american amanda knox restarted in italy. she refused to return to italy for the trial. she spent four years behind bars there. then her conviction for killing her roommate was overturned for lack of evidence. a hearing is scheduled today to deal with james holmes psychiatric hearing. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecution wants the colorado mental health institute to turn over the entire case file. >> if you are heading toward the sonol grade, set aside patience. the southbound 680 heavy from 580. that stays down the grade toward the fremont area.
6:59 am
heading toward the dublin inter change, clocking in at long delays. backed up from the 205 inter change to the dublin inter change. the bay bridge has been backed up. the metering lights are on. the golden gate drive is looking good. southbound traffic is fine even though it's drizzly out. may be using your wold wipers. -- windshield wipers. >> a cold front diving into the bay area. hi-def radar picking up on rain drops. delays at sfo and arriving flights over an hour. temperatures in the 60s. by the afternoon, 60s and 70s. still a slight chance of showers. much warmer next weekend. >> can't wait. >> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is at 7:26. >> cbs this morning coming up next. enjoy your monday.
7:00 am
see you again at noon. . good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, september 30, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." time is running out and neither side is blinking in washington. what a government shut down means for you. >> disaster at the santa monica airport, the search for victims after a small jet slams into a hanger. >> millions watch the the last episode of breaking bad. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the majority leader harry reid has told house of representatives and american people go jump in a lake. >> washington pushes a


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