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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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breaking news at cal: a pow outage.. explosion.. and . this is kpix 5 news. >> an emergency. the campus is now closed. >> we have breaking news at cal. a power outage explosion and fire. how criminals set off tonight's crazy chain of events. >> we have team coverage beginning with joe vazquez, whofts the first reporter on scene after the explosion. joe. >> photographer joseph huerta and i were here covering the neshl power outage when the explosion happened. we didn't see it or feel it, but we did follow the lights and sigh remembers to the ensuing chaos. as you can see police officers here are surrounding the area. campus remains evacuated as they are working to restore power and worry that could cause another explosion. >> the underground explosion started around 6:30 near the
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chancellor's building. several bystanders were immediately wounded. >> this is the police department. exit campus immediately. >> campus police began spreading out evacuating the entire campus telling people to be careful of the manhole covers. there was still the threat of more explosions. what cause it had fieshgs the uc berkeley spokesman says the cops are --. >> unknown individuals had been in the process of removing copper grounding wire from our electrical system. the damage that was -- that we were able to see and assess was repaired on sunday, but the power outage tonight is an indication that the damage they cause may have been far more extensive than we originally thought. >> as firefighters work to get the flames under control, the electrical blackout was causing problems on other parts of campus. police worked for hours to
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rescue about 20 people trapped in elevators. the blackout actually began around 4:30. most crasses railroad cancelled, but some students calmly went on with their lessons outside. even the choir continued their rehearsals. these scenes took place just before the explosion and the entire campus got evacuated. >> it's definitely really erie. it's scary, of course. everybody is just hoping that everybody is -- is okay and there's no lasting damage. >> officials say four people were injured. three of them refused treatment. the fourth one to an area hospital. now, they are working to restore power. they say this could take all night and into the morn fg they're successful. my colleague sharon chen is on the other side of campus with more on the story. sharon. >> the liethds just came back on
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within the last hour here. it has been quite a day, especially if you were stuck in an elevator. >> at first, i thought it was, like, a fire alarm, but it was actually, just the elevator alarm going off and so yeah. >> freshman chris said that when the power went out at the chemistry building, he realized several people got trapped in an elevator for about half an hour but got out when power came back on preefly. 20 people were rescued from elevators in campus build sxgs in tomorrows. some stubts say there was a lot of confusion. >> just what happened that made this so serious. like, we were just getting -- different people were getting different information so it was just really hectic. >> tonight evacuated students are still returning to their tomorrows. still no word whether or not there will be klasses tomorrow. stuntds expected to find out
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through texts and/or e-mails. liz. >> sharon, thank you. copper thefts have become such a problem that it's now a billion -dollar industry. also tonight, there it is. u.s. capitol. parts of the federal government started shutting down two hours ago, almost a million federal workers have been told stay home tomorrow, we don't need you. >> even the people running the u.s. capitol's twitter account were quick to say they won't be tweeting anymore because no one will be staffing the office. here's a quick look at what all this really means. you will get u.s. mail. if you're on social security, your checks and direct deposits will still be delivered on time. >> but you won't be able to gate gun permit or a passport, and the national parks from year woods to alcatrz to yosemite are all closed. how did it get this far? conservative republicans making good on their promises to do whatever they have to to stop obama care. >> they want to close
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government. this is all a sutter fuj. >> the new fiscal year started the same way the last one ended, with total gridlock in congress. >> this is a matter of funding the government and providing fairness to the american people. >> or they could choose in the dead of night to continue like hounds bay tath moon to try to overturn the affordable care act and what did they choose? i say this with great apology to hounds because i love hounds. they chose to bey to the moon. >> president obama blamed the mess on tea party republicans. >> one faction of one party one house of congress in one branch of government doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election. >> failure to meet tonight's deadline means 800,000 federal workers will be told to stay home without a paycheck. they're under orders to turn off
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their government-issued blackberries and not xhek check e-mail or voice mail. if you thought the battle over the budget was bad, just wait. in about two weeks, congress will have to agree to raise the nation's dead limit or the u.s. could default on its loans. >> this has happened at least 17 times before in our country's history. the last time the fwovt was shut down was about 17 years ago. it actually shut down twice for a few days in november and then for three weeks a month later. just the threat of a shutdown was enough to sink stock today. bad news for anyone with a 401k. the dow down 128 points. the nasdaq lost 10. hundreds of bay area workers won't get paychecks while the government is shut down. usgs and menlo park, almost all 450 employees will be furloughed. only three staff members will be coming to work so what if
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there's a major earth kwashg? seismologists will be on call. >> we also are very partnered with the university of california berkeley and so those folks have agreed to be our backstop during -- during the shutdown. >> all but the most critical research wlb put on hold, employees are expected to get an e-mail telling them 20 arrive tomorrow to wrap up their work for now. there was actually a small earthquake tonight. a magnitude 2.3. it was three miles west of daly city in the ocean. if you felt a little bump around 8:30, that's what it was. we are now just hours away from the affordable care act kicking in. covers california, the state's new health insurance marketplace officially opens tomorrow. ajents inside this call center in concord expect to answer about 4000 calls a day. they've been training since july. when you call, they will ask for
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your naem's size for tax filing, your current access to healthcare and your age. covered california says about 400,000 people right here in the bay area are eligible for the affordable care. for more information about the affordable care act, you can thoed oakland police are trying to figure out who shot up an ac transit bus. bullets shattered windows on both sides of the bus as it traveled east on international boulevard between 9th and 10th avenue just after 2:00 p.m.. two passengers were wounded in the shooting and taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. it was quite the party this weekend at shore line. a huge rave that tonight kiet do tells us has dozens of people facing a bit of a legal hangover. >> dozens of crew members spent one day, and they are nowhere
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near done. it give yous some idea, but it was a weekend of grinding to a fantasy world of lights, music, and, well, let's be honest. people are telling us it eets about the music, but i'm having a hard time believeing that. >> all right. well, a lot of people like to go there and do drugs. >> mountain view police arrest #d 90 people on drug and alcohol charges even though the department tried warning about drug use ahead of time. there were 40,000 people. no serious incidents so mvpd considers that a success. ned what they call amnesty boxes where you could put your stuff in there and basically stha out of trouble. >> if you go try to hide it because want to get their trugs in and stuff. >> why would you bring it all the way there sdwrous drop it in a box. >> concert goers we talked to said they never saw anyone take drugs, but people are definitely high. >> na's their life. >> you go there, you don't
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judge. >> no, i don't. absolutely not there to just have fun with my friend sgls all things considered, this could have been a lot worse. by the way, this concert was so loud, they got a hundred noise complaints and had to turn down the volume for the second day. live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. >> police only received about 20 to 30 noise complaints last night. it tees dirty to burn here but not overseas. only on 5, how shipping smog to china betrays california's green promise. what more do you need? you have a con sdmregs the da tells us why he dropped charges against the guy who killed a dodgers fan. we go undercover. the major retailer in trouble for overcharging customers again.
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yes, california has set many environmental standards for country, and the world, to follow. . well, tonight, a dirty little secret exposed. yep. california has sent set many environmental standards for the country and world to follow, by christin ayers shows us about something california is doing that smacks of green hypocrisy. >> ken, oil refineries in california have been processing. that processing comes at quite a cost. check this out. what's inside this bag is a five blafk hoodi sxeshgs very dirty
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powder oh, can i get you a bag of koch. >> you wouldn't know about it unless you live near it like marilyn. >> this is petroleum koch. >> petroleum koch, a by-product of the oil refining industry. it's dirtier than cole. yet the refinery is one oaf three bay area refineries that produce tons of it. >> it is a dirty secret. california is the worst. >> he says california refineries burn the dirtiest crude in the nation, and as a result produce the most, but since both the state and feds consider it a by-product, not a wait, california's strict emissions law doesn't apply. >> refine is are produce as much as of it as they want.
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that makes it hard to sell in the u.s.. so what to do? . >> much of it right now is sold overseas. >> chris how is with have a ler row. >> are there concerned about the pollution it causes overseas. >> i'm not aware of those korns. >> california exports 128,000 barrels of petroleum koch a day. most of it goes to china where it's burned to generate e lek trity, and where it admits 5 to 10% more carbon die i don't care side. we send our pollution problem overseas while the governor says things like this. >> the disruption of st climate patterns on which all human beings depend is the greatest problem mankind ever faced. >> just this month, governor
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brown find a memoranda. nobody talked about petco so i asked them about it. >> why are we sending petroleum koch over to china to burn in those power plant sfls that's a very good question. california will do its part. washington has a lot of catching up today. >> this is a problem at the state level. that is prab at the federal level. >> exports are just going to increase. he says have alero, for instance, is lobbying to bring in more dirtier crew toet bay area by rail. that will produce more pet koch. . >> we don't want more of this stuff. >> maryland and many of her neighbors are fighting that. >> we have to say, this is the line. we don't cross it. you have to be firm. >> thanks in part to maryland's group, the city now plans to do an viermentsal impact report before allowing the trains to come through. valero, by the way, claims the
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rail project won't bring in any dirtier crude than what's being currently refind. >> yeah. the governor complimented you on your question, but did you want really answer it. >> that aes true. >> 128,000 barrels a day. >> that's right. it's essentially because it is a be product. it's a dirty by-product, but even though that is the kashgs the refineries do not advertise it. they do both about the extra money it brings in. they are definite hi aware of the revenue coming in. >> getting shipped off to china. >> absolutely. san francisco's top prosecutor is standing by his decision not to file charged against the prime suspect in last week's deadly knife attack. michael montgomery confess dz to stabbing jonathan denver, this man, in self-defense after giants/dodgers game wednesday
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night. montgomery has since been releesd from jail. . >> the average person goes what more do you need? you have a confession. you have him throwing the knife away. >> you don't have a confession to murders. you have a confession to a self-defense claim. >> what is it you still need. >> well, we need -- we need cooperation. right now shths we have two different groups, and their statements are cig nif kaptly different as to how the fight occurred. >> he says he's weight on more to be questioned. police are still looking for the knife. well, buyer beware. what you see isn't always what you get. at walgreens, turns out the drugstore chain is under fire for overcharging customers all across the country put simply prizes are not matching wla's on the tag. now, attorney generals are
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getting voefd, some like missouri are filing lawsuit. earlier this year, walgreens had to pay more than one-and-a-half million dollars in fines for overcharging. the settlement requires walgreens give any customers any overcharged item for free. all right. skies are severely clear in much of the bay area tonight with a few exceptions. san jose, a few clouds. that's about it. low clouds along the shore line. 62 in concord and 55 in santa rosa. out the toor tomorrow morning, we've got fog right along the coast but elsewhere nice and sunny with temperatures starting out tomorrow in the mid to low 60s. here's what's next. high surf tomorrow morning because of strong northwesterly swell. that swell is producing surf up to about 15-not breakers. through tomorrow morning, close tots coast. sun through the weekend, temperatures will be topping out
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near 90 greece inland. high pressure building behind it. it's going to be a slow transition. tomorrow not going to be that warm. i'll tell you wednesday, thursday and friday get out there, beautiful weather in the bay area as tidz. some of the best weather of the year in the bay. tonight mostly mid 50s. for tomorrow, san francisco, san jose and livermore well below average for this time of the year. still 74, livermore not bad. down in the south bay tomorrow we'll look at 72 at santa clara. 71 in san jose, and 74 degrees down in easton avenue in morgan hill. half-moon bay, 64 and pretty nice. out in the east bashgs 75 pittsburgh. up in the north bay, mill valley, 69 degrees. 75 fare field. water temperature off the bay today 51 greece. water temperature chilly, but the air temperature by the end of the week warm.
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next couple of days, nothing but sun. not a drop of rain coming in. temperatures will recover back into the near 90 degree range by saturday, sunday and monday. that is weather very fit for either man or tiny little furry beast. enjoy it. >> thank you. well, coming up, speak of little tiny beasts, some mistakes rescuers made trying to help endangered sea otters make a comeback here in california. ,, i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome.
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the late . sea otters are a threatened species, but tonight a good sign. >> yeah. the latest count show it is number of otters along the california coastline has groan now to nearly 3000. for years, the aquarium staff has been taking in orphaned pups that would aerz starve. that really didn't work. . >> yeah. we're not very good sea otters. we really -- we're not only not that cute, wu we just can't do what they do. >> turns out of the female
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otters in the exhibit make excellent surrogates. otters are tagged with track k devices. the hope is to increase the population to well over 3,000 in the coming years. we'll be right back. for a store near you go to
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for a store near you go to
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. the post season now for real. >> aid dream last night i won the lottery and i was no longer work. >> really. >> yeah. that big dream didn't come true. tampa bay reyes pitcher david price had a complete last night he woild come a four games. nelson cruz back home. tampa already up a run in the 4rd when lon fwor yeah off martin perez. lon gore yeah's 7th-career home run on the final day of the regular season. david price had an earned run average ovrnl over 2 in arlington. complete game 7 hitter. reyes win 5 to 2 and so they will face cleveland on wednesday. the pirates' last post-season game was also barry bonds' final game in a pittsburgh uniform before he signed with the giants.
11:30 pm
the year was 1992. >> your ain't never had friend like me. >> mow vee aladdin was the highest-grossing flick. boys 2 men, top song on the chart. jay leno made his debut. i was anchoring sports despite a 21-year absence, the pirates ant going to settle for one and done. >> didn't work. >> we want more. we were hungry and kind of like that girl in that at joant commercial. you know, just wanted more. >> we want more. we want more. like, you railly like it. you want more. >> they will get more. you want more? we got more. bay area football fans are going to get more football in the evening because of a fan flikt at the coliseum. the a's start saturday's playoff game at 6:07 which makes it imponl for crews to convert the field in time for the raiders' 1:00 p.m. kickoff sunday against san diego. that kickoff is 8:35 p.m..
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well, yesterday, the texans blew a 17-point lead at home against seattle. houston's te fengszive end wa tkst starts to be the's top five. >> i'm pissed off. this suks. nobody likes to lose especially like this. in your own building. >> back to the baseball game. lee nis martin drives the wall. clearly bounces the umpire's blow. fortunately it did not cost him the game. jon d aly caught on camera hitting a bawl off a man's face. impressive considering might have had a few inside the rest rant. no. 2, the mascots left the bet over the weekend. he had to take 40 paint balls off his chest. no. 1, keep your eye on lake travis high school in austin, texas. six of the seven fall to the ground. i'm happy to report tonight that
11:32 pm
no were injured in the collision. two tubas were damaged, and the tubas were quick to toot their own horn because it's no. 1 thing on you tube right now. we'll be right back.
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