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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to be doing both. >> should i do a little "hump day"! i'm filling in for lawrence. that's my best effort. out live taking a check of the temperatures outside right now. it's chilly. partly cloudy skies, mostly in the 50s upper 50s out the door right now. we'll check the seven-day forecast coming up. in the meantime, at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights and no big delays so far coming into san francisco. >> thank you. it is 4:30. right no're entering day 2 of the government shutdown in washington. a few hours ago the white house announced president obama is shortening his trip to asia. stops in malaysia and the philippines have been canceled to deal with the closure now and as cbs news' susan mcginnis reports, senate democrats and house republicans appear to be prepared for a long fight over healthcare reforms. >> reporter: day 2 of the first government shutdown in 17 years begins and there's no
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resolution in sight. one leading republican says the shutdown alone may not bring democrats and republicans together. >> most budget agreements in the past have always involved debted limit increases. that's will be the forcing action to bring the two parties together. >> reporter: last night the house tried proposing three bills to fund parts of the government. democrats stood firm saying it's all or nothing. >> focusing on trying to cherry pick some of the few parts of government that they like. >> reporter: as lawmakers debate, americans across the country are feeling the impact of the shutdown from closed museums and parks to federal workers furloughed. >> this is not how you run a country. that's what they're in there for, then they should remove themselves and then they will understand how it feels to go without money, a paycheck. >> reporter: joe brought his family to the air force museum in dayton, ohio. the plane he flew during world war ii is displayed inside behind the locked gate. >> that was very, very
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important, to see where he sat, what he did. oh. i'm sorry. i simply can't say any more. >> reporter: economists estimate the u.s. economy is losing $300 million each day the government is closed. susan mcginnis, cbs 2 news. >> in mountain view, the "mercury news" reports interns stayed on site. they had to leave monday at midnight. the nsa's website is shut down like those of many other federal programs. the shutdown is affecting travelers at parks and facilities. allen martin reports visitors can no longer escape to alcatraz. >> reporter: for 30 years, prisoners wanted nothing more than to get off the rock. now tourists want nothing more than to get on it. >> we are allowing people to take day cruises which go around alcatraz and under the golden gate but doesn't stop
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there. >> reporter: ticketholders could get a refund in which case this model of the former prison that shut down in 1963 assist as close as they will get. tim and sarah hoffman came from new zealand on their one-year anniversary planning to see alcatraz and yosemite. >> developing country, interruptions and government things interfering with your plans but not here. >> reporter: quincy and dawn got married saturday and came from england on their honeymoon. >> we were hoping for the grand canyon. >> how about vegas? >> i don't care vegas will shut down. you'll be good. [ laughter ] >> reporter: ken and brenda from canada intended to check alcatraz off their bucket list. today -- >> it's their anniversary today but what better place to spend it than in prison. [ laughter ] >> love him dearly. after 25 years. you know what? i will -- i'm very disappointed. come all the way from alberta,
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canada, to see alcatraz and we're not going to see it. >> reporter: allen martin kpix 5. >> for a complete rundown of what's open and closed, go to and find the links at the top of the homepage. enrollment continues for the new healthcare law. republicans failed to weaken it with the budget amendments. things were bumpy on the first day americans could sign up for the health insurance. people were on hold for more than half hour at the call center in concord. "covered california"'s signup system was at a standstill by the afternoon but some people say they are excited to finally get coverage. >> for years, my parents could not get my sister on any kind of insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition. i'm trying to hold back the tears, you know, big guy like me. but i'm glad that this happened. >> you have until december 15 to get mandatory coverage. obama car starts january 1. there is new hope a bart
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strike could be averted. the union representing train operators and station agents made a new offer last night. but they are not saying what that offer is. in august the unions asked for a 2 1.5% raise. they came down to 17% in september. bart management has held steady at 10%. the two sides have just 8 days left to work something out and avoid another strike. al classes expected to resume at uc-berkeley after a power outage and explosion disrupted parts of the campus a few nights ago. the university brought in generators yesterday to provide power to some of the buildings that still don't have electricity. the outage was connected to the theft of copper wiring and they believe it's related to the underground explosion that happened just a couple of hours later. 4:35. let's check weather and traffic. it's supposed to be nice. >> it's supposed to be. i should have been paying better attention to lawrence yesterday. you should have been taking notes. it's going to be a repeat of what we saw yesterday so a lot of sunshine and mild weather.
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mild, that's going to be the word of the day. in the meantime, it is a little chilly right now. we are seeing mostly temperatures in the 50s and upper 40s in napa places like that. santa rosa 50. 55 right now in san jose. a rather mild 58 degrees in oakland. so checking the temperatures by this afternoon, typical for this time of the year. a lot of 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. maybe 80 inland. 80 the forecasted high in fairfield. coming up a better check of the self day but in the meantime you can see a lot of sunshine straight through the weekend. it's going to be a nice weekend on tap. let's check the roads. and this is what it looks like westbound 580. there is a little bit of overnight roadwork right now westbound 580 from hacienda towards san ramon road. it's in the usual spots. they have three right lanes blocked until 5 a.m. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no problems this morning, just
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one lonely car coming into san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights. a quick check of the san mateo bridge no problems in either direction across the span between hayward and the peninsula and bart has more than 20 trains. unfortunately, they are all on time. that's your latest traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. a day after new stats painted oakland as the robbery capital, a man is robbed and beaten while giving the suspect a courtesy ride from an auto body shop. the suspect was arrested after going back to pick up his car. christin ayers reports. >> reporter: it should have been routine. a customer drops his car off at alameda collision repair on saturday and asked for a courtesy ride home to oakland. once they crossed into this area of east oakland, the customer turned on the employee. he beat him severely and took all his money. the employee now hospitalized
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with serious injuries. in oakland it seems it's no longer enough to simply snatch a purse. robberies here are evolving. >> three men with guns came over and said, we're taking everything. >> reporter: last week, this woman and several other commuters lined up for casual carpools. it seems the criminals see an opportunity for theft everywhere. >> we're ranked as the most robbery city in the country! when it comes to auto theft, robberies, crime, you number it. >> reporter: just look at the numbers. fbi stats show there were more than 3800 robberies in oakland this year up 24% over last year making oakland the nation's robbery capital. if the surge continues, the "san francisco chronicle" reports, 2013 could be a record year with robberies up more than 80% over the last three years. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the fbi numbers show homicides and other violent crimes have dropped in oakland.
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nearly 2 months after an 8- year-old girl was shot and killed at a sleepover in oakland, police say they finally have the people who they believe did it. 22-year-old darnell williams and 27-year-old joseph carroll are both charged with murder now. alaysha carradine would have been in the third grade this year. instead she is one of oakland's youngest murder victims of the year. her mother is happy her caused accused killers have been caught. >> i have been waiting for this day since the day i got the phone call that she was dead. no more years with my daughter. and i don't want them to see any more years -- i don't want them to see any more light on this street. i want complete justice for my daughter. >> police say williams and carroll went on a premeditated shooting spree to get back at a gang member for another murder. the city of richmond is about to get a whole lot richer. chevron usa says it's investing 15.5 million dollars in a multi- year project to revitalize the community. this is the biggest initiative
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to date in contra costa county. it will focus on increasing economic development and strengthening education in richmond schools. it was bear repellent that sent three people to the hospital from the hotel at san francisco's fisherman's wharf monday. a hotel employee found a canister of it in a room apparently it had burst. that caused more than a dozen people to complain of eye and respiratory problems. it is 4:40 now on your wednesday morning. tense moments for passengers stuck on the tarmac at a florida airport. we have new details on what forced this evacuation. >> foodies, beware. san francisco is rolling out a new bag law. what it will cost you to take those restaurant leftovers home. that's coming up next. ,,
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international airport. it some new details on the incident that forced a five- hour evacuation and shutdown at jacksonville international airport. it happened yesterday after two suspicious packages were discovered. the sheriff's department now says one of the packages,
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quote, had some destructive nature. that package was taken off site. this is what it looked like outside the airport. hundreds of people just standing around. no word if they made any arrests. the airport by the way is open once again. a district attorney is stepping down from his job in northern california as he is the focus of a criminal investigation. sutter county d.a. carl add dallas announced he will not finish out his 8th term. he is under suspicion of setting fire to his former lover a paid escort. police say he acted out of jealousy. >> when the detectives told me i was blown away. >> i haven't done everything perfectly. and in my personal life i have made mistakes. >> adams is not speaking publicly about the allegations except that he hopes a one- night stand won't overshadow his 31 years of service. pinole police have reopened the case of a girl who went missing decades ago.
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amber swartz was 7 when she disappeared from her home in pinole in 1988. the case was closed in 2009 after convicted child molester [ indiscernible ] anderson confessed to killing her and dumping her body in arizona but her body was never found. police say they reopened the case effort in to get more information about the search for amber. 20 years ago, a little girl by the name of polly klaas was kidnapped during a slumber party in her home in petaluma. it remains one of the bay area's most notorious crimes. kpix 5's sharon chin tells us what has changed in missing kids cases over the last two decades all because of polly. >> reporter: this is an incredibly difficult day to get through. ♪[ music ] reporter: marc klaas remembered his 12-year-old daughter with a roomful of friends at a san francisco hotel. >> we put a lot of time into looking back, trying to figure out what kind of a legacy we have helped to create in
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polly's name. >> reporter: since she was abducted and richard allen davis sentenced to her death for her kidnapping and killing, marc's nonprofit has helped search for 860 children. when katie was snatched from lodi as a 12-year-old in 1994, klaas's searcher scared the suspect 23 hours later. >> he ran. that's because people were searched for me. >> reporter: today klaas' group are trying to find sierra lamar. klaas fought for the amber alert, megan's law and tougher penalties for sexual predators and produced more than a million id kits for parents with children's photos and fingerprints. the nonprofit helps families harness traditional and social media to mobilize mass searches. [ applause ] >> reporter: retirees mark mershon of the fbi and [ indiscernible ] of the petaluma police say their lessons from
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heading polly's investigation make all the difference today. >> this case was the catalyst that caused the fbi and their law enforcement partners to develop, craft stranger abduction protocol. >> it has been remarkable. kids have so much more fighting chance. >> reporter: for example, a new phone app polly's guardian angel lets you register your child's photo. it's apparently found three children nationwide within an hour. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> polly klaas' killer richard allen davis is still on death row. we're on the scene of breaking news in the south bay. san jose firefighters are at work in delmas avenue and brown street near the interchange of interstate 280 and state route 87. the fire started about 3:30
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this morning in the home's adick. four people are displaced at this point. but no one was injured. again, crews are working on this house fire in san jose and we'll give you details as soon as we get more. 4:47. another look at traffic and weather. >> it's not a bad day for weather. mild weather and sunshine. it is a little cold to start. partly cloudy skies especially around the bay. a lot of 40s, upper 40s to low to mid-40s. by in afternoon that's when sunshine comes back. breezy and cool along the coast. but we'll have hotter weather later on this week and into the weekend. mild for now. all around california, nice.
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sacramento 81. high 84 fresno. latermid-60s in eureka, 70s ukiah. a lot of greens and yellows meaning a lot of 60s and 70s. 74 santa clara. 73 in fremont. east bay close to 80 in brentwood. otherwise 70s in pleasant hill and walnut creek. pleasant day in pleasant hill. and 60s around the day. looks like 75 in kentfield. cooler along the beach, stinson beach around 64 degrees. so the real warmup happens later on this weekend on that beach weather lawrence was talking about yesterday. that happens friday through the weekend. in traffic, we have an accident we're watching. northbound 680 into sunol boulevard. slowing in the middle lane so heads up if your commute takes you up into the sunol area. northbound there are some brake lights. also, here's a live look at the nimitz, 880 in oakland. if you are traveling near the
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oakland coliseum, quiet commute. they have overnight roadwork that should be almost about to be cleared out by about 5:00 they tend to re-open lanes so it's northbound 880 between embarcadero and high street. southbound looks good if you are heading towards oakland airport. no delay across the san mateo bridge this morning and bart has all trains running on time. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. wall street shrugged off the partial government shutdown for now. investors expect the shutdown to be resolved quickly without doing much damage to the overall economy. stocks moved higher on the first day of the shutdown. dow up 62. nasdaq up 46. a lawsuit is in the hand of a jury. it will determine whether toyota have been held liable for the death of a woman four years ago when her camry accelerated and crashed. the family is asking for $20
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million in damages. toyota says the driver was at fault. a law began yesterday applying to bags for carry out and delivery. they have to meet environmental requirements. similar law was already in effect for grocery stores and retailers. $5 million project under way on beaches over in alameda. the sand is being replenished there more than 82,000 cubic yards of sand from angel island now being pumped from barges on alameda beach and crown memorial state beach there. >> this is a project that needs to be done about every 20 years because crown beach is a manmade beach. there are no natural sources of sand. >> the project is being paid for by fema as well as a grant from the california department of boating and waterways. money from the dubai star oil spill settlement is also helping pay for the project. it should be finished by the end of the year. the beaches will stay open but some access might be restricted. time now 4:50.
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fans at the new 9ers stadium will notice a difference and it starts with their seats. what the new ones do that the old ones don't. >> plus, a rare look at mother nature up close when we come back. ,,,,,,
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60s and 70s around the coast and the bay and 80s inland. we could see some hot weather as soon as this weekend. stay tuned for your seven-day forecast. in the meantime, we're taking a check of bay area bridges. here's the golden gate, no delay this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. and the san mateo bridge still moving at the speed limit out of hayward. we'll have more traffic and weather together right here on kpix 5 every 10 minutes. check out this shark feeding frenzy in southern
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california. tourists spotted two great whites chomping on a whale carcass on the channel. a dozen sharks joined them. it's a good time to be an oakland a's fan. the team of course is on a big time roll heading to the major league baseball play-offs. [ chanting ] >> let's go, oakland! >> hundreds gathered yesterday at oakland's frank ogawa plaza to celebrate a successful season and hopes for another world series title for the a's. the october rally was also oaktober rally. it was a big day for the families. oakland will who he was the tigers game 1 friday evening at the coliseum. >> it's wednesday. well, let's go to football now. seats are now being installed
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at the 49ers new football stadium at silicon valley. kpix 5's kiet do was in santa clara yesterday as some season ticketed holders checked out the new digs. >> reporter: here at the stadium you could do worse than this. a season ticketholder for 42 years was the first to sit in hers. so we joined her. here i go. i want to slush. >> sit up straight. then you can enjoy the game. >> reporter: installation goes quick. hook the seats on the rails and tighten two bolts. that's it. still, with 20 miles of railing and 68,500 seats it will take a total of 17,000 man hours. the plastic seats flex making a three-hour game more
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comfortable. >> did feel it a little bit? >> it's got a little bit of give. >> which i like. you get to look at your knees. you got some knee room. cup holder. you know? so all we need now is a team on the field, right? >> reporter: a team to win the super bowl. in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> what do you think? >> i'm tall so i like leg room and the cup holders make a difference. >> that's a big deal when you don't have to deal down and pull up your beverage. >> what do they do at candlestick? >> old, decrepit, ready to go bye-bye. >> nice change. i'm very disappointed. to come all the way from alberta canada to see alcatraz and we're not going to see it. >> they're not. it's closed for business. the government shutdown. and the impact on tourism. >> there's a new proposal on the table when it comes to
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negotiations over bart labor agreements. we'll tell you where both sides stand coming up.
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griego. we're the most robbery city in the country, robbery thefts, auto thefts, crime, you name it. >> there were more than 3800 robberies in oakland this year, up 24% over last year. >> i'm ready. i'm ready to fight. i'm here at every court date. i don't want them to see any more light on this street. >> it's been almost 2 months since 8-year-old alaysha carradine was shot and killed in oakland and now two men are arrested for her murder. >> now they are focusing on trying to cherry pick some of the few parts of government that they like. >> day 2 of the government shutdown begins and there's no resolution in sight on the affordable care act went into effect yesterday but the system was so overwhelmed with people trying to sign up, not everyone could complete the process. from across the bay to around
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the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. it's wednesday, october 2. i'm michelle griego. >> getting close to the weekend! >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. let's get a little traffic and weather. liz is here to tell us what a beautiful day we're about to have. >> it is going to be a gorgeous fall day. it is going to be chilly to start off with. we are still seeing some more upper 40s and low 50s. 49 is what you're waking up to in santa rosa but it's 58 degrees in oakland. everyone should warm up by this afternoon. we are expecting plenty of sunshine a similar day on tap today as yesterday. 60s around the coast 70s around the bay and about 80 degrees in our hottest spots in some of the inland locations. we are expecting beach weather though as soon as this weekend so stay tuned for your seven- day forecast. that's coming up. in the meantime, let's talk traffic here's a


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