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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 4, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: geoff, you know how i throw my wood every night and it never breaks the fire thing? geoff: yeah. yeah. craig: we're going to try it again. i'm going to move this out of the way. geoff: this could be the one. craig: don't try this at home, where you remove the fire guard, it gets very dangerous. we're going to see if i can get it through the thing. are you ready?
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do we have any music for this, paul? yes! yes! [applause] good night, everybody! good night! ,,
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this is kpix 5 news. tonight hundreds of acres burning in napa county. smoke from the fire started blowing into the bay area. >> we can smell the smoke in san francisco. this normally doesn't happen. >> typically the wind is from the we say the east. -- from the west to the east but right now because of a northeast wind and the wind gusts, 45 miles per hour a, all of that smoke being caused by the fire is blowing towards san francisco, marine county, if you are trying to sleep with windows open you are smelling this right now and the wind directioning isn't going to change and -- direction and the
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wind speed isn't going to change. it is causing a major winter storm as far away as montana. as long as the fire continues to burn we will be smelling the smoke in the city and anywhere close to san francisco. >> thank you. also tonight another big fire still burning at a recycling plant in stockton. the freeway had to be closed this afternoon. laura kohl is on the ground. >> the fire continues at this hour. of course, earlier today it was so bad the smoke got so bad it shut down interstate 5 for several hours in both directions. firefighters say this is blamed for starting 18 spot fires around the area and tonight they into douse this with water. they will be out here throughout the evening. >> the winds are blowing pretty
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good. as long as they are blowing and that is burning. >> when firefighters arrived it was difficult for them to access the fire because there was only one way in. the cause remains under investigation. laura cole, kpix 5. . new information about the woman who led police on a wild chase in washington her one- year-old daughter in the back seat. she was a dental higentest. >> she was a mom from connecticut and friends have no idea why she was in washington, d.c. a dozen gun shots rang out across capitol hill. police trying to stop an out of control driver that struck a barricade outside the white house. that driver miriam carey. licensed in connecticut. her daughter was in the car during the pursuit.
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this furloughed government worker saw it all. >> heard the initial, what sounded like fire crackers going off. >> miriam carey hit a barricade after 2:00 p.m. she sped off towards the capitol weaving in and out of traffic. police almost had her cornered but then she backed up into a car and sped away. that is when the shots rang out. because of the chase and shooting the entire capitol building was on lock down. tourists were told to go inside. the chase ended when miriam carey ran a curb. she was shot and died. it was after the pursuit police discovered her daughter was in the car the entire time. >> the wild is a year old and
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in good condition. >> fbi showed up at miriam carey's connecticut apartment after the shooting. family and friends telling police she was a person unlikely to be involved in violence and they didn't know why she would be in washington, d.c. 4-1/2 hours away from home. police did not find weapons in her car. miriam carey's daughter is in protective custody tonight and the correct service agents aren't getting paid -- secret service agents aren't getting paid, they are on hold because of the government shut down. >> thank you. and because of the government shut down tonight the white house said president obama won't be going to asia next week. he was planning on attending
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economic summit. secretary of state john kerry will make the trip. 10 people are looking for new homes after a fire in sunnyvale. it consumed the building at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. red cross is working on finding them temporary housing. we don't know how the fire got started. meanwhile a massive collision after a pick up truck cut in front of a school bus carrying students from san jose high school at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. after the truck hit the bus it spun out of control and hit another suv. a dozen kids were on the bus. three are being treated for back and neck injuries. the suv driver is also being treated for injuries. bart and unions did reach an agreement today on pensions but this doesn't stop the count down towards the end of the 60 day cooling off period which
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saweek away -- is a week away. tonight joe vazquez tells us it looks like most people are fed up with the union demands. >> reporter: the all day negotiating session around 6:15 p.m. how did go? the union said there were two small proposals pushed back and forth. no details. >> the proposal the districting brought up is disappointing. >> both sides are going back to their camps to do research and talk things over. so that is where we are at. >> reporter: i asked about a new poll that says the unions should give up. >> 63% of people who live in the bay area counties say take the deal, be done with it. and let's reach a settlement. what do you say? >> the bay area corporation has
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a history of trying to drive down wages. who did they ask? >> reporter: there are a lot of people who use bart who don't want a strike. they may be saying get it done. what do you say? >> we don't want to strike. i don't think you heard anyone say they wanted to strike. this situation has been perpetrated by the district, action of action. >> reporter: negotiations are scheduled to continue tomorrow. both sides say they will be back here at 9:30 a.m. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the unions are asking for a 3 year deal. they want 3.75% raise and 4% in the final year. bart is asking for a 4 year deal with a 2.5% raise. $1 billion is what twitter is hoping to raise through its
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ipo. the company announced they filed and us the allowed the public to look at its finances. this sets the table for what could be the hottest ipo since facebook. >> my opinion about the big ipos is that they have nothing to do with ordinary investors and that you or i would buy a small amount that has been inflated. >> twitter did not say which market they would trade on. it could happen in november. crime has got so bad that people are trying something new. the quiet rock ridge area in oakland has seen a spike in burglaries and assaults. >> reporter: it began with a bold stick up at a carpool last week. one of the victims. >> there has been a more
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serious up tick. >> reporter: in six months 28 robberies. 32 burglaries, 8 assaults and neighbors got fed up. >> let's use technology obring the community -- to bring the community together. >> reporter: they wanted private security guards but how to raise the money? they launched a page urging people to contribute to the cause. >> it is been a week and we raised $20,000. >> reporter: another neighborhood raised more than $13,000 and a third just over 1,000. but does private security work? one neighborhood hasn't seen a burglary for 7 months since hiring private guard but not everyone is convinced. >> it would be nice if they figure out a way for the police department to fill in the roles. >> he worried thatbriing in
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private -- that bringing in private guards will have an isolating effect. >> we are no longer a functioning city as a police department. >> reporter: he says this is just a trial run. $24,000 will buy sixmus of 12 hour -- six months of 12 hour patrols 5 days a week. >> we can do it and at the same time if it is not it can stop. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the neighbors are considering donating funds to neighborhoods that couldn't afford private security. billions of dollars of benefits untouched. what is keeping so many californians applying for food stamps. >> and a not what you would normally see, why this plane end up on a bay area pressway. >> how fans rallied to
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celebrate the sharks. >> a fire in napa county. look at the wind gusts blowing the smoke from the north to the south. 52 miles per hour right now. we will talk about ,,,,,, female announcer: the savings really stack up during sleep train's during sleep train's inventory clearance sale.
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to a new law the governor sd today. but they'll illegal immigrants will be able to apply for california driver's licenses but they will have to wait. it doesn't take effect till january 2015.
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california is the 10th state. a number hard to believe. 25% of kids in california live in poverty. 25%. that is according it a study. and there is help out there for them but it is hard to get. >> going to get better. >> reporter: she got layed off a few times. even with new jobs she had to rely on food stamps. >> it wasn't easy but i had to do what i needed to do to feed my son. >> reporter: applying for food stamps was not easy. >> paper work. >> reporter: at least she got help. just over half of californians who qualify are enrolled in the program. california comes in last in food stamp participation. >> it is frustrating. because it is a significant benefit. >> reporter: she says some people don't even know they
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qualify. >> there has been a lot of changes. they might have been denied and don't understand they may be eligible today. >> it is confusing for people. >> reporter: she says unlike other states californians have to visit a different office each time they apply for a different benefit. even if they are getting the same information again and again. >> databases do not talk to each other. >> reporter: california is at the bottom of enrollment. >> many times we are working with families or individuals who are working one and two jobs, sometimes three jobs. >> what is being done? lawmakers are reducing the paper work and they eliminated the finger printing requirement and they are allahing ap--
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allowing applications off site so folks can help people sign up while they send them home with food. why not just apply once for all benefits? >> why don't we have just one application? >> you think you are not knowing to get through but you do. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> there are two bills that make it easier to apply. one requires less documentation of child care expenses and the others let people apply for caltrash at the same time as medical. in san jose, a small plane had to make an emergency landing on the expressway this morning. the pilot had to bring the plane down after a malfunction after take off. the pilot and instructor and trainee on board were not heard. before the sharks lit up the ice tonight fans rallied in
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the street outside. [ laughter ] >> a bmx stunt team, dunk the canucks tank, free food and the face painting. >> what if i told you you look ridiculous? >> i would say you are right. >> the atmosphere. everybody having a good time. like a big community event. go sharks. >> we will have the highlights and the game coming up tonight in sports. bay area playoff baseball begins tomorrow and the green and gold have been red hot all season. clinching their second straight division title. a's fans already have their sight on a world series birth and new fans loading up on gear to be part of the action. >> you get more and more people to get involved and excited.
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you see more a's caps on the streets. you see those things. >> the a's. first two home games sold out. fans can buy tickets for game 5 should it go the distance. i predicted four straight, a sweep by the a's. game one at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow night. the weather is going be picture perfect. >> a wonderful night for baseball. tonight different game. smoke being smelled throughout san francisco bay. we have strong winds and a large fire in napa county. check out the wind gusts. golden gate bridge 50 miles per hour. pope valley 47 miles per hour. vacaville 40 miles per hour. the wind was coming in the higher elevations and now we have a fire. that is why you are smelling
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smoke. just about everywhere throughout the bay area because of the winds blowing the smoke from the fire in napa county. fire weather alert, red flag warning for our higher elevations continues with the wind gusts and humidity low. live look outside. it is a gorgeous night otherwise. clear size. beautiful picture. you will have a sunny day once again tomorrow. the oakland a's, first pitch temperature 75 degrees tomorrow night. tigers and a's. a's will win. and off shore flow, this big area of low pressure is causing a snowstorm in wyoming and iowa. 5-7 inches of snow fall. that area is blowing wind from north to south and it will keep
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us windy for the next 24 hours and then warmth over the weekend. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday all running above normal the next three days through the weekend. well above average temperature wise and high pressure moves closer to us. ocean temperature 53 degrees. we will be cooling down next week. warm weather for the next several days. we may hit 80 along the coast saturday. 80s everywhere tomorrow oakland 81. san jose 81. san 81 apt crosswalk 82. 76 in the city tomorrow and 79 in cloverdale. saturday the wind calms down. but we stay warm. monday we cool down. if you are smelling smoke chances are you will continue to till the fire is ,,,,
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based software a cyber attack exposed the credit card information of 3 million adobe customers. they say a hacker accessed customer names, credit and debt card numbers and other information related to orders. adobe is working with law enforcement on the
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investigation. online advertisements, soon you will find them on instagram. they say they will start showing occasional photos and ads. sports we have baseball, big game tomorrow and -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i look at that story, what concerns me is everybody is selling their souls in the sake of advertising. coming up next the top 5 and the sharks hockey highlights ,,d can san jose beat the progressive claims. this is flo.
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the sharks have been in existence for 21 years and never been to the stanley cup finals. that is the fifth longest drought in the nhl. down 1-2. he rips one. and the game is tied 1-1. he does a great job of planting himself. the shot from the point got through. first goal in 19 months. sharks 2-1. 3rd period. a great stick to force a turnover. the sharks win 4-1. >> i want to tell our viewers
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kpix 5 secured the exclusive rights. both born after the sharks became a franchise in 1991. clayton kershaw can win sitting on his rear end. he went 7 innings, 12 strikeouts against atlanta. fans know how you feel. no kemp no problem. gonzales goes yard. 6-1 dodgers. clayton kershaw i am guessing he won't be back for game four. fans in st. louis made lots of noise this afternoon. carlos beltran slams a.j. burnett who didn't have a strikeout in a game for the first time since 2004.
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cardinals win 9-1. >> not a good night for starting quarterbacks. he was knocked out of the game and the same for the bills, browns won the game 37-24. back to the tank, scary moment. he takes the skate to the face. he briefly returns but then left. iowa state looks to stop texas. the officials say that is not a fumble. texas scored and won the game. afterwards iowa state coach not a happy man. >> on the one yard line. with backs against the ball. and have it taken away from them. that is hard toexpress.
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-- to express. >> ball came out at that ,, hey lena, what ya looking for? well, you've found delicious!
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newscast is tomorrow mornin 4-30. letterman ,,


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