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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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area. crews spent the night keepin a fire under control near lake berryessa. the flames cover 370 acres. current conditions can make this fire or any possible fires in the bay area very dangerous. >> we're under red flag warning because of high winds, low humidity and seasonal drying of vegetation. this makes it a critical time for fires for us in the north half of the state of california. >> reporter: crews have stopped the fire from spreading. it's 75% contained. firefighters in the area. smoke from the fire is making its way deep into the bay area now. people have reported smelling smoke down to palo alto and we can smell it in san francisco, as well. wind blew down a large tree
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across a major thoroughfare in san francisco. this is at masonic and fell street. on its side, the tree is about 50 feet long and 20 feet tall. and it's still blocking a couple of lanes on masonic. this morning a fire is still burning at a recycling plant in stockton. more on that coming up. but first the weather. >> the problem is the fire danger. offshore winds and low humidity and fire danger is elevated. you can smell smoke. the temperatures are staying very, very mild. in fact, not only the winds up above but down below blowing to 17 miles per hour now in san jose. 15 at sfo. 18 in san ramon. 21 in vallejo. and 23 miles per hour in fairfield. gusts even stronger over the mountaintops with that offshore flow. so red flag warnings in effect over the bay area mountaintops
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above 1,000 feet a dry northeasterly wind gusting to 50 miles per hour. unlike the last offshore flow, humidity is going to be drier so fire danger is more, humidity less than 20%. the temperatures staying very mild into the 60s. we'll have a complete look at the weekend forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. and this morning, that fire is still burning at a recycling plant in stockton. for some time yesterday heavy smoke forced the closure of i-5 in both directions. flying embers sparked 18 spot fires nearby. firefighters are challenged by the fact that there's only one way into the property. at least 10 people are looking for a place to live after a fire destroyed part of an apartment complex in sunnyvale. the fire consumed the two-story building on west california avenue around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the red cross is working on finding those residents temporary housing. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 4:32 now. talks between bart and its unions are expected to resume
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later this morning but time is running out. the cooling-off period ends next week and as kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, most people here in the bay area say they are just fed up with the unions' demands. >> it went well. >> reporter: the all-day negotiating session between bart and the unions ended around 6:15 this evening. how did it go? the unions say there were two very small counterproposals pushed back and forth across the table. no details but say bart didn't offer very much. >> the proposal that the district brought us is disappointing, to say the very least. >> both sides are going back to their camps to do some research and talk things over. so that's where we're at. >> reporter: i asked the union leaders about a new poll from the bay area council that says the unions should just give up. 63% of people who live in the bay area counties say you should just take the deal, be done with it, take bart's deal and let's reach a settlement. what do you say to that? >> i would say that the bay
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area council is made up of large corporations that have a history of trying to drive down working family wages. so you can take that for what it's worth. did they ask the 1% or the 99%? >> reporter: there are a lot of people who use bart who don't want a strike. they may be saying, come on, you guys, just get it done. what do you say to those riders? >> we don't want to strike. i don't think you've heard any union representatives say that they wanted a strike. this situation has been perpetrated by the district, lack of action and seriousness and bargaining in bad faith. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the unions are asking for a three-year deal. they want a 3.75% raise the first two years and a 4% raise in the final year of the deal. bart is asking for a four-year deal with annual 2.5% raises. children were hurt after a bus hit a pickup truck in san
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jose. first liza has the traffic report. >> reporter: on this friday morning we are going to start off with the bart system where their first trains are out of the yard on time. bart reporting no delays on the system. we're also looking good for the ferries, caltrain and the altamont commuter express. heads up for this major problem in hayward, southbound 880 at "a" street. there's an overturn accident blocking two lanes of traffic. at last check it was beginning to slow down traffic through the area. now, the winds are going to affect traffic this morning. lawrence has been talking about those strong winds and the chp has issued a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and several other bridges across the bay area. just keep it easy if you want to make your way across the winds. you will feel the winds especially in a high-profile vehicle. for the rest of the bridges, san mateo bridge looks good with no delays approaching the toll plaza. that's a look at traffic. michelle? >> thank you. back to that story where several children were hurt after a school bus crashed into a pickup truck in san jose. it happened on 28th and julian
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streets yesterday. the bus struck the back of the pickup as it made a left turn. the pickup then spun out of control and hit an suv. three kids on the bus and the suv driver suffered minor injuries. it's not clear who is responsible for the accident. in bay area news a memorial was held yesterday evening for a woman who was struck and killed by a car in a san francisco park. a city of san francisco worker was behind the wheel of the car that hit 35-year-old christine svanemyr last month at holly park. some at the vigil want charges filed against the driver. a small plane made an emergency landing on the east side of san jose on capitol expressway yesterday morning. police say the pilot had to bring the plane down after some sort of malfunctio shortly after take-off from reid- hillview airport. the two people on board were unhurt. some oaklanders are taking the neighborhood watch program to the next level.
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the typically quiet rockridge area in oakland has seen a big spike in burglaries and assaults this year. as kpix 5's christin ayers reports, people are now reinventing an old concept to fight off crime. reporter: it began with a bold stickup at a casual carpool last week. one of the victims, amy's neighbor. >> there's been a more serious uptick and i feel like more brazen nature. >> reporter: in six months, there have been 28 robberies, 32 burglaries, and 8 assaults in this rockridge enclave and neighbors got fed up. >> let's use modern technology to try and bring the community together. >> reporter: she and her neighbors wanted private security guards to patrol their streets. but how to raise the money? they launched a page on urging people to contribute to the cause. >> it's been about a week and we have raised around $20,000. >> reporter: in just a few days, another rockridge neighborhood has raised more than $13,000 on crowdtilt and a
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third just over $1,000. but does private security even work? one swath of oakland's oakmore neighborhood hasn't seen a home burglary for 7 months since hiring a private guard. but not everyone is convinced. >> it would be nice if the city council would figure out a way for the police department to fill in those roles. >> reporter: alex has lived in rockridge all his life and worries that bringing in private guards to each neighborhood will have an isolating effect. >> we have on you other security forces and the next block over has their own security forces and we're no longer a functioning city as a police department. >> reporter: lemley says this is just a trial run. $24,000 will buy 6 months of 12- hour patrols five days a week. >> this is something people want, we can come together and do it. and at the same time, if it's not, then it can stop. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the neighbors are considering donating any additional funds they collect in neighborhoods that cannot afford a private security. play-offs are finally arriving in the bay area. the oakland a's take on the
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detroit tigers at home tonight. long-time fans hope the 2013 a's can bring a fifth world series championship to oakland and newer fans are loading up on a's gear to be part of all the excitement. >> you just get more and more people to get involved and get excited and i think, you know, you see more oakland a's caps on the street just like when the giants, you know, you see those things. >> games 1 and 2 in oakland are sold out. but there are a few tickets still available for the fifth and deciding game if the series goes the distance. we are hoping it does, right? the first pitch is set to begin at 6:30. >> it can go in 3 as long as the a's win all three. the sharks open the season at the s.a.p. center last night. >> go sharks! >> whoo! >> they went, all right. festivities began yesterday afternoon with the annual season opening rally on autumn street just outside the arena. events included bmx stunt team,
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dunk the canucks tank, that was popular, food and free shark swag. san jose beat the canucks 4-1. we'll have highlights coming up in the morning sports report in the next half hour. capitol police officers act heroically. >> the bizarre rampage through the streets of the nation's capital. what we're learning about the mother who tried to crash her car through white house barriers. >> and another tech giant announces in an appropriate fashion its ipo. how much money twitter hopes to sell in stock coming up.
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tried to crash her car throa security barricade at the w house. c-b-s news' susan has the latest fr this morning, investigators in washington, d.c. are trying to figure out why a dental hygienist tried to crash her car through a security gate at the white house. cbs news' susan mcginnis has the story. >> reporter: investigators wearing hazmat suits searched the stamford, connecticut home of the woman police say triggered a dramatic car chase
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through washington, d.c. >> police were there so that they could go through that and try and find out what was this. could they learn anything that could give them a window as to her motive? >> reporter: the driver was 34- year-old miram casey. these pictures were taken from the facebook paged believed to be hers. police shot and killed her outside the u.s. capital thursday afternoon but the incident started at the white house where officials say carey struck a barricade with her black infiniti sedan, then sped down pennsylvania avenue toward the capital where police officers boxed her in. she backed up and tried to speed off again. police shot her to death. officers found a young girl inside the car. >> the child is in protective custody in good condition. >> reporter: police are
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collecting evidence and investigating what happened. part of that is determining why police chose to use deadly force to stop the suspect. >> the united states secret service and capitol police officers acted heroically in trying to stop this suspect from entering the security perimeters at those locations. >> reporter: both the white house and the u.s. capital were put on lockdown during the incident. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> one secret service officer and a capitol police officer were injured during the incident. both are in good condition and expected to recover. big security breach briefly overshadows the partial shutdown of the federal government. but the shutdown has prompted president obama to cancel his trip to asia that was planned for next week. instead, secretary of state john kerry will make the trip while the president stays to keep pressing for a short-term spending bill. he is doubtful house republicans will budge anytime soon. >> john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote because he doesn't want to
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anger the extremists in his party. >> house republicans are seeking ways to re-open parts of the government. yesterday they pushed a bill that would pay national guard troops but senate democrats still say they want a complete spending plan or nothing. often lost in the shuffle the many small businesses that rely on government workers to stay afloat. some mom and pop stores over in the city of oakland are among those taking a big hit from the shutdown. >> it's a nightmare. >> sungle willie's barbecue was empty at lunchtime yesterday, just one of the businesses surrounding oakland's federal building. they depend on thousands who work there. some sales are down as much as 50% this week and they had to send home their own employees. the closure of yosemite national park is complete. all visitors were out by 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the park is putting more than 600 workers on furlough during the closure. twitter is tweeting about its ipo. the san francisco company hopes to raise $1 billion. in a tweet yesterday, the
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company announced it had filed with the securities and exchange commission and thus allowed the public to look at its finances before the stock starts trading on wall street. twitter did not say which market it would trade on. barring any setbacks, the ipo could happen in late november. its ticker title will be twtr. >> twitter. maybe it's like apple where you buy, you know, a few shares and 15 years from now you're a millionaire. >> you're rich. you never know. or it could go the other way. which happens sometimes. hey, guys, a lot of sunshine around the bay area. the winds kicking up, fire danger going to be running high but the weather going to look beautiful all the way to the coastline. you headed out the door, it is very, very mild this morning. those temperatures well into the 60s in spots. windy also in some areas. looks like those winds will continue to kick up throughout the day today so breezy even at the coastline this afternoon but temperatures there with the offshore winds up into the 70s. we'll see some 80s in the bay and also into the interior
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valleys. so high pressure building in overhead getting more of that northerly component to that wind that offshore wind, and that's what also brings up the high fire danger. so you have to be careful. fire danger high the next day or so. meantime, winds kicking up early on. later in the day, more of those winds continue. then they start to diminish in the evening hours. tomorrow things settle down more so. but you get the idea the winds whipping up out there today so be careful. temperatures gorgeous. 84 san jose. 76 in half moon bay and pacifica. east bay numbers in the 80s. inside the bay what a beautiful day. 73 in daly city. 78 degrees even at stinson beach. so you know you have a great day working when you have temperatures like that toward the coast. tomorrow nice slightly warmer then cooling down a tad on sunday. more cooling more clouds toward the middle of next week. it's traffic time. for that we head to liza battalones. >> happy friday, everybody! once again, we're going to
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start off in hayward where the chp is still working on this accident an overturn southbound 880 at "a" street two left lanes shut down. you can see the yellow sensors there. it is backing up traffic in the area. so heads up for that. and the chp is also working on a tree that's down on southbound highway 13 in oakland. this is as you approach lincoln. it's partially in that right- hand lane there. the bay bridge commute blustery winds as lawrence is talking about a high wind advisory in place in place where westbound is wide open at the toll plaza. no traffic delays for the san mateo bridge. so once you past that overturn on south 880, you're in good shape for that curve over to westbound 92 no problems there. and the golden gate commute, the crews are setting up for the morning commute. in a few moments we should have four southbound lanes available for you. right now traffic is okay for all of marin county. the silicon valley is also looking good. no major roadwork overnight so both 880 and 237 are in great
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shape. that's your friday drive. it's a startling statistic. 25% of kids in california live in poverty. that's what a stanford study says. and kpix 5's sharon chin discovered there is help out there for them but it's hard to get. >> it's going to get better. >> reporter: this single mother in san mateo got laid off a few times in the last several years. even with new jobs, she has had to rely on food stamps. >> it wasn't easy but i had to do what i needed to do to feed my son. >> reporter: but applying for california's food stamp program, cal fresh, was not easy. >> paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. >> reporter: at least that mom got help from cal fresh. just over half of californians who qualify are actually enrolled in the program. california comes in dead last in food stamp participation. >> it is very frustrating because it's such a significant benefit. >> reporter: alexis fernandez at california food policy advocates says some people don't even know they qualify.
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>> there's been a lot of changes in the programs. they might have been denied previously and don't understand they may be eligible today. >> it's very, very confusing for people. that's if they have all the documents. >> reporter: cindy of second harvest food bank says unlike other states californians have to visit a different office each time they apply for a different benefit like medi-cal or housing. even if they are giving the same information again and again. >> currently, databases do not talk to one another. >> reporter: california's already stuck at the bottom in calfreshen rolement. that's makes san mateo county among the worst of the worst. >> many times we are working with people who are working one and two jobs sometimes three jobs and still can't make ends meet. >> reporter: so what's being done to get families the food they need? lawmakers are reducing the paperwork needed to apply. despite some concern for fraud they have eliminated the fingerprinting requirement and calfresh is allowing applications off site. so folks at second harvest, for example, can help people sign
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up while they send them home with food. even better, said mcallen, why not just apply once for all benefits? >> why don't we have one application for just general assistant for human needs? >> reporter: that would have been a lot easier. >> it was a lot. sometimes you think you're not going to get through it. but you do. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> there are two bills on the governor's desk that make it easier to apply for benefits. one would require less documentation for child care expenses. the other lets people apply for calfresh at the same time they apply for medi-cal. another massive cyber attack. this time the target is in the silicon valley. what hackers got access to from adobe customers. >> how many americans found work in september? why the numbers will remain a mystery for now. ,, ,,,,,,
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a cyber-attack has exposed financial information of wow, if you walk outside right now, these temperatures are very, very mild! 67 degrees in oakland. 64 in concord. and 66 degrees in san francisco. more on your weather coming up. >> and we have a big rig accident blocking lanes of east 80 near potrero so it's not in the commute direction but it is blocking two lanes of traffic. details on this and a complete look at your friday drive into work still ahead. thank you, liza. it is 4:54 now. a cyber attack has exposed financial information of almost 3 million adobe customers. san jose-based software maker says a hacker accessed customer names and credit and debit card numbers. they are resetting the passwords now. instagram is looking to make money and that means ads are coming your way. the mobile photo sharing app says it will start showing occasional photo and video ads in the coming months.
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instagram's parent company facebook says the ads will be unobtrusive. facebook bought instagram for $1 billion last year. dow down 136 yesterday the biggest decline in more than two weeks and as alexis christoforous reports, the government will not release a big jobs report today due to the shutdown and that could mean even more declines on wall street today. >> reporter: on the first friday of every month, investors look forward to the unemployment report. but not today. the labor department delayed the release of this often times market-moving jobs report because of the government shutdown. concerns about the impact a prolonged shutdown would have on the economy sent stocks lower again. some analysts estimate if the budget stalemate continues three or four weeks, it could shave about half a percent from an economy that's only expanding by about 2.5% a year. the dow jones industrial average slid 136 points, the nasdaq down 40. the treasury department warns that if the budget fight continues and congress fails to
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raise the debt ceiling by mid- october, the country will be unable to pay its bills and the economy could be plunged into another recession. the shutdown could affect your ability to get a mortgage. that's because banks must verify a borrower's income with the irs. but because of the shutdown the agency won't be available to handle the paperwork the banks need to close on the loans. wells fargo the nation's biggest mortgage lender has already said new mortgage applications will not get completed until after the shutdown ends and when borrowers' income claims can be officially verified. that's your moneywatch. for the latest business news, follow me on twitter @@alexis. new information about the woman at the center of a chaotic capitol hill attack. where the investigation is focused this morning. >> reporter: and smoke from a fire in the north bay is being smelled about 100 miles away. coming up we'll take a look at the flames and talk about the fire danger in northern
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we're waking up to the smell of smoke. hundreds of acres are burning in napa county sending smoke deep into the bay area. >> plus, the wind is blowing. trees and power lines hit the ground overnight. crews work to repair the damage caused across the bay area. >> here's the deal. they have the ability to do it. we know that. the public knows that. now they're very aware. >> bart and the unions reach an agreement on pensions. the fight over salaries continues. and so does the countdown to a strike. >> it wasn't easy but i had to do what i needed to do to feed my son. >> a quarter of california kids live in poverty. but getting food stamps means getting through the paperwork. >> california comes in dead last in food stamp participation. >> you want to see a winning team and oakland is doing it this year. it's great. >> baseball play-offs start
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tonight. the oakland a's fans already have their sights on the world series. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> couture and marleau! >> good morning, it's friday, october 4. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we are waking up to high winds and high fire danger and the smell of smoke all over the bay area. we are following several developing stories overnight. firefighters in napa county have been working through the night trying to get a wildfire burning at lake berryessa from raging out of control. some of the smoke from the fire has made its way down to the bay area. strong winds completely uprooted a tree that's now lying across a major thoroughfare. this is in san francisco at fell street. the tree is still blocking two lanes on masonic this morning. the wind knocked scaffolding into power lines at 20th at potrero hill. several dozen people in the area are without power. we have live team coverage for


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