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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 5, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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ning, i'm el for the second time in 24 hours fire sent smoke into the bay area. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> the biggest fire was in solano county. thousand acre fire grew so fast dozens of cows got trapped. before firefighters finally came to their rescue let them out of that corral. derrick shore said tonight the fire is mostly contained but it could smolder for another week fire officials out here say that they believe this fire may have started off highway 12 but what started the fire is unclear. it's taken a thousand acres and a ton of firefighters through solano county and yolo county
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as well. one barn has been taken. in that barn about a hundred thousand dollars worth of hay and other farm equipment. one area employee was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but that person is expected to be okay. the flames at this point moving towards marsh lands which means wet grassy land. they will monitor the situation pick up the fire fight tomorrow that is of course also those fire lines jump to other grassy areas. the good news they don't seem to be moving too far. in solano county derrick shore kpix5. >> mark, you're 40 miles away. >> reporter: indeed elizabeth. the reason for that is because of the unusual wind direction we had today. that sent a whole lot of smoke into much of the bay area. from the hills above highway 4 the smoke from the fairfield brushfire could be seen rise
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into the afternoon sky. ryan allen and dany mayberry said the smoke did not stop them from their regular activities but they could certainly see it and feel it in their throats. >> earlier today there was a thicker haze almost like a fog, and just kind of the smell of fire. >> just a lot of smoke. there's been an obvious haze. been stuff sitting all day lon . >> reporter: the smoke from the fire prompted them to issue a smoke warning. >> eliminate exertion during the fire. >> reporter: mary lee was out for a walk with her dog her lynn. she says she smelled the smoke throughout the afternoon but had no idea where it was coming from. >> a couple of times when i went out in the backyard, i just said what is that smell? it smells a little bit like a
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fire. >> trash burning. >> yeah. something happened. >> reporter: now as for tomorrow the air quality is expected to only be moderate but despite that it is not a spare the air day. reporting live in alamo. this was the view from chopper 5 over i-780 this afternoon. the flames there got pretty close to some buildings before firefighters were able to put it out. the fire only burned about an acre. a judge ordereded pg&e to shut off a major gasoline. >> reporter: that strange wind direction is an offshore wind. that's the same reason we will the fire danger go up also the reason why once the fire started burning it blew the smoke back toward the east bay back toward oakland back toward san francisco. the northeast winds are going to continue overnight tonight. the good news is they are not going to be as strong. the wind direction will be the
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same but the wind speed will not. relative humidity was way down today. livermore 13%. anything below 20 is critical when it comes to fire danger. that's why the red flag warning is in effect until tomorrow morning. less wind but still very, very dry all the way through the weekend. wait till you see the change in the 7-day forecast. find out which day isn't going to hit 70 anywhere. all right paul thank you. a judge has ordered pge to shut off a major gas pipeline in san carlos. city leaders got an e-mail from an engineer questioning the safety of the line. san carlos wants to avoid an explosion similar to this one in san bruno that killed 8 people. a representative from pg&e insists it's safe. according to bart's unions the two sides are only $30 million apart tonight. yesterday the gap was almost 90 million.
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negotiations wrapped up today without a deal. talks are supposed to resume tomorrow morning as we inch ever closer to the end of that cooling off period. wages remain the sticking point. bart wants a four year commitment from the unions while the unions have count erred counter with a three year deal. >> we have been saying bart had the numbers. they have now acknowledged that. the gap is so small we can get it done. >> the deadline to avoid another strike is october 10th and that is just 6 days away. oakland is a wash in green and gold. the top of city hall is sporting a new look for the a's. not quite the start the a's had in mind. >> reporter: no indeed it was a kick in the gut for the a's. matt scherzer won 21 games and shows why he is the best
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pitcher in all of baseball tonight in front of 48,401 and it was a gem tonight as he dominated the oakland hitters racking up 11 strikeouts in 7 innings allowed just 3 hits, two off the bat of yoenis cespedes. detroit wins 3-2 to take a 1-0 lead in the best of 5 series. >> i don't get caught up in the hoopla. i don't worry about where i'm pitching or if i'm pitching game one or game 5. it doesn't matter. when you're facing a team like the a's you got to bring your a game. that's the way it is. >> reporter: we're coming back to you in sports with more reaction from both clubhouses including boy the big night for yoenis cespedes and it wasn't enough at the end. off the field the a's quest for a new home was debated in a san jose courtroom.
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san jose has filed an anti- trust lawsuit against major league baseball. mlb tried to get the suit tossed out today making an argument it's made for decades it doesn't have to follow monopoly laws. the city says baseball is blocking the franchise from relocateing to the south bay. no decision was made today, but the judge said he would issue a ruling quickly. a 19-year-old attempted murder suspect sat in court today. his legs shackled to his chair. the first day of his trial. max wade is accused of trying to gun down a teenage couple and stealing a lamborghini. his ankles were tied to his chair which was bolted to the floor. authorities are concerned that he might try to run during the trial during a break in the proceedings wade's mother came to her son's defense. >> it's cruel and it's disgusted and it's not true.
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>> that trial is expected to take about 6 weeks. we're heading into day 5 of the government shut down. a live look at the capitol right now. the house will be in session tomorrow, but right now it's unlikely they will work it out. the nation's oldest full time national park ranger lives in the bay area. she says the government shut down is wasting her time. joe vasquez reports the 92-year- old just wants to get back to work. >> i don't have that much time left. and those guys in washington are wasting my time. >> reporter: when betty read was born, warren g. harding was president. the great granddaughter of a slave she spent much of her childhood in the segregated south and moved to richmond in her 20s. at 92 she's america's oldest full time park ranger and now she's seen it all. she's been told to stay home from work because the government has shut itself down. >> there are times at 92 i
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feel like the only grown up in the room, and that has been true for the last week. >> reporter: here they celebrate america's greatest generation and the contribution of women to wwii victory. she worries that today's lawmakers don't seem to be basing decisions on common sense. >> i cannot imagine that this negative change can sustain itself because it doesn't have any patterns that are recognizable. >> reporter: she hopes the shutdown will end and she'll be back to work by october 12th that's the date of the annual home front festival a project she's been working on for most of the year. >> that would be amazing if we could get back to work. having no sense of an end of the uncertainty is -- it's
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disheartening. >> reporter: joe vasquez. california families are finally getting some help applying for food stamps. the governor signed a bill that minimizing the paperwork process. our state has the lowest food stamp participation rate partly because of all the red tape. this new law takes affect in january. security concerns in a bay area lab. you won't believe what they are using to safeguard some of those powerful explosives in the world. new details about the white house gatecrasher and the wrong idea she had about the president. people trying to invest in twitter caused the
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investigators who searched r home found prescript . >> we're learning more about the mother who rammed her car into a white house security game. >> they found prescriptions to treat schizophrenia bipolar disorder and depression. she thought the president was out to get her. 10 months before she was shot and killed by police miriam kerry told officers she was being electronically monitored by president obama. now investigators want to know if those delusions helped trigger yesterday's police chase and shooting. investigators spent 12 hours searching kerry's stanford connecticut apartment looking for clues. sources say in december of 2012 kerry was taken for a mental healthy val ways. after complaining to miss that she and her home were under surveillance by the white
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house. kerry said she was a prophet and warned that president obama would put the entire city of stanford under locke down. she never made any direct threats against the president and was not known to the secret service until she showed up yesterday in a black sports coupe and tried to ram a barricade at the white house. relatives have told investigators kerry suffered from postpartum depression with psychosis. tonight her family is demanding answers. >> my sister could have been any woman or any person traveling in our capitol. that lethal force was not the ultimate recourse and it didn't have to be. >> kerry's one-year-old daughter was in the car with her during the entire episode but the little girl wasn't hurt. another bizarre incident at the u.s. capitol today. a man set himself on fire. this happened on the national mall. witnesses say the pan man
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doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire. >> i was on a run crossed 7th street here and when i got to this block of the mall in the middle of the mall i saw a man sitting in flames. >> he had already doused himself with gasoline and there was about 5 people trying to put out the fire on him, trying to bat it out. >> the man was airlift todd the hospital where he is ed to the hospital. a lab doesn't have the necessary security for some dangerous explosives. what triggered the alert and how the lab is responding. >> reporter: some of the most powerful explosives in the world are at the lawrence livermore national labs in the
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high explosives application facility. it has 56 rooms containing explosives. you think there would be a high tech system of securing and tracking all the material, but this report by the inspector general says otherwise. >> it freaks me out too because it is honestly and truly an extremely dangerous situation. >> reporter: the report said hundreds of unauthorized people had access to the explosives. security, firefighters, maintenance worker, even administrative assistants. how? quote the only physical security to most of the work rooms was a removable plastic chain. how do they keep track of this stuff. most of the work rooms had an erase able marker board at the entrance. when asked if they could account for all the explosives they said probably. >> unauthorized people can get in get the material, put it in their pocket, take it out and there's no accounting by which they would even know that that material had been stolen. it's an extremely dangerous
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situation. >> reporter: management said the explosives rooms don't have doors because they can become safety hazards in an accident and most of the work involves small quantities of explosives, so a tracking system would slow things down. the lab issued a statement saying they have robust and laird security and have addressed all the problems outlined in the report and they are also confident that all the proper security controls are in place. in livermore kpix5. >> the lab has no longer materials used in nuclear weapons. a year ago plutonium was removed from the facility. they are speaking out about the video showing a test la on fire. the video sent the company stock spiraling for two days. in a blog post the ceo said that fire proves his cars are safe. he said the safeguards in the car's battery pack kept the fire from spreading to where passengers would be seated. and he says the fire would have
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been worse if the car had a tank full of gasoline. all this week we have enjoined summer like temperatures. >> it really felt like it. >> next week sounds like fall. >> we have a big change coming. we have cold weather or get toasty. we're going to do both. we'll talk about when coming up. we were warm today leading to a beautiful night over san jose in the santa clara valley. clear skies chilly night but a warm day for you tomorrow. you'll be heading back to the 80s. let's talk about tomorrow morning. napa chilly 46. santa rosa 43. some parts will be in the 30s. it will be cold at night warm during the day start off at 55 oakland san jose 53 degrees. walnut creek it is going to be warmth weekend. 85 tomorrow. i'm emceeing the walk to end alzheimer's tomorrow morning. 86 for you on sunday. sunny and warm both weekend days. we're going to talk about why
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the same low pressure area causing early fall snow system with 2 feet of snow on the ground. that's on one side of the low. on the other side it's giving us the offshore flow. it's going to give us a warm weekend heading to the coast maybe helding to ocean beach or santa cruz you may lit 80 degrees coming up tomorrow. that low moves out on monday. monday is our transition day we start getting onshore flow. temperatures drop by wednesday. strong storm from the gulf of alaska will make it all the way here giving us a rain chance and nobody even hits 70 degrees coming up on wednesday. tomorrow just about all of us will hit 80. so 20-degree temperature swing from what we'll enjoy tomorrow and what we will have toward the middle of next week which some of you will enjoy. the wind is dying down there's good news and next week much more humid much cloudier and much cooler. livermore 85, san jose 83. los altos 84. loss combat toss 85.
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female announcer: on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get two years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . we have breaking news tonight. live in san francisco where police are dealing with a suspicious device near 17n and valencia street in the mission district. we understand people are being told to stay in their homes or if they are at one of the bars or restaurants there not to go outside. streets are shut down in the area and we are hearing that the bomb squad is on its way. this is going on at 17th and valencia in the mission district suspicious device and the streets are closed off. twitter, tweeter what's the difference? >> enough to send the
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interview companies soaring on wall street. the tweeter electronics store chain is closed for good since 2008, but that didn't stop investors from sending the penny stock rocketing up to 15 cents before they realized the mistake. san francisco's twitter revealed its ipo plans yesterday and the stock symbol of twtr, tweeter trades at twrq. >> there you go. >> mistake there but it's been clarified. >> almost as confusing at odot co today. >> all right. you a's fans wipe that frown off your face there's another game t
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report. >> reporter: detroit came in they weren't fooling around they delivered the knockout blow to the a's. let's just roll it up and see how it all unfolded. 48,401 in the house to watch a's starter bartolo colon go to work here. beaubois, i tell you what, they got to him early. first three batters. look at this. daric barton eric sogard. this one ruled a base hit. the tigers were all over. it was 3-0 for the a's at their first at bat. detroit trying to tack on to the 6thment here's a shot to josh reddick. and man victor martinez going to tempt the arm of reddick tags him at the plate. a total of 11 strikeouts on the night. the a's had no answer until the 7th inning. yoenis cespedes stepped up and he got all of it. a no doubt about it shot to the
2:06 am
beachers in left made it 3-2. the a's couldn't get the key hit. couldn't even make contact for the most part. juan keen benoit got josh redick to end it here strikeout victim 3 times in total. the a's struck out 16 times collectively. tigers that game one 3-2 and take a 1-0 series lead to the clubhouse. clubhouse. >> we had four days off from playing. obviously that might have had a little affect. >> i felt like we were a little rusty in some areas especially myself having a couple of days off. and come out area tomorrow with a positive attitude ready to win the game. >> they can come out and whack you around. >> the guy is really good. >> getting those early runs is always biggie specially in the postseason. it allows our hitters to have confidence if i can throw up some rerows. >> good thing is you don't
2:07 am
have enough time to chew and digest it you have to come back to it. >> exactly. that's what we're great it putting the past behind us and looking forward to tomorrow. >> short term memory. >> it's been working for us all year. it is what it is. we almost pulled it off. we battled playing a good team over there. so, let this one go and start worrying about mr. verlander. >> reporter: giants fans you'll love thisth the dodgers lost to the braves. yeah. magic johnson's dodgers knot aid game apiece in atlanta. jason heyward single added insurance to the braves lead as they go on to beat dodger blue by a final of 4-3. we'll be back. ,,
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. letterman's next with tom selleck. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you back here same time monday.


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