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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 7, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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today the 39th president of the united states will be paying it a visit. >> the unions have made clear to us that it must go their way or the highway. >> bart negotiations are coming down to the wire. but the two sides can't agree on much. >> i'm against obamacare because it's just another overreach of the federal government into our lives infringing on our freedom and personal responsibilities. i want my freedom back. >> congress has until october 17 to raise the debt limit or face default. bay area constituents are speaking their minds. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's monday, october 7. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00. let's get you out the door now. ally traffic and weather. roberta is in for lawrence. >> good morning. out the door this morning, you will need a sweater, light jacket, away from the bay
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inland. we have a swath of clouds overhead. partly cloudy in livermore at 56 degrees. but clear in santa rosa down to 47. mid-50s common up and down the peninsula. the winds are light. this is your forecast. you will notice increasing clouds however during the day today and it will stream in from the north. we'll have partly cloudy skies later in the day so therefore some cooler temperatures. highs across the bay area will be affected. we'll talk about that coming up. we are going to start off once again in the richmond area where we have now confirmed that parts of a hotel have ban evacuated in richmond because of a propane leak overnight. the carlson ramp near 80 is shut down as crews work to contain the leak after a double big rig overturned exiting the freeway. the carlson ramp has been shut down near i-80. the freeway is open.
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your alternates, get off of the freeway before that exit and you can take san pablo avenue over to potrero to get back on the freeway. that's a look at traffic. michelle. >> liza, thank you. developing this morning, bart and its unions have until the stroke of midnight thursday to strike a deal before trains come to a screeching halt. cate caugiran is live at the walnut creek bart station with where the two sides stand this morning. reporter: the clock is ticking. both sides will be back at the bargaining table in just a few hours later this morning. i can tell you it's the commuters who will be waking up hoping that both sides can reach a deal in the next four days. reporter: here we are once again days away from facing another bart strike. and bart management and its unions still have not touched on the major issues of wages and healthcare. the latest round of negotiations ended saturday, and the two sides can't even agree on how far apart they actually are. bart says it's $89 million.
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and the unions say it's $30 million. both sides spoke live on kpix 5 sunday morning. >> we have always argued on the numbers. >> we have moved and made many leaps. >> the way you removed a strike threat off the table is by continuing to bargain in good faith. >> it's either caving in or accepting a strike. where the board will come in that regard, i can't say. >> reporter: both sides say they are hopeful they can strike a deal before friday's midnight deadline and they say the federal mediator is tough on bart and the unions. >> reporter: now, ironically, because of the government shutdown, that federal mediator is not being paid. reporting live in walnut creek, cate caugiran, kpix 5. new this morning, two bay area men have been awarded the nobel prize. professor randy schachman from berkeley along with stanford and yale professors have won the nobel prize in medicine. the research focuses in on how hormones and enzymes are transported within cells.
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the discoveries have helped doctors diagnose a severe form of epilepsy and immune deficiency disease in children. happening today drivers who work at the port of oakland plan a strike. independent truckers last walked off the job for a single day back in august. they are still upset about a drop-off and pickup delays at the ssa marine terminal since they are paid by the load, the truckers are not members of the longshoreman's union. the 39th president of the united states is here in the bay area. jimmy carter and his wife are promoting habitat for humanity and celebrating the organization's 30th anniversary. today the carters will be working on a project in oakland at the brookfield court development. that's the same construction site where habitat workers were robbed last week. tomorrow the carters will be in east san jose helping on a project to repair older homes. a minor earthquake hit parts of the bay area last night. the 3.0 magnitude tremor hit at 9:26. it was centered about two miles
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northeast of berkeley. despite the low magnitude, a surprising number of people called our newsroom last night to report they felt it. it's been a busy weekend for firefighters in parts of the bay area. they have contained some vegetation fires including this one on san francisco's yerba buena island. it began shortly before 8:00 forcing the temporary shutdown of eastbound lanes on the bay bridge. investigators say there were actually two fires on the island. firefighters battled the flames from the ground and the air. >> we also deployed the fire boat here. the fire boat can get into spots around the steep cliffs down below. they were unable to get any manpower with the hose lines. >> no word on the cause of the fire and no report of damages or injuries. evacuations in place in san diego county where a wind driven wildfire burned 1500 acres there. the fire has damaged four buildings at camp pendleton and is only 15% contained. it broke out on saturday over
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the weekend and forced 230 residents to get out. a naval hospital is not threatened but a power outage prompted the evacuation of about 30 patients. live pictures now from capitol hill. this is day 7 of the government shutdown. defense secretary chuck hagel is ordering about 300,000 employees back to work despite the closure. house speaker john boehner says republicans will only approve bills to re-open the government and raise the country's didn't limit if democrats agree to changes in the affordable care act. >> we are not going to pass a clean debt limit increase. i told the president there is no way we're going to pass -- the votes are not in the house to pass a clean debt limit! >> let me issue him a friendly challenge. put it on the floor monday or tuesday. i would bet there are the votes to pass it. >> if congress can't reach a deal by next week, then the nation could default on its debt for the first time in american history. experts say that could plunge the u.s. back into a recession worse than 2008. 5:06. many popular spots around the
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bay area are temporarily closed because the federal government shutdown. roads at the marin headlands are blocked and parking lots and restrooms at stinson beach closed, as well. people are simply parking in neighborhoods and walking to the beaches now. and many we spoke to are frustrated at the government. >> it's not the government's property or right to shut it down. it's the people's, the parks and all of that belong to the people. >> come on out. you can get on the beach for sure. but you won't be on the beach without having received this message from far away that something is happening in our government and that, you know, we have to be aware of and pay attention to. >> so what's open and closed? head to find a link to a list of services affected by the federal government shutdown on our front page. new this morning, the los angeles county coroner east of
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has identified the fourth and final victim of a plane crash. 28-year-old lucas benjamin of malibu was among those killed eight days ago when the twin- engine cessna crashed into a storage hangar while landing at the santa monica airport. investigators are still looking into what caused the crash. secretary of state john kerry says it was a necessary move to bring a terrorist to justice. in a weekend raid u.s. special forces cabtured abu anas al- libi believed to be linked to the 1998 bombing of embassies in kenya and tanzania. some libyan officials call it an abduction. kerry says al-libi was a legal and appropriate target for the u.s. military. >> we hope that this makes clear that the united states of america will never stop in its efforts to hold those accountable who conduct acts of terror. >> in a separate weekend raid in somalia, u.s. navy seals
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tried to catch a senior leader of al-shabab. the terror group responsible for last month's massacre at a shopping mall in kenya. but the seals got caught in a firefight and withdrew before they could capture him. new this morning the taliban says it would try to kill a 16-year-old pakistani girl again if given a chance. she survived an assassination attempt last year. the group says it attacked the teen because she was used in propaganda against the taliban not because she was promoting education for girls. the taliban stays will target her again just -- says it will target her again just it will target anyone who opposes their group. some marathon bombing victims are learning how to run again. they are learning how to run on prosthetic legs. two time boston marathon winner joan samuels was there to help encourage the victims. three people died in the april
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attack, more than 260 hurt. nearly four-mile-long pg&e gas pipeline has been shut off in san carlos. it was ordered shut down by a court after city officials received internal emails questioning the condition of the 87-year-old pipeline. pg&e has said the pipeline is safe. but it is complying with the order. the shutdown work is expected to be completed later today. in other headlines around the bay area, this afternoon a san francisco supervisor's committee will discuss closing all city parks from midnight to 5 a.m. supervisor scott weiner says the move will cut down on vandalism, opponents say the legislation would hurt the 5,000 homeless people who sleep on the streets on any begin night in san francisco. you might notice a's fans calling in sick today. roberta is here though. game 3 of oakland's play-off series begins in detroit at 10:00 this morning pacific time. the a's tied the best-of-five series at 1 game apiece sunday
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thanks to steven vogt's ninth innings bases loaded single and a great pitching performance bison any gray. if the series goes five-game it will be in oakland. he bypassed the tsa hopped a plane to vegas without a ticket and is only 9. what investigators are learning about this little stowaway. >> and the frightening moments between a zookeeper and tiger when she got stuck in his cage. >> you can anticipate a cooler day. good morning, everybody. but quite seasonal. but i'll pinpoint the areas that will cool down the most with the pinpoint forecast. >> we still have a carlson boulevard ramps near 80 shutdown because of the accident involving an overturned propane truck. i'll have alternates and a complete look at your drive in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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franchitti. watch as it goes airborne and slams in oh, no! oh, my goodness! >> that car belongs to three- time indy 500 winner dario franchitti. watch it as it goes airborne slams into a fence. in the final lap of yesterday's grand prix in houston, debris went flying into the grandstands actually injured 13 spectators. franchitti had a concussion, two spinal fractures and ankle but won't require surgery. should be okay. that is trending. also trending halle berry had a second child a boy. miley cyrus is trending.
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shutdown. and zoo mauling. you can find us on twitter @cbssf. a zoo employee was attacked by a tiger. it happened saturday morning in win wood. witnesses say the worker stuck her arm between cages to replace a lock on a smaller cage. she got caught on the wire and the tiger attacked. >> we put them through extensive safety training and you don't place any part of your body inside a cage. >> as of right now, there are no plans to euthanize the tiger because it appears the employee violated procedures. a 9-year-old boy has investigators in minneapolis scratching their heads. somehow, he snuck past security checkpoints and past gate agents and got on a flight to las vegas on delta. no one realized the problem
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until the plane was in the air. >> all of this has since 9/11 and to keep us safer but we still have gaping holes and this is a perfect example. >> the boy was taken into protective custody and was returned to minneapolis. delta and the tsa are investigating. i guess the flight attendants finally said, who are you? why are you on the plane? he went like, you know -- >> the fact that he got through the gate agents is scary! >> going to vegas! >> it is scary. >> maybe he had some plans in vegas, people to see, things to do, who knows at 9 years old? good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the monday commute. we start off once again in richmond status quo with the carleton boulevard ramps near i- 80 shut down. we had a propane truck overturn around 3:00 this morning. as a result we have propane leaking in the area. a nearby hotel has been partially evacuated. if you plan to head for
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richmond, the freeway is open. if you plan to use the carlson ramp take san pablo avenue to potrero as your alternate. to the south bay 880/237 interchange, still looking good. we haven't had any major problems for the silicon valley freeways. and the drive leaving the altamont pass bound for the dublin interchange still in good shape no traffic delays so far for 580 through the livermore valley. the bay bridge commute looking good. no big problems at the toll plaza. very light traffic so no need to rush out if you need to make the bay bridge toll plaza commute. and the san mateo bridge also holding steady with no delays so far leaving hayward heading into foster city. that's a look at monday traffic. now to roberta. >> liza, i can't stop giggling because i'm looking at you thinking, is this 1996? [ laughter ] >> i think that's the lace time i work with you, 1996. >> i think you're aging us. doesn't say that. i think it was recently just the blink of an eye! >> out the door partly cloudy
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skies currently across the santa clara valley at 57 degrees but where skies are clear it's 10 degrees cooler. santa rosa 57. upper 50s and low 60s common around the central bay. you can plan on a cooler day today. you will feel the difference in san francisco. 15 degrees cooler than yesterday when we topped off at 83 degrees. keep in mind, average high is 70. santa rosa 8 degrees cooler. otherwise you will barely notice the difference throughout concord. futurecast explains why it's cooler. we have a trough that's going to breeze through the north bay beginning about lunch hour. just producing some partly cloudy conditions. it does sag to the south and masks the sunshine from time to time bringing down those numbers. so going with 60s at the beaches which is very common this time of the year. 70s around the peninsula. then we jump up to the low 80s across morgan hill. east bay numbers topping off at 83 degrees for one of the warmest locations in brentwood to the north 78 degrees in
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cotati and penngrove. the coolest day of the workweek will be on wednesday at 73 degrees. very autumn-like. otherwise a dry weather pattern through the weekend. >> hi, guys. >> that's it. >> all right. >> i know, that was quick. >> there will be a test. >> yes. >> were you listening? what's the coolest day of the work week? >> we were paying attention. >> the coolest day? >> wednesday! >> oh, frank. >> tuesday. >> no, frank's right. >> wednesday! >> you weren't listening! [ laughter ] >> we listening, roberta. thanks so much. >> we're going to the movies now. >> there you go. the space thriller gravity went into the box office stratosphere this weekend. mission abort, repeat, mission abort. >> the drama starring sandra bullock and george clooney had the biggest october opening ever! it took in more than $55 million. cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 rolled in second place with more than 22 million. runner runner prisoners which you saw and loved.
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>> great. >> and rush rounding out the top 5. 5:19. a serious concern among parents of young athletes is now the top priority for a larger sport organization. how they are addressing concussion to make sports safer. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up what a crazy day in the national football league. it started at 10 a.m. and ended around midnight. the 49ers and raiders victorious. we'll have the story coming up. >> and what is cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at we may feature your school on our show. ,,,,
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concussions in youth sportss prompting a new alliance. pop warner, u- s-a hockey a- e partnering growing concern about concussion in youth sports is prompt, a new alliance. pop warner, usa hockey and usa basketball are partnering with concussion experts to come up with best practices. members of the coalition plan to pool financial resources for joint studies and coordinate outreach programs for athletes and parents. good morning, everybody. what a day for football especially here in the bay area. the 49ers and the raiders. raiders played until about 11:45 last night. and it was a good night for terrelle pryor who had a couple
5:24 am
of touchdown passes but the defense forced five turnovers. here's charles woodson, picks it up into the end zone. the 49ers stunned -- the raiders stunned the chargessers, excuse me, 27-17, the final last night at the coliseum. al michaels likely doing his final game ever from candlestick because it will close this year. the 49ers caused four turnovers against the texans, started with the brock pick six in the 1st quarter, lopsided affair on sunday night football. vernon davis didn't look like his hamstring bothered him. 68-yard touchdown. 49ers beat the texans 34-3. they are 3-2. alex smith and the chiefs are 5-0. smith leads the 4th quarter game winning drive capped off by charles, chiefs beat the titans 26-17, they are undefeated. tony romo 500-yard and 5 touchdowns but once again threw a costly interception. cowboys lose to the broncos 51- 48 and juan uribe with an opposite field hoe run for the dodgers against the braves.
5:25 am
l.a. over atlanta to take a 2-1 series lead. what a wild day in the world of sports. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. don't forget, the a's and tigers game 3 this morning in detroit. have a great day. 10:00, nice and early. play of the day from mlb play-offs. an incredible defensive play by the dodgers a running catch in left field and goes in and takes it deep. reaching over. he is okay. he's got it! l.a. beat the braves to take a 2-1 series lead over atlanta. good catch. 5:25. you will need a membership to get into a new social club in san francisco. the process to even get in the door. >> and by the end of the week, bart trains could come to a screeching halt. what is standing in the way of an agreement. >> i'm mark kelly. a former president will be here in oakland later this morning. i'm going to tell you after the
5:26 am
break what he will be doing at this construction site. ,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. weather ad libs weather ad libs traffic ad libs down to the wire, bart and the unions have a week to come to agreement before a possible strike. week 2, the government closer to defaulting on its debt. >> good morning, out the door in the 50s and 50s. here's liza. >> ramps shut down in richmond to and from i-80 closed. carlson boulevard closed because of a propane leak.
5:30 am
i'll have details in a few minutes. good morning. monday, october 7, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 5:30. live pictures from capitol hill where the stalemate continues with congress. we are in the 7th day of that government shutdown. if the shutdown continues, we could be in trouble. susan mcginnis on what happens when the government runs out of money to pay our bills. >> reporter: defense secretary chuck hagel is ordering 300,000 department of defense employees back to work today even though the government is still shut down. republicans and democrats are not negotiating. >> there may be a back room somewhere, but it's empty. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner says republicans will only approve bills to re-open the government and raise the country's debt limit if democrats agree to change it in the affordable care act. >> we are not going to pass a clean debt limit increase under any circumstances. i told the president there is no way -- the votes are not in
5:31 am
the house to pass a clean debt limit. >> reporter: democrats argue the 218 votes needed to pass the bill in the house are there but speaker boehner won't bring it up for a vote. >> put it on the floor monday or tuesday. i would bet there are the votes to pass it. >> reporter: if congress can't reach a deal in the next 10 inches days, the nation could default on its debt for the first time in american history. >> lawmakers don't get it together by october 17, it's going to be a collision, an economic collision, that's going to wreck our economy. >> reporter: wall street is anxiously watching the feud. >> it's a good morning of chicken and with each passing day, this is going to get more anxious for stock investors. >> reporter: treasury secretary jack lew says defaulting on the debt could plunge the nation back into a recession worse than 2008. susan mcginnis, kpix 5, washington. >> the house has unanimously passed a bill to pay federal employees back pay. the white house signaled its approval of the bill and it could come up for a vote in the senate soon.
5:32 am
developing news, bart negotiations will go down to the wire again. the cooling-off period ends at midnight friday morning. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live in walnut creek as the clock ticks down. >> reporter: michelle, we know that both sides want to reach a deal but with four days left and two major issues unresolved, the clock is ticking. reporter: >> just having this uncertainty all the time and the fact that it happened, it's going to happen again and it's constantly kind of up in the air, it's very inconvenient thing for people. >> reporter: the riders say one strike was enough and bay area commuters don't want to see a second. about if bart and its unions can't come to an agreement by midnight friday that threat will become a reality. bart is considering the union's latest proposal, however the two sides have not touched on healthcare and salary. >> the unions have made clear to us that it must go their way or the highway. >> people have come to the table with ideological shoulds
5:33 am
instead of what can be done, what should be done. >> reporter: the latest round of negotiations ended saturday. the two sides can't agree on how far apart they actually are. bart says it's $89 million. and the unions say it's $30 million. now, the federal mediator told both sides to take yesterday off. we know that bart and the two unions will be back at the negotiating table in just a few hours. >> cate, we understand the government shutdown is playing a role in the bart negotiations. >> reporter: that's right. unfortunately, with the government shutdown that federal mediator is not getting paid. >> oh-oh. cate caugiran live in walnut creek, thank you. crews have contained some vegetation fires here in the bay area including this one. it was on yerba buena island right in the bay. it began shortly before 8:00 last night forcing a temporary shutdown of the eastbound lanes on the bay bridge. investigators say there were actually two fires on the island. >> as they go up the hill, we
5:34 am
need to make a natural fire break, douse it with water to secure it so it won't jump the hill. >> so far there's no word on what caused the fires. there are no reports of damage or injuries. 5:34 right now. it was a fabulous weekend. i was at the coast all weekend. >> you were in monterey? >> yes. >> first time there. >> beautiful. >> what was your favorite? >> carmel beach. >> where highs were in the 70s. >> and pebble beach was wonderful. >> glorious. >> and you? >> i was in san francisco. imagine that. [ laughter ] >> it was gorgeous. >> absolutely. 83 degrees yesterday. today a substantial cooldown along the coast and in the city of san francisco. hi, everybody. let's step out right now where it's o:dark:00. clear skies in san francisco. 62 degrees. partly cloudy right now in san jose and 57. but where it's clear it is clear, cool and 47 degrees in santa rosa. today cooldown again along the coast in the 60s where
5:35 am
yesterday we were in the high 70s. 71 san mateo. east bay topping off in the 80s. to the north, 79 degrees in petaluma. cooling down in san francisco at 68 degrees. your extended forecast, coolest day this week will be wednesday. liza? >> good morning, everybody. we'll start off once again in richmond where we have a bunch of ramps shut down. carlson boulevard exits and on- ramps near eastbound 80 remain shut down because of this accident that happened overnight involving an overturned propane big rig. there is a propane leak which is still out there. in fact, chp tells me they are still waiting for hazmat to arrive so this will be an extended closure although we understand the carlson on-ramp to west 80 is open or should be reopened any minute now. if you are heading toward the altamont pass, westbound 580 slow from the 205 interchange approaching the livermore valley. that's traffic. guys? >> okay, liza. thanks. 5:35 now. president carter is here in the bay area this morning. he and his wife rosalyn are
5:36 am
visiting oakland and san jose to celebrate a habitat for humanity milestone. kpix 5's mark kelly joins us live in oakland now. mark, i guess the carters will be at the very same site where two workers were robbed last week. >> reporter: that's right, frank. former president george carter will be here in oakland later this morning. he is working with a group of habitat volunteers rebuilding homes here in oakland and all across the country. but it was at this habitat for humanity construction site as you said, just last week, that a crime of opportunity happened. less than a week before president carter sets foot on this oakland habitat for humanity site, gunfire rang out. four gunmen held up eight habitat workers taking their cell phones, wallets and tools. people doing good turned into victims of crime. one robber pistol-whipped a
5:37 am
worker then fired a shot while making his exit. brad allen is keeping his cool and his mind on the job. >> it reiterates why we are here. this community isn't perfect. we need to be here to make it a better community. >> reporter: this week security at the habitat for humanity site will be tight for the project's special guest, a locked gate and two security guards patrolling at all times. starting monday, in the east bay, president carter, first lady rosalynn carter along with 300 volunteers, will celebrate habitat for humanity's 30th birthday. to mark the occasion, the nonprofit building 12 townhomes on edes avenue for low-income families. habitat haste built 115 east bay homes in -- has built 115 east bay homes in the past decade. >> reporter: president jimmy carter will be rebuilding 80 homes from here in oakland to denver to new york city.
5:38 am
live in oakland, mark kelly, kpix 5. new this morning, kenya defense forces have now identified four of the terrorists who took part in the bloody attack on a mall. these are still images taken from closed circuit television. the four assailants are identified including an american who was originally from somalia. others are from kenya and the sudan. they died when part of the westgate mall collapsed. 67 other people died in the siege. more than 50 people in cairo are dead after clashes between security forces and islamic protestors. crowds from egypt's two rival camps supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and backers of the military that deposed him poured into the streets and turned on each other. sunday's death toll was the highest on a single day since august 14 when security forces raided two pro-morsi protests. 5:38. coming up, sports drinks with your child's favorite athlete on it may not be good for them. what researchers found was missing from inside the drinks.
5:39 am
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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government shutdown heads io its second week. dow jones industrial futuree down 125 point stock futures falling sharply this morning as the government shutdown heads into its second week. >> dow jones industrial average is down 125 and nasdaq futures are down 25. for more business developments, we are turn to wendy gillette of good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. international markets slumped today amid growing concerns about the ongoing u.s. government shutdown. the uncertainty is also weighing on investors here on wall street. so are worries over the approaching deadline to raise the debt ceiling and avoight a possible default. despite the stalemate in washington, friday the dow closed up 76. the nasdaq up 33. traders will get information later today about americans' spending habits. the federal reserve is set to release consumer credit data this afternoon for last month. japan airlines is ordering new planes from airbus.
5:43 am
they are purchasing 31 a350 jets worth $9.5 billion. it's a setback for boeing which has long dominated the japanese market. jury selection begins tomorrow in the case of five former employees of bernie madoff. the trial for the jailed wall street financier's secretary and others could last five months in a manhattan federal courtroom. madoff is serving 150 years for a multi-billion-dollar ponzi scheme. >> wendy, this is interesting. apparently, marketers actually like it when we women have the monday blues. right? >> reporter: yes. if you tend to get a case of the monday blues, you are not alone. a new study by media planning agency phd shows that 48% of women feel the least attractive on mondays, making it the most opportune time for marketers to push beauty product advertisers. >> i think you ladies look terrific today. >> i'm feeling fine on this monday morning. i know. it's all good. all right. thank you. >> mondays aren't so great but
5:44 am
you women look great. >> wendy gillette, have a great day. we have breaking news. live pictures out of palo alto where crews are battling a fire at an abandoned house on mass dare row avenue. firefighters say the building was slated for some sort of remodel. at this point it's unclear what sparked the fire or whether anyone was inside when it broke out. but the fire chief says it does appear to be suspicious. we'll keep you updated all morning long. in bay area headlines, early and mail-in voting for the november 5 municipal election begins today here in san francisco. voters will be deciding on city attorney treasurer district 4 supervisor and assessor recorder along with four propositions. if you are not registered to vote, you still have some time until october 21. new legislation aimed at cleaning up san francisco's city parks could have a broader impact than intended. a city supervisor wants to
5:45 am
unify and enforce park closing times in an effort to cut down on vandalism but opponents say about 5,000 homeless people sleep outside on any given night in san francisco and it would hurt them. a private social club is called the battery named for the street it sits on. the club started by social media millionaires wants to be diverse in its membership but you have to be invited to join. and then pay $2,400 a year. the five level club includes a high-end restaurant, four bars, a wine cellar and gym. and a spa. and we have been walking by it for the last two years wondering what it was. here it is. now you have to join to get in. >> you have to be invited, though, liza. i didn't get my invitation. >> it's in the mail. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the monday commute. it's finally an improving situation in richmond. clean-up crews are now on
5:46 am
scene. we have that accident happened overnight involving a double propane truck leak. it's being cleaned up and at this hour it's just the carlson exit from eastbound 80 shut down. all lanes of the freeway are still open and traffic is fine through the area. but watch out for this problem. this affects traffic at the bay bridge. you can see here the toll plaza is beginning to back up from about the end of the eas parking lot. chp shut down the exit, the treasure island exit, from westbound 80 as they continue to mop up from last night's grass fire that happened on treasure island. so just keep that in mind. the rest of the commute has been okay. just a brief delay for the altamont pass as you leave the 205 interchange. you are going to see heavy traffic approaching greenville. that's your monday commute. here's roberta. >> liza battalones in the house! thank you very much. good morning, everybody. as you get ready to head out this morning, you can plan on a cooler day. stepping out right now, it is
5:47 am
dark. official sun-up is at 7:10. current air temperature, 47 in santa rosa to 57 degrees in san jose. currently mid-50s in livermore where we do have a few clouds passing on by today. bank on temperatures coming down by a good 15 degrees in san francisco. so you will notice the difference. otherwise, you won't feel the difference in concord, 80 degrees. 78 in santa rosa. futurecast explains the cooldown. a little bit of cloud cover all associated with a trough to the north of us swings through the north bay dad gradually sags to the south. that will mask some sunshine, allow cooler air to the bay area bringing your numbers down. 62 pacifica. 74 degrees in oakland. mid-70s around the peninsula to the low 80s towards morgan hill and in gilroy. low 80s will be common throughout the tri-valley. here's your extended forecast. now, an area of low pressure is a trough to the north of us on tuesday enhancing our marine layer. so we'll see the return of the marine layer on tuesday.
5:48 am
but the coolest day of the workweek is wednesday when we see high temperatures panning out to be right around below normal by 10 degrees. again, currently, we have clear to partly cloudy skies as you head out. >> looks pretty good, roberta. >> it's going to be seasonal. we got a little spoiled over the last several days. >> good sleeping weather. >> 6:47 sunset. we'll be asleep. [ laughter ] >> we will be. >> yes, we will. >> roberta, thank you. it has taken more than 20 years to create but the world's first fda-approved bionic eye will soon be launching. the device by second sight was approved earlier this year and patients are being screened at the 12 major u.s. hospitals chosen as implant centers. ucsf is one of those hospitals. it does not restore vision but patients can detect light and dark thus identifying an object's location and movement. >> walk down a sidewalk to my bus stop to my office on a
5:49 am
daily basis and i can see where the grass comes up to a sidewalk. >> the device is not going to enable them to drive a car or read fine print on a newspaper but it might help them enjoy better quality of life. >> second sight is working on software upgrades to improve resolution and possibly provide color. about 100 patients will receive the device in the coming year. it costs $145,000 and is covered by medicare. >> wow. in healthwatch, researchers have a word of caution about sports drinks. they looked at 62 products endorsed by pro athletes and found nearly 80% lacked enough nutrition to be considered healthy. 93% of the beverages advertised with an athlete had added sugar. many of the ads target kids and prior research has shown both kids and parents are influenced by those endorsements. a number of american children with high blood pressure is on the rise. but a group of doctors is holding off on recommending all
5:50 am
kids get screened for hypertension. u.s. preventative service task force says there's not enough evidence to assess the benefit or harm of routine screenings. experts say kids at high risk for hypertension still need to be checked on a regular basis. and doctors at columbia university say stress and pollution can do more harm to unborn children than first thought. the study tracked pregnant women who were anxious and were exposed to high levels of air pollution. it found those women were more likely to have children who developed aggressive behavior and depression. time now 5:50. for some singles it's all in the numbers. how credit scores are coming into play in the dating game. >> and when you think of the silicon valley, you think of technology. right? well, now it's making its mark in the fashion world, as well. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
5:51 am
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good morning, everybody. as you get ready to head out, expect a cooler morning from 47 degrees in santa rosa to 62 in san francisco. your complete pinpoint forecast is still straight ahead. >> and the monday rush is on! over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have backups at the pay gates. and now the treasure island exits from westbound 80 have just been shut down. i'll have details with traffic still ahead. well, it is a boy for actress halle berry and her husband olivier martinez. they welcomed their first son on saturday. this is berry's second child. she has a 5-year-old daughter with a former boyfriend. she is 47. >> looking great. >> beautiful. looks, shared interests or a sense of humor may still be factors in dating but there is a trend that's placing
5:54 am
increased emphasis on credit scores. with nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, experts blame money problems as a frequent reason. so singles are now being more pro-active by addressing financial matters before the relationship even takes off. >> credit score affects nearly every aspect of our lives, the job i'm going to get, the apartment that i'm going to live in. now our credit quality is actually affecting our dating lives. >> there's even a dating website catering to singles looking for partners with a high credit score. but financial experts say you should give someone with less than perfect credit a chance to explain. >> if you miss that payment at macy's, you're still all right. if you were hoping to get your hands on one of the first pair of google glasses, forget it. the company has stopped taking applications for beta testers after an overwhelming demand. winners will get to test out the high-tech specs which allow wearers to take photos, send
5:55 am
texts, look up directions and record video all hands-free. >> will people want to have this type of technology on their bodies at all times? if they do, it's a game changer. >> i always take pictures and it's really convenient. right on my face. so that's awesome. >> i think it's too much technology. it doesn't really let you enjoy the moment. >> google's beta testers will be chosen from a competition but they will still have to spend $1,500 to buy the device. silicon valley's techies have already changed the world. now they are changing their clothes and the evidence is all over the mall. the new generation of developers and engineers is trading in the t-shirts and baggy khakis for button-downs and designer denim. some are hiring professional image consultants. westfield valley fair is even bringing in more high-end stores to accommodate the trend. four more days left until another potential bart strike. can bart and the two unions reach a deal? we'll hear from both sides in
5:56 am
just a few moments. ,,,, [ female announcer ] why do we clean? to help keep our homes healthy. but not all cleaners are equal. at lysol, we go beyond cleaning, we call it healthing. healthing is killing germs... and having more cleaning power than bleach without the harshness. it's being the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. and sharing healthy habits in 65,000 schools. ♪ so, stop just cleaning. start healthing.
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we need to take a fire break to douse it with water to secure it. >> a fire on yerba buena island burns close to the bay bridge but doesn't do any damage. >> four gunmen held up eight workers and robbed them of their cell phones, wallets and tools. >> this habitat for humanity site was robbed last week, but today the 39th president of the united states will be paying it a visit. >> the unions have made clear to us that it must go their way or the highway. >> bart negotiations are coming down to the wire but the two sides can't agree on much. >> i'm against obamacare because it's just overreach of the federal government into our lives infringing our freedom and personal responsibilities. i want my freedom back. >> congress has until october 17 to raise the debt limit or
6:00 am
face default. and bay area constituents are speaking their minds. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good monday morning, everyone. october the 7th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing right now at 6:00, a fire on san francisco's yerba buena island casts a glow on the bay bridge late last night. firefighters are checking for hot spots this morning. there are no reports of damage. the threat of a bart strike is looming this morning. last negotiations session ended without touching on the big issues of wages and healthcare. bart and the unions will go back to the negotiating table this morning. and new this morning, two bay area men have been awarded the nobel prize. a professor from berkeley along with a stanford professor and yale university professor have won the 2013 nobel prize in medicine. their research focuses


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