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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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face default. and bay area constituents are speaking their minds. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good monday morning, everyone. october the 7th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing right now at 6:00, a fire on san francisco's yerba buena island casts a glow on the bay bridge late last night. firefighters are checking for hot spots this morning. there are no reports of damage. the threat of a bart strike is looming this morning. last negotiations session ended without touching on the big issues of wages and healthcare. bart and the unions will go back to the negotiating table this morning. and new this morning, two bay area men have been awarded the nobel prize. a professor from berkeley along with a stanford professor and yale university professor have won the 2013 nobel prize in medicine. their research focuses on how
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hormones and enzymes are transported within cells. the discoveries have helped doctors diagnose severe epilepsy and immune deficiency diseases in children. we have some breaking news. we have some live pictures out of palo alto right now. the fire chief says a fire at this abandoned home appears to be suspicious. firefighters say the home at matadaro avenue was slated for remodel. the roof collapsed while they were fighting it. it's unclear what sparked the fire or whether anyone was inside when it started. 6:01. let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> it's looking slow out there especially for richmond drivers. i just heard from my colleague over at kcbs al alone brooks, hotels me that -- alan brooks, hotels me that westbound 80 is jammed up from beyond cummings approaching carlson because of the closures earlier because of the propane leak. it's still shut down. the carlson exit from eastbound 80, again, all lanes of the
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freeway remain open. we have also been talking about that vegetation fire that happened last night at yerba buena island. fire crews are back on scene and looks like they may be dealing with a flare-up because they have shut down the treasure island exit from westbound 80. this is beginning to back up some traffic for west 80 on the bay bridge. you can see already traffic is stacked up at the pay gates from beyond the 880 overcrossing. but good news for mass transit. still no delays for bart. the ferries, caltrain and ace are on time. good morning. let's step outdoors this morning where you will need a light jacket or even a sweater because currently our air temperatures span from 47 degrees in santa rosa -- oh, boy, just dipped down in the last couple of minutes to 45 now. 59 degrees in oakland. we do have partly cloudy skies in livermore in the mid-50s. today we'll see a few clouds and as a result it will be cooler than what we experienced all weekend long. but the coolest day of the
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workweek is still straight ahead on the seven-day forecast. first let's pinpoints your forecast. under partly cloudy skies, 68 degrees in san francisco. that's down from 83 yesterday. we will realize 80s inland. here's the extended forecast. the coolest day of the week is wednesday. michelle and frank. >> thank you, roberta. 6:03 now. a busy weekend for firefighters in parts of the bay area. this fire on san francisco's yerba buena island right in the bay was one of several small fires that burned that began shortly before 8:00 last night forcing the temporary shutdown of eastbound lanes on the bay bridge. investigators say there were actually two fires on the island. firefighters battled the flames from the ground and the water. >> we also deployed the fire boat here. the fire boat can get into spots near the steep cliffs. can't getman power in there with the hose lines. >> at this point no word on what may have caused the fires there. there are no reports of damage or injuries. happening later today, the oakland a's hope to build on
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saturday's thrilling big winner. game 2 of their play-off series against the tigers. game 3 is set to go in detroit. an recall wake-up call. first pitch is 10:00 our time. mr. vogt getting the pie. the a's tied the best-of-five series at one game apiece saturday thanks to steve's 9th inning bases loaded single and spectacular pitching performance by sonny gray. bart and the unions have until midnight to make a deal or there may be a strike. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran has more from the walnut creek bart station with more on what's happening at the bargaining table. >> reporter: it's getting close. we know that both sides will be back at the bargaining table in a matter of a few hours, but it's the commuters who are waking up this morning hoping that they can reach a deal in the next four days. here we are once again days away from facing another bart strike. and bart management and its unions still have not touched
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on the majo of wages and healthcare. the latest round of negotiations ended saturday and the two sides can't even agree on how far apart they actually are. bart says it's $89 million. and the unions say it's $30 million. both sides spoke live on kpix 5's "sunday morning" > we have always argued on the numbers. >> we have moved and made many leaps. >> the way you move a strike threat off the table is to continue to bargain in good faith. >> it's either caving in or accepting the strike. where the board will come in that regard, i can't say. >> reporter: both sides say they are hopeful they can strike a deal before friday's midnight deadline. and they say the federal mediator is being tough on both bart and the two unions. ironically, because of the government shutdown, that federal mediator is working for no pay. cate caugiran, kpix 5. that's how the government shutdown is playing a role in the negotiations, right, cate? >> reporter: yes. that's exactly right. just as i say that that federal mediator who is in charge right
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now is not being paid because of this, but what we do know from both sides is he is being tough on both sides to push them to reach a deal by friday. parts of the bay area rattled by a minor earthquake last night. 3.0 tremor hit about 9:26 centered about 2 miles northeast of berkeley. despite the low magnitude a surprising number of people called our newsroom to report that they felt it. today san francisco supervisor will take on the issue of closing parks overnight. a city supervisor wants to unify closing times to cut down on vandalism. opponents say 5,000 homeless sleep on the streets in the city. passing the legislation would hurt them. former president jimmy carter and his wife are here in the bay area today for a special habitat for humanity
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event. they will be working on a project later today in oakland at the brookfield court development there. the carters are celebrating 30th anniversary of habitat for humanity leading more than 3,000 volunteers in building projects this week from coast to coast. they will also visit east san jose later tomorrow. early and mail-in voting for the november 5 municipal election begins today in san francisco. voters will be deciding on a city attorney, treasurer, district 4 supervisor and assessor recorder along with four propositions. if you are not registered to vote you have until october 21. live pictures now from capitol hill. this is day 7 of the government shutdown. defense secretary chuck hagel is ordering about 300,000 employees back to work despite the closure. house speaker john boehner says republicans will only approve bills to re-open the government and raise the country's debt ceiling if democrats agree to changes in the affordable care act. >> we are not going to pass a
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clean debt limit increase. >> i told the president there's no way we are going to pass -- when the votes are not in the house to pass a clean debt limit. >> let me issue hm a friendly challenge: put it on the floor monday or tuesday. i would bet there are the votes to pass it. >> if congress can't reach a deal by next week, then the nation could default on its debt for the first time in american history. experts say that could plunge the u.s. back into a recession worse than 2008. many popular spots in the bay area are temporarily closed during the federal government shutdown. roads at the marin headlands are blocked and parking lots and restrooms at civilianstin have been closed. people are simply parking in neighborhoods now and then walking to the beaches. and many we spoke to are frustrated at the government. >> it's not the government's property or right to shut it down. it's the people's, the parks and all of that belong to the people. >> come on out. you can get on the beach for sure. but you won't be on the beach
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without having received this message from far away that something is happening in our government and that, you know, we have to be aware of and pay attention to. >> so what's open and what's shut down? head over to you will find a link there to a list of services affected by the federal government shutdown and it's on our front page. secretary of state john kerry is defending a weekend raid in which u.s. special forces captured abu anas al- libi, the al qaeda member believed to be linked to the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. some libyan officials called it an abduction. kerry says al-libi was a legal an appropriate target for the u.s. military. >> and those members of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run but they can't hide. >> in a separate weekend raid in somalia, u.s. navy seals
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tried to catch a senior leader of al-shabab, the terror group responsible for last month's massacre at a shopping mall in kenya but they got caught in a firefight and had to withdraw before they could capture him. developing news in egypt. more than 50 people in cairo are dead after clashes between security forces and islamist protestors. crowds from two rival groups, supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and backers of the military leadership, poured into the streets and turned on each other. sunday's death toll was the highest on a single day since august 14, when security forces raided two pro-morsi protests. time now 6:10. lake tahoe is getting ready for a dose of hollywood. the imagine motion picture set to start filming there. >> and miley cyrus poking fun at herself over the weekend. and she gets a little political. what had her dressing in a business suit. coming up. >> good morning, everybody. stepping out the door we currently have temperatures in
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the 40s and the 50s. we'll talk about the cooldown with your pinpoint forecast coming up. >> and it's been a tough drive over at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is delayed from beyond the 880 overcrossing. once on the bridge you'll find that the treasure island exit from west 80 has closed. i'll have details with traffic in just a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. didn't shy away from poking little fun at her provocati v-m-a performance. the miley cyrus was up late hosting "saturday night live" over the weekend. she didn't shy away from poking fun at her provocative vma performance, either. 20-year-old also ripped congressional republicans for their part in shutting down the federal government. miley even played a sexy congresswoman michele bachmann with a dancing john boehner.
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i'm sorry i missed that. miley cyrus is trending. also trending raider nation after a big win over the charges he have [ applause ] >> yes! motorsports mayhem a monster truck crash killing a dozen people in mexico. doctors in oklahoma are trying to save the arm of a zoo worker who was mauled by a tiger. and happy monday. follow us @cbssf. >> happy monday. got to get it started one way or another. >> it's monday. >> if you say it enough you'll fee t. it's been a rough monday morning for all those drivers at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have traffic stacked up from beyond the 880 overcrossing. on the bridge it is still slow due to the closure of the treasure island exit from west 80. we have been talking about that vegetation fire that happened at yerba buena island last night. the fire department is still on scene mopping up. they hope to re-open that exit
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in the next few minutes. in the meantime, expect delays. as we check the rest of the commute we have been talking about richmond. remember, the carlson exit from east 80 remains shut down as the chp cleans up from this morning's accident involving that double rig propane truck. delays on westbound 80 now extending to cutting boulevard. if you are heading for the altamont pass, that has been backed up this monday morning. our friends over at kcbs say traffic is backed up from the 205 interchange to greenville in livermore. no delays at 680 so westbound five five looks okay through dublin. the 880 drive leading towards the san mateo bridge is fine. no big delays for highway 92 leaving hayward bound for foster city. that's a look at the monday drive. here's roberta. >> liza, we are reunited and it feels so good! ♪ feels so good -- it is a feel good monday. as you head out the door you're going to feel cooler temperatures. currently at this hour we have dipped down to 45 degrees in
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santa rosa with clear skies. but then where we have a few clouds scraping across the horizon is 56 degrees in livermore. san jose currently also in the mid-50s. here's what you need to know. today will be substantially cooler in san francisco. yesterday 83 degrees. today 15 degrees cooler. you will barely notice a difference in concord but santa rosa 8 degrees below what we experienced on sunday as well and why? futurecast clearly illustrates we have these clouds associated with with a trough north of the bay area coming south masking the sunshine from time to time allowing the cooler air to work in. end result, 62 in pacifica, mid- 70s around half moon bay, morgan hill in the low 80s, but san jose out of the 80s to a pair of 7s. meanwhile we swing around to the eastern portion of our district. we top off in the low 80s in pleasanton all the way through blackhawk. brentwood, tracy, oakley all the way through disco bay in the low 80s. 78 today in santa rosa.
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bodega bay tops off in the mid- 60s. the trough to the north of the bay area adds further insult as far as the temperatures are concerned on tuesday. coolest day of the workweek will be wednesday. but a dry weather pattern will continue all the way through sunday. so actually today a seasonal day. we just got a little spoiled. >> right. cooling down is cool. i think. >> yeah. >> it was a hot weekend especially in the city. >> it was a great weekend. thank you so much, roberta. a killer shark is coming to lake tahoe. in the movies, at least. reno will serve as the backdrop for a new film with the working title shark movie. it features a carnivorous beast terrorizing the tranquil waters. a producer says the upcoming thriller will feature some recognizable hollywood names but won't say who. happening today a elizabeth smart's memoir about had your kidnapping hits store shelves. in 2003 at the age of 14, smart was taken from her salt lake city home. smart managed to get away nine months later. now 25 and married, smart is
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talking about her ordeal in a book called "my story." 6:18. coming up, dodger left fielder carl crawford demonstrates his gymnastics skills to make an unbelievable catch. how he ended up on his head coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, what a crazy day in the national football league. it started at 10 a.m. and ended around midnight. the 49ers and raiders victorious. the story coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,, when our little girl was born,
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official sun-up today at 7:10. heading out the door you can
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plan on a cooler day today but seasonal. 80s inland. 60s at the beaches. >> better news for the bay bridge where the treasure island exit from westbound 80 is just reopened. traffic stacked up through the toll plaza. more monday traffic coming up. good morning, everybody. what a day for football especially here in the bay area. the 49ers and the raiders. raiders played until about 11:45 last night. and it was a good night for terrelle pryor who had a couple of touchdown passes but the defense forced five turnovers. here's charles woodson, picks it up into the end zone. the 49ers stunned --the raiders stunned the chargessers, excuse me, 27-17, the final last night at the coliseum. al michaels likely doing his final game ever from candlestick because it will close this year. the 49ers caused four turnovers against the texans, started with the brock pick six in the 1st quarter, lopsided affair on sunday night football. vernon davis didn't look like his hamstring bothered him. 68-yard touchdown. 49ers beat the texans 34-3. they are 3-2.
6:24 am
alex smith and the chiefs are 5-0. smith leads the 4th quarter game winning drive capped off by charles, chiefs beat the titans 26-17, they are undefeated. tony romo 500-yard and 5 touchdowns but once again threw a costly interception. cowboys lose to the broncos 51- 48 and juan uribe with an opposite field hoe run for the dodgers against the braves. l.a. over atlanta to take a 2-1 series lead. what a wild day in the world of sports. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. don't forget, the a's and tigers game 3 this morning in detroit. have a great day. play of the day from mlb play-offs. an incredible defensive play by carl crawford. the dodgers a running catch in left field and goes in and takes it deep. reaching over. he's got it! l.a. beat the braves to take a 2-1 series lead over atlanta.
6:25 am
a little help from mr. carl crawford. scary moments in houston when three-time indy 500 winner dario franchitti careened into a fence in the final lap of yesterday's grand prix. debris injured 13 spectators. franchitti had a concussion, two fractures to the spine and an ankle, but will not require surgery. should be okay. 6:25 now. we hear it all the time. breakfast is the most important meal of the day. but many kids aren't getting it. how a new school policy could change the way students get their fuel for thought in the morning. >> reporter: i'm mark kelly. a former president will be here in oakland later this morning. coming up, what he plans to do at this construction site. ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. new details this morning about the fiery plane crash that happened in santa monica last week. what we're learning about the final victim. >> and dozens taking to the streets of downtown san francisco to play chess. the sit-in was in protest to a police crackdown. and this protest ended in a checkmate. >> good morning. wow, it's a little bit of a shock to the system as you head out the door currently, 45 degrees in santa rosa. plan on a cooler day with your pinpoint forecast. >> we are looking at a slow start from the bay bridge commute traffic delayed at the toll plaza. i'll have monday traffic coming up. good morning, everyone.
6:30 am
it's monday, october 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. we begin with some breaking news. we have some live pictures out of palo alto at this hour. fire crews are now leaving the scene of a suspicious fire at this abandoned home. firefighters say the home on matadero avenue was slated for remodeling. at this point, still unclear what sparked the fire, whether anyone was inside when it got started. president carter and his wife are rolling up their sleeves to build homes in oakland today. mark kelly is live at the brookdale court development. that building site was the scene of a robbery last week, mark. >> reporter: it was, michelle. former president carter will be here in east oakland later this morning. he is working with a group of habitat volunteers. they are rebuilding homes here in observations and all across the country. but it was at this habitat for humanity construction site just last week that a crime of opportunity happened.
6:31 am
less than a week before president carter steps foot on this oakland habitat for humanity site, gunfire rang out. >> shocking. >> reporter: it was wednesday, four gunmen held up eight habitat workers taking their cell phones, wallets and tools. people doing good turned into victims of crime. one robber pistol-whipped a worker. the robbers cook brad allen's phone and wallet but he is keeping his cool and keeping his mind on the job. >> it reiterates why we're here. this community isn't perfect and we need to be here to make it better. >> reporter: this week security will be tight for the project's special guest. a locked gate and two security guards will patrol at all times. starting monday, in the east bay, president carter, first lady rosalynn carter and 300 volunteers will celebrate habitat for humanity's 30th
6:32 am
birthday. to mark the occasion, the nonprofit's building 12 townhomes on edes avenue for low-income families. habitat has built 115 east bay homes in the last two decades with the former president's support. >> carters are our number one volunteers in terms of how hard they work. >> reporter: so the carters with the help of all their volunteers are actually going to rebuild more than 80 homes across the country from here in oakland to denver all the way to new york city. >> how is this construction coming along? >> reporter: this project started last year and is expected to finish this fall adding 12 affordable homes to this east oakland neighborhood. >> wow. mark kelly live in oakland, thank you. we are now one week into the government shutdown. hundreds of thousands of federal employees remain out of work. susan mcginnis reports the government is now focusing in on more pressing issues like the day it runs out of money to
6:33 am
pay its bills. >> reporter: 300,000 defense employees will go back to work today. republicans and democrats are not negotiating. >> there may be a back room somewhere with you there's nobody in it. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner says republicans will only approve bills to re-open the government and raise the country's debt limit if democrats agree to change it in the affordable care act. >> we are not going to pass a clean debt limit increase. i told the president, there's no way we are going to pass -- when the votes are not in the house to pass a clean debt limit. >> reporter: democrats argue the 218 votes needed to pass the bill in the house are there but speaker boehner won't bring it up for a vote. put it on the floor monday or tuesday. i would bet there are the votes to pass it. >> reporter: if congress can't reach a deal in the next 10 days, the nation could default on its debt for the first time in american history. >> lawmakers don't get it together by october 17, it's going to be a collision, an economic collision, that's going to wreck our economy.
6:34 am
>> reporter: wall street is anxiously watching the feud. >> it's a game of chicken with each passing day, this is going to get more anxious for stock investors. >> reporter: treasury secretary jack lew sauce defaulting on the debt could plunge the nation back into a worse recession than 2008. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the house unanimously passed a bill to pay federal employees for the time they miss during the shutdown. the white house by the way has signaled its approval of the bill and it could come up for a vote in the senate very soon. pg&e gas pipeline has been shut off in san carlos. the court ordered the shutdown after city officials received internal pg&e emails questioning the condition of the 87-year-old pipeline there. pg&e insists the pipeline is safe but is complying with the orders. work is expected to be completed today. new this morning, the fourth and final victim of a fiery plane crash has been identified. the los angeles county
6:35 am
coroner's office confirms 28- year-old lucas benjamin of malibu was among those killed in last week's accident. the twin-engine cessna crashed into a storage hangar while landing at the santa monica airport. dozens of people defied police by playing chess in downtown san francisco yesterday. the chess-in was in response to a recent crackdown by police on the public games. police confiscated chess gear, tables and chairs used by mostly homeless players. the games have attracted illegal gambling and drug sales. happening today a school district committee in san francisco will take up a proposal to allow kids to eat breakfast in class. the new policy would provide more food in the morning and let students eat it during the first class of the day. a study shows students participating in similar programs elsewhere showed greater attention and improved their test scores. and this morning still unclear what sparked a two- alarm grass fire in marin county. it was reported about 4:00 yesterday afternoon in a hilly part of lark sper.
6:36 am
crews were able to get it under control. it took about an hour. as fans hope you can see from this amateur video cal fire aircraft helped fight the fire by getting water from a nearby lagoon. no reports of damage or injuries. i was looking at that. i was out reporting on the rio vista fire on friday and i found out that a lot of these aircraft and helicopters are having trouble fighting the fires because the maintenance crews are furloughed. >> there you go. >> right? >> government shutdown. >> it goes to show you that whole domino effect, right? >> good morning, everybody. let's head outdoors where we have a few clouds just scooting across the holy spirit there. official sun-up at 7:10. a beautiful morning although cool. 45 degrees in santa rosa, 61 in san francisco. mid-50s in throughout the tri-
6:37 am
valley. out the door clear to partly cloudy. later today sunny and cooler. you will feel the difference along the coast and into the bay. but all in all a seasonal day. but we have that coolest day of the workweek still ahead today. 60s at the beaches, yesterday it was 83 degrees in san francisco. average high is 70. mid-70s around the peninsula to the low 80s towards morgan hill and gilroy, 80 in the tri- valley, 80 in napa. coolest day of the workweek is on wednesday, very autumn-like with the dry weather continuing through sunday. we have kcbs traffic. here's liza battalones. >> still very slow over at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. and traffic at the bay bridge pay gates still backed up from beyond the 880 overcrossing. once on the bridge, more slow traffic on westbound 80. and the treasure island exit from west 80 is now open just off of the island.
6:38 am
i also want to talk about the richmond drive. it is stacked up for westbound 80 from carlson approaching the carlson exit backed up from cummings all because of an earlier accident and propane leak. it's still being cleaned up. it has shut down the carlson exit from eastbound 80. 880 as it rolls through oakland that's moving at the speed limit. kcbs sky 3 just flew over the stretch of the nimitz and says it's at the speed limit between oakland and fremont. 6:38. bart is now prepping to strike. we talk to "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin caen about what happens next. >> i can't understand why it would be a deal breaker. >> looking for love? now there's one more thing to consider. how finances factor into matters of the heart. >> the market opened 10 minutes ago. we are still in the government shutdown and it's not a good day this monday. everything is down. we'll crunch the numbers though with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
6:39 am
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world of dating. but there's a trend th eased emphasis on looks shared interests or sense of humor may still be factors in the world of dating. but there's a trend placing increased emphasis on credit scores. with nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, experts blame money problems as a frequent reason so singles are now being more pro-active by addressing financial matters before the relationship takes off. [ pause ] >> well, i'm sure he had a lot to say. [ laughter ] >> there is even a dating website catering to singles looking for partners with a high credit score but financial
6:43 am
experts say you should give someone with less than perfect credit a chance to explain. >> you have to give a brother a break, you know? sometimes we make mistakes. >> you never know. today the stock market is not responding favorably to the ongoing budget mess in washington. >> no. everything is down in a big way. let's chat with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks brooks. >> reporter: the partial government shutdown entering its 7th day unsettling investors, in particular because the debt ceiling deadline is only 10 days away. if the u.s. were to fail in its obligations paying back its debt, that could set off a financial crisis around the world. and as a result, we are seeing a bit of selling on wall street. got the dow down by more than 100 points. no progress yet and investors while they hope that there will be a deal reached before the debt ceiling deadline, anything that gets close to it ratchets that uncertainty up further increasing the stock market volatility. one company doing well today is
6:44 am
struggling smartphone maker blackberry. there are reports that several big tech firms including cisco, google and s.a.p. may be interested in buying all or part of blackberry. in particular, its secure server network. it's valued around 2 to $3 billion on their own. there's already an offer in place for $4.7 billion from the company's largest shareholder but there are doubts whether or not fairfax management will get the financing it needs to make the deal happen. the numbers are not pretty this morning. heading south. dow down 130. nasdaq is down 26. the s&p moving lower by almost 13 points. >> thank you jason brooks from kcbs news. time now 6:44. let's get a look at the roads with liza battalones with your kcbs a traffic report. >> good morning, everybody. we are going to start off in the silicon valley where kcbs sky 3 just flew over 101 and tells us that northbound
6:45 am
traffic is jammed up from capitol expressway approaching tully. then another pocket of slow traffic at alum rock so bottom line not too bad for the silicon valley freeways this morning. but it's gummed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up from beyond the 880 overcrossing. you get on the bridge, traffic is still slow there all of this because of the earlier closure of the treasure island exit from west 80. that ramp is now open. altamont pass driving westbound traffic very slow this morning. you can see the red there. it's backed up beyond the 205 interchange, stays heavy to the dublin interchange. so a tough commute for all of those drivers. but the san mateo bridge has been fine. that's still trouble-free for the westbound drive leaving hayward into foster city. the 880/237 interchange looking good with no major problems for that southbound drive leaving fremont heading for milpitas p and roberta, your a's are up tonight. >> yes, they are. actually, they are going to be playing this morning. you have to like that.
6:46 am
what do you think there? so we have your oakland a's forecast. it's a very big game. game 3 of play-off series, they leave come stadium and playing in detroit. i got to tell you, folks, some dicey weather around, cloudy skies. there will be some passing showers before the game and during the later portion of the game. they should be able to get baseball in with the game time temperature of 60 degrees. go a's. official sun-up this morning is at 7:10. good morning, everybody. >> heading out the door, you need a sweater or jacket. 45 degrees in santa rosa. 61 degrees in san francisco. you can see a few mid- to high- level clouds streaming across. futurecast clearly illustrates these clouds are associated with a trough upstream. these clouds will continue to move from the north to the south. they are the leading edge of a trough that's to the north of the bay area. that will bring us additional cooling by midweek today. down from 83 degrees in san francisco to 68 degrees.
6:47 am
you will feel the difference. mid-70s across the bay in oakland, alameda and berkeley. 70s common across the peninsula to a 77 in san jose down from 83 degrees, down from 88 to the low 80s throughout the tri- valley. here's your extended forecast. that trough will encourage the return of the onshore push on tuesday resulting in overcast skies at the coast. otherwise, the coolest day of the workweek will be on wednesday with sunny skies and seasonal highs through sunday. that's the pinpoint forecast. frank and michelle? >> all right. roberta, thank you. the bay area in for a rough week with a government shutdown in effect. and two transit unions now prepping to strike. "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin-caen joins us to talk about the impending bart strike. a big week. >> reporter: it is going to be something. >> let me ask you, can governor brown just vote for another or just put another cooling-off period in place or no? >> reporter: a lot of people want that. >> right. >> reporter: there was a poll today that said 60-something
6:48 am
percent want another cooling- off period but you only get one legally enforceable period of time in which they can't strike. the governor can ask really nicely but he can't enforce another cooling-off period. you only get that once so he has already spent that one. it's going to be over soon. >> and let me ask you this. what happens -- can the workers -- can they get new workers in there to drive the vehicles? >> reporter: according to the comment sections everyone people want to be fired and replaced. just push a button, no big deal? bart transit operators are certified by the state. you can't just go round up some folks and train them in a day and put them to work. some managers or former operators are recertifying to get back to speed so they can maybe form a skeleton crew to replace in a couple of trains if things were to get crazy but the strike would have to go on for a little while for that to
6:49 am
be an option. and termination is not an option. governor brown is never going to authorize termination of hundreds of bart workers and even if he did, he would have to prove that a bart strike was imperiling civil order. that's a high hurdle. not something that's realistic under the circumstances today. >> if he wants to run for re- election, not a good idea. >> reporter: these folks give a lot of money to sacramento and their pet causes. >> can they jump in and pass a law about transit agencies going on strike. >> reporter: yes. they could they certainly could and actually senator bob hough has introduced legislation to do that and he said it has been met with deafening silence because these folks pay money to folks in sacramento and have a lot of influence especially around something that's only impacting the bay area. there's one democrat that i'm aware of who is actually standing up against this. his name is steve glazer a city councilman run in district 16. you may see his volunteers this
6:50 am
morning trying to get folks to sign a petition so that public transit strikers would not be able to go on strike anymore in the state of california. so i spoke with him the other day. he had a couple of things to say about the situation. >> even in san francisco, you cannot have a transit strike. but in california, there is no law and therefore, they have the ultimate punishment to thank you the riders if they can't find agreement. >> reporter: so as you can see, he is out there getting a lot of great reception. he told me the other day. and he is the only democrat so far who is able to -- standing up and facing down the strikers. >> five seconds, strike or no strike? >> reporter: strike, small strike. i'm calling like one or two days. >> a mini strike. >> we'll see. thank you, melissa. find more on her on time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning. >> hey, good morning, frank and
6:51 am
michelle. ahead, navy seals conduct two daring raids on overseas terror targets. fbi insider john miller tells us what the united states can learn from the terrorist captured in libya and how things got messy fast in somalia. plus, captain sully sullenberger on the big flaw he sees in new rules about rest for pilots. and last night "60 minutes" reported on the danger of unseen asteroids. this morning why we can only track 1% of objects capable of hitting the earth. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thank you, charlie. we'll see you at 7:00. time now 6:51. you might notice some of your coworkers calling in sick today. the a's get ready for game 3 in detroit. they will be watching the game at 10:00 coming your way. >> reporter: we are getting down to the wire. bart and its unions just have four days to reach an agreement. we'll have an update on the negotiations. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
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good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. from clashes in egypt betwe security forces and islamist protestors. supporters of more than 50 people are dead from clashes in egypt between security forces and islamic protestors there. supporters of mohamed morsi are calling for the return of the deposed president. the "muslim brotherhood" chose this day to protest because it is the 40th anniversary of egypt's last war with israel. the u.s. carried out a pair of daring raids this weekend to grab suspected terrorists. delta force commandos captured abu anas al-libi in libya. he is believed to be behind two bombings in africa. they raided a terrorist camp in somalia to grab a leader of al-
6:56 am
shabab. the seals were caught in a firefight and retreated. al-shabab is responsible for the deadly attack on a kenya mall two weeks ago. and speaker of the house john boehner says the government will default its loans if the president refuses to negotiate over the affordable care act. he says there will not be a vote to raise the nation's debt limit without concessions on obamacare. treasury secretary jack lew warning the consequences will trigger a financial crisis worse than 2008. two bay area men have been awarded the nobel prize. three professors from the bay area and one from yale have won the 2013 nobel prize in medicine. their discoveries have helped doctors diagnose a severe form of epilepsy and immune deficiency diseases in children. and are you ready for baseball? hope so. game 3 oakland a's play-off series set to begin in detroit in just three hours from now.
6:57 am
the a's of course tied the best- of-five series at one apiece. if the series goes five games it will be thursday night at the coliseum. i'm cate caugiran live at walnut creek bart where trains could shut down if the workers go on strike by friday. so the clock is particular and bart riders say one strike was enough and commuters doesn't want another one. if they can't reach agreement, the threat will become a reality. bart is considering the union's latest proposal. however, the two sides have not touched on two big points healthcare and salaries. the latest round of negotiations ended saturday and the two sides can't agree on how far apart they actually are. bart says it's $89 million. and the unions say it's 30 million. now, the federal mediator told the two sides to take yesterday off. we know that they will be back at the bargaining table today in just a few hours.
6:58 am
live in walnut creek, cate caugiran, kpix 5. some breaking news. we have some live pictures out of palo alto. fire crews are leaving the scene of a suspicious fire at this abandoned home. firefighters say the home was slated for remodel. at this point it's unclear what started the fire or whether anyone was inside when it started early this morning. 6:58. let's get the last check on traffic. >> we are going to start off with the bart system where bart is reporting no delays systemwide. they are on schedule as with the ferry systems, caltrain and no delays this morning for both ace trains leaving the central valley. as we talk about the bay bridge commute, it has been extremely slow. traffic stacked up into the macarthur maze due in part because due to the earlier closure of the treasure island exit from westbound 80. so it's stacked up there. the eastshore freeway is also slow westbound 80 jammed up out of pinole approaching richmond. that's hotspot. the south bay is doing okay.
6:59 am
you will see some slowing approaching the 280/680 interchange. no problems so far this morning for 280 heading through downtown san jose. roberta? >> we do have a few clouds across the horizon this morning. good morning, everybody. lots of clarity however in santa rosa where currently it is 45 degrees. wow! just dipped to 44 degrees. 61 degrees in san francisco. and low 50s in throughout the tri-valley. today's temperatures will be substantially cooler along the coast and into the bay. 15 degrees cooler in san francisco where yesterday it was 83 degrees. out of the 80s to 78 degrees in santa rosa. mid-70s in san jose. and low 80s in throughout the tri-valley. here you have it a trough encouraging the return of the marine layer by tuesday night. we have the coolest day of the workweek on wednesday and then clear skies and seasonal by sunday. >> i'm liking this. >> we have the tailgate party going on in the weather center right after this broadcast. [ laughter ] >> who brought the barbecue? we need that. >> all right. i'm cook, i know that part.
7:00 am
that's it for kpix 5 news this morning. remember, your next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado in the west. it's monday october 7, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." united states special forces spot two terror targets in africa. john miller on the success in libya and what went wrong in somalia. >> it's not just obama care. john boehner brings entitle ms into reopening the government. >> sneaking on board, how did a 9-year-old boy fly to las vegas without a you ticket? we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world is 90 seconds. >> we hope that this makes clear


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