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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it is nearly 5:00 now. this just in. a stanford professor has won the nobel prize in chemistry. michael levitt among three scientists awarded the prize this morning. together, they laid the foundation for computer models used to understand and predict chemical processes. royal swedish academy of science said their work made classical physical, work side by side with quantum physics. and it is 5:00 right now. we are following a traffic alert in the east bay. let's get over to elizabeth. >> thank you. a driver unfortunately died this morning a couple of hours ago after a short police chase. the driver of the car ended up flipping over off the freeway. the westbound 80 central avenue on-ramp remains shut down. still no estimated time when they are going to be able to open the on-ramp. in the meantime, this is not impacting freeway traffic much on westbound 80. you can see this is a live look at carlson. traffic gets by okay. the on-ramp is shut down. you can use eastbound 580 in the meantime to access the area.
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it is on the el cerrito- richmond border. here's a live look at our sensors on westbound 580 through the altamont pass. typical stuff. usually in the next half hour we'll see slowdowns on our sensors but for now it's a free and clear ride through the altamont pass, the livermore valley and dublin interchange. also, a mass transit check, nothing of note, right now. no delays. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time. that is the latest from here in the "kcbs traffic" center. here's roberta with the forecast. >> this is the most active weather day this workweek. i'll explain. but right now, temperatures not as cold as yesterday at this hour except in napa at 42 degrees. otherwise partly cloudy skies across the central bay into the low and mid-50s. it is currently 51 degrees in fremont through union city. an area of low pressure is passing to the east of the bay area. we have a snow-rain mix in the high sierra backing all the way
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through yosemite. some of those clouds drifting into our area. and certainly the cooler air mass. so today's temperatures going down except for san francisco. it will be pretty equal to what we experienced yesterday in the mid-60s. 47 santa rosa. seven-day forecast nothing but sunny skies and seasonal highs through tuesday. that's your pinpoint forecast. good morning, frank and michelle. >> good morning. thank you. developing news in berkeley now. several people had to evacuate their homes when a fire started at a fourplex. this is near san pablo avenue. the fire started shortly after midnight on the top floor. the man who lives there then went around to every unit, banged on the doors and told people to get out. one evacuee says she was not aware of the seriousness of the situation at first. >> i couldn't go to sleep and all of a sudden i hear somebody banging on my door that there's a fire, that their apartment is on fire. i didn't know what to do because, first of all, i don't want to open the door to a
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crazy person. it could be somebody trying to break in so i get my roommate and then that's when it hit me that it smelled like fire. so i told him we got to get out. >> no one was injured and firefighters are investigating. kpix 5 anne makovec is at san francisco general where the body of a missing patient was found in a stairwell. >> reporter: this woman went missing two weeks ago. this morning we are waiting for more information for positive identification on that body found in the stairwell and the cause of death. reporter: >> there are a lot of things strange about this case. i don't have to tell you that finding a dead body in the stairwell of a hospital is in itself strange. >> reporter: all indications point to the possibility that body belongs to 57-year-old lynne spalding. she was in the hospital for an infection and was disoriented from medications on september 21. yesterday an employee found a
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woman's body in an exterior stairwell outside an emergency door on the hospital's fourth floor. a spokesman for spalding's family says she has two grown daughters now just waiting by the phone. >> it's difficult when you get a call saying we think we found your mother's body and spend the day literally by the phone hoping for information. she is on an emotional roller coaster. >> reporter: there is an investigation going on in the hospital. at this point we don't know how long the body has been there and if it's been a long time, how it could have been overlooked. >> spalding is a native of england but lived in an apartment less than a mile from the hospital. an explosive discovery inside a petaluma home shut down a neighborhood for nearly a day. family members called 911 from the house on quarry street monday. they told police that a 30-year- old person was suicidal.
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sheriff's deputies convinced him to come out and found live pipe bombs in the house two were donated. two others were taken away from examination. mohel lynn is being held on a million dollars bail. the bart cooling-off period is almost over. bart and its unions have less than two full days now to resolve their differences. they talked until late last night. more negotiations are expected today. the federal mediator asked both sides not to comment on the talks. but bart's chief negotiating did provide a little bit of insight last night. >> they are moving but not very fast. but i got to play it out. all options are on the table. unions have stopped short of giving the 72-hour notice of the strike. unions held a rally for support in frank ogawa plaza in oakland yesterday. and, of course, we'll follow the talks down to the wire on thursday night. stay with kpix 5 and for the very latest. happening today, president
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obama is expected to nominate federal reserve vice chair janelle yellen to replace ben bernanke as the fed's new chairman. yellen was a professor at uc- berkeley in the 1980s and '90s. if approved by the senate, yellen would become the first female to be head of the fed. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran will have more on yellen's background in our next half hour. still no end in sight for the budget gridlock that brought the partial government shutdown. it's now in the ninth day with the deadline to avert a debt crisis about a week away. as cbs news' susan mcginnis reports, the families of fallen servicemen are now among those feeling the effects of this mess. reporter: the bodies of four american servicemembers killed in the line of duty this weekend arrive at dover air force base today. the government would typically pay for the families to fly to delaware to witness the return of their loved ones. but that money is now on hold,
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a casualty of the government shutdown. >> i'm embarrassed. all of us should be. >> reporter: the families of 17 servicemembers have already been denied benefits including a $100,000 payment due within 36 hours of death. >> the death gratuity is to help cover funeral costs and immediate living expenses. >> reporter: the house is expected to vote today to restore those benefits. but an agreement to end the shutdown is still nowhere in sight. >> it's pretty much the same thing every day and we're not really getting anywhere between each side. >> reporter: president obama warned republicans he would not negotiate until congress reopens the government and raises the debt ceiling. >> we can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy. democracy doesn't function this way. >> reporter: republicans say first democrats must agree to spending cuts. >> we can't raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what's driving us to borrow more money and to live beyond our means. >> reporter: the treasury department says it will run out of money to pay its bills on
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october 17th. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the shutdown has prompted first lady michelle obama to cancel a trip to california planned for the weekend. the trip was a fundraiser. the salmonella outbreak linked to chicken produced in california is worse than first thought. the outbreak involved several strains of salmonella that are resistant to antibiotics. that's why the cdc says speak have been hospitalized. almost 300 people got sick after eating foster farms chicken. more than 40% of patients wound up in the hospital. the usda has put out a public health alert but the chicken has not been recalled. san francisco law student is in trouble with the law accused of a hit-and-run and assault with a deadly weapon. investigators say megan zado and a friend left a club on lakeshore avenue in oakland saturday night. when they tried to stop a group of people spraying graffiti, the taggers began spraying her car. police say zado took off and returned to run down the
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taggers but instead, she hit an innocent bystander and then drove off. >> it was hectic outside. a gentleman was trying to cross the street. and a lady with a mercedes hit him. >> james roda is now hospitalized in critical condition with head injuries. zado was arrested and posted bail. >> a sunnyvale man is charged with sexually abusing two children at an in home daycare center. investigators say 68-year-old jose cristobal velandria is related to the owner of a child care facility and lived at the home on wolf road. he was arrested last week and parents who think their children may have been victims are urged to contact sunnyvale public safety. the man accused of operating an online black market for drugs called silk road is due in federal court today in san francisco. lawyers for ross ulbricht are expected to argue for bail. the 29-year-old was arrested last week and is now facing
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drug and money laundering charges. he is also accused of hiring an undercover agent to kill a former coworker. be careful around school zones today. this is international walk and roll t schoolday to promote pedestrian safety. a lot of people will be on foot or bikes and not being driven to school so be careful. >> absolutely. it all comes down to tomorrow night. the a's and tigers in oakland fifth deciding game of the american league divisional series. oakland could have wrapped up the series in detroit yesterday but they fell to the tigers 8- 6. they blew a 3-0 lead. dennis o'donnell will have complete highlights in your morning sports report coming up in just a couple of minutes. by the way, game time at the coliseum tomorrow a little earlier, 5:00 start. major league baseball wants a-rod's lawsuit against it thrown out. the mlb says rodriguez should abide by the collective bargaining and pursue the
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appeal of his 211-game suspension through arbitration. a-rod is suing baseball and the commissioner claiming they used vigilante justice to prove he used performance-enhancing drugs to destroy his reputation and his career. 5:11. coming up, a bizarre twist in the road rage incident in new york city. why the nypd has arrested one of its own detectives. >> plus -- >> really as a whole it's not that bad. >> it's billed as a how to guide to talk to women. but two words in this fraternity email are sparking outrage. >> and still no weapon or motive but new details this morning. the items found inside the car of that woman that led capitol police on a wild chase. >> rolling out of bed this morning, plan on a cooler day than yesterday. so we'll pinpoint the warmest day with your pinpoint forecast. >> and it's just the usual right now over at the bay bridge toll plaza. but we're still following that major accident investigation. it's in richmond. we'll have all the latest details in your morning drive to work after this break. ,,
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an attack on an s- u-v drivn new york. another suspect, craig wright, seen here covering himsel two more suspects set to be arraigned in an attack on an suv driver in new york. another suspect craig wright seen here covering himself with a blanked arraigned yesterday. investigators say wright was
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one of the men in the video part of a motorcycle group pounding on that suv last month. a new york city police officer is among the latest suspects that was arrested. police are now looking for two other persons of interest. undercover nypd is trending right now. also trending, egypt. the u.s. is expected to cut some military aid to egypt this week. redskins native american groups putting the pressure on the washington football team to change its name. apple, a new report says the tech giant is planning an ipad event for october 22. and bruce jenner, kardashian matriarch chris jenner and bruce have now separated. and remember, you can follow me on twitter #michelleagree #michelle griego 5. a severe traffic alert in richmond el cerrito border and we are hearing 7 a.m. when they may be able to
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finally re-open that westbound 80 central avenue on-ramp. it remains closed after a driver lost control flipped over after a short police chase. a number of police on scene so we were saying that just the on- ramp was impacted. they may be closing lanes in the main line to the freeway because we are seeing a few delays now on westbound 80 itself. this is a little farther east approaching carlson boulevard. we are starting now to see a little slowdown approaching the accident scene. so we'll let you know what's going on. in the meantime, westbound 80 may be sluggish through richmond heading towards el cerrito. you can use eastbound 580 by the way to access the freeway in that area. checking other roadways here's a live look at our acceptsers. westbound 580 through the altamont pass, pretty typical stuff just now beginning to see some yellow on those sensors as you head out towards the dublin interchange. the drive time still looks good. still in the green in the clear and it looks that way all the way out towards the castro valley y. and checking in with
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mass transit, so far looking great. bart has 38 trains all on time. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." with more on your cool forecast, here's roberta. >> and what is your handle on twitter? >> that is a very good question. what is it? wenger elizabeth. >> don't you follow yourself? >> not really. gets a little confusing because usually it's the reverse. it is wenger elizabeth. >> and i'm roberta kpix 5 and you want to see the picture i just posted of michelle, frank and elizabeth. check it out. first, check this out. heading out the door this morning, we have low clouds lining the seashore. 50 degrees. otherwise partly cloudy conditions bayside to our inland areas and the low to mid- 50s not quite as chilly this morning compared to yesterday at this hour. later today we will reveal sunshine once the clouds dissipate. temperatures 63 to 76 degrees. it will be the coolest day of the workweek. that's because of this area of low pressure. it's taking an inside track. it's not moving towards the
5:18 am
coast but, rather, our east bay and south bays are being clipped with increasing cloud cover which will decrease during the afternoon hours and a chance of a raindrop. that's about it. cooler air mass filtering in. so there you go. did you see the green on the screen? already hightailing out of here. we reveal lots of sunshine during the afternoon so, therefore, we are playing out your numbers like this. 60s beaches, 70s 60s across the central bay. low 70s across the peninsula. about 7 degrees below normal across the santa clara valley and 76 degrees as good as it gets inland. there you have it. once we get past this area of low pressure today, nothing but full-on sunshine and pretty close to seasonal highs for this time of the year all the way through tuesday. frank and michelle, did you check out your picture? >> not yet. but i'm going to, roberta, in just a minute. thank you. new details about the woman shot to death after a bizarre chase in the nation's capital last week. court documents show miram carey had a passport and some
5:19 am
foreign currency in a lock box in her car. investigators found no information to explain why she drove from connecticut to washington and rammed barricades at the white house. and we now know an fbi agent killed a kidnapping and murder suspect from southern california. a coroner's report says james lee dimaggio was shot six times by law enforcement who found him in idaho. he was the subject of a manhunt after 16-year-old hannah anderson was kidnapped and her mother and brother killed in san diego county in august. former pro football player aaron hernandez set to be arraigned in massachusetts. the ex-new england patriots tight end charged with murder in the death of a semi pro football player in boston who was dating the sister of hernandez's girlfriend. a fraternity email is us canning quite a stir in georgia. >> the letter at georgia tech used the phrase rape bait. it's a how to guide to talk to women at parties, get them drunk, dance and then have sex.
5:20 am
the email says, quote, if anything ever fails, go get more alcohol. a freshman who is no longer a pledge at the fraternity says the email was just locker room humor. >> there's a few pledges that aren't super good with girls and it was basically sort of just getting on them and it was like a brotherly, big brother little brother thing, a joke. >> some women on campus call the email disturbing but others say it's really just silly and has been blown out of proportion. 5:20. coming up, governor brown signing a law limiting workmen's comp. for out of state athletes. why the nfl is cheering the news. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, you are not going to believe what a 19-year-old kid did for the san jose sharks last night. and the a's load the bases in game four against matt scherzer. we'll tell you what happened in this critical inning coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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in the last decade. good morning, everybody. if the a's season ends tomorrow night they are going to remember last night's heartbreaking game 4 for years to come. 7th inning in detroit sean doolittle trying to get out of a jam facing jackson but the tigers centerfielder broke his bat on a single in front of josh reddick and scores the go- ahead run. jim leyland wasn't messing around when he brought in matt scherzer. he struck out reddick on what should have been ball 4. then he got steven vogt with a fastball and then he got alberto callaspo to fly out so the a's blew the situation. they lost 8-6. game 5 thursday night. red sox and rays, tied at one in the 7th, shane victoria reno going to beat out the infield single there and the red sox win 3-1 and are going to the alcs. brad stewart debuting for
5:25 am
the sharks against the rangers. 19-year-old tomas hertl followed up his two goal night on saturday. see that goal right there? that was his fourth last night. four goals! first time that's happened since 1988. this kid is 19 years old from the czech republic. he goes 6'2", 210. his girlfriend was out of luck. you're out of luck for now. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. that between your legs goal by that sharks rookie tomas hertl was so good we made it the play of the day. he scores four goals in his third nhl game and also scored on thursday night and on saturday. first game with san jose. he's a rookie. somehow i think we'll see a lot more of this 19-year-old czech sensation. by the way, san jose out of the gate a perfect 3-0. >> hey, pretty good. 5:25. a bay area mom hit her child with a wooden spoon. but a court rules it's not abuse because she had a good
5:26 am
reason. plus -- >> it's devastating. this is a big operation with so many employees and it's a tremendous financial loss. enough is enough. the owners of an iconic bay area restaurant decide to defy the government shutdown. >> reporter: and president obama is expected to nominate federal reserve vice chair janet yellen as the fed's new chairman. we'll tell you more about the cal business professor after the break.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. to lead the federal reserve, just because the government a historic nomination is confirmed a bay area professor would be the first woman to lead the federal reserve. >> just because the government shuts down doesn't mean it's
5:30 am
not watching. what happened when a business that was forced to close decided to re-open. >> good morning, everybody, today we have fog moving into the bay. otherwise some partly cloudy conditions. high temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. the pinpoint forecast is straight ahead. >> we have the first live pictures of this fatal accident investigation in richmond. we'll tell you what happened coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, october 9. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:30. we are going to get right back over to liz with a traffic alert. >> reporter: thanks, we have been watching this since about 2:30 this morning and it turns out they just reopened the on- ramp westbound 80 at central. the off-ramp is shut down. first live pictures from the scene, that's some of the police activity out there and then you can see in the distance the car that lost control flipped over. the driver of that car has died. it started with a police chase and ended with a fatal crash on
5:31 am
the on-ramp on the freeway westbound 80 by central. so the investigation continues. use eastbound 580 to access the freeway in the area. again, the off-ramp now remains shut down. the main lines of the freeway look okay. it's not impacting those as much. so far no lanes blocked on westbound 80 itself. it was just the ramps that were closed. and this is a live look a little farther east approaching carlson boulevard. actually earlier there was some backups. right now it looks like traffic is flowing better out of richmond all the way down towards the macarthur maze. except for that one accident investigation and that traffic alert, everything else is moving okay at the speed limit this morning if you are traveling through marin county. this is a live look across the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge typical stuff for 5:30. you can see some slight delays in the far right cash lanes but overall no big delays because no metering lights yet. we'll let you know as soon as they turn them on. that is the latest from here in the "kcbs traffic center." with more on the forecast, here's roberta. >> official sun-up this morning is at 7:11. good morning, everybody. you will be able to see it.
5:32 am
we have some partly cloudy conditions and today's actually going to be the most active weather day of the week. doesn't look like it when you look at this. the weather camera looking towards the bay bridge, current air temperatures pretty uniform with that increasing cloud cover into the 50s. we have one notable temperature into the 40s and that would be napa. this is an area of low pressure, the green and white, that's a combination of snow and rain mix from the high sierra back in through yosemite where we do have a winter weather advisory in effect and this area of low pressure just clipping our east and south bay with maybe a chance of a raindrop but that's about it. then becomes sunny today and cooler. low 70s in san jose and santa clara. meanwhile east bay numbers stacking up to the mid-70s and anywhere from around the central bay topping off in the 60s and 70s, we'll have that full on pinpoint forecast. frank and michelle, that's straight ahead. happening today, president obama is expected to nominate the first woman to be head of the federal reserve. kpix 5's cate caugiran joins us
5:33 am
from the newsroom with more on janet yellen's bay area ties. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. yellen's nomination would mean several firsts for the position and most notably as you mentioned if confirmed, the uc- berkeley business professor would be the first woman to head the federal reserve. >> i think she is the single best qualified person in the entire world for this job. reporter: in her early years as professor at uc- berkeley's haas school of business in the 1980s, not even janet yellen's closest friends saw her taking the national stage. >> she is shy, she's extremely smart. she's very thoughtful. >> reporter: but professor andrew rose, who has worked alongside yellen for 28 years, says she has burnished her credentials here over the decades. yellen's star has risen here at haas from twice winning excellence in teaching awards to being named professor emeritus. her colleagues say she is ready to head to the feds.
5:34 am
she was appointed to the federal reserve serving in bill clinton's white house and continued to rise. yellen has been second in command to ben bernanke at the federal reserve since 2010 and now she could be the first woman at the top in its 100 year history. >> i think a woman as head of the federal reserve a qualified woman would be a very positive thing for this administration. >> reporter: her colleagues at haas say yelled would do what ben -- yellen would do what ben bernanke has done, keeping interest rates low. >> that would help the economy along a little faster and that's going to be good for all of us. >> reporter: analysts also say her nomination could also ease concerns over the debt ceiling debate in washington. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> both yellen and ben bernanke are scheduled to appear with obama at the white house this afternoon for a formal announcement. the house is expected to pass another spending bill today this one restoring death
5:35 am
benefits to families of fallen u.s. servicemen. since the government shutdown began last week the families of 17 servicemen have been denied those benefits. and a live look at capitol hill where there is still no major progress toward ending the budget impasse that shut down much of the federal government. yesterday the house approved a plan to keep paying federal workers who have remained on the job rather than have them wait for the shutdown to end. that measure now goes to the senate. today the house is expected to approve a plan to restore benefits to the families of fallen u.s. servicemembers. the government would typically pay for the families to fly to delaware to witness the return of their loved ones. but because of the shutdown, that money is now on hold. the families of 17 servicemembers have been denied benefits including a $100,000 payment due within 36 hours of death. >> the death gratuity is extended to help cover funeral costs and help with immediately expenses. >> house speaker john boehner won't let the house vote on any
5:36 am
budget plan that doesn't include changes to healthcare reform. president obama says he will only discuss healthcare reform after congress passes a budget. the deadline to address the debt is just a little more than a week away. an "associated press" poll shows 63% feel republicans deserve a lot of the blame for the budget stalemate. about half say president obama or the democrats in congress are largely responsible. the shutdown has forced the closure of a restaurant on federal land here in san francisco. the privately owned cliff house closed when the shutdown first began but after a couple of days the owners decided it was worth a shot to defy the orders and re-open again. so yesterday federal officials gave the restaurant a slap on the wrist and shut it down again. >> do you think you're going to fly under the radar? >> we were hoping to. but unless we tried we didn't really know. >> so until the crisis is finally resolved, weddings and other events have been canceled at the cliff house and 170 employees are unable to work.
5:37 am
the man shot on an ac transit bus in oakland may have shot himself. it happened at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon near fontaine street and crest avenue. ac transit says the driver pulled over after hearing the gunshots. the man was hit in the leg and taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. two people were shot on an ac transit bus last week. someone shot at the bus on international boulevard and ninth avenue. the two victims' injuries were not life-threatening. no arrests have been made in that case. in bay area news, a body found in an exterior stairwell at san francisco general hospital may be that of a missing patient. the coroner has not confirmed the identity yet. but it's likely to be 57-year- old lynne spaulding. she vanished from a room in the hospital about 3 weeks ago. her family had been searching for her since then. berkeley's downtown post office is for sale. that's apparently a surprise to some city officials. the postal service wrote to the city council last week giving the council a month and a half
5:38 am
to comment on the impact of a sale. the council had planned to take that up next week. but now it has found that the building is already on the market for an undisclosed price. former president jimmy carter and his wife rosalynn carter wrapped up their bay area visit by helping build homes in east san jose. the couple volunteer with habitat for humanity. they joined other high-profile volunteers like garth brooks and trisha yearwood renovating and repairing homes and working on community projects. >> it's all about the homeowners and it's all about getting to meet the people side by side that you're building with and just relations aand when you talk about habitat for humanity it's nothing but love. when you hear all those hammers, it's the sound of love. when you see all those different faces, it's the face of love. these guys do it right. >> former first family also helped build a home in oakland. they have been involved with habitat for humanity now for more than 30 years. a san jose mom had every right to use a wooden spoon to spank her daughter to discipline her according to the
5:39 am
court. the spoon left bruises on the 12-year-old girl. the child's school found out about it and reported it. the case then went to the state department of justice child abuse database. judges ruled the mother did not exceed the bounds of reasonable discipline because she did not intend to cause bruises. >> i'm a firm believer in spanking and think a lot of kids need and deserve it at times. but there need to be limits. >> there's no need for it anymore really in this day and age. that was something that was probably acceptable when, you know, "all in the family" was on. >> court documents show the mother tried grounding her for weeks after her daughter started acting out claiming she didn't have to do her homework. the daughter also started showing an interest in gang culture. a suspect has been arrested in connection with an attack on a manager of a safeway grocery store in san leandro. the incident was captured by surveillance cameras last month. 39-year-old charlie johnson faces a charge of assault
5:40 am
causing great bodily injury. police say the release of the video led to numerous tips and ultimately the suspect. the store manager is still hospitalized in serious condition. and a health scare prompting school leaders in southern california to move students out of the classroom that may be contaminated. malibu high teachers complained chemicals and mold on campus have made them sick. the school held an emergency meeting for staff members and parents last night. one-third of the teachers say they have developed serious illnesses. environmental consultants are investigating. we are getting new numbers on just how many people are inquiring about "covered california." the state's version of the affordable care act. there have been nearly one million visitors on its website and nearly 60,000 phone calls and they processed more than 16,000 applications for eligible households. looks like wall street is happy with the former cal professor in line to take over the federal reserve. >> with more on that gigi stone of live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
5:41 am
frank and michelle. right now the futures are actually pointing to a higher open. investors are pretty hopeful about the nomination of janet yellen as chairman of the federal reserve. they think that might keep interest rates low for a while. that could counteract mounting worried over the debt ceiling. the dow was down 160 yesterday closing at 14,776. expect to pay more to heat your home this winter with energy prices on the rise. there is one exception however. heating oil which the government expects to cost you 2% less than last year's record- breaking prices you might remember. natural gas is surging 13%. and homes heated by electricity will pay 2% more. meanwhile, apple is planning to hold an event october 22 according to reports. that's sparking buzz to update the ipad ahead of the holiday shopping season. so this is according to tech blogs all things d. apple has a fifth generation e pod that would be thinner and lighter
5:42 am
with an improved camera. wall street has been yearning for a new product from apple so the company doesn't become too reliant on iphone sales but that really -- our products will be obsolete soon. ipad is the latest. >> i just bought one a year ago and it's already old. >> right. >> halloween is a little over three weeks away. and i guess pumpkins are big business be it halloween or not, right? >> reporter: oh, yeah. has nothing to do with halloween anymore. it's weird. pumpkin flavor is taking over the american appetite. sales of pumpkin flavored offerings topped $290 million last year. if caubelieve that. that's according to a consumer research firm nielsen, if you can believe that that. the number of options of pumpkin flavor in the u.s. jumped nearly 19% last year. suddenly it's showing up in everything from vodka to pop- tarts even m&ms which you don't think you want to mess with.
5:43 am
>> pumpkin spice latte and candles. >> i know. >> candles i don't mind. doesn't need to go in all my food. >> gigi stone, thank you. living in a boom economy is good if you can survive t medical news today reports more deaths occur among middle-aged people and seniors in a strong economy than in a weak one. scientists in the netherlands say they are not sure exactly why but they say a strong economy means more people are heading to work, raising the risk of traffic accidents and stress. 5:43 now. how do you cure a hangover? the one soft drink a group of researchers says really works. >> plus, it's more than just a nuisance. why living near an airport could be dangerous for older people. >> and it's like a game of jinga that's gone wrong. the video coming up after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
stacks shelves with bottlesf expensive booze. two women are trying to decide what ty the clean-up on aisle 2! store clerk painstakingly stacked shelves of booze expensive booze, two women trying to decide what to buy, and then it happened. hundreds of bottles smash on the floor. it's not know where this clip came from. it's gone viral. not sure if they had to pay up or clean up but what a mess.
5:47 am
>> that's scary. >> could fall on you. let's go out live to richmond. unfortunately we have a serious situation developing there. it is a severe traffic alert. these are gruesome pictures from the scene. it's going to be an hour or so before they can re-open the off- ramp. this is a fatal accident investigation that has shut down the off-ramp westbound 80 by central avenue. as you can see, a driver lost control flipped over and died. that is the car involved. you can see police investigators we have been watching them comb through the scene. tow crews are out there, as well. the main lines of the freeway are open. they are hoping by 6:30 or so that's the latest that they will be able to re-open the off- ramp in the area. in the meantime, main lines not impacted. use carlson boulevard to exit the freeway. let's get a check of other roadways. except for that deadly accident in richmond, everything else is relatively quiet this morning. here's a live look over at the bay bridge toll plaza. no real big issues. you can see the delays are actually growing in the left lanes which is a little unusual. but so far, pretty typical stuff in the fastrak lanes, no metering lights yet at 5:47
5:48 am
this morning. we'll let you know as soon as the bigger delays begin once they turn those on. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no problems at automatic. they should have four southbound lanes open now. yup, heading towards san francisco in the commute direction. everything is pretty free and clear, though, on the drive times from novato all the way down towards sausalito. here's a look at the sensors through the altamont pass. westbound 580, still about 22 minutes so you can see the slowdowns there up to vasco road and then things improve closer towards the dublin interchange, where it is a little crowded. all those headlights, that is the commute direction. past 680 to the dublin interchange, quiet towards the castro valley y. bart has more than 40 trains on time. looks good for the ferries, caltrain and a's. that's the latest from here in the "kcbs traffic center." with more on your forecast, roberta is tracking a raindrop. >> okay, elizabeth. tell me it's not true. did i do it again? >> you know, i looked over at the corner of my eye. i think you did for just a second. i saw an arm. >> you're in my territory! [ laughter ]
5:49 am
>> good morning, everybody. 5:48. this is what you can expect as you are heading out the door this morning. going to pan out to be the coolest day of the workweek. we have some clouds around the horizon right now. we'll call it partly cloudy skies. a little bit of fog moved into the bay. otherwise, lots of full-on sunshine this afternoon and we do have a very slow gradual warming trend ahead. right now it's an area of low pressure that has really dug deep into the south and it continues to dive towards southern california nicking our eastern and southern portions of our bay area with partly cloudy skies this morning. most notably the cooler air mass is drifting in and a couple of raindrops but that's about it. meanwhile, we do have rain-snow mix in the high sierra. a chance of a shower today in fresno through modesto. otherwise 63 in monterey bay and eureka. winter weather advisory the first one of the autumn season for the central and southern portion of the sierra above 6,000 feet. up to 5" of snow can be noted. your forecast today becoming
5:50 am
sunny 64 in pacifica. 60s, 70s in the central bay low 70s towards mountain view and los altos. low 70s in san jose 7 degrees below average. 5 degrees below average throughout the tri-valley and 74 degrees when we should be at 79 in santa rosa. now, once we get rid of the cloud cover this afternoon we have nothing but wall to wall sunshine anywhere from thursday all the way through sunday. and in fact, we'll extend it out a couple of days into tuesday. kpix 5 schoolcast, today for the morning bell at highlands elementary 58 degrees warming up to 68 by recess, and if you want to nominator school visit us online at we would like to feature your school again. >> you know their mascot?
5:51 am
first clue, raiders. second clue, nordic. >> i was going to buy you breakfast if you got it. >> vikings. >> oh. >> home of the vikings! >> you're buying us breakfast anyway, right? >> i don't think so. >> it should be the raiders. >> all right. [ laughter ] woody allen is refusing to comply with anti-smoking laws in india. the director is pulling his movie blue jasmine out of theaters in the country instead of displaying anti-tobacco messages on screen during smoking scenes. country officials say those messages are part of an effort to discourage indians from smoking or chewing tobacco. there may be a more effective cure for a hangover than bloody mayors are and coffee. a team of chinese scientists examined 57 beverages and found sprite may be the new go to beverage. they determined that surprise sprite was the best at speeding up the breakdown of alcohol in the body in order to reduce the duration of a hangover. >> that will be trending soon. hey, too much noise from loud airplanes can put the
5:52 am
elderly at greater risk for heart problems. researchers found people who live near airports were admitted to the hospital for heart issues at 3.5% higher thanos other zip codes. noise has been shown to cause stress reactions and then increased blood pressure. time now 5:52. a slice of pizza from a printer? new technology could revolutionize ready-to-eat meals. >> and you won't find many bargains physical catalog. just for fun a look at some of the more outrageous items in the nieman marcus christmas catalog right after the break. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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5:54 am
makes an epic journey throughr pines, wildflowers, and aspens. and is matched only by our journey to capture its scent. crafted by expert perfumers for your home, air wick mountain woodlands and crisp air is part of our limited edition national park collection. airwick. the craft of fragrance. traffic alert this morning. expect delays in richmond. a fatal accident investigation continues to shut down the central avenue off-ramp to westbound 80. we'll tell you more on what
5:55 am
happened plus give you some alternates. that's all coming up. it is 5:54. you won't find this pizza in north beach. the 3d printer is piping out tomato sauce and cheese toppings over a pizza dough square. takes about 12 minutes for a heated plate to cook it. it's using powdered ingredients that could keep for years. and the product developer says the printer could potentially be used by astronauts heading to mars. >> yummy. [ laughter ] >> i mean, if you need the food, then -- >> i'll stick to tang, thank you very much. pretty gross. [ laughter ] a new christmas catalog is out for people with money to burn. >> if you have a lot of bucks nieman marcus has come up with unique fantasy gifts. check out this $1.9 million stocking stuffer. 25-carat rough diamond will be transformed into a personalized ring. an aston martin inspired by prince william's wedding. the cheapest item 12 bucks for
5:56 am
a coffee mug. >> that's what i'm getting you. >> i bet you will. coming up on kpix 5, it's being called a historic nomination. a bay area professor could be the first woman to lead the federal reserve. we'll have more details on janet yellen's rise in the ranks. >> reporter: we are waiting for identification on a body found in a stairwell here at the hospital behind me. could it be the body of a woman who has been missing for almost three weeks? the story coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
female announcer: female announcer: save up to 35% and through columbus day, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic,
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at sleep train's inventory clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a woman vanished from a bay area hospital over two weeks ago and now it looks like her body was there the whole time. >> i just don't have words for how many questions that raises for san francisco general. >> when the government shutdown happened, the cliff house went above and beyond it stay open. they were closed over a very busy weekend. they came up with an idea, re- open. >> all was good again until the government ordered them to close. >> i think she is the single best qualified person in the end tire world for this job.
6:00 am
>> a bay area woman up for one of the most powerful jobs in the world. the head of the federal reserve. >> would you believe that this is still on store shelved? >> you're kidding me. >> tainted chickens sickened hundreds but no recall and this strain of salmonella is particularly hard to treat. >> from across the bay to around the world -- >> we can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy. >> -- the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> scherzer has done it again! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's wednesday, october 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing now at 6:00, several people had to evacuate their homes when a fire started at a berkeley fourplex. this is near san pablo avenue. it started around midnight at the top floor. the man who lives there went to every unit, banged on the doors and told people to get out. one evacuee


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