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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 10, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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so definitely need to grab a sweater, maybe a very light jacket. but you won't need it by this afternoon. it looks like a very pleasant comfortable day. look at that. temperatures going to be anywhere from one to five degrees higher and then we are warmer still for the weekend. stay tuned for the seven-day forecast coming up. if you are about to head to work or school here's a look at drive times. overall in the clear. westbound 580 only 14 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. they weren't able to locate whatever that debris was approaching north livermore avenue. it is now out of our chp reports. the nimitz freeway freeway clear all the way towards downtown. that overnight roadwork should be picked up now and westbound 80 is a quick trip from the carquinez bridge to the maze. check check silicon valley ride here's a look at westbound 237 no problems towards sunnyvale. and we'll show you a live look at the nimitz freeway. near the observations coliseum everything was quiet but, of course, traffic conditions could pick up later on this
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evening. game time 5:00. that's traffic. back to you. >> some breaking news now out of libya where prime minister ali zeidan has been released just hours after he was kidnapped at gunpoint. he is already back at work, too. this video shows zeidan arriving at his office. earlier today an arab network got this image as gunmen took him from a tripoli hotel. it's believed the kidnapping was in retaliation for a weekend raid by u.s. special forces that captured a libya al qaeda suspect. contract talks for bart go down to the wire. bay area commuters are fed up. our exclusive poll finds that three-quarters of bay area adults oppose the strike by union workers. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the walnut creek bart station with growing support for a move to stop strikes by transit workers statewide. >> reporter: that cooling-off period ends at 11:59 tonight. we don't know if there is going to be a strike.
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the unions have not given their 72-hour notice. but they are not required to do so. so that means a strike is still a possibility as soon as tomorrow morning's commute. with the haggling continuing into the night, commuters are tense, torn and at the mercy of a looming bart strike. our exclusive kpix 5/surveyusa poll found that 44% of respondents think bart management has made a better case than the unions. what's more, 53% of those surveyed think california law needs to change to ban transit strikes altogether. >> obviously, as a commuter it's inconvenient. and it's put a damper on my commute. the powers that actually shut down transportation really cripple a city, it seems to be out of step. >> reporter: such bans are already in place in new york, chicago, d.c. and here in the bay area. >> even in san francisco you cannot have a transit strike.
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>> reporter: orinda city councilman steve glazer who is running for the assembly is gathering signatures in support of a statewide ban on transit strikes. back to the negotiating table today for the two sides in this disagreement. and last night they broke with some harsh words for each other. here's what the unions had to say. >> instead of focusing on the negotiations table, bart management has already placed deposits towards buses that will be used to transport a minimal amount of passengers during a strike. >> reporter: and we'll have more about that coming up in the 6:00 hour. right now live at the walnut creek bart station, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> bart is trying to decide what kind of seats passengers will be sitting on in the coming years. riders are testing out various seats for the future bart trains. some wondered about the timing of the seat testing. >> i don't know why they are doing this right before the strike. seems like a little bit of a
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public relations move. >> the new seats will be made of 74% recyclable materials and they will have easy-to-clean surfaces. happening today, there is a sliver of hope for a possible breakthrough in the federal government shutdown. lawmakers have one week before the u.s. runs out of money to pay our bills. cbs news' susan mcginnis reports there is a chance the government will avoid a default. reporter: house republicans will meet behind closed doors this morning to reportedly consider a short-term increase of the country's borrowing limit. the deal would buy time to negotiate a larger deficit reduction bill. a delegation of gop house members will then head to the white house to meet with president obama. >> i think talking will end up yielding a much better outcome. >> reporter: minority leader nancy pelosi says democrats are open to a short-term deal but -- >> we haven't heard any offer of a short-term one way or another. >> reporter: president obama has indicated he would welcome
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a short-term solution to the debt limit problem but he says negotiations for a longer deal can happen only after congress funds the government. >> i don't understand and i don't think most americans understand why do you need to shut down the government in order to have a negotiation? >> reporter: but while conservatives appear willing to negotiate over the debt ceiling, many say they still want changes to obamacare before they agree to re-open the government. >> how can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work? >> reporter: house republicans have been passing a series of bills to open parts of the government. senate democrats want one bill to re-open all of it. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> some safety advocates say the shutdown is putting lives and property at risk because auto recalls and investigations of safety defects have been put on hold. the national highway traffic safety administration had to furlough employees who investigate safety complaints. the shutdown has sent hundreds of silicon valley
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workers home until further notice and many are expressing their frustration. >> we need to let them know argue your politics in d.c. but open the government now! >> we want to work! we want to work! >> nasa ames employees showed up at moffett field yesterday to protest the furloughs. more than 1100 workers there were sent home last week. and in livermore, 6500 contract employees at the lawrence livermore lab could be furloughed on october 21. the shutdown has put a halt to benefits to families of u.s. servicemen killed in the line of duty but now a private group is filling the void. the family of a local service woman is among those. lieutenant jennifer moreno was killed in afghanistan. she was honored yesterday. friends and family are thankful the fisher house found days has stepped up to pay the death benefits the government has
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not. >> thank god the fisher house has stepped up and has provided money for the families to be able to -- to receive the body and everything, but it's kind of assinine. >> moreno was among four soldiers killed in sunday's attack. governor brown has ordered flags at the state capital be flown at half-staff in her honor. foster farms faces a deadline today. address the salmonella outbreak or three central valley plants will be shut down. the u.s. agricultural department has threatened to close the plants unless the company presents a plan to address the problem. foster farms has not recalled any of its chicken products. they are still in stock at many stores. kpix 5's cate caugiran will have more on this story in our next half hour. family and friends of a woman found dead at san francisco general hospital are demanding answers today. 57-year-old lynne spalding disappeared at the hospital grounds nearly three weeks ago. an engineer found her body in a stairwell during a routine
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inspection on tuesday. hospital officials insist they followed protocol once they noticed spalding was missing. >> when she was not found, hospital staff notified the family and the sheriff's department on site. the sheriff searched the campus and did not find her. >> sheriff's department will be conducting a full investigation. hospital administration says they will review the alarm and search procedures. in other bay area news, san francisco police are trying to find a killer. a man was shot to death in the excelsior area about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say a man ran from the area of mission and brazil streets. the investigation tied up traffic and muni transit service for a couple of hours. daphne webb should be celebrating her second birthday today. instead, the oakland toddler remains missing. she disappeared back in july. her father told police someone took her from his parked suv. a candlelight vigil will be held today at 4:00 at the corner of 79th and international boulevard in
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oakland, the same spot where daphne went missing. coming up at 5:08, no homework until the fifth grade? wow! one bay area school says it works. the unusual teaching techniques having a whole lot of success. plus -- >> i'm tired of trying to educate you and you guys resist every step of the [bleeping] way! >> a teacher on a tirade. cell phone video catches her profanity-laced rant during class. >> it wasn't quite the thrill they were expecting. riders get stuck on an orlando roller coaster. why the park says the ride worked as it was supposed to. >> and this will be a great at a to head outside. pleasant temperatures, mild weather and lots of sunshine. it will be a great day to head outside. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> in the meantime, everything is on time for bart, 33 trains. we'll have the rest of the morning commute after this break.
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ride. nobody was injured. they waited a while. a roller coaster is trending. also trending right now diana nyad, the endurance swimmer who raised more than $84,000 to benefit victims of superstorm sandy. lamar odom the nba star turned free agent pleaded not guilty to dui. jonas brothers, the band has canceled their latest tour due to a deep rift. i'm sorry, frank, i know you love them. and gold out! check this out. gold out which hey we're getting in the spirit here with our green and gold towels. roberta is out live at the coliseum. we have our towels out. we're ready. >> reporter: you got your towels out? >> yes. >> reporter: the rally towels. i want to see them swing. >> there you go. >> in unison. >> go a's! >> reporter: i'll get my a's jersey on for the next weather segment, guys. i got to tell you, i was always proclaimed i'm one of the biggest a's fans in the world since i was a little girl. i remember being on the field for the world series when the
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loma prieta earthquake hit, as well. now here i am this morning, the first fan outside coliseum. you see it behind me here. what you also see next to is oracle stadium. now, let me set the stage for you people. tonight we have the pink concert. it is sold out. so about 18, 19,000 people will be arriving for that wonderful show. another show going on in town is the game 5 of the american league division series championship. we have at least 43 to 45,000 people anticipated so altogether roughly 65,000 people will be right here at the same exact spot in about 12 hours from now. if you are heading out the door, go straight from work to the game what you can an tis eight a game time temperature of 68 degrees. sunshine and light breeze under 10 miles per hour. at the end of the game the temperature would be down in the 60s. out the door this morning,
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getting ready for work getting the kids off to school, expect temperatures in the 50s across the board. we have a few clouds and slight breeze up to 10 miles per hour. later this afternoon, it will pan out to be just slightly warmer than yesterday which was the coolest date workweek anywhere between one and five degrees warmer. we'll have a few clouds but overall mostly sunny skies. a good-looking fall day. satellite image does show that area of low pressure that dumped a dusting of snow throughout the greater lake tahoe area, also the yosemite valley. it is now all the way due south after dumping copious amounts of rainfall up to .75" in the los angeles basin and san diego area leaving us with .05" rain. it's out of here! high pressure is building in. it's providing perfect baseball weather for today. as far as your numbers are concerned, 60s at the beaches, 60s, 70s across the bay to mid- to high 70s inland. the seven-day forecast, pretty benign. gradual warming each and every day with a dry weather pattern.
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we are in oakland outside coliseum the first fan to arrive today. oh, yeah, i have to tell you as you're going to be coming out here, everybody is encouraging bart. but remember, bart may be going on strike at midnight so if this game goes into extra innings you have to get home earlier. reporting outside of the coliseum, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> thank you, roberta. that's right. we're on the bart theme. she mentioned it. we got a pink concert. we got the a's game. a lot going on tonight over in oakland. so bart trains may be packed. right now everything is on time. in fact, they have more than 35 trains and they are all good to go so if you are using it to get to work in morning, everybody is pretty quiet. but, of course, all eyes are on bart because of the potential strike at midnight. here's a live look outside. 880 in oakland. cruising along towards downtown oakland. all the overnight roadwork has been picked up, cleared. san mateo bridge traffic at the speed limit only 13 minutes to hayward to the other side on the high-rise.
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westbound 580 beginning to slow. i want to show you some sensors coming out of tracy on 205. picks up past north flynn towards the dublin interchange. everything looks great westbound 580 looks good towards 238 and the castro valley y. all mass transit on time including your ferries, caltrain and ace train number one getting no delays right now out of the central valley. that's the latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. new this morning, this year's nobel prize in literature goes to canadian writer alice munroe. the swedish camped which selects nobel winners called her a master of contemporary short story. the 2013 nobel announcements continue tomorrow with the nobel peace prize followed by the economics prize on monday. a l.a. sign of the loses it and l.a. teacher loses it and it's caught on video. [ yelling and cursing ]
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>> a student recorded it at a high school and turned it over to the higher ups. >> it's unprofessional. it's not what you should be doing teaching children. that's not how to talk to other people. >> i'm surprised. kind of strange to hear from a teacher. >> that teacher's name hasn't been released. she says she had a weak moment and the student who recorded it had been badgering her in front of the class. the teacher is on paid leave while the school district kind of sorts that thing out. private school in oakland is coming up with innovative ways to maximize its students' learning. >> one way is not assigning homework and it seems to be working. and as you can imagine, the kids love it and so do we. and that's what makes beacon day school this week's "cool school." reporter: >> the classroom, friends, everybody is so nice.
5:19 am
>> reporter: there are many reasons beacon day school is cool but the coolest is no homework until the fifth grade. >> there's not a lot of time for family time. we think it's important that families have family time and not spend it fighting over homework. >> reporter: the idea, not to get the student burned-out on homework now so it's not such a chore later. >> when they get to fifth grade they're excited about homework because, wow, this is what the big kids do. >> you get to try something new that you haven't done for five years. >> reporter: it helps the school on a year-round schedule so instead of 180 days, the in- classroom work is spread out over 225 days. >> i think it's pretty cool because i wouldn't want to be a kid that had a really, really long summer break because i really, really like school. >> if i had like a month off to celebrate, i would not like it. >> reporter: it may sound
5:20 am
strange, but that's how much they love it here. [ music ] >> reporter: every one of the 140 students from preschool through 8th grade takes music and dance and performs throughout the year. the arts are central to the education here so by design, the music, dance an art rooms are all in the center of the school while the classrooms surround them. and instead of a traditional library, books line the hallways and checkout is on the honor system. >> i just stop in the hallway sometimes and look at a book, read it, a little bit of it. it feels like you have a responsibility to bring it in and stuff and get it done and lots of fun to do. >> reporter: learning responsibility and independence sets these students up for future success. >> if we have them excited about it, engaged, challenged, then, yeah, they want to continue. >> well, what is cool about your school? you can emailer nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
5:21 am
that is a really "cool school." >> no kidding. no homework? where was that about 30, 40 years ago, huh? 5:20. train versus big rig. the major accident all caught on cam. and i'm dennis o'donnell. you are the a's skipper. do you go with the veteran or the rookie pitcher in tonight's game 5? we have the answer. and gave 5 between the pirates and cardinals. who will go on to face the dodgers? coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pipes and it's stuck on at a railroad crossing. here comes a train... slams right into the big rig. those huge pipes went flying everywher the train carried the flat video from midland texas. this 18-wheeler carrying pipes stung at a railroad crossing and here comes the train t slams right into the big rig and those huge pipes as you can see they just went flying. it carried the truck a half mile down. no injuries. >> good morning, everybody. we are just hours away from the first pitch of game 5 between the tigers and the a's. did they go with bartolo colon or sonny gray for game 5? bob melvin goes with the 23-year- old rookie sonny gray who beat detroit's line-up in game 2, hoping he will do the same tonight. the tigers go with justin verlander, who eliminated the a's a year ago in game 5 at the
5:25 am
coliseum. it's been 40 years since the a's have won an elimination game for both teams. cardinals fans hoping their team make it to the nlcs for the third straight year. david freeze gets the cardinals on the board in the second inning, two-run home run into the pirates bullpen. all cards all evening. big matt adams crushes in one into the st. louis sky in the bottom of the 8th. two-run shotput the game away. wainwright struck out six, gave up one run. the st. louis cardinals will face the dodgers in the nlcs. they beat the pirates 6-1. the earthquakes keep their play-off hopes alive and pick up three points. chris wand allow ski heads it in from shea salinas. the quakes beat the rapids 1- nil. sports on location tonight from the coliseum. hopefully it will be a champagne celebration for your oakland athletics. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you at tonight.
5:26 am
let's hope so, dennis. play of the day pittsburg starling marte robbed the cardinals' matt carpenter. great grab but they lost. cards go on to play the dodgers in the nlcs. it is 5:26. the cooling-off period nears an end as tempers flare. why the bart unions are accusing management of pulling the rug from underneath them. >> and a 49ers standout in trouble again. his growing rap sheet includes a wild house party. what he forced everyone to do before coming in. >> foster farms says it's not recalling chicken products this after a salmonella outbreak was linked to its company's processing plants. the threat from the usda that could shut them down.
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the threat from the u-s-d-ao foster farms: fix your the your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. contaminated chicken is still on your shelves. a threat from the usda to foster farms, fix the problem or shut down. >> a looming strike and a war of words. what bart unions are accusing management of now and how the bay area is responding. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it's either go big or stay home. it's a's play-off action and we have the weather forecast with your pinpoint outlook. >> and so far no big hot spots on the roads. we are starting to see a few brake lights just beginning through antioch. we'll have the latest travel times coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 10. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:30 your time. developing news. santa rosa police officers have
5:31 am
surrounded a home on sedgemore drive. they are apparently responding to a shooting there. a s.w.a.t. team was called out at 11:30 last night. we have calls into to the police department. we'll bring you the information when we get it. the federal government is trying to stop a salmonella outbreak. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us from the newsroom. three plants here in california could be shut down. >> reporter: that's right. today is the day the usda gave foster farms four days to tell them how the company plans to pictures problem or be shut down. meanwhile, there is no recall on the chicken and some stores here still have it on the shelves. foster farms claims there is a new plan. but until anyone knows what that is the chicken is still on your grocery store shelves. we shot this video at a supermarket in san francisco last night. this is raw chicken from foster farms directly from three
5:32 am
processing plants that have been identified by the fda as having been contaminated with salmonella. according to foster farms, it is, quote, responding with new and already implemented practices in the affected plant. a usda spokesman says they couldn't confirm the corrective action plan had been submitted. still, foster farms says they aren't recalling the chicken. >> we don't need to treat our food like toxic waste. it's surprising they wouldn't recall it. >> reporter: instead, the company is telling customers to cook it thoroughly. the usda sampled raw chicken in the three facilities and found strains of salmonella linked to the outbreak. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> so far 278 people in 18 states got sick from eating chicken with salmonella. 77% of those affected are here in california. san francisco 49ers linebacker aldon smith is now charged with three felonies in connection with an out-of- control party in the east san
5:33 am
jose foothills. it happened last year at smith's six-bedroom, 8200- square-foot home. he forced them to pay to get into his house. some party-goers began fighting and someone fired a shot into the garage. santa clara county prosecutors say that prompted smith to fire shots in the air in an attempt to clear the crowd. i didn't know what it was. what was that noise? i figured was gunshots. >> two people were shot and smith himself was stabbed. smith is currently in a rehabilitation center in connection with drunk driving charges from last month. bart contract talks resume today at noon just 12 hours before the end of the cooling- off period that has kept workers from walking off the job. our kpix 5/surveyusa poll taken last night finds that 75% of bay area adults oppose a strike by the union workers. more than half say state law should ban strikes by transit workers. >> obviously, as a commuter it's inconvenient and it's put
5:34 am
a damper on my commute. >> the powers to shut down transportation cripple a city seems to be out of step. >> bart unions say management withdrew an offer this week but management says that's not what happened. it was a miscommunication involving a mediator. san jose police officers have overwhelmingly rejected the city's offer of a 3% raise. only 2 officers voted in favor. 954 voted against it. the police officers association says a 6% raise is needed if the city wants to prevent more officers from leaving for other agencies. officers have been leaving san jose at a rapid pace recently since citywide budget cuts reduced pay and benefits. >> city leaders need to take this public safety crisis seriously and need to offer san jose police officers a wage that will keep them working here in san jose. >> a city spokesman says councilmembers will meet soon to talk about the situation. today the public will get
5:35 am
its first look at the new, improved mcenery convention center in downtown san jose. the ribbon-cutting was held a couple of weeks ago but today is the open house. people can go inside and see the results of the $130 million project. the center was a bit too small for the nation's tenth largest city. so 125,000 square feet of meeting space was added so the facility could be more competitive. and police at uc-berkeley are searching for a suspected prowler who may be stealing laptops from classrooms there. they just released this photo from the north side of their campus. police say the man has been seen wandering inside campus buildings with his phone at his ear. they think he is faking a phone conversation while looking for a chance to take advantage of an unlocked office and lab. city of san carlos is thinking about sending $250,000 -- spending $250,000 to investigate whether pg&e's pipeline is safe. it was shut off city officials received internal emails about
5:36 am
external corrosion and cracks in a pipe. today the california public utilities commission ordered pg&e to keep the gas line out of service until safety concerns are finally addressed. it is 5:36 right now. let's go back out to roberta at the oakland coliseum. are you ready? >> ho ho! >> reporter: i'm so ready. i have to say, i have always prided myself on the fact that i'm usually the last to leave a party like the last to leave a baseball game? this time, this morning, i am the first to arrive! >> good for you. >> reporter: we are outside -- yeah right. there's a lot of activity here already. we have trucks going in and out. not only do we have a baseball game at 5:07. game 5 of the american league division series is the deciding game but right next door at oracle arena we have the pink concert. 65,000 people will be here later today. make plans because boy will we have some traffic problems. elizabeth will be along with
5:37 am
that. but right now you have big-time problems heading out and you don't have a jacket because it is cool in santa rosa. 47 degrees. otherwise, mid-50s currently in vallejo. low 50s in san francisco. it's currently 54 in oakland. the winds are slight. have an area of low pressure digging to the south allowing high pressure to build in. so all those clouds will work their way out of here leaving us with temperatures today one to five degrees warmer than yesterday. we are talking about 67 degrees in san francisco. low 70s in san jose. mid-70s in the tri-valley. 3 degrees below normal. let's take a look at the forecast for today. numbers low 60s at the coast to mid- to high 60s across the bay to mid-70s inland. repeat performance friday and then over the weekend a gradual warming trend all the way through the seven-day forecast. again, we are live outside coliseum. no traffic problems as of yet from this point of view. but later today elizabeth, what are you recommending, bart? >> i think the bart trains will be packed too.
5:38 am
it's going to be really crowded. a lot of fun out there but not so fun if you are in a traffic jam. 880 is going to be a mess. the pink concert, a's, a lot going on later on tomorrow. right there during the heart of the evening commute. right now though beer hotspot- free. it's quiet for the morning commute. here's a live look at the sensors coming through the altamont pass. typical stuff one of our slowest drive times nothing unusual going on there just the usual commuter traffic. past the vasco road exit everything picks up heading towards 680 and the dublin interchange. highway 4 pretty busy, as well. we are now seeing red sensors pop up. the red ones mean speeds are under 25 miles per hour. so that usual bottleneck right there as you approach "a" street. 880 in oakland, this is what roberta was talking about, near the oakland coliseum, it could get really stacked up around game time 5:00. otherwise though for right now everything is quiet because we picked up that overnight roadwork approaching the downtown oakland exit. bart systemwide on time we got
5:39 am
more than 35 trains all on schedule. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you >> thank you. 5:39. retired police officer opened fire on a west virginia courthouse. police say thomas picard unloaded more than a dozen shots at the building before officers were able to return that fire. picard was killed in the exchange. three other people received minor injuries from flying debris. officers are now trying to figure out why he did it. trial for accused colorado movie theater shooter james holmes could take more than half a year. a judge said yesterday jury selection could last three months and the trial four to five months longer. holmes is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. 12 people were killed, 70 more were wounded in last year's shooting. new this morning, a new poll shows people are not happy about the government's new health insurance marketplaces. 7% of americans that's more than 20 million people have tried to sign up for insurance through the exchanges. 75% say they have had problems.
5:40 am
only 7% say the signup went well. a new law expands a list of people who can perform an abortion. governor brown signed a bill into law allowing nurse practitioners, midwives and physician assistants to perform abortions during the first pry messster of pregnancy to help women in rural areas where there are not enough doctors. it puts women's health at risk, according to critics. president obama meets with 20 republicans in an effort to make progress towards ending the partial government shutdown. yesterday the president met with house democrats continuing to push for a funding bill to re-open the government and increase the debt ceiling before the deadline, which is one week from today. but the president won't accept a budget plan that includes changes to its healthcare reform program, something house republicans insist needs to be included. a new "associated press" poll shows there's plenty of blame to go around for the mess. 52% surveyed said president obama is not doing enough.
5:41 am
63% say republicans are at least partly at fault. and 68% say the shutdown is a major problem for the country but 4 out of 5 americans say they have not personally felt the impact. south carolina man has taken it upon himself to keep washington's war memorials in shape during the shutdown. armed with a leaf-blower and other tools he calls himself the memorial militia. he has been maintaining key sites around the national mall ahead of the weekend's million vet march. he said he will keep it up until the shutdown is over. lost in the political drama is the fact that we are in the middle of financial planning week. as lawmakers fight about the nation's financial future, it's a good time to take control of your own financial life and cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has helpful hints. where do we start, jill? >> reporter: according to the financial planning association, everything centers on how much you spend. no, you don't have to do a budget.
5:42 am
but how about tracking your expenses? you can use a software program like quicken, an app like, spreadsheets. i'll take an old-fashioned legal pad. but without determining how much money is coming in and going out today, it's tough to do any future financial planning. try to pay down out standing consumer debt like credit cards and auto loans and establish an emergency cash reserve fund. 6 to 12 months of your expenses. i know that's tough but, boy, when you need it you're going to be happy it's there. >> that's for sure. what about retirement? >> reporter: you really have to figure out where you stand by crunching some numbers. that can seem a little scary. i like to choose to say ballpark estimate. find that online. you will have to plug in variables. inflation of 4% higher than it is now but we want to be conservative. rate of investment return, maybe 4 or 6%. and here's the tough one. it they always ask you for life
5:43 am
expectancy. i say i don't know when i'm going to die. so if you're younger than 50, use 95. if you are over 50, use the age of 90. >> you know, that's something we don't think about but if you leave this world, you got a lot of stuff going on after you leave so i guess you have to think about that, too, right? >> absolutely. i know, there's so many people who say oh, my new year's resolution is estate planning and here it is october, you haven't done it yet. so contact an attorney. prepare that will, a power of attorney and a healthcare proxy. you know, in honor of financial planning week, there's a lot of people who are saying, you know, i just don't even know how to pick a financial advisor. so on i have the 10 questions to ask potential advisors, brokers or insurance salesmen before you hire them. >> all right. sounds good. jill schlesinger, thank you so much. 5:43. a stinky surprise.
5:44 am
the shocking discovery found inside a berkeley mailbox that will have you sailing, yuck! >> plus, a low tech method for detecting alzheimer's. how researchers say it may be as simple as smelling peanut butter. >> images of marilyn monroe like you have never seen before. the plastic surgery the legendary beauty had done coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:45 am
crisp, fall rocky mountain air makes an epic journey,
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to a year in prison. dan sandler was known as "el elmo"... bec a man known for harassing people in san francisco has been sentenced it a year in prison. dan sandler was known as evil elmo because he dressed as the sesame street character while bothering people in san francisco as well as new york city. yesterday, sandler was sentenced after pleading guilty to extortion. he was accused of threatening to publicize false information about the girl scouts unless the organization gave him $2 million. well, human waste is found in several u.s. postal mailboxes in south berkeley. last month someone dumped human waste inside this box on adeline street. it was removed and the mailbox was cleaned but the mail was tagged as hazardous and sent to a processing plant so some mail never got delivered. a second box has been replaced. the post office says there isn't much they can do to stop that problem. a volvo station wagon
5:48 am
somehow got stuck halfway up a power pole on claremont avenue in berkeley. producer agrees rosenbloom send in the photo. i'm sure announce has gotten a phone call or two. 5:48. let's check traffic and weather. elizabeth has our "kcbs traffic" report. outside we go. we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's where a lot of commuters are heading this morning and today, it looks like those delays are beginning in the far right cash lanes. if you are a fast track user it looks good across the span into san francisco. bart all trains are on time on the eve of a potential bart strike. all eyes are on the bart commute. this is a great morning to use it. there's no delay especially in the downtown san francisco stops. this is one accident we have been watching. it sounds like a car hit a deer. couple of lanes blocked southbound 280 approaching black mountain road so heads up
5:49 am
if your commute takes you across the area. northbound 101 and 280 free and clear throughout the downtown san jose exits including up and down the guadalupe parkway. and once again a live look outside san mateo bridge westbound 92 still moving at the speed limit out of hayward on the flat side of the span. and westbound 580 probably our busiest drive time right now up to about 21 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. clear past vasco road. let's go live to super fan roberta. she is outside and looks like a jersey is keeping you warm this morning. >> reporter: yeah, my jersey is keeping my very warm. currently in the 50s. look at this. i got this from the a's about 15 years ago. colon will not be taking the
5:50 am
mound for the a's, instead sonny gray. every weather girl in america loves the name sonny gray. so couple of weeks ago i interviewed him in the locker room and i asked sonny about that. i said do your parents have a wicked sense of humor to name you sonny gray, he said, yes, ma'am, they kind of do. he is from great nashville, great manners. i asked him if he wanted to our celebrity weathercaster, he said, yes, ma'am, that would be mighty nice. justin verlander take a look at the coliseum in the background. there's already activity going on trucking in things in and out. meanwhile, out the door, for work or getting the kids off to school today, temperature-wise they are pretty much in the 40s a few clouds and a slight breeze under 10. later today you can anticipate on highs anywhere from the 60s at the beaches through the bay to the 70s in our inland areas. it will be one to five degrees
5:51 am
warmer than yesterday. reason is, this. satellite image shows area of low pressure that dipped through the bay area yesterday now well south high pressure expanding and building in and we are in store for a gradual warming trend through the weekend. today's highs, let's pinpoint your neighborhood forecast from the 60s at the beaches, mid-60s and low 70s, bayside to 70s across the peninsula. mid-70s in our inland areas. it is still slightly below average for this time of the year. by 5 degrees in san jose. your extended forecast, gradual, the key forecast, gradual warming every day with a benign weather pattern and no rain in the immediate forecast. michelle and frank, i know you're aware of this but for those at home not again, we're expecting 45,000 people at the baseball game tonight right next door to oracle arena it's the pink concert with 19,000 people. it's sold out, as well. 65,000 people will be right here in oakland. we're talking about taking mass transit. bart if possible. but if this game goes into extra innings there's a
5:52 am
possibility that bart could strike at midnight. so what do you do? >> you plan ahead. >> or watch it on tv. [ laughter ] >> thank you, roberta. a simple sniff test may be one of the cheapest methods to diagnose alzheimer's. researchers at the university of florida are using peanut butter. they have people smell it and then measure when they smelt it. they found people with a confirmed diagnosis of early stage alzheimer's could smell it fine with their right nostril and not their left. >> hm. a truly scrumptious stroller by heidi klum earned one of the worst ratings from consumer reports. the group gave it a do not buy rating after the safety buckle unlatched during several impact tests. consumer reports rated more than 100 strollers and says this model is the only one with a safety harness that failed to stay latched. the stroller sells for 220 bucks at babies 'r us.
5:53 am
marilyn monroe fans have an opportunity to get their hands on bizarre items. her x-rays, a file of doctors notes and six x-rays. they are on auction next month. the reports appear to confirm speculation that she had a chin implant and a nose job. the items are expected to go for 15 to $30,000. look good on your wall? >> maybe not. 5:53. nice curve. samsung debuts a new mobile device that looks different. >> and starbucks has a special message for congress. wake up and smell the coffee. the shutdown special it's now offering. and you could save hundreds."
5:54 am
5:55 am
customers with a new smart e feature... a curved screen. the new "galaxy round" has a fi ay. samsung is try to lure in customers with a new smartphone feature. it is a curved screen.
5:56 am
the new galaxy round has a 5.7" display. it debuts today in korea. samsung hasn't said it will be available in the states. this unveiling comes in the same week rival lg said it's developing a smartphone with a flexible curved screen. starbucks is helping people during the government shutdown. through friday, if you buy a drink for a fellow customer, you will get a free tall brewed coffee. it's part of the company's new pay it forward campaign which aims to help fellow citizens support one another in this challenging time. >> take note. >> yes. we're going to starbucks. and someone give this guy a free coffee, he is clearly not happy about the shutdown. maybe he is. the elk has the run of yellowstone national park which is of course shut down. coming up on kpix 5, foster farms faces a critical deadline today as the government tries to stop a salmonella outbreak. the threat from the usda that
5:57 am
could shut them down. >> reporter: at this time tomorrow bart could be on strike. we'll look at the where the negotiations stand. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
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come on, let's support pink. looks good, doesn't it? it was the best party that i have ever seen. then i realized what happened. >> a party in 49ers superstar aldon smith's multi-million dollar mansion turns into a gun battle. >> contaminated chicken left on store shelves even after hundreds of californians have gotten sick. >> the usda threatens to withdraw inspectors shutting the plant down if foster farms dom come up with a plan how the company will deal with the salmonella outbreak. >> commuters are tense, torn and at the mercy of a looming bart strike. >> obviously, as a commuter, it's inconvenient. >> our exclusive kpix 5/surveyusa poll finds 75% of bay area adults oppose the strike by union workers. >> how a woman was missing for 17 days in san francisco general hospital? >> there are more ti


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