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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 10, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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those surveyed favor bart over the unions. >> reporter: riders worry this could be their last bart ride for some time if there's a strike. >> i just wish they would come to some kind of agreement and just settle it. >> reporter: our exclusive poll shows the public does not support a strike or the union's demands. asked which side has made the better case for its position, management or workers, management takes a double-digit lead with 44%. >> i don't support either. >> reporter: and then there are riders like susan who have had enough with both sides. >> i think they are acting like children and they need to start growing up and start acting like adults. >> reporter: pollsters also asked in order to avoid a strike, should workers accept management's offer or vice versa? this person takes the workers' side saying he would sacrifice the convenience of bart to support the workers' cause. >> i don't mind it for the
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welfare of the workers. i don't mind my obstructions. >> reporter: but most people disagree. 54% say workers should accept management's offer and kahlil eden gives his reason why. >> because you getting paid enough to make it so far. maybe you should get another job or go part time. >> reporter: tough words but with a second strike looming, many riders are tired of figuring out a plan b to get around the bay area. the poll shows many will drive likely clogging up the roads. only 11% will work from home. if bart strikes, alex says he will take a shuttle but isn't going to like it. >> you guys need to get your act together. fix this and don't go on strike. >> reporter: so we did a similar poll all the way back in august on this looming bart strike. honestly, the dial hasn't moved all that much since then. even back then, the majority of people favored management over
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the bart workers. live in fremont, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> we'll have continuing coverage of the strike threat on and right here on kpix 5 as well including another live report that's coming up at 6:30 with the very latest on the ongoing negotiations. tomorrow, we will have a special extended edition of our kpix 5 morning show because of that possible strike and our coverage will begin a half hour earlier for you at 4 a.m. pacific time. we have a traffic alert right now for this evening's commute. an injury accident backing up traffic eastbound across the bay bridge. block at the berkeley curve. faculty and staff at a bay area university will not cover abortions and others could follow suit. mark sayre is live in santa clara with why those affected are so upset. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, this letter from the university president said, after reviewing
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the affordable care act and also california law, the university is allowed to drop abortion coverage from its insurance plans. there are 1600 faculty and staff members at santa clara university impacted by this change. but cast in the shadow of a national debate about healthcare reform, history professor nancy unger says those affected should have had input. >> people have strong feelings on both sides of this issue. but many of us are upset. >> reporter: professor unger says for her family, this will also be a change that is very personal. >> my daughter, for example, is on my insurance plan. she is 20 years old. and so she will be on my plan for the next six years. >> reporter: last week, the university president sent this letter to employees which says, "our core commitments as a jesuit catholic university are not compatible with the inclusion of abortion coverage in the university's health plans. we will continue to cover therapeutic abortions, contraception and other forms
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of reproductive healthcare mandated by the state of california. >> so i find it particularly, uhm, sadly ironic that just as pope francis has been saying stop in his term the obsession with abortion, we see this, you know, taking away of coverage that had been there before. >> reporter: and more changes could be on the way. in a statement, moraga's saint mary's college says, in light of the recent developments at loyola marymount university and santa clara university, the college is reviewing the essential benefits requirement under california law. saint mary's will continue to assess and develop its policies to reflect its commitment to its catholic mission." >> reporter: now, loyola marymount university, that is in southern california, trustees this week decided to eliminate elective abortion coverage for faculty and staff there although in southern california they will be begin an option at their own expense to buy the coverage if they want to. so this is happening in universities all over california and the nation.
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>> do we have any idea, mark, of why all of this is happening now? is it everything to do with obamacare? >> reporter: the short answer is we don't know. i can tell you what was said here at scu. they said that there's a fresh review of the plans under way and they also cited some teachings by pope francis to engage in what he called difficult dialogue over these sensitive subjects such as abortion. so that's as close as we can get to the answer of specifically why you know why all these universities at the same time. we just don't know. >> thank you. san francisco is famous for its bare knuckles politics and a november ballot fight unofficially kicked off today as allen martin shows us. it's already getting a little nasty. >> i believe that yes on b offers a sweet deal for the city. >> reporter: that was the message inside the yes on b headquarters today. outside, the message was quite different. >> no on b and c! >> reporter: prop b looks to be the end game in a seven-year fight over a waterfront
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development called 8 washington, a 134-unit luxury condo project that would be built on the site of a private health club and the small parking lot. >> replacing a fence and a parking lot well designed project that will have retail, that will have pedestrian amenities, is exactly what this part of the waterfront needs. >> reporter: one objection has been that prop b gives developers an exemption from the city's 84-foot waterfront height restrictions. >> they would raise waterfront height limits to twice the height of the old embarcadero freeway that used to block this part of the bay. >> reporter: like so many stories in the bay area these days, this dispute is about wealth and access. and on that point, the two sides see this property very differently. >> i want this is waterfront of our city of san francisco to be accessible to everybody, not just the few and privileged that today we see across the street. it's a private club. >> ultraluxury condos that would cost an average of $5
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million each. who can afford that? >> reporter: they even disagree on what really qualifies as a legitimate park. >> it will create another park space for our children. >> a teeny tiny park they have spent over a million dollars on television ads repeating parks, parks, parks and they really think voters are stupid! >> reporter: the mayor's thoughts on the opposition? >> professional obstructionists. >> reporter: so with 26 days until the vote groups are taking sides in a fight over one very valuable piece of property. >> smart planners, housing and park advocates, bay preservationists. >> democratic party the sierra club, the neighborhood groups. >> reporter: in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> the prop b supporters also point to the money developers would chip in to the city's affordable housing fund. a check for $11 million. san francisco mayor ed lee is ordering an independent investigation in the case of a woman found dead at san francisco general. investigators tell the family spokesman they have already ruled out foul play in the
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death of 57-year-old lynn spalding. spalding was found tuesday in a hospital stairwell after disappearing september 19. the spokesman says the family is grateful for mayor lee's attention to the case. the family is completely seed with the satisfied with the mayor's involvement. [ inaudible ] >> this should not have happened. we all agree and we want to prevent this from ever happening again. >> meanwhile, the family is still waiting to hear back from the coroner about the official cause and time of spalding's death. other bay area headlines tonight, some scary moments for students this morning at san jose state university. police blocked off sweeney hall after a student reported sealing someone with a gun. about 300 students and faculty were locked down in the building for about 2 hours. police arrested a man that
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caused an overnight standoff in santa rosa. a woman told police her husband locked her out of the house then fired shots at her and a locksmith hired to help her get back in her home. police found the suspect hiding in a neighbor's backyard. foster farms faces a huge deadline tonight. cbs reporter andrea menniti says foster farms needs to submit a salmonella plan or the facilities will be shut down. >> reporter: truck after truck come and go from the livingston location, one of three plants linked to the salmonella outbreak. even though tainted chicken has sickened almost 300 people, foster farms has yet to order a recall. manufacturers typically issue recalls voluntarily. if they don't, government agencies can step in. the usda has threatened to pull its inspectors from the plant and two others in fresno, a
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move that would shut down the plants if foster farms doesn't come up with the plan to deal with the salmonella outbreak by the end of the business day. in a statement, foster farms' ceo says we are fully cooperating with food safety and inspection service during the process and are responding with new and already implemented practices in the affected plants. it goes on to say, we have brought in national food safety experts to assess our processes. so far, usda hasn't announced if they have discovered the contamination source. in livingston, andrea menniti, kpix 5. >> some of the chicken has been pulled but other stores are still selling it tonight. so unfortunately, we are so shut down by the government. >> coming up how bay area horses have become victims of the dysfunction in washington. >> we don't have enough information from pg&e to feel that the pipeline is safe. >> how a bay area city is reaching out for help to avoid
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its own pipeline disaster. >> and i'm julie watts in for paul deanno tonight. sunny and mild the story today, is more on the way? i have your forecast coming up after the break. >> want to have the opportunity to see what the neighborhood is like. >> the new trend among prospective bay area homeowners. how they are getting the chance to try before they buy.
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shutdown reaching its 10th - national parks are really suffering the consequences. a new report by the 'coalitn of national park service re parks with the partial government shutdown reaching its tenth day, national parks are suffering the consequences of a new report say national parks are losing $76 million in visitor spending each day the shutdown continues. the report also concludes more than 40,000 nonpark service jobs are at risk at a dozen of
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the busiest national parks. a horse sanctuary within the point reyes national seashore is another victim of the government shutdown. kpix 5 reporter don ford tells us how sadie's haven horse rescue and sanctuary is hanging by a thread to stay afloat during the shutdown. >> reporter: the horse at five brooks ranch a private company are getting restless. it's been 10 days now since they have carried riders on trails in the point reyes national seashore. >> unfortunately, we are slut down by the government right now so we are sitting here every day because we have to be here to feed them, maintain, medicate, clean the horses. we are sitting here losing money every day or the ranch can't survive without customers. it has a reserve built up but that is disappearing. a load every hay arrived this afternoon and -- a load of hay arrived this afternoon and will
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last about 3 months. >> the biggest financial strain we ever experienced. not even september 11 put such a enormous financial strain on us. >> reporter: sally is a regular customer. she went around the park service barriers to visit her favorite horse. and she isn't pleased. >> we have to vote them all out. all out of office. every one of 'em. they're all guilty. >> reporter: it's trickle down business, too. sean tobin is a farrier a guy who shoes horses for a living. horses get shoed no matter what. >> it hasn't been terrible for me yet t depends how long this goes on, you know? >> reporter: andrews says the situation is serious but still manageable for the moment. but he cautions, if the government shutdown continues into november, he could lose the company. at the five brooks ranch, don ford, kpix 5. >> and you can imagine the five brooks ranch is hoping that the shutdown will end quickly before the winter rains start. a house is usually the
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largest purchase people make in their lifetimes but how much time do you spend in it before you make a decision? kpix 5's john ramos on a new idea letting potential home buyers try before they buy. >> you have a formal dining room here. >> reporter: vinnie is helping to sell this home in the small town of kensington north of berkeley. the house had a quarter million dollars in upgrades including hardwood floors and new kitchen. but the street outside is narrow with little parking. and he knows this area might not be for everyone. >> there are buyers now that want to get the feel of the neighborhood since they're from the bay area, they want to come over here and see what's it like, what's oakland like? what's berkeley like? >> reporter: so the sellers are employing a new idea in real estate. they are allowing buyers to make an accepted offer to spend
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time just to get the feel of the place. >> to see if they like the neighborhood. >> reporter: buyers could get feedback from friends or family by holding a dinner and cocktail gathering. the realtor agrees the idea of a tryout would probably be attractive to young social media types. >> i think it would appeal to a small but significant group of people, you know, who are very social, especially if it's an entertaining kind of house. >> reporter: what if the try before buy house isn't in the ideal neighborhood like this one in north oakland? the seller still benefits because a reticent buyer would probably back out sooner meaning a house spends less time off the market. manuen says it's in everybody's interests for there to be no regrets. >> we're offering a test drive on a house. that's what we call it a test drive. >> reporter: think of it as a
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chance to kick the tires on the american dream. in kensington, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the try before you buy concept seems to be catching on with similar options being offered in new york, new jersey, florida and colorado. julie watts in for paul deanno. and this would be a good day to go looking at houses. >> gorgeous. >> very good weekend to look at houses, really for the next week. what you see is what you get. the extended forecast not bad house hunting weather, not bad to do anything outside these days. let's check the current conditions. we are seeing hazy sunshine out there this evening. 69 degrees right now in concord. 64 in oakland, livermore at 71. 60 san francisco, 67 san jose. and santa rosa currently at 64 degrees. as we take a look at the coming days you will notice high pressure building over the next week or so. temperatures will warm above average for this time of year.
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overhead tonight a slight change in the forecast. that is just a few clouds rolling on in. in fact, let's take a look at your pinpoint forecast. i will show those temperatures, up a couple of degrees tomorrow. 64 pacifica. 73 redwood city. 73 san jose. 71 in vallejo. 76 in santa rosa. and 74 in concord tomorrow. mild temperatures just the beginning of a very gradual warmup over the next few days as you can see. tomorrow we'll see temperatures in the low 60s along the coast. upper 60s to low 70s by the bay. and then upper 70s for folks inland. those warmest temperatures inland warming by a couple of degrees each day over the next few days. so looking at temperatures flirting with 80 degrees by sunday. low 80s as we head on into the beginning of your workweek. all in all looking pretty nice through the extended forecast. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, how about the italian heritage parade? 70 degrees in san francisco. you can't beat that kind of weather.
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my guess is there's probably going to be some food. >> love it! >> thanks, julie. fearing a threat about your lid under a neighborhood, how one bay area city is turning to a higher power to try to avoid its own pipeline disaster. >> with less than six hours until the cooling-off period ends the latest on the negotiations to avert a second bart strike. that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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we just learned inspectors not close those foster farm production fac update on a story we brought you a few minutes ago. inspectors will not close those foster farms production facilities linked to a salmonella outbreak. close to 300 people have been sickened but the usda says it will step up inspections and that foster farms has made changes to address the problem. last week a san mateo county judge ordered a natural
6:23 pm
gas pipeline in san carlos to be shut down over concerns about cracks and corrosion but city leaders are still questioning their safety. line 147 runs under busy britain avenue near homes, churches and playgrounds of don knapp on the city's plea to the state public utilities commission now. don. >> reporter: pg&e insists that line 147 has been tested to industry standards and is safe. but san carlos officials say pg&e's own internal memos raise questions that have yet to be answered. not content with pg&e's assurance that the pipe is safe, the san carlos city manager mayor, vice mayor, fire chief, police chief, city attorney and public works director all came to the california public utilities commission for help. >> at this point in time, we >> reporter: the trouble with -- at this point in time, we don't have enough information from pg&e to feel that the pipeline is safe. >> reporter: in the weeks since san carlos leaders were shown an internal e-mail warning of safety concerns with pipeline 147 they have been moving fast
6:24 pm
to shut it down driven by the nightmare possibility of fire and gas erupting from the pipe under britain avenue. like the explosion and fire that killed eight and destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno in september of 2010. san carlos got a court order to shut it down and demanded pg&e inspect and repair the pipe, if necessary. >> i think while the line is shut down, the crisis is over. >> reporter: today officials left the meeting with cpuc say they are encouraged and hope the questions about the pipe will be answered. >> what it's made out of, how old is it, was it damaged by the pressure testing, if so to what extent, and that's going to drive the type of solutions that are available to our community. >> they say that monday night the city goes to the council to ask for $250,000 to hire their own attorneys and engineers to find out what's really going on down there. reporting live in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5.
6:25 pm
>> pg&e told kpix 5 today that they are committed to working with san carlos to win back the public's confidence. coming up in our next half hour, we're about 5 1/2 hours from the end of the cooling-off period. i'm ryan takeo in oakland. we'll bring you the latest from the bart negotiations. coming up. >> 10 days after the start of the government shutdown, the size of a potential compromise to finally end it. -- signs of a potential compromise to finally end it. >> why a bay area police department suffering a shortage of officers is spending millions on roadwork instead of recruits. ,, woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. verge of suffering through a second bart now at 6:30 with just 5.5 hours until the cooling-off period officially ends, we're on the verge of suffering through a second bart strike. bart has a new deal on the table but will it spark a compromise. ryan takeo with word on what's going on inside the negotiations. >> reporter: they have been in the negotiation room for the last five hours and have just gone to dinner. they started about 1:30. the pace of negotiations
6:29 pm
according to union members has been very slow. within the last hour we just talked to a union member and we asked him specifically about tomorrow morning's commute. >> if i had some news i would be telling everybody i could. >> reporter: what needs to happen. we would need to see some significant movement. again, we were getting close tuesday night. we would love to see that kind of movement. and we haven't seen it yet. >> reporter: the unions were talking about what bart says was a miscommunication with the numbers. the unions complained that bart pulled the rug out. either way, we are hours away from that cooling-off period deadline. and there is no deal. but i want to remind you that just in case we do reach that midnight deadline, that's not -- that does not necessarily mean that there will be a strike tomorrow. the unions have said that they would like to give some sort of notice to the public if there is going to be a strike. and we're still waiting for that. we'll continue to stay here all throughout the night and bring
6:30 pm
you the latest as it develops. back to you. >> all right, ryan, thank you. we'll be on scene until negotiations end tonight. stick with kpix 5 and for continuing coverage of the bart strike threat. and tomorrow, we'll have a special extended edition of our kpix 5 morning show because of that possible strike. our coverage begins a half hour earlier at 4 a.m. the news that congress could pull through and raise the debt ceiling in time sparked a huge rally on wall street today. the dow had its second biggest gain of the year adding 323 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 both shot up more than 2%. cbs reporter danielle nottingham joins us now live from washington, d.c., where house republicans and what they are saying was a pretty productive meeting with president obama today. danielle. >> reporter: yeah, ken. they met for 90 minutes at the white house. and house republicans came out
6:31 pm
saying the president didn't tell them no but he also didn't say yes. house republicans returned to the capital after their sitdown with the president without announcing a deal. but they are still working with the white house on a way to end the standoff. >> the president said that he would go and consult with the administration folks and hopefully we can see a way forward. >> reporter: gop leaders took a proposal to the white house that includes extending the government's ability to borrow money until november 22 in exchange for broader budget negotiations. earlier in the day the white house suggested the president was open to the idea. >> a clean bill raising the debt ceiling for six weeks were to hit his desk, he would sign that. >> reporter: the treasury secretary came to capitol hill thursday to warn lawmakers there would be irrevocable damage to the economy if they failed to raise the debt limit by october 17. democrats have concerns about another short term fix. >> for however long it is,
6:32 pm
five, six weeks, then come thanksgiving, we are going to be back in the soup again. >> reporter: republicans say granting a debt limit extension would lead to negotiations to re-open the government. >> we are meeting the president halfway. and we expect him in like manner to respond. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of federal workers have been off the job without pay since october 1st. and senate republicans are expected to meet with the president at the white house tomorrow. live on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, kpix 5. >> danielle, it seems like all eyes are on raising the debt ceiling right now but these are two kind of separate but intertwined issues. what about the shutdown? any word on ending that? >> reporter: and that's where the problem may lie here. the offer that was brought to the president today only sets open a conference to discuss negotiations and budget issues
6:33 pm
to re-open the government. and again, the president's just looking for a clean bill to re- open the government and raise the debt limit. senate democrats are working on some legislation that does that and also today senate republicans have a lot of meetings amongst themselves ahead of this meeting at the white house tomorrow so perhaps they were also talking about a way to get closer to re-opening the government but right now it seems the house republicans are focused just on the debt limit and then having negotiations before they will re-open the government. >> and the strategizes continues on both sides of the aisle. danielle nottingham live in washington, d.c. for us, thank you. money meant to beef up the police force. instead it's going to gravel. why a bay area city in desperate need of police officers is spending millions of dollars instead to pave streets. >> corinthian colleges was actually serving not as an educator but as a predator. >> how the state attorney general says a for profit college is deceiving and preying on low income californians. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:34 pm
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
initially intended. the cit vallejo planned to use that money to put more streets. kpix-5 millions of dollars meant to help a bay area city fight crime isn't going where it was initially intended. the city of vallejo planned to use that money to put more police officers on the streets. da lin on where it's going instead. >> reporter: many people in vallejo say crime is so bad over the years, that they have taken matters into their own hands. >> i have a gun in my bedroom. i lock myself into my bedroom. i have the gun right by my bed. >> reporter: someone kicked down lynndalynn's gate. she said police called it a low priority crime. >> it's like you're living on your own. >> reporter: she knows the department is understaffed but wonders why since the money is there. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: instead of spending the $2.5 million set aside for new officers, the
6:37 pm
city will be paving streets. >> i can't hire the officers fast enough. >> reporter: the chief says there just aren't enough qualified candidates. >> simply saying we can just hire a bunch of people like we're going to hire people to work in mcdonald's tomorrow, it doesn't work. there are a lot of other agencies out there that are looking for police officers and so we're competing with other agencies. >> reporter: the police officers union doesn't buy that explanation. it claims the city could have come up with competitive compensation packages too attract the new officers. >> what's more important, to fill the pothole in the street or put more cops on the street? >> reporter: vallejo has 83 cops today. that's half of what it had before the city went bankrupt five years ago. and folks like lynn say that number has got to go up soon. >> the need is so great, the hell with the streets. >> reporter: in vallejo, i'm da lin. kpix 5. >> in 2011, vallejo voters approved a sales tax increase setting aside the $2.5 million each year for the hiring of new police officers.
6:38 pm
a california-based college sued by the state attorney general. how she says the for the profit school targets and deceives vulnerable californians. >> and october usually brings with it some of the best weather in the bay area all year round. will we live up to our reputation? i have your forecast coming up. ,, ,,,,
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
country.. to court.. over cs of false adverti the state is taking on one of the biggest for-profit colleges in the country to court over claims of false advertising and fraud. julie watts on the expensive toll the career training programs are having on the most vulnerable students. >> you're sitting on the couch watching tv. you want more from your life? >> reporter: the ads promise a better future and steady job but california's attorney general says the for-profit schools behind these ads are actually leaving students worse off. >> in some programs, not one single student obtains a job coming out of that program. >> reporter: so the state filed suit against corinneant
6:42 pm
corinthian colleges accusing it of fraud and deception. >> it was serving not as an educator but as a predator of some of the most vulnerable people in the community. >> reporter: how vulnerable? the suit says corinthians's internal documents describes the school's target consumer as "isolated impatient individuals with low self-esteem who have few people who care about them and their lives" > work in the corporate world with a business degree. >> reporter: the suit accuses the schools of lying about job placement rates even having temp agencies hire some graduates for just a few days. >> as we know being employed with a temporary agency is not permanent employment. >> reporter: the schools are also accused of advertising vocational programs they don't offer and illegally using u.s. military seals in advertising to attract veterans. >> they were targeting our veterans knowing that veterans come with money for their ongoing education. >> reporter: meanwhile,
6:43 pm
corinthians' 27 campuses in california all remain open while students get a lesson that could take a long time to forget. >> the job placement rate they said was 90% if not higher. >> reporter: corinthians says it is disappointed in the suit because the school has been, quote, cooperating with the investigation. now, the attorney general says one goal of the suit is to help current and former students get refunds. we put more resources for students on our web page at >> so students would have to contact the university then if they want the refund. >> reporter: head to our web page for more resources. >> thank you. all options still on the table this hour for bart and its unions. that means come midnight, there could be a strike. we don't have that indication right now. we want to get out to ryan takeo who has been following every step in the negotiations in oakland. still very fluid out there i'm guessing, ryan. >> yeah, definitely, ken.
6:44 pm
in the past 10 minutes, i got off the phone with a bart spokesman. he says that right now both sides are taking a dinner break. he admits that the pace is very slow right now especially considering we're about five hours away from a midnight deadline for the cooling-off period. this bart spokesman says that bart is still presenting a new proposal the we thought that was going to be happening throughout the afternoon but apparently there's been some back and forth. while both sides think that there is enough time to get a deal done, the way it's going right now i'll tell you, i'd be skeptical. talks can continue past midnight though. just because it's the end of the cooling-off period doesn't mean there will be a strike. and the unions say that they would like to give some notice that could be tonight or tomorrow morning's commute but so far, we just talked to one of the union members within the last hour and he said so far there hasn't been a decision made on that. we are going to stay here
6:45 pm
throughout the night. christin ayers is going to take over and she will have updates throughout the evening and at 10:00 and 11:00. back to you. >> all right. i have to give credit to the commuters because they are a lot smarter than both the union in this particular case and bart management. they are going to do what they need to do to make sure they get to work tomorrow. we are going to help them out by providing updates all through the evening until negotiations you say stop tonight. ryan takeo in oakland with the very latest. thank you, ryan. still up in the air on tomorrow morning's commute but the weather is going to be beautiful. >> the weather will not be playing a role in dampening tomorrow morning's commute although it make take you longer to get to work anyway. plenty of sunshine continuing although we'll see a few more clouds overnight and for the first part of tomorrow. let's go ahead and take a look at kpix 5 hi-def doppler. and as you can see, no sign of rain. no sign of rain for the foreseeable future. in fact, as you know, this time of year is really the most beautiful in the bay area. and we are holding that
6:46 pm
tradition. take a look at this. high pressure continuing to build in really over the nex week or so meaning plenty of sunshine. the only change we are really going to see over the next 24 hours a few clouds inland. but for the most part, a little warmer the story tomorrow and continuing on for the next 7 days. futurecast shows some coastal clouds this evening and they will fill in along the coast and by the bay. even making their way through the delta and inland near fairfield and concord tomorrow morning but as we move into the afternoon hours they dissipate quickly and plenty of sunshine for you. temperatures warming up areawide. your pinpoint forecast tomorrow, statewide forecast showing temperatures near 79 degrees in fresno, 77 sacramento, 61 eureka. 62 in lake tahoe. areawide temperatures staying nice and mild for you. and again for the most part inland temperatures topping out in the upper 70s. we are near 70 degrees for the warmest spots by the bay and then a few more clouds along
6:47 pm
the coast low 60s along the coast for you tomorrow. on the weekend bumping the temperatures up by about a degree or so each day as we move on through saturday and on into sunday. even a little more so for early next week. so we're talking low 80s for the warmest spots inland monday and tuesday. and looking at temperatures in the low 80s really continuing through the extended forecast. so plenty of sunshine october really is one of the nicest times of the area here in the bay area and we are living up to our reputation. looking for something to do this weekend? how about the italian heritage parade? 70 degrees and sunny in san francisco. plenty of blue skies. anything you do for this weekend and even on into next week not going to be hampered at all by the weather. we'll have more coming up after the break. ,,,,,,
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a's or tigers tonight... but over where else would he be? dennis o'donnell with our sports report at live tonight. dennis. >> reporter: yeah, ken. it's very, very busy. the a's are playing to my immediate right. and over here, as you can see, i'm appropriately dressed, pink as a concert for pink begins at 7:30. the season is going to end for either the a's or the tigers this evening. but over in the south bay it
6:51 pm
was opening day for the pga tour season. opening up in october as their newest season starts in san martin. not everybody was ready to start the season at cordevalle. only one of the tour's top 30 players in this week's field. jeff overton shot a bogey-free round of 64 giving him a one- shot lead over brian haren. now, they're not going to worry about converting the field here for baseball back to football. the a's are in kansas city a place where they have won 7 straight games. they will be there this sunday. but these chiefs are going to have a much different look with andy reed taking over as head coach and alex smith as quarterback. doesn't that sound familiar? despite being 5-0, alex smith is not getting a ton of the credit for the team's turnaround. >> someone called you a game manager. do you cringe? >> no, i don't pay any
6:52 pm
attention to that stuff. when i was young i probably would have let it. at this point they can call me whatever i want. just trying to get wins. not one to stir the pot, as you know, but smith's numbers this season are better than colin kaepernick's in every major category including rushing yards. well, forget the government shutdown. city hall will be jumping this weekend with a tour return including skateboard, bmx and other competition. these guys get bumps and bruises along the way. >> start with the bottom with broken toes and ligaments, ankles, chipped shinbones, boneout acl, broken wrists, broken arms, broken ribs, broken sternum, fractured skull, fingers, everything here. >> reporter: and yet you keep on coming back. why? >> just can't stop, mate. just a passion, you know? don't really think about the injuries as such. you just think as soon as you get hurt, you just talk about,
6:53 pm
when can i get back on my bike? >> yeah, kids do not try this at home! 5th-ranked stanford picked up right where they left off last season for everybody except their runningback who took last year off. >> i got to be a fan. i got to do, you know, what all the fans did. >> reporter: tyler gaffney went from bruising runningback to spectator when stanford made its run for the roses last season. a backup through his first three seasons on the farm. gaffney decided to leave stanford to pursue his professional baseball career in the pirates organization. >> ten hour bus ride, play a game, go back on the bus, different state. it's a grind but you learn a lot. >> the 1-0 pitch. oh, now it hit him. >> we had a bench clearing moment where, you know, they threw the pitcher threw at me a
6:54 pm
couple times and it was obvious and then, you know, the last time he hit me, you know, i stayed out of it because, you know, i'm not trying to pay any fines for fighting. >> reporter: gaffney was hit 20 times playing baseball last year so he decided to get hit by linebackers instead of pitchers. >> we always figured he would come back. he thought it might take a couple of years and see how far he could go in baseball. but i think he missed it too much. he sent me text message said we need to talk, i knew it was it was. >> reporter: he leads the cardinal with 449 rushing yards, six touchdowns and is finally the man in the cardinal backfield. >> the time was now. you know, getting my degree is a huge aspects and i think that, you know, played out with, you know, we got a pretty good football team here that i could be part of and help contribute to a championship season. >> reporter: stanford trying to keep it perfect. they have utah this weekend. so that's it from the oakland
6:55 pm
coliseum. it's going to be mob. pink starts at 7:30 so no crowd issues. as you know, ken, pink's one -- her biggest song is get the party started. it's not happening with the a's. they are a perfect game so far from justin verlander. >> we're flashing the score. there aren't that many games being played tonight. they are downright now but they are still several innings left and verlander will get hit. don't worry. >> hopefully they can. good news no bart strike tonight so all these people will be able to get out of here, too. >> we'll check with you, denny, throughout the evening for the latest. >> and, of course, we're continuing to monitor the latest on the bart negotiations. we'll have continuing coverage of the strike threat on our website, and, of course, right here on kpix 5. tune into the cw at 10:00 and kpix 5 news at 11 for the very latest. >> yeah. and tomorrow, we will have a special extended he degrees of
6:56 pm
our kpix 5 morning show. because of course the possible threat of that strike, so you get up in the morning, we'll be on at 4 a.m. you can see what's going on before you make your plans for the rest of the day. one thing we can tell you for sure, it's going to be sunny tomorrow. >> it's going to be sunny and mild once again. beautiful october bay area weather. you really can't get much better than this. let's take one more look at the forecast. sunny and mild for the foreseeable future. what you see is what you get from day t day, with a slight warming trend with high pressure building. that's pretty much the most exciting thing i have. >> so when you look way on down the line, like four months -- >> we are going to eventually season rain. i'm not going out on a limb and tell you what day that's going to be but i can tell you it's not going to be within the next seven days. >> today we were walking around just getting coffee before the show, and you can tell that there is a crispness to the air. you can sort of -- fall is
6:57 pm
here. >> temperatures are going down later in the day faster. >> certainly. and we are seeing some increasing clouds overnight tonight. that's the only change-up i have for you. again, if you are starting to feel of the seasonal changes, still, sunshine -- we are going to get warmer before we cool down again. >> we're not change. just curious. >> when i fill in for paul, i i like to have exciting weather to talk about and today is pretty much the opposite of that. >> it's good. you're delivering good news. >> i am the bearer of good news and i don't mind that. >> just a reminder, we'll have all the latest on the bart strike throughout the evening for you and dennis will have a wrap-up of the a's-tigers game and we will have highlights from that as well on kpix 5 at 11. >> see you then. have a nice night. captions by: caption colorado call 1-800-progressive.
6:58 pm
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