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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 11, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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>>♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] i hate ham. i was excited because ginnifer goodwin was here. i go through my memorabilia. you know how i have it. my room, all catalogged. i found something, geoff. i found something in my "once upon a time" collection. geoff: what did you find, craig? craig: this, geoff! dun-dun! [laughter] a skeleton finger! you stay out of my stuff, bitch! [applause]
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[laughter] geoff: you want a piece of this? craig: i already got a piece of this. geoff: yeah. craig: good night, everybody! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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-- will workers strike tomo morning? evening i'm ke one hour and counting before the bart deadline. the big question tonight, will workers strike tomorrow morning? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. any word yet? >> reporter: still not hearing a lot tonight. it is still a waiting game. both sides are inside this building at this moment as they are negotiating from two separate floors with them running back and forth between them. at had hour, we still don't know whether or not they will choose to strike or extend the talks beyond that midnight deadline. they were suppose to actually meet, both sides at 8:30 this evening, as that did not happen. >> they will see what happens
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when we actually get the offer. it is too early to speculate as we don't know what it is, but we did hear that there is something going on. >> yes, something could happen. >> reporter: in the meantime bart is planning for the worse. it's in case of the strike, but again the buses will only accommodate roughly 6,000 of the 400,000 or so riders. the general manager did sit down for the first time that they will be cooling off in on the official talks. we don't know whether or not that's an official plan or not. and again that waiting game is still continuing with no word on whether or not that strike will happen. >> the second we hear anything new, we'll go back to her during the newscast with the special extended version of the kpix morning news. the coverage begins half an
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hour earlier at 4:00 a.m. also a copy of the e-mail that is suggesting that the major airline is not all that concerned about a dog that it lost. the dog was on their way to canada when the airline employee took it out for a potty break at sfo where they are here tonight. picking up the story. kit? >> and no one has seen this dog for four days. thanks to that embarrassing e- mail, this is a situation going from bad to worse. the last time anyone saw them alive was here at sfo. the flight was delayed, so they took the can and white greyhound. and then the dog escaped. the the cargo crew immediately began searching as they put up the posters, breaking the news. >> i specifically said that the dog was never to be taken out of the carrier unless it was in
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a completely enclosed area. >> he was trying to get to the dog since their original owner had died. >> all the italian greyhounds and any dog, especially the greyhound, well, they are going to be scared. the only defense mechanism is any fighter flight. >> they say the animal safety and comfort are a top priority. but then they sent an e-mail to the sister station likely meant for the co-worker on how to handle the situation. the manager said that i think that i would just ignore it. the local news doing the story on the lost dog as the entire government is shutdown about the default and this is how they spend their time. we'll show the e-mails. >> and i'm sure that i'm horrified. i'm absolutely horrified that they won't take it more seriously than what they have.
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>> reporter: and he's been in touch with the local shelter. no word yet. we also called to see if they picked up the remains. we'll hear back from hem in the morning. as for the e-mail, no word from air canada. live from sfo. >> as for the government shutdown, they thought we should be talking about, well, no deal on that either. but sharon chin says there is some movement tonight on avoiding the debt ceiling. that itself is big news. >> yes, in the most promising day, but both sides, they kept going around and around. the gop wants to deal with the debt ceiling first. >> it's a very useful meeting as it was clear for both sides as to where they were at. >> reporter: opening talks on
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the budget, obama care and entitlements. >> it's what we're looking at, coming together. and we'll meet you half way. >> reporter: in a new approach today, they seemed to drop their demand to roll back the president's health care law in exchange for funding the government. >> i don't want to put anything off of it. what is the mood there right now? it is tense. you can see that nobody is happy to provide the government shutdown. i'm certainly frustrated. they hope it will force a compromise. >> right now they are coming to their senses and realizing that we need to turn their heights
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back on. >> reporter: it shows the approval of the republicans that sent that on-time low of 20% compared to 33% for the democrats. the other poll finds them fed up with congress altogether. the voters will have a chance to present every member of congress including their own representative. only 35% would not get rid of the lawmakers. >> they were hopeful today that it would end soon with the second biggest game of the year. adding 323 points. and they each rose more than 2%. >> the san francisco mayor has ordered an independent investigation into how the missing patient ended up dead in a stairwell at the general hospital. lynn spalding was being treated for an infection. her body was found on tuesday outside the seldomly used fire
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exit. >> this should not have happened as we all agreed. we want to prevent it from ever happening again. >> the coroner has ruled out foul play. police want your help to find these two people. take a good look at the surveillance photo. police say that every man and woman are behind a brutal gold chain robbery that put a 70- year-old woman in the hospital. they say that the suspect stalked the victim inside a wal- mart and then attacked her in the parking lot. they slammed the woman to the ground and dragged her before then taking her gold necklace. the suspects got away in the silver honda. a san francisco police sergeant is under arrest with suspension of drunk driving and hit and run. the 22-year-old veteran sergeant rear ended a car in the sunset on tuesday night. they say that he drove away uninjured, leaving a trail of
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debris leading officers right to the home. he was released the next morning and on leave with pay. the playoff run came down to a do or die game five at home tonight. it's the high fly ball to right field, in from the right comes torii hunter to make the catch and the tigers are going back to the american league championship series. >> it did not go away the way they wanted here. and it sends in a deciding game at home against detroit. the sports director dennis o'donnell is out there tonight. heartbreaking for those a's fans once again. >> yes, that's right. 48,000 of their closest friends watched this end by one of the most dominating pitchers. i can confirm those reports of the demise that were very
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premature. he was dominating as ever tonight, finishing the eight strikeouts to win this game five at the coliseum for the second year in a row. >> everybody in the ballpark, you know, 50,000 are rooting against me. they are yelling as loud as they can, which is fun for me. for and in one chant they were yelling oakland and i was saying tigers. >> i'm frustrated, upset, angry. you feel like you're that close for the opposite way. you know you're a game away. it's tough. >> reporter: and they were eliminated last year. it was a different feeling because they overcame so much to get here. this time around they expected to go further. the disappointment continues in the locker room.
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reporting live, dennis o'donnell, back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. staying open after hundreds got sick from salmonella. how foster farms says to make sure that their plant is safe to eat. try before you buy a home. how some sellers are letting you test the waters before dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars. she's become an international celebrity. in just a few hours, we'll know if they will get one of the most prestigious honors in the world. the all important forecast is coming up. there's not a drop in sight as temperatures are in the 50s. the west of the numbers are just ahead. and we're watching and waiting for any development from the bart negotiation. still no word. but as soon as we learn but as soon as we learn anything n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!] government will allow foster farms to continue to distri icken from 3 calif we learn late today that they will be allowing foster farms to continue to distribute chicken linked to the salmonella outbreak. a lot of the chicken came from livingston. foster farms will come up with the first step to fix the problem through better checks
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and the newer technology. but they are not out of the fryer. >> reporter: they are the number in the town of livingston. the jobs put food on a lot of tables here. >> i have a lot of families. >> it is all about money. >> they stopped short of shutting them down in california or issuing the recall on their chicken. but they say that the inspectors will be intensifying the samplings to make sure that they have made significant changes. >> they cannot recall it, even though it's the number two cause of the food poisoning in the u.s. >> reporter: as of tonight, they reported getting sick with seven strains of salmonella. no deaths have been reported. >> i think that every company including foster farms will
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have an obligation to the public to ensure our safety, including pulling it off the shelf, which is in our best interest. >> they will keep the public safe and with the operations staying open, the paychecks will keep coming to the town that will be surviving on chicken. >> you know, they needed to shut down a lot of people that will get hurt. >> foster farms, they agreed on a couple of more things, cook it at over 350 degrees killing all the bacteria. live in livingston, kpix 5. >> reporter: they want the agency to make sure that the gas pipeline that runs near their homes, the church, and the playground is safe. the internal pg&e e-mails brought up the concerns about the pipelines. since then they have declared a
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state of emergency to get a court for the pipeline to shut down. >> that's one strategy that the real estate agents argue to help the house hunters. they're allowing the buyers to make an accepted offer, just to get the feel of the place. the real estate agent is helping to sell this home in north berkeley. >> they don't stay overnight, but they want to spend about eight hours. and they like the neighborhood. >> and to buy with similar options, being offered in new york, new jersey, florida, and colorado. just hours from now, we will know the winner of this year's nobel peace prize. >> she's the pakistan girl shot by the taliban last year for
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promoting their education. now, since then, she's become the international celebrity. she was a keynote speaker at the united nations, receiving the highest human rights award. earlier this week she told john stewart what she would do if anyone tried to attack her again. >> i would tell them how important education is as i even want education for your children as well. now do what you want. >> she hopes to become the prime minister of pakistan. >> we'll know in a few hours. >> very exciting. >> we've got nice weather on tap for the weekend. last the good news. maybe not such a good news. of course you begin to think about this with all the spectacular weather. temperatures in the mid-50s and
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around 55 for the coast and the bay. right now it is 53 degrees. that's if you have the clear skies. a lot of sunshine for everybody. the wind speeds right now down in the south bay out of the southeast. northwesterly for the most part, giving all the rain to the south end in los angeles. you can see that things have cleared, except for the low clouds just north all the way up into the bay area. so there is the potential for the low clouds, but that's about it. building over the west, coupled with the departing low. the northwesterly winds, and the skies. it'll be chilly overnight tonight. no rain in site for the next seven days.
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47 at napa and 55 degrees tonight in livermore. san jose will be five degrees below average. the numbers will be in the lower 70s for the most part and others. 74 at danville up in the north bay. a pleasant day with plenty of sunshine, fewer clouds, then 66 ending up in the far north. 73 for santa rosa. the extended forecast, that'll about do it towards the weekend and the early part of next week as we recover into the lower 80s. we'll be near 70 degrees. that's why they are showing you it as one of the most pleasant areas. not much to talk about. >> all right, definitely we won't. >> traveling the country without breaking the bank.
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how one airline is making ,,,,,,
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christin ayers right outsi negotiations. less than an hour left until you could know about the potential bart strike. right outside the negotiations. kristin? >> yeah, those negotiations are still continuing inside right now. they are keeping very tight lip about what is happening, but you can see them over here. how much media is gathered outside here as we are on the phone. we are prepared for the conference if they choose to come out and make one, as we're expecting at midnight. at this point still a waiting game on two separate floors with the mediator that will be going back and forth between them. but no indication of whether or not they will be striking at midnight. issuing the statement saying they are prepared for the possible strike getting other forms of transportation ready in case one does happen. at the same time they hope that
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they will decide the talks. we should learn that in less than 40 minutes, but again no indication of which way it will go tonight. in the past they have issued those 24 hour notices of the strike, which has not happened yet. back to you. >> all right, thank you. remember you can find the alternative options on the website. speaking of traveling, the jet blue airways has a new feature. letting customers share their frequent flyers points with their friends and family. the loved ones that may not fly enough to earn free trips on their own. jet blue is the first to offer this type of program. no more hiding on facebook. they're getting rid of the feature that lets you stay invisible to people who search your name. less than 10% of their users have that setting turned on.
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users can still protect their privacy by limiting who can see each type of post. dennis o'donnell is live at odot's coliseum. what do you have? >> it's not any better. we're going to take you inside the a's locker room female announcer: female announcer: through columbus day, at sleep train's inventory clearance sale, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save 10, 20, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. even get free delivery! don't miss three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic through monday, columbus day. guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ to thsuffered in silence... hoped...
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dennis is it just me or are the a's starting to feel a little bit like the sharks come playoff time? >> reporter: boy that's a good one, ken. many years the sharks have been expected to win the stanley cups, but the a's do not have those expectations right now. there was a lot of debate as to whether or not they should start colon in the game. in the end it did not matter because they could not hit justin verlander. he picked up where he left off saturday, holding them hitless. but then miguel cabrera quiet all series belts a two-run shot to the left. his first home run in over three weeks. and he would break his thumb on the non-pitching hand while fueling the comebacker. justin verlander had a no hitter through 6-s2/3. cespedes broke it up as there will be no rally. not with verlander on the mound, running his streak to 28
2:07 am
scoreless innings against the a's in the post season. the bottom of the 9th, the last chance for the a's as they get a tieing run to the plate, but cespedes just misses. for the second year in a row, detroit celebrates at the coliseum winning 3-0. they'll face the red sox in the alcs. >> it's right there! [ cheering ] >> reporter: when did you get that kind of feeling that you'll have what you needed tonight? >> when i woke up this morning. >> i mean both times at home to a guy that is the top five in the league in pitching. you don't want to lose in general, but to lose in front of your home crowd is never a fun experience. the exact same as last year.
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>> it was broken off, knowing that, you know, we were that close again. there's a lot of available players for the team and the way we fought. we won 96 games. that's a lot of wins for anyone. and we're still a resilient team. >> reporter: the next thing, no goals from the 19-year-old. instead it was one of the elder statesman finding the back of the net. san jose was 4-1 to improve through 4-0. the season is over for the oakland a's. i think that you need to tip your cap to justin verlander. but honestly they think that they will be haunted by the game four in detroit when the series could have and probably should have been taken. dennis o'donnell, back to you.
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