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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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that. >> i love it when you say friday, hands in the air! it's friday, tgif. good morning, everybody. going out this morning you need a sweater or light jacket. currently we are in the 40s in santa rosa. 49 degrees in pacifica. upper 40s in san rafael and greenbrae. 47 in concord through clayton into walnut creek. here's what you need to know on this friday. we have a of the fog. we'll see sunshine everywhere today but remaining mild. we have a return of the fog this morning. temperatures below normal in san francisco. typically we should be at 70. today 64 degrees. 70s east of the tri-valley. low 70s in san jose and santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for a string of sunshine and slightly warmer conditions each and every day. it's "kcbs traffic." good morning to elizabeth wenger. >> good morning, roberta. and outside we go, it is in concord we have confirmed that with chp where there's a small brush fire burning not
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impacting traffic right now but just a heads up southbound 680 approaching the 242 interchange. also, we go out towards the peninsula, 101 still moving at the speed limit and it's cruising all the way down towards san jose. westbound 580 they finally picked up that roadwork through livermore. it was actually in the eastbound direction and westbound is "friday light." it is lighter than normal for this time of the morning. only 14 minutes right now and no sign of any brake lights yet coming out of tracy. here's a live look closer towards the dublin interchange. headlights move westbound. bay bridge still no delay, there is no bart strike this morning. so traffic is pretty typical heading towards the pay gates. no metering lights and no big delays getting into san francisco. we'll have more "kcbs traffic" coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. if there is no agreement by sunday at 12:01, that there would be a strike. >> it's official. bart union leaders issued a 72- hour strike notice late last night. it came after a promise that
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trains will run today. talks will resume later this morning and both sides say they will keep working through the weekend. we have team coverage. cate caugiran is getting reaction from bart riders in walnut creek. but first, kpix 5 reporter anne makovec in oakland where negotiators will be back at the table at 10 a.m. anne. >> reporter: yeah. they are expected here in oakland at 10 a.m. to continue the negotiating process. so strike averted for now, but there is a 72-hour notice hanging out there right now which means the possibility of a bart strike as soon as monday morning's commute. >> we need to get this done. >> reporter: and that's one of the few things bart management and union leaders agree on. emerging from talks just before the midnight deadline last night they announced they will extend talks through the weekend. bart's chief negotiator didn't have much else to say. were you able to present the
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latest proposal? >> we have not. they asked us not to. the unions asked us not to present it. we'll be back at 10. >> reporter: today new proposal and new people at the table. >> the unions expect that the bart general manager will sit down and bargain with workers beginning tomorrow at 10 a.m. and will remain there until an agreement is reached. >> reporter: the unions say local politicians are also getting involved behind the scenes hoping to avoid the gridlock we saw during a 4.5 day strike in july when hundreds of thousands of commuters packed the bridges and waited hours for buses to get across the bay. >> we remain hopeful that our good faith efforts will be met by their good faith efforts. >> reporter: now, there's a gag order on the specifics of these deals that are being proposed but we will be here at 10:00 when the parties come back to the table to try to get a sense on where things stand. i'm anne makovec live in oakland. let's check in with cate this morning in walnut creek.
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cate, you've been talking with riders. it's such a catch-22. they avoided the strike now but the possibility remains. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, anne. riders are upset. some at bart management, some at the unions and some at both because once again, another strike is around the corner. throughout this entire process, the riders say they have been the ones held hostage. >> i just wish they would come to some kind of agreement. >> reporter: our exclusive poll shows the public does not support a strike or the unions' demands. asked which side made a better case for its position, management or workers, management takes a double-digit lead with 44%. and then there are riders like susan miln who said she had enough of both sides. >> i think they are acting like children and they need as to start growing up and start acting like adults. >> reporter: a bart strike is still hanging overriders' heads and they still have to figure out their contingency plans just in case things don't go well over the weekend. >> reporter: and coming up in the next half hour, we'll hear
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from pollsters on riders what they plan to do if another bart strike happens on monday. live in walnut creek, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> and in that poll cate mentioned 54% of riders say unions should accept bart management's current offer. and we are continuing to monitor the latest on the bart negotiations. we'll have continuing coverage of the strike threat on and kpix 5. new this friday morning, this year's nobel peace prize goes to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the netherlands-based chemical watchdog group is being honored for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons around the world. the opcw inspection team is currently deployed in syria. they are documenting that country's chemical weapons supplies and planning for their destruction. there had been speculation the peace prize would go to 16- year-old malala yousafzai. she, of course, is the pakistani girl shot by the taliban last year for promoting girls' education. she has been a keynote speaker at the united nations and
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received europe's highest human rights award. this is a live look now from capitol hill where there's finally a small glimmer of hope toward ending the partial shutdown of the federal government. but there appears to be more hope for averting the looming debt ceiling crisis. the white house says president obama would likely sign a short- term extension of the debt ceiling even if it left the shutdown intact. house speaker john boehner is talking to his rank-and-file about legislate the shutdown continue while raising the debt -- about legislate the shutdown continue while raising the debt ceiling. >> i think what we're looking at is coming together in a reasonable way and say hey, we'll meet you halfway. >> meanwhile, president obama is set to meet at the white house today with republicans and democrats from the senate. two people were hurt after a car slammed through the wall in a san rafael cafe late last night. the bmw drove right into the back wall of joe's cafe on the redwood highway. two passengers inside the car were hurt taken to the hospital. no word yet on what may have
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caused that crash. also, around the bay area on this friday, fremont police want your help finding these two people caught on surveillance photos here. police say the man and the woman are behind a brutal gold chain robbery that put a 70- year-old woman in the hospital. the suspects stalked the victim allegedly understood a walmart then attacked her in the parking lot. they slammed the woman to the ground, dragged her before taking that gold necklace. they got away in a silver hyundai. police are investigating the theft of $500,000 from a symphony. a member of the board of directors recently discovered the money was missing. but it's still a mystery as to how it all happened. the peninsula symphony spokesman said the missing money represents nearly all the orchestra's endowment and operating funds. the oakland a's post-season run has come to an end.
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>> smith hits a high flyball to right field. in from right comes torii hunter. makes the catch and the tigers are going back to the american league championship series. >> that's what did it. seth smith was the final out at the coliseum last night as the a's fell 3-0 in the fifth and deciding game of the play-off series with the tigers. the a's only managed to get three hits off detroit pitcher justin verlander and the tigers bullpen. a's starting pitcher rookie sensation sonny gray got the loss. >> i felt fine, but i was disappointed in the outcome. everything wasn't as sharp as you would like. >> it's tough. we thought we had the team to win. to win the whole thing. and we just fell short. >> kpix 5's dennis o'donnell will have more highlights during your morning sports report in just a few minutes.
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so unfortunately, the tigers are trending right now. >> boo. >> boo. >> i know. >> everyone is booing. [ laughter ] >> also trending, salmonella chicken, boo. >> the usda says the california poultry plants linked to the outbreak will stay open. toyota the carmaker has been cleared in a wrongful death lawsuit of a california woman. gay marriage a judge refused to delay their start in new jersey. tgif, we can't boo this one. >> thumbs up. >> clap! [ applause ] >> follow us on twitter #cbssf. >> how much do we love friday? >> this much! >> 5:09. coming up, preying on low income californians. how the state attorney general is cracking down on one for- profit college coming up. >> i just thought okay, the next thing to do right now is pretend that i'm dead. >> she survived the mall massacre in kenya. now a bay area graduate shares her terrifying story. >> and a shortage of officers in one bay area police department. so why are they now spending
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millions on roads instead of recruits? >> hashtag tgif! good morning, everybody. the holiday is right around the corner. that's right, the holiday. and i'll have the pinpoint forecast. >> and with no bart strike this morning, a lot of the roads are free and clear including as you drive across the san mateo bridge. we'll have your latest travel times for you right after this break. ,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted.
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hospital fire in southern j. the fire killed ten people, including eight patients ano s. eight others we have new video from the scene of a hospital fire in japan. it killed 10 people including 8 patient and two staff. eight others were injured. victims were apparently asleep when the fire started on the first floor of the four-story building. the cause is under investigation. the swedish consulate is the target of the latest attack in benghazi, libya. a car bomb did heavy damage but the diplomatic mission was closed. no injuries. the bomb was dead detonated by remote control. an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya last year killed three. a deadly attack in kenya in a mall, 67 people were killed during the four-day siege at the westgate shopping mall in nairobi. the first minutes of the attack were utter chaos. elaine dang a 26-year-old
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american was hurt but got out alive. >> talk about it sometimes i'm very removed from the situation. [ crying ] >> but when i see the photograph and other photos of victims or people that i knew, that's when i realize, i was there. [ crying ] >> she says she was judging a children's cooking competition when the gunmen stormed the mall. authorities are still hunting for the suspects. the somali-based terrorist network al-shabab claimed responsibility for the attack. 5:14. let's check the roads with elizabeth with our "kcbs traffic" report. >> reporter: we'll go out towards the south bay. a live look this morning 101 near the trimble exit. we sent our favorite photographer edgar out to the scene and so far, so good. at the speed limit from san jose towards santa clara. let's go to our maps and show you what else is going on. busy weekend. a lot of events in town including the italian heritage parade at 12:30 on sunday afternoon. so expect street closures around fisherman's wharf and
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north beach in san francisco. should be a fun day. outside here's a live look right now at the nimitz freeway. 880, once they picked up that overnight roadwork everything started to pick up from hayward towards the downtown oakland exits and the macarthur maze. no delays southbound either if you are heading towards oakland airport. and over at the bay bridge, now ba bart trains are running we're not seeing anything unusual happening at the bay bridge toll plaza. all clear in all the lanes even the cash lanes. sometimes at this time of the morning we sometimes start to see the far right cash lanes begin to stack up a little bit. not the case so far, though. and it's a free and clear ride all the way down the eastshore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze. over at the golden gate bridge i have been watching the lanes change crews drive by for the past hour or so, so right now everything looks pretty good. they should have four southbound lanes open in the commute direction for all those folks heading towards san francisco and doyle drive. for silicon valley commuters this is what it looks like at 880/237. no problems this morning all the way out towards sunnyvale
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and, yes, bart systemwide on time. no delay. ferry, caltrain and a's train 1 a great start out of the central valley. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your beautiful forecast we have beautiful roberta in today. >> wow. compliments like that i think i'll stay here all morning. [ laughter ] hi, everybody. let's head outside this morning. you're going to notice we do have the return of the stratus and what's commonly referred to as the fog. it's back in the city of san francisco where currently we have an air temperature at 52 degrees but the 40s to the north in santa rosa and to the east in concord at 47 degrees. so far with that overcast we don't have any airport delays. out the door this morning upper 40s at the coast. also mid-40s inland. otherwise 50s around the bay. you do need a light jacket heading out. it will remain cool even though we'll see some clearing at the beaches today. sunny skies through the 60s bayside into the mid-70s inland. just a couple of degrees below normal. futurecast clearly illustrates that we do have the return of that marine layer. not very deep at this hour so
5:17 am
it will retreat later today. there's your 1:00 lunch hour. then later on tonight, it's going to surge back inland in an easterly fashion. it's going to march at least a good 40 to 50 miles inland so we will wake up with a gray slate for your saturday. but meanwhile, tgif !! and it looks like a sunny day top to bottom in the state of california. mid-70s in the central valley, low 70s fresno, 61 degrees in the high sierra. here's what you need to know as far as your pinpoint forecast is concerned. beachside, 50s and 60s. 60s and 70s will be common around the peninsula where the winds will rotate out of the southwest 5 to 15 later today. 74 in morgan hill. about 5 degrees below average. then 76 degrees in throughout the tri-valley. that's about 3 degrees below normal. 74 in napa, then around the central bay, 60s will be common until we bump up to 70 around berkeley through el cerrito. no 70s to the north. the extended forecast, who knew it's a holiday on monday? did you know? >> yeah. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> how enthusiastic are we
5:18 am
about that?! [ laughter ] >> we'll be here. >> all right. because it's a holiday we have the italian heritage parade this weekend. [ laughter ] >> christopher columbus is ticked off. >> it won't rain on that parade, by the way. >> thank you, roberta. [ laughter ] there is growing concern in vallejo about staffing shortages in the city's police department. vallejo currently has 83 officers just about half of what it had before the city filed for bankruptcy five years ago. $2.5 million initially set aside for new officers will now go towards paving streets. the police chief says it's because there are not enough qualified candidates applying to his department. >> simply saying that we can just go hire a bunch of people like we're going to hire a bunch of people to work at mcdonald's tomorrow, it doesn't work. >> the vallejo police officers association says the city needs to come up with competitive compensation packages to attract qualified candidates. >> the state is taking one of the bigs for profit colleges to country to court over claims of
5:19 am
false advertising and fraud. the lawsuit says corinthian colleges parent company of everest, heald and other colleges deliberately targeted and misled low income students. they say the college used deceptive ads about its job placement success. >> and in some programs, not one single student obtained a job coming out of that program. corinthian colleges was actually serving not as an educator but as a predator of some of the most vulnerable people in our community. >> schools are also accused of advertising vocational programs they don't even offer and illegally using u.s. military seals in their advertising to attract veterans. corinthian's 27 campuses here in california remain open. community college also now be able to offer extra courses at higher prices during short sessions. the governor signed the bill yesterday calling it a reasonable experiment. students will have to pay the out of state rate though of $200 a unit compared to the $46
5:20 am
for in-state students. those who were against the bill say it puts low income students at a disadvantage. it's 5:20. coming up, it's a competition where you really let loose. what it takes to win from 7,000 feet up in the air. i'm dennis o'donnell from where today the a's will be cleaning out their lockers for the second straight season in a campaign that ended far too soon. highlights of that, sharks and the new york giants, you won't believe what's up with them all coming up. ,, [ female announcer ] why do we clean? to help keep our homes healthy. but not all cleaners are equal.
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parachuting championships a divided into individual andm events. in o athletes are competing in an international parachuting contest in klein. the asiana parachuting championships are divided into individual and team events. in one, the two wave cs sequential one team member must try to hook another's parachute in sequence in a space of just 90 seconds. other events include four-way formation skydiving and accuracy landing. good morning, everybody. the a's have not won an elimination game since richard nixon was in the oval office and that streak will continue for one more year. things turned cloudy for sonny gray in the 4th inning. cabrera two-run shot to left his first home run in over three weeks. gray allowed three runs in five plus innings. justin verlander took a no- hitter into the 7th inning. he would have to settle for eight shutout innings and ten strikeouts running his streak
5:24 am
to 28 scoreless innings against the a's in the post-season. verlander out in the ninth the a's would try to rally getting the tying run to the plate bus seth smith flies out to end the series. the tigers win 3-0 and celebrate at the coliseum for the second year in a row. they will face boston in the alcs. sharks in vancouver, no goal for the 19-year-old fee -- 19-year-old phenom tomas hertl last night. marleau scored his third goal of the year. the sharks beat the canucks 4-1 to improve to 4-0. thursday night football eli manning threw three more picks to add to his league high total. the bears beat the new york giants 27-21. new york falls to 0-6. here at the coliseum it will be a day when the a's clean out their lockers and for a second year in a row a season that ended too soon. reporting from, i'm dennis
5:25 am
o'donnell. have a great day, everybody. play of the daytime, a strange goal for the anaheim ducks in last night's home game against the new york rangers. watch. two in san jose. it's >> finally got it. the rangers lost 6-0 just two days after falling to the sharks 9-2 in san jose. a dog owner in despair after her pet disappears at sfo. wait until you hear what an airline rep really thinks of the situation. >> signs of progress as the tone begins to shift in washington. can a deal be reached on the shutdown or the debt ceiling? >> reporter: and good news for riders, no bart strike. but still no contract. why commuters are not out of the woods just yet. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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call or click today. foster farms poultry has ma hundreds of people sick. so did the feds stop short of shutting down the california plants to blame. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's friday, october 11th. i'm frank mallicoat and i'm michelle griego tims 5-- thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. friday is here. it's october 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:29. we're following breaking news out of san francisco. police are investigating a car
5:30 am
accident that injured a woman. investigators say she was the driver of a subaru that crashed into some parked vehicles about 4:20 this morning. it happened near geary boulevard and 10th avenue. no word on the extent of the woman's injuries. the trains will run at least through the weekend. >> we remain hopeful that our good faith efforts will be met by their good faith efforts. >> but they did give a 72-hour strike notice meaning there could be a walkout come monday morning. kpix 5's anne makovec she is in oakland now where talks continued until midnight but are back it the table this morning. >> reporter: they will meet here at 10a there is a 72-hour
5:31 am
notice hanging out there in the ether which means there is the threat still of a bart strike as soon as monday. the parties talked until midnight and emerged announcing no deal. bart's chief negotiating says they have a new proposal ready to go but the unions ask them to hold off. bart's general manager and politicians will be joining the party at the table this morning. >> there's things are that have changed that we're hopeful will lead to an agreement. that being said, the public can expect that if everything falls apart then sunday would be a deadline. >> reporter: and you probably remember in july bart workers went on strike for 4.5 days causing jammed bridges and commuters waiting hours for buses across the bay. and we will be here at 10 a.m. when both parties come back to the table trying to get a sense
5:32 am
of where things stand this morning. frank? i'm cate caugiran live at walnut creek bart. riders here we have spoken to say they are happy it's still bittersweet because they have told us throughout the process we are the ones mo have been held hostage and -- we're the ones who have been held hostage and unfortunately for them the saga of strike or no strike continues. monday morning if no agreement is met there's still the possibility of another bart strike so riders do have to keep those alternative plans in place. our exclusive kpix 5 poll shows that many of those commuters will drive, likely clogging up the roads and only 11% will work from home. we spoke with a bart rider just moments ago and she says she is happy the strike was averted for now. >> hopefully the unions decide again that a strike just isn't the best of the bargaining tactics they can use right now because the support from the public for that sort of action is so incredibly low. >> reporter: she's not alone. pollsters also asked in order
5:33 am
to avoid a strike, should workers accept management's offer or vice versa? 54% say the unions should accept bart management's offer. i can tell you there's a lot of frustration from these riders and it really doesn't matter what side they're on. at this point they're just upset that they won't be able to go on throughout their day without bart. reporting live in walnut creek, cate caugiran, kpix 5. we'll continue to monitor the latest on the bart negotiations. we'll have continuing coverage of the strike threat on and, of course, right here on kpix 5. if the foster farms cleans up its act it can continue selling chicken from three california plants linked to the outbreak. 300 people have been sickened by it but the usda says it will step up inspections and that foster farms has made significant changes to address the problem. >> i think that every company including foster farms has an obligation to the public to do whatever they can to ensure our safety including pulling it off
5:34 am
the shelves if that's what they think is in our best interests. >> some foster farms chicken has been pulled from grocery store chains but other stores including safeway are still selling it. toxicologists from consumer reports have conducted their own testing and say they found an especially dangerous strain of salmonella that is resistant to antibiotics. >> it can be very difficult to treat because some of the first line antibiotics may not be available or effective in these people. >> consumer reports typically does not report its findings from individual tests but it says the connection to the outbreak prompted them to make the information public. it is day 11 of the partial shutdown of the federal government and there's still no deal to end it or to raise the nation's debt ceiling. but as susan mcginnis reports, the two sides are talking providing some reason for optimism. >> reporter: there's hope this morning on capitol hill. >> by saturday afternoon, government could be reopened. >> reporter: gop and democratic staffers worked through the
5:35 am
night on a possible deal to end the government shutdown and raise the country's debt ceiling to avoid a default. >> we'll come back to have more discussion. the president said that he would go and consult with the administration folks and hopefully we can see a way forward after that. >> reporter: the potential breakthrough came yesterday when house republicans agreed to a short-term increase in the nation's borrowing limit with no strings attached. >> i think what we're looking at is coming together in a reasonable way to say, hey, we'll meet you halfway. >> reporter: house republicans presented the debt ceiling plan to president obama at the white house. he had a counter-offer. >> he would be willing to accept a short-term debt increase but they must re-open the government. >> reporter: some congressional democrats are concerned a short- term deal could mean more anxiety just as the country enters the critical holiday shopping season. >> come thanksgiving, we're going to be back in the soup again. >> reporter: but as one senator told us, a short-term deal is better than no deal at all.
5:36 am
susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> national parks near california will not re-open until the folks in washington find some way to end the shutdown. u.s. department of interior did announce yesterday national parks can re-open if the states are willing to pay for it. but state officials say that will not be happening in california. 5:36. let's get another check on weather. it's going to be a nice day today. >> not a bad looking da. now day. you know what we have that is different? >> f-o-g. >> yay, frank! >> we have a return. f-o-g on this tgif !! currently air temperatures dipped to the mid-40s in santa rosa with areas of patchy fog. upper 40s in pacifica where it is overcast and 47 degrees in concord. otherwise 50s across the board. here's what you need to know on this friday. first off, some areas of low clouds and fog and then that dials back to reveal lots of sunshine today and then we are going to have a gradual warming
5:37 am
trend through the holiday. did you know monday is a holiday? how about that. today's numbers, upper 40s in pacifica. 60s common across the central bay to the low 70s around the peninsula. topping off at 78 degrees in fairfield. that will be our outside number. a repeat performance for saturday but slightly warmer for sunday and on the holiday on monday. that's a look at your pinpoint forecast. "kcbs traffic," hi, liz. >> hey, roberta. we were also concerned that today was going to be a horrible commute that bart trains weren't going to be running and it's the opposite. all trains are on time and traffic is lighter than normal even through the altamont pass in the livermore valley. people may be taking a long holiday weekend or decided to stay home in case of a strike. westbound 580 still in the clear, still in the green. it is only 16 minutes right now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. and once you get closer towards 680, everything is moving at the speed limit all the way towards 238. no problems through the dublin grade. we'll take you outside for a live look at the san mateo
5:38 am
bridge. right side of your screen is the commute direction but headlights are moving towards hayward and traffic moves well off of the high-rise towards the flat section of the span. your other east bay drive times still in the clear including up and down the nimitz through oakland and the eastshore right now 19 minutes -- 18 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. a major airline lost a dog and apparently it's not very concerned about it. the last time anyone from air canada saw larry the dog alive was at sfo. his flight to british columbia on monday was delayed so an air canada employee took the tan and white greyhound out of his kennel for a potty break but then the dog escaped. its handler says she warned the airline to be careful. >> i specifically, specifically said the dog was "never" to be taken out of the carrier envelopes he was in a completely enclosed area. >> -- unless he was in a
5:39 am
completely enclosed area. >> an internal email was revealed. the us media spends its tim a cisco police sergean has been arrested on driving.. and hit and run. police say, 22- ye an, sergeant tho san francisco police sergeant has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and hit-and-run. police say 22-year-old veteran sergeant thomas hayman was driving when he rear-ended a car in the sunset tuesday night. he apparently drove away leaving a trail of debris leading to police to his home. he is on leave with pay. san carlos city leaders are questioning whether a major gas pipeline is safe. they are asking for help now from the state public utilities commission an internal pg&e email bringing up concerns with pipeline number 147 and since then san carlos has declared a stat of emergency. got a court to order the pipeline shut down and demanded
5:40 am
that pg&e inspect and repair that old pipe. bmx bicyclists and skateboarders will take over the civic center plaza this weekend in san francisco. the do tour toyota city champions ship kick off at 5:00 featuring the world's best extreme sports athletes. lots of street closures in the area. check it out. wall street is looking for yesterday's rally to continue today. with more on that gigi stone of joins us live. happy friday. >> reporter: indeed. good morning, frank and michelle. we are likely to see modest gains on wall street investors encouraged by the signs that the budget standoff is close to being resolved driving the dow to its biggest rise this year yesterday soaring 323 points. the nasdaq gained 83. still consumers are nervous about how the fighting in washington will hit the wallet. consumer confidence showed its sharpers one week drop since
5:41 am
after the collapse of lehman brothers. about three times as many people say the economy is in poor shape as those who say it's doing well. also a friendly move from jetblue airlines to tell you about. it's going to let family members and friends pool their frequent flyer points. no other u.s. airline lets customers share their points. so you really want to be nicer to the frequent flyers in your life. and hope. >> i guess so, no kidding. so how is the housing market doing? homes are getting more expensive for the middle class, right? >> reporter: they are. middle class buyers are seeing fewer affordable homes for sale because of rising home prices along with flat incomes. and this is according to data from real estate tracker trulia. it finds home prices nationally are up more than 12%. in august compared to last year so that's good news for the housing market but tough news if you are interested in buying a home. >> if you are a seller, you're in. if you're a buyer, you should have bought a couple of years
5:42 am
ago. have a great weekend, gigi stone, thank you. 5:41. you can post but you can't hide. the key privacy feature facebook just got rid of. plus -- >> you can't take the beer away from the people. >> from tasty lagers as to specialty ales. your enjoyment of seasonal beer may be on ice because of the government shutdown. >> first an art mystery on the streets of new york. who is behind this artwork and why finding it can be like a treasure hunt. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:43 am
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showing off his latest workn new york. he used the side of a truck and a car as his ca ates well, the street artist known as "banksy" is now showing off his latest work in new york. he used the side of a truck and car as his canvas. he communicates with fans through social media dropping hints about where his next creation might turn up. >> the excitement is on the same scale as a treasure hunt for buried treasure. >> here's the deal though. his identity is a mystery. all we know is he is british and some of his works sold for millions to collectors like brad pitt and angelina jolie. "banksy" will unveil a new piece each day in october somewhere in new york but it's up to his fans to go out and find the art. that's pretty cool. >> it is cool. right? 5:45 right now. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> the roads and mass transit, yeah, we're talking bart and so far they have more than 40 trains all on time. if you are just waking up, bart
5:46 am
is running today. it sounds like they have issued a 72-hour strike notice so a strike is possible monday morning but for right now, everything is on schedule. and the roads are fine, as well. i think a lot of people may have just made alternate plans decided to stay home because it is extra "friday light." it's also the start of a holiday weekend. here's a live look at some of our sensors and traffic heading through berkeley right now still only about 18 minutes on that westbound 80 commute from the carquinez bridge to the maze. did i get that right? 19 minutes on the westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that is your latest travel time right there. as you can see no big delays in the cash or fastrak lanes and usually there's some sort of backup at least in some of the far right cash lanes by this time of the morning so no metering lights and everything looks great all across the span into san francisco. traffic is a touch lighter than normal as well coming out of tracy through the altamont pass. we are just now going to see a few slowdowns though approaching north greenville. 19 minutes now to take you out towards the dublin interchange and 680. they do have four southbound lanes open in the commute
5:47 am
direction for commuter traffic trying to get out of marin county into san francisco. you can see just a few cars flowing in those lanes towards doyle drive and only 14 minutes out of san rafael towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza. if you are a silicon valley commuter, we have a live look at milpitas, 880/237. this is that 237 traffic westbound coming around the bend. still moves at the speed limit all the way towards sunnyvale. and if your commute takes you towards the dublin interchange, this is a live look westbound 580 moving with no problems all the way out towards the dublin grade. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." with more on your friday forecast, here's roberta. i was looking at some of your traffic shots, and i can see we have some overcast conditions. in fact right now, it's live, it's our kpix 5 weather camera from our rooftop looking out towards the city of san francisco. and we do have clouds. official sun-up this morning is at 7:13 going to be obscured by a little deck of some stratus. it's foggy in santa rosa. visibility now down to a quarter mile at 46 degrees.
5:48 am
it's in the 40s in concord, clayton and walnut creek. 52 currently in san francisco. out the door this morning, we have 40s and 50s. so you require a light jacket or maybe even a heavy sweater. later today the clouds peel back all the way to the coast. 59 degrees there. otherwise, upper 60s bayside through the mid-70s into our inland areas. futurecast does clearly illustrate the gathering of clouds at the coast and trying to move into the san mateo coastline, as well. looks like tonight overnight we will see the clouds move inland. that marine layer push inland at least a good 45 to 50 miles. we are still under the influence of high pressure being weak. it won't warm us up significantly but we'll have seasonal highs through midweek. it's a tranquil quiet weather pattern. sfo even with the deck of fog at this hour no airport delays. 68 degrees later today. otherwise if you are traveling to houston in the mid-80s.
5:49 am
partly cloudy conditions in denver. could see some airport delays later today at laguardia and jfk. otherwise sunshine in chicago at 76. today's forecast highs, pinpoint outlook, upper 50s and low 60s beaches including moss and montera back in through the avenues into the sunset district. 72 in sunnyvale. otherwise, east of the bay, well inland, southwest winds 5 to 15. 78 degrees in brentwood, tracy and oakley back into the delta. fairfield 78 degrees. slightly cooler in blackhawk and pleasanton. central bay numbers below average for this time of the year by a good 6 degrees. then we go north of the golden gate bridge, 70 mill valley. otherwise here's your extended forecast. gang, we have a holiday on monday. >> wahoo! >> okay. >> that was a weak wahoo, frank. >> well, we'll be here. >> being the holiday we have a parade on sunday. the italian heritage parade 70 degrees, lots of blue skies once the clouds dial back to the beaches. >> all right. roberta, thank you. well, the federal
5:50 am
government's partial government shutdown is affecting all sorts of things even beer. an arm of the treasury department called the tax and trade bureau licenses breweries and their labeling. it's not happening though because of government worker furloughs. that's a buzz kill for the trendy craft brewing industry because they can't introduce new products. >> craft beer a lot of the volume and a lot of the interest of it is coming out with, you know, different seasonal products, you know. >> petaluma-based lagunitas brewery ships its beer nationwide. smaller breweries who don't sell out of state don't need federal approval for labeling. shipments of apple computers are on the decline while shipments of all pcs in the united states increased in the latest quarter. apple saw more than a 2% decline. experts suggest it's because they have not released a major update to its macbook line instead focusing in on the iphone and its ipad. no hiding on facebook anymore. the social networking site is
5:51 am
getting rid of the feature that lets you stay invisible to people who search your name. less than 10% of people have that setting turned on. users can still turn on privacy to prevent people from seeing your posts. trying out a home before you buy one a strategy to help house hunters. agents are allowing buyers who make an accepted offer to spend some time alone in the house to get the feel of the place. this agent is helping to sell this home in kensington just north of berkeley. >> they don't stay overnight but they do want to spend the whole day, maybe eight hours hanging out and see if they like the neighborhood. >> the try before you buy concept with similar options is offered in new york, new jersey, florida and colorado. it is 5:51 on your friday. coming up, putting the pinch on tech stores. why new city bans could force some to close their doors. >> and this video may melt your
5:52 am
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5:54 am
starting to disappear from t shops around the country. dinance those puppies in the window are starting to disappear from pet shops around the country. in san diego, a new ordinance bans stores from selling pets that come from commercial breeders leaving shops to only offer rescued animals. the humane society hopes the ban puts commercial breeders out of business. they say breeders run puppy mills with nightmarish conditions. >> dogs are kept in tiny wire cages, sometimes only 6" from the tip of their nose to the end of the cage, for their entire lives. >> the ban, however, does not stop commercial breeders from selling directly to consumers bypassing the pet shops. the battle of the bulge is affecting pets.
5:55 am
the association for pet obesity prevention and blue pearl veterinary partners are raising aware about obese pets. according to the association over half of the country's pets have a weight problem. the organization uses this week to promote pet obesity awareness. dogs usually love car rides, right? >> yeah, but not this little guy. check out tommy riding shotgun with his owner. he keeps reaching for his owner's hand. he is so nervous. finally, come on, dad, oh, finally do the trick. calms down. the still doesn't like to put his head out the window. but as long as his owner is touching his paw, tommy is all good. nice. >> that's cute. 72 hours until the next possible bart strike. the crisis was averted this morning. give you the latest on the negotiations coming up next. and it's bittersweet for bart riders this morning. no bart strike today means a possible one on monday. the tough words they have for bart management and its unions. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
they say no good deed goes unpunished. and some days it seems true. but we keep on doing the things that matter& like buying new raspberry 5 hour energy. from now to the end of the year, a portion of each sale... benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. new raspberry 5 hour energy. it's one good deed that will go just right.
5:59 am
we know they have the surplus. we know that they have an enormous amount of money. >> time is ticking. bart unions issue a 72-hour strike notice but negotiations will continue this morning. >> we will see what happens when we actually get the offer. >> oh, my goad. i guess i wouldn't expect anything different from a company that would allow something like this to happen. >> an air canada employees lets a dog out for a potty break and it hasn't been seen since. >> i don't want to put anything on or take anything off the table. >> finally movement to avoid the debt ceiling as we head into the 11th day of the goverment shutdown. >> i think that every company has an obligation to the public to do whatever they can to ensure our safety, including pulling it off the shelves. >> the government allows foster farms to continue to distribute chicken from california plants linked to a salmonella outbreak. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado
6:00 am
>> the detroit tigers are going back to the american league championship series! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. happy friday, october 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. if there is no agreement by sunday at 12:01, that there would be a strike. >> it's official. bart union leaders issued a 72- hour strike notice late last night. it came after a promise that trains will run today. talks will resume later this morning and both sides say they will keep working at least through the weekend. we have team coverage. cate caugiran is getting reaction from bart riders in walnut creek but first kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in oakland where negotiators will be back at the table at 10:00. >> reporter: both sides expected to be here in oakland at 10 a.m. to continue negotiations. but there is that 72-hour notice hanging oveev


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