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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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general manager they don't have the best interests at heart. >> reporter: this director said he was involved in all negotiations since 1979. >> i think there will be a 60% chance there will be a settlement. as i say, this always happens even in better economic times. and there will be a lot of movement in the next two days and probably unfortunately, we won't have a settlement until the very, very end. >> reporter: assembly member nancy skinner one of several politicians here today says with two days to go there's no necessity to see a last best final offer yet. >> i don't want it to have to take until sunday night at midnight. i hope they get there quicker but there's no point for anybody to be at last best when they are still talking. >> reporter: skinner says about all politicians can do at this point is cheer the sides on. >> being a cheerleader is good. what we bring is the voice from the public to get to "yes." and that's an important role.
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>> reporter: former director bernic says the way bart and unions negotiate doesn't work. he says about the only solution he sees for both sides is binding arbitration. >> thank you associations a lot of relief. bart riders were happy there was no strike today. also, regular ac transit passengers were thankful they didn't have to fight for a seat. some riders still have nightmares from the last strike in july. >> buses were packed. >> frustrating. we didn't get seats. we had to take the next bus or we had to stand. >> we will be monitoring developments on the bart talks tonight and through the weekend. updates and commute alternatives can be found anytime on the governor vetoed a gun control bill that would have given the state the toughest gun laws in the nation. governor brown rejected the proposal to ban the sale of
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semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines. he says it goes too far and didn't think it would curb violence. out of the 17 gun control measures brown did approve 11 of them including new restrictions on the mentally ill owning guns. >> people who are a known threat of violence to themselves or others would be prohibited for five years. >> a ban on clip kits that converts regular guns to shoot at high capacity. a bill requires more safety training for gun owners. and better tracking of guns that are lost or stolen. brown did veto a bill to give oakland stricter gun laws separate from the state. and the governor also signed a limo safety bill designed to save passengers' lives in an emergency. the bill is in response to last may's limo fire on the san mateo bridge that killed five women coming back from a bridal shower. the law requires more exits in
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the passenger compartment. drivers have to brief riders on safety features. it will apply to all new limos after july of 2015. existing limos will have 2 1/2 years to phase it in. a split decision today on san jose's effort to bring the oakland a's to the south bay. a federal judge tossed out an antitrust lawsuit by the city against major league baseball. but the judge did agree the mlb interfered with a contract between the city and the team that sets aside land for a ballpark. san jose delayed a vote on the stadium issue, expecting a decision on whether the a's would be allowed to move. it is a decision city leaders have been waiting for, for four years. the city considers today's ruling a victory. >> it means that our case against major league baseball will continue in federal court. we'll be able to do some discovery and get to the bottom of why the commissioner refuses to ask the owners to allow the a's to move to san jose. >> well, neither side has said whether it's going to appeal
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the ruling. mark zuckerberg is changing his privacy settings when it comes to his own neighborhood. the facebook founder has gone on a home buying spree and purchased four houses that surround his own five-bedroom pad in palo alto's pricy crescent park neighborhood. as kpix 5's ryan takeo shows us, the billionaire isn't afraid to pay for peace and quiet. >> reporter: it was a normal day in suburbia on palo alto's edgewood drive, it was trash day. cindy walks dogs in the neighborhood. with one look at facebook founder zuckerberg's estate, she knows he treasures privacy. >> it really does show. there's like a lot of bushes that cover the doorway and like a big gate. >> reporter: it seems the multibillionaire is taking it to a new level. he spent about $30 million recently buying up four neighboring houses. throw of those are behind his -- three of those are behind his house on hamilton. he bought one for $14 million. that's half the size of his house for double the price. >> yeah. this is probably an atypical
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situation when it comes to real estate transactions. >> reporter: realtor james yang says this probably won't affect the crescent park neighborhood's home prices. he says the median palo alto home price is heading up already. it's a seller's market and in this case, it's true even if you're not looking to sem. >> if you are interested in a very particular piece of property that, you know, maybe isn't on the market, then, you know, going up and knocking on somebody's door and saying, you know, what do you want for your property, that's very different than a seller that has a reason to sell. >> reporter: the "mercury news" reported zuckerberg heard a developer wanted to build a mansion and market it as being near the ceo. paper says the billionaire does not have plans to build a larger pad and the families he bought them from are still living there. >> they did a good job keeping the wraps on everything. >> reporter: he says it's not uncommon for sellers to have nondisclosure agreements in high-profile sales. that was evident when this former homeowner who sold his house to zuckerberg told he is
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he had to keep quiet. what else would you expect when privacy is at a premium? san francisco-based iconic capital helped facilitate the sales. iconic helps handle those kinds of "situations" for the rich and famous. live in palo alto, take take, kpix 5. >> talk about a niche market. that's one. air canada now under attack. >> i'm absolutely horrified that they don't take this any more seriously than they have. >> the airline loses a dog and then shrugs it off. how it's changing its tone after an internal email accidentally went global. >> it would be a financial disaster that will spark a global recession. >> the house and senate go head to head on the debt ceiling. what is standing in the way of the deal to end the government shutdown? >> the whole thing just reeks of scam. >> a website collecting your personal information and putting it out there for all to see. how we caught it trying to put a price on your privacy.
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seemed to downpl air canada is in full damage control mode after losing a dog at sfo and then sending out an email that seemed to down play the mistake. the airline now says it is doing everything it can to find larry, this miniature greyhound. he was on his way to canada to meet his new owners. but he escaped when an air canada employee ignored instructions and took him out of his kennel for a potty break. the story went global when an airline spokesman accidentally hit "send" on this email. "i think i would just ignore. it is local news doing a story on a lost dog. their entire government is shut down and about to default, and this is how the u.s. media spends its time?" air canada now says those comments do not reflect airline standards or professionalism. the airline says it's posted flyers of the missing dog at sfo. so far, the best lead on larry was a phone tip to the peninsula humane society but that didn't pan out. >> the challenge is it happened
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at the airport. and that's a little unusual. i think people's hearts go out a little more knowing how scared this dog might be. >> there is a $2,500 reward being offered to whoever finds larry. an eventful day for federal workers on their last day before they are furloughed. several hundred people at the frank hagel federal building in richmond had to evacuate this morning after an employee found a suspicious package. uc-berkeley's bomb squad responded to the scene but it turns out, the package only had flashlights and batteries. many workers were sent home early to begin their furlough. other bay area headlines, a mass leap by drug enforcement found marijuana plants worth $4 million. this morning the feds arrested 13 people in hayward, san leandro, and san lorenzo for cultivating them. police also discovered that the suspects were running illegal power lines into grow houses. a 30-year-old san francisco
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woman who was allegedly driving drunk was arrested and sent to the hospital after police say she caused this damage about 4 a.m. today. it happened at tenth avenue and geary in the inner richmond neighborhood. police say martine dere crashed into multiple cars before she stopped driving. she was arrested on suspicion dui and hit-and-run. why it's business as usual in some bay area spots during the partial government shutdown and closed doors for others. >> a google ad featuring your face. the big changes that will shake up how we think of online privacy. >> lots of sun around the bay area today and that means maybe a warmer weekend as we have a little bit of a chill coming into the bay area tonight. but as we look toward the bay, boy, there's nothing but sun. we have the forecast coming up after a break. ,,
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100% more possible. join us at and thrive. more talking as both sides try to find a way to break the deadlock over the government shutdown. senate republicans left the white house today after meeting with president obama. both sides discussing possibilities to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. republicans are still pushing for parts of obamacare to be
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repealed in order to re-open the government. >> it was a good exchange, but it was an inconclusive exchange. >> what the president and speaker agreed on in their phone conversation is that everybody should keep talking. >> both sides do agree that raising the debt ceiling is a must. that deadline is just five days away. and investors seem to have the same hope that political leaders have because they keep buying stocks. the stock market rallied again today. the dow and s&p 500 ended the week higher for the first time in three weeks. well, by now, you know the big casualties of the shutdown. yosemite, alcatraz, muir woods. but in some cases, figuring out what's open and what's closed takes a little detective work. at louie's restaurant a few steps away from the now famously shuttered cliff house, business is good. and just about everyone that lines up to get a table asks the same question. why are you open when they're
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closed ? we have a ten-year lease whereas they are just a concession. >> oh, i see. >> so they don't have a signed lease. >> reporter: lucky for you guys. >> mm-hm. this morning there was someone outside before i opened waiting for me to flip the sign. >> reporter: you're a volunteer. >> nobody told me i couldn't come and i didn't call to ask. >> reporter: what would you do if they came and said, you can't be here? >> well, then i'd say, sayonara. it's absolutely nuts. i mean, what has this got to do with the problem in washington? >> reporter: the confusion gets even thicker if you climb into the hills of the presidio. >> this national park is particularly a patchwork because we have so many different kinds of arrangements. >> reporter: so if you are not up on all the legal jargon or maybe you're just a tourist blowing through town, trying to figure out what's open and what's closed is about as tough as picking up the 7/10 split! >> today alone we have had 6 or
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7 people calling asking if we were open. they just wanted to know if they could come in and bowl. i said come on down. >> reporter: same for anyone looking to play small ball. >> the presidio trust which runs 80% of the presidio, everything but crissy field, is financially self-sufficient. so it doesn't require congressional appropriations. >> reporter: but it's not business as usual for everyone. these u.s. park patrol officers may be in the saddle, but they're not getting paid. >> our hearts go out to them. hopefully this thing can be resolved soon. >> one more note from the presidio now. if you have a restaurant in mind there, you really don't have to worry as long as it's not the crissy field warming hut, it's open. big online privacy changes from facebook and google including one that could have your face showing up on an advertisement. google change its terms of service so that its user names and pictures could appear in online ads. customers can opt out by making a change in their settings.
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facebook eliminated a privacy feature that allowed its users to control who can view their timeline. an expert at cnet says the best thing to do is it to use your judgment on social networks and assume everything is public and searchable. >> imagine anything you put up on a social network whether it's google or facebook or twitter or pinterest or any of these that it stays up forever. that may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it's the best practice for you to think about. >> facebook says users can still block people from viewing their profiles in a search. websites that collect and display private information are also a headache for people who value their privacy. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains dealing with those sites can be a headache, too. >> the whole thing just reeks. >> reporter: kevin langdon is talking about my life a social media website that some claim is also a deep internet crawler where you can find personal information about other people
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and they can find information about you like email addresses, home addresses, work histories and social connections. >> every three days i get an email and many of them says susan had viewed your profile. >> reporter: the emails urged him to upgrade to a paid subscription. the problem is he never signed up for my life at all and when he asked to be removed from the site -- >> the lady i talked to told me that would cost $7.99. >> reporter: this privacy expert said you should never pay to get your data removed from a website because you're simply giving up more personal information. >> they are required to keep the records for the credit card company. >> reporter: but he says collecting your personal information is legal. there are two types of data available on the internet, public information like street addresses, phone numbers, arrest records, and information companies collect about you like where you shop and what you buy. >> pay attention to what's out there about you. >> reporter: why you can't get
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personal information taken off the web. there are steps you can take to better control your online identity. google yourself regularly to check for personal data. and set up social media profiles. even if you never use them. >> just participating? then again somebody else might post for you. >> reporter: langdon says he threatened to sue my life and the site eventually agreed to remove his information. but there are similar complaints online and a class action lawsuit settled last year also accused my life of overbuilding credit cards, hacking user email accounts and misleading advertising. >> there's something very irksome about this whole situation. >> reporter: my life said there was a mess communication miscommunication. my life said it will remove your information from its site for free and has now done so for mr. langdon. remember, if you have a consumer problem, give us a call 888-5-helps-u. and some developing news
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tonight. fremont police have arrested a man in a walmart robbery caught on surveillance camera. police say 18-year-old robert solano from newark and a woman are behind a brutal gold chain robbery that put a 70-year-old woman in the hospital. the suspect stalked a victim inside a walmart and attacked her in the parking lot. they slammed the woman to the ground and dragged her before then taking her gold necklace. they got away in this silver hyundai. the female accomplice is still at large. brian hackney in and hopefully a little warmup over the weekend. a little chilly today. >> it was chilly today. >> it was nice. >> it's kind of a little bit of a nip in the air. that should change over the weekend. we is also a shake in the ground up in northern california. magnitude 5 earthquake struck about 2 hours ago, 35 miles west-northwest of eureka. that is one of the hot spots for earthquakes around california. and magnitude 5 is getting into the moderate range. so that's -- it certainly felt, it was offshore 32 miles west-
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northwest of eureka. that's in the very complicated mendocino triple zone up here which is where the san andreas fault ends, dives under some of the continental plates that are offshore and it's also partially a subduction zone. there's a reason you have the cascade range and volcanos up there and one of the reasons is because of earthquakes like this where the pacific plate dives under the continent and then results in the chain of volcanos that runs all the way up into canada. this is just one little reminder that it is very seismically active in that part of california and a 5.0 is getting up there. 70 degrees at concord right now. san francisco 54. santa rosa 68 degrees. by the way i haven't heard of any reports of damage. but 35 miles away from a magnitude five there could be a little bit. we'll check into it for you. tomorrow will be in the low 70s around the bay. mid-70s inland. a very pleasant chilly overnight. we have clear cites and because of the clear skies, temperatures will come down to the mid-40s inland. despite that, high pressure is in full command of the eastern pacific and so that means this weekend will be warming up.
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clear and cool at night as we look over ocean beach through a glass foggily out there. it will be 80 inland by monday. so a degree a day or so even though today we did take a hit. numbers cooled today. that was a surprise. it was not supposed to happen and that's the weather for you, win some lose some. 80 fresno, overnight lows tonight temperatures in the mid- 40s in the cooler spots, for instance, at santa rosa 46 degrees, 47 napa, fremont 51. in san francisco, 53 degrees overnight. here's how it looks for tomorrow. san jose 72. cupertino hit 73. morgan hill will be up 74. so a little bit of a warming trend even though we are not back to where we should be at this one of the warmest months of the year around the bay and coastal bay area. but nevertheless, a little bit warmer tomorrow in hayward. 68 degrees. in the city, 64. that's 6 degrees cooler than average for this time of the year. but 64 in the city for saturday. and lots of sun. we had low clouds this morning to start out with pretty much
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the same for tomorrow but you'll notice that the rest of the week, we have nothing but sunshine. temperatures warm to near 80 degrees by monday inland and then we are just going to keep it there all the way through the end of the week next week. bay highs mid-70s. we'll get into that range by monday and then by friday, cooling a little bit and along the coast not a bad beach weekend except in the mornings we'll get the usual low clouds. but all those earthquakes are a reminder. >> 5.0, down here that would have gotten everybody's attention! >> i'll say! looking forward to see what happened in eureka. >> what did you call that? >> the mendocino triple junction where the san andreas fault dives under a subduction plate and the subduction plate is what gives us mount rainier, shasta and the mountains in the pacific northwest. parents fight to save a halloween tradition. >> this is really silly to get
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rid of such a time-honored celebration on these criteria. >> why the school is canceling its popular costume parade.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ now they're trying to bringk to hayes manhattan in the south bay are up -- parents in the south bay are upset with the cancellation of the halloween parade. now they are trying to bring bab the spirit to hayes elementary school in san jose. faculty and staff say the parade takes up too much classroom time. but at least one parent that we spoke to doesn't agree with that. >> i think they should bring it back. of course. [ laughter ] >> i think it goes without saying. it's really silly to get rid of such a time-honored celebration on these criteria. >> parents and students were notified earlier this month the parade was canceled. luxury men's wear retailer jack spay has canceled its plans to open in san francisco's mission district. the community has been fighting to keep the chain store out of the neighborhood. in a 4-1 decision the board of
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appeals defined jack spade as a formula retail store which goes against the mission's chain store regulation. jack spade is owned by fifth and pacific which also owns kate spade and lucky brand. now for a look at what's ahead on "cbs evening news." we have scott pelley in new york. >> reporter: great to be with you in the bay area. there's breaking news this evening on the goverment shutdown crisis. mancy courts and major garrett will have the very latest in washington. and in california, our john blackstone has found because of the crisis, there's no money for federal loans that create jobs in the state. those stories tonight on the even even at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,
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new at 6:00 tonight: business owners fed up withr like this... how the high c rate in one i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, business owners fed up with fear like this. how the high crime rate in one bay area city is causing its economic development to suffer. plus, the bay area housing market so hot right now that some construction companies are actually running out of employees. tonight, we ask, where are all the workers coming from? we'll have that and more tonight at 6:00. >> good morning. see you then. good work if you can get it. thank for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on have a good weekend. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, breaking news on the government shutdown crisis. nancy cordes and major garrett have the latest in washington. john blackstone finds there's no money for federal loans that create jobs. >> it just makes no sense to me. >> pelley: and in a bizarre twist, the shutdown means prison inmates are being paid but guards are not. millions visited the web site for obamacare but how many are signing up? anna werner reports insurance companies are worried. leslie stahl introduces us to a man who saved more than 100 desperate refugees by telling the government they were all his children. >> reporter: is your heart pounding? palms sweating? >> i certainly was nervous, yes. >> pelley: and "on the road." steve hartman with a man who lost his sight but found his calling as a home builder.


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