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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> axelrod: tonight, stalemate, no agreement on the government shut down. five days before the deadline on the debt ceiling bill. >> jeff pegues reports from capitol hill. a monster cyclone the size of hurricane katrina rams into india. more than half a million people are evacuated from the storm's way. >> the sponsor on capitol hill to a cbs news investigation into va doctors overdosing veterans on narcotic painkillers. and location, location, location. this suite looks like the lap of luxury, wait until carter evans shows you where it is. >> it is amazing what we can do. >> this is the cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> axelrod: good evening, i am jim axelrod with a western edition of the broadcast. the only thing clear after day 12 of the partial government shutdown is that there will be a day 13. the senate took up a compromise offered up by republican senator susan collins of maine today. it would have raised the debt limit for three months and reopened the government for six, and given the republican's two roll backs of parts of obamacare. it went nowhere. but tonight, senate leaders on both sides are still talking, rekindling what had been a dwindling sense of hope. >> here is jeff pegues. >> reporter: despite a phone call with the president on friday, speaker john boehner told house republicans this morning there was no progress to report. congressman darrell issa. >> it doesn't appear as though the president wants anything except more tax revenue with tax increases yet again. >> so the focus now shifts to the senate where it looked like for a moment moderates from both parties may be making progress. republicans and democrats
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huddled around gop senator susan collins who had hoped to, her proposal to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling could gain bipartisan support, the majority leader harry reid gave this grim assessment. >> i have seen what i have seen in writing, it is not going to go in anyplace at this stage. >> still the collins plan is what both sides are talking about today, though it may not have enough bipartisan support to pass the senate the parties will need some sort of framework to, if they hope to break this stalemate. reid and mcdonnell met for an hour. they have no further talks scheduled today, but said they might talk by phone. this, reid was called to the white house with another talk to the president, putting off any hope of agreement by the end of the day. >> the house is not expected to be in session tomorrow. >> for the senate harry reid says he would like to see a deal in place in the next 48 hours but this latest round of talks
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with his counterparts, senator mitch mcconnell are in the very early stages. jim. >> axelrod: jeff pegues on capitol hill for us tonight, thank you. let's bring in john harris now, editor in chief of the political web site, john, optimism is a rare commodity in washington tonight, anything that may break the stalemate on the o jorge quiroga son? >> yes, jim, i think there is, if you look at today there was all the usual chaos back and forth, partisan charges, sort of the lines drawn in the sand and yet beneath the surface there is a sense that both sides now see an end game and that end game resides in the senate between two people who don't necessarily like each other a lot but they do understand each other and they do respect each other as negotiators. that is of course, mitch mcconnell and senator harry reid, the majority leader, negotiations are now between the two of them and it looks like that is where the deal is going to germinate, the question is always as to whether house republicans will go along. >> this week some poll numbers
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suggested historic lows for republicans in terms of favorability. what kind of role are poll numbers and public pressure playing at this point in the process? >> well, they are playing different roles on different people within the republican party. people who are looking at the national prospects of the republican party are horrified by these numbers, they are not surprised by them, they said this is what would happen if republicans took the confrontation route and closed the government down, it has happened. now, individual republican members, they are largely indifferent to these polls, what they are hearing from is their districts which tend to be very republican, very conservative. they are saying right on. stand tough. people who look nationally through the republican party know the party is in bad trouble if this impasse continues much longer. >> reporter: john harris, editor in chief of politico, thank you. >> a handful of national parks and monuments are reopening this weekend, finding a way around the shut down, as vinita nair reports a few states are funding their tourist attractions
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directly. >> the statue of liberty an and ellis island are still closed. >> when will they open. >> tomorrow. >> the statue of liberty will reopen tomorrow morning, one day too late for jason demman and his daughter kate who came from omaha that came to see her. >> how did you break the news to her? >> i tried to explain how the system works. it didn't -- that was a little bit tough to explain. >> to get the monument opened tomorrow, the governor agreed to pay the park service close to $62,000 a day, a bill the federal government normally takes care of, four other states have taken similar measures, arizona is paying $93,000 to open the grand canyon, and colorado, 36,000 for rocky mountain national park. south dakota will shell out 15,000 a day for mount rushmore, but utah was hit the hardest,
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hardest with eight properties after $170,000 a day. governor garry herbert says utah parks are essential. >> the people really make their livelihood on tourism travel h is a godsend to them. they have been designated because of this. >> reporter: all size states are hoping to get reimbursed when the shutdown ends, eddie roth the operations manager in st. louis fears this solution is setting a dangerous precedent. >> the answer, though, is not to scrape together local dollars for the united states congress to do its work and open up our national parks. >> reporter: jason says he will bring his daughter back to new york to see the monument again when new york city can once again say the statue of liberty is free. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: the u.s. and afghanistan reached a partial agreement today that will keep u.s. troops there after the nato withdrawal next year. secretary of state john kerry and afghan president hamid karzai negotiated the packet,
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they are still debating the question of who would have jurisdiction over u.s. troops accused of crimes. >> a massive cyclone the size of hurricane katrina is battering india's eastern coast, wind covers most of the bay of bengal very unleashing a horrible wind surge and winds measured up to 125 miles per hour, some 12 million people are in the storm's path and reports joe who joins us on the phone from new delhi. >> what is is the latest there? >> it is still dark and because the cyclone hit a couple of hours after nightfall there hasn't been a chance to gauge the damage, local forecasters say the storm will be very severe, several hours after landfall, emphasize flood and raining, for a full 24 hours after the eye hits the coast, so far there has been sporadic reports of power outages and some -- and up to half a million people if not more have been evacuated, this isn't the first
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time this region has been hit by a dangerous storm, what kind of preparations are being made? >> the area has seen severe storms in the past but not this severe and there was a big concern that this was not a repeat of a storm in 1999, that was very little notice when that storm occurred. 10,000 people ended up being killed, this time, there were several days notice, even with those warnings there are people that were still not willing or not able to leave their homes and find a safe shelter. >> axelrod: joe daniela reporting from india, thank you for more on this monster storm we turn to meteorologist david bernard of our sister station. just how massive of a storm are we talking about here? >> if we go back 36 hours and look at this satellite picture the cyclone was at its peek intensity 160 miles per hour with category 5 winds, the equivalent of hurricane catrina in the gulf of mexico before it hit new orleans, it is a lot weaker as it has moved along the
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coastline, the latest advisory from the joint typhoon warning system is indicating winds of category three strength that will likely get weaker than that and going forward over the next 48 hours it will become a big rain threat across northern and eastern india, again, that is going to be over the next day or two. >> axelrod: david, thank you. >> seven teenagers are missing tonight from a new mexico ranch for troubled youth, and police say they could be in danger. when authorities went to the tierra blanca ranch to investigate claims employees had shackled and beaten the teens, the ranch operator and nine boys were gone. at least two are now back with their parents and there is an amber alert for the others. later, government doctors overdosing veterans on painkillers, what one congressman plans to do about it. where is larry? an airline lose as dog and triggers a twitter firestorm. and survival is taking shelter, digging in in the fanciest digs imaginable, those stories when
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the cbs evening news continues. >>
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>> axelrod: during the last 11 years the number of veterans treated by va healthcare providers has increased 29 percent, but the number of narcotics prescriptions written by va doctors is up 259 percent. for the last month we have been reporting on the consequences of this, including accidental fatal overdoses, this week we sat down with congressman jeff miller who chairs house veteran affairs committee. >> miller, a republican from florida expressed his concern over the ratio at the va between pain management specialists and suffering veterans. >> you are talking about two providers per 100,000 veterans, way think that they are able to
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manage this particular part of the pain management of our veterans. >> how serious right now is the situation in terms of taking care of our veterans in pain? >> well, it is not acceptable. unfortunately, i it has become a routine way of dealing with our veterans and i don't think america expects their veterans to be given prescriptions only to mask the feel of the pain and not help the veteran get better. >> i have no doubt that if the proper tests were being performed on our men and women i would not be here today. >> reporter: this week heather macdonald and kimberly green testified on capitol hill about their husband's scott and ricky, both veterans with chronic pain who accidentally fatally overdosed on prescriptions written and filled by va providers. >> how confident are you that
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there can be system him changes made at the va that will illuminate this situation? >> there have to be systemic changes made within va, but you can't just tell people to make those changes without some type of follow-up. >> reporter: how much confidence should veterans, veterans families, survivors of veterans who have been literally over medicated to death, how much confidence should they have that things are going to change? >> today, given the fact that there are pain management specialists out there that can help the veterans deal with their pain without going through this heavy narcotic prescription issue, i think the veterans should have that opportunity. i wish i could guarantee, in fact, that it would never happen again, but there are no guarantees. >> reporter: the va doctors at the hearing promised to make changes to restore trust. they were told by the hearing's chairman to get some ideas on how to do that within 30 days. up next, new details in the
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beating death of minnesota vikings runningback adrian peterson's two-year-old son. >>
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wn,. >> axelrod: three tampa bay buccaneers will not be suiting up tomorrow for their nfl game against the philadelphia eagles, they have been sidelined by a microscopic bacteria calls mrsa, fears of connotation threaten cancellation of the game but the league has announced it will go on as scheduled. raining back adrian peterson of the minnesota vikings intends to play tomorrow in his team's game despite a personal tragedy, his two-year-old son died yesterday, allegedly beaten to death by another man who is under arrest tonight. terrell brown has more. >> after a 911 call from this apartment complex wednesday, first responders radioed in.
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>> the choking two-year-old male, not conscious, not breathing, doing cpr. >> the two-year-old boy wasn't responsive, he died yesterday in a sioux falls south dakota hospital. the toddler is the son of minnesota vikings runningback adrian peterson, it was unclear how much involvement he had in the child's life. peterson returned to practice yesterday after a one-day leave of absence and when asked he didn't directly address the ordeal. >> i really appreciate all of the support, from the fans, from the organization, you know, this is a private matter and i will ask you all to please just respect my privacy. >> reporter: the mandate, dating the baby's mother joseph robert patterson allegedly beat the child and so far has been charged with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant. >> police say he was home alone with the two-year-old on wednesday night, and it wasn't until later that doctors found his story didn't add up. >> sioux falls police department
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spokesman sam college men's. >> the medical examiners found that he had some injuries that were not consistent with being accidental, but actually consistent with being abused. >> last night residents of sioux falls gathered for a candlelight vigil. >> peterson told reporters playing football is therapeutic. >> yo you know, football is something i will always fall back on, it gets me through tough times. >> last year peterson was the league's most valuable player, off the field he is known for his charitable work with children. terrell brown, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: still ahead, wikileaks cries foul over hollywood's new julian assange film. >>
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tch. >> axelrod: returning now to a
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rare story, wikileaks doesn't want told. julian assange, the founder of the online organization dedicated to exposing secrets is leading a campaign against a new hollywood movie, the subject? assange himself. from london here is kelley cobiella. >> man is least himself when he talks in his own person. but if you give him a mask, he will tell you the truth. >> julian assange has been called a hero and a traitor, a selfless crusader and paranoid ego maniac, the hollywood version is all of those things. >> working for us and i got people everywhere. >> the film isn't even out in the u.s. yet but it already has made assange feel hold up in the ecuadoran embassy so angry he launched a an all-out wikileaks war against it, he leaked and critiqued screen plays and begged the lead actor benedict cumberbatch not t to take the re and told cumberbatch you will be used as a hired gun to present
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me as someone morally compromised. and called the film political opportunism, revenge, and above all, cowardice. >> assange says the film simply isn't accurate, tonight he released his own movie online. >> this is the story. >> the documentary called mediastan is about wikileaks documents and what newspapers chose to print. the real story, according to assange. some critic david edelstein has seen both movies and understands assange's anger. >> i wasn't an apologist for wikileaks but from his perspective the movie is a takedown. >> the fifth estate's creator says the movie was never supposed to be taken literally and have even given assange's character the last word. >> if you want the truth you have to seek it out for yourself. >> kelley cobiella, london. >> axelrod: they lost a dog and an employee has found a doghouse. the airline lost an
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italian greyhound named larry when handlers let him out of his crate in the san francisco airport. when cbs asked how it could handle they sent back an e-mail complaining, quote, their entire government is shut down and this is how the u.s. media spends its time. larry is still on the loose but,, are guy's note has gone viral and he says, quote, i guess i am the poster child now for be careful with e-mail. coming up, hunkering down for disaster in style. >>
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llo. >> axelrod: we want to close tonight with a profile of a true underground movement. there is nothing new about predictions that end of the world is upon us, but as carter evans shows us there is plenty new of how some people are preparing for it. >> reporter: what began as a pipe dream for ron hubbard. >> did you hear that? >> has become big business.
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underground. >> we call this the backyard bunker. >> these days the fear market is booming. >> you can't build them fast enough. >> i can't build them fast enough right now. >> it is better to have a shelter ten years early than five minutes late. >> but unlike those era concrete bunkers with just the basics. >> these survival shelters come fully loaded. >> it has got everything a house does. it is just 20 feet underground. >> luxury bedrooms, big screen tvs, game room, underground pool you can have anything you want. >> you have seen people put jacuzzis in these. >> oh, yes. >> he is selling style in a world with no shortage of a pop lick tick possibilities. >> in the past it was just cuba and russia and now we have to worry about the biological attack or economic crash, nuclear fall youth, nuclear threats from korea and china. >> when people think about survivalist and survival
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shelters they think about people who. >> might be crackpots. >> i thought there would be some loony toons that would show up but no these are professionals. >> like robert a cock sass a los angeles businessman who is banking on his own $85,000 bunker. >> you have to take precautions and you have to look out for your family. >> so. >> just in case. >> at worst it is a very nice guesthouse. >> yes, it is and that is another thing too and i have relatives that come and visit i only have three rooms and i va to put you in the bunker outside. >> whether it is missiles or market meltdowns. >> it is amazing what we can do underground. >> i guess the ground is the limit. >> there is no limit. >> i mean, i hope it never happens but mathematically it all adds up to armageddon. >> but down here, armageddon can wait. >> sit back and watch tv and enjoy it. >> carter evans, cbs news, montebello, california. >> axelrod: and that is the cbs evening news for tonight, i am jim axelrod in new york. good night.
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a hush falls over the dining huddled behind closed doors with no end in sight. is that a sign of progress in the bart talks? the hush falls over the dining room in a popular restaurant. why customers are eating in complete silence. >> and an unusual ceremony on the old eastern span of the bay bridge. why some families will remember it as they gather on the no closed span. kpix5 news is next. ,, ,,,,,,
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possible b good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. we are less than 48 hours from a possible bart strike that could create a chaotic commute monday morning. but at this hour, the negotiations are on.


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