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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  October 12, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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possible b good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. we are less than 48 hours from a possible bart strike that could create a chaotic commute monday morning. but at this hour, the negotiations are on. brian webb is outside the
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talks. brian, any sign they're closer to a deal? >> reporter: we have seen a couple of the union leaders coming and going. that means they have been here at least for a nine-hour day today after a 12-hour day yesterday and we're seeing more officials walking in right behind us. you can see we have our microphones set up here, hoping, expecting somebody to say something. that has been two hours now. and the mikes are ready to go but no one is willing to talk into them as of now. it will be ugly if a strike starts. you can imagine what it would do if the bart system goes away. a little more positive yesterday, bart's gm and politicians joining in the talk trying to reach an agreement. but we have learned that each group had not met face to face today and each group coming up with their next strategy before making a move. which might be a good situation for bay area commuters trying to get to work on monday
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without bart. >> we encourage people to be prepared. we have the buses on stand by. we have between 130 and 150 buses for monday if the unions go on strike, including nine of the east bay stations going directly into san francisco. >> and as you might be able to see behind me, a few more of the people are going -- [ station audio trouble ] more talks, with hopefully some sort of resolution by the end of this time, because we have less than two days to go. >> we will be monitoring the developments on the bart talks tonight and up to the strike deadline at midnight tomorrow night. you can find updates and commute alternatives, any time, on kpix .com. a bay area costco store has recalled rotisserie chicken linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak and sickened 300 people in several states. the south san francisco costco has recalled nearly 40,000 pounds of roast chicken and related products. chicken salad and leg quarters, bought at the star, between
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september 11th and september 23. and a recorded message on the store's phone warrants the throw out or return any leftover chicken products. food stamp recipients in at least 17 states have been unable to use their food stamp debit cards today. it is because of a computer problem. officials say routine tests of backup systems by xerox which provides the technology resulted in system failure. in some area, the system is back up and running. but some states, including california, are still having problems connecting. in a statement, the u.s. department of agriculture spokesman says ebt carts in a number of states have sterial stopped working today due to a technical issue. the vendors working to fix the issue and ebt cards will work against once it is resolved. this issue is not related to the government shutdown. people who lost loved ones on the old eastern span of the bay bridge will have one last chance to say goodbye. the old section of the bridge will be dismantled slowly over
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several years. but before that happens, there will be a final memorial for those who were killed on the old bridge. it is scheduled for november 9. family members will be es contracted on to the span for the memorial. the christmas and mothers against -- the chp and mothers against drunk drivers are organizing the service. an annual event at a bay area national park and it looked like the richmond festival would be one of the casualties of the shutdown. but don knapp shows that the can-do spirit that helped win world war ii helped the festival go on. >> reporter: a world war ii amphibian vessel, a duck, is at the richmond waterfront to tell the war story. not the scary stories but tales of inspiration and the role of women who served on the homefront. it is the eighth annual festival for kids called we can do it. this year's event almost couldn't do it because of the government shutdown. ♪ god bless america. >> reporter: betty reeves would
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usually be here in her park ranger uniform. this year she is not allowed to wear it. the visitors center next door where she works is closed and the rangers are out of work. she spoke earlier with kpix 5. >> my uniform meant much to me. i don't think most children of color see enough park rangers to be able to choose that as a career path. >> reporter: but the festival and the history lessons go on, and the privately owned former ford plant where they built army trucks and plant, near where ships like the restored red oak victory were built. >> richland built a short period of time, a lot of ships, with 740 ships and we have the 80 and 90-year-old rosies who are here today. >> i want the young people to know that they can do anything. >> kay morrison was 20 years old when she was a welder. >> we didn't know that we were so capable of all of these
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other opportunities that came to us when we came to work in the shipyard. >> reporter: some of the skills are taught to a select group of richmond girls at rosy's girl's camp. welding, carpentry, history and something about themselves. >> are you probably going to be asked to learn about the women who entered the work force in world war ii, because they basically started doing jobs that were considered men's jobs. >> this year, organizers were forced to put into practice their rosy the riveter, we can do it theme, and show that even a government shutdown couldn't stop the homefront festival. in richmond, don knapp, kpix 5. tourists once again getting to see what the country is is made of. how some states reopened national landmarks despite the partial government shutdown. like california. and human kindness during the government shutdown. help from two furloughed soldiers from someone who can barely afford it. good saturday evening to
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you. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. a little nip in the air. a little chilly. bundle up as you head out. tomorrow is a different story. the forecast after a break for you. ,,
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to raise the debt ceiling fo year fai high hopes for ending the federal government shutdown were dashed today when a test vote to raise the debt ceiling for a year failed. senate majority leader harry reed and minority leader mitch mcconnell are still talking. reed is hopeful that a deal can be reached within the next 48 hours. but no solution seems imminent. house speaker john boehner says president obama talks have stalled. he wants concessions from the president but mr. obama says there can be no conditions. thursday is the deadline to raise the debt ceiling. the government shutdown led to the postponement of today's sand castle contest planned for ocean beach. this was supposed to be the 30th annual contest but the beach is part of the golden gate national recreation area which has had workers furloughed because of the shutdown of the event serves as a fundraiser, and they provide art programs for san francisco
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schools. michelle obama won't be visiting the bay area this weekend because of the shutdown. the first lady was supposed to attend a trio of fundraisers. today she was scheduled for a round table at a pacific heights home and general reception, and the visit was supposed to wrap up with a sunday brunch at the fairmont in san francisco but the shutdown halted those plans. three national landmarks however are reopening. tourists return to the grand canyon today, after it closed due to the shutdown. new york worked out a deal to staff the statue of liberty through next thursday. and it opens back up to the public tomorrow. and on monday, people will be able to once again admire mount rush more. and south dakota is using corporate donations to pay the federal government to open up the landmark in the black hills. and the states are paying for it to happen. california officials say they can't afford to do that. well, a simple gesture of appreciation during the government shutdown is getting a lot of buzz. a waitress over hears two soldiers saying they were
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furloughed. so she helped out. >> it was a typical wednesday afternoon shift for sara foydell at the ruby tuesday in concord, new hampshire, when two service members came in for lunch and sat in her section. >> they were looking through the menu and they were trying to decide what to get. and one had mentioned about the furlough and not getting paid. >> sara a single mother of a 15- month-old boy says she knows how difficult it can be to make ends meet. >> just for myself, i was thinking that must be difficult because the income stops, it doesn't mean the bills do. >> so sara decided to pick up their tab, adding this note on the back of their check. expressing her gratitude for their service. >> i was thinking to myself, i am going to buy their food today. good karma. do something nice for someone else. >> the reaction she got from the guard members was more than she expected. >> i came out and they were out front waiting for me and they instantly just came up and said sara, and they hugged me and just their reaction was worth everything. >> it was like i did this huge thing and i said i just bought your lunch, but thank you. >> news of the kind gesture
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quickly spread online. the new hampshire national guard posted a picture of sara, and a copy of her note on their facebook page. the response, she says, was overwhelming. >> i think the most moving thing i saw on facebook was people saying that there should be more people like me in the world. that really got to me. >> and sara says she has friends who have served in the military and her boyfriend is a marine. she admires what they do for us, and says this is the least she could do for them. well, every meal, eaten in silence shall the inspiration behind the hush falling over the dining room and why diners say they enjoy the experience. from the transamerica pyramid, we're looking at a layer of low clouds. and some low clouds in the forecast for tomorrow. a little bit of a warming trend also. the forecast is just after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at a restaurant in brooklyn. e in a meal that will have you speechless. literally. at a restaurant in brooklyn, the dining experience is done in total silence. patrons are not only asked to turn off their phone, but to remain quiet. no talking. no anything that might make a noise. and a man gets up to go outside so he can blow his nose. the restaurant head chef says it was another culture that served as the inspiration and provide a challenge for diners. >> i spent some time in a
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buddhist mon terry in india when i was in -- monastery in india when i was in college and we had a silent breakfast every day. >> we had facial expressions and found other ways of communicating that was not verbal. >> it apparently worked. the restaurant says it has yet to discipline anyone for making noise. reminds me of no soup for you. >> i'm not sure i get this, but i wonder how the food is? >> they can't tell if you it is good or not. [ laughter ] >> that's true. it didn't look like a lot of fun but i guess it works for them. some low clouds come nook the bay area tonight and as we look down toward millipitas and the numbers are really beginning to come down, just 66 at concord right now, and well, it is quarter to 7:00, and san francisco, 59 degrees. and santa rosa right now 65. it will get chilly tonight down to the mid-40s. in some of the cooler spots inland and then it will warm up just in time for the 49ers to play the arizona cardinals. and 70 degrees under sunny skies at game time tomorrow at 1:25. and here is how it works. we have high pressure that is
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well offshore. and it will be warming a little bit inland. and that low pressure begins to finally kick out. and it will allow the high to build in a little closer to the west coast. so you know, the numbers come up and the temperatures come up a little bit as well. and so it will be nice. a few low clouds to start the day. and but with mostly clear skies inland. and the temperatures will drop into the mid-40s overnight. a little bit of a warming trend continues, and inland will be around 80 degrees, by monday. and that's inland, along the shoreline, we're not going to get much in the way of warmth. winds pick up a little bit but not tonight. as we look at the future cast, you can see they are pretty much flat dead calm before sunrise tomorrow morning. a little bit before sunrise. it looks pretty good. pinpoint forecast as you head out of the bay area, 55 at lake tahoe and partly cloudy skies at yosemite. and the temperatures overnight will be 46 degrees. and santa rosa, not that i guess anybody can really head to yosemite because that is shut down, too. 49 vallejo. 58 degrees at concord and
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livermore. 52 at fremont. and in redwood city, 48 degrees. 51 at mountain view. an then we recover to near normal highs, a little bit cooler than average in san francisco, and san jose will be up to 74 tomorrow. and livermore, 78. so if you want some warmth, go south young man or east where temperatures will also be in the mid to upper 70s tomorrow. 75 at pittsburgh. and 76 at fairfield. and 78 degrees at napa. and up in the north bay, looking pretty good. 70 degrees. bodega bay, 68 degrees. and if you want to head to clear lake, it seems like 75 degrees tomorrow. and 76 at lake port. and ukia, 79 degrees. extended forecast, 80-degree range by monday inland and around the bay, mid-70s. we will accomplish our weather forecast for that part of the day with a few low clouds in the morning to start out sunday, but after that, sunshine, yes and by the end of the week next week, we are
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going to cool it down, but we are cooling it down kind of dramatically. look at saturday. >> look at that. down to 62. >> but that is along the coast. i was thinking inland. >> 73 degrees there. >> we're not on the same page. >> no rain in sight. >> no rain in sight. >> you can work on that. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> i'm in sales, not production. >> thank you very much. what do you have for us tonight? >> hopefully you can help stanford? >> or something. >> a pair of top 10 teams go down in college football with one of them stanford. and someone forgot to tell the cardinals they were supposed to roll over against kerrshaw. sports is next. ,, ,,
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shrimp tacos... endless possibilities! sauté express®. in the dairy aisle. upset by utah 27- 21... we' have f stanford's national title hopes took a major hit tonight. the fifth ranked cardinals were upset by utah, 27-21. full highlights at 11:00. else where in the pack 12, washington trying to take down second ranked oregon but no answer for dutch quarterback marcus mariotaa and hits on the deep ball to josh huff. he has 17 touchdown passes and mo interceptions this season. oregon beats washington forbe the 10th year in a row. san jose state, on the road, taking on colorado state. scary moment. freshman running back thomas tucker lands on his head. he would be carted off. and spending the night in a colorado hospital. tucker did have feeling in all of his extremities. and to the first half, spartans down 17-10.
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david bell fires a strike down field to his go-to guy, chandler jones, for a 77-yard score. a huge day for him. and he threw for over 400 yards for the second time this season but the rams would answer right back. 45 seconds later, derrick grayson finds a wide open taven cartwright for the second touchdown of the game. colorado state led 24-17 at the half. fourth quarter, tied at 27. sales hits tyler winston and the speedy freshman does the rest. he goes over 150 yards receiving for the second week in a row. and san jose state beat colorado state, 34-27. to improve to 3-3. there would be no late game magic this wike -- week for aaron murray and seventh ranked georgia. wide receiver brad sasser throws a 40-yard touchdown pass. the tigers going to athens and knock off georgia, 41-26. and 92,000 at the cotton
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bowl for the annual red river shootout. between oklahoma and texas. case mccoy, the younger brother of 49ers quarterback colt mccoy, mike davis in stride, for the touchdown. long horns head coach matt brown can get the critics off his back for at least a week, as texas blows out 12th ranked oklahoma, 36-20. baseball now. and history is not on the dodgers side following last night's loss. no team has ever come back to win a league championship series after losing game one in extra innings. the shadow is playing a factor early with the 3:00 start in st. louis. scoreless in the 5th. john jay hits a shallow fly ball. but with karl crawford's arm, that is plenty deep for david freeze to score. that's all the cardinals get off kershaw. l.a. loads the bases in the 6th. the rookie michael wacha strikes out the player and the phenom is 0-10 in the season and wacha strikes out juan uribe to get out of the inning.
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6 and 2/3 shutout innings for the 22-year-old wacha. the cardinals win 1-0. to take a 2-0 series lead. as they now shift to los angeles. golf in the third round. for the fry's .com open. camillo bodegas, chances of winning sunk after a 77. bruce tepa keeps it close out of the bunker to set up an easy birdie putt. the 23-year-old shoots a 67. with a two-shot lead into the final round. and vijay singh is two back. and the raiders go for the seventh straight win in kansas city tomorrow but the chiefs are one of three remaining undefeated teams, thanks in large part to a defense that has allowed the fewest points in the nfl. >> any good team, yes, i think they had one of the best defenses in the nfl. i think it is going to be the best defense to be played this year. and so yes, they got a tough team, but we're very tough, too. >> on the other side of the ball, for kansas city, it is a very familiar face, but as
6:56 pm
usual, alex smith is not getting a ton of credit for his team's success. however, he does have the respect of raiders defensive coordinator jason tarver part of the 49ers staff, when smith was drafted, in 2005. >> he is a great person. and he handled himself professionally. and i would say, a lot of his growing up process, and i can't say enough about him. he has overcome a lot of stuff. >> he is a heck of a player. he makes people around him better. and that is very important in this business, and in his job. >> making life easy for andy reid, too. you can see the raiders and chief, right here on kpix 5, tomorrow morning, and stay tuned for the 5th quarter, with dennis o'donnell and jared newberry, at 2:00. and back here, raiders fan, or a niners fan, a good game tomorrow. >> the raider, chiefs, doesn't get any better than that. and it is interesting, because as good as the chiefs have
6:57 pm
been, everybody is giving the broncos all of the attention. but maybe the raiders can do something that five other teams have not been able to do. >> optimistic. i like that. thank you very much. that will do it for us at 6:00. we will see you -- 6:30. we will see you again at 11:00. until then, your news and weather is on kpix .com. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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. wayne phillips defensive play card looked pretty sparse compared to the book written by the texans offense on sunday night. nothing but net. in all phases of the game. for a 49ers squad that landed knockout close early and often. both coaches were hungry for a win. but only one had his mind on food a day later. >> brand new.
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>> the olive juices will continue to flow against the cardinals this week. and we're popping the lid on the 49ers preview, right now. the texans. its like a soutt before we look ahead to arizona, let's look back at the texans. like a southwest airlines want to get away commercial for houston quarterback matt schaub, he threw a pick six, fourth straight game with an interception return for a touchdown. and the 49ers continue their commitment to running the football. 177 yards on the ground. frank gore had a touchdown. 49ers win 34-3. and how about larry fitzgerald and the cardinals? hosting the panthers in the desert after throwing three interceptions. carson palmer, stanford product jim gray, for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. and it was kind of an ugly game. 22-6 was the final. arizona is 3-2. hello, everybody. welcome to er


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