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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and i'm frank mallicoat bart riders get a 24- hour break... as union leaders de to wait another day before possibly going on strike. kpix 5 reporter cate cauguin is in oakland, where the two sides talked well into the y morning hours this morning.. live: bart is giving the un a deadline to accept it's or and the unions came right bk at them and gave management more day to fix it. pkg: bart management and its unions burned the midnight oil.working late into the n trying to finalize what fee like a never ending saga. s: pete castelli 7:20 'i m soro tell you that after marathon negotiations this weekend, workers and managements have been unable to reach an agreement." last night the s took a turn for turn for the worse when bart said. it's latest offer would be it's t and final officer management claims it's 7 million more n friday's offer: a 3 percent raise each year of the fourr contract. sot:(17:83) gracee bay area is tired of going bed at night and not knowin bart's going to be open or . we need to bring this to a e it's been long enough." bute unions say this isn't good enough - in fact the so-cald best offer is less than one the past. 20:05 antonette 's regressive, we can take it our members for a vote. but again we want to bargain a fair equitable contract. the offer that we received is ne of that." bart management's latest deal won't be on the table long. bart gave the us two weeks to accept before take it away. live: so we're seeing a shift in negotiations. the only goods is that commuters get a bitf a reprieve but i don't think they like the idea of anoth strike looming over their h
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kpix 5 mark kelly is over wt creek bart. mark what are t riders saying. there are three key playersn this whole issue...the politicians, the workers ane passengers. and right now.. passengers aren't too happy bart rider stan green martiz stood outside negotiation central. he says bart riders are the ones hurt in end...and "this is insanityt this point, some politiciane clued in to riders' frustrations. now, there's talk of passing legislationt would keep bart workers from striking. they're calling ie hi strike clause and we've n hearing it pop up more and as we marched toward this se deadline. one bart rider tells us why he's ready for change to bart. "nit rider--"i'm extremelmore moa lot of people." rone way or another this bart crisis will be resolved... t
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>> burned in the end and quote, this is insanity. at this point, some politicians are clued in to riders' frustrations and now there's talk of legislation that would keep bart workers from striking calling it the no strike clause. we've public hearing it pop up more and more. one rider tells us why he's ready for a shake-up. >> i'm extremely frustrated. i'm making more money than a lot of people. >> one board members spoke inside the morning crew. there's a long history between
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bart management and the workers and there's no way it will be cleared up in one contract. mark kelly, kpix5. >> there's a no strike clause and only kicks in one it expires. bart can't train replacement workers until that happens. >> there are a number of things that are hard to remove and the strike is used as leverage by our workforce. >> right now, only state legislation can prohibit the bart strike. mark desonge is looking into it. if the strike does happen, there are a few options to get around it. for commute alternatives, you can check out the strike survival guide on we'll let you know if there's
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any movement. now two weeks into a government shutdown. politicians in washington are running out of time to get the debt ceiling defaulting on their own loan. susan mcginnis tells us where hopes now lie for a solution. >> reporter: the latest hope to avoid the u.s. default and end the government shutdown now appears to rest on talks between senate leaders, harry reed, and mitch mcconnell. >> we'll continue those discussions. >> reporter: their impasse is largely over automatic spending cuts known as the sequester. republicans want larger cuts. democrats want to undo the redemption. >> near democrats nor republicans like the sequester. it's how to undo sequester. >> reporter: mcconnell and others embrace the solution offered by bipartisan group of senators that would keep budget cuts in place from the government for six months and raise the debt ceiling through january. >> we start the dialogue that
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did not exist before we pay bills. as of this thursday, the government would have $30 billion in checking account. >> we don't run out of money in the moment but informs or thes are going to be really nervous. stocks could likely go down. bonds could go down. >> reporter: consumer confidence dropped last week and concern that the feelings could extend through the holiday shopping season. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the markets could start showing the impact. dow stock futures are down suggesting market could drop when trading tarts later this morning. without federal budget deal, thousands of workers at the lawrence livermore national lab will be furloughed but unlike employees, they are considered private contractors, meaning there's no back pais later. congressman eric held a town hall meeting with employees and concerned that the budget isn't fixed, there could be a brain
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drain. >> we will lose that and set the work done for national energy security far behind. >> projects at the lab includes the national ignition facility and an effort to use nuclear fusion to create clinique leer energy. some who work there say after years oof being asked to do more with less, the livermore valley is moving silicon valley. >> three national landmarks open again despite the shutdown. states step in to give tourists access to the grand canyon and statue of liberty and opening mount rushmore today. they use donations to offset the cost. >> some spots, the temperatures ups and downs and low 40s. i think by the afternoon, what a day we're going to have
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today. offshore winds, not really strong. so the fire danger is not running high. it's just one of the gorgeous fall days outside. you can see the ridge building in now and that's giving us the offshore flow. expect fantastic weather after we get through some cool temperatures early on. nice rand clear in the city in san francisco p.52 in san francisco and chilly 43 degrees in santa rosa. >> friday afternoon, temperatures in the 80s. inside, plenty of 70s. 70 degrees in pacifica for today. all right, your kcbs traffic. >> it could have been a horrendous commute. instead, we talk about the pumpkin festival. tie-ups on this holiday. if you head up, the pumpkin festival is today and pumpkin
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weigh-off at 7:00 p.m. it's on schedule and mass transit looks good and cal train and out of the central valley. here's other drive times. more popular pun wunns for this time in the morning. all in the clear at 4:38 this morning. no delay to the livermore valley or the women's freeway and if you travel near the dublin interchange, this is a live look. it will get more crowded out there but traffic is moving at the speed limit through the dublin grade and then one live look outside. it's heyward. that's the direction. west side and the drive time shows 13 minutes right now past 880 heading out towards boston city. that's your latest. kcbs traffic. >> thank you. social security benefits are following suit, but not by much. eligible recipients can expect
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increases. preliminary suggests cost of living adjustment at 1.5% or $17 a month. that's among the smaller adjustments since automatic increases were adopted back in 1975. the area headlines. a bay area costco store is recalling rotisserie chickens due to salmonella. they were sold between 11th and 23rd of september. the old eastern, dismantled piece by piece. on november 9th. those who lost their lives will be remembered. that's when the chp and mothers against drunk driving will hold the memorial. 4:39. hanging on for dear life. the dramatic rescue of a woman
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dangling on a bridge next. >> the car and how soon we could see him on the road when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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somehow got stuck on a drawbridge and had to hang until firefighters could ger down. authorities aren't ed up there.. a woman got stuck in a drawbridge and had to hang until firefighters could get her down. don't know how she got up this. she just finished taking part in a cancer walk that day and took firefighters a half hour to rescue her. the woman was not hurt. remember the 9-year-old minnesota boy who got on a plane to las vegas? no ticket. well, he's back home. sheriff's office confirms that officers greeted the young boy at the airport and turns out the boy's mother does work at the minneapolis airport. where the attorney began, the father said the boy has behavioral problems. it won't be long before you
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can have your own chauffeur without really hiring one. >> it looks like an suv. >> my hands, you can see how it has to operate the brakes, throttle, and turn signals. >> the vehicle was designed by using the gm collaborative research lab in pittsburgh. and one of the lead engineers. >> coming up on a red light and it's turning red now. the car is stopping for the traffic light. >> the car makes all decisions in all the driving and when to change lanes and how to navigate the roads. >> it's been impacting roads and knowing how fast they're going and how far away they are and intelligent decisions like can i pull out in this lane or
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go away for the car to go by? >> it's been radars and cameras. 360 degrees on the road. all of the information is sent to a computer network underneath the truck, which makes 100 decisions per second. >> now actually, not only can we detect certain things but we classify objects. now there's a fight. >> is this a cool idea or do you see this really being on the road in the next decade or so? >> i see it being on the road. we see it on the road today. but just adapting cruise control and some park themselves! the race is already on. they'll have a fully autonomous road in 2020, just six years from now. found aton mouse driving is available in 41% of cars
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worldwide by 2030 and four other companies said they have some driving cars on the way. terrell brown. cranberry township. >> they could adjust $5,000 to $7,000 to the cost of a new car. >> i like driving though. imagine with a cool car. can you imagine waiting? >> it's cool but i don't know. freaks me out. >> cars in the bay area, but yeah, that would be too scary. >> one is one thing, but all the cars like that? but top down, relax. >> yeah, backseat and enjoy. lots of sunshine coming our way. should be a gorgeous day ahead as high pressure builds in overhead and the offshore wind is blowing outside. it keeps skies nice and clear, especially in the north bay
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valley down into the lower 40s there. 45 in san jose and 52 degrees in san francisco. as we head throughout the day after a chilly start to the day, lots of sunshine coming our way and should be warm to the coastline. businesses, not a real strong offshore wind and looks like a beautiful week ahead. high pressure sticks around and sunshine coming our way over the next couple of days and snow into the colorado rockies but nonetheless, we see great weather here. around the state, 80s and 72 degrees, gorgeous in the monterey bay. skies staying nice and clear. on thursday, we see the offshore wind continuing and exception of high clouds moving in thursday as well. 77 degrees, san jose. 69 degrees and east bay numbers up to the 70s. low 80s. low 70s. cooling off slightly on thursday and friday.
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time now for kcbs traffic with lindsey. >> all bart trains running this morning. tun eventful commute which is great news. this morning, you start kids school. westbound 580. take the kids school later on, a few more hours to go. live look. westbound 580 traffic. speed limit through the valley. on the san mateo bridge, clear 14 minutes. overall, traffic is moving at the speed limit over the high- rise towards the peninsula. one car going northbound. it's really quiet right now. southbound. they should very four lanes open in the commute direction but obviously only see one car heading towards the camera. the live look at 880. no delay yet. like i said, the holiday too
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for some. some kids off school. that could be contributing to the lighter patterns. we noticed on friday, the potential. very cal train on schedule. back to you. >> also, 4:48 in the morning. something to do wit. >> bell, it is 4:48 in the morning. government shutdown, could be another turbulent day on wall street. alexis christoforous with how it's reacting. >> reporter: dow at 2 week losing streak jumping 111 points and nasdaq added 31. s&p 500 closed above 1700 and is now less than 1.5% away from a record high. earnings reports kick into high gear this week. expect the report card from banks and bank of america.
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yahoo, ibm, and ebay. the s&p 500 probably increase 1.4% last quarter while sales rose 2%. the u.s. is expected to become the world's largest oil producer last year overtaking russia thanks to the shale oil boom. the production of oil and natural gas liquid exceed 11 million barrels a day, making the biggest producer outside of opec by next spring. google wants your permission to use name and space. as well as songs and other content brought on the google play store could show up in ads displayed to your friends and connections when they search on google. it goes into effect november 11th but users can opt out. that's money watch. for latest business news, follow me on twitter at alexis, cbs news.
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in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. a san francisco man elevated the humble toothpick to a thing of beauty. >> the decade long labor of love draws big crowds to the exploratory. >> reporter: he's a man of many talents. juggles hatchets, spins frisbees with his teeth and a media, toothpicks and elmer's glue. over decades, using more than 500,000 toothpicks, created rolling through the bay, a 9- foot high love letter to hometown of san francisco. at first glance, you might think the intricate sculpture was designed using modeling software, but the tools in his trade are less sophisticated. >> i use this bold sharp calculator for fitting how many things fit in an area. >> reporter: nail clippers
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serve as trimmer and everyday objects become molds. natural talent elevated this rather low tech but credits high-tech for success. >> snowballed on the internet and went viral. >> reporter: in 1974, weaver with no formal training created a few family landmarks out of toothpicks. meticulously detailed san francisco homage is now on display with crowds especially when they realize it's not just a sculpture. >> a ping-pong rollercoaster, they said. >> reporter: what's next? >> a self-portrait of myself doing what i invented maybe. the ping-pong ball rolling through myself. >> reporter: continuing tradition of turning ordinary objects into something extraordinary. in san francisco, simi for
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eyewitness news. something else adding to millions of happy meals at mcdonald's. >> bart riders get released for now. no strike this morning but could be tomorrow from commute alternatives, check out strike survival guide at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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regular, set bedtimes and scientists say therapy and rela attacks. mar new research finds kids behave better with regular set bedtimes and therapy and relaxation can prevent heart attacks. marlie hall has the look at today's top health stories. >> reporter: people with heart disease who take care of mental well being for at least two years are 50% less likely to have a heart attack or die from their disease according to new research. green scientists look at nine studies of fat patients who took part in talk therapy, music therapy, relaxation
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exercise or prayer. researchers in israel found people overweight as teenagers are twice as likely to develop esophageal cancer later in life. also found if the teenagers were poor or emigrated from another country, twice as likely to develop gastric cancer later in life. date findings off health exams from 1 million israeli men starting at age 17. children without a set bedtime more likely to have behavioral problems according to a new study in the journal pediatrics. tracked ped times of 10,000 kids at age 7 and then progress reports from parents and teachers. they believe irregular bedtimes upset natural rhythm and sleep deprivation harms the developing brain. top health stories, marlie hall for cbs news, new york. mcdonald's happy meals will
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include nourishment for the brain. they will come with a book now with a happy meal character. mcdonald's plans to distribute 20 million of the books and the ebooks through the mcplay happy meal app. there's an app for that. >> there is an app. the world championship pumpkin weighoff is set for this morning when growers bing in gargantuan gourd. $6 a pound. the new record, it would be $2,000. >> that's a lot of pie. a lot of pie. 4:56. three days until the debt ceiling deadline. lawmakers in washington, are they any close closer to a deal? we'll fill you in. >> in bart strike today but could be one tomorrow. we'll tell you the latest road block in a negotiation. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we're not going on strike because they deserve to have the riding system that works. we give them one more day to get it together. >> bart is up and running this morning. come midnight, we could be in the same position as before, waiting to hear if the deal has been reached. the problem is that the strike and not wanting us for the deal is not compatible reality. >> 72-year-old san francisco man found in a group of hunters three weeks after getting in the national forest. from across the bay to around
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the world, the story on kpix 5. >> good morning everyone. it's monday, october 14. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. we know it's running and nice weather and take the day off too, right? lots of sunshine to the coastline. offshore winds and not strong. still strong enough to clear the skies out. and looks like it's very nice weather too. we expect school temperatures to begin with the sunspots, especially in the north bay. low 40s right now. clear sky for a little chilly in some spots. 51 degrees in san francisco. and sunshine well into the 70s and the south bay. temperatures moving into the 70s and low 80s. towards


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