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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 14, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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after the national forest. across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning, everyone. it is monday october 14th. happy columbus day. >> i'm michelle. we have team coverage on the contract hospice. we start with kpix 5 reporter kate in oakland. >> reporter: they say we give you one day to fix that. bart management and the union burned the midnight oil working late into the night. took a turn for the worst when the
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latest offer would be to accept a final offer. management claims 7 million on friday for the four-year contract. >> gone to bed at night and not knowing if bart will there or not and be there long enough. >> reporter: union say it's not good enough and less than the one management offered in the past. >> it is progressive. we can take it to members for a vote and again, we want to bargain a full, fair, equitable contract and the offer we received is none of that. >> reporter: won't be on the table long and weeks to accept before taking it away. we are seeing the shift in negotiation. it's not a good one and let's make it even better. four years from now after all of this is done, we get to do it all over again. let's take it to mark kelly live at walnut street. the center is actually a no strike clause in the union
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contract? >> reporter: there is, kate and it's coming up more and more as we approach this strike deadline. now here's an interesting part about that no-strike clause. there actually is that clause in the worker's contract that they're already technically -- bart is not allowed to strike, but and this is the key, that expires with the contract. bart workers can now strike. we asked political insider if he sees it happening. >> given the power of the unions and prolabor stance in california, there's very little chance, i think, that the legislature would actually go through with it. >> here's another interesting part of the whole bart contract. bart cannot actually start training new replacement workers until the strike actually happens and of course, it hasn't happened yet. live in walnut creek, mark
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kelly, kpix 5. >> commuters have options. for one, bart will provide charter buses to east bay and san francisco and back towards commuter hours. has to up 15 buses at five stations. west oakland, walnut creek, san leandro and fremont that could serve 6,000 passengers a day. car pool lanes expand from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from east bay freeways including 80680 and urged to use fast track to speed things along. toll takers will be on duty. commuters have expect ferries in alameda parking. parking fills up fast.
6:04 am traffic reporter and commuters alike, exciting there's no bart strike this morning but in limbo. the deadline pushes another 24 hours. keep it here on kpix 5 and we'll bring you the latest. here's a live look at sensors in south bay. the location change. earlier, we heard reports of a southbound direction that is actually in the commute direction heading into san jose but the good news is that the traffic is a touch lighter than we typically see. maybe people make back-up plans that it's running and it's columbus day. traffic looks okay and it's in the lane and middle lanes, the fast track ones, this morning and a heads up, big pumpkin weighoff and kicks off in an hour from now at 7:00. the extra traffic time and that is the latest kcbs traffic and
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this morning, go to the forecast. >> it's a gorgeous day if you head back to work. a lot of sunshine. chilly in spots and offshore winds and looks like nice, clear skies to the coastline this morning. the ridge of high pressure continues overhead. now we'll bring it with plenty of sunshine. new out of the beach today, temperatures soaring. nice and clear, 52 degrees and now dropping down to 40. 50 degrees even in san jose. this afternoon, 77 degrees and sunny skies. morgan hill and temperatures in the east bay moving to 70s and low 80s. that's inside the bay's beautiful sunshine. 76 degrees in san francisco. weather coming up and back to you guys. >> lawrence, thank you. we're now in the 14th day of a partial government shutdown. appears to rest on talks between senate leaders harry
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reed and mitch mcconnell. some senators including mcconnell embrace the plan by the bipartisan group for six months and raise debt ceiling through january. susan collins from maine is one of the authors. >> we sparked the dialogue that did not exist before we put out a plan. >> as of thursday, the government will have $30 billion in checking account but that money won't be enough to pay its bills. it will no longer have the authority to borrow if the group cannot reach a compromise. the government shutdown is also affecting the federal court system. several working with the staff. there's uncertainty about what will happen if continuing past thursday when reserve funds are expected to run out. san francisco's cliff house is back in business despite the government shutdown. a statement on the restaurant's web site said the owners got permission from the national
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park service to reopen. the house is privately owned but is on federal land. from when the government shut down, cliff how was had to as well. they estimate the loss of $10,000 for each day they were closed. states are stepping in to give tourists access to the grand canyon and the statue of liberty. plans to reopen mount rush moore and using donations to pay the daily cost. cancellation of fleet week hurting businesses on fisherman's warp. the city scrapped disaster response bills because of the government shutdown. the blue angels show what's canceled due to the cuts and takes away a big push for businesses because of the slow months coming up. san francisco hunter missing in mendocino after living live in the woods.
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the family posted these pictures on instagram from the hospital. believe it or not, was in good enough condition. was found saturday, a little north of lake pillsbury and left the hunting partner to find deer on his own and was not conscious. when he did show up for lunch, he went for help. >> we want to give a special thanks to the hunter. they actually found him and made a journey from the jacket and lifted him all the way back up the road. >> he ate squirrels, lizard, berries, algae, and a snake. >> have to start over on home renovation. it was early yesterday and house is undergoing renovation. fortunately, no one was home at the time of the crash. >> i was lying in bed and i
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heard what sounded almost like an exmotion and we decided to come outside and see what happened and we saw the police car and came over and looked and the car was so far in the house, i couldn't believe it. >> the driver was arrested and suspected of driving under the influence. time now is 6:09. the famous half-moon bay pumpkin weighoff is happening today. how big these gourds get next. >> and time is tick down for congress to reach a deal for congress. how it could lead to a brain drain in one bay area city. >> also, it's rolling around the bay area. temperatures rolling up coming up. >> and this morning, 45 and all on time. hit the roads. ,,,,,,,, when our little girl was born,
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will be no mail delivery to and most government officest have been staying open duri the partial go >> several holidays and no mail delivery today. most government offices have stayed open during the partial government shutdown and closed on this holiday. columbus day is also trending now. statue of liberty. police released sketches sketches of a man. blue screen of death, apple's i55s has same problems as windows and finally, buzz trike
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less than two hours left and no deal in hand. announced they will knotworks off the job and be a different tour. >> thousands of workest will be furloughed but unlike federal employees, they're private contractors and that means there will be no back pay later. housing town hall meetings, concerned if the budget is not fixed, there could be a brain drain. >> projects and effort to use nuclear fusion. >> 6:14. let's look at the traffic on the holiday. >> we have a few incidents out
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there and overall, it's down. it's a holiday and all trains are running on time and we'll tell you about two things going on out there. one lane and here's a live look with parts of the bay area and north bay. golden gate bridge of course and till moving in the speed limit and all the way down and across the deck. coming into san francisco. if you still look down, this is what it looks like and then all the way towards sunny dale. and minutes ago, 6:12 this morning and users and those
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lanes stacking up. the strike deadline has been on hold for another 24 hours. for right now, more than 45 trains are all running with no delay. golden gate ferries on time. 1-3. everything is moving like clockwork. that's your latest kcbs traffic. for more, if you have to work today, here's more. >> and if you don't, lots of sunshine in the bay area expected and the temperatures going to be something else and warm things up and high pressure clear across the bay area and the top all the way from the coastline and offshore wind. nice and clear in the san francisco and rest of the area now. chilly in some spots and 40 in santa rosa and 52 in san francisco. towards the afternoon, we expect mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures all the way to the cost line. fire danger
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is not elevated. just beautiful weather to enjoy. 81 and 73 degrees in the monterey bay and as we look at the computer models, looking for it there and today and tomorrow and wednesday, may be late winds tonight into thursday and clouds across our skies. and otherwise, we're cloud free. 77 degrees in san jose. 76 in palo alto. in the 60s, close to low 70s and low 80s inland and then inside the bay, look at temperatures in the 60s and also the 70s. >> we love it.
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thank you. some dramatic video. this is in china. dozens of people fell into the water after this foot bridge collapsed. it happened yesterday as visitors try to get on a ferry there and the bridge just installed. it's from employees that this were just too many on the bridge and everyone was rescued. no major injuries were reported but some pretty scary video. news of a bridge collapse caused the stampede in india. more than 100 people though. apparently half a million people took part in the festival. people were saying word spread and collapse. many fell to death in the river below. there was an attraction on the very same bridge seven years ago. giant pumpkins in the spotlight this morning in half- moon bay. >> they're the key to the world
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championship pumpkin weighoff. there's a mega prize of $20,000 on the line for the record. nfl's ranking mvp despite losing 2-year-old son was on the field. how football helped him get through. >> you can get proud by jim harbaugh. coming up. >> what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nominations to us at we may feature on the show. ,,,,,,,,
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>> we are looking at gorgeous weather in the bay area. fremont expected plenty of sunshine there all day long. mid 70s by the afternoon. >> and pretty awesome as well with trains running this morning and no big problem spots out there except coming through and no big accidents but we see slowdowns towards the dublin better change. a full check in just a few minutes. >> good morning, 49ers looking to make three straight wins yesterday hosting carson palmer with the 49ers and two minutes left in the half. the second time made it 22-14 and halftime. 49ers win 32-20. oakland down at the end of the fourth. and michael rivera and going to
6:24 am
pay there and wins 24-7. much closer than that. takes bye week at 2-4. bottom of the eighth. down for the red sox and hunter can't get it. grand slam and the game is tied. base it. walker after nine years and 180 on board and the winner's circle. 56 and finishes the tournament at 17 under par. that's it everybody. i'm dennis. see you tonight. daytime now comes from houston and texas plays mighty sloppy football. coming with the kickoff and
6:25 am
ripped. thank you very much. the touchdown and up by 25 points and that was the margin of victory to play the game for the win. nfl's ranking mvp on the field two days after the death of the 2-year-old son, allegedly beaten by the mother's boyfriend in sioux falls. the little boy was removed from life support and died on friday. fans holding the vigil. peterson said football helps him get through the tough times. >> gives me focus. whether mother's boyfriend, 27- year-old joseph patterson, charged with aggravated felony assault and battery on an infant and held on $750,000
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bail. on kpix5, no bart strike today but could be one tomorrow st. latest road block in the negotiation. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] you got to love the weekend.
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international airport.. that will keep th >> there's the new way to go through security in oakland international airport that will keep the line moving. how you can make it in on a plane without any security. >> chicken linked to a salmonella outbreak. how many pounds costco had to get rid of to make sure everything was safe. >> weather could be better that's coming up. >> we've got a five-minute wait to get you on the bridge.
6:30 am
there's a small back-up and the toll plaza with travel times coming up. >> thank you and good morning everyone. it's monday, october 14th. i'm troy. >> and i'm michelle. police at the sceneover a fatal shooting in the mission district. responding to a report of shots fired in the area's 21st near city campuses, mission campus, around 4:30 this morning. the victim found dead upon arrival. no further information at this time. >> bar trains running this morning even though there's no contract agreement. union leaders decided to get 24 hours more to reach the deal and kpix 5 reporter is following the contract talks this morning in oakland. kate? >> yes, michelle. both bart management and the unions will be back at it today after they met well into the
6:31 am
night. unfortunately, negotiations turned ugly. they took a few steps backwards. bart management said it presented its last, best, and final offer yesterday. bart jam greg said the $7 million more than friday's offer. the agency is offering a 3% raise for each year of the four year contract, but the unions say it's not good enough. the use for commuters say they decide to give bart one more day to come up with a better offer they can accept. >> we are not going to go on strike because the public deserves to have a riding system that works and we want you to know that the union members of 250 and 255 recognize that and we will give one more day. one more day to get it together. >> we've given them two weeks to consider the offer, take it to a vote and the members are going to take it seriously and look at it. we're open to any ideas and try to keep the conversation open but it's trying to bring this
6:32 am
to a close. the bay area is tired of going to bed at night and not knowing if bart is going to be open or not and we need to bring this to a close. it's been long enough. >> comes with an expiration date. management said they have two weeks to accept the offer before they take it off the table. bart's latest offer was regressive, meaning worse than the last of the two sides. coming back to the table with the clear shift in attitude. reporting live in oakland, back to you in the studio. >> what happened in the weekend? we heard progress was made. >> reporter: that's what we're all wondering, michelle. we know there's a gag order in place. we don't know how much but once bart offered its last offer, that put a halt to talks and stopped that momentum we heard about throughout the weekend. now urging to reconsider this and they can open up the table for more discussion. >> commuters hope to get everything squared away. live in oakland, thank you.
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for more commute alternatives, check out the strike survival guide at we'll follow talks today and bring you the latest as it develops. added to the airports. now passengers can be prescreened. the tsa program is in place at sfo for some time now and operates like antic press lane. now you don't have to take off your shoes or remove laptops from cases. they must sign up burglar beforehand. massive apartment complex attracting a lot of attention. they're not happy about it. you can see it on the left side. 180 units will sit on a 4.5- acre piece of land. it's monstrous and takes away the peaceful vibe of the neighborhood there. it broke ground last year and set to be completed by next summer. a registered sex offender
6:34 am
and prolee has been exposed in santa rosa. james canada homeless and touched himself in an inappropriate way in front of children and adults and then ran off and tried to hide in the backyard but the witness followed him and called police. san carlos and may fail. internal e-mail brought concerns about pipeline 147 along britain avenue questioning whether it was another pipeline in 2010 that killed 8 people and then carlos pipeline shut down. wants to reopen it. there's a meeting tonight at 7. there's more resources towards homelessness. they will join sources and spend $250,000 over the next two years on a program to put a roof over 20 of the most
6:35 am
chronically homeless individuals. bay area costco recalled nearly 40,000 pounds of roast chicken and related products including soup, chicken salad and leg quarters sold between 11th and 23rd of september. new this morning. three americans are the winners of the nobel prize for economics. eugene, laura hanson and shiller awardrd for their work on what moves financial markets. the economics award is different from the other nobel prizes created back in 1895, back in 1968. the memorial swedish industrialist alfred nobel. >> sunshine and warm weather expected around the bay area. cooler in spots. temperatures dropping off into the 40s. right now though, nice and
6:36 am
clear. high pressure overhead and building. we've got the offshore wind and the coastline. it's warming up and that's going to make for a gorgeous day to the beaches. outside temperatures, got clear skies and temperatures at 48 degrees. 52 in san francisco and cool 40 even in san jose. friday afternoon, we've got 70s expected inside the bay. temperatures near 70 degrees in pacifica today. possibly some of the warmest spots and a few minutes right now. i want to check out the traffic. elizabeth? >> the commute is heating up. if you come through the path, it's one of the right now and some say it's over. it's almost the half hour on westbound i-80 heading towards the dublin interchange and pick up once you pass in. there's a live look and picks up once you get past 680 towards the dublin gray. much improvement in the bridge. you can tell with the holiday
6:37 am
light. they cram and the bart strike this morning and looking really good. the lights turn on this morning and the delay right now and some of those far right couch lanes heading into san francisco, lower deck looks really good out to oakland. the road work picks up and bart system on time this morning but deadline has postponed about 24 hours. that's the latest k cbs traffic. >> thank you, new tactics in battle over bears. using these strategies to keep california and nevada warden to break into homes, businesses, and camp sites in search of food. activists keep vigils by the traps to discourage wardens and pine sol to deter bears. the tahoe dumpster and 10 mix
6:38 am
puppies found in july in the traps hours after they were born and four died a few days later. they were nursed at a animal shelter. they wanted to adopt little ones but replaced in local homes. >> time now is 6:38. unions have until midnight to strike a deal. union agreements and other big cities worked out. >> 2013 starting to wind down now. next year isn't looking up for everyone. who won't see much of a pay raise in the new year. >> 10 minutes ago, let's look at the early numbers here so far. we'll get an update from financial reporter. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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as cost of living goes up, social security benefits follow suit but not by a lot. the associated press reports next year's benefit increase will be low for the second year in a row. the cost of living increase is expected to be about 1.5% or down to 17 bucks a month. wall street is is is worried about what's happening in washington. >> the debt ceiling deadline is rapidly approaching this week and here now to chat, financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning frank and michelle. definite jitters on wall street. no deal reached over the weekend between house gop leaders and democrats and the debt ceiling deadline is only three days away. and as we approach that, there's the chance the u.s. could default on obligations. that's only happened twice in u.s. history. once during the war of 1812 and another on a technical glitch. it would be to rattle the markets around the world and send the global economy back
6:43 am
into another financial crisis and the market ended a bit lower off of that. facebook, however, out and about making another big deal buying an israeli start-up for 150 and $200 million. helped to reduce and monitors data on smartphones. first office open in israel as well. lower in the early going. dropping down and nasdaq giving us 18 and s&p down. facebook showers lower than 1.5%. back to you. >> it will be a crazy week. thank you, k cbs news. thank you. >> let's get a check on traffic. >> it's light. everybody off the roads. a lot of sensors pop up green which is good. that's 40 miles per hour spots.
6:44 am
just very slight delays. it's about a half hour ago but the back-ups are in a couple of spots and actually smaller. right around the pay date. just cleared it but just caused a slight back-up there, otherwise looking great into san francisco. and only the bay bridge, pretty quiet as well. camera tries to get it and the live look switching. everything looks good all the way down to emoryville and westbound 44. if you try to head out. a couple earlier including one in san jose northbound 101 approaching and that accident is off of the reasoned shoulder. it's sluggish in san jose and better than we usually see and better than usual across the san mateo bridge with drive time 10 minutes. i'm randy sue. >> looks good. mostly clear skies. a little chilly in spots early on but otherwise, a whole lot
6:45 am
of sunshine coming your way. great start to the week. high pressure overhead. look at those offshore winds. clear over san francisco right now. the temperatures, a little chilly in some of the valleys. in concord, 40 in santa rosa and 50 degrees. 52 in san francisco. as we head through the day though, we see plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures all the way to the coastline. numbers near 70 degrees even out of the beaches and looks like a gorgeous week ahead, at least for the next few days before things begin to cool down. courtesy of high pressure building in overhead with the offshore winds and the wind, not too strong to raise fire danger and make for a nice day. traveling shouldn't be a problem today and if you are headed around the country, a couple of interesting spots. the thunderstorms in houston could cause some flames. and a rain/snow mix in denver. 70s inside the bay today and upper 60s. low 70s towards the coastline and low 80s inland and next couple of days will be warmer
6:46 am
and we cool down on thursday and friday and a few more clouds in towards the weekend. time for your school cam today from collins elementary school. a dip to your morning. chilly. might want to grab a jacket if you head out the door, but lunchtime recess at 74 degrees. 77 and warm when you get out of school at 77. nominate your school. go to families love to put it on the air. back to you. >> lawrence, thanks. 6:46. down to the wire for bart unions hopefully to come up with an agreement today. >> california's examiner is joining us to see how union agreements and other large cities panned down to relearn something here. if you look at other cities like boston, chicago, and new york. transit employees aren't allowed to strike. in chicago, they can only strike under the circumstances, but legally prohibited. let's look at what they can negotiate without having to
6:47 am
strike. you look at the operators rate to pay per hour from the chronicle. makes about $30 an hour. not the highest but within striking distance. now if you look at recent contracts, each of the transit unions have been able to negotiate. you can see that the most recent proposal from bart management is 12% over four years, about 3% a year. the union wants 3% over three years. chicago only has 2.5% over four years and new york, they haven't had a contract in a while but about 3% and boston about 2%. so if you look at the most recent proposals by bart management, it's right there. comparable to nonstriking cities. benefits pensionwise and healthcarewise, pays 0% and healthcare is $92 a month regardless of how many people are being covered. other cities like chicago, new york, and boston, all contribute something to their pension. in addition, their healthcare
6:48 am
costs vary based on the number of dependents that are actually being covered and so the most recent proposal by bart management, perhaps contributing 4% of their wages to their pension and to contribute about $100 a month to their healthcare seems to be pretty well in line with other cities against nonstriking cities that are able to establish. >> so a bit of a wake-up call perhaps and i'm sure management hoed the numbers. >> absolutely. statistics anytime for the negotiations and you look at some for the hospital and other hospitals in the area. and if it's a transit system like this, you look at the transit systems. >> what do politicians do to help? >> they're nosing around again. as you can see, not much at this point. even if they were to pass a law banning strikes for example, they wouldn't be able to do it within the first couple of weeks. so it would take an emergency
6:49 am
session in san francisco. they need to buckle things up. one of the most promising things i've seen come out of the negotiations is the fact they kicked the politicians out. you can't pretend to pay. when politicians get in there, historically, they don't do such a good job. jerry brown attempted to get involved in negotiations and was absolutely excluded. we see they don't do very much to help and they can actually hurt negotiations. >> in a paragraph, will they get it done? >> we see such an acceleration and this is the final offer. one more day and seems again like the debt ceiling. everyone sen gauging in this and i think it makes more difficult to get an agreement. less hopeful than i was this weekend. >> happy monday. >> yeah, happy monday. >> all right, well, you can find more on melissa at thank you, melissa. time now for a look at what's up later on cbs this morning.
6:50 am
>> we do that with charlie rose live in new york with what's on the big show. good morning. >> hey, good morning. three days from the debt ceiling deadline and the default and still no deal. we'll see the world's largest manager what this means for your pension and 401(k). plus, a top neurologist on finding relief for millions who suffer from chronic headaches and gunmen conspiracy. the upcoming book reveals new evidence about the fascination of president kennedy. the news is back in the morning and we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you, we'll watch in just about ten minutes. >> time now though is 6:50. national parks across the country closed due to government shutdown but a few open their gates this morning in honor of columbus day. what it makes to get these national landmarks running again coming up. >> i'm mark kelly in walnut
6:51 am
creek. some want to keep bart workers from striking but is that politically possible? we'll dig into it coming up. ,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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san francisco police are log for a guman involved ina fal shooting just >> things to know at 55 now. looking for a gunman involved in a fatal shooting 2.5 hours ago. officers responded to a report of shots fired at 21st apartment street not far from city colleges mission campus. the victim died at the scene and last check, police were still at the scene. >> top work continues between republicans and democrats trying to end the partial government shutdown. the latest hang-up is the
6:55 am
automatic budget cuts brought on by the sequester. >> reopening national parks. the grand canyon, statue of liberty and mount rushmore temporarily opening doors swy. >> astronaut mark kelly in new york. the new york law requiring background checks during purchases at gun shows. she was shot and left disabled three years ago when a gunman shot her at a tucson event. >> this into the newsroom. the three red cross staffers abducted in ciera released and safe. assessing the medical there and seventh hostage taken with the syrian volunteer and not clear who the kidnappers are but the area has been controlled by rebels for the past year. >> live at the cal tran
6:56 am
building where the talks between bart management and the union begin within a few hours. good news, no strike today. bad news, there could be one tomorrow. now, bart management and its union burned the midnight oil into the night trying to final as i what feels like a never ending saga. the latest offer would be the best and final offer. management claims the offer is $7 million more than friday. it's a 3% raise each year before the contract and fortunately, that's something that took a turn for the worse. the offer was not good enough and was worse than one in the past. now take it or leave it offer put a halt to negotiations and last night's talk and latest deal won't be on the table. it won't give the unions two weeks before they completely remove it off the table. reporting live in oakland, kpix 5. >> i'm mark kelly live in walnut creek. there's three big players.
6:57 am
got the politicians, workers and the riders and the riders here. some say they're very frustrated. stood outside of the negotiations central. and bart riders are the ones hurt in the end and this is insanity. saying legislators should pass the law banning. this is politically impossible in san francisco and he doesn't see it happening. the legislature would actually go through wit. >> workers, here's something they do agree on. they agree they do not like the idea of a no-strike clause. live in walnut creek, mark kelly, kpix 5. people just staying home.
6:58 am
traffic overall is lighter than usual. the bay bridge, a live look at fremont street. they have a small fender bender reporting and off the right- hand shoulder. approaching the first exit into san francisco. the morning commute, so far so good. over there, barely a delay at all. it's out towards the east bay and the lights turn on at 6:12 this morning and we are problem free. it's also the columbus day holiday and decide to take the day off work. some schools not in session as well. here's the live look outside of the east bay and in oakland to the speed limit and the downtown oakland exits and check in with bart. all trains are running this morning. the deadline was postponed. 24 hours and heard the live reporters mentioned and there's 57 trains and all running on time. that's your latest traffic. lauren has the forecast. >> i'm happy to do that.
6:59 am
cooler here and headed out. 80 in livermore. 76 degrees in san francisco. beautiful 69 and sunny. continuing and lots of sunshine in the middle of the week. more clouds as we head in for this next weekend. were you off last week? >> thank you. okay. well, the spotlight this morning in half-moon bay. >> part of the 40th annual world championship pumpkin wayoff. whether a new world record will be set. by the way, two days ago, a record in another competition, a 2,032 pounds. see if they set a new one. $20,000 on the line. >> that's a huge gourd.
7:00 am
>> have a great day everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, october 14th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." day 14 of the government shutdown. and the nation is just three days away from its first default in history. washington looks to the senate for a way out. a surprise blizzard wipes out tens of thousands of cattle. how the disaster will hurt farmers and the nation's meat supply for years. plus, first on "cbs this morning," new evidence from the jfk assassination. what could be the definitive answer about the second shooter theory. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i'm tired of the politics on both sides. time for us to resolve this, and the american people lose.


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