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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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clear skies and really just a gentle breeze this morning. otherwise, some calm conditions. numbers out the door, well, it is chilly in the north bay valleys, 41 degrees in santa rosa right now. 52 degrees in san jose. 50 in livermore and 51 in oakland but by the afternoon what a day it's going to be again even out at the beaches. some of the temperatures again into the 70s. 70s a few 80s inside the bay. and some 80s in the valleys. how long will it last? we'll talk about that coming up. right now, we have liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic" report. >> good morning. if you are a bart rider just know that you can get into work this morning. bart is running. the trains are on time, no strike. full service on the system. no delays reported for golden gate ferries, caltrain or ace. meanwhile, if you plan on hopping in your car and making the highway 4 commute, so far that has been trouble-free with light traffic leaving antioch bound for pittsburg down the willow pass. even the altamont pass so far is looking okay westbound 580
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fine leaving the 205 interchange. looks like we may have some roadwork eastbound because sensors are picking up slow traffic there. the 580/680 interchange over in you understand did that's still in good shape with no major problems to report to you for west 580 heading down the dublin grade and the bay bridge toll plaza is wide open so enjoy the light traffic. that light traffic stays with you across the bridge into downtown san francisco. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." >> thank you. some breaking news now from pleasant hill. loud explosions woke up the dove court neighborhood after a house caught fire. it started about 1:30 this morning. firefighters say when they got there, the house and the cars in the driveway were all consumed by flames. the explosions happened near the cars. several downed power lines made it difficult for crews to fight the fire but they kept it from spreading to other hopes. bart management and union leaders are still talking in hopes of making a deal this week and the trains are still running as those talks continue. negotiators back at it a little later this morning. anne makovec is at the walnut
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creek bart station reporting on those ongoing efforts to hopefully reach a deal. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the meantime, another sigh of relief for bart passengers. but it seems like groundhog day here. they keep worrying every night and being able to take the trains in the morning but only having a tentative reprieve as the negotiations start up again at 10 a.m. the assurance that there would not be a strike today came after 10 p.m. last night. that's after another marathon negotiations session that ran until about 12:30 this morning. talks overseen by a federal mediator. >> we are intimately involved in the negotiation process. we are devoting all over efforts and energy to achieve an agreement, the parties to achieve an agreement, and i will not be taking any questions. >> reporter: now, that man you just heard from george cohen is known as an ace in the bargaining business appointed by the president to help strike a deal. right now, the two sides are
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trying to work with a $57 million package. they are playing a shell game within that package because bart says that is its last best and final offer. we'll hear from some of the frustrated riders here at the walnut creek bart station coming up in the next half hour. right now, live in walnut creek, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> even with the trains running it's been a tough week for bart riders as they play a waiting game. many of them have been staying up late to find out if the workers are going to walk out. in some cases, this week, that word hasn't come until after midnight. and that makes for tired and frustrated passengers. >> i think it is cruel and sadistic because that -- it's a wonder people can sleep at night. >> no updates until the morning is, you know, playing us for chumps. >> they are trying to use us as pawns in their game. >> definitely being used as pawns. >> we're pawns in this little game they are playing. >> bart says it had 10,000 fewer riders yesterday than on the day after columbus day a
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year ago. and we'll keep you posted on the latest developments throughout the day and on the governor is requesting a request to stop a strike at ac transit. management asked for a 60-day cooling-off period. ac transit said they would strike on thursday. in milpitas, five people hospitalized after a public trip crashed with a vta bus on 680 a little after 5 p.m. in the southbound direction near the highway 237 connector there. four bus passengers as well as the driver were slightly injured. police are trying to track down a woman who stole a car in san francisco with two young children inside. the car was stolen a little after 6 p.m. last night near 22nd and folsom streets. the car and the two children were found about a half hour later at a home on sweeney street. the children ages 1 and 3 were not injured. police describe the suspect as a thin white woman with short curly brown hair. a san jose man is searching for his two teenaged daughters
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who have been missing more than two days now. chuck dorset says his daughters madeline and emily ages 16 and 13 were last seen about 7:30 sunday evening at del mar high school. they were on the campus for a church event. dorset says his daughters have no history of running away or disappearing. 5:05. the federal government's partial government shutdown drags on. another financial crisis is lurking now. the treasury department says if the u.s. will reach its debt limit tomorrow unless congress finds a way to agree on a plan to raise it. as cbs news' susan mcginnis reports, there is an increasing chance the government will no longer be able to borrow money to pay our bills. >> reporter: senate republicans and democrats worked through the night on a bill to re-open the government and avoid a default. majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell quickly resumed their efforts after talks in the house fell apart. >> we felt blindsided by the news from the house.
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but this isn't the first time. >> reporter: the house balked at the senate plan and proposed its own, again, adding provisions that limit the affordable care act. >> trying to find a way forward in a bipartisan way that will continue to provide fairness to the american people under obamacare. >> reporter: but republicans weren't convinced and the house bill died before it was even brought up for a vote. house members say their constituents agree the fight over the president's healthcare law is worth it. >> they understand there's a higher principle here. >> reporter: as of tomorrow, the government will no longer have the authority to borrow money to pay some of its bills putting the country at risk of defaulting on our loans. >> this isn't what russia is doing to us. this isn't what china is doing to us. this is what the house of representatives is doing to us. >> reporter: the credit rating agency fitch has put the u.s. on warning of a downgrade of its aaa rating because of its threat of default.
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susan mcginnis cbs news, washington. >> all eyes on the stock market again today to see how investors react to the latest developments. the dow, nasdaq, s&p all fell significantly yesterday. coming up in our next half hour, a look at how the shutdown could put thousands more bay area workers on furlough this week. new this morning, apple gets the go-ahead for its new headquarters in cupertino. the city council voted unanimously last night for the building near 280. this morning the city will have a news conference to talk about it. hundreds of apple employees were at last night's meeting to show their support. the fremont city council has delayed a final decision on installing 20 more surveillance cameras around the city. police say the cameras are great crime-fighting tools but some community members objected because of privacy concerns. the big issue, however, is where the cameras would be placed. the money would come from more than $160,000 in federal grants that are specifically earmarked
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for low to moderate income areas. >> we are restricted by the grant funding to put the cameras in these specific areas but it really doesn't have a correlation to the fact that we believe that more crime occurs in these area. it's just about finding the specific locations within these areas that meet part of the bigger project. >> city officials are looking into alternate ways to fund the program that would not put restrictions on the cameras' location. 5:08. the british sailor who died during an america's cup race drowned after suffering blunt- force trauma, findings from the autopsy. bart simpson was racing and was thrown from the boat suffering trauma to his head and neck before drowning under the wreck of the boat. city college of san francisco is expected to get a new chancellor this morning. "the examiner" reports arthur tyler will get the job. the 63-year-old has helped run
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community colleges in sacramento, l.a. and compton here in california and in houston, texas, as well. before that he was in the air force for 20 years. the light portion of the bay bridge will glow from dusk to dawn after daylight saving time ends. the extended hours are all made possible by a nonprofit group illuminate the arts. the lights now go out at 2a the $8 million project will run through 2015 but there is some talk now of making it a permanent fixture. time now is 5:09. an arrest in the l.a.x. dry ice explosions. why police say it was likely an inside job. >> plus, not the welcome home message he expected. the traveler who says he was humiliated by his luggage. >> and after a year of bullying, a teenager takes her own life. wait until you hear what the bully said when she found out about the suicide. >> we have been enjoying gorgeous weather but could that all end? what about the prospects for rain? we'll talk about that coming up. >> bart trains are rolling this
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morning and traffic is extremely light at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll give you a complete look at your wednesday drive in just a few minutes.
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two bombs went off on sunday yee a baggage handler has been
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arrested in connection with the dry ice explosions at l.a.x. two bombs went off on sunday night one in an employee bathroom another on the tarmac. another bomb found monday night had not explode. one man is under arrest. bob filner is under arrest. he pleaded guilty yesterday to felony false imprisonments for placing a woman in a head lock and for kissing and groping women. he will serving three-years probation and three months home confinement under a plea agreement. both dry ice and bob filner are trending on twitter now. also, apple. the tech giant sent out invites for an october 22 press event. amy poehler, tina fey will reunite for the golden globes. >> they were good. >> and hall of fame, the rock and roll hall of fame announced its potential 2014 inductees including nirvana, kiss and
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linda ronstadt. following us on twitter #cbssanfrancisco. >> the trains are rolling. >> no strike. we don't know about tomorrow but, of course, we'll continue to update folks on the negotiations. but the bottom line in terms of the morning commute is that bart riders can take bart this morning throughout the day to get to and from work no delays for the bart system, ferries, caltrain or ace. the bay bridge commute westbound leaving oakland into the city is fine. all the earlier roadwork from overnight is picked up so all lanes are open for you between oakland and san francisco. once in the city, though, there was the closure of the southbound central connector ramp to 101. that has been picked up. 101 right here over at the golden gate bridge that's still looking okay with no big delays heading across the span into the city. san mateo bridge has been fine. we didn't have any roadwork overnight so 880 and 92 moving at the speed limit as with 101, to and through the south bay. that's looking good in both directions approaching mckee. we haven't had any major accidents so far this morning
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so it's been a smooth start to the morning commute. we have great weather coming our way again. get out to the beach if you can or anywhere around the bay area. it should be nice outside. a clear start to your day as high pressure sits overhead again keeping your skies clear with that offshore wind all the way to the coastline. the temperatures chilly in spots this morning. should be comfortable by the afternoon. a cool 41 degrees in santa rosa. 52 san jose. 56 san francisco. by the afternoon enjoying the beautiful fall sunshine again and warm temperatures outside. and then looks like slight cooling tomorrow. weak system slowing over the top of the ridge will cool down temperatures. offshore winds blowing lightly. calm into san jose. east winds at hayward at 3 miles per hour. east-northeastly in vallejo at 4 so you have a weak offshore wind which will make for a beautiful day once again. high pressure buckling a little bit. you can see that here as the jet stream starts to buckle a little bit as well so, yeah, looks like the temperatures are going to come down a little bit
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tomorrow but today should be very nice. 80s into the central valley. 76 monterey bay. 73 yosemite. around the bay today, we are enjoying sunshine and beautiful temperatures, 80 degrees in san jose. 78 in palo alto. and 74 degrees in pacifica and half moon bay. 80s in many of the interior valleys. inside the bay 79 degrees in oakland. 76 in san leandro. about 78 in richmond. and 79 degrees in santa rosa. looks like temperatures cooling a little bit for tomorrow but not by much. mainly along the coastline maybe a few high clouds moving in overhead and then looks like we'll warm up briefly on friday and saturday before cooling back down on sunday and monday but right now, no rain in the forecast. in fact, not only for the next five to seven days but for the next couple of weeks. >> we like it. >> take a week off. >> exactly. >> all good. >> no, don't, stay. >> i have been gone for a while. >> thank you, lawrence. a phrase displayed on a suitcase is creating controversy. it was plastered with the
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words, i am gay. an australian blogger says he found the phrase written on his bag at the brisbane airport when he claimed it. someone used airline stickers to spell it out. the self-described straight blogger tweeted the photo. the airline jet star apologized and is investigating. two florida girls are accused of bullying a classmate who killed herself. 12-year-old rebecca sedwick jumped to her death. as many as 15 classmates bullied and stalked her. the victim's mother blames the school for not taking threats seriously. >> if a kids comes to you and says, i'm being bullied, look into it more diligently. i mean, seriously. it can save a life. >> it was this online post that a florida sheriff said led to the arrest of two girls. the two young suspects were charged yesterday as juveniles with 3rd degree felony aggravated stalking and
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released to their parents. palo alto fire department used an unusual tackive to get the word out about a charity pancake breakfast. the countrywide automated emergency notification system sent messages to some 27,000 people about saturday's charity event. the chief of the fire department said his agency did nothing wrong and that there were very few complaints. >> i think there are probably other ways they could have done that. >> supposed to be an emergency system so it's a misuse but i wouldn't have found out about it so i didn't mind. >> the city will look at other technology to deliver these type of messages in the future and reserve the emergency system for emergencies only. hop aboard, a rogue passenger put an australian airport in lockdown. i'm dennis o'donnell. a sharks player had to go to the hospital last night and the cardinals have a power surge in los angeles. could they seize control of the series? coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at
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and hiding inside a pharmac melbourne airport in austra ehow got inside check out this little guy
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-- big guy, actually. scared and hiding inside a pharmacy at melbourne airport in australia. the kangaroo got inside the airport. travelers had to take refuge inside shops. wildlife officers were able to finally subdue it with a tranquilizer. the kangaroo was injured. it may have been hit bay a car before going inside the airport. it was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. good morning, everybody. 25 years ago, kirk gibson had a walkoff home run in game one of the 1988 world series. dodgers were hoping for that kind of magic in game 4 in the nlcs against st. louis. baseball probably felt some pain after matt holliday clocked it. two-run check. the first homer of the series of 3-0 cardinals. 4-2 st. louis. bottom of the 9th, would he celebrate again?
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no. cardinals win 4-2 on the double play. they are a win away from moving on. lights went out in detroit delayed game 3 between the tigers and red sox. there was a power outage until mike napoli took justin verlander deep for the only run of the game. red sox take a 2-1 lead in a series dominated by pitching. sharks defenseman dan boyle drilled into the glass by the blues forward lapierre left the game on a stretcher taken to the hospital. boyle was alert and moving his extremities. the sharks rallied around their fallen teammate, logan couture scored the first of five goals. san jose wins 6-2. they are now a league that's 6-0-0, the only other team to match them the colorado avalanche. they are off to a great start. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day now, nba preseason action. a big reverse jam from the king, lebron james.
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here it comes. and there it goes. other side. lebron, reverse, nice, he beat washington 100-82. your play of the day. >> plays of the day. >> there were a few in there. 5:24. coming up, don't buy into the pre-december toy hype. why you should wait for better prices on christmas gifts. >> still at it, bart negotiators working late into the night trying to hammer out a deal. more coming up. i'm ryan takeo live in the newsroom. coming up we'll tell you how 700 workers many engineers could be furloughed as soon as today, after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. plus, talk about painful cu from >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald
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no bart strike today. but the possibility still hangs over commuters' head for tomorrow. we'll update you with the latest on the negotiations coming up. >> plus, talk about painful cuts from furloughs. the bay area employer about to put 7,000 people out of work. >> clear skies, will it continue? we'll talk about that coming up. >> bart trains are rolling and traffic is flowing at the san mateo bridge with no big bucks. more coming up. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a pleasant hill family ran out of this burning home when it went up in flames overnight. we just spoke to investigators who tell us the fire started in a garage in the dove court neighborhood at about 1:30 this morning. by the time firefighters arrived, flames had spread to the rest of the house and also the cars in the driveways. those cars exploded. now, fire crews are still at the house. downed power lines made it
5:29 am
difficult to fight the fire. but they kept it from spreading. >> absolutely. in other news, let's talk about bart. the trains are running this morning. and the negotiators are still talking as they try to agree on a new contract. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in walnut creek this morning where bart riders i would imagine have had enough. >> reporter: bart riders are just over this. they are over living every day wondering how they are going to get around the bay the next day. in fact, they said to us this morning, you guys here again. it's like groundhog day because we keep wondering when the two sides will reach a deal. they are going back to the bargaining table this morning at 10 a.m. >> i'm used to it. >> reporter: another day, another waiting game for people who depend on bart. because while trains are running this morning, there's still a threat of a strike tomorrow. >> we have to wake up 3 a.m. to decide whether bart is going to be moving or not that day. that's frustrating not knowing whether you're going in or not on bart.
5:30 am
>> reporter: bart and its unions negotiated until after midnight last night emerging around 10:00 to announce that trains would roll today. negotiators are working in small groups trying to pick apart a $57 million package which bart called its last best and final offer. >> there's ways of moving one pot around, take one area and give it somewhere else and still stay within the financial framework. >> reporter: there's a gag order on the details of the agreements but they are coming up -- that they are coming up with. there's also a federal mediator overseeing the whole process. he is new to this particular process. we'll hear from him coming up in the next half hour. live in walnut creek, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> and, of course, we'll keep you posted on the latest developments throughout the day today and if you would like to check our website, there's more information there at here's a live look at capitol hill where time is running out for lawmakers to prevent a federal government default. the u.s. will no longer be able to borrow money to pay our bills unless lawmakers agree to
5:31 am
a plan to raise the $16.7 trillion borrowing limit. >> there are a lot of opinions about what direction to go. there have been no decisions about what exactly we will do. >> it's reckless, irresponsible, radical, no words are adequate to describe how out of the question what the republicans are trying to do here. >> the senate and the house are set to reconvene within a few hours. damage could already be done to the nation's credit rating. the fitch credit rating agency warned yesterday it's reviewing the u.s. government's aaa rating for a possible downgrade. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us from the newsroom now to explain how the shutdown could furlough thousands more bay area workers as soon as today. >> reporter: good morning. in total 7,000 workers at lawrence livermore and sandia labs are expected to face furloughs today. some worry the government shutdown would force scientists to leave for the private sector. imagine your frustration if
5:32 am
government inaction meant you might not have a paycheck. >> people live from paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: for worried workers the hope is to get back to work soon. it's anyone's guess when that will happen. >> it's upsetting. we know eventually they will have to come to some kind of agreement. why wait until the last minute? >> reporter: lin is one of 7,000 workers who wonder if they will work the rest of the week. for some life is already tough. >> many of our employees are going through foreclosures and short sales and even some are even in bad shape having trouble buying groceries. >> reporter: then you have to figure in what happens to their work. you think these federally funded projects aren't complex? think again. researchers would leave all that behind. >> you cannot work even at home, so frustrating. >> reporter: some fear the government shutdown will jump- start a brain drain meaning highly qualified scientists would leave for the private
5:33 am
sector. >> going to lose our younger people. they have already lost several, people just walking away. >> reporter: east bay congressman eric swalwell says he wants back pay for furloughed lab workers but that's not a done deal and union reps say don't count on it. >> ryan, it sounds like there's a plan to pay the workers but just for this week. what is it? >> reporter: employees will get paid early for new year's day -- rather, new year's eve and president's day holidays to cover tomorrow and friday. if the government shutdown lasts any longer, they can cash in vacation days or go without pay. >> that is tough. ryan takeo live in the newsroom, thank you. so we have the government shutdown. we have the bart situation. ac transit. the only good guy around. >> thank you very much. >> lawrence karnow! >> delivering! [ laughter ] >> it's been great the last couple of days. i think today another nice day a lot of sunshine coming our way a little cool again to start. we have the offshore winds blowing not too strongly but if you have to clear out your skies all the way to the coastline. and it looks like a little cool
5:34 am
in some of the valleys early on today. but as we head throughout the day, going to see plenty of sun. stepping outside right now, we have clear skies into san francisco. looking good there. temperatures a little cold in the north bay valleys dropping down to the low 40s now in santa rosa. 52 in san jose. san francisco checking in at 56 degrees. but not going to be long. sun coming up after 7:00 and these temperatures going to be heating up nicely. 70s and 80s into the south bay. plenty of sunshine there. east bay temperatures up into the low 80s in many spots. and then as you head inside the bay you'll find those numbers as high as 77 degrees today in san francisco. 79 in oakland. and even 70s toward the beaches. all right. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with liza battalones. >> hey there, lawrence. happy wednesday, everybody. the big traffic headline continues to be that bart is running. no bart strike. they are on schedule. and bay area roadways are also looking okay with no major accidents out there westbound 580 looking good approaching the dublin interchange. the bridge commutes are also okay. so far, so good at the bay bridge toll plaza where the
5:35 am
metering lights are off. traffic is very light for the drive heading into the city. all the earlier roadwork we had on the bay bridge is cleared out. the golden gate commute southbound traffic leaving southern marin bound for san francisco's been moving at the speed limit. the san mateo bridge has been in good shape. no roadwork overnight. all lanes are open for you for the 92 drive leaving hayward towards the peninsula. and talking about bart, they are offering full service this morning. no delays reported. and no problems reported either for the local ferries, caltrain or the altamont commuter express. that's "kcbs traffic." agents served warrants on alleged mexican cartel members in several cities including oakland, concord, antioch and pittsburg yesterday morning. the feds invited our cameras along as they seized cocaine, method and a computer. neighbors were stunned to see one of the suspects busted on the same block as a daycare
5:36 am
center. >> hopefully they can clean that out of here. we don't need it especially this close to the school. >> the fbi agents who worked on the raid are furloughed and won't be paid until the government is up and running again. bay area news. transportation officials in san francisco have approved an amendment aimed at easing concerns regarding cab drivers. the amendment postpones gate fee increases for six months. it also deals was medallions or permits that allow cabs to operate. only approved drivers and cab companies will be allowed to use them. an open house will be held today to help determine where new bike share stations will be located in san francisco. the program began in august with 35 stations in the city. fifteen more are planned. muni's open statehouse from 5:30 to 7 p.m. this evening at the san francisco lgbt center on market street. state of california will pay $19 million more each year to finance amtrak services. a new agreement puts 19 states
5:37 am
in compliance with the federal passenger rail investment act. it mandates each state payle 5% -- 85% of the operating cost for the routes. amtrak has three routes here in california. caltrans says it's on track to fix the broken bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. 32 of the 92 bolts snapped in march and almost delayed the labor day opening because of safety concerns. workers expect the $10 million permanent fix will be completed by december. the u.s. supreme court paved the way for the release of thousands of inmates by rejecting an appeal from governor brown. a federal court ordered california to reduce its prison population because of overcrowding. the state has fought it. the supreme court, however, rejected to hear the appeal yesterday. that means california is out of legal options to fight the order. it must find a way to release 10,000 inmates. the supreme court is take up michigan's stance on affirmative action and it could change the face of the debate
5:38 am
nationwide. justices heard arguments yesterday. last year a federal court ruled unconstitutional the state's voter-approved ban on considering race in college admissions. five other states including california have a similar ban. in california, student opinions are mixed. >> i wouldn't want that person with the lower requirements to have more points over someone that might be better qualified for the program. >> seeing other people, you know, whites or east asians or international students, everywhere but i'm not seeing people that look like me. >> a decision on the affirmative action case is expected next year. tech sector in silicon valley are leading the way as the bay area leads the state in job growth. the bay area council is out with its annual economic forecast and expects a better than 2.5% increase in local jobs and better in 2015. in the last year 42% of the new jobs in the bay area were in santa clara county. a chocolatier in concord is ready to hire holiday employees
5:39 am
quadrupling its staff. instead of the usual paper resume' this company wants people to show why they are the sweetest candidates. so rachael dunn's chocolates is asking applicants to submit two- minute videos instead. >> imagine santa's workshop. we're looking for santa a's elves. that's what we do here. >> i just want to be able to meet people. the people behind the paper. the paper all looks the same to me. it's so generic. it's so black and white. there's no feeling. there's no soul there. >> so get creative! the company is looking for holiday help in several areas. some of the people will work there full time. i would guess you get to eat a lot every chocolate. how about the markets? still showing jitter. stone joins -- gigi stone joins us. >> reporter: if congress doesn't raise the nation's debt limit the nation could default. that would be armageddon for
5:40 am
the economy. fitch is reviewing the u.s. credit rating for downgrade. investors are nervous. dow down yesterday 133. the nasdaq lost 21. the futures suggest a higher open for stocks today. investors are hopeful a deal will get done in time. twitter is the most hotly anticipated ipo right now and it's planning to list its shares on the new york stock exchange. this breaks a long-standing tradition of high-profile tech companies listing on nasdaq. the nasdaq has faced technical problems lately including facebook's ipo last year which led to a lot of confusion. i don't know if the rest of us are going to make money on this twitter ipo but it's still exciting. and we can tweet about it. >> it worked for facebook. if you bought it, it's 50 now. >> reporter: if you can get in. >> gigi, say it ain't so but there could be problems with your hairdryer? >> reporter: yes. you want to take a close look
5:41 am
at it. conair is recalling around 570,000 of its infinity pro hairdryers that could start a fire. the hairdryers are 259 and 279 series sold between 2010 and 2013. this is a big story for those of house take our hair drying seriously. >> that's conair and i believe michelle has four of them back there. >> i think i do. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to run home and check mine for sure. >> i think i do have a conair. so, gigi, have a great day. thank you so much. well, if you are thinking of starting your christmas shopping early, experts say you should wait. a new study by deal news found the best deals for gifts were in the first two weeks of december. researchers analyzed the price history at toys 'r us, the ones discounted on black friday were reduced again in the first half of december. some prices were slashed as much as 37%. so just wait. grocery shopping is about
5:42 am
to get more high-tech. advertising agency will introduce new store shelves are digital advertisements, personalityized for each shopper. when a customer walks by the technology will determine age and gender. and then display ads targeted towards them. the shelves will be in stores in 2015. looks like minority report. >> it's like mind-boggling. go for it. 5:42. coming up, it's been called the salute scene all around the world. an army ranger wounded in afghanistan shows what patriotism really means. plus -- >> this guy is the biggest drug trafficker in all of california. >> from drug dealer to pastor, the real life story about redemption filmed here in the bay area. >> and apparently, this vehicle was just right. what police in truckee had to do to rescue this angry bear coming up next. ,,,, look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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were all fogged up. the hors honking. and the headlightst going on and off. all the work... of a bear. truckee police took this picture of "intruder" who got locked i s-u-v. the windows were fogged up, the headlights kept going on and off all the work of a bear. truckee police took this pictures of a bear in an suv. >> sad to see your car get trashed like that. but on the other hand, it's -- you live in an area where there's wild animals and this is where we inhabit and just kind of happens sometimes. >> well, police say it's been
5:46 am
happening quite a bit. it's the third time in two weeks a bear has been locked up in car. it must be cold up there. the officers broke the window and the bear jumped out and said, see you later, ran back into the woods. >> it's better that the bear tears up the car and not a person. >> let's check traffic with liza. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the morning commute where the bottom line is that bart trains are running so thousands of commuters who are waiting on this information, it's safe this morning to take bart. they are operating full service. no delays reported for the bart system. no problems reported for caltrain on ace. highway 4 slow leaving antioch. you could see our sensors are picking up very slow traffic leaving "a" street bound for pittsburg but once you get into pittsburg traffic moves nicely down the willow pass. 580 heading across the altamont pass, that's backed up from the 205 interchange, stays heavy to about vasco but it does break loose as you approach the
5:47 am
dublin interchange no major problems reported for west 580 heading down the dublin grade. now, the bridge commute so far has been fine. we have a backup in a few of the toll lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are still off. south bay driving has been a breeze. no accidents, no major construction projects and all lanes are open for you for the 880/237 interchange in milpitas. 101 heading to and through the south bay no problems so far approaching mckee just a brief delay. you can see that right there in that northbound direction. but once you pass that exit traffic picks up. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." gorgeous weather around the bay area the last couple of days. it will continue again today. headed out the door, cool in spots, grab a jacket. temperatures dropping off especially in some of the north bay valleys. high pressure overhead keeping your skies nice and clear outside. it's going to stay that way all day long again. and you're going to see plenty of sunshine with warm temperatures all the way to the coastline. some slight cooling on the
5:48 am
horizon as early as tomorrow. then it looks like changes again as we roll into the weekend. right now those offshore winds continuing but very light calm conditions into mountain view and san jose. northeasterly in oakland at 3 miles per hour. you can see east-northeast in vallejo. so a weak offshore wind but enough to keep the clouds away so more sunshine everywhere you go today. and it looks like finally seeing this ridge beginning to buckle so some changes on the way. you know what? sfo looking good if you have travel plans for today high of 77 degrees. no delays expected there. around the country though maybe some more thunderstorms and some showers moving into houston. denver cool, sunny, 53. molesly cloudy slight chance of showers in chicago, mostly cloudy. and 67 degrees in new york. around the bay today you will see those temperatures into the 80s inland, 70s and 80s inside the bay, and beautiful 70s right along the coastline. next couple of days we'll start to cool down the temperatures a little bit tomorrow and then warming back up with the offshore winds friday and
5:49 am
saturday then cooling down again but no rain in sight for the next five to seven days. time to check schoolcast. this from lucerne elementary school near clearlake in the north bay. they have some great weather, although it's a little chilly to start some upper 30s early on so wear a jacket to school. mid-70s by the middle of the day and near 80 by the final bell when you get out. if you would like to nominate your school for our schoolcast, go to a little chilly though heading out there in lucerne. >> dress in layers. >> that's a good idea. >> i thought were you spreading out because it's a city in switzerland, too, so maybe we'll go international on schoolcast! [ laughter ] an actor who appeared in the fx sons of anarchy series got help from his dad after san jose police say he got caught trying to skip out on his bar tab. tmz posted this picture of 43- year-old paul vazquez
5:50 am
handcuffed on a curb monday night outside the dive ba in san jose. he racked up $56 at the bar and police say he tried to bail. the bar called police and he was detailed until his father paid the tab. downtown san jose was the site of a new movie premiere. i'm in love with a church girl screened last night at the california theater. san jose native wrote produced and shot it in the city. it's a story about a drug dealer who finds love, god and becomes a church leader. >> there's two kinds of people in the world, people that do, people that don't. people that believe, people that don't. people that grind, people that don't. i believe in the grind. i'm grateful to the city. i love my city. that's y we are going to have the premier here. >> i'm in love with a church girl oems in theaters on friday. an army ranger injured in afghanistan making an inspirational salute seen around the world. josh moved his wounded right
5:51 am
hand and lifted it into a saluting position when he received a purple heart award yesterday. the cincinnati man was wounded by a suicide bomber four others were killed in that attack. 5:51 now. a heart-stopping surprise for a california surfer caught on camera. what happens when she turns the camera around. coming up. it's a source of sea serpent legends. why scientists are giddy over this discovery. ,,,,,, so what can i get you?
5:52 am
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we have been enjoying gorgeous weather over the past couple of days. not going to stop here. walnut creek, looking at sunshine about 80 degrees. slightly cooler tomorrow. maybe a few high clouds. but still mostly sunny and about 77 degrees. larry, traffic has been light over at the bay bridge
5:54 am
toll plaza! looking good there, but the saga continues for the bart system. the bottom line for this morning, they are running full service, no delays for bart, although talks continue later on today. i'll have a complete look at your drive into work in just a few minutes. i love when liza is here. we get to call lawrence "larry." [ laughter ] an amazing sea beast found off the coast of southern california. the carcass of an 18-foot-long oarfish. a snorkeler found it off catalina. it's extremely rare to find an oarfish dead or alive. and that's because it's believed they mostly live in waters more than 3,000 feet deep leaving them largely unstudied by scientists so now i'm sure they can study it. >> you're snorkeling and run into that? >> hello! >> scary. >> i'm running out of the water! swimmers in one los angeles county beach are warned to stay out of the water.
5:55 am
a surfer got close up with a shark at manhattan beach. he shot this video of the predator swimming 2 feet under the surfboard. some people say they are not surprised. >> they have their habitat, it's being taken. and now they are moving here i suppose. >> there he is. about a month ago, lifeguards spotted sharks in this very same area. but they are still going out with their surf boards. >> then she put the camera down so i would be kind of like swimming away from it? >> she has her toes up. probably a good idea. hey, let's get some pictures? forget it! >> oh, well, what can you do? >> all right. bart trains are rolling. we have dodged another commute bullet this morning. but the negotiations continue. we'll tell you where things stand coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
5:57 am
[ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪
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the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. there's still a lot of work to be done on both the economic
5:59 am
and work rules but the good news is we're back there. we had progress last night and hopefully we can continue to tackle those big remaining issues. >> bart trains are running today. there are signs of movement but no deal yet. it's still unclear if the strike deadline was just extended or if striking is now off the table. >> obviously, it would be a real mess. >> meanwhile, ac transit workers announce they would walk off the job come thursday. >> that's why ac transit asked governor jerry brown to step in and order a 60-day cooling-off period to delay a thursday strike. >> people live from pay check to paycheck. >> 7,000 workers at lauren livermore and sandia -- lawrence livermore and sandia labs could be furloughed today. >> this is not what russia or china are doing to us. this is what the house of representatives is doing to us. >> today is the last day the united states government can borrow money to pay bills. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is
6:00 am
mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. wednesday, october 16th, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing right now at 6:00, today is the last day the united states government can borrow money to pay bills. lawmakers are struggling to come up with a plan to raise the debt ceiling. if they don't agree to something quick, the federal government will default. bart riders can ride to work today. there is no strike this morning. talks to get a new contract will happen a little later this morning. kpix 5's anne makovec is in walnut creek. bart riders i would imagine are getting fed up with this, right? >> reporter: so frustrating to not know how you're going to be able to get to work the next morning. and these decisions aren't made until very late at night and in this case it was about 10:00 last night that riders finally got the assurance that they were going to be able to ride bart this morning. in the meantime, negotiations resume this morning at 10 a.m. >> i wish it would


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